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Indexed by Francis and Johan Jackson, and generously contributed to this Jefferson County website for your use.

Explanation of headings:
last name; first name; middle initial; maiden name; date of death; place of death,
date of issue of paper; page number; whether there is an obituary; or simply a death notice.

Paddock Lois   Daniels 11-Aug-04 Ogdensburg, NY 13-Aug D7 *  
Padro Candida    30-Dec-04 Beaver Falls, NY 31-Dec D7 *  
Page Rita M Dorie 1-Jul-04 Massena, NY 2-Jul D7 *  
Paige Shirley   Ely 7-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 9-Jan D7 *  
Paige Kathy M   15-Apr-04 Black River, NY 16-Apr D1   *
Paige Kathy M   15-Apr-04 Black River, NY 17-Apr D5 *  
Paige Virgil J   9-May-04 Johnson City, NY 10-May D1   *
Paige Virgil J   8-May-04 Johnson City, NY 13-May D7 *  
Paige Eva    18-Nov-04 Rome, NY 20-Nov D1   *
Paige Carl F   29-Dec-04 Rome, NY 31-Dec D1   *
Palmer Gary J   25-Jan-04 Plattsburgh, NY 27-Jan D7 *  
Palmer Anne T Priest 2-Jul-04 Syracuse, NY 11-Jul B6 *  
Palmer Arthur Jr D   15-Oct-04 Hyannis, MA 2-Nov D7 *  
Palumbo Joseph R   15-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 17-Aug D7 *  
Paluzzi Victoria A   29-Jun-04 Gouverneur, NY 1-Jul D7 *  
Papin Mabel B   3-Oct-04 Watertown, NY 5-Oct D7 *  
Paprocki Henry    14-May-04 Panama City, FL 20-May D7 *  
Paquette Pansy E Worden 11-Nov-04 Gouverneur, NY 12-Nov D7 *  
Parent Ronald J   30-Aug-04 New Hartford, NY 31-Aug D7 *  
Paris Gerald A   4-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 6-Feb D1   *
Paris Gerald Jr A   4-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 7-Feb D7 *  
Paris Joanne    26-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 27-Jun B6   *
Paris Joanne D Wells 26-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 28-Jun D5 *  
Paris Jerome W   23-Jun-04 Henrietta, NY 7-Jul D7 *  
Parker George A   24-Apr-04 LaFargeville, NY 25-Apr B6 *  
Parker Mary E   12-May-04 Liverpool, NY 14-May D7 *  
Parker Dorothy   Cassell 26-May-04 Watertown, NY 28-May D7 *  
Parker Richard R   15-Jun-04 Black River, NY 17-Jun D7 *  
Parker Michael P   28-Jun-04 Cicero, NY 1-Jul D7 *  
Parker Kelly   Jurgens 24-Jul-04 Cazenovia, NY 30-Jul D7 *  
Parks William A   20-Apr-04 Largo, FL 23-Apr D7 *  
Paro Clark E   23-Apr-04 Syracuse, NY 29-Apr D1   *
Parr Monica   Engelhart 9-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 11-Feb D7 *  
Parr Richard J   20-Oct-04 Norfolk, NY 22-Oct D7 *  
Parshley Sharon   Race 17-May-04 Winchester, VA 20-May D7 *  
Parsons Louise K   24-Dec-04 Jamesville, NY 27-Dec D1   *
Parsons Louise   Keenan 24-Dec-04 Jamesville, NY 28-Dec D5 *  
Partlow Marion A Rafter 22-Jul-04 Massena, NY 23-Jul D7 *  
Partlow Earl L   19-Dec-04 Massena, NY 20-Dec D1   *
Partlow Earl L   19-Dec-04 Massena, NY 21-Dec D7 *  
Pascale Victoria S   17-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 18-Jan B6 *  
Pastor Virginia   Wilson 26-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 28-Aug D5 *  
Patchen James G   17-Jan-04 Warren, MA 6-Feb D7 *  
Patchin Bernard R   17-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 18-Jun D7 *  
Pate Doris   Gould 14-Apr-04 Suffield, CT 17-Apr D5 *  
Patnode Ernest J   8-Dec-04 Carthage, NY 9-Dec D7 *  
Patrzalek Henry M   23-Dec-04 Concord, NH 26-Dec B4 *  
Patten Margaret A McNitt 23-Jun-04 Adams, NY 25-Jun D7 *  
Patterson Margaret A Vanderwolf 18-Feb-04 Alex Bay, NY 19-Feb D7 *  
