OF 1891-1892.

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Watertown Directory, L-M-N

Last Name First Name Occupation/ Business Residence
LaBerge Charles   h 44 Franklin.
LaBreck Anthony mechanic h 19 Pearl.
LaBreck Charles laborer h 161 Arsenal.
LaBreck George   h Duffy.
LaCross David   h rear 30 Factory.
LaCross Joseph laborer h 18 Polk.
Ladd Alex. P.   h 59 1/2 Rutland.
Ladd B. M. clerk bds 59 1/2 Rutland.
Ladd Martha D. Miss   bds 103 Moulton.
LaDue Alexander   h 76 Main.
LaDue Charles H. clerk h 1 Lynde.
LaDue Joseph laborer h 40 Lynde.
LaDue Wm. A. laborer bds 67 Main.
LaDuke John laborer bds 55 Franklin.
LaFave D. paper maker h 3 Water.
LaFave Stephen C. machinist bds 3 Water.
LaFave William mechanic h 5 Vincent.
Lafayette Josephine Miss   h 17 Jackman.
Laflin Charles painter h 12 Hamilton.
Laflin Margaret Mrs.   h 12 Hamilton.
Lago James E   bds 5 Summer.
LaGrow Joseph blacksmith h 92 Factory.
LAIRD WILLIAM T. Homeopathic physician and surgeon, 3 Opera House Block h 25 Mullin.
Lake Sheldon Y. clerk h 47 Am. Arcade.
Lakes C.   bds 17 Emerson.
LaLonde Alfred blacksmith bds 187 Main.
LaLonde Charles ostler bds Romang House.
LaLonde John laborer h Dorsey.
LaLonde Peter laborer h 44 Water.
LaLonde Eber wagon maker h 44 Water.
LaLonde Victoria hair dresser h 10 Howk.
LaLone Louis laborer h 7 Burns avenue.
LaLone J. J.   h 9 Grant.
LaLone Mary Miss   h 7 Burns avenue.
Lamb Elizabeth Mrs.   bds 29 Washington.
Lamon Francis R. Mrs.   h 36 Academy.
LAMON F. MILES clothing h 27 Sterling
Lamon John J.   h 8 Paddock.
Lamon Pliny E.   h 31 Keyes avenue.
Lamoreux Daniel S.   inmate Keep Home.
Lance G. A. woolen m'f r h 15 Winthrop.
Lancor John laborer h 147 Main.
Landgren Oscar   bds Ontario mills.Mainst.
Landon James A. machinist h 24 1/2 Lynde.
Landon George P. machinist h 32 Lynde.
Landon Henry bookkeeper h 26 Lynde.
Landon Joseph H. clerk bds 26 Lynde.
Landon Sidney printer bds 26 Lyude.
Landon Wm. H. moldfr h 19 Mundy.
Lane Eugene paper maker h 21 Munson
Lane Ferdinand A.   h 22 Burchard.
Lane Frank   h 69 Coffeen.
Lane Frederick laborer h 22 LeRay.
Lane George E.   h 34 Com. Arcade.
Lane Geo. PL laborer h 20 Lawrence.
Lane Harris P. mechanic h 17 Lynde.
Lane James H.   h 123 Main.
Lane John R.   h 69 Rutland.
Lane Margaret Mrs.   bds 22 LeRay.
Lane Mary C. Mrs.   bds 14 State.
Lane Stephen G. machinist h 4 Polk.
Lane Wm. laborer h 49 Mill.
Lane Wm. watchman h 69 Coffeen.
Lane Wm. J.   bds 117 1/2 Main.
Lane John   bds 159 Arsenal.
Lang James laborer h 159 Arsenal.
Lansing A. T. E.   h 22 Clinton.
Lansing Cornelia Miss   h 34 Washington.
Lansing Eugene waiter bds 4 1/2 Waltham.
Lansing Frederick lawyer h 1 Clinton.
LANSING JOHN lawyer h 5 Clinton.
Lansing Louis S. clerk bds 1 Clinton.
LANSING ROBERT lawyer h 12 Mullin.
Lansing Stuart D.   bds 22 Clinton.
LANSING &LANSING lawyers (John and Robert) 19 1/2 Washington.  
LaPatry Ervin laborer h 193 1/2 Arsenal
LaPatry Gilbert   h 58 1/2 Mill.
LaPatry Joseph laborer h 178 Arsenal.
LaPatry Joseph   h Haney.
LaPatry Joseph, jr. laborer bds 178 Arsenal.
LaPatry Joseph, jr. helper h 3 Haney.
LaPlont Frank machinist bds 4 Curtis
LaPort Adolphus   h 17 West Mullin.
Larkins Orris T. laborer h 7 Moulton.
Larkins Patrick machinist bds 70 Mill.
Larkins Wm. C.   h 77 1/2 Mill.
LaRock Anthony   h rear 13 Burns ave.
LaRock Ciril mason h rear 66 Factory.
LaRock Ciril, jr. mason h 41 1/2 Bronson.
LaRock Wm. mason h 1 Orchard.
LaRock Wm. laborer h 30 Factory.
LARUE EUGENE M. restaurant h 12 Paddock Arcade.
LaRue Joseph H. laborer h 8 Poplar.
LaSage Henry   h 12 Haney.
Lashbrook Gilbert T.   h 40 Bronson.
Lasher David   h 175 Main.
LASHER MORTIMER C. masons' materials 12 Factory h 41 TenEyck.
Latimer Mr. machinist bds 9 High.
Latimer Thomas H.   h 53 State.
Laughlin Patrick laborer h 8 Haney.
LaVee Wm.   bds 5 Water.
Laverson Charles   bds 12 LeRay.
Laverty Eva E. Miss   bds 76 Moulton.
Lavery James machinist h 43 Meadow.
Lavery Patrick carpenter bds 2 1/2 Front.
LaVigne Julius   h Ontario Mills, Mainst.
Lawler Kate Miss domestic , Co. Asylum.  
Lawrence Chas. A. painter h rear 7 Mill.
Lawrence Charles E.   h 3 Binsse.
Lawrence Cora Miss   bds 33 Cedar.
Lawrence Daniel W.   bds 42 Davidson.
Lawrence Frank J.   h 42 Davidson.
Lawrence Hezekiah D.   bds 1 Davidson.
Lawrence John clerk bds 64 Massey.
Lawrence Rose saleswoman bds 64 Massey.
Lawrence Willard L. machinist bds 4 Curtis.
Lawrence Willard M. machinist bds 4 Curtis.
Lawton Clark coachman 12 Keyes ave.
Lawton Geo. W. carpenter h 6 Engine.
Lawton Theo. D. mechanic h 18 Moulton.
Lawton Wm.   h Ontario Mills, Mainst.
Lawyer Catherine Mrs.   bds 176 Maiu.
