OF 1891-1892.

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Watertown Directory, A-B-C

Last Name First Name Occupation/ Business Residence
Abrams Ann E., Mrs.   bds 11 Clay
Acker Charles W. mechanic h 42 Factory
Ackhoff J.N. blacksmith h 68 Mill
ADAMS BROS Samuel and George music dealers 15 Jackman
ADAMS CHAS. L. (Brown and Adams) lawyer bds 32 Franklin
Adams Charles laborer bds 67 Coffeen
ADAMS CHAS. S. reporter Watertown Times h 70 Rutland
Adams Ernest H. cutter h 47 Stone
ADAMS &ERLICHER J.M.A. and C.E. druggists and pharmacists 13 Woodruff House Block
Adams Frank machinist bds 30 State
Adams Frank A. bds 11 Wall
Adams F. Yale ins. bds 24 Keyes ave
ADAMS George (Adams Bros.) bds 61 Court
Adams Ida, Mrs. domestic 16 Clinton
Adams Ida, Miss   bds 67 Coffeen
Adams Israel   h 39 Rutland
ADAMS JESSE M. druggist h 8 State
Adams Jno. Q. ins. h 51-B Franklin
Adams Letitia, Mrs. laborer h 67 Coffeen
Adams Louisa, Mrs.   h 23 Mechanic
ADAMS MURRY M. homeopathic physician and surgeon, 2 1/2 Public Square bds 61 Court
Adams Pitt ticket agent bds 32 TenEyck
ADAMS RICHARD B. billiards h 32 TenEyck
ADAMS SAMUEL (Adams Bros.) h 61 Court
Adams Wm. M. carpenter h 127 Main
Adore Benjamin   h 25 Elm
Adzit G.A. carriage manf'r h 117 Main
Adzit Geo. W. (Horton &Adzit) h 115 Main
Ainslie Wm. machinist h 5 Grove
Ainsworth Stanford   bds City hotel
Ainsworth Mary waitress Woodruff House
Akins Anna, Miss cook American Hotel
Akins Thomas farmer h 80 Gotham
Airhart Geo. laborer bds Waltham
Aldrich Henry   bds 45 Moulton
Alexander Ernest C. clerk bds 5 Fairview
Alexander Frank S. trimmer bds 5 Fairview
Alexander Harry R. machinist 5 Fairview
Alexander Henry S. fish dealer 5 Fairview
Alexander Matthew florist bds 40 Bradley
Alexander Walter E.   bds 5 Fairview
Allair Henry stone cutter h 16 LeRay
Allair Lloyd H. clerk bds 16 Le Ray
Allard John B. clerk h 16 Lawrence
ALLARD JOSEPH A. grocer, Coffeen, corner Cedar h 49 Coffeen
Allen Catherine   h 22 Commercial Arcade
Allen C. Mrs. housekeeper 56 Arsenal
Allen Charles J. machinist 1 Grove
Allen Edward S. mechanic 18 Jefferson
Allen Ellen Mrs.   h 34 Smith
Allen Frederick M   h 42 Coffeen
Allen Geo. C. blacksmith bds 9 Grove
Allen Hattie F. Miss   bds 1 Gotham
Allen H.M. insurance h 1-A Ten Eyck
ALLEN JOHN F. bottler, 108 Court h 76 State
Allen John P. Mrs.   bds 42 Coffeen
Allen &Kepler (J.F. &J.K.) 108 Court  
Allen Lewis mason h 2 McGowan's Court
Allen Margaret Miss   bds 22 Com. Arcade
Allen Patrick Mrs.   bds 22 Com. Arcade
Allen Thomas laborer h 53 Massey
Allen Wm. horse dealer h 54 LeRay
Allen Wm. J. harness, &c h 7 Winthrop
Allingham Alex   h 82 Franklin
Allingham R. Knox shoemaker h 85 Franklin
Allport Minnie Miss   bds 51 1/2 Stone
Alsopp Joseph machinist h 9 Maple ave.
Amaden John   bds 9 Holcomb
Ambrose Thomas   h 24 1/2 Davidson
Ames Judson T. engineer bds 39 Meadow.
Anderson Andrew laborer h 4 Waltham
Anderson David laborer h 1 Water
Anderson David M. pulp m'f'r h 46 Massey
Anderson Geo. W. carpenter h 16 Union
Anderson Henry   bds 9 Moulton
Anderson Henry laborer bds 6 Emmett.
Anderson James stone cutter h 6 Emmett
Anderson Julia Mrs.   bds 6 Emmett
Anderson Wm. Jr. laborer bds 75 Moulton
Anderson Wm. laborer h 75 Moulton
ANDREWS EDWARD A. (Sargent &Andrews) bds 51 Washington
ANDREWS WM. S. jeweler h 64 State
Andrus Merritt grocer h 18 Clinton
Andrus M.E. dressmaker h 26 Mechanic
Andrus Seward clerk h 2 Sterling
Angel Burt C. carpenter h 11 Morrison
Angley Jacob engineer h 34 Meadow
ANGUS THOMAS G. news depot, 7 Paddock Arcade h 1/2 High
Anthony Addie D., Miss   bds 86 Arsenal
Anthony A. M. Mrs.   h 86 Arsenal
Anthony Henry C.   h 26 Stone
Anthony Geo. W. laborer h 8 Prospect
ANDERSON SAMUEL C. contractor and builder h 164 1/2 Main
Ard Richard P. laborer 24 Stone
Arms Geo. L. clerk bds 10 Trinity Place
Armstrong Alba A. butcher h 15 Summer
Armstrong W. watchman h 9 Mechanic
Armstrong DeLancey B.   Bds 9 Mechanic
Armstrong Frank W.   h 72 State
Armstrong John C.   bds Kirby House
Armstrong Warren E.   bds 15 Summer
Arnold Durand B. clerk h 16 Stone.
Arnold Ebenezer, Rev.   h 5 Curtis
Artebeese Sophronia, Mrs.   bds 17 Gotham
ARTHUR HIRAM S. (Howard &Arthur) h 12 Mechanic
Arthurs James   bds 12 Jefferson
Ash James T. laborer h 32 Holcomb
ASHDOWN RICHARD J. barber h 31 Commercial Arcade
Ashton Wm.   13 1/2 Emerson
Aspden John J. machinist h 103 Davidson
Asselstine Isaac N. baker bds 124 Court
Atkins Franklin A. laborer h 107 Arsenal
Atkins Franklin A. laborer h 107 Arsenal
Atwater Wilmot bl'ksmith h 93 1/2 Factory
ATWELL JOSEPH insurance and loan agent h 7 Winslow
Atwell Joseph Jr. lawyer bds 7 Winslow
Auchampaugh S. Oscar   h 20 Meadow
Auger Robert C.   bds 4 Massey avenue
Augsbury Salem laborer h 46 Rutland
Augsbury A. Miss washing h 46 Rutland
Augsbury Wilson D.   h 14 Meadow
AUSTIN CHARLES W.   h. 34 Academy
Austin Clair W.   bds 55 1/2 Franklin
Austin Enoch O. pictures, &c h 78 Stone
Austin Geo. H.   h 29 State
Austin Myron D.   h 32 Bronson
Avery Fred E. civil engineer h 35 Baker
Avery Margaret nurse bds 36 Sherman
Avery Mary A. dressmaker h 6 Dimick
Avery Wm. J. laborer h 33 Baker
Ayers Henry H. salesman h 6 Sherman
Ayers H.E. bookkeeper bds 6 Sherman
Ayers Jesse C. bookkeeper bds 6 Sherman
Ayhard Geo. W.   bds 6 Waltham
Ayhart Mary Miss domestic 6 Waltham
Ayles C.H. laborer h 2 Pine
Aylisworth Charles   bds 59 Coffeen
Babcock Arthur E. farmer bds 16 Main
Babcock Benjamin Mrs.   bds 13 Center
Babcock Elijah P. teamster h 184 Main
Babcock Fred   h 24 Lansing
BABCOCK FREDERICK W. man'fr h 19 Mullin
BABCOCK GEO. H. manf'r h 21 Mullin
BABCOCK HENRY H. manf'r h 8 Sherman
Babcock James T. laborer 6 Wall
Babcock Lamont M. farmer h 16 Main
Babcock Lizzie Miss cook Kirby House
Babcock Lydia Miss cook bds 23 Willow
Babcock M. Mrs. housekeeper 117 Factory
Babcock Willis R. laborer h 1 Sill
Babcock Wm. Mrs. laborer h 23 Willow
BAGG S. F. sec'y Watertown Steam Engine Co h 7 Clinton.
Bagley Ambrose C.   bds 8 Benedict.
Bagley Fred B. machinist h 32 Cooper.
BAGLEY GEO. A. (the Bagley &Sewall Co.) h 8 Benedict.
THE BAGLEY &SEWALL CO.   (Geo. A. Bagley, president; Edmund Q. Sewall, treasurer; C.D. Bingham, secretary;) iron foundry and machinists 1, 3 and 7 Pearl.
