Cape Vincent Marriages
Laban H Ainsworth

Laban H. Ainsworth, Justice of the Peace in the Village of Cape Vincent kept a record of the marriages he performed from 1846 through 1858, with the exception of 1847-1849. The Vital Records of 1847-1849 were kept by the state, and are on this website under the various towns.

In 1858 Mr. Ainsworth evidently became Recorder for the city of Watertown, and he continued his register of marriages there until 1887. This register was found by the city historian, Donna Dutton, who graciously gave us permission to post them on this site.

Numbers after grooms and brides refer to their ages.

Nichols, Charles La Dieu, Catherine house of Charles P. Plumb, Brownville 11 Jan 1846 C.P. Plumb & wife, B. Ainsworth & others
Losee, Cornelius Spencer, Rockey Inn of E.M.Buswell, Hounsfield 27 May 1846 A young gentleman and Lady
Gibbons, Eli York, Lanna house of Joel York, Hounsfield 8 Sep 1846 Henry Hintsis, Caroline Hanbin, B.F. Alcott
Hinds, William George Williams, Mary Ann Carlton House, Cape Vincent Aug 1850  
Bradshaw, Doctor L. Shelter, Angeline Village Cape Vincent 25 Jun 1850 G.S. Sackett, E. Sackett, Chas. Seeley
Grappot, John Cocagn, Rosalie house of Adolph Islim, vill Cape Vincent 28 Dec 1850 Adolph Islim & wife & others
Collier, David 22 Lothrop, Jane S. 21 Inn J.H.Shuler, Cape Vincent 22 Jan 1851  
Preltee, Benjamin, 21 Winman, Elizabeth 18 house of George Bridleman, Cape Vincent 27 Feb 1851  
Willard, Henry T. 30 Emberry, Margaret, 22 Village Cape Vincent 11 Mar 1852 John Mills & Sarah Mills
Ruse, Alexander, 21 Renshaw, Rosella C. 18 my office, Cape Vincent 12 Jun 1852  
Osborn, Peter Snyder, Diana house of Peter Spring, Cape Vincent 2 Jan 1853 W.E.Ingalls, P. Spring & wife, & others
Turcott, Joseph, 30 Mills, Margaret, 27 my office, Cape Vincent 12 Apr 1853  
Leary, Daniel, 40 Kinnmine, Mary, 40 my office, Cape Vincent 16 May, 1853 Robert Moore and others
Crosier, Hugh, 23 Crosier, Margaret , 23 my office, Cape Vincent 20 Aug 1853 E.F. Dunn
Minson, Andrew, 20 Bowerman, Sarah Adelia, 19 Inn of H.Belts, Cape Vincent 7 Nov 1853 H. Cooper and others
Brown, James, 24 Bulser, Nancy, 26 Cape Vincent 12 Nov 1853 Capt. Esliz
Cross, Duane, 22 Getman, Mary A., 25 house of Ira Hadley, Cape Vincent 1 Oct 1853 Ira Hadley & wife
Schlick, John Mathews, Margaret my office, Cape Vincent 5 Mar 1855 Abn. Hollenbeck & John Grappot
Osborn, Jacob Harvey, Mary Jane house of Peter String, Cape Vincent 6 May 1855 Horace Smith, Sol. Syper & others
Pierson, William J. Marsh, Almeda H. my house, Cape Vincent 10 May 1855 Gautin Jerrin, J.A.Dune, Charlotte Wright, Miss Frary
Burke, John Van Ness, Polly D. house of Perry Van Ness, Cape Vincent 13 May 1855 P. Van Ness, wife, and others
Knowlton, Calvin Buck, Catherine my office, Cape Vincent 25 May 1855 From Canada: no witnesses present
Sypher, Solomon Fuller (widow) house of Solomon Sypher 7 June 1855 Peter Spring & wife
Motherill, Thomas McKelsey, Mary my office, Cape Vincent 3 Jul 1855 no witnesses, residents of Kingston, C.W. $3.00
Isselin, Adolphe Ronseun, Harriet St Lawrence Hotel, Cape Vincent 16 Jul 1855 T. Isselin & others
Moses, John Crowley, Catherine my office, Cape Vincent 16 Jul 1855  
Valim, Theodore, 20 Newman, Margaret, 19 house of W. R. Davis, Cape Vincent 7 Aug 1855 W. R. Davis & family
