DIRECTORY OF 1891-1892.

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Watertown Directory, O-P-Q-R

Last Name First Name Occupation/ Business Residence
Oakes R. A. - h 64 State.
Oakes Robert P. salesman h 17 Boyd.
Oakes Oscar L. Mrs. - h 5 Washington Place
Oaks Frank A. clerk h 2 Boyd.
Oaks Henry mechanic h 66 Rutland.
Oatman Charles P. - h 10 Superior.
Oberly Hattie Miss - bds 19 Franklin.
O'Brien Annie Mrs. - h 95 Factory.
O'BRIEN DENIS Judge of the Court of Appeals h 16 Keyes avenue
O'Brien Edward machinist bds 141 Main.
O'Brien Edward D. - bds 16 Keyes avenue.
O'Brien Geo. mechanic h 24 Central.
O'Brien John helper h 25 Pearl.
O'Brien John E. - h 11 Gotham.
O'Brien John F. - bds 16 Keyes avenue.
O'Brien Mary Mrs. - h 47 Arsenal.
O'Brien Michael machinist h 8 Main.
O'Brien Michael F. - bds 106 Franklin.
O'Brien Patrick - h 3- rear 2 Jackman.
O'Brien Susan compositor bds 47 Arsenal.
O'Brien Thomas - h 24 Brainard.
O'Brien Thomas laborer h Holcomb.
O'Brien Timothy - h 53 Acadeicy.
O'Brien Wm. laborer h 51 Cedar.
O'Brien Wm J gardener h 106 .Franklin.
Ockford Charles M. - h 8 Academy.
O'Connell Geo. W. - h 7 Bronson.
O'Connell Matthew - h 77 Stone.
O'Connor Alfred P. - bds 9 Prospect.
O'Connor Arthur - bds 1U Moulton.
O'Connor B. Mrs. - h 124 Arsenal.
O'Connor Charles laborer h 11 Newell.
O'Connor Edward J. blacksmith bds
O'CONNOR HENRY grocer h 69 Stone.
O'Connor Hugh mason h 100 Gotham.
O'Connor Hugh jr. - bds 100 Gotham.
O'Connor John - h Woods Falls, Main-st.
O'Connor John carpenter h 3 Earl.
O'Connor Joseph carpenter h 9 Prospect.
O'Connor Margaret Mrs. - h 44 Meadow.
O'Connor Margaret D. Miss - bds 142 Arsenal.
O'Connor Michael - bds 1 Center.
O'Connor Michael blackmith bds 171 Main.
O'Connor Michael B. - bds 124 Arsenal.
O'Connor Patrick - h rear 51 State.
O'Connor Timothy molder h 25 Lynde.
O'Connor Wm. J. laborer bds 59 Massey.
O'Connors Arthur   bds 57 Factory.
O'Donell E. Mrs. - h 153 Arsenal.
O'Hara Frank - h Remington
O'Hara Fred - bds 1 Maple avenue.
Ohnsman Charles laborer h 21 Mechanic.
O'Horo Michael coachman h 10 Stone.
Olds Samuel carpenter bds 73 Factory.
OLEAN FRANK W. clothing h 21 Stone
Olean Jennie M. saleswoman bds 22 Baker
Olean Nathan M. - h 22 Baker.
O'Leary Daniel laborer bds 88 Factory.
O'Leary Eliza Miss waitress - Globe.  
O'Leary Mary domestic- 3 Sterling Place.  
O'Leary Mary Miss maid- Woodruff House.  
Olin Russell A. Rev. rector Trinity church h at rectory 29 Stone.
Olive Jane laundress h 3 Remington.
Oliver Ella saleswoman bds 50 Moulton.
Oliver Geo. com. traveler h 24 1/2 Academy.
Oliver Geo. D. - 34 Paddock Arcade.
Oliver Jacob C. laborer h 50 Moulton.
Oliver Miles E. drayman h 63 Factory.
Oliver Wm. laborer bds 6 Waltham.
Ombler David - bds 38 American Arcade.
O'Mahony C. Rev. - h 1 Thompson.
O'Marr Matthew - h Elm.
O'Neil Ellen Mrs. - h 79 River.
O'Neill Horace - bds 53 1/2 Water.
O'Neill James machinist bds 30 Sterling.
O'Neill Michael Mrs. - h 85 Main.
O'Neill Michael laborer h 79 Mill.
O'Neill Thomas - bds 79 Mill.
O'Neill Thomas - h 5 Cedar.
Oney Harry drayman h 11 Munson.
Orbach Samuel jeweler h 5 Polk.
O'Riley Edward h on track rear 18 Smith.
O'Riley Elizabeth tailoress bds 3 Prospect.
O'Riley Catharine tailoress bds 3 Prospect.
O'Riley Mary Mrs.   h 3 Prospect.
O'Riley Mary J. tailoress bds 3 Prospect.
Ormsby Duane insurauce h 45 State.
O'Rourk Daniel laborer h 88 Arsenal.
O'Rourk J. Mrs.   h 24 Meadow.