Bahler Fred   h 11 Huntingdon.
Bailey Alexander   h 28 Davidson.
Bailey Charles machinist h Cbestnnt.
Bailey Frank H. laborer h 1 Chestnut.
Bailey Henry   h 1 Orchard.
Bailey Horatio S. molder h 28 Davison.
Bailey Newell K. bookkeeper bds Globe.
Bailey Wm. C. engineer h 10 Davidson.
Baird Albert molder h 30 Lynde.
BAIRD JOHN S. (Scott &Baird Co.), jeweler, 4 Washington Place 4 Massey avenue.
Baker Abner W. Mrs   bds 17 Wiaslow.
Baker Alice M. Miss   bds 4 Paddock.
Baker Angelina Mrs.   h 1 Elizabeth.
Baker Anna Amelia Miss   bds 4 Paddock.
Baker Barney builder and contractor bds 15 State.
Baker Daniel laborer h rear 7 Mill.
Baker Florence Miss   bds 83 Washington.
Baker Frank A. mechanic h 22| Burchard.
BAKER FRANK L. insurance and ticket agency 3 Paddock Arcade h 4 Paddock.
Baker F. S. carriage maker h 42 Mnllin.
Baker George MK.   bds 4 Massey ave.
Baker George C.   h 23 Academy.
Baker George I. printer h 17 Winslow.
Baker George W. mechanic h 14 Cedar.
Baker Henry engineer h 99 Arsenal.
Baker Henry li. draughtsman and stenographer bds 1 Elizabeth-
Baker Hubert R. painter h23 Huntington.
Baker J. Wm. carpenter h 16 Cedar.
Baker Lewis carpenter n 106 Washington.
Baker Maitland R. clerk bds 23 Elizabeth.
BAKER PITT J. (W. E. Baker Mfg Co.)   bds 20 Lynde.
Baker Mr.   h 17 Central ave.
Baker Mr.   h 22 Pearl.
Baker Sarah A. Mrs.   h 88 Washington.
Baker Thomas machinist bds 40 Elizabeth.
Baker Wm.   bds 30 Sterling.
Baker Wm. H. com. trav. h 23 Elizabeth.
BAKER WM. O ice dealer and drayman h 2 Winslow.
BAKER, WM R.,MFG. Co (W.R.B., P.J.B. and W.W. Sherman) hardware specialties 28 Newell.
BAKER WM. R. manf'r h 20 Lynde.
BAKER Wm. S. Mrs.   bds 65 Washington.
Baldwin Chas. col. Re Union h 82 State.
Baldwin David W.   h 50 Arsenal.
Baldwin Frederick A. tinner h 58 Mill.
BALDWIN C. FESTON tea and coffee store 57£ Mill.
BALDWIN Charles G. collector Watertown Times h 30 Ten Eyck.
BALDWIN Fred P.   bds 58 Mill.
BALDWIN Henry A. bookkeeper h 20 William.
BALDWIN R. W. Mrs.   h 41 Factory.
BALDWIN Mary A. Mrs.   h Haney.
BALDWIN Pitt W.   bds 20 William.
Bales John carpenter bds 27 High.
Ball Charles E.   h 78 Coffeen.
Ball Edward   h 3 Orchard.
Ball Henry M. produce h 15 Paddock.
Ball Mary A. Mrs. laundress h 51 Cedar.
Ball Meyers blacksmith h 32 Main.
Ball Thomas laborer h 35 Meadow.
Ball William laborer h 38 Meadow
Ball Wooster 0.. pulp mfr. 3 Winslow.
Ballard Addie L. Miss   bds 26 Franklin.
Ballard Lewis clerk bds 25 LeRay.
Ballard Milton lawyer h 14 Baker.
Ballard Samuel W. inmate Keep Home.
Ballard Warren H.   h 36 1/2 Public Square
BALTZ ANDREW P. grocer and milk dealer 70 Court h 62 Arsenal.
BALTZ GEO. H. milk dealer and agricultural implements h 3 Coffeen.-
BALTZ William A. clerk bds 3 Coffeen.
Banister Charles G.   h 49 Męssey.
Banister Clarence M.   h 9 D. &. P. Block.
Banister Frank G.   bds 18 Boyd.
Banister Giles Mrs.   h 18 Boyd.
Banister Henry O painter h 121/2 Orchard.
Banister Morris Mrs   h 25 TenEyck.
Banister Wayne   h 46 Academy.
Banks Edwin   h 45 Water.
Banks Geo. laborer h 18 Newall.
Banks John quarryman h 18 River.
Bannon Robert carpenter h 26 Court.
Banta Jacob C.   h 26 Paddock.
Barber Albert H.   bds 97 Mill.
Barber David carpenter h 21 Massey.
Barber Edward A.   h 20 Davidson.
Barber Geo. carpenter h 78 Franklin.
Barber Gilbert K.   h 99 Main.
Barber Henry machinist h 97 Mill.
Barber Henry carpenter h 11 Klm.
Barber James carpenter h 32 Com. Arcade.
Barber Thomas mechanic h 15 Hoard.
Barber Stephen   h 27 American Arcade.
Barber Wm. carriage maker bds 3J Court.
Barbour E. carpenter bds 14 William
Barbour Henry S.   h 14 William.
Barbour Lydia S. Mrs.   h 24 Academy.
Barclay Addison P. clerk bds 19 Academy.
Barclay Eliza Mrs. seamtress h 19 Academy.
Barclay Louise Miss   bds 19 Academy.
Barkhuff John molder bds Central House
Barckley J. Alex hackman h 17 Bronson.
Barckley Geo. H. hackman h 10 Goodale.
Barckley Reuben cartman h 66 Mill.
Barckley Reuben E.   bds 10 Goodale.
Barnes Daniel A. clerk h 137 Main.
Barnes H S. teamster h 135 Main.
Barnes Oscar W. carpenter h 50 LeRay.
Barnes Oscar W.   h 23 Morrison.
Barnes Seymour D. laborer h 7 Center.
Baron A. E.   h 34 Massey.
Baron Louis carpenter h 26 1/2 Academy.
Barone D. A. merchant tailor h Water.
Barr James E. merchant bds 4 Polk.
Barr Eva Mrs. domestic 33 Anthony.
BARR HENRY grocer and barber h 118 Court
BARR Minnie Miss   bds 6 Einmett.
Barrage Matthew painter h 8 Vale.
Barrett David B.   bds 12 Holcomb.
Barrett Mary A. Mrs.   h 12 Holcomb.
Barrett Wm. L. barber h 13 Holcomb.
Barrey Joh molder bds 183 Main.
Barren Walter ins. bds 35 Academy.
Bartlett Arvine tinner bds 57 Factory.
Bartlett Edmund T. carpenter h 29 Lynde.
Bartlett Elton T. grocer h 12 Rutland.
Bartlett Geo. W. mechanic bds 36 Orchard.
Bartlett H.A. salesman h 85 Academy.
Bartlett Louise Miss   bds 75 Main.
Bartlett Samuel B. tool maker h 75 Main.
Barton Hubert J. mason h 8 Mundy
Barton Robert A.   h 4C-A Bronson.
Bass James trimmer bds 68 Academy.
Bassett Betsey J. Mrs.   h 3 Polk.
Bassett Eli helper h 8 Summer.
Bassett Frank   bds 80 Stone.
Bassout Perry   bds 22 Franklin.
Bastien C. Mrs.   h 31 Main.
Bastien Charles   bds 31 Main.
Bastien Frank mason h 126 Main.
Bastien Frederick   bds 31 Main.
Bastin Mercy A. I. inmate Keep Home
Batchelor B. F.   bds Crowner House.
Bateman Henry A. barber h 2 Mill.
Bates Amelia Mrs.   h 7 Mechanic.
Bates Benj. J. shoemaker h 8 1/2 Cedar.
Bates Edward painter bds 9 Lamon.
Bates Geo. W.   bds 7 Mechanic.
Bates Jane Mrs. laundress Kirby House.
Bates John J tinner h 25 Meadow.
Bates O. S. Mrs.   h 38 American Arcade.
Bates Wm. painter h 9 Lamon.
Bauder Jeremiah   h 31 LeRay.
Bauer Bertha Miss   h 25 High.
Bauer Fred AT. clerk h 26 Moulton.
Bauer J. H. steward h 25 High.
Baum Wm. H.   h 8 Baker.
Bauter Bradley C machinist h 6 Curtis.
Bauter Malachi machinist h 77 1/2 Main.
Baxter Hiram brakeman bds 100 Arsenal.
Beach Alien C. lawyer h 39 Washington.
Beach Herman G. cutter h 5 Park.
Beach Samuel H.   h 3 Sterling Place.
Beaman J. brakeman bds 104 Arsenal.
Bean Edward F. pressman h 22 High.
Bean Georje shoemaker bds 67 Arsenal.
BEAN GEORGE R..   h 67 Arsenal.
