DIRECTORY OF 1891-1892.

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Watertown Directory, S-T

Last Name First Name Occupation/ Business Residence
Sabin S. Mrs.   h 34 1/2 Court 2d floor.
Sackett Ida Mrs.   h 1 1/2 Rutland.
Salsbury Cynthia A.   bds 72 Washington.
SALISBURY ALPHONSO superintendent Water Works h 33 Academy.-
Saltsman Casper tailor h 21 Winslow.
Samson Wm. mechanic bds 12 Union.
Samson Wm. trimmer bds 54 Franklin.
Samson Wm. file cutter bds 26 Franklin.
Sanders Jared   bds 33 Hamilton.
Sanderson Sidney machinist h 83 Main.
Sandy John E.   bds 18 Orchard.
Sanford Gary laborer h 14 Haney.
Sanford David B.   h 16 Sterling.
Sanford Lewis   bds 70 Mill.
Sareent Andrew T.   h 19 Morrison.
SARGENT &ANDREWS   (W. Sargent and E. A. Andrews) stoves and tinware - 29 Public Square.  
Sargent E. L. dentist bds Woodruff House.
SARGENT FRED F. (E. Bingham &Co.) wines and liquors h 34 Orchard
Sargent Fred W. tinner bds 2 Jackson.
SARGENT WALTER tinner h 2 Jackson.
Sarvay Leonard E.   h 91 State.
Satchwell Alonzo   h 68 Main.
Satchwell David gardener h 131 Coffeen.
SATCHWELL GEORGE E. editor Watertown Advocate h 66 Main
Satchwell Mary E. Miss teacher bds 68 Main.
Satchwell Wm. A. mechanic h 51 Main.
Sattimore Joseph   h 22 Lawrence.
Sattimore Peter   h Woods Falls - Main street.
Sattimore Wm. laborer bds 22 Lawrence.
Sattimore Wm. H.   h 20 Lawrence.
Satury John machinist bds 5 Moulton.
Saunders Edward   h Hunt.
Savage James laborer h 73 Main.
Savage Wm. J. laborer h rear 73 Main.
Savell John W. lumberman h 196 Main.
SAWYER AZARIAH H. lawyer -13 Washington h 5 Ten Eyck
Sawyer Jenny S. Miss   bds 5 Ten Eyck.
Sawyer O. D. laborer h 2 Hamlin.
Saxe Willard E. deputy sheriff h at jail 6 Masey
Sayers Geo. G. baker bds 70 Factory.
Sayers Alexander   h 28 Central
Sayers Benjamin laborer h 15 Newell.
Sayers Joseph laborer h 70 Factory.
SAYLES GEO. N. vegetable garden and small fruit farm - 40 Bradley.  
Scales Charles W.   h 17 Huntington.
Scanlon Brayton   bds 12 Union.
Scanlon James carpenter h
Schall Mary A. housekeeper 31 Franklin.
Schantz David A. carpenter h 10 William.
Schanzel Fred   bds 61 Stone.
Scharch Geo. blacksmith h 41 Bronson.
Scharch Henry blacksmith h 9 Rutland.
Scharch Wm.H.   bds 41 Rutland.
Scheller August mason h 16 Hamilton.
Schermerhorn Jason B.   h 29 Bronson.
Schelleng Geo. blacksmith bds 34 High.
Sehlegel M. H.   bds 8 Jay.
Schlough Bernard helper h 4 Fairview.
Schneider Conrad   bds 25 Bronson.
SCHNEIDER G. H. baker and grocer h 13-B Coffeen
Schneider John B.   h 33 Burchard.
Schobel Albert J. baker h 8 Burchard.
Schoeb Christian butcher h 17 Burchard.
Scholes E. tailor h 63 Mill.
Schram Charlotte Z. Mrs.   bds 8 High.
Schram John J. clerk h 20 Orchard.
Schram Lucy A. Mrs.   bds 31 Franklin.
Schriminger Thomas   bds 54 Factory.
Schriver Albert W.   h 26 Academy.
Schryer Wm. H. laborer bds 22 Stone.
Schubiger Benj.   h Ontario Mills Main-st.
Schuster Geo. machinist h 16 Davidson.
SCHUYLER CHARLES L. music dealer and sewing machines - 1 Paddock Arcade h 51 Stone.
SCHUYLER FRED E (Eider &Sehuyler) hats and caps bds 7 Clay.
SCHUYLER GEO. D. household goods h 47 Massey
Scobell Geo. 0 h 10 Trinity Place.
Scofleld Amos   bds Eomang House.
SCOTT &BAIRD CO.   (W. W. S.J. S.B. and J. L. Clark) jewelers - 4 Washington Place.  
Scott Elizabeth Mrs.   h 8 Grant.
Scott Flora Miss domestic 1 Mullin.  
Scott Frank K.   bds 4 William.
Scott Fred cabinet maker h 19 Franklin.
Scott Geo. painter bds 54 Factory.
Scott G. Grace Miss   bds 29 Emerson.
Scott Hannah Mrs.   h 13 Jefferson.
Scott Hugh D. hats and caps h 44 Stone.
Scott James D.   bds 4 Grant.
Scott John T. hats and caps h 28 Coffeen.
Scott John W. painter h 29 Emerson.
