Jefferson County, NY

In the matter of the estate of MARTHA SEARLES of Jefferson Co., NY:

Petition to open estate brought by MARTHA BUTTERFIELD, of Rodman, Jefferson Co., administrator of the estate; dated 28 April 1843. Martha Butterfield stated that Martha Searles, the deceased was a daughter of hers; that Martha Searles died in October of 1842 at Ellisburg and died intestate.

In the Petition to Open, Martha Butterfield stated that Martha Searles' father was deceased. Martha Searles was married to JAMES SEARLES of Ellisburg and had made an agreement before the marriage that the property which Martha then had should remain her sole and separate property after the marriage; and further that property should not descend to James Searles. Administrative order granting her, Martha Butterfield, to administer estate.

NOTE: This Martha was the second wife of James Searles of Ellisburg.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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