BEAN GEORGE K. &CO.   (Geo. R. B. &c. D. Robbing) flour and feed 8 Arsenal
Beard Charles A. clerk h 95 Franklin.
Beard Charles M. carpenter h 44 Mullin.
Beard Joseph 0. clerk bds 44 Mullin.
Beardslee Orange H machinist h 10 Boyd.
Bearkley Joseph drayman h 17 Woodruff.
Bearkley Solomon laborer h 17 Woodruff.
Beattie Chas. express driver h 34 Bronson.
Beattie James H. grain dealer h 3 Pleasant.
Beattie Wm. W. h 7 Woods Falls Main-st.
Beatty John machinist bds 15 Mechanic.
Beauprey Frank   bds 51 Rutland
Beck John   h 7 Hamilton.
Becker Albert A.   bds 63 Water.
Becker H. J. paper hanger h 2 Woodruff.
Becker Hiram gardener h 134 Massey.
Becker H. C. marble worker h 63 Water.
Becker William painter h 134 Massey.
Becker Walter painter h 134 Massey.
Beckstad Charles gardener bds 6 Munson.
Beckwith Emily Miss   h 33 Washington.
Beckwith Fred E. laborer bds 4 Lepper.
Beckwith Sarah J. Miss   h 33 Washington.
Bedell Albert Mrs.   h 12 Massey.
Bedell Frank G.   bds 12 Massey.
Bedell George   bds 36 LeRay.
Bedell Sarah Mrs. cook Crowner House.
Bedell Wm. A. contractor h 26 LeRay.
BEEBEE MYRON (Hagar &Beebee) h 5 Paddock
Beecher Geo. P. carpenter h 45 Rutland.
Beecher G. W bookkeeper bds45 Rutland.
Beecher Gifford E.   h 291 LeRay.
Beecher Nettie L. Miss   bds 45 Rutland.
Beecher V. M. mechanic h 14 Bronson.
Beecher Washington   bds 45 Rutland.
Beechert Henry   h 101 Arsenal.
Beechert W. H. printer bds 101 Arsenal.
Beers Wm. H.   h 23 LeRay.
BEFFREY ARSENEAUS (Beffrey &Mowe) h 51 1/2 Stone
BEFFREY &MOWE plumbers steam and gas fitters, store 16 Franklin.  
Begg Eliza J. Mrs. nurse bds 60 Mill.
Begg Geo. M. cabinet maker h 60 Mill.
Begg Robert J. cabinet maker bds 14 Franklin
Belch Philip H. blacksmith h 35 Gotham.
Belcher Thomas   h 49 LeRay.
Bell Andrew Mrs.   h 69 Factory.
BELL JOHN A. veterinary surgeon h 58 Court
BELL J. D. Mrs. seamstress h 85 Court.
Bell Lewis B.   h 32 Brainard.
BELL SAMUEL A. veterinary surgeon bds 58 Court
Bellew James laborer h 115 Coffeen.
Bellew Thomas, Mrs.   h 105 Coffeen.
BELLEW THOMAS P. grocer 8 Paddock Arcade bds 115 CofEeen.
BELLINGER CHARLES J. journalist 8 Flower Block h 1 Boyd
Bellinger Kilborn M.   h Hamilton.
BENCE MICHAEL blacksmith h 57 Massey
Bence Peter carpenter h 33 Morrison.
Benjamin Henry   h 109 Main.
Bennett David M. inmate Keep Home
Bennett DeEsline. brakeman   h 77 Stone.
Bennett Frances A. Mrs.   bds 33 Stone.
BENNETT FRED A. florist h 85 Massey
Bennett Gertrude Miss   bds 38 Stone.
Bennett George J. mechanic h 83 Main.
Bennett Geo. E. machinist bds 83 Main.
Bennett Martha W. Miss   h 58 Washington.
Bennett Wm. D.   bds 7 Bronson.
Benoit Edward tanner h 40 Coffeen.
Benoit Wm.   h 66 Massey.
BENORE OLIVER harness maker, 29 Court h 27 Mundy.
Benson Geo.   bds Miser House.
Berdeau Wm. 0. engineer h 68 Arsenal
Bergevin Charles E.   h 21 Pearl.
Bergevin C. Mrs. dressmaker h 10 Hamilton.
Bergevin Charles   h 10 Hamilton.
Bergevin Charles P. clerk bds 13 Bronson.
BERGEVIN JOHN E. (Carpenter &Bargeein) h 13 Bronson
BERGEVIN PETER livery 6 Arcade h 11 Jackman
Berner Ernest mason h 7 Rutland.
Berner Paul R. harness maker h 28 Bronson
Bernstein Ernest L. cutter bds 32 Mullin.
Bernstein John tailor bds 32 Mullin.
Berow Alex. drayman h 4 Huntiugton
Berow Alfred A.   h 2 Huntington.
Berow Geo. H. nickel plater h 26 Mechanic.
Berow Henry cartman h 17 Smith.
Berow Hezekiah   h 12 Cedar.
Berow Solomon W. Mrs.   h 27 William.
Bickel Philip mechanic h 97 Main.
Biddlecomb Linus Mrs.   h 3 Winthrop.
Biddlecomb Russell B.   h 62 Franklin.
Bidlack Eugene   h 31 Factory.
Bidwell Geo.O. stone cutter h 25 Franklin.
Bigelow Alexander laborer h 81 Court.
Bigelow Frances P. teacher bds 27 Sterling.
Bignall L. W. Mrs. h 94 Franklin.
Bilyea Foster H. clothing h 28 Sterling.
BINGHAM CHARLES D. (Sec. B. &S. Co.) h 2 Gotham.
BINGHAM EDWIN   wines and liquors, 19 Pub. Sq. h 42 State.
Bingham Peter carpenter bds CrownerHouse.
Bingham Sarah A. Miss   bds 42 State.
Bingley John W. machinist h 13 Goodale.
Bingley John J. machinist h 13 Union.
Binsse John Mrs.   bds Woodruff House.
Birdsell Benjamin Mrs.   h 45 Moulton.
Bircher Wm. carriage maker bds Globe.
Bishop John   h 37 Orchard.
Bishop Mary Mrs.   h 29 Mechanic.
Bishop Minnie dressmaker bds 2 Hamlin.
Bisk Henry   bds 13 Factory.
Bisnett Alex. laborer h rear 2 Lynde.
Bisnett Charles F. molder. h 1 1/2 Mill.
Bisnett Frank Mrs.   h 18 Factory-
Bisnett Frederick farmer h 174 State.
Bisnett Henry   bds 4 Newell.
Bisnett John   h 169 Main.
Bisnett John laborer h 14 Hewitt.
Bisnett Onnies   h 6 Smith.
Bisnett William engineer h 21 Pine.
Bisnett Wm. 0. carriage maker h 2 Center.
Bissell Alanson   h 62 Arsenal.
Black William laborer h 44 1/2 Factory.
Blair Rose A. Miss domestic 16 William.
Blake G. A. physician 17 1/2 Pad. Arcade.
Blake John A machinist h 16 Burehard.
Blanc Jennie Miss   h 43 State.
Blanchard Sarah laundress Globe hotel.
Blinn Aaron Z. carpenter h 20 Jefferson.
Blodgett Harriet Mrs.   h 56 Court.
Blodgett Herbert A. glass blower h 5 Lamon.
Blodgett Louise Miss nurse bds 59 Franklin.
Blodgett Mary E. Mrs.   h 53 Stone.
Blodgett Mary S. Mrs   h 20High.
Blong Hattie laundress h 59 Factory
Blood Anna Miss   bds.
Bloom John machinist h 14 Burehard.
Blossom Sarah B. Mrs.   bds 17 TenEyck.
Blythe Anna dressmaker bds 20 Boyd.
Boalt Mary S. Miss   bds 50 Massey.
Boardman Jane M. nurse h 2 Baker.
Boardman Wm. clerk bds 2 Baker.
Bockus Jno. F. marble worker h 40 Water.
Boganschetz Jacob N.   h 60 Factory.
Boganschetz Mary Mrs.   h 60 Factory.
Bogart David   bds 7 Lee.
Bohall D. Mrs. laundress h 49 Factory.
Bohall Leon E.   bds 49 Factory.
BOHL EDWARD II. grocer h 24 Massey.
Bohl Jacob laborer h 17 Hewitt.
Boileau Matilda domestic Romang House.
Bolger Andrew sexton, Trinity Church bds 8 Woodruff.
Bolger Geo. H. painter bds 8 Woodruff.
Bolger Geo. Mrs   h 8 Woodruff.
Bolton Edward carpenter bds 3 Howk.
Bolton E. J. Mrs.   h 57 1/2 Mill.
Bolton Patrick   bds 13 Factory.
BOLTON STEPHEN H. miller h 56 Court
Bolton Wm. brakeman bds 96 Arsenal.
Bolton Wm. T. carpenter h 3 Howk.
Bond Anthony   bds Dillon House.