Scott Mary Miss domestic - 35 Franklin.  
Scott Mary L. Mrs.   h 4 William.
Scott Robert M. laborer h 48 Franklin.
Scott Rosa Miss   h 13 Jefferson.
SCOTT ROSS.C. surrogate h 38 State.
Scott Thomas stone mason bds 100 Court.
Scott Victoria Mrs.   h 1 Hamlin.
Scott Winfield   bds Romang House.
Scott William   h 26 Coffeen.
Scott William G.   h 14 Bronson.
Scoville Chas. mechanic bds 55 Water.
Scoville Horace D. teamster h 13 Summer.
Scoville Marvin farmer h 55 Water.
Scripture Calvin   bds Globe.
Scripture Eugene   bds 3 Gotham.
Scroxton C. Edward painter h 12 Gill.
Scroxton Holland tinner h 24 Meadow.
Scroxton Joseph plumber bds Crowner.
Scroxton Scully P.   h 176 Main.
Seaman Addison C.   bds 54 Com. Arcade.
SEAVER ALANSON D. insurance h 8 Holcomb
Seaver Frank B.   bds 14 Bronson.
Seaver Richard F.   h 6 Rutland.
Seaver Wm. ostler Kirby House.
Seaver Wm.   inmate Keep Home.
Seavor Wm. H. mechanic h 15 Rutland.
Secor Chas. W. mechanic h 49 1/2 Massey.
Secor Wm. laborer bds 18 Cooper.
Seeber Edgar N. trimmer h 70 Arsenal
Seeber Geo. H. trimmer h 84 Arsenal.
Seibert Peter saloon h 50 Court.
Seibert Wm. clerk bds 50 Court.
SEIPEL GEORGE barber h 26 Academy.
Seipel Lizzie saleswoman bds 26 Academy.
Seipel Louise stenograph'r bds 26 Acad'my
Seipel Meincha P.O. clerk bds 26 Academy
Semper Chas. H.   bds 44 TenEyck.
Semper Wm. J.   bds 44 TenEyck.
Senecal Geo. P.   bds 78 Franklin.
Service Alice dressmaker bds 34 1/2 Court.
Service Wm. H. Mrs.   h 74 Main.
Servey Elizabeth   bds 10 1/2 Coffeen.
Servey Kittle music teacher bds 10 1/2 Coffeen
SERVEY WILLIAM M. boots and shoes h 10 1.2 Coffeen.
Serviss Allie tailoress bds 39 1/2 Meadow.
SERVISS ELMER E. asst. supt agencies Prudential Ins. Co. bds American
SEWALL EDMUND Q. manufacturer h 36 Washington
Sexsmith Geo. A. clerk h 3 Jackson.
Sexsmith Wm.   bds 3 Jackson.
SEYMOUR FREDERICK clerk of Board of education bds Sterling
Seymour Nelson   inmate Keep Home.
Shaff Charles D.   bds rear 31 Prospect.
Shaffer Lydia Mrs.   bds 36 State.
Shaffert John C painter h 7 Coffeen.
Shaft Frank   bds 12 Orchard.
Shannon Andrew A.   bds 55 1/2 Franklin.
Shannon Andrew E.   h 35 Elizabeth.
Shannon Ann W. Mrs.   bds 47 Franklin.
Sharlow Christopher Mrs.   h 134 Main.
Sharlow Hugh boiler maker h 3 Morrison.
Sharlow Peter painter h 4 Morrison.
Sharlow Wm. blacksmith h 134 Main.
Sharp Chas. S.   h 77 1/2 Washington.
Sharp Frederick M.   bds 107 Washington.
Sharp Geo. B.   bds 107 Washington.
Sharp Isaac painter h 34 Main
Sharp James teamster h 34 Water.
Sharp Nelson   bds 11 Cooper.
Sharp Wm. clerk bds 141 Main.
Shaver Collins mechanic bds 56 Stone.
Shaver F. D. principal High School h 13 1/2 Sterling
Shaver John   h 1 1/2 Mill.
Shaw A. clerk bds 28 LeRay.
Shaw Albert D.   h 16 Winslow.
Shaw Edward brakeman h 26 Meadow.
Shaw John W. molder h 5 Gill.
Shaw Peter laborer h 8 1/2 Davidson.
Shaw Egbert F. carpenter bds City Hotel.
Shaw Stephen C. painter h 28 LeRay.
Shead Caroline L. Miss   bds 3 TeoEyek.
Shead James D.   h 10 State.
Sheahen Henry   bds 2 Ives.
Sheahen John laborer h 2 Ives.
Shean Fannie Miss   bds 74 Washington.
Shean Jas. blacksmith h 74 Washington.
Shehi Maria Mrs.   bds 31 Mullin.
Sheldon John   h 9 TenEyck.
Sheldon Joseph farmer at Co. Asylum.  
Sheldon Mr.   h 27 Branson.
Shelley Edgar S. expressman bds Globe.
Shellington Margaret Mrs.   bds 4 1/2 Bradley.
Shepard Frank H.   h 68 1/2 Washington.
Shepard J. Mrs.   h 108 1/2 Main.
Shepard James cutter h 1 Munson.
Shepard John   bds 17 Holcomb.
Shepard Stephen fireman h 7 Hewitt.