Orr Wesley C. machinist h 10 Cooper.
Orth Carl   h 39 High.
Osborn Geo. A. clerk h 9 Hamlin.
Osborn Henry   bds 23 1/2 Elizabeth.
Osborn James baggageman- Woodruff.  
Osborn James H. laborer 23 1/2 Elizabeth.
Osborn Lena dressmaker h 23 Franklin.
Osborn Robert   h 89 MouIton.
Osborn Wm. G. helper h 82 Monlton.
Osborn Wm. H. miller n 46 Factory.
O'Shea Thomas   bds 2 West.
Osier Sidney machinist bds 9 Moulton.
OTIS CHARLES M. (Otis &Goodale) insurance bds 50 Washington.
Otis Horace Mrs.   h 57 Stone.
Otis Sarah A. Mrs.   h 50 Washington.
Otis Thomas painter bds 7 Burchard.
Otto Chas. carpenter h 122 Washington.
Outterson James T.   h 18 Sterling.
Outwater Benj. M.   h 87 Moulton.
Outwater Miles blacksmith h 91 Moulton
Overpack Eli B. millwright h 71 Water.
Overton Thos. laborer bds 57 Factory.
Owen Henry J. Mrs.   h
Owens Lewis laborer h 188 Main.
Owens Thomas plumber bds 102 Franklin.
Owens Wm. machinist h 128 Court.
Owens Wm. E.   bds Crowne House.
Paddock Edwin L.   h 32 Washington.
Paddock Frank S.   bds 30 Washington.
PADDOCK LOVELAND drugs and medicines- 2 Washington bds 30 Washington
Paddock Oscar Mrs.   h 30 Washington.
Paddock Oscar M.   bds 15 Sterling.
Paddock Wm. D.   h 5 Union.
Page Geo. machinist bds 86 Coffeen.
Page Phineas blacksmith h 93 Moulton.
Pain Mr. machinist bds 78 Main.
Pair Louis shoemaker h 57 Factory.
Pair Orilla Miss   bds 57 Factory.
Poirier Louis shoemaker h 57 Factory.
Palmer Merritt G.   h 17 Bradley.
Palmer Wm. machinist h 7 Gill
Palmer Wm.   h 12 LeRay.
PALMITER. CHARLES E. jeweler   bds 6 Winthrop.
PALMITER CLEBRON D. Supt. W. S. E. Co. h 6 Winthroop
Pappa James V. printer h 21 Meadow.
Parham John J. pattern maker h 29 Main.
Parham Robt. B. pattern maker h 55 Stone.
Paridee Peter   h Pine.
PARIS CHARLES M. lawyer - 3 1/2 Court room 1 h 24 Keyes ave.
Parish Wm. laborer h 13 Burns ave.
Parker Aekley H.   h 69 Academy.
Parker Addison B. printer bds 52 Moulton.
Parker Alfred file maker h 24 Binsse.
Parker Almon carpenter h 61 State.
Parker Edgar brakeman h 76 Stone
Parker Franklin B.   h 10 Academy.
Parker Geo. P.   h 69 Academy.
Parker Geo. C. freight clerk h 54 State.
Parker Henry boarding house h 25 Clay.
Parker Henry farmer h 29 Coffeen.
Parker James machinist bds 110 Main.
Parker John   h 12 Palmer.
PARKER KATE MISS physician h 37 Washington
Parker M. Miss   h 18 Franklin.
Parker R. Sewall clerk bds 54 State.
Parkinson James F.   h 127 Franklin.
Parmelee Chas. L. cashier National Bank and Loan Co. bds 19 Winslow.
Parmelee S. L. Mrs.   h 19 Winslow.
Parmeter Arthur L.   h River Park Track.
Parmeter Fred M. mechanic bds 86 Coffeen.
Parmeter Hiram coachman bds 55 1/2 Arsenal
Parsnow Alphonse clerk h 107 Arsenal.
Parsnow Fred blacksmith bds 106 Arsenal.
Parsnow Edward   bds 105 Arsenal.
Parsnow Geo. coachman h 72 Arsenal.
Parsnow Oliver   h 105 Arsenal.
Parsons Alfred A.   h 107 Huntington.
PARSONS WAYNE H. Asst. Supt. Postal Tel. Co. and electrical suplies - 2 Paddock Arcade h 8 1/2 Jay
PARTELLO. CHARLES hardware etc.- 24 Public Square h 1 Academy.
Pasino Frank E. carpenter h 15 Water.
Patchen Geo. carpenter bds 1 Maple ave.
Paterson Geo. machinist h D-16 Franklin
PATERSON JOHN M. boots and shoes h 12 Emerson
Paterson Mary A. domestic 59 Washington.
Paterson Wm. M. machinist h 14 Emerson.
Paton John H. machinist h 18 Union.
Patrick Jno. B. paper maker h 15 Central.
PATTERSON CYRUS S. vegetable gardener h 127 Coffeen.
Patterson J. Leslie gardener bds 127 Cofieen.
Patterson Walter   bds 43 Coffeen.
Partridge Caroline Miss   h 28 Stone.