LAWYER LUTHER gardener h 176 Main.
Lawyer Mary Miss teacher bds 31 Orchard.
Lawyer Wm. D. gardener bds 176 Main.
Layton John painter h 7 Vale.
Layton R. G. core maker bds Centr'l House.
Leach Frank   bds Romang House.
Leach Robert A. laborer h 2 Sill.
Leak Geo. F. decorator bds 61 Franklin.
Leak Henry B.   h 61 1/2 Academy.
Learey Patrick laborer 6 Massey ave.
Learey Nora Miss domestic 1 Sterling.  
Leasure Anthony   h 56 Meadow.
Leasure Anthony J. R.   bds 56 Meadow.
Leasure Cyrenus   h 5 Boon.
Leasure Sophronia   bds 5 Boon.
LeClare .Chas. machinist bds 109 Main.
Ledger John cigar maker bds 48 Arsenal.
LeDuc Louis shoemaker h 55 Main.
Lee Charley laundry h 15 Franklin.
Lee Francis G. Mrs.   h 11 Academy.
Lee George carpenter h 19 Newell.
Lee Geo. G.   bds 11 Academy.
Lee Geo. H.   h 172 State.
Lee Henry laborer bds 64 River.
Lee John wood turner h 128 Court.
Lee JohnT.   h 172 State.
Lee John W. blacksmith h 16 State.
Lee Lewis B.   bds 10 West Mullin.
Lee Lyman carpenter h 22 Mullin.
Lee Mary A. Mrs. laundress h 64 River.
Lee Milo   bds 1 Jackson.
Lee Nathan H. carpenter h 100 Main.
Lee Richard H. m'rblecut'r bdsKirby.
Lee Roland blacksmith bds 109 Main.
Lee Wm. P.   bds Romang House.
Leech Louisa O. Miss teacher bds Water.
Leemon Wm. blacksmith h 944 Court.
Lefebvre Albert H.   bds 62 Moulton.
Lefebvre Peter   h 62 Moulton.
LeFevre Francois   h 43 Factory.
LeFlamb Charles carpenter h 47 Factory.
Lehr Henry   h 2 Maple ave.
Leir Ella dressmaker bds 16 Prospect.
LeMay Alfred tinner bds 3 Center.
LEMAY DAVID grocer and baker h 22 Academy
Lemay David, jr. accountant Winslow &Knapp Lumber Co. bds 23 Academy
Lemay Frank popcorn vendor h 17 1/2 Cedar.
Lemay Henry A. tailor bds 22 Academy.
Lemay Joseph C. tinner h 14 Massey.
Lemay Peter   bds 934 Factory.
Lemmon Mary Mrs.   h 8 Rutland.
Lennon Albert clerk bds 12 Union.
Lennon Wm. L.. grocer bds 25 Clay south.
Lennox Mary L.   bds 44 American Arcade.
Lennox Nancy J. Mrs.   h 44 Am'ric'n Arc'de.
Lennox Thomas A. grocer h 6 Cooper.
Leonard Bridget Mrs.   h 180 Arsenal.
Leonard Charles laborer h 197 Arsenal.
Leonard Edward laborer bds 8 Cross.
Leonard John   h 7 p. &F. Block Court.
Leonard Michael cigar maker h 15 Winslow.
Leonard Thomas laborer h 13 Haley.
Leonard Wm. Mrs.   h 4 Willow.
Lepper Geo. J. drayman h 4 Lepper.
Lepper Jacob C. Mrs.   h 17 1/2 State
Lepper James B. machinist bds 8 Front.
Lepper John machinist bds 51 Coffeen.
Lepper John F. watchman h 51 Coffeen.
Lepper P. U. Mrs.   h 6 Lepper.
Lepper Wallace A. printer h 22 Meadow.
Lericheux Samuel   h 541 Central.
Lerin Margaret Mrs.   bds 15 Newell.
L'Esperance P. Rev.   h 1 Thompson.
L'Esperance Treffley   bds 13 Grove.
LeTerry Anthony laborer h 57 Factory.
Levey Peter laborer bds 40 Water.
Lewin Henry laborer h 116 Arsenal.
Lewis Adda Mrs. copyist h 26 State.
Lewis Amelia A. Miss   bds 84 Bronson.
Lewis Ann R. Mrs.   h 8J Bronson.
Lewis Carrie A. teacher bds 13 Academy.
Lewis Charles F. painter bds 44 High.
Lewis Charles F.   h 15 Orchard.
Lewis Charles G. musician h 60 Massey.
Lewis Elbridge   h 10 Baker.
LEWIS ELON G. Woodruff &Lewis, brick mfr. h 21 Franklin
Lewis Emily S. Miss   bds 50 Franklin.
Lewis Frances E.   h 64 Washington Place.
Lewis Frederick W.   33 Main.
Lewis Jean Miss saleswoman bds 26 State.
Lewis Helen Miss cook Orphans' Home.  
LEWIS JOHN C. insurance and city chamberlain h 13 Academy.
Lewis John S. mechanic h 82 Emerson.
Lewis Kitty Miss   h 8 Lepper.
Lewis Laura M. Miss   bds 32 Emerson.
LEWIS LORENZO J. baker and confectioner h 7 Jay.
Lewis May D. Miss teacher bds 7 Baker.
Lewis Michael Mrs. laborer h 32 Holcomb.
Lewis Schuyler H. Mrs.   h 7 Baker.
Lewis S. H.   h 31 Rutland.
Lewis S. J. laborer h 19 Boon.
Lewis Stella M. teacher bds 7 Baker.
Liddell James laborer h 3 Orchard.
Lindner Max F. bookkeeper h 7 Fairview.
Linney Nathan G. grocer h 46 Factory.
Liscomb C.   h 5 Smith.
Little George laborer 39 1/2 Arsenal.
Littlefield Wm.   bds 1 Jackson.
Livermore James P. mechanic h 3 Wall.
Livingston Robert   bds 354 Public Square.
Lloyd Albert cartman h 45 Water.
Lloyd Geo. D.   h 954 Factory.
Lloyd Geo. E. machinist h 20 Moulton.
Lloyd Lester carpenter bds 41 Factory.
Lloyd Peter carpenter h rear 2 Prospect.
Loadwick Celia inmate Keep Home.  
Loadwick Eddy E.   bds 103 Moulton.
Loadwick Laura S. Mrs.   h 103 Moultou.
Loadwick Peter C. produce h 39 LeRay.
Loan John W. clerk bds 21 Coffeen.
Loan Oscar D. farrier bds 21 Coffeen.
LOAN WILLIAM blacksmith h 21 Coffeen
Lofink Adam trimmer h 29 Bronson.
Loft Simco K. machiuist bds 9 Hancock.
Lofte Mary Mrs.   bds 67 Mill.
Loftus Andrew laborer h Holcomb.