BOND EDWARD A. (Hinds &Bond) civil engineer h 27 Stone
BONNEY EDMUND J. insurance h 30 Keyes avenue
Bonsteel Win. S.   h 25 Huntington.
Booker Susan Mrs. laundress n 6 Newell.
Boomer Elias T. carpenter h 90 Arsenal.
Boon Maitland   h 2 Trinity Place.
Boon Maitland jr.   bds 2 Trinity Place.
Boon Stephen   h 31 Stone.
BOON WALTER A. druggist (wholesale agent h 4 Trinity Place.
Boon Willard S. stenographer at Winslow &Knapp's Lumber Co. bds 48 Arsenal
Booth Alice laundress Woodruff House.
Booth Jas. blacksmith h 40 Bronson.
Bordwell Salmacius T.   h 64 Washington.
Borland Geo. W.   bds 13 Meadow.
Borland Mary Mrs.   h 13 Meadow.
Bort Cornelius farmer h 13 State.
Borter Delmer P. painter h 32 William.
Bosco Albert C. barber bds 21 1/2 Court.
Bosworth Frank M.   bds 24 Clay south
Bothwell Martin shoemaker h 107 State.
Boucher Arthur J. pointer h 43 Main.
Boucher Amelia Mr?.   h 43 Main.
Boucher S. laborer h 62 Coffeen.
Boucher Lorenzo C. painter h 12 Poplar.
Bouchey Ephraim   bds Washington House.
Bouchia Moses Mrs.   h 17 Mundy.
Boudiette Alice waitress Globe Hotel.
Boudiette Freall shoemaker h 3 Engine.
Boulter H. Mrs.   h 59 Coffeen.
Boulter Henry P.   bds 59 Coffeen.
Boulton Robert Mrs.   h 57 1/2 Mill.
Bourette J. D. molder h 9 Fairview.
Bourne Henry A.   h 37 Keyes avenue.
Bova John   n 85 Court.
Bow Edward laborer bds 40 Smith.
Bow J. Mrs.   h 40 Smith.
Bowles Jno. C. flour and feed h 5 Curtis.
BOWERS CHARLES B. harness and trunks h 3 Park avenue.
BOWERS & SMITH   (C. B. B. & C. P. S.) harness and trunks, 5 Court and 6 Arsenal.  
Bowker Wm. C. barber h 33 Massey.
Bowness Thos. laborer h 4 1/2 Bradley.
Boyd Geo   h 25 TenEyck.
Boyer Henry W.   bds 27 Clinton.
Boyer Jas. S..   bds 4 Winslow.
Boyle Edward H.   h 28 Cross.
Boynton Carlton laborer h 7 Massey.
Boynton Sarah A. Mrs.   bds 7 Massey.
Brabant John E. clerk bds 84 Franklin.
Brabant Augustus P.   h 61 Academy.
Bradbury John D.   h 13 Hamilton.
Bradford Gilbert Mrs.   h 30 State.
Bradley Anna Miss   h 28 Meadow.
Bradley Anna C. Miss   bds 17 Chestnut.
Bradley Anna M. teacher bds 43 Mullin.
Bradley Dennis Mrs.   h 17 Chestnut.
Bradley Gordon C. Mrs.   h 49 Bradley.
Bradley James laborer h 43 Mullin.
Bradley James   h Ontario Mills Main Street
Bradley James H. salesman h 7 Academy.
Bradley Margaret milliner bds 43 Mullin.
Bradley Mary F: teacher bds 43 Mullin.
Bradley Robert machinist bds 17 Chestnut.
Bradley Thomas H clerk bds 17 Chestnut.
BRADSHAW CHARLES A. barber bds 51-A Franklin.
Bradt Thos. D. fur tanner h 41 Meadow
Bradway John E.   h 146 Main
Bradway Selah S.   h 111 Main.
Brady Thos. laborer h 1 Ely.
Bragger Frank G.   bds 8 Bronson.
Bragger John G.   h 8 Bronson.
Bragger John W. machinist h 19 Jefferson
BRAGGER J. J. & SON (Joshua J. and Joseph) plumbers and brass founders, 5 Anthony.  
BRAGGER JOSHUA   h 5 Anthony.
BRAGGER JOSHUA J.   h 9 Hoard.
Bragger Martha music teacher bds 9 Hoard
Bragger Samuel T.   bds 9 Hoard.
Bragger Walter E.   h 39 High.
Brainard Alvah C. machinist h 29 High.
Brainard Levi E.   bds 29 High.
Brainard 0. V. Mrs.   h 25 Washington.
Brainard Sidney J. blacksmith h 8 Pearl.
Branch Ascher laborer h Dorsey.
Branch Charles blacksmith h 53 Mill.
Branch Elizabeth Miss   bds 76 Moultnn.
Branigan M. machinist h 34 Emerson.
Brash Charles   bds 54 Factory.
Brayt Charles laborer h 8 Cedar.
Brayt Win. H. mason bds 8 Cedar.
Breen Isaac R.   h Water, beyond city limits
Breen Thomas H.   bds 52 Franklin.
Brennan John laborer bds 83 1/2 Mill.
Brennan John carpenter h 32 Keyes ave.
Brennan Lizzie Miss domestic 33 Clinton.
Brennan Michael carpenter bds 28 High.
Bresee Wesley B.   bds 351 Public Square.
Bresnahan John laborer h 75 Massey.
Bretch Geo. P.   h 11 Keyes avenue.
Bretch John farmer bds 11 Keyes ave.
Brett Agnes milliner bds 67 Gotham.
Brett Albert   bds 67 Gotham.
Brett George   bds 12 Brainard.
Brett John laborer bds 12 Brainard.
Brett Wm. teamster h 67 Gotham.
Briceland Thomas city hackman h 2 High.
Bridge Geo. A.   h 50 1/2 Court.
Bridgeford Fred machinist bds 184 Main.
Briggs Albert J.   bds I Union.
Briggs B. clerk bds 1 Union.
Briggs Prank A.   h 27 Burchard.
Briggs Hiram S. tanner h 69 Main.
Briggs John D. baggageman h 25J Court.
Briggs Judith A. Mrs.   bds 27 Burchard.
Brignall J. Wesley   h 38 Cedar.
BRlMMER HENRY J. clothing h 16 Trinity Place.
Brinning Henry   h 1 Gill.
Brintnal Isaac   bds 8 Holcomb.
Britton Frank R.   bds 8 Jefferson.
BRITTON FRED W. reporter Daily Times bds 8 Jefferson.
Britton Thos. blacksmith h 8 Jefferson.
Britton Wm. brakeman h 43 Howk.
BROCKWAY & SONS   (Beman J. W. and U. A. Brockway) editors and publishers Daily Times, and Watertown Reformer and Weekly Times; also job printers and book binders, Nos.12 and 14 Arcade-st.  
BROCKWAY BEMAN   b 56 Arsenal.
BROCKWAY J. W.   bds Kirby.
BROCKWAY H. A.   h 39 Franklin.
Bronson Sarah Mrs.   h 13 Jefferson.
Brooker Mary Mrs. laborer h 62 River.
Brooks DeAlton S   h 25 Winslow.
Brooks E. grocer bds 48 Factory.
Brooks Louisa Mrs. inmate Keep Home
Brotherton E.   bds 9 Remington Main St.
Brouse. Mahala E. Miss   bds 2 Sill.
Brower Kdgar grocer bds 83 Main.
Brower Robert H. blacksmith h 10 Grove.
BROWN & ADAMS   (E. R. B. & C. L. A.) lawyers 6 1/2 Washington Place.  
Brown Allison carpenter bds 23 Winslow.
Brown Amos salesman h 128 Court.
Brown Charles paper maker h 154 Main.
Brown Chas. C. carpenter bds 4 Hancock.
Brown Chas. H. paper maker h 154 Main.
BROWN CHARLES E secretary and treasurer Union Carriage and Gear Co. h 1 Keyes avenue.
Brown Clara A. Miss   h 36 Clinton.
Brown Delmont S. fruit bds 131 Main.
Brown Delos J. teamster h 131 Main.
Brown Edward   h 6 Bradley.
Brown Edward J.   h 100 Arsenal.
BROWN ELON R. (Brown & Adams) lawyer h 48 Massey.
Brown Fannie   bd- 24 Publfc Square.
Brown Francina Miss   h 30 Clinton.
Brown Frank cellar man Woodruff House.
BROWN. GEO. M.   lumber dealer h 19 Boyd.
BROWN. HERBERT J.   millinery h 11 Academy.
Brown Isaac carriage maker h 10 1/2 Rutland.
Brown James G. painter h 22 Academy.
Brown Joseph C.   h 27 Huntington.
Brown Joseph D.   bds Globe Hotel.
Brown Lament N. clerk h 47 Franklin.
BROWN LEVI H. lawyer 6 1/2 Washington Place h 36 Stone.
Brown May stenographer bds 41 Rutland.
Brown Midda laborer h 42 Water.
Brown Millard   bds 104 Main.
