Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of RICHARD HART of Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY:

Vol. H-28 p. 388

EMORY W. HART, son of the deceased, petitioned to open the probate proceedings. He stated that RICHARD HART of Rodman, deceased on 18 May 1880, and left a will. JUDSON C. HART of Rodman and the petitioner both of full age, were children of the deceased. Will recorded in Wills 1878-1889, Vol. 19, p. 492.


Gives to his wife, ANN ELIZA HART, one-third of real estate and personal property. To son, JUDSON C. HART; to son EMORY W. HART. Son Emory appointed Executor. Will dated 2 April 1879.
Witnesses: GEORGE L. BUTTERFIELD of Rodman and LUCINDA B. THOMPSON of Lewis Co., NY.
Will proved 29 June 1880.

NOTES: Richard Hart was born 1799 in Saratoga Co., NY. Lived in Providence, Saratoga Co. Wife Ann was born 1813 in Washington Co., NY. (He had a sister, WEALTHY JEFFERS, born 1801 also in Saratoga Co., NY., who married BENJAMIN JEFFERS (b 1787) of Pinckney, Lewis Co., NY as his second wife.) Son, Emory W. Hart, married SARAH J. NEWTON. Son, Judson C. Hart, married ELIZABETH BLISS; lived Lewis Co., NY. Two other sons, MERRITT P. HART and MARSDEN HART were probably deceased by the time of Richard Hart's death. Anna Eliza Hart died 9 April 1879. Eliza and Richard share a marker in the Barnes Corners Evergreen Cemetery in Lewis Co. His portion of the marker shows a death date of 8 May 1880. Wealthy Hart Jeffers was born 8 May 1801 and died 12 Sept. 1887. She is also buried in the Barnes Cemetery.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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