Adams, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of CALVIN R. TOTMAN of Adams, Jefferson Co., NY:

Petition to open probate by CALVIN M. TOTMAN of Adams who was the son of the deceased and executor. He stated that his father, Calvin R. had deceased on 4 September 1864 and left a will.

Heirs/next of kin named in petition to open estate:
CALVIN M. TOTMAN, all of Adams, Jefferson Co.
SARAH V. HEATH of Lorraine, Jefferson Co.
ELIZA ANNE TRAFTON of Bristol Center, Ontario Co., NY
CHARLOTTE TOTMAN of Gillson Wabasha Co., Minnesota
All children of deceased and all of full age.


CALVIN R. TOTMAN named his wife, CHARLOTTE TOTMAN and gave her shares of railroad stock. He left her the use of the south part of the Benton House where they resided. Named daughters: RELIEF WASHBURN, wife of ISAAC WASHBURN. Dau, ELIZA ANN TRAFTON, wife of JOHN W. TRAFTON. CHARLES H. TOTMAN, SARAH V. HEATH, wife of JOSEPH HEATH. LAURA GILBERT, wife of ALBERT B. GILBERT. Each to receive a fifth part of the Lorraine farm and also property in Redfield, Oswego Co., NY. Included 70 acres of cedar land in Town of Boylston. Other properties mentioned. Named son, CALVIN M. TOTMAN to receive the hotel property in the village of Adams, and called the Totman Hotel, with its contents, 6 acres and an 80 acre farm in Ellisburg.
Will dated: 25 November 1862. /s/ Calvin R. Totman
Witnesses: T. P. SAUNDERS, and JOHN SCHRAM both of Adams, and JAMES M. CLEVELAND
Will proved: 4 March 1865 by special order of Surrogate judge.

Jefferson Co., NY Estate Papers: Box T 5-8 and JC Wills, Vol. 11, p. 430.

NOTE: A petition was filed by an heir, Relief Washburn, that stated Calvin R. was upwards of 70 years and suffering from a disease for which he constantly took large quantities of liquor and morphine, which affected his judgment, a condition spoken of by his family and the deceased. He lived with his daughter prior to his death and she testified regarding his physical and mental impairments as did other children of the deceased. Several doctors were called upon to testify as to the effects of overdosing on morphine mixed with gin. They all concluded that the deceased would have seriously impaired judgment at the time he made his will. Calvin R. Totman died 1864 at 71 years, 10 mos, 23 days and is buried in Adams. Charlotte Totman died in 1874 at 76 years, also buried in Adams.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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