Shepard Wilfred L   h 6 1/2 Washington Place.
SHEPARD WM. J. secretary and treasurer Watertown Thermometer Co. h 1 Munson
Sheridan James laborer h 21 Rutland.
Sheridan James   h 14 1/2 Factory.
Sherman Bertha C. Miss   bds 2 Sherman.
Sherman Chas. A. Mrs.   h 4 Clinton.
Sherman Chas. N. clerk bds 4 Clinton.
Sherman Edgar M mechanic h 7 Tilden.
Sherman Frank A.   bds 4 Clinton.
Sherman Frederick D.   bds 4 Massey ave.
Sherman G. C. Mrs.   h 1 Clinton.
SHERMAN GEORGE C. (Taggart Bros. Co.) paper manf'rs h 14 TenEyck
SHERMAN GEORGE H. banker h 15 Clinton
Sherman John A. Mrs.   h 43 Stone.
Sherman Roswell W.   h 16 Washington.
SHERMAN WM. W. (W. R. Baker Manufacturing Co.) h 2 Sherman
Sherry Barney Mrs.   h 23 Elm.
Sherry Felix machinist h 3 Washington.
Sherry James   h 65 1/2 Main.
Sherry Mary Mrs.   bds 23 Winslow.
Sherwood Alexander laborer h 25 Cedar.
Sherwood Darwin B.   h 41 Franklin.
Sherwood Frank A.   bds 41 Franklin.
Shinners Henry machinist h 63 Main.
Shinners James   h 10 Academy.
Shinners Wm.   bds 12 Paddock Arcade.
Shirley Cornelius D.   bds 7 1/2 Winthrop.
Shoemaker Lou Miss   bds 3 Lepper.
Shorey C. M.   bds 55 Rutland.
Shorey C. William clerk bds 55 Rutland.
Shorey Eunice   h 35 Commercial Arcade.
Shorey Martha Miss   h 35 Com. Arcade.
Shorey Susan Miss   h 35 Com. Arcade.
Shorey Wm. asst. undertaker bds 55 Rutland
Shortt David painter bds 65 1/2 Mill.
Shortt James   bds 65 1/2 Mill.
Shortt John gas maker h 1 Morrison.
Shortt Katie dressmaker bds 37 Meadow.
Shortt Mary dressmaker bds 37 Meadow.
Shortt Mary Mrs.   h 65 1/2 Mill.
Shortt Thos. laborer h 37 Meadow.
Shortsleve Aggie Miss domestic- Romang.  
Shumway L. Mrs.   h 22 LeRay.
Sidmore James carpenter h 104 Davidson.
Siegel Frank X.   h 21 Morrison.
Signor Chester laborer bds 14 Moulton.
Sigourney Charles A.   h 28 1/2 Court.
Sigourney John M. Mrs.   bds 47 State.
Sigourney Wm. H.   bds 37 TenEyck.
Siler John machinist h 38 Cooper.
Siler John T. machinist bds 38 Cooper.
Siler Louise M. Miss   bds 38 Cooper.
Sill Edward physician h 14 Winthrop.
Simmons Charles miller h 15 Mechanic.
Simmons C. S. Mrs.   bds 6 Baker.
Simmons Henry H. billiards h 6 Baker.
Simmons Ira carpenter h 3 Lamon.
Simmons Johnson trimmer h 37 Brainard.
Simmons J. H. Mrs.   bds 15 Mechanic.
Simonds Martin L.   h 28 Orchard.
Simonds S. C. Mrs.   h 93 Arsenal.
SIMONS C. WATSON   h 17 TenEyck.
Simpson Bridget Mrs.   h over 35 Court.
Simpson Edward saloon bds over 35 Court.
Simpson Ellen M. Mrs.   h 10 High.
Simpson Geo. M.   bds 7 Woods Falls Main-st.
Simpson James   h 39 Main.
SIMPSON JOHN saloon h 63 Academy.
Simpson Jno. H. vet. surgeon h 139 Main.
Simpson Jos. H. vet. surgeon h 6 Clay.
Simpson Kittie G. music teacher h 6 Clay.
Sims Andrew porter Globe Hotel.  
Singleton Edward J. trimmer h 10 Cedar.
Singleton Wm.   h Holcomb.
Singleton Wm. blacksmith h 47 Franklin.
Singleton Henry L. polisher h 22 Cedar.
Singleton Henry   h 4 Hewitt.
Singleton J. Mrs.   bds 10 Cedar.
Singleton John J. blacksmith h 18 Cedar.
Sisson Charles L.   h 15 Emerson.
Sisson Humphrey   h 26 Paddock.
Sisters of St. Joseph    h 114 Main.
Sitts Charles laborer bds 104 Main.
Sixbury Fred mason bds 11 Hamilton.
Skeels Wines R.   h 80 Franklin.
Skinner Charles R Deputy Supt. Public Instruction bds 50 Arsenal.
Skinner Ed. painter bds 27 High.
Sloan Nancy A. Mrs.   h 33 Franklin.
SLOAT &GREENLEAF (C. W. Sloat &L.C. Greenleaf) lumber dealers and planing mill - office 32 Mill and manufactory 15 Front.  
SLOAT CHARLES W. lumber dealer h60 Franklin.