Harper, John Cloukey, Eleanor my office, Cape Vincent 11 Aug 1855 W. E. Ingalls
Smith, Wm. R. Peters, Rachel Ann house of --- Peters, Cape Vincent 24 Sep 1855 (certificate from the bride)
Titus, Joseph Pettit, Jane Elizabeth Inn of C. Ferren, Cape Vincent 12 Oct 1855 (certificate from the bride)
Hallett, Watson S. McClary, Lucena S. Inn of H. Belts, Cape Vincent 19 Oct 1855 (certificate from the bride)
Stigney, Thomas Lydia Balaner my office, Cape Vincent 2 Nov 1855 (certificate from the bride)
McLeod, John 26 McDonald, Margaret, 19 Carlton House, Cape Vincent 21 Nov 1855 (certificate from the bride) both from Wolfe Island [Ont]
Miller, William Mealy, Catherine my office 24 Nov 1855 (certificate from the bride)
Pary, William, 21 Edwards, Angeline, 14 residence of bride's father, Cape Vincent 7 Feb 1856 (certificate from the bride)
Peters, Solomon, 26 Brown, Sarah Jane, 20 Carlton House, Cape Vincent 14 Feb 1856 (certificate from the bride)
Grimshaw, Thomas, 24 Lathrop, Anne, 24 house of Doct. G. S. Sackett, Cape Vincent 21 Feb 1856 brides father & mother, Dr. Sackett & wife & others
Johndro, George, 30 Vincent, Delia, 22 house of J. F. Grendell, Cape Vincent 15 Mar 1856 J. P. Grendell & family, Roselle Vincent & others. *
Stephenson, John, 32 McLeod, Sarah, 35 Minor House,** Cape Vincent 21 May 1856 John Grapott *
Bassout, Henry Emile Rouseau Inn of J. Grappot, Cape Vincent 3 Jul 1856  
Osborn, Reuben Fish, Elizabeth my office, Cape Vincent 3 Jul 1856  
Smith, Hugh Young, Martha my office, Cape Vincent 9 Jul 1856  
Larutt, Joseph Edward William Moore, Margaret my office, Cape Vincent 13 Aug 1856  
Clute, John F. Hough, Lucy J. Grappot's Hotel, Cape Vincent 22 Aug 1856 (certificate from the bride)
Van Hoessen, Marshall B. Moore, Cynthia J. Grappot's Inn, Cape Vincent 22 Aug 1856 John F. Clute & Lucy Hough married at this same time
Sylvester, George Robert Sullivan, Mary Ann my office, Cape Vincent 8 Sep 1856 (certificate from the bride)
Churchill, Jones Warner, Mary Ann J. Grappot's Inn, Cape Vincent 8 Sep 1856 Both of Canada West
Hartwell, Sidney A. Denanna, Theresa my office, Cape Vincent 24 Sep 1856 (certificate from the bride) Both of Canada West
Crane, David E., 33 Crowin, Mary E., 28 my house, Cape Vincent 3 Oct 1856 (certificate from the bride)
Hollenbeck, Abram V., 21 Hammond, Lucy Ann, 16 residence of the bride's father, Cape Vincent 13 Oct 1856 J. L. Gardine & others (certificate given)
Hammond, Justus McLaren, Catherine Jane residence of groom's father, Cape Vincent ?13 Oct 1856 J.L.Gardine & the couple just above married ***
Arthurs, James, 21 FitzSimmons, Sarah, 18 my office, Cape Vincent 20 Oct 1856 (certificate given to bride)
Trumpour, Andrew, 22 Martin, Mary, 23 my office, Cape Vincent 28 Oct 1856 of Hillier, C.W. (certificate given to bride)
McCrury, John, 26 McCormick, Sarah, 22 my office, Cape Vincent 9 Nov 1856 of Wolf Island, C.W. (certificate given to bride)
Chestnut, William, 55 Stevens, Eloise, 38 Fenena Hotel, Cape Vincent 11 Nov 1856 of Madoc, C.W. (certificate given to bride)
Hubbard, Benjamin F., 19 Clark, Margaret, 21 house of Stroup 15 Nov 1856 of Cape Vincent. Dr. Currier, Altmra Marshall, Shilden Hubbard
Martineau, Louis, 45 Forester, Mary, 27 my office, Cape Vincent 30 Nov 1856 of Wolf Island, C.W.
Londro, Ambrose, 20 Lucinda Marks, 19 house of Joseph Strong, Cape Vincent 27 Dec 1856 Joseph Strong & wife, Mr. Bodet & wife (certificate given to bride)