Loftus George telegrapher bds 9 Smith.
Loftus Peter laborer h 2 Ely.
Loftus Peter   h 12 Smith.
Loftus Thomas Mrs.   h 72 Holcomb.
Loftus Thomas   h 9 Smith.
Loftus Thomas H. machinist h 184 Court.
Logan John W. barber h 19 Massey.
Long Nelson Mrs.   h 72 Main.
Longlace Albert   bds 9 Moulton.
Longtin Albert clerk bds 43 Lynde.
LONGTIN CHARLES N. grocer h 43 Lynde
Longtin Dennis mechanic h 45 Coffeen.
Longtin Win. blacksmith bds 45 Coffeen.
Lonsbury James trimmer bds 74 Main.
Loomis Cordell W.   bds 1 Cooper.
Loomis Ella M. Mrs.   h 17 Winthrop.
Loomis Geo. W.. pop corn   h 1 Cooper
Loomis J.F. Mrs.   h 17 Winthrop.
Lord Emma A. Mrs domestic 81 Arsenal.  
LORD GILDEROY manufacturer, 22, 23 and 26 Mill h 33 Stone
Lord Lydia C. Miss   h 88 State.
Lord Nellie Miss   bds 7 Jackman.
Lord Oscar laborer bds 72 Mill.
Lorraine Andrew laborer h 37 Hamilton.
Lorraine James laborer bds 17 Water.
Lortscher Fred G. porter Crowner House.  
Losee Daniel helper bds 54 Central.
Losee John F. carpenter h 44 Baker.
Losee T. Mrs.   bds 10 Trinity>lace.
Loucks A. Mrs.   bds 4 Front.
Loucks Jas. E. night watch h 28 Factory.
Loughlin Wm. laborer h 88 LeRay.
Love Pole brakeman bds 80 Stone.
Lovell Samuel A.   h 54 Central.
Lovell Sarah L. Mrs.   bds 54 Central.
Low Addison S.. physician   h 24 Stone.
Low Stephen A.   h 64 Franklin.
Lowell L. L. artist h 16 Paddock Arcade.
Lowell L. L. Mrs. dressmaker h 16 Paddock Arcade
Lucas Geo. carpenter h 26 Cross.
Lucas John W. peddler h 29 Massey.
Lucas Thomas laborer h 24 Gill.
Luckel Henry laborer h 3 Hewitt.
Luckel Lizzie dressmaker bds 3 Hewitt
Ludington Chas. A. painter h 9 Water.
Luntson John   bds 114 Moulton.
Lusted Wm. J.   bds Woodruff House.
Luther Cbas. M. farmer h 165 State.
Luther Michael mechanic bds 9 Hancock.
Lutz Jeannette Miss   bds 54 Prospect.
Lyman Mary C. Mrs.   bds 12 Bronson.
Lyman T. W. Mrs.   h 40 Franklin.
Lynch Ella dressmaker bds 27 Massey.
Lynch Fannie S. Miss   bds 4 Huntingdon
Lynch Geo. mason h 11 Burchard.
Lynch Henry laborer bds 188 Main.
Lynch Joseph machinist h 71 Factory.
Lynch Margaret Mrs.   h 4 Huntington.
Lynch M. Miss   h 27 Massey.
Lynch Thomas H.   bds 101 Factory.
Lynch Warren E. machinist b.81 Moulton.
Lyon Edward Mrs. laborer h Court.
LYON GEORGE W. hackman h 9 Smith.
Lyon James mechanic h 125 Mill.
Lyon James B. cartman h 11 Grove.
Lyon George   h 159 Main.
Lyon Wm. H. mechanic h 3 Elizabeth.
Lyon John paper maker bds 6 Grove.
Lyttle Chas. A.   bds 11 Grant.
Lyttle David W. mason h 11 Grant.
Lyttle Wm. A. surveyor h 13 Orchard.
MacCoy Alvaro H.   h 11 Lawrence.
MacCoy Clark laborer bds 11 Lawrence.
MacDonald Edward miller h 54 Bronson.
MacDonald Murdock mason bds 45 Moulton.
MACK HARRY G. auctioneer h 13 Opera House Block
Mack Jennie Mrs. hair worker h 13 Opera House Block
Mack John M.   h 60 Court.
Mack Martin   h 178 Mam.
Mack Martin T. hay dealer h 3 Mead.
Mack Maryette Mrs.   bds 1 Mead.
Mack Porter J.   bds
Mackey Henry laborer h 10 Front.
Mackey John   bds D'llon House.
Mackley Richard Mrs.   h 50 Main.
Macomber Fred V.   bds 11 Rutland.
Macomber John E. tinner h 11 Rutland.
Madden Anna Mrs.   h 30 Burchard.
Madden Anna E. Miss   bds 30 Burchard.
Madden James   bds 30 Burchard.
Madlin Geo.. mechanic   h 5 Vale.
Magil Wm. J. binder bds 65 Rutland.
Magill Daniel carpenter h 65 Rutland.
Magill Daniel J. trimmer bds 65 Rutland.
Magoveny Carrie M. Miss   bds 117 Moulton.
Magoveny James molder h 117 Moulton.
Mahan Bartholomew clerk h 48 Arsenal.
Mahan John molder h 20 Brainard.
Mahan Margaret Mrs.   h 16 Brainard.
Mahan Thomas molder h 14 Brain.ird.
Mahaney Michael laborer h 8 Cross.
Mahar Daniel   bds 22 Stone.
Mahar Thomas.   
Mahar James coachman   bds 22 Stone.
Maher Wm. molder bds 54 Curtis.
Mahoney Daniel florist bds 2 Park avo.
Mahoney Thomas J.   h 32 Stone.
Mahoney Daniel   bds 25 Clay south.
Maier Anna B. Mrs.   bds 39 Franklin.
Mains Edward   h 38 Holcomb.
Mains John druggist h 82 Massey.
Mains Joseph bookkeeper bds Kirby.
Mains Thomas Mrs.   h 42 Holcomb
Maitland Eri laborer h 34 Factory.
Major Estella chambermaid Woodruff  
Major Peter blacksmith bds 16 Willow.
Majthenyi Julia Mrs.   bds 13 Boyd.
Malery Wallace   h Ontario Mills Mainst.
Malladay John   bds 92 Factory.
Malladay Martin L.   bds 92 Factory.
Malladay Peter laborer bds 18 Cooper.
Mallett Andrew W.   h 30 1/2 Meadow.
Maloney Elizabeth F. Miss dressmaker h 56 Stone.
Maloney John barber 364; Public Square.
Maltby Edward R.   h 14 Boyd.
Maltby Eugene C.   bds 37 Franklin.
Maltby J.   h 37 Franklin.
Mandigo Charles butcher h 70 River.
Mandigo Mary Mrs.   h 70 J River.
