Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of ELIZA BACON of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., NY:

CASPER L. BACON, of Hounsfield, stated that Eliza Bacon had deceased on 25 October 1891; that she had made a will and he was one of the executors named in the will. Petition dated 5 Dec. 1891 to open probate.

Heirs/next of kin named in the petition to open probate:
TINNIE WOODWARD of Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY
EMMA ACKERMAN of Pitcairn, St. Lawrence Co., NY
CHARLES P. BACON of Pitcairn
CASPER L. BACON of E. Hounsfield, Jefferson Co.
GEORGE S. BACON of Pitcairn
All of the above children of Eliza Bacon and over 21 years of age
LAURA LOADWICKE of Watertown Jeff. Co., of full age
MINNIE ACKERMAN of Pitcairn a minor over 14 years
ANNETTE BATES of Lyme, Jefferson Co., of full age
CLAUDE S. WOODWARD BATES of Antwerp, a minor over 14
OLIN BACON of Pitcairn, of full age
CORRA BACON of Pitcairn a minor over 14
HARVEY BACON of E. Hounsfield; a minor under 14 and lived with his father, CASPER L. BACON
PEARL BACON of Pitcairn, a minor under 14 and lives with her father, GEORGE S. BACON
SPENCER J. WOODWARD of Antwerp, Jefferson Co. of full age
MABEL E. BACON of E. Hounsfield a minor over 14
ELLA M. BACON, lives with her father Casper L. Bacon.


ELIZA BACON named her daughter, TINNIE WOODWARD of Antwerp. Named LAURA LOADWICK of Watertown. Named daughter EMMA ACKERMAN some money and to her daughter, MINNIE. To daughter TINNIE WOODWARD; to ANNETT BATES and to CLAUD, her son. To son, CHARLES P. BACON and to his wife, OLIVE, and to CORRA, his daughter. To son CASPER L. BACON and HAROLD G. BACON, his son. To son, GEORGE S. BACON and to PEARL, his daughter. To TINNIE WOODWARD, daughter, all furniture, bedding, and to her husband, SPENCER the buffalo robe. To MABEL E. BACON, grandaughter, all furniture etc. in the possession of Cora? Bacon. Certain furniture to CASPER L. BACON. A statute picture to HAROLD G. BACON. To ELLA M. BACON her gold watch and chain. Nominated and appointed SPENCER J. WOODWARD of Antwerp and CASPER L. BACON of Houndsfield as executors. Will dated 15 October 1891. /s/ Eliza Bacon
Witnesses: LEBEUS F. ALLEN of E. Hounsfield and FRED C.LOADWICK of same.
Will proved 6 January 1892.

Jefferson Co. Estate Papers, Vol. B5/69.

NOTE: Eliza Bacon, widow of ZIBA BACON, b 1809 d 1897. Ziba C. Bacon b 1803 d 1881

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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