Brown Morris waiter bds 4| Waltham.
Brown M. W. Mrs.   h 8 Pearl.
Brown N. B. machinist bds 10 Gotham.
Brown Richard E.   bds 23 Winslow.
Brown Robert   h 6 Bradley.
Brown Sarah U. Mrs.   bds 40 State.
Brown Solon M. laborer h 15 1/2 Massey.
Brown Thomas chemist Woodruff House.
Brown Wm. H. laborer h 4 1/2 Public Square.
Brown Wm. H. mason h 107 Franklin.
Brown Wm. P. Mrs.   h 72 State.
Brown Wm. T.   h 8 Pearl.
Brownell Danford   h 14 Morrison.
Brownell Jas. P. oil dealer h 31 Meadow.
Bruce John F.   h 90 Arsenal.
Bruce T. Mrs. dressmaker h 29 Mechanic.
Bruett Gustavus   bds 48 Arsenal.
Brumley Charles N.   bds 73 River.
Bryant Henry   bds 22 Franklin.
Bryant Thomas Mrs.   h 3 Munson.
Buchanan Maggie waitress Kirby House.
Buchanan Mary C. dressmaker h 28 1/2 Court.
Buchanan Wm. machinist h 27 Mechanic.
Buchner Margaret domestic 23 Stone.
Buck Benjamin laborer 66 River.
Buck Corny Miss   bds 75 River.
Buck Geo A. painter h 16 Orchard.
Buck H. Duane   bds 2 A Boyd.
Buck Helen F. Mrs.   h 7 Gotham.
Buck John   bds 12 Jefferson.
Buck John laborer h 22 Emmett.
Buck Robert J. bookkeeper h 7 Gotham.
Buck Truman Jr. clerk h 2-A Boyd.
Buck Wm. coachman bds 75 River.
Buckley J. Ensley barber h 38 Franklin.
Buckley T. blacksmith h 10 Davidson.
Buckmiuster Florence A. Mrs.   h 13 Center.
Budlong A. G. Mrs.   bds 60 Franklin.
Budlong Frank laborer 106 State.
BUDLONG GIDEON N. photographer h 67 Franklin.
Budroe Alexander Mrs.   h 100 Court.
Budroe Frederick mechanic h 10 Main.
Buell Mark   bds 11 Wall.
Buell M. D.   bds Harris House.
Buell Oren W.   h 71 State.
Bull Robert   bds Dillon House.
Bull Samuel Mrs.   h 26 Factory.
Bull Seymour engineer bds 90 Arsenal.
Bullard Caroline   bds 65 Washington.
Bullock Ellen Miss   bds 15 Academy.
Bundy Clinton H.   bds 75 Factory.
Bundy Eiisha laborer h 43 Bronson.
Bundy E. Mrs. carpet weaver h 43 Bronson.
Bundy Elizabeth Miss   bds 75 Factory.
Bundy Geo. W.   h 4-A Moulton.
Bundy Wm. H. mason h 75 Factory.
Bunn Ida Mrs. nurse bds 72 Rutland.
Burdick Alex. J. machinist h 14 1/2 Factory.
BURDICK ALFRED M. blacksmith bds 45 Franklin.
BURDICK G. M. paper maker h 88 1/2 Main.
Burdick Jesse D. carpenter bds 45 Franklin.
Burdick Mary E. Miss   bds 88 1/2 Main.
BURDICK NELSON   h 45 Franklin.
BURDICK WAYNE W. carriage manufacturer h 26-A Elizabeth.-
Burhart Ira   bds 27 High.
Burhart Susie Miss   bds 1 Center.
Burhart Wm. laborer bds 1 Center.
Burke John carpenter h 58 LeRay.
Burke John C. carpenter h 58 Leray.
Burker Gilbert   bds 74 Main.
Burley John laborer h 110 Arsenal.
Burlingame Chas. E.   h 18 Central.
Burlingame Louisa Mrs.   bds 68 Main.
Burnam Jerome M. clerk h 98 Franklin.
Burnam Stephen G.   at County House.
Burnam Walter   bds 4 High.
Burnie James   bds 28 High.
Burns Catharine Mrs.   h 19A Public Square.
Burns Celestine C. mason bds 35 Gotham.
Burns Geo. H. mason bds 35 Gotham.
Burns James L. salesman bds 16 Cross.
Burns John mason h 28 Gotham.
Burns John T. painter bds 10 Morrison.
Burns Lewis P.   bds American.
Burns Luke   bds 10 Morrison.
Burns Mary Mrs.   h rear 9 Burns avenue.
Burns Michael laborer h 10 Morrison.
Burns Otis   bds Dillon House.
Burns Patrick mason h 35 Gotham.
Burns Richard D. engineer h 16 Cross.
Burns Stephen laborer h 53 Prospect.
Burns Thos. law student bds 28 Gotham.
Burns Walter laborer bds 12 Union.
Burns Watt   bds Washington House.
Burns Wm.   bds 32 1/2 Factory.
Burns Wm. H.   h 48 Meadow.
Burnup Frank C. molder h 72 Moulton.
Burnup T. Nelson   h 10 Summer.
Burr Allison W. miller h 23 Pearl.
Burr John E.   h 7 Central avenue.
Burrows Frank painter bds 18 1/2 Arsenal.
Bursley Charles M. physical director Y.M. C. A. bds 30 Keyes avenue.
Burl Wm. S.   h at armory 44 Arsenal.
Burton Henry helper bds 38 Factory.
Burton Henry A.   bds 38 Factory.
Burton Henry W.   h 39 Factory.
Burton Herbert S. carpenter h 88 Main.
Burton James drayman h 82 Stone.
Busbey Ephraim molder h 28 Water.
Bush Frank H. painter h 76 Massey.
Bush Fred V. clerk h 70 Massey.
Bush Geo.   h 19 Main.
Bush Julia D. Mrs.   h 49 Stone.
Bush Merrill D. dentist bds 49 Stone.
Bush Wm. L. supt. W. S. W. Co. h 1 William
BUSH BULL & ROTH   dry goods 1618 20 and 22 Court.
BUSHNELL ALBERT   h 20 Sterling.
Bushnell Frank W. mechanic h 5 Davidson.
Bushnell Fred L. clerk h 77 State.
Bushnell Geo. barber bds Emerson.
Bushnell Jerome   h 18 1/2 Public Square.
Bushnell Loren clerk bds 20 Sterling.
Bushnell Sophia Miss bds 20 Sterling.
BUSHNELL A. & CO   (A. Bushnell and Fred George.) dry goodscarpets& C, 5 and 6 Public Square  
Buskey Joseph   h 13 Emmett.
Butler Cora Miss   bds 19 Franklin.
Butler E. W. Mrs. domestic Harris House.
Butler Wm.   bds 2 Pleasant.
Butterfleld Edward   bds 16 Woodruff.
Butterfleld E. T. farmer h 142 Coffeen.
Butterfleld Egbert   h 38 Sherman.
Butterfleld Jay W.   h 20 Woodruff.
Butterfleld Orville   b 11 Haney.
Butterfleld O. O. Mrs.   h 58 Coffeen.
Butterfleld Tinnie Miss compositor bds 26 State.
Butterfleld Wm. K. Mrs.   h 26 State.
BUTTERWORTH HENRY furrier and hatter h 7 Paddock.
Butterworth H. N. clerk bds 7 Paddock.
Butts E. D.   bds 22 Franklin.
Byam Joel mason h Haney.
Byrnes Harry   bds 6 1/2 Washington Place.
Cable Henry carriage maker h 23 Emerson.
Cadwell Everett   bds 10 Trinity Place.
Cadwell H. J.   h 70 1/2 Washington.
Cadwell Henry V.   h 21 Paddock.
CADWELL OLIVER B. (Cooke Cadwell & Co.) h 8 Mullin.
Cady Martha Mrs. inmate Keep Home.
Cahill Daniel paper maker h 27 Lynde
Cahill Geo. W. mechai.ic h 44 1/2 Factory.
Cahill Mary E. Miss teacher bds 27 Lynde.
Cahill Robert machinist bds 27 Lynde.
Calder Geo. B.   bds 10 Trinity Place.
Caldwell James clerk bds 86 State.
Caless Andrew blackfmith bds 62 Mill.
Calhoun Ebenezer tinner h 23 Bronson.
Calhoun James carpenter h 4 Gotham.
Calkins Edmund B.   h 35 William.
Calkins Fred R.   bds 35 William.
Calkins Herbert J.   bds 35 Academy.
Calkins James H.   bds 35 Academy.
Call Samuel Rev. P. E. Watertown District h 8 William.
Callaghan Alice Mrs.   h 90 Coffeen.
Callaghan Daniel   bds Dillon House.
Callaghan Frank   bds 90 Coffeen.
Callaghan James   bds Dillon House.
Callaghan James laborer h 13 Central.
Callaghan Joseph   bds 90 Coffeen.
Callaghan Thomas   bds 90 Coffeen.
