Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of ELIZA SEARLES of Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY:

Wills 1880-1881, Vol. 20, p 29

JOHN A. SEARLES of Henderson, Jefferson Co., husband of Eliza Searles petitioned to open the probate. Notices were sent to: LUCINDA CROSS, of Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas; CHARITY HALLADAY and ORRICE B. POTTER of Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY; AMOS POTTER of Worth, Jeff. Co., brothers and sisters of said testatrix. HARVEY MILLS of Buffalo, Erie Co., NY and HATTIE MILLS of Henderson, aforesaid were children of ANN MILLS, a deceased sister of said deceased. LUCY A. WRIGHT of Adams and MARVIN P. FISHER of Henderson and CHARLES W. FISHER of Adams of Jefferson Co. were children of Mrs. Fisher, a deceased sister of the deceased, and all named are of full age.


Eliza Searles of Henderson, Jefferson Co., gave to her husband, JOHN SEARLES, her entire estate both real and personal. /s/ Eliza Searles
Date of will: 28 July 1880.
Witnesses: GEORGE BABBITT of Smithville and JAMES H. CRITTENDTON, of Smithville, Jefferson Co.
Will proved 21 September 1880

NOTES: Eliza Searles died 24 July 1880, at 49 years, wife of JOHN A. SEARLES. Buried in Smithville Cemetery in Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY. John A. Searles died 4 January 1891 at 51 years and is buried in Smithville Cemetery.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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