Patterson Mary C   21-Apr-04 Austin, TX 24-Apr D1   *
Patterson Leon A   23-Sep-04 Massena, NY 24-Sep D1   *
Patterson Leo A   24-Sep-04 Massena, NY 25-Sep D4 *  
Patterson Phyllis P   27-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 28-Dec D1   *
Patterson Phyllis P Kirk 27-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 29-Dec D5 *  
Pattison Faith A   17-Jun-04 Syracuse, NY 19-Jun D5 *  
Patton James A   21-Aug-04 Potsdam, NY 22-Aug B6 *  
Paul Harry B   19-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 21-Jul D7 *  
Paye Kathy A Cole 15-Aug-04 Oswego, NY 17-Aug D7 *  
Payment Marion   Quenelle 19-Dec-04 Grand Rapids, MI 23-Dec D7 *  
Payne Robert W   4-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 5-Sep B6 *  
Peabody Warren C   26-Oct-04 Schenectady, NY 29-Oct D7 *  
Peacock Pearl    26-Apr-04 Norwood, NY 27-Apr D1   *
Peacock Pearl I Duffore 26-Apr-04 Norwood, NY 28-Apr D7 *  
Peacock Calvin S   1-Dec-04 Potsdam, NY 3-Dec D7 *  
Pearson Mary E Smith 30-Mar-04 Adams, NY 1-Apr D7 *  
Peck Beulah I Baxter 18-Jun-04 Massena, NY 19-Jun D5 *  
Peck Ruby V   18-Jul-04 Ogdensburg, NY 20-Jul D7 *  
Peck Julia E Canaan 03 Se4p 04 Davenport, IA 21-Sep D7 *  
Peck Dale E   20-Oct-04 Watertown, NY 21-Oct D7 *  
Peebles Pauline S Farney 21-Feb-04 Croghan, NY 22-Feb B6 *  
Peebles Milton R   20-Jul-04 Valrico, FL 2-Aug D5 *  
Peer Mary I Mott 27-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 29-Jan D7 *  
Peet Brian C   23-Jun-04 Canton, NY 25-Jun D7 *  
Peet Hope   Stevenson 27-Oct-04 Lowville, NY 31-Oct B7 *  
Pelkey John J   11-Mar-04 N Bangor, NY 15-Mar D5 *  
Pelkey Geraldine S Roscoe 15-Jul-04 Dickinson Ctr, NY 17-Jul D5 *  
Pellegrino Mayfred S   10-Mar-04 Massena, NY 11-Mar D1   *
Pellegrino Mayfred S   10-Mar-04 Massena, NY 12-Mar D7 *  
Pellegrino Lori A Feisthamel 21-Apr-04 Syracuse, NY 22-Apr D7 *  
Pellegrino Joyce T   14-Jun-04 Hawthorne, NY 16-Jun D1   *
Pellegrino Joyce T Matthews 15-Jun-04 Hawthorne, NY 17-Jun D7 *  
Pennock Marion   Murray 26-Nov-04 East Greenbush, NY 28-Nov B4 *  
Penny Dominick    17-Aug-04 Potsdam, NY 18-Aug D7 *  
Percoski Francis J   16-Jun-04 Lowville, NY 17-Jun D7 *  
Perez Luis A   27-Aug-04 Iraq 30-Aug D1   *
Perez Pfc Luis A   27-Aug-04 Fallujah, Iraq 5-Sep B6 *  
Perkins Frances I Bell 22-Aug-04 Massena, NY 24-Aug D7 *  
Pernice Grace M Bennett 27-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 28-Jan D7 *  
Pernice Evelyn M Clark 30-Sep-04 Canton, NY 1-Oct D7 *  
Perry Seaton M   7-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 8-Jun D1   *
Perry Seaton M   7-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 9-Jun D7 *  
Perry Althea M Bollig 22-Jul-04 Ogdensburg, NY 25-Jul B4 *  
Perry Evelyn L Sullivan 11-Nov-04 Jamesville, NY 15-Nov D5 *  
Perry Karen   Marvin 4-Dec-04 Orlando, FL 15-Dec D7 *  
Persons Richard D   28-Jun-04 Potsdam, NY 1-Jul D7 *  
Pester Dewey M   7-Nov-04 Adams, NY 9-Nov D7 *  
Peters Crystal A   5-May-04 Potsdam, NY 6-May D1   *
Peters Crystal A   5-May-04 Potsdam, NY 7-May D7 *  
Peters Helen M   12-May-04 Seminole, FL 16-Jun D1   *
Peters Bernard C   30-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 1-Sep D7 *  
Peters Katherine   Thesier 12-Nov-04 Newport Beach, CA 23-Nov D7 *  
Peters Margaret P Sprague 21-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 22-Dec D7 *  
Peterson William G   31-Jan-04 Utica, NY 2-Feb D5 *  
Petes Ruth S Leach 13-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 15-Jan D7 *  
