Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of DOREPHUS ABBY of Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY:

Jefferson Co., Wills, Vol. A, p. 286.


DOREPHUS ABBY, aged forty some years, makes the following directives:
First, it is solemly requested and enjoined upon my dear and affectionate children at at my desire, the breath of no priest of any religious denomination shall be suffered to breathe over my remains but that some enlightened liberalist if it be practicable pronounce an oration in that occasion consolitary to my friends. Having been long convinced from observation and experience that the legitimate fruits of all religious systems have been that of degredation and opposition to mankind. Second, that the late SANFORD CLARK ESQUIRE did by his last will and testament order that my son take and bear the name of ROGER CLARK, or be excluded from enjoyment of any portion of his real estate. Now therefore in order to purpetrate the name of Abby as derived from CAPTAIN THOMAS ABBY of the Revolutionary Army, I do hereby order and direct that my son retain the name of CLARK ABBY, otherwise he shall share no part of my real estate. And restitution should be made to my said son by declining the patrimony of his maternal grandfather. I give and devise unto my only son, CLARK ABBY, heirs and assigns all my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever, excepting and reserving my right and title to one undivided half of a lot in the Village of Watertown which I give and devise unto my eldest daughter, AMELIA. And to her heirs and assigns forever and I hereby constitute and appoint BERNARD BAYLEY of Pamelia and EGBERT TEN EYCK Executors of this my last will and testament guardians and trustees for my children during their minority with full power and authority to manage my estate for the best interest of my children. Will dated 3 November 1838. /s/ Dorephus Abby
GURDON PARK of Philadelphia

Will proved and recorded in Book A. of Court Minutes pp. 253, 254.

NOTE: Court Minutes reveal that Dorephus Abby deceased about the 2nd day of January 183_. Col. Dorephus Abbey was a newspaper editor from Pamelia, in Jefferson County, NY, and a member of an organization called The Hunters' Lodges. Dorephus Abbey was a participant in the Patriot War of 1837 at age 47. Taken prisoner at the Wind-Mill Battle he was tried at Kingston, Ontario Canada and a sentence of guilty was decided, although his plea was "not guilty." Prison records show that he was hung on 12 Dec. 1838 at Fort Henry in Kingston. Another source states that friends shipped Abbey's body to the Brookside Cemetery in Watertown, NY for burial. FindaGrave has the information that he was born in 1791 and died 1838, buried Brookside. Also buried there are: Catherine Abbey, born 1799 died 1837; Hannah Abbey b 1772, d 1821 (mother of Dorephus); Sarah Abbey b 1820 d 1831. Prior to his residency in Jefferson Co., his name appears in Oswego County, NY (1819) as a co-founder of the Palladium Newspaper in that county. (Patriot War information from History of St. Lawrence Co., NY, by Durant, Samuel and Peirce, Henry B., pub. L. H. Everts & Co., Philadelphia PA, 1878, pp 474-475.) An online encyclopedic source notes that almost all of the Hunters Lodges men were captured and transported to Kingston for trial. Eleven people, including the Hunter leader Nils von Schoultz, were executed; another 60 were sentenced and transported to Van Dieman's Island; 40 were acquitted and 86 were later pardoned and released.

CAPTAIN PETER M. ABBEY, b 20 July 1769 in Enfield, Hartford Co., CT; died 21 July 1857 in Cleveland Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.
Son of:
Captain Thomas Abbey (1731-1811) and Penelope Terry Abbey (1729-1818)
Married on 23 June 1789 to HANNAH ALDEN, born 29 May 1771; died at Enfield on 21 April 1821. (She is buried in Watertown, NY) She was the daughter of COLONEL AMOS and HANNAH (BUSH) ALDEN of Enfield and a sixth generation in descent from John and Priscilla Mullins Alden.

Children of Peter Abbey and Hannah Alden:
Fanny Abbey b 7 Sept. 1789' married Orlo Steele
DORREPHUS ABBEY b 13 July 1792 m Catherine Clark
Althea Abbey b 1786' married William A. Langworthy.
Arabella Abbey, b c 1786; m. William Griffin Adkins, M.D.
Seth Alden Abbey b 3 Oct. 1798; m 1)Mercy Hunt and 3)Mary (Lyon) Goodwin
Chauncey Abbey d 1850; he was a printer and lived in Watertown NY; at one time he was the printer of the Mercury Newspaper in Hartford CT. He married Cassie Russell, who died in 1828.
William Abbey d 1862; lived near Watertown, NY. Married and no children. He established the Oswego Republican newspaper in 1825.
Mary Hannah Abbey b 31 Jan. 1814 m John C. Huganin

Peter Abbey moved to Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY and in 1830 moved with his son, Seth, to Cleveland, Ohio.

CAPTAIN THOMAS ABBEY is buried in the Enfield St. Cemetery in Hartford Co., CT There is a statue of Thomas Abbey in front of the First Congregational Church on Enfield St.

A poem dedicated to his participation in the Revolutionary War, is engraved on the monument. Abbey was a veteran of the French and Indian War. When news of the Boston shootings at Lexington and Concord reached Enfield, CT., Abbey led soldiers of the Enfield Company on a 103 mile-long march from the Enfield Meeting House all the way to Boston to join the battle against the British.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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