Partridge Lavina E. Miss   h 28 Stone.
Pawling Angelo D. tea dealer h 5 Coffeen.
Pawling Eveline M. Mrs.   h 77 Franklin.
PAWLING JOHN R. insurance h 88 Franklin
Pawling Mary E. Miss   bds 77 Franklin.
Pawling Mattie J. Miss   bds 77 Franklin.
Payne Frederick   h 144 Main.
Payne Henry D. dentist h 39 Mullin.
Payne John paper maker h 8 Morrison.
Payne Mary A. dressmaker h 8 Academy.
Payne Michael   h 142 Main.
Payne Winthrop B. dentist bds 39 Mullin.
Pearson Alfred gas maker h 5 Hoard.
Pearson Alfred C. cutter bds 7 Massey.
Pearson Joseph T. laborer bds Huntington.
Pearson Wm.   h Huntington.
Pease Albert B.   h 6 Bronson.
Pease Mary J. housek'p'r 53 Washington.
Pease Walter machinist h 69 Court.
Pearsall Joseph H.   h 1 Curtis.
Peek Augustus C.   h 24 Boyd.
Peek Charles helper h 2 Superior.
Peek Clifford J.   h 12 William.
Peek Augustus J.   h 40 State.
PECK FRANK H. lawyer bds Woodruff
Peck John T. clerk bds 34 Academy.
Peck Joseph W.   h 73 State.
PECK PH1NEAS tinner h 46 Franklin.
PECKE F. S. &CO. (F. S. P. and L. A. Roach) civil engineers - 11A Washington
PECKE FRANCIS P. civil engineer h 10 Massey ave.
Pelo Eliza Mrs.   bds 209 Arsenal.
Pelo Frank laborer h 18 Dorsey.
Pelo John - h 209 Arsenal.
Pelo Joseph laborer h 6 Cross.
Peltier C. A. cutter h 9 1/2 Orchard.
Pender Annie domestic 57 Washington.
Pender John laborer bds 26 Winslow.
Penniman Wm. M.   h 3 Wil.iam.
Pennington Nathaniel   h 59 LeRay.
Pennock Geo.   h 2 Remington Main-st.
Pepper John laborer h 75 Court.
Perkins Edward A.   h 21 Bronson.
Perkins Eva Miss domestic 42 State.
Perkins Josiah D. meat market h 152 State.
Perkins Maria Mrs.   bds 113 State.
Pero Emma Miss   h 34A Court.
Perreten Mary domestic Romang House.  
Perry Chas. E.   h 6 Moulton.
PERRY EDWARD M. sign painter and decorator h 6 Boyd
Peters Carl baker h 33 Burchard.
Peters Elias   h 54 Coffeen.
Peters John laborer h 126 Main.
Peters John W. mechanic h 16 Bronson.
Peters Sanford carpenter h 70 Moulton.
Peterson Chas. D. printer bds 1 Coffeen.
Peterson Emma Mrs.   h 1-B Massey ave.
Peterson Nathaniel S. engineer h 22 Cross.
Peterson Peter T.   h 20 Central.
Peterson Sarah A. Mrs.   bds 22 Cross.
Petrie Edward S. clerk bds 5 1/2 William.
Petrie Edward S. druggist h 5 1/2 William.
Petty Mr.   bds 20 High.
Petzoldt Herman F.   h 83 Academy.
Peyton John mechanic h
Pflster Frank E. clerk bds 3 Center.
Pfister Fred L paper maker bds 3 Center.
Pfister Geo. paper maker h 29 Meadow.
Pfister Leonard Mrs.   h 3 Center.
Pfister Leonard upholsterer h 16 Willow.
Pfister Wm. laborer bds 8 Boon.
Phelan Arthur   bds 9 Sterling.
Phelan Maggie L. tailoress h 76 Stone.
Phelps Carrie E.   bds 29 Franklin.
Phelps Fannie I. Mrs.   h 29 Franklin.
PHELPS GEORGE B. office at Jefferson County Savings Bank h 34 Stone.
Phelps George P.   bds 29 Franklin.
Phelps Jason 1. clerk bds 38 Clinton.
Phelps Marrietta M. Mrs.   h 38 Clinton.
Phelps Mary B. Mrs.   h 3 William.
Phelps Mary M. teacher bds 3 William.
Phillips Alfred R. mason h 18 Factory.
Phillips Augustus J. tinner h 19 Boyd.
Phillips Charles S. miller h 122 Main.
Phillips D. D. laborer h 22 Brainard.
Phillips Dexter H. machinist h 29 William.
Phillips Eliza A. Mrs.   h 4 1/2 Public Square.
Phillips Frank L. clerk h 11 Goodale.
Phillips Frederick C. trimmer h 67 Main.
Phillips Geo. H. miller h 122 Main.
Phillips G. Mrs.   h 67 Main.
Phillips John Mrs.   h 66 Massey.
Phillips Joseph   h 153 Main.
Phillips Lewis P.   h 38 Massey.
Phillips Leven Mrs.   h 11 Coffeen..