Sloat Edward A. blacksmith h 107 Main.
Sloat E. G.   h 7 Bradley.
Sloat Harrison   h 108 Main.
Slocum Lowilliam   h 42 1/2 Bronson.
Slocum Nettie Miss   h 28 Moulton.
Slocum Peleg   h 108 Arsenal.
Sloman W. A.   h 12 State.
Smiley Robinson E.   h 29 TenEyck.
Smith Albert D.   bds 131 Main.
Smith A. P. hop grower h 225 Arsenal.
SMITH ALLEN S. physician 9 American Arcade h 58 State
Smith Benjamin blacksmith h 61 Stone.
Smith Bridget Mrs.   h 39 Massey.
Smith Charles D. Mrs.   bds 39 State.
Smith Charlotte L. Mrs.   bds 26 Franklin.
SMITH C.FRANK (Bowers &Smith)harness and trunks bds 3 Park ave.
Smith C. W. machinist h 43 Moulton.
Smith Daniel B.   h 9 High.
Smith Dell E. hackman h 27 Academy.
Smith Edward laborer h 21 Emmett.
Smith Edward laborer h 40 Pine.
Smith Edward N.   bds 44 Rutland.
Smith Edwin D. stenographer bds 1/2 High.
Smith Ella Miss saleswoman bds 62 Court.
Smith Ella B. Miss   bds 12 Mechanic.
Smith Ernest W. ins. bds 65 Franklin.
Smith Eugene laborer bds 54 Factory.
Smith Frank bookkeeper h 65 Franklin.
Smith Frank B. butcher h 11 Orchard.
Smith Frank R.   h 34 TenEyck.
Smith Frank W. engineer h 19 Meadow.
Smith Fred C. jeweler bds 65 Franklin.
SMITH FREDERICK B. physician - 9 American Arcade bds 58 State.
Smith George   h 58 Washington.
SMITH GEORGE Treas. Jefferson County Saving Bank h 6 Sterling.
Smith Geo. laborer bds 41/2 Baker.
Smith Geo. C. Rev. pastor A. M. E. Zion church h rear 133 1/2 Main.
Smith Geo. H. butcher h 1 Burchard.
Smith G. Harrison farmer h 106 State.
Smith George L. miller h 21 Burchard.
Smith Geo. M. carpenter bds 60 Court.
SMITH GEO. W. B. homoeopathic physician - 9 1/2 Court h 11 State.-
Smith Grace Mrs.   h 1 Bronson.
Smith Harvey   h 30 Emerson.
Smith Harvey coachman 7 TenEyck.
Smith Harvey M.   h 8 Union Bl'kArsenal
SMITH HANNIBAL lawyer 14 Commercial Arcade h 44 Rutland.-
Smith Harry C. machinist h 1 Davidson.
Smith Henry H.   h 29 Mullin.
SMITH HERBERT H. physician - 25 Paddock Arcade h 8 Academy-
Smith Ira P. shipping clerk bds Crowner.
Smith James Mrs.   h 36 Academy.
SMITH JAMES R. furniture and upholsterer 22 Public Square h 22 Keyes avenue
Smith John   bds 2 Prospect.
Smith John A. molder h 81 Massey.
Smith John B.   bds 29 Mullin.
Smith John H. roadmaster h 64 Stone.
Smith John L.   bds 39 Massey.
SMITH J. MONROE physician bds 200 Arsenal
Smith John R. Mrs.   h 15 Boon.
Smith John W.   h 7 Remington- Main-st.
SMITH L. A. grocer h 5 Massey avenue.
Smith Litty Mrs.   h 32 1/2 Factory.
Smith Louis laborer bds 100 Court.
Smith LydiaC.S.P. laundress h 68 River
SMITH M. LEE. physician 23 Paddock Arcade bds 200 Arsenal
Smith Martin M. hop grower 200 Arsenal
Smith Mary A. artist bds 4 Massey ave.
Smith Mary A. Miss cook - Crowner House.  
Smith Minnie Miss   h rear 7 1/2 Mill.
Smith Myron D.   h 1 Dillon Blk. Factory
Smith Nicholas M.   bds Woodruff House.
Smith Philip laborer h 31 Main.
SMITH RALPH T. grocer - 5 Arsenal h State
Smith Robert E produce bds Crowner.
Smith Robert S. carriage maker h 14 Gill.
Smith Romeyn H. machinist h 80 Main.
Smith Terranee A.   h 39 Prospect.
Smith Thomas   h 6 Summer.
Smith Thomas G. laborer h Smith.
Smith Thomas mason h 11 Smith.
Smith Thomas laborer h 136 Arsenal.
Smith Thomas M.   H 13 Burchard
Smith Timothy A.   h 221 Arsenal.
Smith Ward   bds 2 Academy.
Smith Wm. wagon maker h 12 1/2 Pearl.
Smith Wm.   h 36 Pine.
Smith Wm. clerk bds 2 Pearl.
Smith Wm. C. clerk bds 49 Stone.
Smith Wm. E.   bds Central House.
Smith Wm. H.   bds 26 Franklin.
SMITH WM. H. real estate dealer 20 Com. Arcade h 12 Keyes avenue.
Smith Wm. M. laborer h 25 Newell.
Smith Wm. 0.   h 12 High.