Mandigold Julius   h 264 Public Square.
Mandingo John laborer h 72 River.
Mandingo Lorenzo carpenter h 4 West Mullin.
Mandiville Francis Geo.   h 5 Moulton.
Manley Anna M. Miss   bds 21 Ten Eyck.
Manley Mary E. Mrs   bds 21 Ten Eyck.
Mann Add'ie Miss   bds 53 Water.
Mann Harry Mrs.   h 53 Water.
Mannigan Ann Mrs.   h 584 Huntington.
Mannigan John trimmer h 534 Huntington.
Mannigan Matthew S. printer h 46 Meadow.
Manning Catherine inmate Keep Home.  
Manning Harry G. draughtsman h 6 Park.
Mansfield Lois F. Mrs. physician bds 43 Washington
Manson James machinist h 14 Van Duzee.
Manyon Frank laborer h 16 Palmer.
Manyon John Mrs.   h 23 Emmett.
Marcellus John W.   h 83 Emerson.
Marble J. E.   bds Roinang House.
March Henry   h 11 Hamilton.
MARCY RICHARD coal dealer 4 Mill h 9 Keyes avenue
Marley Edward   bds Dillon House.
Marley Larry laborer h rear 97 Factory.
Marlow Patrick core maker bds 8 Union.
Marlow Geo. machinist bds 165 Main.
Marlow Wm. laborer h 165 Main.
Marlow Wm. jr. paper maker h 1 Edmond.
Marrian Andrew clerk h 2 Pleasant.
MARRIAN CHARLES A. cigars and tobbaco and sportsmen's goods 13 Arsenal h 35 Massey.
MARRIAN JOSEPH proprietor American Hotel 17 Arsenal cor. Arcade.
Marsh Louisa Mrs.   h 20 Munson.
Marsh B. Miss tailoress bds 9 Massev.
Marsh E. G. Mrs.   h 9 Massey.
Marsh Frank butcher h 14 Front.
Marsh F. M. carriage maker bds 9 Massey.
Marsh James blacksmith bds 51 Rutland.
Marsh Mary A. saleswoman bds 9 Massey.
Marshall Elizabeth Miss dressmaker bds R. W. &O.R.R. Depot Restaurant.
Marshall John machinist bds 70 Mill.
Martell Edward S. printer h 20 Mundy.
Martell John Mrs.   h
Martell Joseph N. boilermaker h 24 Hoard.
Martin Alfred laborer h 126 Main.
Martin Alice hair work bds 18 William.
Martin A. P. Mrs.   bds 18 Winslow.
Martin Bruce P. treasurer Opera House and Deputy P. M. h 18 Winslow.
Martin Catherine L/Mrs.   h 18 William.
Martin David   bds 18 William.
Martin Fannie saleswoman bds 18 William.
Martin Frederick L clerk bds 1 Cross.
Martin Gardner C.   h 13 Sterling.
Martin Henry   h 5 Huntington.
Martin Horace N. produce h 49 State.
Martin Lizzie Miss waitress Kirby House.
Martin Maud Miss waitress Kirby House.
Martin Samuel J. mason h 324 Factory.
Martin Wm. laborer h 5 Huntington.
Martin Wm.   h 29 Mechanic room 7.
Martin Wm. mason h 2 Bowers avenue.
Martin Wm. I. harness maker h 1 Cross.
Martin Wm. J. printer bds 1 Cross.
Marvill Wm.   bds Romang House.
Marvin Daniel S. nurseryman h 43 Stone.
Marvin Peter molder bds 183 Main.
Masfield Clarence E. Rev. pastor Baptist church bds 35 Stone.
Mason Geo. A. hackman bds Globe.
Mason James N. Mrs.   h 71 Stone.
Mason Mary J. Mrs.   bds 51 Franklin.
Mason Theodore   h 354 Public Square.
Massey A. M. Miss   h 50 Massey.
Massey Albert P.   h 52 Massey.
MASSEY GEO. B. (Camp & Massey)treas. Eames Vacuum Brake Co. h 50 Massey.
Massey J. Edward   h 58 Massey.
Massey Stillman Mrs.   h 6 Massey ave.
Masterson Matthew J.   bds 96 Arsenal.
Masury Geo. W Mrs.   h 7 Cooper.
Masury Maud M. Miss   bds 7 Cooper.
Mather Truman D.   h 7 Keyes avenue.
Mathers John laborer h 8 Moulton.
Mathers L. David laborer h 20 Haney.
Mathews Melinda Mrs.   h 15 Lamon.
Mattie Frank laborer 106 State.
Mattison Bert   bds 6 Union.
Mattison Chauncey H.   bds 26 Main.
Mattison Frederick R. polisher h 26 Main.
Mattison Lorenzo C. painter h 26 Winslow.
Mattison Sarah A. Mrs.   bds26 Winslow.
Maxim Elizabeth Mrs.   h 4 Railroad.
Maxim Frank E.   h 76 Mill.
Maxim Willis B. machinist h 104 Main.
Maxon B. M. machinist bds HarrisHouse.
Maxon Daniel S.   bds Harris House.
Maxon Geo. clerk bds 67 Massey.
Maxon Wallace painter h 67 Massey.
Mayhew W. Rufus   bds 54 Factory.
Maynihan Julia domestic 27 Washington.  
Mayo Mahala S. Mrs.   bds 11 Winthrop.
McAdam Samuel   h Ont. Mills Mainst.
McBride Ann Mrs.   bds 23 LeRay.
McBride Nettie Miss   h 116 Court.
McCabe Hector laborer h rear 131 Main.
McCabe Horace G. carpenter h 5 Morrison.
McCabe Mary A. Mrs.   h 111 Washington.
McCabe Patrick   bds 111 Washington.
McCabe Simon laborer h 152 Arsenal.
McCaffrey Frank   h 10 Boon.
McCaffrey Kate Mrs. domestic 21 Sterling.  
McCannon Eliza   h 39 American Arcade.
McCarger Barnabas cartman h 7 Howk.
McCarter Eliza Mrs.   h 20 Boyd.
McCarter Geo. W. mason h 53 Moulton.
McCarter M. Miss teacher bds 78 Franklin.
McCartey Ellen Mrs.   h 78 Franklin.
McCarthy Bernard J.   bds 13 Burchard
McCarthy Chas. J.   h51 Prospect.
McCarthy Jesse   h Ontario Mills Mainst.
McCarthy John L. machinist h 7 Lamon.
McCARTIN JOHN C. lawyer and Co. Judge h 6 Ten Eyck.
McCarty John laborer bds 13 Lamon.
McCarty John G. engineer h 13 Lamon.
McCarty Timothy engineer h 3 VanDuzee.
McCaskill Jennie Miss domestic Globe.  
McCaskill Martina Miss waitress Globe.  
McCauley Ellen Mrs.   h 10 Academy.