Phillips M. A. Mrs.   h 31 Fucfny.
Phillips Nathaniel E.   bds 20 Smith.
Phillips R. J. clerk bds 29 William.
Phillips Thomas carpenter h 20 Smith.
Phillips Patrick contractor h 40 Massey.
Phillips Samuel A. Mrs.   h 87 Arsenal.
Phimester Wm. tailor bds 48 Arsenal.
Phippin Alvira Mrs.   bds 75 Arsenal.
Phippin Channcey W.   h 75 Arsenal.
Phippin G. Mrs.   h 68 Stone.
Phippin Geo. A. millwright h 68 Stone.
Phippin Homer W.   h 64 Arsenal.
Phippin John W. carpenter h 45 Stone.
Pickett Chas. G.   bds 2 Winslow.
Pickett Charles William   h 11 Hancock.
Pickett Edward   bds 5 Water.
Pickett Frank L.   h 9 Hancock.
Pickett John laborer h 5 Water.
Pickett Peter shoemaker h 7 LeRay.
Pierce Gervin B.   h 26 Bradley.
Pierce Herbert I.   bds 35 Academy.
Pierce John H. mechanic h 27 High.
Pierce Lewis L.   bds 31 High.
Pierce Nelson H.   bds Kirby.
Pierce Rodney II. laborer h Morrison.
Pierce Wm. G. mfr. h 23 Sterling.
Pillmore Geo. E.   h 9 Winslow
Pinsoneault Ernest   h 2 Rutland.
Pinsoneault John mechanic h 11 1/2 Bronson.
Pinsoneault Joseph machinist h 44 Coffeen.
Pinsoneault Peter machinist h 52 Coffeen.
Pinsoneault Peter jr. machinist h 46 Coffeen.
Pinsoneault Stanislaus machinist h 50 Coffeen.
Pitcher Fred B. lawyer bds 2 Sterling.
Pinsoneault John P.   h 5 1/2 Prospect.
Pitman John carpenter   bds 69 Factory.
Pledger Wm. J. laborer h Haney.
Pluche Hattie A. Miss   h 16 Com. Arcade.
Pluche J. Frank   bds 3 Mechanic.
Pluche Louise C. Mrs.   h 3 Mechanic.
Plunkett Patrick mason h 20 Paddock.
Pogue John Mrs.   h 10 Dimick.
Pogue John tailor bds 10 Dimick.
Pogue Wm. trimmer bds 10 Dimick.
Pollard Wm. H. machinist h 6 Lynde.
Pollock Wm. painter bds 21 Bnrehard.
Pool John carriage maker h 66 Academy.
Pool Sylvanns Mrs.   h 3 State.
Pool Willard S.   bds 48 Arsenal.
Poole Mary E. teacher bds 65 Washington.
Pooler Adelbert J.   h 4 Mechanic.
Poor Charles   h 7 Jackman.
Porter Chas. carpenter bds 3 Lynde.
Porter Edward   bds 7 Vincent.
Porter Mary J. Miss   bds 7 Vincent.
Porter Wm. carpenter h 3 Lynde.
Porter Wm. A.   h 7 Vincent.
Porter Wm. H. clerk- Globe Hotel.  
Porter Wm. H. stylographer. Bds 3 Lynde.
Porter Albert   bds 74 Moulton.
Porter Bela J. bookkeeper bds 69 Franklin.
Porter Benj. S. laborer h 72 Mill.
Porter Carrie E. Mrs.   h 69 Franklin.
Porter Chas. G. stenographer bds 41 Massey
Porter Frank M. telegrapher h 154 State.
Porter Fred B. clerk bds 8 Front
Porter George Mrs.   h 20 Boyd.
PORTER WILBUR F. lawyer (Porter &Walts) h 41 Massey.
Porter Will R. machinist bds 69 Franklin.
PORTER WILLIS H. law stenographer h 20 Clinton
Potter Alexander laborer h 9 Emmett.
Potter Charles laborer h 6 Union.
Potter Charles T.   h 10 Rutland.
Potter Clarissa Mrs.   bds 67 Franklin.
Potter Edwin E. machinist h 14 Goodale.
Potter Harrison J. clerk bds 48 Arsenal.
Potter Ira A.   h 10 Rutland.
Potter Mr.   h Woods Falls Main-st.
Potter Wm.   bds 9 Rutland.
Potts Annis dressmaker bds 9 Bronson.
Potts Edwin machinist h 9 Bronson.
Potts Lottie dressmaker bds 9 Bronson.
Powers A. N. clerk bds 50 Huntington.
Powers Catherine F.   h 2 Wall.
Powers Eunice Miss   bds 3 Baker.
POWERS ISAAC P. (D. S. Miller &Co.) h 33 State.
Powers James M.   h 14 Hamilton.
Powers John S. engineer h 31 Coffeen.
Powers Julia Mrs.   bds 2 Wall.
Powers Mary A. saleswoman h 1-B Jackson.
Powers Michael mason h 25 Com. Arcade.
Powers Nathan E.   h 50 Huntington.
Powers Thomas teacher h 13 Mechanic.