Cambini Gataneo fruit dealer h 7 Jackson.
Cammell David   bds 45 Mouilton.
Camp Geo. V. clerk Jeff. Co. Bank bds 56 Massey.
CAMP TALCOTT H. banker h 56 Massey.
Camp Walter H.   h 38 Washington.
CAMP & MASSEY   druggists &c. 6 Washington Place.  
Campbell Abigal L. inmate Keep Home.
Campbell A. Mrs. housekeeper 28 Massey.
Campbell Charles H.   h 25 Paddock.
CAMPBELL EDWIN E. grocer h 42 1/2 State.
Campbell Frank D.   bds Harris House.
Campbell George paper maker h 12 Pearl.
Campbell Nettie M. Miss bds 8 Jackson.  
Campbell Peter milkman h 139 Massey.
Campbell Wm. 0. laborer 106 State.
CAMPBELL & MOULTON (Alex. C. & J. P. M.) dry goods and carpets, 8 Court.   
Cams Dell carpenter bds 80 Franklin.
Cane John   h 69 Factory.
Canfleld Jerry M. Mrs.   h 65 Washington.
Cannovan James Mrs.   h 8 Cross.
Cannovan Kate dressmaker bds 3 Cross.
Cannovan Nellie dressmaker bds b Cross.
Cannovan Patrick ostler Crowner House.
Canouts George   h 135 State.
Card Lewis H.   h 24 Mechanic.
Cardwell Gilbert laborer h 6 Coffeen.
Carey Catharine Mrs.   h 10 Newell.
Carey David blacksmith bds 17 Holcomb.
Carey Edward J.   bds 10 Newell.
Carey Michael helper bds 10 Newell.
Carey J.   h 1 Emmett.
Carey Thomas blacksmith h 12 Chestnut.
Carl John   bds 54 Factory.
Carlin James laborer h 38 Willow.
Carlin Thomas F.   h 20 Mundy.
Carlisle Charles D.   h 8A Arcade.
Carlisle John N. lawyer bds 9 Sterline.
Carlisle Philander   h 75 Rutland.
Carlisle Wayne B.   bds 9 Sterling.
Carlison Oscar blacksmith bds 100 Court.
Carlyon Margaret domestic Woodruff House
Carney Edward machinist bds 8 Cooper.
Carnrike Wm. blacksmith bds 5 Moulton.
Carpenter A. Miss dressmaker bds 18 Goodale
Carpenter Alexander painter h 18 Goodale.
Carpenter Ann Eliza Miss inmate Keep Home.
Carpenter Frank   bds 26 Franklin.
Carpenter Fred   h 19 1/2 High.
Carpenter Fred M.   bds 59 Washington.
Carpenter George R. miller h 52 Moulton.
Carpenter Grace Miss   bds 52 Moulton.
CARPENTER JOHN M. (Carpenter & Bergevin ) and Sec'y Excelsior Carriage Co. h 18 Stone.
Carpenter John M., jr.   bds 18 Stone.
Carpenter John S. carpenter h 19 Bronson.
Carpenter Taylor carpenter h 9 1/2 Grove.
CARPENTER & BERGEVIN   (J. M. Carpenter and J. E. Bergevin) dry goods groceries & c.,109 and 111 Factory.  
Carr Eliza A. Miss tailoress h 21 Massey.
Carr William E.   bds 88 Factory.
Carrahar Bernard Rev.   bds 41 Massey.
Carroll Dennis laborer 81 Mill.
Carroll Dennis plasterer bds 57 Factory.
Carroll Herman D.   bds 41 Bronson.
Carroll Herman D.   bds 35 Brainard.
Carroll James   h 19 Jefferson.
Carroll J. Guye machinist bds 18 Cooper.
Carroll James H. carpenter h 18 Cooper.
Carroll Wm. J. laborer h 28 Emerson.
Carson Fred fireman bds 59 Coffeen.
Carter Chas. D.. trimmer   bds 13 Factory.
Carter Cora A. Miss   bds 5£ Jay.
Carter DeWitt M.   h 10 Massey.
Carter Elizabeth Miss   bds 61 Rutland.
Carter Evelyn F. insurance h 1 Jay.
Carter Frederick A.   h 13 Factory.
Carter Joseph C.   h 53 Huntington.
Carter Joseph, jr. laborer h 5 Central.
Carter John blacksmith h 22 Burchard.
Carter Mary C. Miss   h 13 Factory.
Carter Minnie A. Miss   h 23 Franklin.
Carter Otho S. clerk bds 31 Factory.
Carter Revilo F. hay dealer h 41 Arsenal.
Carter Westel W.   h 26 American Arcade..
CASE EDWARD E. planing mill h 34 Cooper
Case Geo. II. carpenter h 14 Mundy.
Case Lorenzo Mrs.   h 21 Cooper.
Case Richard M.   h 30 Cooper.
Case Phcebe Miss vest maker bds 97 Main.
Case Wm. 0.   h 25 Cooper.
Casey James   bds 175 Arsenal.
Casey John laborer h 37 Csdar.
Casey John Mrs.   h 175 Arsenal.
Casey John, jr. carpenter h 87 Massey.
Casey Michael   bds 175 Arsenal.
Casey Patrick laborer h 14 Palmer.
Casey Thomas mason h 1 Emmett.
Cassaw Wm. marbl- worker h 53 1/2 Water.
Cassidy Jno. C.   h 88 Arsenal.
Castle George   h 2 Davidson.
Castle Wm.   bds 2 Davidson.
CASWELL NELSON R. paper manufacturer h 11 Sterling.
Caswell R. C. Mrs.   h 11 Sterling.
Caulfield Patrick mason h 21 1/2 High.
Caulfield Wm. P.   bds 21 1/2 High.
Cavanaugh Frank J.   bds 73 Massey.
Cavanaugh James Mrs. nurse h 99 Coffeen.
Cavanaugh J. Mrs.   h 105 Coffeen.
Cavanaugh Kate Miss domestic 32 Clinton.
Cavanaugh Lawrence   h 34 1/2 High.
Cavanaugh Thomas laborer h 73 Massey.
Cavanaugh Olympia Miss   h 37 Factory.
Chalfant Geo. M.   h 9 Mechanic.
Chalibois Edward   bds 63 Factory.
Chambers Geo. F. plumber bds 9 Munson..
Chambers Henry A.   bds 9 Munson.
Chambers James shoemaker h 9 Munson.
Chambers John A.   h 6 1/2 Washington Place.
Chambers Robt. gardener bds 12 Union.
Chambers Wm. S. machinist h 24 Bronson.
Champ John laborer h 3 Bronson.
Champlin C. G. chief police h 80 Arsenal.
Champlin Geo. L   h 96 Franklin.
Chapin Leonard W.   laborer. 106 State.
Chapin Wm. O. carpenter h Mam.
Chapman Delos   bds 67 Academy.
Chapman Dudley miller h 1-A Lamon.
Chapman Willis laborer h 41 Central.
Chappell Sophia Mrs.   bds 12 Goodale.
Chappell Wm. J. machinist bds 43 High.
Charbonneau A. painter h 37 Prospect. \.
Chargo Wm. J. finisher bds 29 Orchard.
Charlebois Albert 0.   bds 2 Jackman.
Charlebois EdwinG. carpenter bds 2 Jackman.
Chase Charles   h 191 Public Square.
Chase D. W. Mrs.   h 17 LeRay.
Chase Jerome carpenter h 7 Central.
Chase John conductor h 31 Cedar.
Chase Justus   h 22 State.
Chase Montriville W.   h rear 32 High.
Chase Newton J.   h 31 Prospect.
Chase Warren C. painter h 13 1/2 Emerson.
Chattaway Albert D.   h 24 Lynde.
Chauncey Julian   bds Romang House.
Chavoustie Charles carpenter h 8 Polk.
Chawgo Lewis   bds 7 Lee.
Cheever Edward   h 110 Arsenal.
Cheever Edward C. laborer bds 118 Arsenal.
Cheever Joseph B. laborer h 118 Arsenal.
Chellis Marion Miss   h 23 Franklin.
Chellis S. S. Miss   bds 23 Franklin.
CHILD ALPHA Ed. Times h 173 State.
Child Mary E. Mrs.   h
Child Samuel lawyer 27 Paddock Arcade
Chimery Charles butcher h 75 Gotham.
CHITTENDEN THOMAS C. insurance general ticket agent and sportsmen's goods, 5 Paddock Arcade h 5 Benedict.
Chittenden T. C. Mrs.   bds 6.8herman.
Chown Wm. mason bds Dillon House.
Christophel Frank billiards h 16 Goodale.
Church Wrn. E. plumber h 72 Moulton.
Churchill Jay E. mechanic h 45 Central.
Claflin. Edward D.    h 24 Lynde.
Clancy Lawrence mechanic h 16 Haney.
CLARE CHARLES W. publisher Reunion h 6 Orchard.
Clare Geo. R., printer, bds Romang House.