Smyth John B. carpenter h 88 Moulton.
Snell Brayton S. machinist h 81 Rutland..
SNELL DELOS carpenter h 51 LeRay.
Snell Jacob R. painter h 126 Main.
Snell James farmer bds 51 LeRay.
Snell Mattie dressmaker h 30 1/2-A Massey.
Snell Normon S. restaurant at Depot.  
Snell Silas J. musician h 61 Rutland.
Snell S. gardener h on road to Adams.
Snoddy Joseph   h 50 American Arcade.
Snodgrass Joseph engineer h 33 Prospect.
Snodgress Wm.   bds 41 Factory.
SNOOK &KING - (H.J.S. &F.P.K.) clothiers 19 Arsenal.  
Snook George clerk h 30 Franklin.
SNOOK HENRY J. clothier h 3 Munson.
Snow Levi carder h 25 LeRay.
Snowden Jennie M. Miss   h 15 High.
Snyder Geo. W. carpenter h 125 Cooper.
Snyder Henry C.   h Highland Avenue
Snyder Seymour   h Woods Falls Main-st.
Snyder Wm.   h Haney.
Solar John carpenter h 28 Keyes avenue.
Sons Ernest L.   h 194 Main.
SOPER ALBERT P. tinner h 120 Main.
Soper Martin Mrs.   h Ontario Mills.
Soper Sylvester painter bds 109 Main.
Sorrow Jerry   h 58 Factory.
Sorrow John W. miller h 6 Pearl.
Sorrow Nancy Miss domestic 35 TenEyck.
Sova Joseph   h 80 Huntington.
Sowle Lawton W.   h 125 State.
Sowle Robert   h 17 Rutland.
Spafford Horace S. clerk h 18 Sherman.
SPARKS JAMES W. C. grocer h 11 Winthrop
Sparks Ned butcher bds 27 Franklin.
Sparrowhawk T. H.   inmate Keep Home.
Spaulding Frank   h 42 Elizabeth.
Spaulding Judson   bds 22 Franklin.
Spaulding Susan Mrs.   h 36 Baker.
Spencer Alice G. teacher bds 1 Prospect.
Spencer Augustus   h 84 Coffeen.
SPENCER GORDON P. physician and surgeon bds 17 Stone.
SPENCER HENRY G. P. physician and surgeon h 17 Stone
SPENCER JAMES D. physician and surgeon h 23 Stone.
Spencer Lena A. Miss   bds 84 Coffeen.
Spencer Milton   bds Romang House.
Sperling Abner W.   h 107 Washington.
Spicer Asael laborer h 16 Bradley.
Spicer DeForest   bds 6 Union.
Spicer James carpenter h 29 Mechanic.
Spies August cooper bds 16 Massey.
Spies George cooper h 16 Massey.
SPONENBERGH HENRY M. hardware dealer h 22 TenEyck
"SPONENBERGH & WADDINGHAM" - (H.M.S. &F.W.) hardware and dairy supplies - 12 Washington  
Sprague Adelbert J.   bds 13 Central avenue.
Sprague C. H.   h 112 State.
Sprague John   bds 20 High.
Sprague Marcellus W.   h 13 Central avenue.
SPRATT JOHN W. stoves and furnaces h 7 Park
Spratt Joseph H. clerk bds 7 Park.
Springall William laborer h 79 Coffeen.
Springall Wm. jr.   bds 79 Coffeen.
Springsteen Chas. G. Mrs.   h 4 Boyd.
Stafford Alfred A.   h 17 Water.
Stafford Myrtle Miss   h 63 River.
Stamp Andrew   h 13 West Mullin.
Stanley W. H. boots &shoes h 26 Mundy.
Stanley Wm. E. painter h 24 1/2 Court.
Starbuck James F. Mrs.   h 27 Clinton.
Starbuck Susan E. Miss   bds 29 Clinton.
Starkweather Fred H.   bds 12 Boyd.
STARKWEATHER HERMAN J. repairer and jobber h 9 Union.
STARKWEATHER WALLACE W. (York &Starkweather) h 12 Boyd.
Starkweather Wm. H. carpenter bds 5 Wall.
STEBBINS JEAN R. president Agrl.Ins. Co. h 7 TenEyck.
Stebbins Wm. C.   bds 7 TenEyck.
Steblen A. C. Mrs.   h 187 Main.
Steele Dora E. Miss stenographer and notary public bds 43 Washington.
Steele Harvey W. lawyer bds 86 Franklin.
Steele Warner H. bottler bds over 4 1/2 Polk.
Steele Wm.   h over 82 Factory.
Stell Charles   bds 28 High.
Stephens Benj. F. molder bds 134 Main.
STEPHENSON H. S. MISS milliner h 284 Court
Sterling Charles   h 15 Central avenue.
Sterling Edward B.   h 8 Clinton.
Sterling Fred carpenter bds 21 Central ave.
Sterling John salesman h 28 Mullin.
STERLING JOHN C. books and stationery h Sterling Place.-
Sterling Lewis B.   h 52 Franklin.
STERLING &MOSHER (J.C.S. &H.B.M.) books stationery etc. 5 Washington
Stevens Alonzo laborer bds 300 Court.
STEVENS ANDREW B. physician h 24 State
Stevens Benj.   h 7 Remington.