Petrie Mary E   7-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 8-Apr D7 *  
Petrie Ronald F   23-May-04 Ogdensburg, NY 24-May D5 *  
Petrie Irene   Morton 16-Nov-04 Copenhagen, NY 17-Nov D7 *  
Petrucelli Thomas R   2-Oct-04 Port St Lucie, FL 6-Oct D7 *  
Pettit Ivy M Evans 17-Jan-04 Tewksbury, MA 19-Jan D5 *  
Peyton Abert III W   23-May-04 Syracuse, NY 25-May D7 *  
Pfendler Douglas A   30-Jan-04 Utica, NY 31-Jan D5 *  
Pharoah Walter J   24-Apr-04 Homosassa Sprgs, FL 25-Apr B6   *
Pharoah Walter J   24-Apr-04 Homosassa Sprgs, FL 28-Apr D7 *  
Phelix Arthur Sr W   27-Apr-04 Massena, NY 28-Apr D7 *  
Phelps Carol L   8-Jan-04 Congers, NY 10-Jan D7 *  
Phillips Dr Elbert W   21-Aug-04 Syracuse, NY 24-Aug D7 *  
Phillips Gladys F Peadey 29-Aug-04 Ogdensburg, NY 30-Aug D5 *  
Phillips Peter    29-Sep-04 Hogansburg, NY 30-Sep D7 *  
Phillips Raymond J   12-Dec-04 Malone, NY 14-Dec D7 *  
Phippen Anita A   27-Jul-04 Potsdam, NY 29-Jul D1   *
Phippen Anita A Hubschmitt 27-Jul-04 Canton, NY 30-Jul D7 *  
Pickett Paul Sr S   4-May-04 Constable, NY 6-May D1   *
Pickett James Jr H   21-Jun-04 Rochester, NY 29-Jun D7 *  
Pierce Gertrude M Bishop 12-Jan-04 Ogdensburg, NY 14-Jan D5 *  
Pierce Gerald W   24-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 25-Jan B6 *  
Pierce Erwin D   18-Feb-04 Potsdam, NY 20-Feb D7 *  
Pierce Margaret L Briggs 9-Apr-04 Canton, NY 10-Apr D5 *  
Pierce Mary A Hirschler 7-Jun-04 Theresa, NY 8-Jun D7 *  
Pierce Carl    13-Jun-04 Gouverneur, NY 14-Jun D1   *
Pierce Carl H   13-Jun-04 Gouverneur, NY 15-Jun D7 *  
Pierce Belva J White 9-Jul-04 Lacona, NY 11-Jul B6 *  
Pierce Marion   Hiney 16-Dec-04 Carthage, NY 17-Dec D7 *  
Pike Ivan M   28-Mar-04 DePeyster, NY 30-Mar D7 *  
Pinkerton Violet M Tyo 24-Mar-04 Ogdensburg, NY 26-Mar D7 *  
Piper John B   29-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 2-Mar D7 *  
Pistolese Katherine F Sayles 25-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 27-Feb D7 *  
Pistolesi Muriel    16-Nov-04 Gouverneur, NY 17-Nov D7 *  
Pitts Ralph A   2-Jun-04 Antwerp, NY 4-Jun D7 *  
Plante Real III    17-Jan-04 Plattsburgh, NY 18-Jan B6 *  
Planty Candace A   14-Mar-04 Ogdensburg, NY 15-Mar D1   *
Planty Candace A   14-Mar-04 Ogdensburg, NY 16-Mar D7 *  
Planty Leah M   14-Apr-04 Potsdam, NY 15-Apr D1   *
Planty Leah M Sabre 14-Apr-04 Potsdam, NY 16-Apr D7 *  
Plantz Eric H   22-Sep-04 Twp Croghan, NY 24-Sep D1   *
Plantz Eric H   22-Sep-04 Twp Croghan, NY 25-Sep D4 *  
Platt Lulu E Mosher 13-May-04 Lowville, NY 14-May D1   *
Platt Lulu E Laribee 13-May-04 Lowville, NY 15-May D5 *  
Plumb Venita M Appleman 29-Dec-03 Norfolk, NY 3-Jan D5 *  
Plumley Jane-Ellen   Shapley 11-Aug-04 Potsdam, NY 13-Aug D7 *  
Plummer Loretta J   29-May-04 Watertown, NY 30-May B6   *
Plummer Loretta   Johnson 29-May-04 Watertown, NY 1-Jun D5 *  
Podgurski Michael C   24-Feb-04 Massena, NY 25-Feb D1   *
Podgurski Charles S   29-Dec-04 Ridgewood, NJ 31-Dec D7 *  
Podolski Bernard P   6-Oct-04 Lowville, NY 7-Oct D1   *
Podolski Bernard P   6-Oct-04 Lowville, NY 8-Oct D7 *  
Podvin Bernadette A Bourden 25-Jun-04 Carthage, NY 27-Jun B6 *  
Poirier Wilma   Main 19-Sep-04 Lake Placid, NY 20-Sep D5 *  
Pond Frederick M   6-Jun-04 Cape Vincent, NY 8-Jun D7 *  
Poole Donald L   30-Jan-04 Oswego, NY 1-Feb B5 *  
Poore Alton E   9-Feb-04 Ogdensburg, NY 10-Feb D7 *  
Porter Doreen I   10-Feb-04 Carthage, NY 11-Feb D1   *
Porter Doreen I Gleason 10-Feb-04 Carthage, NY 12-Feb D7 *  