Clare Oscar, p Painter h 18 1/2 Factory
Clark Arthur D. florist bds 63 Rutland.
Clark Charles E. expressman bds 21 High.
Clark Charles E.   bds Harris House.
Clark Charles E. restaurant h 26 Court.
Clark Charles V. mechanic h 43 State.
Clark C. V. Mrs. milliner h 43 State.
Clark C. William   h 38 Stone.
Clark Colburn laborer Crowner House.
Clark David butcher h 44 Baker.
Clark Devillo A.   h 56 Mill.
Clark Edwin engineer h 61 1/2 Arsenal.
Clark Elijah J. insurance h 11 Paddock.
Clark Emma E. Miss   bds 27 Franklin.
Clark Eugene hackman h 23 Moulton.
Clark Frank W. clerk bds 49 Stone.
Clark Frank W.   bds 27 Franklin.
Clark Frederick L.   bds 18 Mechanic.
Clark Geo. laborer h 7 Cedar.
Clark Geo. blacksmith h 37 High.
Clark Geo. P. bank clerk bds 11 Paddock.
Clark Geo. H. laborer h
CLARK HENDERSON M. salesman h 12 Gotham.
Clark Irvin   h 10 Cross.
Clark John M.   h 85 Huntington.
CLARK JOHN R. household store h 99 Franklin
Clark Julia Mrs.   bds 3 Lamon.
Clark Maria J. Miss   bds 27 Franklin.
Clark Marshall carpenter h 44 Baker.
Clark Mina music teacher bds 12 Goodale
Clark Richard A. tinner h 63 Stone.
Clark Samuel H. hackman h 40 Hamilton.
Clark Samuel J.   h 231 Arsenal.
Clark Sarah C. Mrs.   27 Franklin.
Clark Stephen Mrs.   h 18 Mechanic.
Clark Theodore E. carpenter bds 8 Front.
Clark Victo; M. carpenter h 16 Meadow.
CLARK WM. A. florist h 63 Rutland.
Clark Wm. F. groceries h 86 Stone.
Clark Wm. R.. insurance h 10 Winslow.
Clarke Chas. E. Mrs.   h 8 Sterling.
Clarke Edwin B.   h 4 Rutland.
Clarke Elizabeth A. Miss   bds 10 Sterling.
Clarke Florence Miss   bds 8 Sterling
Clarke John Mrs.   h 10 Sterling.
Clarke Juliet S. Miss   bds 8 Sterling.
Clarke Mary Mrs.   h rear 131 Main.
Clarke William carpenter h 24 Baker.
Clarke Wm. L. black-mith h 25 Bronson.
Clarkson Wm. painter h 83 Water.
Clary Wm. machinist h 79 Franklin.
Clay M. M. Miss saleswoman bds 11 State.
Clayton Amy Miss   bds 63 River.
Cleary James   h Remington, Main street.
Cleary John, mason h 9 Cedar
Clemence Walter S.   h 11 William.
Clement M.   h 3 Superior
Clemons Geo. D. carpenter h 59 Moulton.
Clemons Henry, laborer h 6 Haney
Clemons Wm. laborer h 95 Arsenal.
CLEVELAND MILO L. contractor and civil engineer, office No, 2 Opera House Block h 95 Arsenal, beyond city limits
Cleveland Stephen R. contractor h 31 TenEyck
Clickner Chas. clerk h 29 William.
Cline Frederick mechanic h 59 Mill.
Cline Horatio B.   h 31 Washington.
Cline Maud Miss   bds 31 Washington.
Cline M. Miss dressmaker h 9 Benedict
Cline Peter carpenter h 13 Hamilton.
Cline Wm. Mrs.   bds 59 Mill.
Clinton Robert machinist bds 16 Cooper.
Clobridge Chas. Mrs.   h 14 Trinity Place.
Clobridge Chas. saloon h 14 Trinity Place.
Clobridge Edgar clerk h 30 1/2 Massey
Clobridge J. Howard painter h rear 2 Jackman.
Clodwick Albert W.   h 70 Franklin.
Clodwick Geo. carpenter bds 15 Goodale.
Clodwick H. W. clerk bds 15 Goodale.
CIoss Hiram teamster h 6 Central avenue.
Closson Martha D. Mrs.   bds 111 Moulton.
Clough John   b 20 Gill.
Clow Lewis carpenter bds 5 Superior.
Coan Geo. trimmer bds 8 Boon.
Coan James laborer h 8 Boon.
Coan James H. printer bds 8 Boon.
Coates Abraham machinist h 41 Mullin.
Coates Harry H. printer, h 41 Mullin.
Cobb Eugene F.   h 13 Rutland.
Cobb Geo. H.   bds 38 Clinton.
Cobb Geo. H.   bds 16 Washington.
Cobb Levi H. waiter h 4 Waltham.
Coe Anna Mrs.   bds 54 Massey.
Cole Almira domestic 79 Washington.
COLE CHARLES E. City Editor Daily Times h 56 Franklin.
Cole Helen G. tailoress h 12 Davidson.
Cole Herbert D.   h 14 Central avenue.
Cole James   h H Mill.
Cole James C.   h 5 Central avenue.
Cole Jennie domestic Woodruff House.
Cole John F. helper bds 5 Central ave.
Cole John N.   bds Crowner House.
Cole Lyman   h 1-A Jackson.
Cole Mary Mrs. compositor h 24 1/2 Court.
Cole Seth A. painter bds 19 High.
Cole Wm. H.. Supt. St. RR bds Kirby.
Coleburn Clark laborer Crowner House.
Coleman Timothy   h 12 Dorsey.
Coley Mrs. E   h 34 Franklin.
Collins Edgar carpenter h 33 Orchard.
Collins James M.   h 35 1/2 Public Square
Collins John shoemaker h 17 Coffeen.
COLLINS JNO. E. machinist bds 71 Main.
Collins Mary Miss domestic 42 Stone.
Collins Patrick laborer h 8 Maple.
Collins Phineas farmer h 88 State.
Collins Timothy A.   h 17 Massey.
Colquhoun Edward tailor bds 5 LeRay.
Colquhoun Geo. clerk bds 5 LeRay.
Colquhoun Percella Mrs.   h 5 LeRay.
Colquhoun Wm. machinist bds 5 LeRay.
Colton Francis yard master h 55 Gotham.
Colton Wm.   bds 54 Factory.
Combs Cady S. farmer h 76 Washington.
Comins Albert R.   bds 100 State.
Comins Ansou J. mason h 3 High.
Comins C. C. wagon maker h 6 Polk.
Comins E. J. Mrs.   bds 31 State.
Comins Frank wagon maker bds 6 Polk.
Comins R. M. Mrs.   h 100 State.
Comstock Cyrus carpenter h 26 Moulton
Comstock Chas.G. clerk bds 10 Jay.
COMSTOCK CLARENCE E. manager G. N. W. Telegraph Co. h 10 Jay.
Conboy John lawyer 23 Flower Block bds 5 Winthrop.
CONDE W. W. hardware, 3 Public Square b 67 Washington.
Conell Thos. blacksmith h 21 1/2 Court.
Conger Henry E. grocer h 1 Sterling.
Conger Wm. H. grocer h 65 Franklin
Conklin Annetta Miss   bds 94 Arsenal.
CONKLIN GEORGE H. contractor and builder bds 4£ Moulton.
Conklin Geo. W. fireman h 8 Palmer.
Conklin Thomas painter h 94 Arsenal.
Conlon Ann Mrs.   h 8 Ash
Connell Martin laborer bds 14 Boon.
Connell Patrick clerk h 153 Arsenal.
Connell John laborer h 14 Boon.
Connell Martin laborer h 13 Hewitt.
Connell Nahum D.   h 34 1/2 Court.
Connell T. E. Mrs.   h 6 Grove.
Connelly Naama Mrs.   h 9 Academy.
Connor Ida L. Miss   bds 196 Main.
Connor Martin laborer 130 Coffeen.
Connor Patrick laborer h rear 21 Cedar.
Connors Ed telegrapher bds 43 Colleen.
Connors John laborer h rear 21 Cedar.
Connors John laborer h 13 Cedar.
Connors Michael   h 96 Gotham.
Conroy Dennis mason h 57 Arsenal.
Conroy Mary Miss, bds 57 Arsenal
CONSAUL G. D. crockery 15 Public Square h 67 Washington.
Consene Fordice painter h 19 High.
Constable Geo. D.   bds 12 Paddock Arcade
Constanzo Dominick   h 11 Burns avenue.
Converse Charlotte A. Mrs   bds 63 LeRay.
Converse Henry D. farmer h 63 LeRay.
Converse M. A. Miss   bds 46 Arsenal.
Conway Michael laborer 13 TenEyck.
Cook Albert   bds 11 Binsse.
Cook Edward E.   h 24 Coin. Arcade.
Cook Elvina E. Mrs. domestic 17 1/2 State.