Stevens C. G. physician h 53 Rutland.
Stevens Cyrenus mechanic h 57 Moulton.
Stevens Geo.   bds 7 Lee.
Stevens Geo. J. bottler h 51 Franklin.
Stevens Harvey H.   h 40 Mullin
Stevens Henry Mrs.   h 19 Mechanic.
Stevens Henry   bds 5 High.
Stevens Henry J. butcher bds 5 High.
STEVENS HENRY M. Secretary Agrl.Ins. Co. h 12 TenEyck.
Stevens John   bds Dillon House.
Stevens John E. butcher bds Dillon House.
Stevens Luther N. clerk h 34 1/2 Academy.
Stevens Patrick laborer bds 59 Coffeen.
Stevens Samuel Mrs.   bds 23 Mechanic.
Stevens Thomas   bds Remington - Main-st.
Stevens Wm. H.. Asst Sec. Agrl. Ins. Co. h 21 TenEyck.
Stevens Wm. H. finisher bds 19 Mechanic.
Stewart Alexander   h 21 Hamilton.
Stewart Belle M. Miss   bds 98 Main.
Stewart C. Talcott plater h 98 Main.
Stewart Danford   h 38 Brainard.
Stewart James machinist bds 2 Prospect.
Stewart James Mrs.   h 16 Pearl.
Stewart James W. clerk bds 16 Pearl.
Stewart J. S. machinist h 1 Park.
Stewart John   h 21 Rutland.
Stewart M. Mrs.   bds 1 Jefferson.
Stewart Nathaniel M.   h 14 Franklin.
Stewart Robert A.   h 7 1/2-B Mechanic.
Stewart Timothy I.   bds 27 Franklin.
Stewart Wm.   bds 38 Brainard.
Stiles Ata M. Miss   bds 34 Coffeen.
Stiles Geo. laborer h Woodford.
STIMSON HENRY L. livery stable h 30 Orchard
Stimson Margaret Mrs.   h 30 Orchard.
Stimson Mary Mrs.   h 24 Orchard.
Stimson Thomas L. printer bds 30 Orchard.
St. Louis Antoin laborer 64 Factory.  
St. Mary Louis carpenter h 66 Factory.
Stockwell Fred H. carpenter h 10 William.
Stoddard Geo. A. carpenter h 100 Coffeen.
Stoddard Hiram L. carpenter h 97 Coffeen.
Stoddard Herbert H. engineer h 8 Lawrence.
Stoddard Minerva Miss   bds 100 Coffeen.
Stoddard Mortimer   bds 100 Coffeen.
Stoddard S. Livingston   h 59 Main.
Stoddard Silas laborer h 2 McGowan's Court.
Stoddard Warren carpenter h 1 Earl
Stoeckle Aloyse florist bds 4 TenEyck.
Stokel Wm. C.   bds 57 Factory.
Stone David JR.   bds Central H'otel.
Stone Frank   bds 22 Franklin.
Stone Geo. M. teamster h 17 Bradley.
Stone Mary Miss   h 38 American Arcade.
Stone Peter painter h 10 Jefferson.
Storer F. E. Mrs.   h 102 Main.
Storer Gertrude P. teacher bds 102 Main.
Storer Kate Miss teacher bds 102 Main.
Storm Andrew J. clerk h 2 Polk.
Storm Lincoln A.   h 29 Elizabeth.
Storms Charles machinist bds 54 Factory.
Storms Cory E.   bds Hams House.
Storms Daniel   bds 16 Ely.
Storms Ezra A.   h 10 Lynde.
Storms George laborer h 7 Grove.
Storms George laborer h 16 Ely.
Storms Geo. A. blacksmith bds 6 Union.
Storms Harry A. clerk bds 3 Hancock.
James A. auctioneer   h 3 Hancock.
Story Charles   bds Woodruff.
STORY FREDERICK T. Pres.Watertown Gas Co. h 33 Clinton.-
Stover Levi D.   h 16 Washington.
Stowell Frank L. finisher h 13 Cooper.
Strader Daniel laborer h 98 Arsenal.
Strader Linday   bds 29 Massey.
Streeter Aurelia A. Miss   h 26 State.
STREETER, BRIMMER &OLEAN (F.W.S., H.J.B., F.W.O.) Clothiers - 16 Public Square  
Streeter Bryant J. clerk h 22 Emerson.
Streeter Caroline Mrs.   bds 22 Emerson.
Streeter Frank J. laundry bds 3 1/2 Court.
STREETER FRED W. clothier h 25 Stone
STREETER JOHN C.   h 19 State.
Streeter N. W. Mrs.   h 26 State.
Streeter Roszell   h 5 Cadwell.
Streeter Stephen machinist h 94 Moulton.
Stress Frederick   h 7 Yale.
Strickland Miles   h 45 Massey.
Streiff Nicholas B.   h 8 Goodale.
Strong Josephine Miss   bds 1 Sterling.
Stumpf Geo. carpenter h 70 Stone.
Stumpf Geo. W. fireman bds 70 Stone.
Stumpf John H.   bds 70 Stone.
Stumpf Michael   bds 73 Arsenal.
Stumpf Richard C. clerk bds 70 Stone.
Suits John carpenter bds 3 Center.
