Paris, France

In the matter of the estate of JEANNE AIMIE THIBAULT of Paris, France:

Upon the petition of AGLAI THIBAULT of New York City, she stated that Jeanne had deceased on 6 February 1868 in Paris with a will dated 20 Jan. 1867. The Will had been admitted to probate in Paris and deceased bequeathed all of her property in the United States to her, the petitioner. The property consisted of a mortgage of about $3,000 on real estate located in Jefferson Co., NY. The deceased had not appointed an executor in her will and had no relatives or next of kin or heirs at law. She therefore asks that the will be admitted to probate in Jefferson Co. And, therefore, asks to be made executor so that she could claim her inheritance. Dated: 25 May 1869.

The court was advised that AGLAI THIBAULT deceased in the City of New York on 30 October 1869.


JEANNE AIMIE THIBAULT of Paris, Boulevard des Capucines No. 29, appointed Charles Victor Saint Marie, chief clerk in the Navy Department as her only heir subject to legacies mentioned. She named AGLAI THIBAULT, of New York City, widow of her brother, CHARLES THIBAULT, and gave her all of the estate in America, which was invested in bonds and mortgages. She further requested that Charles Saint Marie put himself in communication with Aglai and to send to her all legal documents related to Jeanne's affairs. Will dated at Paris: 28 Jan. 1867. /s/ Jeanne Aimie Thibault.

Will registered in Paris in the Thirteenth Bureau on 8 February 1868, Folio 22, Page 5.

NOTE: After the death of Aglai Thibault, Victor Saint Marie, petitioned to be named recipient of Jeanne's estate. The file contains many letters arguing his position back and forth from the "notaries" in France, which were acting in a legal capacity in Paris. There is nothing in the file that stated what the final decision was by the Jefferson surrogate as to whether or not Victor Saint Marie should be the recipient of the mortgage/personal property of the deceased.

Jefferson Co., NY Estate Papers, Box T11-15/181.

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