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Indexed by Francis and Johan Jackson, and generously contributed to this Jefferson County website for your use.

Explanation of headings: last name; first name; middle initial; maiden name; date of death; place of death, date of issue of paper; page number; whether there is an obituary; or simply a death notice.

Pack Marion   Schatzer 6-Jul-05 Syracuse, NY 7-Jul D7 *  
Paddock Grace   Ormiston 24-Apr-05 Ogdensburg, NY 26-Apr D7 *  
Page Maxwell J   11-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 12-Mar D1   *
Page Aaron Sr R   10-Mar-05 Thompson Station, TN 12-Mar D5 *  
Page Maxwell J   11-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 14-Mar D5 *  
Pahler Werner    21-Oct-05 Potsdam, NY 22-Oct D1   *
Pahler Werner Sr F   21-Oct-05 Potsdam, NY 23-Oct B5 *  
Paige Carl F   29-Dec-04 Rome, NY 2-Jan B4 *  
Paige Helen A Smith 23-Dec-05 Louisville, NY 27-Dec D5 *  
Pallace Irene L   25-Dec-04 Arizona 8-Jan D1   *
Palmateer Lois M Sutherland 21-Nov-05 Moyock, NC 23-Nov D7 *  
Palmer Eva E Servant 23-Jan-05 St Regis Falls, NY 25-Jan D7 *  
Palmer Lillian E   28-Jan-05 Hogansburg, NY 30-Jan B4   *
Palmer Lillian E Cook 28-Jan-05 Hogansburg, NY 31-Jan D5 *  
Palmer Dorothy L   7-May-05 Watertown, NY 8-May B4   *
Palmer Dorothy L Olmstead 7-May-05 Watertown, NY 10-May D7 *  
Palmer Sandra M   1-Oct-05 Malone, NY 4-Oct D1   *
Papineau Dorothy J   20-Dec-05 Antwerp, NY 21-Dec D1   *
Papineau Dorothy   Jones 20-Dec-05 Antwerp, NY 22-Dec D7 *  
Paquette Carolyn A Dickinson 9-Oct-05 Ogdensburg, NY 10-Oct D5 *  
Pardoen Evelyn   Fry 6-Sep-05 Hannawa Falls, NY 8-Sep D7 *  
Paris Thomas J   29-May-05 Clayton, NY 2-Jun D7 *  
Park Beatrice M Dean 23-Mar-05 Syracuse, NY 24-Mar D7 *  
Parker Myrtle L Files 3-Mar-05 Lowville, NY 5-Mar D5 *  
Parker Miliru   Luther 22-Jul-05 Alex Bay, NY 24-Jul B4 *  
Parker Marjorie A   9-Aug-05 Potsdam, NY 12-Aug D1   *
Parker Marjorie A Gardner 9-Aug-05 Potsdam, NY 15-Aug D5 *  
Parker Earl Jr T   1-Nov-05 Watertown, NY 2-Nov D1   *
Parker Earl Jr T   1-Nov-05 Watertown, NY 3-Nov D7 *  
Parker Stuart F   17-Dec-05 Syracuse, NY 21-Dec D1   *
Parker Stuart F   17-Dec-05 Syracuse, NY 22-Dec D7 *  
Parkinson Alexander Jr M   23-Jun-05 Watertown, NY 24-Jun D7 *  
Parkman Madison A   16-Sep-05 Ogdensburg, NY 17-Sep D5 *  
Parks Donald J   24-Nov-05 Lowville, NY 26-Nov D5 *  
Parks Donald J   24-Nov-05 Lowville, NY 27-Nov B4 *  
Paro Erwin G   10-Jan-05 Ogdensburg, NY 11-Jan D7 *  
Paro Jane E Bush 29-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 30-Mar D7 *  
Parr Olive   Holmes 14-Aug-05 Winthrop, NY 16-Aug D7 *  
Passino Gretta H Huslik 8-Mar-05 Lake Placid, NY 12-Mar D5 *  
Pate' Mary E   15-May-05 Watertown, NY 16-May D1   *
Pate' Mary E Monnat 15-May-05 Watertown, NY 17-May D7 *  
Patrick Darla L Peck 19-Oct-05 Nicholville, NY 21-Oct D7 *  
Patterson Dennis S   6-Mar-05 Syracuse, NY 8-Mar D7 *  
Patterson Grace   Knight 4-Apr-05 Oswego, NY 6-Apr D1   *
Patterson Paul A   15-Jun-05 Greig, NY 16-Jun D7 *  
Payne Sylvia    4-Jul-05 Ogdensburg, NY 5-Jul D1   *
Payne Kring E   23-Nov-05 Syracuse, NY 25-Nov D7 *  
Peabody Helen M Ferguson 5-May-05 Ogdensburg, NY 7-May D5 *  
Peacock Danforth J   17-Feb-05 Zion, IL 25-Feb D7 *  