Sullivan Daniel engineer lids 19 Cedar.
Sullivan Francis   h 44 Cedar.
Sullivan James E. laborer h 2 Wall.
Sullivan Joseph A.   h 59 Water.
Sullivan Mary Miss waitress - City Hotel.  
Sullivan Mattie M. Miss   bds 49 Stone.
Sullivan Michael L. carpenter   h 12 Cooper.
Sullivan William carpenter bds 48 Factory.
Sunman John laborer bds 12 Emmett.
Sunman Mary Mrs.   h 12 Emmett.
Sunman Thomas laborer bds 12 Emmett.
Sutton B G. tinsmith h 16 Orchard.
Surprise Emory   h 31 1/2 Court.
Swann Lewis   h 10 Railroad.
Swann Wm. trimmer bds 54 Factory.
Swatsman Leon Mrs.   h 3 Grove.
Sweeney James molder h 44 Gotham.
Sweeney James R. Mrs.   bds Woodruff House.
Sweeney John 0. carpenter h 7 Emerson.
Sweeney Oliver mason h 19 Central avenue
Sweeney Owen laborer h 42 Gotham.
Sweet Drayton E.   h 15 Gotham.
Sweet Hattie domestic - Romang House.  
Sweet Melvin L. painter h 29 Com.Arcade
Sweet Loriston M. trimmer h 78 Arsenal
Sweet Louisa Miss   bds 16 Trinity Place.
Sweet S. B.   h 42 Rutland.
Switzer Geo. laborer h 33 Superior.
Switzer John D. blacksmith h LeRay.
Switzer Wm. printer bds 25 Moulton.
Sweizer Fritz painter h 16 Rutland.
SYLVESTER WM. B. Secretary and Treas. W. S. W. Co. bds 85 State.
Symonds James D.   h 86 Stone.
TAGGART BROS. CO.   paper and paper sack manufacturers - foot of Morrison  
TAGGART BYRON B. (Taggart Bros.Co.) h 47 Washington.
Taggart Dempster D. Mrs.   h 2 Park.
TAGGART HARRY W. (Taggart Bros.Co.) bds 2 Park.
Taggart Joseph B.   h 9 Morrison.
Taggart Joseph W.   h 9 Morison.
TAGGART WILLIAM W. (Taggart Bros. Co.) h 2 Park.
Taillefer Amedee mechanic h 4 Main.
Tait John   h 13 Cross.
Tallett George H.   h 130 Coffeen.
Tallett Wm H. gardener h 130 Coffeen.
Tamblin John W. Mrs.   h 46 Stone.
Tamblin John M. printer bds 46 Stone.
Tapin Edward laborer bds 100 Court.
Tapley Harry baggageman bds 8 Grove.
Tapley John conductor h 5 1/2 Winthrop.
Tapp Benjamin mechanic bd 30 Factory.
Tapp Geo. pop corn h 30 Factory.
Tassey Francis X.   h 22 Central.
Tassey Geo.   bds 2 Hancock.
Tassey Lucy Mrs.   h 2 Hancock.
Tassey Wm. R.   h 39 Academy.
Taylor Alexander painter h 7 Burchard.
Taylor Bertrand L.   h 3 Miller.
TAYLOR GEO. A. harness dealer h 10 Winslow
Taylor Geo. L. shoemaker h 14 Moulton.
TAYLOR J. BYRON   h 25 Clinton.
Taylor Perry D. paper maker h 23 Hancock
Tedd Fred painter bds 12 LeRay.
Teed Chas. W.   h 24 Franklin.
TEELE WILLIAM A. boots and shoes h 57 1/2 Rutland
Teeple C. Henry   bds 5 New York avenue.
Teeple Cyril H. mechanic bds 7 Benedict.
Teeple Nicholas L.   bds 7 Benedict.
Teeple Peter carpenter h 7 Benedict.
Terney Geo. clerk bds 8 Jackman.
Terney Jas. H.   h 23 American Arcade.
Terrian Augustus   h 18 Factory.
Terrill Newell D. bookkeeper h 47 1/2 Arsenal-
Terry Daniel G. salesman h 7 Orchard.
Terry Julius laborer h 36 Cedar. -
Thate Chas.   h 30 Bronson.
Theobold Jacob   bds 7 Lee.
Therry Louis C.   h 35 Orchard.
Thomas Charles laborer h 41 Prospect.
Thomas C. A. Mrs.   bds 27 Sterling.
Thomas David machinist h 43 Franklin.
Thomas Frank laborer h 7 Water.
Thomas James H. fireman h 95 Coffeen.
Thomas John mason h 19 Boon.
Thomas John porter. American Hotel.  
Thomas Mrs.   h 30 American Arcade.
Thomas Phineas laborer h 36 Cedar.
Thomas Phineas jr.   bds 7 Water.
Thomas Wm. A. polisher h 21 High
Thompson Albert H.   h 107 Moulton.
Thompson B.   bds 28 Sterling.
Thompson Benj. F. trimmer bds 12 Union.
Thompson C. A. butcher h 19 Orchard.
THOMPSON CHARLES W. lawyer h 4 Keyes avenue.
THOMPSON EDWARD H. grocer- 73 Public Square h 10 Winthrop.