Cook Fred E. clerk W. S. E. Co. bds 24
Cook Geo.   h 57 Washington.
Cook Gustavus (Davis & Cook) h 50 State.
Cook Harrison D. millwright h 6 William.
COOK HIRAM P. boarding stable 1 Anthony bds 33 do.
Cook Hulda K. Mrs.   bds 16 Stone.
Cook James farmer h 4 Main.
Cook Jay   h 18 Bronson.
Cook Joseph E. mason 85 Court
Cook Mullnix W.   bds 162 State.
Cook Richard Mrs.   h 11 Binsse.
Cook Wm. P. buffer h 4 Lawrence.
COOKE CADWELL & CO. (Est. H. P. Cooke, O.B. Cadwell & Co, dry goods 5 Washington Place.
Cooke E. B. Mrs.   h 42 Massey.
Cooke Henry P. stenographer h 42 Massey
Cooley Henry P.   h 40 Elizabeth.
Cooley H. P. Mrs.   h 40 Elizabeth.
Cooley Herbert E.   h 21 LeRay.
Coolidge Alfred   h 38 Clinton
Coolidge Asenath C. Miss,   bds 38 Clinton.
Coon Elijah S.   h 30 Stone.
Coon Geo. trimmer bds 6 Boon.
Coon James laborer h 6 Boon.
Coon James, jr. printer bds 6 Boon.
Coon John H. clerk American Hotel.  
Coon John S. book Keeper h 2 Sherman.
COOPER CHARLES C. baker and confectioner h 12 Academy.
Cooper Chas. H.   bds 54 Washington.
Cooper Dora H. typewriter bds 9 Boyd.
Cooper Edith L. Miss, principal of the Irving bds 59 Washington.
Cooper Elias F. Mrs.   h 17 Clinton.
Cooper Frances H. Miss   bds 17 Clinton.
Cooper F. K. engineer h 97 Arsenal.
Cooper Helen M. Miss   bds 17 Cooper.
Cooper H. Mrs.   h 54 Washington.
Cooper Henry K.   bds 54 Washington.
Cooper James   H Woods Falls Main-st.
Cooper Joseph B. carpenter h 9 Boyd.
Cooper Sidney   a 60 Washington.
Cooper Thomas   h 52 Stone.
Cooper Wm. conductor h 66 Stone.
Copeland Edwin M.   h 40 State
COPLEY ALEXANDER lumber mfr. resides Antwerp, NY
Copley Hiram,   h 63 Washington.
Coppersmith Geo.   bds 43 Coffeen.
Corbin Clarissa Mrs.   bds 3 Wintbrop.
Corbin Herman J. brakeman bds 1 Jackson
Corcoran Ernest   bds 29 Massey.
Corcoran C. H. Mrs.   h 87 Massey.
Corcoran Simon molder h 78 Massey.
Cork Daniel laborer h 110 Arsenal.
Cork Thomas   h 24 Pearl
Cork Wm. laborer h 57 Factory
Corl Charles   bds Romang House.
Corless Michael laborer h 16 1/2 Ash.
Cornair John P.   h 9 Fairview.
CORNELL GILBERT E. lawyer h 6 1/2 Washington, third floor
Cornwell Demertis L.   h 45 1/2 Franklin.
Cornwell Elias   bds 45 1/2 Franklin.
Cornwell Frank T. fireman h 93 1/2 Arsenal.
Cornwell George laborer h 155 Main.
Cornwell J. Frederick painter h 2 VanDuzee.
Cory Charles E. turner bds 20 LeRay.
Cory Charlotte E. Miss   h 18 1/2 Franklin.
Cory Farnham S.   bds 18 1/2 Franklin.
Cory Fred D.   bds 38 Clinton
Cory Henry N. laborer h 7 Huntington.
CORY H. S. line mfr. and mason supplies h 2 miles on the Factory Road
Cory Jennie L. Miss,   bds 184 Franklin.
Cory John R. Mrs.   h 51-A Franklin.
Cory Melinda   bds 28 1/2 Court.
Cory Sidney J.   bds 72 Mill.
Cory Win. 0.   h 4 1/2 Moulton.
Cory Wm. D.   h 33 Bronson.
Cosoe Frank machinist h 92 Arsenal.
Costello Michael laborer h Holcomb.
Cotter Patrick laborer b 22 Morrison.
Cotter Timothy helper bds 54 Factory.
Coughlin Frederick   bds 9 Washington.
COUGHLIN JERE editor Watertown Herald h 80 Washington.
Coughlin J. Frank foreman Herald office h 13 Woodruff
Coughlin Patrick laborer h 81 Stone
Coughlin Timothy laborer bds 41 Factory
Coulter Geo. brakeman h 2 Lawrence.
Coulter J. painter bds 8 Union
COULTHART BROS. (Wm. F. and F.A.) grocers and meat market - 122 Court  
COULTHART FRANK A. grocer bds I7 LeRay.
COULTHART WM. F. grocer h 17 LeRay
Coultson John   h 45 Factory.
Countryman Benj. H. carpenter h 17State.
Countryman Bertha Miss   bds 17 State.
Countryman Frank   bds 27 Franklin.
Countryman Henry laborer h 65 1/2 Massey.
Countryman John M. blacksmith h 11 Wall.
Court Sarah Mrs.   h 28 Academy.
Covert M. P. Mrs.   bds 44 Washington.
Cowan Freeman Mrs.   h 1 Davidson.
Cowie Allan paper maker h 27 Water.
Cox Addie Mrs. dressmaker bdls 61 Mill.
Cox Noah, coachman h 72 Arsenal.
Cox Philip Polisher h 51 Central
Coyle Charles labororer h 20 Factory.
Crabtree Morris machinist h 125 Mill.
Craig Andrew   h 5 Remington,Main-st.
Craig F. W. painter h 40 Rutland
Craig Ida Miss   bds 72 Academy
Craig John   h 5 remington Main St
Cramer Jacob carpenter h 1 1/2 Howk.
Cramer Joseph laborer bds 13 Burns ave.
Cramer Lewis M. laborer h 4 Wall
Cramer Norman J. carpenter h 7 Wall
Crane Geo. blacksmith h 13-C Coffeen.
Crane Wm. H. clerk bds 13-C Coffeen
CRAWE J. MORTIMER physician and surgeon - 26 and 28 Paddock Arcade h 65 Court
CRAWE J. M. JR. physician and surgeon - 26 and 28 Paddock Arcade bds 65 Court
Crawford Anna bookkeeper bds 8 Union.
Crawford Andrew painter bds 9 VanDuzee
Crawford Chas. paper maker bds Dillon House
Creamer Henry E. plumber h 53 Massey.
Crimmins Frank machinist h 41 Orchard.
Cripp Charles blacksmith h 58 Moulton.
Cripp C., Jr moulder bds 58 Moulton
Crips Geo.   h 11 huntington
Cronk Wm. carpenter h 33 Factory.
Cronkhite JohnB. machinist h 8 Cooper.
Cronley Thomas mechanic h 8 Lynde.
Cronley Geo. C., boarding house - 22 Franklin  
Crook Lawrence laborer bds 17 Water.
Crook Maude L., Miss   bds 22 Franklin
Crosby Albert   h 19 Orchard
Crosby Henry   bds 10 Orchard
Cross Moses H. carriage maker h 31 High.
Crossley Jos. A.J. carpenter h 103 Mill.
Crowell Edward A.   h rear 31 Prospect.
Crowner Wm.   bds 27 Franklin.
Cuff Edward saloon h 81 Franklin.
Cuff James carpenter h 87 Franklin.
Culbertson Silas   h 47 Moulton.
Culbertson Wm. B. machinist bds 47 Moulton
Culkin Jas.   bds Washington House.
Cullen Ann Mrs.   bds 95 Factory.
Cullen James   h 5 Chestnut
Cullin Peter   h 101 Massey.
Cummings Albert molder bds 14 Moulton.
Cummings Geo.   h 6 Hamilton
Cummings James C. stone mason h 3 Summer
Cummings M. L. Mrs.   h 1 Howk
Cummings Theodore   bds 3 Morrison
Cummings Wm. Mrs   bds 50 Arsenal
Curran Richard mason h 1 Lamon.
Currier Frank trimmer bds 9 Sterling.
Curry J. E. B. Mrs. nurse Orphans Home.
Curtin Geo. plumber bds 25 Clay - south
Curtis Harry D. clerk bds 3 Curtis.
Curtis Henry D. laborer bds 40 Water
Curtis James porter Kirby House  
Curtis Meno   bds 54 Factory.
Curtis Oliver W. machinist bds 67 Court.
Curtis Reuben S.   h 3 Curtis south
Curtis Wm.   bds 92 Factory.
Curtis Wm. R. raolder bds 43 High.
Cushing Oscar laborer h 42 Cedar
Cushman Oscar laborer h 5 High.
Cushman John blacksmith h 42 Meadow
Cutler Wm. blacksmith h 43 Meadow.
Cysler Alfred   4 Hewitt

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