Pearson Richard T   30-Mar-05 Oswego, NY 4-Apr D5 *  
Pearson Wanda A Barney 22-Nov-05 Canton, NY 23-Nov D7 *  
Pecori Ashlyn M   17-Jan-05 Panama City Beach, FL 20-Jan D7 *  
Peets Madeline O   31-May-05 Ogdensburg, NY 1-Jun D7 *  
Peets Beatrice M Wood 2-Dec-05 Malone, NY 3-Dec D5 *  
Pelkey Lloyd L   13-Sep-05 Canton, NY 14-Sep D1   *
Pelkey Lloyd L   13-Sep-05 Canton, NY 15-Sep D7 *  
Pelletier Evelyn    2-Mar-05 Ormond Beach, FL 9-Mar D1   *
Pellicella Wilford N   29-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 31-Mar D7 *  
Pelotte Rita A Patnode 8-Mar-05 Massena, NY 10-Mar D7 *  
Penell Eva L   4-Dec-05 Massena, NY 6-Dec D1   *
Penell Eva L McDonald 4-Dec-05 Massena, NY 7-Dec D7 *  
Pennett Mae E Irwin 27-Apr-05 Oswego, NY 29-Apr D7 *  
Penny Patricia A   3-Apr-05 Melbourne, FL 6-Apr D7 *  
Penny Gloria G   22-Apr-05 Potsdam, NY 23-Apr D1   *
Penny Frank L   28-Aug-05 Potsdam, NY 29-Aug D5 *  
Percoski Helen E Lewicki 12-Jan-05 Lowville, NY 14-Jan D7 *  
Percoski Edward J   16-Nov-05 Sacramento, CA 18-Nov D1   *
Percoski Edward J   16-Nov-05 Sacramento, CA 19-Nov D5 *  
Percy June I   6-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 7-Mar D1   *
Percy Nona M   5-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 7-Mar D5 *  
Percy June I Pielow 6-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 8-Mar D7 *  
Perin Ray W   10-Jan-05 Alex Bay, NY 12-Jun D7 *  
Perkins Paul G   8-Jul-05 Vancouver, WA 16-Jul D5 *  
Perkins Annette L   11-Aug-05 Sackets Harbor, NY 13-Aug D1   *
Perkins Annette    11-Aug-05 Sackets Harbor, NY 14-Aug B6 *  
Perkins Frances L Stiles 23-Oct-05 Ogdensburg, NY 24-Oct D5 *  
Perkins Douglas S   24-Dec-05 Cape Vincent, NY 26-Dec D7 *  
Perretta Victor N   3-Jun-05 Ogdensburg, NY 5-Jun B4 *  
Perretta Zachary J   8-Nov-05 Ogdensburg, NY 10-Nov D7 *  
Perri Frank    25-Jul-05 Watertown, NY 27-Jul D7 *  
Perrin Dennis    7-May-05 League City, TX 13-May D1   *
Perry Michelle F Duvall 8-Feb-05 Twp Adams, NY 10-Feb D7 *  
Perry Mary S Leeson 20-Nov-05 Lowville, NY 22-Nov D7 *  
Perry Hazel M Downing 24-Dec-05 Ogdensburg, NY 26-Dec D7 *  
Peters Lillian    29-Jul-05 Canton, NY 30-Jul D1   *
Peters Lillian   Moore 29-Jul-05 Canton, NY 1-Aug D5 *  
Peterson Mary A Cook 10-Jan-05 Watertown, NY 11-Jan D7 *  
Peterson Robert J   30-Jul-05 Potsdam, NY 31-Jul B4 *  
Peterson Howard B   6-Nov-05 Alma, MI 2-Dec D7 *  
Petrie Mildred   Moore 9-Apr-05 Punta Gorda, FL 12-Apr D7 *  
Petrie Mary R   6-Jun-05 Lowville, NY 7-Jun D1   *
Petrie Mary   Rebres 6-Jun-05 Lowville, NY 8-Jun D7 *  
Petrie Edmond L   4-Nov-05 Carthage, NY 5-Nov D1   *
Petrie Edmond L   4-Nov-05 Carthage, NY 6-Nov B6   *
Petrocci Louis L   18-Feb-05 St Petersburg, FL 23-Feb D1   *
Pfaff Curtis L   3-Apr-05 Hackettstown, NJ 5-Apr D1   *
Pfaff Curtis L   3-Apr-05 Hackettstown, NJ 7-Apr D7 *  
Pfendler Bruce N   22-Jan-05 Boonville, NY 24-Jan D5 *  
Pfendler Robert W   10-Feb-05 Utica, NY 12-Feb D5 *  
Phelix Milford F   9-Aug-05 Potsdam, NY 10-Aug D7 *  
Phelps David I   15-Oct-05 Spring Valley, IL 21-Oct D7 *  
Phillips Verena G   21-Apr-05 Syracuse, NY 24-Apr B4 *  
Phillips Ruth   Bell 31-May-05 Raleigh, NC 17-Jun D7 *  
Phillips Gordon W   11-Aug-05 Springfield, MA 16-Aug D1   *
Phillips Gordon W   11-Aug-05 Springfield, MA 20-Aug D5 *  
