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In 1878 when the history of Jefferson County was written by Durant and Peirce, much of the information about the county and residents was in fact obtained from people who lived in Jefferson County. Following is a list of persons who provided information about the Town of Alexandria, their occupation, business location, where born, when settled in that location and their post office address. In a few instances, information was not provided by the contributor. Here "s" stands for "settled in Jefferson County."

AHLES,  C.,  boot and shoe merchant,  Alexandria; b Germany settled 1854 po Redwood

AUGSBURY,  G. W. ,  merchant,  Alexandria,  b. Jefferson Co NY,  s 1854; po Plessis

BICKELHAUPT,  A. merchant,  Alexandria; b Germany s. 1853; po Redwood

BUSH,  NICHOLAS,  farmer,  Alexandria; born France,  s. 1840; po Redwood

BICKELHAUPT,  PETER,  farmer,  Alexandria,  b Germany s 1853; po Redwood

BABCOCK,  RHODES,  farmer,  Alexandria; b Chenango Co NY s. 1821; po Redwood

BOGERT,  HENRY,  farmer (dec'd) Alexandria,  b Canada,  s 1830; po Redwood

BETZ,  ADAM,  farmer,  Alexandria b Germany s 1847; po Redwood

BALL,  LOTTIE A.,  teacher,  Alexandria,  b Jefferson Co,  s 1859; po Redwood

BALL,  CORNELLA R.,  teacher,  Alexandria,  b Jefferson Co. s 1855; po Redwood

CATLIN,  C. A.,  physician/surgeon; Alexandria,  b Herkimer Co,  NY,  s 1859; po Redwood

CLINK,  ROBERT,  physician/surgeon Alexandria,  b Scotland,  s 1855; po Redwood

COLE,  MRS. A. J.,  husband farmer (dec'd) Alexandria,  b Montgomery Co NY s 1859; po Redwood

CLINE,  JOHN H.,  farming and miller,  Alexandria,  b Jefferson Co.,  s 1829; po Plessis

CORNWELL,  EZRA,  farmer,  Alexandria b Jefferson Co,  s 1813; po Alexandria Bay

CORNWELL,  SUSAN D.,  teacher,  Alexandria,  b Herkimer co NY s 1828 po Alexandria Bay

DAVIS,  JESSIE,  farmer,  Alexandria,  b Otsego Co NY s 1816; po Alexandria Bay

DINGMAN,  JARED,  farmer and carpenter,  Alexandria,  b Oneida Co NY s 1843; po Alexandria Bay

FOX,  WALTER,  farmer/merchant,  Alexandria,  b Herkimer Co NY s 1843 po Alexandria Bay

FLANSBURGH,  S. O.,  miller/farmer,  Alexandria,  b Jefferson Co,  s 1835; po Redwood

FLAT,  GEORGE,  farmer,  Alexandria,  b Germany,  s 1852; po Redwood

GANDETT,  F. A.,  dentist,  Alexandria,  b Canada,  s 1863; po Redwood

GASKILL,  J. W.,  blacksmith,  Alexandria,  b Essex Co NY; s 1855; po Redwood

GREEN,  A. J. farmer,  Alexandria,  born Lewis Co NY,  s 1817; po Omar

GURNEE,  RALPH,  farmer/merchant/Just peace 32 yrs,  Alexandria,  b Jefferson Co/ s 1816; po Omar

HOLMES,  A. A.,  merchant, supervisor, sec/treasurer Morristown & Black River RR,  Alexandria,  b Schenectady Co NY,  s 1856; po Redwood

HUTCHENS,  M. J.,  physician/surgeon,  b Herkimer co NY,  s 1833; po Redwood

HOLKINS,  M.,  hotelkeeper,  b Jefferson Co,  s 1836; po Redwood

HOYT,  HORACE P. ,  undertaker/prop. Lumber mill,  b Jefferson Co.,  s 1830 po Plessis

