1.  ISAIAH WILLIAMS, (son of JOSEPH and (---) WILLIAMS) was born 19 Feb
1764 in Pownal, VT or 3 Jun 1764 in Salisbury, CT.  He moved to Jefferson
County in 1829 and lived in Town of Henderson until 1844.  Their
granddaughter ABIGAIL HITCHCOCK lived with them and moved with them to
Henderson, where she met her future husband.  After his wife's death in
1842, ISAIAH moved west and died 26/20 Jan 1853 in Vermont, IL.

He married 11 Jul 1784 in Pownal VT

ANNE MATTESON, (daughter of ABRAHAM and MARTHA (---) MATTESON) who was
born at West Greenwich RI.  She died 25 Agu 1842 at Henderson.

Children, WILLIAMS:

     2     i     LYDIA WILLIAMS married (1) (---) BARTON; 
                                        (2) BELA HITCHCOCK; 
                                        (3) JOHN VanALSTYNE

     3    ii     HANNAH FINNEY WILLIAMS married ABEL VAIL

     4   iii     Rev BENAJAH WILLIAMS 

     5    iv     ABRAHAM WILLIAMS married (---)

     6     v     RUFUS WILLIAMS

     7    vi     HYRAM WILLIAMS married HANNAH (---)

     8   vii     SUSSANAH WILLIAMS married J. BRIGGS

     9  viii     AARON WILLIAMS married twice

    10    ix     SARAH WILLIAMS

    11     x     ABIATHA WILLIAMS married (1) ABBAH M. MACKSON; 
                                          (2) HARRIET SANFORD; 
                                          (3) ANN MONGER

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