Phillips Francis J   2-Sep-05 Jensen Beach, FL 4-Sep B4 *  
Phillips Alice    26-Nov-05 Manassas, VA 27-Nov B4   *
Phillips Alice L Boyd 26-Nov-05 Manassas, VA 30-Nov D7 *  
Phillips Susan   Hemlock 26-Dec-05 Cornwall, Ont, Canada 27-Dec D5 *  
Phinney Rolland F   11-Jan-05 Canton, NY 12-Jun D7 *  
Piche Robert A   4-Apr-05 Watertown, NY 5-Apr D8 *  
Piche Ronbert A   4-Apr-05 Watertown, NY 6-Apr D7 *  
Pickering Leon T   15-Jan-05 Tupper Lake, NY 17-Jan D5 *  
Pickering Lyle E   12-Apr-05 North Bangor, NY 13-Apr D1   *
Pickett Edith M Cruse 15-Jan-05 Clayton, NY 18-Jan D5 *  
Pidgeon Gertrude L   22-Jun-05 Syracuse, NY 23-Jun D1   *
Pierce Harris H   10-Feb-05 Canton, NY 12-Feb D5 *  
Pierce Dorothy A Zecher 29-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 31-Mar D7 *  
Pierce Mildred   Cleland 20-Jul-05 Ogdensburg, NY 21-Jul D7 *  
Pierce Royal S   24-Jul-05 Potsdam, NY 25-Jul D1   *
Pierce Royal S   24-Jul-05 Potsdam, NY 26-Jul D7 *  
Pietro Rollo L   13-Feb-05 Palm Coast, FL 19-Feb D5 *  
Pietro Myrth C Horton 18-Jul-05 Palm Coast, FL 30-Jul D5 *  
Pietroski Frances A Marra 31-Mar-05 Twp Hounsfield, NY 1-Apr D7 *  
Pike Mary   Thomas 26-Oct-05 Syracuse, NY 28-Oct D7 *  
Pike James L   20-Dec-05 Potsdam, NY 21-Dec D1   *
Pike James L   20-Dec-05 Potsdam, NY 22-Dec D7 *  
Pinner Raymond G   18-Mar-05 Gouverneur, NY 20-Mar B6 *  
Piper Leland H   31-Dec-04 Lafayette, LA 25-Jan D6 *  
Pirro David M   8-Apr-05 Fort Myers, FL 13-Apr D7 *  
Pistolesi Anatolio    7-Mar-05 Gouverneur, NY 8-Mar D1   *
Pistolesi Anatolio    7-Mar-05 Gouverneur, NY 9-Mar D7 *  
Pistolesi Mario    21-May-05 Gouverneur, NY 22-May B6   *
Pistolesi Mario    21-May-05 Gouverneur, NY 23-May D5 *  
Pitcher Emma R LaPradd 7-Oct-05 Syracuse, NY 9-Oct B4 *  
Planes Jane    1-May-05 Liverpool, NY 3-May D1   *
Planty Herbert Jr J   26-Mar-05 Canton, NY 28-Mar D1   *
Planty Earl M   28-Mar-05 Ogdensburg, NY 29-Mar D1   *
Planty Herbert Jr J   26-Mar-05 Canton, NY 29-Mar D7 *  
Planty Earl N   28-Mar-05 Ogdensburg, NY 30-Mar D7 *  
Planty Thelma M Bush 13-May-05 Massena, NY 14-May D5 *  
Plantz Patricia A Carr 1-Oct-05 Theresa, NY 2-Oct B6 *  
Plato Marcia E   11-Mar-05 Averill Park, NY 15-Mar D7 *  
Plonka Monica    17-Nov-05 Norfolk, NY 18-Nov D1   *
Plonka Monica M Corriveau 17-Nov-05 Norfolk, NY 19-Nov D5 *  
Plott Doris E Hibbard 10-Apr-05 Carthage, NY 11-Apr D5 *  
Plumley Grace M Wolfgruber 25-Sep-05 Clinton, NY 27-Sep D7 *  
Plumley Marietta J Foll 9-Oct-05 Lyons Falls, NY 11-Oct D5 *  
Plumpton Kenyon A   25-May-05 Syracuse, NY 26-May D1   *
Plumpton Kenyon A   25-May-05 Syracuse, NY 27-May D7 *  
Podgers James H   23-Oct-05 Glenfield, NY 28-Oct D1   *
Pohl Laura E   18-Mar-05 Rome, NY 21-Jul D7 *  
Poisson Raymond    27-Mar-05 Ogdensburg, NY 30-Mar D7 *  
Pomerville Robert L   10-Jan-05 Baltimore, MD 11-Jan D1   *
Pomerville Robert L   10-Jan-05 Baltimore, MD 13-Jan D3 *  
Pomerville George J   19-Mar-05 Sun Valley, CA 24-Mar D7 *  
Pomerville Muriel    2-Apr-05 Canton, NY 3-Apr B4   *
Pond Thera    31-Mar-05 Alex Bay, NY 1-Apr D1   *
Pond Thera   Thornton 31-Mar-05 Alex Bay, NY 2-Apr D5 *  
Poole Alice M Neil 28-May-05 McKeesport, PA 31-May D5 *  
Pooler Bernard M   2-Feb-05 Watertown, NY 3-Feb D1   *