Powers Thomas J. laborer bds 2 Wall.
Powers Walter farmer h 21 Hoard.
PRATT LEVI L. assistant editor Times and Reformer bds Globe HoteL
Preivo Robert   bds 53 1/2 Water.
Prentice Albert E. coachman h 13 Clay.
Prentice Geo. W.   bds 6 Jackson.
Prentice Lawrence G.   h 1 Jackson.
Prentice Lyndon H.   h 31 William.
Price Ernest trimmer h 10 Moulton.
PRIMEAU JOHN J. B. millinery, etc. 23 Arcade h 35 Massey.
Prindle 0. S. com. Traveler h 45 State. '
Pringle Charles L. laborer h 30 Cedar.
Prior John Mrs.   h 24 Leray.
Prior Martha seamstress h 4 Mechanic.
Pritchard John clerk bds 25 Clay south
Pritchard John O.   bds 25 Clay south
Pritchard Samuel A. painter h 5 Lepper.
Proctor J. H. Mrs.   h 33 Paddock Arcade..
Front Sheldon T.   h 28 1/2 Court.
PROUTY JOHN boots and shoes- 7 Public Square h 55 Washington.
Prouty Nelson mason h 39 Leray.
Puffer Frank E. laborer h
Pulver Peter laborer h 25 1/2 Bronson.
PURCELL HENRY lawyer - 20 Flower Building h 17 William.
Purdy Hazleton   bds 151 Main.
Purdy Mark paper maker h 151 Main.
Purdy Sarah A. Mrs.   bds 151 Main.
Pursell Agnes dressmaker h 47 Arsenal
Pursell Fannie dressmaker h 47 Arsenal
Putnam Arthur J. painter h 44 High.
Putnam Charles brakeman h 8 Pine.
Putnam Frank mason h rear 23 Cedar.
Putnam Henry boarding house h 12 Union.
Putnam J.   h 16 Smith.
Putnam James mason h 96 Arsenal.
Putnam James E.   bds 96 Arsenal.
Putnam John L. carpenter h 19 Pine.
Quackinbush Mr.   h Pine.
Quail Charles   bds 5 Mundy.
Quail Hannah Mrs.   h 5 Mundy.
Quail Thomas paper maker h 5 Grove.
Quencer Charles P.   h 18 Academy.
Quencer Edward C. clerk bds 18 Academy.
Quencer George laborer h 7 Smith.
QUENCER GEORGE S.   bds 14 Academy.
Quencer Jacob   bds 25 Academy.
QUENCER JACOB JR. saloon h 14 Academy
QUENCER JULIUS A. saloon h 25 Academy
Quencer Lewis baker 66 Pub. Sq. h 4 Clay.
Quencer Lewis P. jeweler bds 4 Clay.
Quencer Sabastian salesman h 5 Academy
Quencer Wallace S. jeweler bds 5 Adademy
Quinn James E. plumber h 79 Rutland
Quinn Kate Miss   h 50 Franklin
QUINN JOSEPH A. grocer h 1 Hancock
Quinn Maggie Miss   h 50 Franklin
Quinn Marie Mrs.   bds 55 1/2 Arsenal
Quinn Martin bartender h 41 High.
Quinn Mary J. dressmaker h 33 Anthony.
Quinn Wm.   h 119 Main.
Quintal Frank molder h 50 Central.
Quintal Frank jr. molder bds 50 Central
Quintal Joseph N.   h 7 Water.
Quirk Michael painter h 10 Coffeen.
Quirak Michael J.   bds 6 Grove.
Radigan James   bds 2 West.
Radigan Patrick   h Massey above Ives.
Rafferty Martin   h 10 Cedar.
Rafferty Martin jr.   bds 141-A Arsenal.
Ragan John   bds Dillon House.
Ragan John laborer h 17 Moulton.
Ralph Alta Miss   h 28 Franklin.
Ralph Lydia Mrs.   h 28 Franklin.
Ralph Thomas engineer - Woodruff House.  
Ralph Salina Miss   bds 59 Washington.
Ralston Charles Mrs.   h 14 Union.
Ralston Sandosky farmer h 14 Union.
Randall Dempster J. laborer h 2 West.
Randall Edwin R.   h 11 Clay.
Randolph James   h 9 Hamilton.
Randolph Wm. N. mason h 21 Central.
Rankin John E.   bds 87 Rutland.
Rankin Joseph carpenter bds 95 Factory.
Rankin Miles E.   h 87 Rutland.
Rankin Peter   h rear 30 Factory.
Rankin Wm. machinist bds 87 Rutland.
Rankin Wm. H. machinist bds 87 Rutland.
Rape Thomas   h 18 Palmer.
Raplee Jefferson T.   bds 12 Ten Eyeck.
Raplee M.   bds 12 TenEyek.
Rapholz Geo.   bds 20 Central avenue.
Rattery James   bds 65J Mill.
Rawson Frinda M.   inmate Keep Home.
Ray Dudley ostler Romang House.
Ray Robert mason h 3 Jay.
