Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of FRANKLIN REDINGTON of Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY:

On 1 May 1865, BENJAMIN P. CHEESEMAN of Theresa, Jefferson Co., petitioned to open probate on the estate. He stated that Franklin Redington had deceased on 4 February 1865 and had left a will. Benjamin P. Cheeseman was appointed Executor of the will.

Heirs/next of kin:
GEORGE FRANKLIN REDINGTON of Slaughter Precinct, King County, Washington Territory
JOHN L. REDINGTON of Seattle, King County, Washington Territory

Within the file is a communication from J. S. Norton, special guardian dated 1 January 1878 with the information that CHARLES H. REDINGTON, GEORGE F. REDINGTON and JOHN L. REDINGTON and JENNEY B. REDINGTON were heirs of HOMER REDINGTON. Franklin Redington had a sister. J. S. NORTON, counselor, sent another letter that showed B. P. Cheeseman as executor of the will of Franklin Redington and noted that Charles, George, John and Jenney were legal heirs and relatives of the Executor's wife, dated 1 Jan. 1874.


FRANKLIN REDINGTON named grandson, CHARLES HERBERT REDINGTON, son of HOMER REDINGTON. Named grandson GEORGE FRANKLIN REDINGTON, also the son of HOMER REDINGTON. Named grandson JOHN LINCOLN REDINGTON, a son of HOMER. All three were to inherit upon reaching 21 years of age. If the grandsons died before 21, that portion was to go to son, HOMER REDINGTON. Named his sister, MRS. CLARISSA M. BISHOP of Troy, Walworth County, Wisconsin. Named CLARISA PARMENTER, his sister. Named his brother-in-law, JOHN PARMENTER of Oswego Co, NY. Named his son, HOMER REDINGTON the balance of the estate. He appointed Benjamin P. Cheeseman as executor and ANSON D. GARDNER. Will dated: 21 July 1864. /s/ Franklin Redington
Witnesses: WILLIAM DRESSER and JESSE S. DOOLITTLE of Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY
Will proved: 1 May 1865.

Jefferson Co. NY Wills, Vol. 10, p. 296.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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