Pooler Bernard M   2-Feb-05 Watertown, NY 4-Feb D7 *  
Pooler Eva R Cowles 9-Feb-05 Carthage, NY 11-Feb D7 *  
Poor Barbara G Cuatt 25-May-05 Ogdensburg, NY 28-May D5 *  
Pope Susan M McPhee 12-Mar-05 Vestal, NY 14-Mar D1   *
Porteous Iris H   8-Jan-05 Ogdensburg, NY 10-Jan D1   *
Porteous Iris   Higby 8-Jan-05 Ogdensburg, NY 11-Jan D7 *  
Porter Frances L Kellner 15-May-04 Saratoga, CA 4-May D7 *  
Portolese Joseph A   24-Mar-05 Massena, NY 25-Mar D7 *  
Post Donald A   1-Dec-05 Leyden, NY 3-Dec D5 *  
Potenzano Madalene   Crisuolo 5-Jan-05 Massena, NY 6-Jan D7 *  
Potter Betty   Dunham 4-Feb-05 Oswego, NY 6-Feb B6 *  
Potter Donald W   28-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 29-Mar D1   *
Potter Donald W   28-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 30-Mar D7 *  
Potter Howard K   10-Oct-05 Bellmont, NY 11-Oct D5 *  
Potter Mildred M   24-Oct-05 Watertown, NY 25-Oct D1   *
Potter Mildred M Jackson 24-Oct-05 Watertown, NY 26-Oct D7 *  
Powell Harold J   29-Oct-05 Watertown, NY 31-Oct D1   *
Powell Harold J   29-Oct-05 Watertown, NY 1-Nov D7 *  
Powell William J   29-Nov-05 Watertown, NY 30-Nov D7 *  
Power John R   13-Sep-05 Syracuse, NY 15-Sep D7 *  
Powers Shirley    22-Jul-05 Watertown, NY 23-Jul D1   *
Powers Shirley A Saber 22-Jul-05 Watertown, NY 24-Jul B4 *  
Powers Stephen E   27-Oct-05 Adams, NY 29-Oct D5 *  
Prashaw Rose F   9-Aug-05 Richville, NY 11-Aug D1   *
Prashaw Rose F Bice 9-Aug-05 Richville, NY 12-Aug D7 *  
Pratt William H   13-Jun-05 Gouverneur, NY 14-Jun D7 *  
Pray Arnold A   2-Dec-05 DePeyster, NY 3-Dec D5 *  
Premo Leona    4-Mar-05 Massena, NY 5-Mar D5 *  
Premo Merrill    15-May-05 Canton, NY 16-May D5 *  
Premo Elizabeth J Pvirre 31-May-05 Ogdensburg, NY 1-Jun D7 *  
Premo Chloe E Jarvis 5-Sep-05 Malone, NY 6-Sep D5 *  
Premo Donald F   18-Sep-05 Sylvan Beach, NY 21-Sep D7 *  
Premo Dorothy M   10-Oct-05 Ogdensburg, NY 11-Oct D1   *
Prendergast Concetta   Coppola 22-Jul-05 Cheektowaga, NY 20-Aug D5 *  
Preston Robert W   16-Jun-05 Syracuse, NY 19-Jun B6   *
Price David W   18-Jan-05 Alex Bay, NY 19-Jan D1   *
Price David W   18-Jan-05 Alex Bay, NY 20-Jan D7 *  
Price Edna M Shepard 10-May-05 Watertown, NY 12-May D7 *  
Price Milton Jr H   3-Jul-05 Watertown, NY 5-Jul D5 *  
Prindle Mary J Piche 7-Oct-05 Norwich, NY 8-Oct D5 *  
Pringle Charles E   29-Apr-05 Gouverneur, NY 30-Apr D1   *
Pringle Charles E   29-Apr-05 Gouverneur, NY 1-May B5 *  
Pritchard Kathleen H Johnson 17-Jul-05 Utica, NY 20-Jul D7 *  
Provost Heather L   30-Jun-05 Twp Brighton, NY 3-Jul B6 *  
Pruckno Rosemary A Dolan 15-May-05 Boonville, NY 18-May D7 *  
Przytula Mureta   Adams 14-Nov-05 Liverpool, NY 17-Nov D1   *
Puccia Sam C   5-May-05 Clayton, NY 6-May D7 *  
Puffer Robert R   8-Apr-05 Watertown, NY 10-Apr B7 *  
Puffer Robert R   8-Apr-05 Watertown, NY 13-Apr D7 *  
Pullmain Joseph Jr T   20-Aug-05 Canton, NY 21-Aug B5   *
Pullmain Joseph T   20-Aug-05 Canton, NY 22-Aug D5 *  
Pultorak Edward Sr G   25-Sep-05 Plattsburgh, NY 27-Sep D7 *  
Purcell Catherine    5-Jun-05 Carthage, NY 6-Jun D1   *
Purcell Catherine   Beaton 5-Jun-05 Carthage, NY 7-Jun D7 *  
Purpura Lucy   Palumbo 10-Jul-05 East Syracuse, NY 11-Jul D5 *  
Pusey Grace L Pittman 14-Feb-05 Tucker, GA 17-Feb D7 *  
Putnam Barbara E   16-Nov-05 Watertown, NY 18-Nov D5 *  