Porter Robert C   15-Mar-04 Massena, NY 16-Mar D7 *  
Porter David A   3-Jun-04 Rochester, NY 3-Jul D5 *  
Porter Roy D   4-Sep-04 Alex Bay, NY 7-Sep D5 *  
Porter Suzanne   Webb 13-Oct-04 Syracuse, NY 15-Oct D7 *  
Porter Marjorie L   30-Oct-04 Norfolk, NY 31-Oct B7   *
Porter Marjorie L Brewer 30-Oct-04 Norfolk, NY 1-Nov D5 *  
Porter Alice M   28-Dec-04 Utica, NY 29-Dec D1   *
Porter Alice M Smith 28-Dec-04 Utica, NY 30-Dec D5 *  
Post Bernard J   10-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 11-Feb D7 *  
Post Robert G   3-Sep-04 Glenfield, NY 7-Sep D5 *  
Post Curtis A   18-Dec-04 Burlington, VT 19-Dec B6 *  
Postorino Frank J   24-May-04 Glen Park, NY 27-May D7 *  
Poulin George    10-Feb-04 St Petersburg, FL 3-Jun D7 *  
Powell Suzette   Bidwell 14-May-04 Watertown, NY 16-May B5 *  
Powell Grace M Wilson 19-Jul-04 Saranac Lake, NY 22-Jul D7 *  
Powers Patrice A Doldo 29-Nov-04 Templeton, CA 1-Dec D7 *  
Pracht Donald L   22-Nov-04 Clayton, NY 24-Nov D7 *  
Prashaw Dorothy M Ellis 8-Jan-04 Ogdensburg, NY 10-Jan D7 *  
Prashaw Kathleen   MacIntosh 25-Jun-04 Nashville, TN 1-Jul D7 *  
Prashaw Charles B   27-Oct-04 Gouverneur, NY 28-Oct D7 *  
Pratt Leone E LeBeau 27-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 29-Apr D7 *  
Pratt George Sr A   11-Mar-04 Ogdensburg, NY 12-May D7 *  
Pratt Nancy J   30-Jun-04 Oberlin, OH 8-Jul D1   *
Pratt Frederick Sr A   13-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 15-Sep D7 *  
Pratt James A   20-Sep-04 Adams, NY 21-Sep D1   *
Pratt James A   20-Sep-04 Adams, NY 22-Sep D7 *  
Premo Sally A Nichols 18-May-04 Massena, NY 20-May D7 *  
Premo Matthias G   29-May-04 Rouses Pt, NY 1-Jun D5 *  
Premo Lloyd M   29-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 30-Dec D5 *  
Prentice Shirley   Sullivan 23-Dec-04 Fort Jackson, NY 26-Dec B5 *  
Preska Dorienne   Gallipeau 24-Apr-04 Syracuse, NY 27-Apr D1   *
Presley Shirley A Fleming 5-May-04 Barnes Corners, NY 8-May D5 *  
Presley Jason P   16-Sep-04 Dexter, NY 18-Sep D5 *  
Pressley Shirley A O'Connell 5-May-04 Barnes Corners, NY 7-May D7 *  
Presutto William J   3-Feb-04 Lyncourt, NY 13-Feb D1   *
Price Stanley A   4-May-04 Carthage, NY 5-May D7 *  
Priest Phyllis T   9-Jul-04 Ogdensburg, NY 10-Jul D1   *
Priest Phyllis   Towner 9-Jul-04 Ogdensburg, NY 11-Jul B6 *  
Prioletti Evelyn   Rader 16-Dec-04 Syracuse, NY 18-Dec D1   *
Prior Doris   Addison 4-Jun-04 Auburndale, FL 5-Jun D5 *  
Pritchard Norman W   9-Jan-04 Burlington, VT 10-Jan D1   *
Prittie Richard A   2-Feb-04 Alpena, MI 17-Feb D5 *  
Proud James T   8-Apr-04 Oswego, NY 13-Apr D1   *
Proulx RoseAnn    29-Jan-04 Massena, NY 30-Jan D1   *
Proulx Rose A Meloche 29-Jan-04 Massena, NY 31-Jan D5 *  
Prouty Teresa C   27-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 28-Apr D1   *
Prouty Teresa C Swan 27-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 29-Apr D7 *  
Prudhomme Jeremiah W   7-Feb-04 Chippewa Bay, NY 11-Feb D7 *  
Puccia Frances   Pangallo 1-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 2-Jul D7 *  
Pugliese Sally E   8-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 9-Mar D1   *
Pugliese Sally E Charlebois 8-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 10-Mar D7 *  
Purdhomme Rev Everett T   10-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 13-Apr D5 *  
Purvines Lawrence V   13-Sep-04 Lowville, NY 14-Sep D7 *  
Putnam Whitney    24-Jul-04 Ogdensburg, NY 25-Jul B4 *  
