Francis Wolley Estate

In the matter of the estate of FRANCIS WOLLEY of Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY: On 29 November 1854, CALVIN SKINNER of Adams, petitioned to open probate.

Heirs/next of kin:

LUCY R. WOLLEY of Henderson, all minors having no general guardian
HENRY WARRINER is of full age.
JOANNAH WOLLEY of Henderson of full age and widow of testator.


FRANCIS WOLLEY named his wife, JOANNA. Left her land that he bought, part of PATTY TUBBS and part of BENJAMIN HAMMOND. Other lands mentioned and his portion of the farm that was deeded to him and to LOWRY BARNEY by GEORGE WHITE and his wife. Mentions land that formerly belonged to NOAH TUBBS farm, and which was deeded to him and to LOWRY BARNEY by PATTY TUBBS. Land deeded to him by SAMUEL COLE. Land deed to him by JOHN BROWN and wife, to be given to his son, WILLARD WOLLEY. Willard was to deed to Francis' daughter, LUCY, subject to the life estate of his wife, Joannah, when Willard was the age of 21. Mentioned that his daughter, LUCY, was formerly called RELIEF. Inheritance subject to life estate of wife. Named his daughter, LYDIA. Named his son, WILLARD WOLLEY was to receive land that his father, DAVID WOLLEY, willed to him. He believed the farm was situated in Hinsdale in the County of Cheshire in the state of New Hampshire. His father, DAVID WOLLEY's will, was to be included in the estate for a specific description of the real estate. The sum of sixty acres was deeded by ALONZO SPRAGUE and his wife to JAMES PETTINGELL, who was to deed the same to Francis' son, Willard. He mentions his store lot on the north side of Stony Creek in Henderson Village., to Willard when he reached 21 years. He also mentions a deed of his brother, AMOS WOLLY, of 60 some acres in Henderson, with deed date of 5 March 1818. Francis held the land of Amos for safekeeping and proceeded to deed it back to him. Named his three children in order: LYDIA, WILLARD and LUCY. Appointed DAVID MONTAGUE of Henderson and CALVIN SKINNER of Adams as executors. Will dated: 25 August 1851.
/s/Francis Wolley
Witnesses: Sylvester D. Kilby, Clark Ancharde and Chester Weaver, all of Henderson, NY

CODICIL: The lot of 35 acres bought of Elial Bacon, was to go to his son, WILLARD, instead of daughter, LYDIA. Instead, son WILLARD was to have same and the Elmore Lot, given to Willard was not to be held or owned by son, Willard, under said will, but in lieu thereof, Willard got the cedar lot in Henderson of about 38 acres. Willard also to receive the David Fulton lot in Henderson of about 60 acres. And, Willard was to receive half of the store lot and daughter, Lydia was to get the Wolcott farm in Henderson of about 60 acres. Willard was not to have any part of the Wolcott farm, as he had willed to him other lands sufficient to compensate him therefor. He revoked the appointment of David Montague and Calvin Skinner but appointed Calvin Skinner as sole executor. Dated: 3 June 1854.
/s/ Francis Wolley.
Witnesses: Chester Weaver, Clark Anchard and Peter Worthingham, all of Henderson, NY
Will proved: 18 December 1854
Jeff. Co., NY Wills, Vol. 3 pp. 274-280.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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