Putney Donald L   25-Jul-05 Lisbon, NY 26-Jul D7 *  
Pyrek Michael A   8-Feb-05 Lowville, NY 11-Feb D7 *  
Quail Hilda G   20-Jul-05 Watertown, NY 22-Jul D7 *  
Quinby Ernest P   5-Aug-05 Watertown, NY 6-Aug D5 *  
Rabideau Leonora E   9-May-05 Massena, NY 10-May D1   *
Radley H. Otis    3-Feb-05 Cape Vincent, NY 4-Feb D1   *
Radley H. Otis    3-Feb-05 Cape Vincent, NY 5-Feb D5 *  
Radley Beatrice M Bidwell 26-Aug-05 Watertown, NY 28-Aug B4 *  
Rae Bernard E   11-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 14-Mar D5 *  
Rafferty Bertha M   3-Apr-05 Phoenix, AZ 28-Apr D1   *
Rafter Geneva C Snickles 23-Jun-05 Burlington, VT 24-Jun D7 *  
Ralston Ruby F   31-Dec-04 Carthage, NY 2-Jan B5   *
Ralston Ruby F Slagle 31-Dec-04 Carthage, NY 3-Jan D5 *  
Ramie Francis X   9-Sep-05 Smithtown, NY 13-Sep D7 *  
Ramos Loiuise P   27-Sep-05 Lowville, NY 28-Sep D1   *
Ramos Louise   Pierczynski 27-Sep-05 Lowville, NY 29-Sep D7 *  
Ramsay Kathleen A   23-Feb-05 Potsdam, NY 24-Feb D1   *
Ramsay Sherman A   14-May-05 Potsdam, NY 16-May D5 *  
Ramsdell Laurena    11-Dec-05 Canton, NY 12-Dec D1   *
Ramsdell Laurena M   11-Dec-05 Canton, NY 13-Dec D7 *  
Ramsey Loretta   Shaw 12-Feb-05 Rome, NY 14-Feb D5 *  
Ramsey Clara J   12-Dec-05 Potsdam, NY 13-Dec D1   *
Ramsey Clara J Ryan 12-Dec-05 Potsdam, NY 14-Dec D7 *  
Rancier Sister Mary D   17-May-05 Watertown, NY 18-May D7 *  
Randell Rita   Cassidy 11-Jun-05 Massena, NY 13-Jun D5 *  
Ransear Betty M Albicker 24-Jul-05 Watertown, NY 27-Jul D7 *  
Ransiear Ethel   Greene 9-Apr-05 Utica, NY 11-Apr D5 *  
Ransiear Charles L   25-Apr-05 Lowville, NY 26-Apr D1   *
Ransiear Charles J   25-Apr-05 Lowville, NY 27-Apr D7 *  
Raven Warren W   7-May-05 Potsdam, NY 8-May B4 *  
Rawley Phyllis E   3-May-05 Alex Bay, NY 4-May D1   *
Rawley Phyllis E Lear 3-May-05 Alex Bay, NY 5-May D7 *  
Ray Gloria R Hollenbeck 21-May-05 Louisville, KT 3-Aug D7 *  
Read Walter Jr M   29-Jan-05 Albuquerque, NM 5-Feb D5 *  
Read Jeanne A Brett 7-Mar-05 Elizabethtown, KY 9-Mar D7 *  
Redner Mary L Cannon 1-Aug-05 Boonville, NY 3-Aug D7 *  
Reed James A   14-Jan-05 Lacona, NY 15-Jan D1   *
Reed James A   14-Jan-05 Lacona, NY 16-Jan B6 *  
Reed Joan M Pomerville 3-Feb-05 Star Lake, NY 4-Feb D7 *  
Reed Edna D Bennett 10-Feb-05 Watertown, NY 12-Feb D5 *  
Reed Grace E   20-Feb-05 Watertown, NY 22-Feb D1   *
Reed Grace E Pennock 20-Feb-05 Watertown, NY 23-Feb D7 *  
Reed Frank G   14-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 15-Mar D1   *
Reed Frank Jr    14-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 16-Mar D7 *  
Reed Raymond    30-Mar-05 Twp Adams, NY 31-Mar D1   *
Reed Raymond E   30-Mar-05 Twp Adams, NY 1-Apr D7 *  
Reed David E   5-Apr-05 Rodman, NY 7-Apr D7 *  
Reed Guy E   24-Jul-05 Potsdam, NY 26-Jul D7 *  
Reed Jean S   27-Aug-05 Vernon, NY 2-Sep D1   *
Reed Robert J   5-Nov-05 Syracuse, NY 9-Nov D1   *
Regan Margaret    7-Apr-05 Pyrites, NY 8-Apr D1   *
Regan Margaret M   7-Apr-05 Canton, NY 9-Apr D5 *  
Regan Sally   Salisbury 21-May-05 Massena, NY 23-May D5 *  
Reigler Marilyn C Mathis 7-May-05 New Hartford, NY 9-May D1   *
Reinhardt Albert Jr    19-Oct-05 Orleans, NY 20-Oct D7 *  
Remington Doyle    7-Feb-05 Potsdam, NY 8-Feb D1   *