McIntyre, Hiram, 19 Caddy, Elizabeth, 20 St. Lawrence Hotel, Cape Vincent 1 Jan 1857 of Cape Vincent, Adolph Isselin and others
Hubbard, John, 21 Lott, Jeanette, 21 St. Lawrence Hotel, Cape Vincent 1 Jan 1857 of Town of Cape Vincent, J. B. Ainsworth, J. P. Sackett & others
Dorer, Jacob, 36 Mantree, Sarah Ann 28 my office 3 Jan 1857 of Town of Cape Vincent
Brow, Joseph, 23 Blanchard, Martha, 14 St. Lawrence Hotel, Cape Vincent 15 Jan 1857 of Wolf Island, C.W. Miss J. Bullock, Saml. Gates (certificate given to bride)
Tarrant, William, 21 Bennett, Eleanor, 22 my office, Cape Vincent 24 Jan 1857 of Wolf Island, C.W. William Esselslyn, T. R. Prutt, William Eslis and others
Harris, Abram, 43 Baker, Sarah, 20 my office, Cape Vincent 4 Feb 1857 both of Kingston, C.W. no witnesses (certificate given to bride)
Frasier, Duncan, 22 Anderson, Margaret, 20 my office, Cape Vincent 4 Apr 1857 both of Wolf Island S. Forsyth & W. F. Porter (certificate given to bride)
Foote, Ira L., 35 Stevens, Jane M., 30 St. Lawrence Hotel, Cape Vincent 5 Apr 1857 both of Stevinson Co., IL Vanschunk (certificate given to bride)
King, John, 34 McPherson, Mary, 25 Earlls Hotel, Cape Vincent 23 Apr 1857 both of Leeds, C.W. **** (certificate given to bride)
Files, Malkish, 30 Gonn, Henrietta, 25 Union Hotel, Cape Vincent 4 Jun 1857 both of Richmond, C.W. J. B. Grappot (certificate given to bride)
Winman, William, 21 Mosier, Olivia, 15 Earlls Hotel, Cape Vincent 15 Jun 1857 both of Wolf Island, C.W. P. Van Ness (certificate given to bride)
Donohue, Jeremiah, 25 Holmes, Frances J., 19 Union House, Cape Vincent 28 Jul 1857 both of Kingston, C.W. J. B. Grappot
Quais, Thomas, 34 Garney, Caroline, 22 Eagle Hotel, Cape Vincent 29 Jul 1857 both of Prince Edward Co., C.W. William Monty (certificate given to bride)
Sears, Horace, 28 Green, Martha, 18 Union House, Cape Vincent 4 Aug 1857 both of Lobourgh, C.W. H. Van Valkenburgh (certificate given to bride)
Plopper, Harvey, 27 Carey, Harriet, 20 St. Lawrence Hotel, Cape Vincent 13 Sep 1857 both of Town of Lyme, NY (certificate given to bride)
Lock, Silas, 21 Forester, Bridgt [sic], 17 my office, Cape Vincent 22 Sep 1857 both pf Addenpin Co., C.W. (certificate given to bride)
Wallsins, George J., 28 McIntosh, Mary, 23 Earlls Hotel, Cape Vincent 21 Oct 1857 both of Marysborough, C.W. E. B. Earll (certificate given to bride)
Robinson, Otis, Jr. Arnold, Henrietta house of James Arnold 14 Nov 1857 both of Cape Vincent. John L. Gaardiner
Cirttoill, Walter, 22 Barney, Mary, 21 Hotel of H. Betts, Cape Vincnet 28 Nov 1857 both of Gananoque, C.W. H. Betts, daughter (certificate given to the bride)
Bercie, Jacob, 19 Laflair, Mary, 16 my office 20 Jan 1858 both of Town of Cape Vincent J. B. Ainsworth (certificate given to bride
Croissant, Alexandre, 23 Granger, Louise, 19 St. Lawrence Hotel, Cape Vincent 11 Nov 1858 both of Cape Vincent Mrs. A. Isselin
Goodfellow, Robert, 18 Matthews, Nancy Emily, 17 St. Eagle Hotel, Cape Vincent no date both of providence of Canada (certificate given to the bride)

*Parties were from Pickin C.W. (certificate from the bride)
**kept by J. Grappot
***Abram V. Hollenbeck & wife
**** Two witnesses were present who signed the certificate but whose names are not remembered

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