McCauley James laborer h 13 Smith.
McCauley Kate Miss domestic 2 Ten Eyck.
McCauley Margaret Miss   b 139 Arsenal.
McCauley Michael   bds 13 Smith.
McCelain Jessie domestic Harris House.  
McCJarter Jessa A. mason h 4 Vale.
McClare Charles E.   bds 10 Jackson.
McClare Delia Mrs. laundress h 10 Jackson.
McClare Geo. W.   bds Romang House.
McClary Frank W.   bds 54 Com. Arcade.
McClement Henry laborer h 46 Bronson.
McCLENATHEN GEO.R. milk dealer h 22 Ives.
McCloskey Charles   bds 183 Main.
McCOMBEE GEORGE wholesale grocer 31 Court h 38 Academy.
McConnell John blacksmith h 2 Burchard.
McConnell John marble worker bds 32 Davison
McConnell John S. carpenter h 23 Hamilton.
McCONNELL JOSEPH A. attorney and city recorder h
McConnell P. Wesley laborer h 3J Goodale.
McCormick Charles W. Rev. pastor State st. M. E. church h 16 William.
McCormick Cornelius A. fireman bds Crowner.
McCormick Daniel Mrs.   h 71 Main.
McCormick Frank E.   bds 43 Coffeen.
McCormick F. P.   h 102 Franklin.
McCormick James C.   bds 49 Stone.
McCormick Samuel mason h 126 Main.
McCoy Hiram F.   h 90 Moulton.
McCrady Arza C. tinner h 11 Curtis.
McCrobie Wm. boiler maker h 1 Hewitt.
McCully Margaret inmate Keep Home.  
McCutchen Alfred N.   bds 30 Coffeen.
McCutchen Charles H.   bds 30 CofEeen.
McCutchen Jas. machinist h 88 Cofieen.
McCutchen Alfred   h 96 Coffeen.
McCutchen John Mrs.   h 96 Coffeen.
McCutchen John M. saloon h 29A Factory.
McCutchen Wm. policeman h 30 Coffeen.
McCutchen Wm. machinist bds 88 Coffeen.
McCutchen Wm. cigar maker bds 32 Arsenal
McCutchen Wm. J.   bds 29A Factory.
McDermott David Mrs.   h 89 Massey.
McDermott J. F. carriage maker h 29 Rutland.
McDermott Rose Miss   bds 89 Massey.
McDermott Wm. Rev. assistant pastor St. Patrick church bds 44 Massey.
McDonald A.A. locksmith bds 16 Bronson.
McDonald Elgin P.   h 18 Polk.
McDonald John   h 8 Brainard.
McDonald John laborer h 21 Moulton.
McDonald L. Jay   h 66 Arsenal.
McDonald Marcellus Mrs.   h 138 Arsenal.
McDonald Michael   h 14J Factory.
McDonald John laborer h 84 Factory.
McDowell Lewis carpenter h 4 Superior.
McElroy Albert S.   h 92 Main.
McEntee Wm. machinist bds 4 Curtis.
McEntee Wm. F. machinist bds 4 Curtis.
McEvoy James Mrs.   h 54 Factory.
McEvoy Thomas laborer 31 Mullin.
McEwen Margaret Miss   bds 1 Holcomb.
McFadden Edgar   h rear 25 1/2 High.
McFaul John machinist h 10 Cooper.
McGarr Michael laborer h 85 Massey.
McGarvy Mary Miss   bds 18A Franklin.
McGee Wm. molder bds Dillon House.
McGillis Patrick laborer h 129 Arsenal.
McGinn Lawrence   h 143 Arsenal.
McGinn Lawrence jr.   h 141 Arsenal.
McGinnis Thos. machinist hds 9 Moulton.
McGlynn Wm. J.   bds Romang House.
McGodrick John engineer bds 36 Factory.
McGowan Annie tailoress bds 67 Factory.
McGowan Florence dressmaker bds 67 Factory.
McGowan John blacksmith h 19 1/2 Elizabeth.
McGowan Mary A. saleswoman bds 67 Factory.
McGowan Michael blacksmith h 30 Main.
McGowan Mont. M. clerk bds 19| Elizabeth.
McGowan Patrick   h 99 Washington.
McGowan Sarah Miss domestic 4 Winslow.  
McGowan Thomas Mrs.   h 73 Arsenal.
McGowan Timothy   h 67 Factory.
McGowan Wm.   bds Romang House.
McGrann Edwin J.   h 19 Mundy.
McGrann Anna Miss tailoress bds 19 Lynde.
McGrann James   bds 19 Lynde.
McGrann John miller bds 9 Mouiton.
McGrann Peter drayman bds 19 Lynde.
McGrann Thomas teamster bds 41 Moulton.
McGraw Frank   bds 16 Hewitt.
McGraw Henry J. machinist h 35 Brainard.
McGraw Thomas quarryman b 16 Hewitt.
McGraw James tinner bds 9 Moulton.
McGregor John trimmer bds 33 Franklin.
McGREGOR JOHN A. boots and shoes h 13 Coffeen.
McGregor J. Mrs. nurse. h33 Franklin.
McGrevy Chas. mechanic bds 1A High.
McGrevy Mary Mrs.   hlA High.
McGuire Ann Miss   h 1 McGowan Court.
McGuire Mary Miss   h 1 McGowau Court.
McGurn John   h 15 Wall.
McHale Ellen M. Miss   bds 26 Bronson.
McHale Peter F. laborer h 1511 Main.
McIntyre Daniel laborer h 31 Cedar.
McIntyre Henry L. engineer h 26 Franklin.
McIntyre Sidney J. engineer h
McKay L. V. Mrs.   h 4 Massey ave.
McKay Robt. D.   bds 4 Massey ave.
McKay Samuel molder bds 17 Howk.
McKee Hugh blacksmith h 24 Mechanic.
McKenna James plumber h 72 Arseaal.
McKenney Geo.   h Ontario Mills Mainst.
McKenzie Colin mason h 40 Gotham.
McKim George H. clerk h 138 Main.
McKinlay M. Miss teacher bds 6 Mullin.
McKinley John chemist City Hotel.
McKINLEY JOSEPH B. prop. City Hotel 82 and 84 Court.  
McKINSTRY WILLARD D. assistant editor Daily Times bds 6 Mullin.
McKnight Frederick   h 6 Cedar.
McKnight James laborer bds 6 Cedar.
McKnight John printer h 3 McGowan Court
McKnight Joseph laborer bds 6 Cedar.
McLaughlin James   h 19 Massey.
McLean Allen H.   bds 13 Cross.
McLean Edward   bds Washington House.
McLean James laborer bds 20 Central ave
McLean L S. Miss stenographer bds 9 High.
McLean M. Neil   h 30 Cross.
McLellan Edwin   bds 17 Holcomb.