Remington Doyle E   7-Feb-05 Potsdam, NY 9-Feb D7 *  
Remington Robert E   26-Oct-05 Belleville, NY 27-Oct D7 *  
Renaud Ella J Norton 31-Dec-04 Lowville, NY 2-Jan B7 *  
Renzi Luisa M   24-Apr-05 Watertown, NY 25-Apr D1   *
Renzi Luisa M Palladino 24-Apr-05 Watertown, NY 26-Apr D7 *  
Reome Dona J   5-Mar-05 Malone, NY 7-Mar D5 *  
Reome Corey J   6-May-05 Orlando, FL 11-May D1   *
Reudink Luella M   16-Feb-05 Syracuse, NY 17-Feb D1   *
Reudink Luella M Thomas 15-Feb-05 Syracuse, NY 18-Feb D7 *  
Rexford Brent M   1-Apr-05 Glen Park, NY 3-Apr B4   *
Rexford Brent M   1-Apr-05 Glen Park, NY 4-Apr D5 *  
Reynolds Mary   LeBeau 11-Feb-05 Ogdensburg, NY 12-Feb D5 *  
Reynolds June   Beamish 4-May-05 Watertown, NY 5-May D7 *  
Reynolds Mary   Carncross 16-Feb-05 Zepyrhills, FL 15-May B4 *  
Reynolds Donna   Kastler 10-Jun-05 Watertown, NY 13-Jun D5 *  
Reynolds Blanche M Stone 12-Jun-05 Malone, NY 14-Jun D7 *  
Reynolds John F   29-Jul-05 Theresa, NY 31-Jul B4 *  
Ribezzi Mary C Paone 14-Jun-05 Syracuse, NY 16-Jun D1   *
Rice Emerson    2-Jan-05 Star Lake, NY 4-Jan D1   *
Rice Emerson    2-Jan-05 Star Lake, NY 5-Jan D7 *  
Rice J. Edwin    14-Mar-05 Allentown, PA 16-Mar D1   *
Rice J. Edwin    14-Mar-05 Allentown, PA 17-Mar D7 *  
Rice Grace W MacCrimmon 10-May-05 Star Lake, NY 12-May D7 *  
Rich Linda D Johnson 21-Mar-05 Worcester, MA 24-Mar D7 *  
Richards Ronald E   27-Dec-04 Dunedin, FL 8-Jan D5 *  
Richards Aletha F   13-Jan-05 Malone, NY 15-Jan D5 *  
Richards Allen J   17-Mar-05 Syracuse, NY 19-Mar D1   *
Richards Joyce M   18-May-05 Glens Falls, NY 19-May D7 *  
Richards Howard E   19-May-05 Ogdensburg, NY 20-May D7 *  
Richards Vivian M Hammond 1-Sep-05 Moria, NY 3-Sep D5 *  
Richardson David H   16-May-05 Ogdensburg, NY 18-May D1   *
Richardson David H   16-May-05 Ogdensburg, NY 19-May D7 *  
Richardson Nancy   Payne 24-Aug-05 Fayetteville, NY 26-Aug D1   *
Richardson Jean A Clark 30-Sep-05 Syracuse, NY 4-Oct D7 *  
Richardson Emily L   25-Sep-05 Portland, OR 6-Oct D7 *  
Richmire Edgar J   8-Jan-05 Watertown, NY 9-Jan B6 *  
Richmond Yvonne F Russell 24-Feb-05 Watertown, NY 26-Feb D5 *  
Richmond Mary E   2-Dec-05 Binghamton, NY 4-Dec B4   *
Richmond Mary E Tamblin 2-Dec-05 Binghamton, NY 5-Dec D5 *  
Rickard Wesley L   8-Jul-05 Yuma, AZ 14-Jul D7 *  
Rickett Shirley I   18-May-05 Gouverneur, NY 20-May D1   *
Rickett Shirley I   19-May-05 Gouverneur, NY 21-May D5 *  
Ried Marjorie   Inglehart 6-Sep-05 Syracuse, NY 11-Sep B4 *  
Riegler Marilyn C Mathis 7-May-05 New Hartford, NY 10-May D7 *  
Rienbeck Arlene R Bishop 26-Jun-05 Cape Vincent, NY 28-Jun D7 *  
Riley Elizabeth   Apenborn 11-Jan-05 Massena, NY 13-Jan D3 *  
Riley David D   5-Feb-05 Syracuse, NY 6-Feb B6 *  
Riley Nancy A   13-Mar-05 Malone, NY 15-Mar D1   *
Riley Edward A   19-May-05 Malone, NY 21-May D5 *  
Riley Joseph Jr G   13-Sep-05 Massena, NY 15-Sep D7 *  
Rinaldi Beverly B   2-Feb-05 Syracuse, NY 5-Feb D1   *
Ring Philip    2-Apr-05 Ogdensburg, NY 3-Apr B4   *
Ring Phillip S   2-Apr-05 Ogdensburg, NY 5-Apr D7 *  
Ring Donald Sr G   21-Jun-05 Watertown, NY 23-Jun D7 *  
Ringwald Virginia   Heald 5-Aug-05 Rome, NY 6-Aug D5 *  
Rinne Corleen   Smith 8-Dec-05 Marlborough, MA 11-Dec B6 *  
Riordan Kenneth    31-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 1-Apr D1   *