Ray Samuel fruit h rear 1 State
RAYMOND ANNIE J. MISS dressmaker h Opera House. 34 Arsenal 3rd floor
Raymond Fred A. laborer h 79 Water.
Read Robert   bds 17 Emerson.
Reade H. G. printer bds 70 Rutland.
Reardon Orie   bds 25 Clay south.
Rebelskey Wm. grocer h 35 1/2 Pub. Sq.
Reck Lawrence clerk bds Central House.
Rector Geo. H. carpenter h 76 Rutland.
Reddick Wm. paper maker bds 4 Lynde.
Redding Wm.   h 32 Factory.
Redding Michael fireman bds 43 Coffeen.
Redmon James boiler maker bds 148 Main.
Redmond John   bds Romang House.
Redmond Patrick overs'r poor h 137 Arsenal.
Redpath Mercy Mrs. nurse h 20 Davidson.
Reed Edward brakeman bds 59 Coffeen.
Reed Elbridge A. carpenter h 61 Mill.
Reed H. D. insurance bds 88 State.
Reed Jane Mrs.   bds 36 Bronson.
Reed James   h 95 Moulton.
Reed Michael Mrs.   h 3 Ely.
Reed Milton M. Mrs.   h 36 Bronson.
Reed Philip H. carpenter h 9 Sterling.
Reese Alfred E.   h 37 Bronson.
REESE J.A. meat market h 2 William.
REESE LUCIUS E. meat market 17 Court h 21 Orchard
REESE MARTIN H. meat market 82 Factory h 35 Rutland
Reeves Charles   h 2 Central avenue.
Reeves Henry   h 90 Franklin.
Reeves James E.   h 83 Franklin.
Reff Ignatius laborer h 20 Central ave.
Reid Joseph P. machinist h 28J Court.
Reid Thomas   bds 131 Main.
Relyea John C.   h Remington, Main-st
REMINGTON ALFREDO. paper manufacturer h 6 Clinton.
Remington Chas. H. paper mfr. h 15 TenEyck.
Remington Chas. R. paper mfr. h 31 Clinton.
REMINGTON EDWARD W. paper mfr. h 32 Clinton
REMINGTON HIRAM paper mfr. h 28 State
Renaud Alexander   h 3f Court- room 4.
Renaud D. John molder h 4 East.
Renaud Edward E.   bds 106 Monlton.
Renaud John molder h 109 Moulton.
Renner Fred baker h 8 Rutland.
Repelskey Wm. clerk bds
REXFORD CHARLES M. physician - 8 Stone h 6 Massey avenue
Reynolds George carpenter h 5 Baker.
Reynolds Hugh mechanic bds 5 Davidson.
Reynolds John   bds Harris House.
Reynolds Patrick J.   h 191 Main.
Reynolds Rose Miss dressmaker bds 6 Grove.
Reynolds S. W. grocer h 72 State.
Rheaume Frank   h 18 Hewitt.
Rheaume Joseph   h 13 Newell.
Rhiner Charles mechanic h 24 Thompson.
Rhines Fred R.   h 22 Clay South
RHINES FOSTER P. (Farwell &Rhines) h 49 Franklin
Rhines Wm. H.   h 18 1/2 Factory.
RHUBART HENRY H. proprietor Harris House  
Rhubart John   bds Harris House.
Rice Arthur L. bookkeeper h 44 Bronson.
Rice Celia B.   inmate Keep Home.
Rice Charles O. physician bds 16 Stone.
RICE FRANK J. hackman h 25 Coffeen.
Rice Homer H. druggist h 2 Clay.
Rice Luther Rev.   h 155 Coffeen;
Rice Reuben   h 16 Newell.
Rice Wm. H. spinner h 76 Monlton.
Rice Willis W.   bds 15 Sherman.
Rich Edward   bds 4 Polb.
Rich John   bds 4 Polk.
Rich Mortimer E.   h 76 Arsenal.
Rich Robert carpenter bds 4 Poik.
Rich Thomas G. finisher h 69 State.
Rich Wm. C. clerk bds 34 State.
Richard W. tinner h 20 Factory.
Richards Arthur laborer h 14 1/2 Polk.
Richards Wm. H. stone mason b 22 Coffees.
Richardson Adrian M.   35 Orchard.
Richardson Carrie N. teacher bds 26 Meadow.
Richardson Charles O. machinist h 113 Main.
RICHARDSON CHARLES L. mail carrier h 40 Stone
Richardson David   h 64 Conrt.
Richardson Prank H.   h 24 Snell.
Richardson Nelson J.   h 24 Jefferson.
Richardson Robert B. Mrs.   h 26 Meadow.
Richardson Thomas J.   h 24 Broadway avenue.
Richey Mary J. Mrs.   h 8 William.
Richey Thomas Rev.   h 5 William.
Richter Charles miller h 6 Main.
Rickerson Willard D.   h 74 Moulton.
Rickman Joseph laborer h 33 Elizabeth.
Rider Brayton tinner bds 27 Franklin.
RIDER C. W. &Co. (C. W. R. &C. A.Puller) bottlers 6 Franklin.