McLeod Daniel   h 6 Hancock.
McLeod Donald M. tailor h 13 Munson.
McLeod Jessie Miss domestic 16 Clinton.
Mclntyre Arthur J.   bds 26 FranKlin.
McLoughlin Patrick   h 43 Gotham.
Mclvor Robert   h 48 Commercial Arcade.
McManus Jas. paper maker h 16 Gotham.
McManus Jno. d. blacksmith h 23 Howk.
McManus Jos. blacksmith h 46 Gotham.
McManus Joseph J. S.   h 17 Elizabeth.
McManus Michael paper maker h 34 Gotham.
McManus Thos. blacksmith h 36 Gotham.
McMillan John   bds WashingtonHouse.
McMinn James Mrs.   bds 105 Main.
McMullin Ann Mrs.   h 6 Jaekman.
McMullin Geo.   h 27 Emerson.
McMullin James cutter bds 6 Jaekman.
McMullin Wm.   bds 6 Jackraan.
McNabb Henry   h Ontario Mills Mainst.
McNally Wm.   bds 8 Polk.
McNaughton Anna Miss   h 26 Com. Arcade.
McNeice James blacksmith h 73 Coffeen.
McNeil Edwin L.   h 1 1/2 Bronson.
McNorton Alex. laborer h 19 Eramett.
McNulty John baker h 84 Moulton.
McNulty John farmer h 70 Holcomb.
McNulty John millwright h 17 Mundy.
McNulty Julia T. bookkeeper bds 79 Holcomb.
McNulty Patrick C. laborer h 17 Central.
McOmber Charles K.   bds 36 High.
McOmber LaFayette agent h 36 High.
McOmber Wm. B.   h 3 Olive.
McPherson Harry A.   bds 59 Main.
McQuillan Richard   h 79 Factory.
McQuinn Wm. H.   h 43 Rutland.
McRae Donald laborer bds 67 Mill.
McSloy Hugh E. stone cutter h 72 Main.
McTaggart Elgin   h 3 Union Bl'k Arsenal
McTeigue Frank X. cutter h 3 TenEyck.
McVee Felix laborer h 75 Mills.
McVee Frank farmer h Ont. Mills Mainst.
Mead Lucius E. car inspector h 15 Cedar.
Mead W. H.   h 56 Coffeen.
Meader Daniel   h 28 Meadow.
Meaghan Henry   bds 5 Water.
Mearns Bailey R.   h 53 1/2 Rutland.
Meek Adam grainer h 14 Boyd.
Meeker Ross B. butcher h 131i Main.
Mehan Maggie Miss   h 8 Pine.
Mehan Owen laborer h 10 Palmer.
Mehan Anna dressmaker bds Chestnut.
Mehan Daniel laborer h Chestnut.
Mellon Belah H.   h 59 Huntington.
Mellon Bert F.   bds 59 Huntington.
Mellon Fred   bds 34 High.
MELLON HUGH Sec'y and Treas. Watertown Pressed Brick Co. bds Kirby House.
Meloch James   h 1J Curtis.
Meloch E. F.   bds H Curtis.
Meloch Wilfred   bds 1 1/2 Curtis.
Mendell Fred B. laborer h 41 Central.
Menor Joseph laborer h 64 Factory.
Merithew Jeremiah   bds 18 Union.
Merkie Henry   bds 20 High.
Merrell Hiram Mrs. h 6 Trinity Place.  
Merrell Hiram A.   bds 6 Trinity Place.
Merriam Zimron B. laborer h 22 Pearl.
Merrick Herbert E. printer bds22 Meadow.
Merrick Jennie Miss domestic 4 Benedict.  
Merrick Jennie A.   bds 22 Meadow.
Merrick Peter laborer h 19 Smith.
Merrick Polly Mrs. nurse h 22 Meadow.
Merrill Norman H.   h 4J Jefferson.
Merritt Chas. S. laborer h rear 7 Mill.
Merritt Ellen Mrs.   bd.s 9 Orchard.
Merritt Frederick mechanic bds 8 Front.
Merritt Marie A. Mrs.   bds 85 Court.
Merritt Martin paper maker h 45 Mam.
Mertz Louis fruit dealer h 7 Burns ave.
Metcalf Henry A.   h 16 Morrison.
Metcalf Kate E. seamstress bds 16 Morrison.
Metzger George barber h 71 Mill.
MEYER ERNEST A. E. barber Turkish baths and laundry h 48 State.
Meyer Jacob tailor h 81 Elizabeth.
Meyers Gustave clerk Romang House.  
Meylor J. S.   h 151 Arsenal.
Meylor Patrick laborer h 2 Ash.
Meylor Wm. L. laborer h 163 Arsenal.
MIDDLETON DEW1TT C. (D. C. M.&Co.) bds Woodruff House.
MIDDLETON D. C. &Co. (D. C. and A.C. Middleton) boot and shoe dealers 17 Public Square.  
Middleton Ed.   bds 8 Polk.
Miles Seymour asst. cook Woodruff H.  
Millane Mary H. Miss   bds 91/2 Orchard.
Millen James   bds 29 Mechanic.
Miller Almira Miss   h 10 Union.
Miller Anna Miss domestic 74 River.  
Miller Charles T.   h 29 Burchard.
MILLER DELEVAN S. (D. S. M. & Co.) h 20 Winslow.
Miller Ernest Geo.   bds 29 Huntington.
Miller Freeman hats and caps h 10 Union.
Miller Geo. machinist bds 30 Sterling.
Miller George L.   bds 50 Prospect.
Miller Harry D. clerk bds 20 Winslow.
Miller Herman butcher h 98 Main.
Miller James D.   bds 186 Main.
MILLER JAMES R. clothier 4 Public Square h 8 TenEyck.
Miller Lafayette A.   bds 50 Prospect.
Miller Levi H. tinner bds Romang House.
Miller Oscar D.. carpenter h 79 Main.  
Miller Robert W.   h 29 Huntington.
Miller Samuel laborer h 50 Prospect.
MILLER. D. S. &CO. (D. S. M. &I. P.Powers) books stationery etc. 9 Public Square.   
Milligan Albert R. Mrs.   h 5 Emerson.
Milligan Christopher   bds 5 High.
Milligan George carpenter h 85 Moulton.
Millington Kittie Miss   bds 28 Burchard.
Millington Thos. watchman h 28 Burchard.
Millington Thos. machinist bds Central House
Mills Ansel carpenter h 26 Elizabeth.
Mills Charles H.   bds 20 LeRay.
Mills George N.   h 13 Jay.
Mills Hiram   h 20 LeRay.
Miloy Wm. painter bds 7 Mechanic.
Miner A. Mrs. laundress Orphans' Home.
Mink Charles machinist h 18 Franklin.
Minor Geo. barber bds 109 Main.