Riordan Kenneth J   31-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 2-Apr D5 *  
Riordan Andrew    16-Apr-05 Liverpool, NY 22-Apr D7 *  
Riordan Sis Margaret M   30-Sep-05 Hartsdale, NY 1-Oct D5 *  
Rippe Rose M Slobodzian 1-Apr-05 Carthage, NY 3-Apr B4 *  
Rist Rita M   28-Mar-05 Potsdam, NY 29-Mar D1   *
Rist Rita M Duegaw 28-Mar-05 Potsdam, NY 30-Mar D7 *  
Ritz Robert J   1-Feb-05 Bremerton, WA 11-Mar D7 *  
Rivers Shirley R Andler 10-Oct-05 Winchester, VA 14-Oct D7 *  
Rivers George M   3-Nov-05 Watertown, NY 4-Nov D5 *  
Roacher John H   24-May-05 Watertown, NY 25-May D7 *  
Robarge Keith J   9-Apr-05 Lorraine, NY 10-Apr B7 *  
Robarge Hubert Jr J   15-Oct-05 Syracuse, NY 21-Oct D1   *
Robbins Barbara R Connelly 28-Dec-04 Cleveland, OH 9-Jan B6 *  
Robbins Bruce Jr E   17-Feb-05 Loris, SC 23-Feb D7 *  
Robbins Velma   Foster 2-Feb-05 Montreal, Que, CAN 2-Mar D7 *  
Robbins Thomas Jr C   24-Apr-05 Syracuse, NY 25-Apr D5 *  
Robbins Stanley W   17-Aug-05 Watertown, NY 18-Aug D7 *  
Robert Clark F   17-May-05 Colton, NY 18-May D7 *  
Robert John H   5-Oct-05 Gouverneur, NY 7-Oct D7 *  
Roberts Ethel M Jensen 18-Feb-05 Boonville, NY 19-Feb D5 *  
Roberts Evelyn U McElhaney 31-Mar-05 Carthage, NY 1-Apr D7 *  
Roberts Betty J   19-Apr-05 Watertown, NY 20-Apr D1   *
Roberts Betty J Wicks 19-Apr-05 Watertown, NY 22-Apr D7 *  
Roberts William H   24-Apr-05 Syracuse, NY 25-Apr D1   *
Roberts William H   24-Apr-05 Syracuse, NY 26-Apr D7 *  
Roberts David C   18-Jun-05 Boonville, NY 21-Jun D7 *  
Roberts Charles E   25-Aug-05 Palmer, MA 27-Aug D5 *  
Roberts Sandra R   22-Dec-05 Augusta, GA 23-Dec D1   *
Robertson Jackie C   5-Mar-05 Massena, NY 8-Mar D7 *  
Robideau Leon Jr J   10-Mar-05 Owls Head, NY 12-Mar D1   *
Robinson Norma   Walter 27-Jan-05 Pulaski, NY 29-Jan D5 *  
Robinson Robert L   16-Apr-05 Amsterdam, NY 17-Apr B4   *
Robinson Robert L   16-Apr-05 Amsterdam, NY 18-Apr D5 *  
Robinson Alayna N   14-Jul-05 Cortland, NY 20-Jul D1   *
Robinson Gary    1-Aug-05 Watertown, NY 2-Aug D1   *
Robinson Gary J   1-Aug-05 Watertown, NY 3-Aug D7 *  
Robinson Louva   Avery 14-Aug-05 Burlington, VT 15-Aug D5 *  
Robinson Wayne C   20-Aug-05 Waddington, NY 21-Aug B5 *  
Robinson Douglas E   3-Nov-05 Gouverneur, NY 4-Nov D5 *  
Robinson Douglas E   3-Nov-05 Gouverneur, NY 5-Nov D5 *  
Rock Andrew H   26-Jul-05 Plattsburgh, NY 28-Jul D1   *
Rockefeller Richard J   14-Sep-05 Potsdam, NY 15-Sep D7 *  
Rockhill Alton D   27-Sep-05 Moira, NY 28-Sep D7 *  
Rockwood Ruth F Houghton 19-Jan-05 Watertown, NY 22-Jan D5 *  
Rodwell William G   28-Feb-05 DePeyster, NY 2-Mar D1   *
Rodwell William G   2-Mar-05 DePeyster, NY 3-Mar D7 *  
Roes Maurice    2-Aug-05 Sarasota, FL 3-Aug D1   *
Roes Maurice    2-Aug-05 Sarasota, FL 4-Aug D7 *  
Rogers Leo P   17-Feb-05 Watertown, NY 18-Feb D7 *  
Rogers Gloria J Scott 28-Sep-05 Cortland, NY 1-Oct D5 *  
Rogers Velma M Price 22-Nov-05 Lowville, NY 23-Nov D7 *  
Roggenkamp Isabel O   24-Jul-05 Watertown, NY 25-Jul D1   *
Roggenkamp Isabel O   24-Jul-05 Watertown, NY 26-Jul D7 *  
Roggie Boyce L   27-Jan-05 Twp Watson, NY 29-Jan D5 *  
Roggie Elton L   14-Sep-05 Lowville, NY 16-Sep D7 *  
Rolleri Joseph    27-Jan-05 Diluth, GA 5-Feb D5 *  
Rolley Eric J   25-Aug-05 Saranac Lake, NY 27-Aug D5 *  
