Harvey Mills Estate

In the matter of the estate of HARVEY MILLS of Smithville, Jefferson Co., and New York City, NY: On 22 September 1854, JOHN GIBBS of the Town of Henderson, petitioned to open probate.

Heirs/next of kin:

ALICE MILLS of Smithville, Jeff. Co., mother of testator
LUTHER MILLS of Camden, Oneida Co., NY, brother of testator, of full age
HARLOWE ELLENWOOD, a minor with no general guardian, residing in Richmond, McComb Co., Michigan, children of SOPHIA ELLENWOOD, deceased, a sister of testator
LOUISA MILLS, widow of RILEY MILLS, late of Adams, NY, deceased and who has died since the death of the testator and who was a brother of testator
HARRIET WILCOX, wife of CLARK A. WILCOX, all of Adams
LYMAN R. MILLS of Hounsfield, all of full age
GEORGE MILLS of Adams, a minor of whom the said Lyman R. Mills is general guardian, all children of said Riley Mills, deceased, as aforesaid.


HARVEY MILLS stated first in his will that he was born in Smithville, Jefferson Co. and when he made his will, was a resident of New York City. He left support for his mother, whom he did not mention by name. Appointed DAVID HALL and JOHN GIBBS of Smithville, as trustees to look after his mother. Named his brother, RILEY MILLS. Named his brother, LUTHER MILLS. To the children of his deceased sister, SOPHIA ELLENWOOD, her children four in number. Named his old friend, JOHN M. STANLEY. Upon his mother's decease and payment of the legacies, the entire balance of is estate was to be paid to the American Tract Society of the City of New York, to pay the salary, travel and other expenses of one or more persons to travel in the States of Ohio and Indiana to be employed as colposteers; usually are by said Tract Society, said colposteurs to be employed in making social and religious visits with distribution of the Holy Bible and other good and religious works and imparting religious information. Appointed JOHN GIBBS as executor. Will dated: 6 June 1853.
/s/ Harvey Mills. Witnesses: Abel K. Thompson, NY City and J. H. A. Frisbee, New York
Will proved: 4 December 1854
Jeff. Co. NY Wills, Vol. 3, p. 251.

NOTE: Statement in support of the will in the file sates that Mills died at Havana Island, of Cuba. He was at New York after the execution of the will until about the first of November and then went to Ohio and from there to New Orleans and then to Havana and died there the 17th of April.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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