Queal William C   3-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 4-Jan B4 *  
Quesnel Wilma R   26-Mar-04 Saranac Lake, NY 27-Mar D1   *
Quesnel Wilma R Oshier 26-Mar-04 Saranac Lake, NY 29-Mar D5 *  
Quinell Marie A Mahoney 24-Mar-04 Burlington, VT 26-Mar D1   *
Quinell Marie A Mahoney 24-Mar-04 Burlington, VT 27-Mar D7 *  
Quinty Lenore I Shoen 31-Jan-04 Carthage, NY 3-Feb   *  
Raab Mary A   1-Feb-04 Jamesville, NY 3-Feb D1   *
Rabideau Floyd F   23-Jun-04 Massena, NY 25-Jun D7 *  
Rados Anna S Pirman 11-Jun-04 Theresa, NY 15-Jun D7 *  
Rae Marilyn B Ecker 15-Mar-04 Fishers Landing, NY 17-Mar D7 *  
Rafter Roy W   8-Jul-04 Potsdam, NY 10-Jul D1   *
Raines Anne E Bross 15-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 16-Apr D7 *  
Ramsdell Marie A Crump 2-Mar-04 Massena, NY 3-Mar D7 *  
Ramsdell Harold L   28-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 29-Mar D1   *
Ramsdell Harold L   28-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 30-Mar D7 *  
Ramsdell Elizabeth   Creighton 9-Apr-04 Calcium, NY 11-Apr B7 *  
Ramsey Rosanna M Effley 29-May-04 Boonville, NY 30-May B6 *  
Randall Gordon W   21-Sep-04 Malone, NY 23-Sep D7 *  
Ranger Margaret C   21-Jan-04 Rome, NY 24-Jan D1   *
Rankin Doris   Murphy 20-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 23-Mar D5 *  
Rapholz Karen A   27-Dec-04 Aurora, CO 17-Jun D1   *
Rapin Kathleen A Kiah 20-Jan-04 Ogdensburg, NY 21-Jan D7 *  
Rasmussen Linda G   26-Jan-04 Long Lake, NY 27-Jan D1   *
Rasmussen Linda G Sachs 26-Jan-04 Long Lake, NY 28-Jan D7 *  
Rath Patricia   Curtis 10-Oct-04 Syracuse, NY 12-Oct D5 *  
Ratowski Winifred   Santimaw 16-Mar-04 Massena, NY 18-Mar D7 *  
Raymo Francis E   27-Apr-04 Fort Myers, FL 29-Apr D1   *
Raymo Francis    27-Apr-04 Fort Myers, FL 1-May D5 *  
Raymond Dorothy P Robinson 9-May-04 Watertown, NY 11-May D7 *  
Raymond Howard C   8-Aug-04 Syracuse, NY 11-Aug D1   *
Raymond Richard A   15-Nov-04 Castorland, NY 17-Nov D7 *  
Raymond William F   20-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 22-Dec D7 *  
Reasoner Allen H   18-Jun-04 Potsdam, NY 20-Jun B4 *  
Rebb Mary E Swem 26-Mar-04 Carthage, NY 28-Mar B6 *  
Recore Joyce   Hanson 30-Apr-04 New Hartford, NY 3-May D5 *  
Reed John F   1-Feb-04 Mount Dora, FL 7-Feb D7 *  
Reed Virginia    25-Feb-04 Potsdam, NY 26-Feb D1   *
Reed Virginia R Frederick 25-Feb-04 Potsdam, NY 27-Feb D7 *  
Reed James G   19-May-04 Potsdam, NY 20-May D7 *  
Reed Frederick V   1-Jun-04 Woodville, NY 2-Jun D7 *  
Reed Bonnie L Gamble 7-Jun-04 Utica, NY 9-Jun D7 *  
Reed Donald    3-Oct-04 Syracuse, NY 5-Oct D1   *
Reed Donald E   3-Oct-04 Syracuse, NY 7-Oct D7 *  
Reese David H   9-Mar-04 Utica, NY 12-Mar D1   *
Reeves Erthel J Cimarello 15-Mar-04 Lake Placid, NY 16-Mar D7 *  
Reff Jack A   30-Dec-03 Clayton, NY 2-Jan D5 *  
Reff Dorothy M Peters 6-Jun-04 Lady Lakes, FL 8-Jun D7 *  
Regan Todd J   7-Jan-04 New York, NY 31-Jan D5 *  
Regan Leo F   3-Nov-04 Florida 11-Nov D1   *
Regis Doris E Johnson 7-Jan-04 Malone, NY 8-Jan D7 *  
Reich Holly J   20-Mar-04 Buffalo, NY 29-Mar D5 *  
Reid Charles Jr C   27-Sep-04 Malone, NY 29-Sep D7 *  
Reif Christine L Howie 10-Dec-04 Potsdam, NY 12-Dec B5 *  
Reil Richard L   9-Oct-04 Liverpool, NY 13-Oct D7 *  
Reilly Mary L Mosco 22-Jun-04 Canton, NY 24-Jun D7 *  
Rennell Clarence Jr M   14-Dec-04 Charlotte Harbor, FL 17-Dec D1   *
Renzi Anthony J   22-Sep-04 Carthage, NY 24-Sep D7 *  
Resch Hilda   Leskowski 8-Jul-04 Liverpool, NY 10-Jul D1   *
