Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of MILVERN STEARNS of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY:

Petition to open estate brought by BENJAMIN F. STEARNS, one of the executors named in the will, on 18 September 1869; he stated that Milvern Stearns had deceased on 10 September 1869.

Heirs/next of kin named in the Petition to Open:
EZRA STEARNS, the father of the deceased who resided at Ellisburg, Jefferson Co.
CORNELIA F. STEARNS, widow of the deceased.
BENJAMIN F. STEARNS, the petitioner
ALONZO W. STEARNS of Clinton Co., Missouri of full age
EARNEST L. STEARNS of the City of Brooklyn, NY, a minor of whom CHARLES H. THOMSON of said City of Brooklyn is general guardian
LOCKINVAR L. STEARNS of Missouri, all of full age


MILVERN STEARNS named his wife, CORNELIA T. STEARNS, his brother, BENJAMIN F. STEARNS; nephews: ALONZO W. STEARNS; LOCKINVAR L. STEARNS and EARNEST STEARNS. Named brother, BENJAMIN F. STEARNS and GEORGE CLARK of Belleville, NY as co-executors. Dated 2 June 1868. /s/ Milvern Stearns
Witnesses: A. HACKLEY and GEORGE CLARK of Belleville, Jefferson Co.
Will proved: 29 September 1869

Jefferson Co. Wills, Vol. 12, p. 402.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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