RIDER CLINTON W.   h 21 State.
Rider George carpenter bds 62 State.
RIDER &SCHUYLER (C.W.R. &P.E.S.) hats caps and furs - 10 Court  
Rider Solon D.   bds 21 State.
Rieffannacht N. M.   h 4Rem'ngt'n.Main-st.
Rieffannacht Wm.   h 6 Sheridan.
Riggs Catharine Mrs.   h 85 Franklin.
Riley Ibert tailor h 9 Paddock.
Riley Anna L. typewriter bds 61 Franklin.
Riley John H. core maker h 25 William.
Riley Lawrence carpenter h 61 Pranklin.
Riley Michael laborer h 55 Holcomb.
RILEY PHILIP bookkeeper h 5 Mechanic
Rima Elmer M   h 22 Orchard.
Ring Anna L. Miss   bds 34 Stone.
Riordan Oria E clerk bds 12 Keyes ave.
Rivers Elmer laborer h 60 Moulton.
Rivers Frank laborer h 61 Moulton.
Rivers John laborer h 18 Newell.
Rivers Thomas carter h 6 Pearl.
Roach Davis laborer h rear 51 State.
Roach Henry J. clerk City Hotel.
Roach Isaac laborer h 28 Elizabeth.
Roach Jason florist h 11 Munson.
Roach Wm.   bds Dillon House.
Roach William Mrs.   bds City Hotel.
Roan Thomas polisher h 52 Academy.
Roan Samuel P. painter h 49 Meadow.
Roberge Paul Mrs.   h 18 Factory.
ROBBINS CHARLES D. flour and feed h 15 William
Robbins Ellsworth J. clerk h 39 1/2 Massey.
Robbins Everett H. trimmer bds 141 Main.
Robbins Hiram H. butcher h 141 Main.
ROBERTS &SONS (C. D. C. and P. L.Roberts) grocers- 36 Court.  
Roberts Anthony   h 16 1/2 Ash.
ROBERTS CHARLES grocer - 22 Paddock.  
Roberts Christinas shoemaker h 1 LeRay.
ROBERTS DANIEL C. grocer h 62State.
ROBERTS FRANK L. grocer bds 22 Paddock
Roberts Freall mechanic h 22 Thompson.
Roberts John   bds Dillon House.
Roberts J. E. Mrs. teacher h 7 Benedict.
Roberts Lewis E. engineer h 10 Orchard.
Roberts Lewis H. machinist h 4 Cooper.
Roberts Margaret Mrs.   h 57 Com. Arcade.
Roberts Olive Miss   bds 8 1/2 Arcade.
Roberts P. Mrs.   h 52 American Arcade.
Roberts Peter boiler maker h 5 Lynde.
Roberts R. M. Mrs.   h 6 Jackson.
Robertson Catharine Mrs.   h 3 Boon.
Robertson Duncan J.   h 32 Franklin.
Robertson Frank C. blacksmith h 9 Davidson.
Robertson Frank E. machinist h 9 Davidson.
Robertson James   h 3 Boon.
Robertson John Mrs.   h 23 Wordrnff.
Robertson Olive P. Miss   bds 8f Arcade.
Robertson Orlando R. machinist bds 4 Polk.
ROBINSON &ARMSTRONG (S. M. R.and DeL. A. ) dentists - 21 Paddock Arcade.  
Robinson Annie Miss   bds 10 Academy.
Robinson Augusta Mrs.   h 43 High.
Robinson Benjamin laborer bds 72 Mill.
Robinson Carri E. Miss   bds 43 High.
Robinson Caroline L. Mrs.   bds 35 Stone.
Robinson Charles telegrapher bds 80 Franklin.
Robinson Geo. B. molder h 3 William.
Robinson Harriet A. Mrs.   bds 10 Sterling.
Robinson Harriet B. Miss   h 46 State.
Robinson James M. machinist h 21 Academy.
Robinson John shoemaker h 51 Mill.
Robinson John stone mason bds 100 Court.
Robinson John N. butcher h 136 Main.
Robinson Orin J. painter h 5 Boyd.
Robinson Orange B. contractor h 22 Meadow.
ROBINSON SAMUEL M. dental depot - 21 Paddock Arcade h 1C Ten Eyck
Robinson Walter   bds Harris House.
Roblin Carrie A. Miss   bds 40 Orchard.
Roblin Fred B. bookkeeper bds 11 Lamon.
Roblin Grace C. Miss   bds 11 Lamon.
Roblin James clerk bds 61 Arsenal.
Roblin John   bds 61 Arsenal.
Roblin Maud M. compositor bds 11 Lamon.
ROBLIN PETER W. lumber dealer &co. h 61 Arsenal
Roblin Samuel B. tailor h 11 Lamon.
Roblin Walter A carpenter h 40 Orchard.
Roby Louis carpenter h 27 Newell.
Roby Samuel I. carpenter h 14 Orchard.
Roche Jas. baggage express h 49 Prospect.
Rocher Thomas laborer h 81 Court.
Rocher Wm. laborer h 87 Court.