Resner Edward G   27-Aug-04 Natural Dam, NY 29-Aug B6 *  
Rexford Brian E   6-Jul-04 Anchorage, AK 12-Jul   D5 *
Reyes Chong M   3-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 5-Jun D5 *  
Reynolds Laurence S   10-Jan-04 Ogdensburg, NY 11-Jan B5   *
Reynolds Laurence S   10-Jan-04 Ogdensburg, NY 12-Jan D5 *  
Reynolds Marion P   20-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 22-Apr D1   *
Reynolds Edna A Chrysler 1-May-04 Watertown, NY 3-May D5 *  
Reynolds Betty    5-May-04 Syracuse, NY 8-May D1   *
Reynolds Matthew D   9-Aug-04 Long Beach, CA 17-Aug D1   *
Reynolds Jean E Fischer 27-Sep-04 Alex Bay, NY 29-Sep D7 *  
Reynolds Connie    19-Nov-04 NY-VT 21-Nov B6   *
Reynolds Connie M Snyder 19-Nov-04 NY-VT 22-Nov D5 *  
Reynolds Julia R O'Dette 15-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 17-Dec D7 *  
Reyome Marian A Lauber 10-Feb-04 Malone, NY 11-Feb D6 *  
Reyome Daniel A   15-Feb-04 Bangor, NY 17-Feb D1   *
Rheaume Glenn W   4-Nov-04 Orlando, FL 6-Nov D5 *  
Rheome James F   2-Oct-04 Ogdensburg, NY 3-Oct B5 *  
Rheome Dorothy F Ashley 25-Oct-04 Ogdensburg, NY 27-Oct D7 *  
Rhoades Beverley J Dustin 13-Feb-04 Malone, NY 15-Feb B6 *  
Rhone Helen K Messinger 29-Mar-04 Lowville, NY 31-Mar D7 *  
Rice Arthur B   14-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 15-Jan D7 *  
Rice Natalie M Fluno 26-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 27-Jan D7 *  
Rice Francis T   11-May-04 Rochester, NY 14-May D1   *
Rich Barbara   Hayes 7-Jan-04 Henderson, NY 9-Jan D7 *  
Rich Eva J Butler 24-Feb-04 Worcester, MA 26-Feb D7 *  
Richards George L   16-Mar-04 Gouverneur, NY 17-Mar D1   *
Richards George L   16-Mar-04 Gouverneur, NY 18-Mar D7 *  
Richards Virginia C Clary 28-Apr-04 Massena, NY 29-Apr D7 *  
Richardson Florence   Kerekes 9-Jan-04 DeFeriet, NY 11-Jan B5 *  
Richardson Jane A Peck 8-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 9-Mar D7 *  
Richardson Dr Henry B   26-Mar-04 Fayetteville, NY 28-Mar B6 *  
Richardson Margaret I   9-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 10-Apr D1   *
Richardson Margaret I Hardy 9-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 11-Apr B7 *  
Richardson JoAnn   Smith 28-May-04 Park City, UT 10-Jun D7 *  
Richardson Charlotta   Williams 17-Nov-04 Bradenton, FL 2-Dec D7 *  
Richer Lorraine    14-Feb-04 Tupper Lake, NY 15-Feb B6   *
Richer Lorraine L Paiement 14-Feb-04 Tupper Lake, NY 16-Feb D5 *  
Richer Joseph H   21-Feb-04 Elizabethtown, NY 23-Feb D5 *  
Richer Annette M   13-Mar-04 Tupper Lake, NY 14-Mar B6   *
Richer Annette M Genier 13-Mar-04 Tupper Lake, NY 15-Mar D5 *  
Richer Lois J Maloney 31-Aug-04 Carthage, NY 1-Sep D7 *  
Richer Doris J   14-Nov-04 Dade City, FL 16-Nov D1   *
Richer Doris J Bray 14-Nov-04 Dade City, FL 18-Nov D7 *  
Richie Dorothy S   5-Jan-04 Syracuse, NY 7-Jan D1   *
Richie Leah D Brabant 11-Nov-04 Ogdensburg, NY 12-Nov D7 *  
Richmond William D   16-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 17-Dec D7 *  
Richter Marion   Branche 24-Nov-04 Gastonia, NC 2-Dec D7 *  
Rickard Jacob L   17-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 21-Jun D5 *  
Riggs Carolyn N   5-Jan-04 Canton, NY 6-Jan D1   *
Riggs Helen A   13-Jan-04 Ithaca, NY 15-Jan D1   *
Riley Kathryn   Bauder 16-May-04 Syracuse, NY 18-May D1   *
Riley Suzanne M Gordon 9-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 10-Jun D7 *  
Riley Marion    9-Aug-04 Burlington, VT 12-Aug D1   *