Thompson George gardener h 3 1/2 Lepper.
THOMPSON HERBERT N. vegetable gardener b 81 Coffeen
Thompson Jenks B.   h 39 Central.
THOMPSON JOHN D. insurance h 41 Academy
THOMPSON J.D. MRS. artist h 41 Academy
Thompson M tailor h 19 Elm.
Thompson Mary Mrs.   bds 31 Stone.
Thompson Mary T. Mrs.   bds 161 State.
Thompson Rosila Mrs. cook h 109 Arsenal.
Thompson Susan Mrs.   h 20 Academy.
Thompson Wm. C. Mrs.   h 36 Ten Eyck.
Thompson Wm. 0. carpenter bds 14 Franklin..
Thurston J. Wm.   h rear 324 High.
Tiernan Owen laborer h 31 Willow.
TILDEN JOHN M. tin ware and peddlers' supplies - 59 Arsenal h 26 Massey.
Tinney Amos Mrs.   h 15 Bronson.
Tinsmon Mary W. domestic - 12 William.  
Tobin Patrick laborer h 23 River.
Todd Mary L.   bds 88 Franklin.
Tolles Emma Miss   h 113 State.
Tomlinson. DeWitt D. lumber   h 3 Clay.
TOMPKINS FRED L. grocer h Grove.
Tooke Francis A. A. - h 8 Lamon.
Toole Martin laborer h 17 Clay
Toole Alice M. teacher bds 75 Coffeen.
Toole Anna N. teacher bds 75 Coffeen.
Toole Minnie C. teacher bds 75 Coffeen.
Toole Margaret Mrs.   h 75 Coffeen.
Toomer Thomas machinist h 30 High.
Topping Wilson   h basement 4 LeRay.
Toranjo Joseph   h 4 Hamilton.
Torrey George R. Rev.   h 53 Massey.
Totman L. S. Prop. Central House - 198 and 200 Main.  
Touchette Joseph I. blacksmith h 2 Lynde
Touchette Louis blacksmith h 73 Court.
Tough George   h 10 Main.
Tough Robert   h 54 Huntington.
Toupin Annie   h 52 Mill.
Touston Lewis   bds Dillon House.
Tout Henry H. barber h 10 Academy.
Towns M. laborer 54 LeRay.
Towns Mrs.   h 3 Polk.
Townsend Charles A. laborer h 15 Boon.
Townsend Charles P.   h 163 Main.
Townsend Geo. P. carpenter h 4 Hancock.
Townsend Geo. 0. mechanic h 40 High.
Townsend Truman   h 6 Central avenue.
Townsend Lydia Mrs.   h 42 High.
Towsley Chas. laborer bds 69 1/2 Coffeen.
Towsley Geo. laborer h 69 1/2 Coffeen.
Tracy Michael laborer bds 2 Emmett.
Tracy Patrick   h 7 Emmett.
Trainor Charles   bds 57 Gotham.
Trainor James laborer h 57 Gotham.
Trainor Thomas laborer h rear 34 Factory.
Trainor Thomas jr.   h 5 Burns avenue.
Traver Geo. painter h 33 Meadow.
TRAVER IRA A. millinery - 8 Washington Place h 2 Benedict.
Traverse James helper h 14 Cross.
Treadwell Geo. D. painter h 52 Central.
Treadwell John H. Mrs.   h 25 Washington
Trenham Hannah Mrs. - bds 24 LeRay.
Treslin James - h 20 Palmer.
Tripp Lawson laborer h 1 Polk.
Tripp Mary A. Miss - bds 8 State.
Tripp Soranus H. - h 20 Clay south
Tripp Wm. - h 9 William.
Trowbridge E. W. physician h 50 Acad'my.
TROWBRIDGE FRED G. physician - 22 1/2 Public Square bds 41 Stone.
Trowbridge Stanton S. attorney h 55 Court.
TROWBRIDGE WILLIAM A. insurance bds 41 Stone.
Trowbridge Wm. R. Mrs. - h 41 Stone.
Truax Florence E. Mrs. - bds 13 LeRay.
Truax Nelson H. - h 13 LeRay.
Truesdell James D. - h 104 Arsenal.
TUBBS CHARLES H. hats, caps and furs h 39 State.
Tubbs Jared C. - h 18 TenEyck.
Tucker Caroline Mrs. - h 126 Main.
Tucker Catharine Mrs.   h 5 Polk.
Tucker W. W. architect h 1 Academy.
Tuckerman Edward - h 129 Main.
Tuller Edward R. - h 8 Engine.
Turck Catharine Miss - inmate Keep Home.
Turcott Alfred - h 117 Factory.
Turnbull Charles - bds 13 Factory.
Turner Geo. - bds 74 Main.
Tuthill C. E. Miss - bds 20 Clinton.
Tuttle Albert E. trimmer h 11 Mechanic.
Tuttle Permelia Mrs. - h 4 High.
Tuttle Laura Mrs. - h 11 William.
Twiss George laborer h 5 Clay.
Tyldesley Samuel - h 31 Lynde.
TYLER HORACE E. drayman h 9 Clay
Tyler Stephen A. Mrs. - h 2 Goodale.
TYLER WALTER D. drayman h 2 Goodale.
Tyrrell James   h Ontario Mills - Main-st.

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