Romeo Dominick    18-May-05 Massena, NY 21-May D1   *
Romeo Dominick M   18-May-05 Massena, NY 25-May D7 *  
Romeo Helen M Siver 20-Sep-05 Watertown, NY 22-Sep D7 *  
Romeo Michael J   30-Nov-05 Massena, NY 1-Dec D7 *  
Ronan Dr F Graham    13-Feb-05 Binghamton, NY 15-Feb D7 *  
Rondeau Martin G   4-Oct-05 Cohoes, NY 7-Oct D7 *  
Roof Carl B   10-Mar-05 Watertown, NY 12-Mar D5 *  
Rookey Alta E Carkner 22-Jan-05 Ogdensburg, NY 23-Jan B4 *  
Root Marion E Young 25-Sep-05 Bushnell, FL 27-Sep D7 *  
Rose Muriel A Raso 22-May-05 Washington TWP, NJ 24-May D7 *  
Rose Jerome    2-Oct-05 Potsdam, NY 3-Oct D1   *
Rose Jerome E   2-Oct-05 Potsdam, NY 5-Oct D7 *  
Rose Parker W   10-Nov-05 Potsdam, NY 11-Nov D5 *  
Roshia Gerald W   15-Apr-05 Watertown, NY 17-Apr B4 *  
Ross Francis J   13-Jan-05 Watertown, NY 15-Jan D5 *  
Ross Shirley D Lynn 10-Feb-05 Punta Gorda, FL 16-Feb D7 *  
Rossman Janet   Guthrie 27-Nov-05 Oswego, NY 28-Nov D5 *  
Roth Girard J   1-Feb-05 Utica, NY 4-Feb D7 *  
Rounds Sally A   19-Jan-05 Watertown, NY 20-Jan D1   *
Rounds Sally A Seeber 18-Jan-05 Watertown, NY 21-Jan D7 *  
Rouselle Bernard L   31-Mar-05 Brasher Falls, NY 2-Apr D5 *  
Row Donald F   6-Mar-05 Oswego, NY 8-Mar D7 *  
Rowe Ruth I Moore 9-Sep-05 Massena, NY 11-Sep B4 *  
Rowe-Bellanger Jeanine E   24-Jul-05 Watertown, NY 25-Jul D1   *
Rowell KaTrina M   8-Sep-05 Watertown, NY 10-Sep D5 *  
Rowell Gary L   29-Oct-05 Massena, NY 30-Oct B4 *  
Rowland James M   16-Apr-05 Alex Bay, NY 18-Apr D5 *  
Roy Mildred   Ashley 2-May-05 Massena, NY 4-May D7 *  
Rubar James J   27-Dec-05 Gouverneur, NY 28-Dec D1   *
Rubar James J   27-Dec-05 Gouverneur, NY 29-Dec D5 *  
Rudd Vera M Peebles 12-Sep-05 Watertown, NY 13-Sep D7 *  
Rude Edna   Philbrick 5-Feb-05 Rome, NY 6-Feb B6 *  
Rufa Nicodemo C   30-Sep-05 Massena, NY 2-Oct B6 *  
Rufa Ernest J   3-Oct-05 Ogdensburg, NY 4-Oct D7 *  
Rufa Angela   Perciballi 5-Nov-05 Winthrop, NY 6-Nov B6   *
Ruger Fnnie F Ells 8-Jun-05 Massena, NY 9-Jun D7 *  
Rule Eugene L   25-Jan-05 Leesburgh, FL 28-Jan D7 *  
Runge Henry    22-Jan-05 Carthage, NY 24-Jan D5 *  
Rupert Donald J   21-Feb-05 Potsdam, NY 22-Feb D1   *
Rupert Donald J   21-Feb-05 Potsdam, NY 23-Feb D7 *  
Rushlow Brainard C   27-Dec-05 Watertown, NY 28-Dec D5 *  
Russell Ramon W   30-Dec-04 Syracuse, NY 5-Jan D7 *  
Russell Merchant J   28-Jan-05 Massena, NY 29-Jan D1   *
Russell Elizabeth M   26-Mar-05 Potsdam, NY 28-Mar D5 *  
Russell Helen J   26-Apr-05 Henrietta, NY 29-Apr D7 *  
Russell Walter H   17-May-05 Fulton, NY 19-May D7 *  
Russell Christene A Palmer 12-Jun-05 Moira, NY 15-Jun D7 *  
Russell Blaire    11-Oct-05 Ogdensburg, NY 12-Oct D1   *
Russell Blaire E   11-Oct-05 Ogdensburg, NY 13-Oct D7 *  
Russell Malcolm R   13-Nov-05 Syracuse, NY 17-Nov D1   *
Russell Ronald J   6-Dec-05 Agusta, ME 7-Dec D1   *
Russell Ronald J   6-Dec-05 Augusta, ME 9-Dec D7 *  
Ruttan Tammy J   11-Mar-05 Syracuse, NY 13-Mar B5   *
Ruttan Tammy J   11-Mar-05 Syracuse, NY 14-Mar D5 *  
Ryan Jacoby M   21-Jul-05 Massena, NY 26-Jul D7 *  
Ryan Richard C   15-Jun-05 Colorado Springs, CO 26-Jul D7 *  
Ryan Mary E   9-Nov-05 Gaithersburg, MD 14-Nov D5 *  
Ryan Barbara L Pelow 14-Dec-05 Ogdensburg, NY 16-Dec D7 *  

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