Riley Marion A   9-Aug-04 Burlington, VT 14-Aug D5 *  
Riley Helen M Higman 28-Dec-04 Aston, PA 29-Dec D5 *  
Rimiller Wanda   Greene 18-Dec-04 Smithville, NY 20-Dec D5 *  
Ring Allan C   20-Aug-04 Ormond Beach, FL 27-Aug D7 *  
Rish Joseph H   28-Mar-04 Syracuse, NY 30-Mar D7 *  
Risley Obed A   4-Mar-04 Ogdensburg, NY 6-Mar D5 *  
Risley E. Elida    30-Mar-04 Newark, NY 4-Apr B6 *  
Risso-Williams Terri L   7-Jul-04 Saratoga, NY 10-Jul D1   *
Risto Ernest F   13-Feb-04 Syracuse, NY 17-Feb D5 *  
Rivers Joseph E   7-Apr-04 Malone, NY 9-Apr D7 *  
Roberge Barbara J Montpetit 26-Feb-04 Ogdensburg, NY 27-Feb D7 *  
Roberts Elvaline M Walker 2-Feb-04 Palmer, MA 4-Feb D7 *  
Roberts Vernon Sr H   13-Feb-04 Pulaski, NY 15-Feb B6 *  
Roberts Rose W Felton 21-Mar-04 Cape Vincent 25-Mar D7 *  
Roberts Walter F   24-Jul-04 Paradise, CA 14-Aug D5 *  
Roberts Rowena   Powell 5-Sep-04 Wareham, MA 7-Sep D1   *
Roberts John J   12-Sep-04 East Syracuse, NY 14-Sep D1   *
Robertson Peter W   16-Apr-04 Louisville, NY 17-Apr D1   *
Robertson Peter W   16-Apr-04 Louisville, NY 18-Apr B5 *  
Robideau Deborah L   6-Feb-04 Malone, NY 7-Feb D1   *
Robillard Frances M Bodah 9-Jun-04 Massena, NY 11-Jun D7 *  
Robinson Ida-Mae G McIntosh 6-Oct-04 Watertown, NY 7-Oct D7 *  
Robinson Sharon A Quigley 30-Oct-04 Brantingham, NY 3-Nov D7 *  
Robinson Harold J   9-Dec-04 Ogdensburg, NY 11-Dec D5 *  
Rocca Charles    26-Dec-04 Kingston, NY 27-Dec D1   *
Rocca Charles F   25-Dec-04 Kingston, NY 28-Dec D5 *  
Rock Bernard S   21-Feb-04 Utica, NY 25-Feb D7 *  
Rock Phillip Jr W   12-Feb-04 Los Angeles, CA 1-Apr D7 *  
Rock Cecilia A   28-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 29-Jun D1   *
Rock Cecilia   Alton 28-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 30-Jun D7 *  
Rockhill Marjorie E Greenwood 17-Jun-04 Massena, NY 18-Jun D7 *  
Roder Elizabeth C   14-Feb-04 Liverpool, NY 16-Feb D1   *
Rodriguez Kathleen M Stone 13-Mar-04 Pulaski, NY 15-Mar D5 *  
Rodriguez James    7-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 9-Jul D7 *  
Rodwell Rane J   4-Jun-04 Burlington, VT 8-Jun D1   *
Rodwell Marguerite M Fisher 10-Sep-04 Ogdensburg, NY 11-Sep D5 *  
Rogers Marriona    19-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 22-Jul D7 *  
Rogers Cleo M   24-Sep-04 Ogdensburg, NY 25-Sep D5 *  
Rogers Shirley A Persons 19-Dec-04 Sandy Creek, NY 21-Dec D7 *  
Roggie Howard J   4-Jun-04 Castorland, NY 5-Jun D5 *  
Rohr Rebecca J Merry 25-May-04 Watertown, NY 26-May D7 *  
Rohr Eleanor W Augustyn 20-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 22-Jul D7 *  
Rokhar John E   9-Aug-04 Burlington, VT 12-Aug D7 *  
Rolley Delphine B Luman 2-Aug-04 Tupper Lake, NY 3-Aug D7 *  
Rollo Anne M   4-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 5-Jun D1   *
Rollo Anne M Brancato 4-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 6-Jun B4 *  
Romeo Doris   Fetterly 26-Jan-04 Massena, NY 28-Jan D7 *  
Romocki Sharon   Mastine 4-Feb-04 Westvale, NY 7-Feb D1   *
Ronson Georgia N Aivazoglou 5-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 7-Dec D7 *  
Rook Alice A Hoselton 2-Nov-04 Lowville, NY 4-Nov D7 *  
Rooney Mildred   Dean 22-Jul-04 Alex Bay, NY 24-Jul D5 *  
Roscoe Anthony W   29-Apr-04 Malone, NY 1-May D1   *
Rose Marjorie E   3-Feb-04 Pinellas Park, FL 4-Feb D1   *
Rose Marjorie E Putnam 3-Feb-04 Pinellas Park, FL 5-Feb D7 *  
Rose Beatrice V Tackett 13-Feb-04 LaFargeville, NY 16-Feb D5 *  