Minor Irwin D. carpenter bds 48 Arsenal
Miranda Joseph carpenter h 2 Superior.
Miser Chas. A. prop. Miser House 46 and 48 High  
Miser Charles E. machinist h 22 1/2 Pearl
Miser Jason   h 27 Elizabeth.
Miser Joseph C. Mrs.   h 11 Water.
Mitchell A Gore Mus. Doc. Oxon. organist Trinity church h 11 Baker.
Mitchell Chas. L.   h 27 Rutland.
Mitchell Clarissa Mrs.   h 11 Moulton.
Mitchell Clarissa Z. Miss   bds 11 Moulton.
Mitchell John farmer h 31 Elm.
Mitchell Minott. paper m'f'r   h 54 Massey.
Mix Emma Miss domestic 35 TenEyck.  
Mix Stephen S. carpenter h 82 Mill.
MOAK JOHN W. treasurer Hitchcock Lamp Co. h 10 Paddock.
Moffet Alvinza   bds li Rutland.
Moffett John F. contractor h 22 Sterling.
Moffett Jos. K. harness &c. h 9 Winthrop.
Moffett Mary Mrs. domestic 10 Paddock.  
MOLLISON &DOWDLE   meat refrigerator 29 Anthony (H. M. Clark manager)  
Monroe Arunah repairer h 32 Academy.
Monroe Byron C. farmer h 69 State.
Monroe Lorenzo   h 78 State.
Monroe M. C.   h 151 State.
Montgomery Alex. tailor h 5 Orchard.
Montgomery Mary B. Mrs. inmate Keep Home.  
Montgomery M. C. saleswoman bds 12 Emerson.
Montgomery Mattie housekeeper 32 Washington.  
Montgomery Thomas B.   bds Woodruff House.
Montondo Alexander   h 20 Dorsey.
Montondo Anthony   h 4 Smith avenue.
Montondo Edward   h Duffy.
Montondo Geo.   h Woodford.
Montondo Lewis laborer h 167 Arsenal.
Montondo Lewis laborer h 21 Smith.
Montondo Lewis, jr.   h 6 Smith avenue.
Montondo William laborer h Casey.
Montrois Napoleon laborer h 26 Water.
Montrois John M.   h 13 Grove.
Montrois Peter B. laborer h 32 Water.
Moochler Geo.   bds 80 Franklin.
Moody Anson E. clerk h 9 Jackman.
Moody Emma J. seamstress h 13 Clay.
Moody William painter bds 100 Coffeen.
Mooney Michael blacksmith bds 5 Bronson.
Mooney Patrick laborer h 173 Arsenal.
Mooney William laborer h 7 Dorsey.
Moore Alfavette laborer h Baker.
Moore Alfred E. clerk bds 9 1/2 Morrison.
Moore Allen A.   bds 87 Court.
Moore Arthur C. grocer h 1 Bridge.
Moore DeEsting farmer h 210 Arsenal.
Moore Edwin   h 29 William.
Moore Fred A. clerk h
Moore Geo.   h 130 State.
Moore H. Mrs.   h 27 Mullin.
Moore Jane A. Mrs.   h 42 Cedar.
Moore J. H. paper maker h 9 1/2 Morrison.
Moore John laborer h 17 West.
Moore Joseph laborer bds 38 Factory.
Moore Joseph   bds 12 Jefferson.
Moore Levi porter Harris House.  
Moore Louis W. cashier bds 27 Mullin.
Moore Mr.   h 67 Meadow.
Moore Mr. mason bds 30 Moulton.
Moore M. S. Miss   bds 27 Mullin.
Moore Robert M.   bds 9 Sterling.
Moore Willard R. janitor bds 6 Massey.
Moore Wm. machinist bds Globe Hotel.
Moore William E. trimmer h 58 Academy.
MOORE WILLIAM H. household goods &c. h 27 Mullin.
Moore Wm. T. machinist h rear 2 Prospect.
Moorehouse Nellie E. trimmer bds8 Front.
Moran Andrew laborer h Woodford.
Moran John carpenter h 6 Ash.
Moran Kittie Miss   h 11 Boon.
Moran Thomas laborer h 83 1/2 Mill.
Morath Henry plumber bds 25 Clav.south.
Morey Samuel farmer h 55 Massey.
Morgan Ambrose C. machinist bds 12 High
Morgan Anna A. Miss   bds 69 Massey.
Morgan Anna L. dressmaker bds 3 Baker.
Morgan Evan laborer h 69 Massey.
Morgan Harriet D..   bds 27 TenEyck.
Morgan Herbert molder bds 69 Massey.
Morgan Judson P. Mrs.   h 31 Muliin.
Morgan Lothario D. Mrs.   h 27 TeuEyck.
Morgan Laura J. Mrs.   h 3 Baker.
Morgan Sarah seamstress bds 3 Baker.
Morin Israel   h 11 Dorsey.
Morin John E. pressman bds 83 Factory.
Morin Richard mason bds Harris House.
Morkin J. Michael   h 68 Massey.
Morkin Philip laborer h 10 Willow.
Morrell Samuel carpenter bds 73 Factory.
Morris Charles J. helper h 4 Pearl.
Morris Daniel Mrs.   h 41 State.
Morris E. B. Mrs. inmate Keep Home.  
Morris Geo. carriage maker bds 83 Factory.
Morris Hugh R. carpenter h 73 Stone.
Morris Irving J. stenographer bds 41 State.
Morris John S. Mrs.   h 4 Pearl.
Morris Joseph K. jr. carpenter h 77 Main.
Morris Mary L. music teacher bds 41 State.
Morris William machinist h 19 Hancock.
Morrison Albert   h 14 Polk.
Morrison Charles   bds 141 Main.
Morrison Charles J.   h 12 Bradley.
Morrison Charles M. mechanic h 10 Bronson.
Morrison Frank machinist h 68 Factory.
Morrison Fred   h 68 1/2 Factory.
Morrison Geo. blacksmith bds 183 Main.
Morrison Hattie K. Miss   bds 68 Factory.
Morrison Jasper   bds 183 Main.
Morrison John Mrs.   h 183 Main.
Morrison Madge dressmaker bds 34 High.
Morrison Margaret A. Miss   h 34 1/2 Court.
Morrison M. J. Mrs.   h 68 Factory.
Morrison Mary M. Miss   bds 15 Morrison.
Morrison Minnie E. Miss   bds 183 Main.
Morrison William stone cutter h 15 Morrison.
Morrison Wm. E. Mrs.   h 34 High.
Morrison Wm. J.   h 12 Bradley.
Morrow Clarence   h 14 Orchard.
Morrow Ellen Mrs.   h 12 Meadow.
Morrow Henry laborer h 35 Smith.
Morrow Jerome   h 14 1/2 William.
Morse Charles D.   bds 20 Baker
Morse Frank F.   bds 64 Factory.
