North Side Improvement League


On the 22nd day of May, 1911 occurred what was probably the most exciting election ever held in this City to decide the question of any municipal improvement. Due to the sectional feelings of those favoring the building of the Jackson Street Bridge, as opposed to the plan, it was clearly evident to many good citizens that if this feeling was not removed, many propositions which might be for the best interests of the City as a whole would in the future be debated --- regardless of the merits of each proposition.

With this situation clearly in mind, on the evening of the day on which the Jackson Street Bridge proposition was defeated, and when feeling on the North Side was strongly in favor of defeating future propositions, 14 members of the Bridge boosters met at their Headquarters on Main Street and decided to organize under the name of the North Side Improvement League, with the object of removing all sectional feeling, and the further object of helping to carry out any proposition which might be for the best interests of the City.

We ask the active assistance of all public spirited citizens in the future as in the past, and pledge our best efforts for any proposition that may make for a better Watertown.

The north side of Watertown refers to the area north of the Black river.

NSIL Auxiliary Memorial 1925

Adams, M.J.
Barnes, James W. (1860-1916)
Baum, Lucius.C. (1848-1917)
Bolton, Stephen C. (1861-1918)
Bond, Anthony A. (1864-1918)
Briggs, John.S. (1870-1915)
Cartin, James (1838-1914)
Conde, William Wheeler (1851-1918).
Dawson, Wm. (1841-1918)
Denesia, Charles W. (1862-1918)
Dorchester, Edwin.N. (1853-1918)
Dorr, John (1852-1924)
Earl, Henry (1838-1918)
Elliott, George Matthew (1870-1916)
Farmer, Thomas
Flynn, John (1864-1914)
Gibbs, Orlin (1851-1915)
Gilligan, John
Griffin, Morris (1866-1916)
Gurney, Charles (1845-1922)
Haynes, Wm.
Hunt, Wilbur F.(1878-1921)
Irolli, Vincent Sr.(1846-1925)
Jenkins, Willard (1846-1923)
LeBarge, M.J.
Lee, Nathan H. (1848-1915)
McIntosh, Joseph C. (1865-1919)
O'Connor, Timothy (1841-1916)
Osborne, Archie.M. (1884-1923)
Phillips, G.H.(1857-1918)
Ray, Samuel (1858-1920)
Roats, Henry (1849-1923)
Roberts, Albert
Rounds, Frederick.L. (1867-1923)
Sargent, Andrew T.(1850-1923)
Smith, Charles (1866-1915)
Spence, Samuel (1868-1919)
Tilling, Wm. (1863-1924)
Van Dusen, James ( -1915)
Ward, Frank (1874-1919)
Waugh, Rev. Daniel.D.(1870-1924)
Weldon, James A.(1844-1912)
Woolworth, Orrin J. (1849-1917).
Adams, Mrs. Margaret
Bailey, Mrs Cora
Baker, Mrs. Emmaline
Bremner, Mrs. Elizabeth
DeMarse, Mrs. S.D.
Dorchester, Mrs. E.N.
Elliott, Mrs.Anna
Fields, Mrs. Addie
Gregware, Mrs. Alex
Hewitt, Mrs. Dezra
Jenkins, Mrs. Lenora
McBride, Mrs. Ellen
Reddick, Mrs. Jennie

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