Rose Howard Sr M   7-Mar-04 N Bangor, NY 9-Mar D7 *  
Rose Elizabeth J   14-Jun-04 Honeoye Falls, NY 17-Jun D1   *
Rose Antonio J   2-Dec-04 Burlington, VT 3-Dec D7 *  
Rosenbarker Elwyn D   21-Jun-04 Canton, NY 23-Jun D7 *  
Rosenbaum Jeannette    31-Dec-03 Massena, NY 2-Jan D1   *
Roshia Louis    30-Dec-03 Watertown, NY 2-Jan D5 *  
Roshia Edward    30-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 1-Jul D1   *
Roshia Edwin W   30-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 2-Jul D7 *  
Roshirt C. Elizabeth   Pelow 24-Dec-04 Leesburg, FL 29-Dec D5 *  
Ross Walter M   9-Dec-03 Prospect Park, PA 16-Jan D7 *  
Ross Dexter J   31-Mar-04 Fulton, NY 2-Apr D7 *  
Ross Dorothy F Chagwin 9-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 12-Dec B5 *  
Rossdorough Blanche   Farrell 14-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 15-Jun D7 *  
Rotundo Henry P   19-Apr-04 Ocean Isle Beach, NC 20-Apr D1   *
Rotundo Henry P   19-Apr-04 Ocean Isle Beach, NC 21-Apr D7 *  
Rounds James G   15-Dec-04 Syracuse, NY 16-Dec D1   *
Rourke Evelyn M   3-Jul-04 Hogansburg, NY 6-Jul D5 *  
Rouselle Evelyn   Marlow 18-Feb-04 Burlington, VT 20-Feb D7 *  
Roux Wilfred J   8-Apr-04 Theresa, NY 9-Apr D7 *  
Rowell Anne M Raitt 2-Jul-04 Yuma, AZ 3-Jul D5 *  
Rowsam Kenneth Sr    28-Feb-04 Carthage, NY 29-Feb B6   *
Rowsam Kernneth Sr P   28-Feb-04 Carthage, NY 2-Mar D7 *  
Roy Shirley J Harvey 24-Jan-04 Syracuse, NY 28-Jan D4 *  
Roy William F   3-Mar-04 Alex Bay, NY 4-Mar D7 *  
Royce Ruby M   6-Dec-04 Norwood, NY 7-Dec D1   *
Royce Ruby M Stevens 6-Dec-04 Norwood, NY 8-Dec D7 *  
Rozon Edla A   4-Jan-04 Chillcothe, OH 9-Jan D1   *
Rudd Rosel W   16-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 18-Apr B5 *  
Rudd Madge C Pratt 21-Dec-04 Lacona, NY 22-Dec D7 *  
Ruddy Helen   Dullea 21-Jun-04 Waddington, NY 23-Jun D7 *  
Rudel Frank Jr J   27-May-04 Estero, FL 2-Sep D7 *  
Rudnick Sharon    2-Mar-04 Earlville, NY 3-Mar D1   *
Rudnick Sharon L Binion 2-Mar-04 Earlville, NY 4-Mar D7 *  
Rudon Joan    3-Sep-04 Ogdensburg, NY 5-Sep B6 *  
Rumsey Claudia M   23-Jan-04 Syracuse, NY 27-Jan D1   *
Rumsey Janet C Root 20-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 22-Apr D6 *  
Runions Helen E LaBrake 30-Nov-04 Potsdam, NY 2-Dec D7 *  
Runkles Hunter W   13-Feb-04 Syracuse, NY 29-Apr D7 *  
Rusho Leon M   28-Sep-04 Grindstone Island, NY 1-Oct D7 *  
Russell Robert F   13-Apr-04 Malone, NY 15-Apr D7 *  
Russell Kevin P   1-Jun-04 Massena, NY 2-Jun D1   *
Russell Kevin P   1-Jun-04 Massena, NY 3-Jun D7 *  
Russell Berenice A O'Connor 17-Aug-04 Carthage, NY 18-Aug D7 *  
Russell Patricia    13-Nov-04 Ogdensburg, NY 14-Nov B5   *
Russell Patricia   Bateman 13-Nov-04 Ogdensburg, NY 15-Nov D5 *  
Ruston Robert V   4-Apr-04 Utica, NY 8-Apr D1   *
Rutherford Florence J   26-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 27-Nov D1   *
Rutherford Florence J Derrigo 26-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 28-Nov B4 *  
Ruthven Mabel C   28-Feb-04 Syracuse, NY 3-Mar D1   *
Rutigliano Elizabeth   Loadwick 10-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 11-Nov D7 *  
Ryan Richard G   13-Mar-04 Albany, NY 16-Mar D7 *  
Ryan Harriet   Harringan 2-Jul-04 Malone, NY 15-Jul D7 *  
Ryan Marc A   4-Sep-04 Twp Theresa, NY 8-Sep D7 *  
Ryan Kenneth J   2-Nov-04 West Carthage, NY 3-Nov D7 *  
Ryan Francis F   24-Nov-04 Potsdam, NY 26-Nov D7 *  

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