Morse Mary H. Mrs   bds 17 Sterling.
Morse Samuel D. Mrs.   h 20 Baker.
Mosher Edmund G. bookkeeper h 18 Mullin and 5 Sherman.
MOSHER HENRY B. (Sterling &Mosher) h 40 Clinton.
Mothersell Lizzie Mrs.   h 77 Court.
Mothersell Thomas   h 78 Washington.
Mothersell Wm. G. bookkeeper h 9 Stone.
Mould Asael S. carpenter h 78 Main.
Mould Frank machinist h 34 Moulton.
Mould John F.   h 34 Moulton.
MOULD WILLIAM H. grocer h 9 Winslow.
Moulton Anna A. Miss   h 1A Massey ave.
Moulton Emma S. Miss   h 1A Massey ave.
Moulton Herbert mechanic h 77 Mill.
MOULTON JOSIAH P. (Campbell &Moulton) dry goods h 1A Massey avenue
Mount Frederick clerk bds 27 Franklin.
MOWE GEORGE H. (Beffrey &Mowe) h 56 State
Moyer Albert   bds 45 Moulton.
Moynihan Josie Miss domestic 49 Arsenal.  
Muckle Thomas tailor h 76 Franklin.
Muckle Thos. J.. clerk   bds 76 Franklin.
Muckle J. Mrs.   bds 16 Paddock Arcade.
Muckle Maggie I.   bds 16 Paddock Arcade.
Muirhead Alfred mechanic h 10 Engine.
Muldoon James shoemaker h 38 Orchard.
Muldoon James E.   bds 38 Orchard.
Muldoon John laborer h 20 Bnrchard.
Muldoon John H. molder h 43 State.
Narrow Joseph   h 14 1/2 Willow.
Nash Wm. R.   h 10 Moulton.
Nassau Wm.   bds 27 1/2 Newell.
Neddo Ebenezer carpenter h 24 Mundy.
Neddo Nicholas   h rear 11 Burns avenue.
Needham E. Mrs.   bds 24 Morrison.
Neff Sebastian mechanic bds 4 Pearl.
Neil Maggie Miss   h 22 Boyd.
Neil Mary J. Miss   h 22 Boyd.
Neilson M. L. Miss   bds 4 Benedict.
Nellis C. Mrs.   h 32 Davidson.
Nellis Dett B. butcher bds 32 Davidson.
Nellis James laborer h 3 Brainard.
Nellis Jennie Miss   bds 7 High.
Nellis Joseph   bds 60 Court.
Nellis Michael Mrs.   h 45 Gotham.
Nellis Michael jr. laborer bds 22 Gotham.
Nellis Patrick   bds 3 Brainard.
Nellis Peter   h 7 High.
Nellis Timothy carpenter h 20 Gotham.
Nelson Henry W.   bds 7 Tilden.
Nelson Robert J. mechanic bds 7 Tilden.
Nelson Samuel machinist bds 4 Curtis.
Nemours John L.   bds 23 Clinton.
Neugent Felix   bds Miser House.
NEUROTH JOHN spring bed man'fr and carpet renovator h 5 1/2 Jefferson.
Neusland Jas.   bds Central House.
Neutze Jno. draughtsman bds 60 Academy
Neville C. E.   h rear 21 Cedar.
Neville Samuel   bds Dillon House.
Newell Chas. E. painter h 27 1/2 Newell.
Newell C. E.   h rear 21 Cedar.
Newman Augusta Miss   bds 2 Hamlin.
Newman John D.   h 4 Cross.
Newman John D. jr. printer bds 4 Cross.
Newton Fred 0. laborer h 10 Superior.
Newton Jas. L. lumber mfr. h 6 Winslow.
Newton John D. carpenter bds 24 LeRay.
Nicol Wm. F.   bds 27 Franklin.
Nichols Catharine Mrs.   h 1 Lynde.
Nichols Cordelia Mrs.   bds 17 Bradley.
Nichols Ellen Miss nurse, Orphans' Home  
Nichols Fred G. fireman h 28 Meadow.
Nichols Frederick C.   bds 28 Meadow.
Nichols Herbert A.   bds 21 Sterling.
Nichols John wheelwright h 27 Franklin.
Nichols John F. Rev. rector Grace church h 21 Sterling
Nichols Margaret Miss   bds 21 Sterling.
Nichols Wallace N. printer h 128 Court.
Nicholson Patrick   h Hamilton n. Fr'klin.
Nicholson Thos.   bds Hamilton near Franklin.
Nielson Theo. F. barber bds 19 Massey.
Nill Carl baker bds 11 High.
Nill Ernest F. baker bds 11 High.
NILL &JESS (J. N. &H. J.) bakers and confectioners and cigar manufacturers- 9 Court and 10 Arsenal  
NILL JOHN (Nill &Jess) h 11 High.
Nill Paul merchant tailor bds Kirby.
Nimocks Chas. T.   bds Woodruff House.
Nims H. A. bookkeeper h 59 Academy.
NIMS WM. A. lawyer h 14 Sherman.
Noble Charles   bds 187 Main.
Noble Marion M.   h 7 Lee.
Nobles John N   h 54 Moulton.
Nolan James E. helper bds 15 Jefferson.
Nolan Ed. P. mechanic bds 421/2 Holcomb.
Nolan Mary E.   bds 42 1/2 Holcomb.
Nolan Michael laborer h 15 Jefferson.
Nolan Thomas blacksmith h 42 1/2 Holcomb.
Nolan Thomas jr.   bds 42 1/2 Holcomb.
Nolin Edwin B. laborer n 7 Polk.
Noon John cabinet maker h 4 1/2 Front.
Norfolk Edward C. mechanic h 55 Mill.
Norfolk Hayward J. jeweler h 1 Boon.
Normand Joseph E. civil engineer h 26 Sterling
Normander Henry C.   bds Harris House.
Normandin Alexis   h 49 Moulton.
Norris Eliza J. Miss   h 9 Paddock.
Norris Wm. T. jr. mason h 77 Arsenal.
Norris Wm. T. sen. mason h 77 Arsenal.
North C. M.   bds Harris House.
North Edwin A.   h 1 Mead.
North Melvin   h 7 Lynde.
North Samuel machinist h 12 Burchard.
NORTHAM &EMPEY (W. G. N. &J.W.E.) furnishing undertakers- 25 Court  
NORTHAM WALLACE G. undertaker h 22 William
Norton Bridget Miss domestic 39 Stone.
Norton Phi bookkeeper h 24 TenEyck.
Norton Sophronia Mrs.   h 23 High.
NOTT J. W. druggist - 2 Mill h 31 State.
Nott R. Mrs.   bds 31 State.
Nulty Chas. painter h 1 Grant.
Nutting Joseph H.   bds 18 Moulton.

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