Rockwood James mechanic h 59 Monlton.
Rogers A. M. Mrs.   h 5 Jay.
Rogers Antoinette C. teacher h 5 Jay.
Rogers Frank W.   bds 41 Rutland.
Rogers Fred E.   bds 41 Rutland.
Rogers Holmes carpenter h 394 Massey.
Rogers Jennie A. stenographer h 5 Jay.
Rogers Julius P. carpenter h 41 Rutland.
Rogers Lillian I. milliner bds 13 Jackman.
Rogers Lorenzo farmer h 18 LeRay.
Rogers Milton L. clerk bds 9 Sterling.
Rogers Moses W. mechanic h 86 Factory.
Rogers S. F. Mrs.   h 13 Jackman.
Rogers Seneca N. laborer h 2 Prospect
Rogers Theron carpenter h 36 Lynde.
ROGERS WATSON M. lawyer h 20 TenEyck
Robers Wm. G. carpenter h 19 William.
Rolfe William A.   bds 28 1/2 Court.
ROMANG FRED J. lawyer - 16 Washington h Romang House. 69 Court.-
Romang George conductor bds 69 Stone.
Romang John jr.   bds Romang House.
ROMANG JOHN P. grocer h 79 Arsenal.
Romang Laura Mrs.   h 69 Stone.
Romang M. A.   h Romans House 69 Court.
Romang Matthew   h on track- foot of Mullin.
Ronock Charles laborer h 15 Burns ave.
Rooney Michael Mrs.   h 188 Arsenal
RONEY SARAH E. MISS milliner h 18-A Franklin
Root Alton D. painter h 10 State.
Root David harness maker h 41 Moulton.
Root Erwin B. pointer h 20 Munson.
Root Frank E. fireman h 27 Orchard.
Root James M. engineer h 30 Davidson.
Root Huldah E. Mrs.   h 9 Emerson.
Root May Miss   bds 39 Orchard.
Root Norman   h 57 Mill.
Rose Alanson   h 80 State.
Rose Albert mason bds 29 LeRay.
ROSE HERBERT B. manager Singer M'f'g Co. 42 Arsenal h 50 Stone.
Rose Myron   bds 80 State.
Rose Stephen   bds 48 Arsenal.
Rose Wallace laborer h 138 Main.
Rosenberg Wm. cigar maker bds 1 Center.
Rosenboom Edgar   h 172 Main.
Ross Elizabeth Mrs.   bds 4 Huntington.
Ross Jane laundress - Woodruff House.  
Ross John T. oyster dealer h 45 Arsenal.
ROTH FLORENTINE D. dry goods h 48 Washington
Ronen John laborer bds 57 Factory.
Roughsage J. file cutter bds 16 Haney.
Roulston R. E. dressmaker h 64 1/2 Court.
Rounds Edwin W.   h 9 Holcomb.
Rounds Fred L.   bds 51-A Franklin.
Rouse Nancy Mrs.   bds 26 Franklin.
Rowe Wm. H.   h 6 Union.
Rudd Alden R. Mrs.   h 46 Arsenal.
Rudd Alice L. Miss   bds 24 Winslow.
Rudd Charles J. clerk h 24 Winslow.
Rudd Lucinda W. Mrs.   h 24 Winslow.
Rulison Charles M.   bds 5 Sterling.
Rulison W. D.V.   h 1 Massey avenue.
Rumsey James M. carpenter h 43 Coffeen.
Russeaw Burley blacksmith h 103 Main.
Russell Benj. trimmer h 49 Central.
Russell Geo. A. blacksmith h 15 Emerson.
Russell James R.   h 50 1/2 Arsenal.
Russell John machinist hds 16 Cooper.
Russell Walter N.   bds 50 1/2 Arsenal.
Rutan Augustus M.   h 24 Emerson.
Rutan Matthew A.   h 16 Mechanic.
Ryan Daniel molder bds 54 Factory.
Ryan Daniel P. conductor h 12 1/2 Orchard.
Ryan Dennis P. polisher bds 19 Cedar.
Ryan James coachman bds 55 1/2 Arsenal.
Ryan John barber bds 19 Cedar.
Ryan John carriage maker h 5 Howk.
Ryan John Mrs.   h 19 Cedar.
Ryan Jno. D. carriage maker bds 5 Howk.
Ryan Jno. W. cutter bds Woodruff House.
Ryan Maggie Miss domestic 61 1/2 Arsenal.
Ryan Martin M. machinist bds 19 Cedar.
Ryan Mary Miss tailoress bds 19 Cedar.
Ryan Stephen   bds 1 Ccffeen.
RYAN STEPHEN B. wines and liquors - 30 Public Square h 15 Goodale
Ryan Thomas laborer h 130 Arsenal.
Ryan Thomas   bds Washington House.
Ryan Wm. helper bds 5 Howk.
Ryder Brayton bds 13 Union.  
Ryder John R. finisher h 74 Rutland.
Ryder Walter B. tinner bds 27 Franklin.
Ryther Geo. D. mfr. bds Globe Hotel.

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