In the matter of the estate of TIMOTHY GREENLEY of Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY: On 27 February 1852 ORA COOLEY of Rodman petitioned to open probate.

Heirs/next of kin:
WILLIAM GREENLEY and ORSAMUS GREENLEY, minor children of FRANCES GREENLEY, a deceased son of Timothy Greenley. Residence somewhere in the State of Indiana
ALFRED G. COOLEY of Jefferson Co., Wisconsin
EMILY R. ADAMS, wife of HUBBARD ADAMS of Clarkson, Monroe Co., NY
CHARLOTTE WEST and NELSON WEST, minors of Oswego Co., NY
DELOS COOLEY, minor, of Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY
LUCY ANN LOOMIS, wife of MILO LOOMIS of Medina, Medina Co., Ohio
CORNELIA GREENLEY, a minor of New York City
ROBERT GREENELY of Rodman, Jeff. Co., NY
SOPHIA GLASS, wife of LORENZO GLASS of Watertown, NY
JAMES WILLETT, a minor of New York City
MARY THOMPSON, wife of CEPHUS THOMPSON of Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY
Heirs of ELECTA ROOT, deceased residing somewhere in Upper Canada
Timothy Greenley did not leave a widow.


TIMOTHY GREENLEY named his grandsons: WILLIAM and ORSAMUS GREENLEY, children of his deceased son, FRANCIS GREENLEY. Named his son, JAMES GREENLEY. Named grandchildren, sons and daughters of his daughter, AMANDA COOLEY, deceased. Named his son, SOLOMON K. GREENLEY. Named his son, GEORGE GREENLEY. Named his daughter, LUCY ANN LOOMIS. Named his granddaughter, CORNELIA GREENLEY, daughter of his son, ALBERT G. GREENLEY, deceased. Named his son, ROBERT GREENLEY. Named his daughter, SOPHIA GLASS and at her decease, her portion to be divided equally among the children she had by LORENZO GLASS. Named JAMES WILLET, son of his grandson, PHILO GREENLEY. Named the children of his granddaughter, ELECTA ROOT, deceased. Named his granddaughter, MARY THOMPSON. Appointed ORA COOLY as Executor and appointed to hold the legacy of his daughter, SOPHIA GLASS and her children, to be used for her benefit and that of her children.

Will dated: 17 February 1852.
/s/ Timothy Greenley

Witnesses: WM. M. WINSLOW of Rodman and BENJAMIN F. HUNT of Rodman, NY
Will proved: 23 April 1852
Jefferson Co., NY Wills, Vol. 2, p. 43.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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