HIND,  MORRIS,  farmer,  b Jefferson Co,  s 1845; po Plessis

HARTMANN,  JOHN,  farmer/cheese maker,  b Germany s 1851,  po Alexandria Bay

HARTMAN,  ADAM,  farmer,  b Germany,  s. 1853; po Redwood

HOUGHTON,  JOSEPH,  farmer,  b Orange co VT,  s 1834,  po Alexandria Bay

HUTCHINSON,  SHELDON,  farmer/lumbering,  b Jefferson Co,  s 1848; po Plessis

HUONEYMAN,  GEORGE R.,  farmer,  b England s 1834; po Plessis

HARDY,  CHARLES,  farmer,  b Jefferson Co,  s 1857; po Plessis

HARDY,  GILBERT,  farmer,  b Otsego Co NY,  s 1821; po Plessis

HOUGHTON,  A. H. farmer,  b Jeff Co. s 1849; po Alexandria Bay

HOLLOWAY,  WILLIAM,  farmer b Jefferson Co,  s 1811,  po Omar

HARDER,  ANSON,  attorney/counselor; b Herkimer Co.,  s 1862; po Redwood

HAAS,  JACOB,  farmer b Germany s 1833; po Redwood

JEWETT,  M. C.,  farmer/member of Assembly; b Vermont s 1846; po Redwood

KEPLER,  LEWIS,  farmer,  b Jefferson Co s 1844; po Alexandria Bay

KIMBALL,  N.,  farmer b Jefferson Co,  s 1832; po Redwood

LEWIS,  MRS. KATE,  husband M. D. (dec'd),  b Jefferson Co s 1834 po Plessis

MARSHALL,  T. B. farmer,  b Oneida Co NY s 1837; po Redwood

MARKLIE,  MRS. ELIZABETH,  farmer,  b Germany s 1847; po Redwood

MAKEPEACE,  SOLOMAN,  merchant,  b Jefferson Co,  s 1837; po Plessis

MOORE,  JOHN,  farmer,  b Ireland,  s 1840; po Redwood

MILLER,  SAMUEL B. farmer,  b St. Lawr Co,  NY s 1847; po Alexandria Bay

NORTON,  SILAS G.,  wagon/carriage mfg,  b Jefferson Co s 1829; po Plessis

NEWMAN,  A. D. farmer,  b Otsego Co NY,  s 1821; po Redwood

NORTON,  WILLIAM,  farmer,  b Washington Co NY; s 1820; po Alexandria Bay

OVEROCKER,  J. P.,  farmer,  b Oneida co NY,  s 1867; po Alexandria Bay

PARKER,  JAMES,  farmer/lumbering,  b Vermont,  s 1832; po Redwood

READE,  J. W.,  merchant/sec Redwood U. Agric Assoc; b Jefferson Co s 1833; po Redwood

ROSSITER,  WILLIAM,  Catholic pries,  b Canada,  s 1855; po Redwood

ROCKWELL,  GEORGE,  pastor Ref. Prot. Ch.,  b W. Chester Co NY,  s 1854; po Alexandria Bay

RAPPOLE,  DANIEL,  farmer,  Alex. Bay,  b NY,  s 1832,  po Alexandria Bay

RUSSELL,  ALLEN,  farmer,  Alex. Bay,  b Jeff Co s 1840,  po Alexandria Bay

RAPP,  HENRY,  farmer,  Alexandria,  b Germany s 1860,  po Redwood

REBSCHER,  MRS. GEORGE,  farmer/chees mfg,  Alexandria,  b Germany,  s 1852; po Redwood

SMITH,  H. H.,  retired miller,  Alexandria,  b Saratoga Co NY,  s 1836; po Redwood

SCOTT,  HENRY L.,  civil engineer/surveyor,  chief eng. Of Black River/Morristown RR,  Alexandria,  b Herkimer co NY s 1821; po Plessis

SCHNAUBER,  WILLIAM,  harness maker/farmer,  Alexandria,  b Germany s 1849; po Redwood

STAPLES,  O. G. prop. Of Thousand Island House,  Alexandria,  po Alex. Bay

SWANTON,  GEORGE,  farmer,  Alexandria,  b Ireland,  s 1856,  po Plessis

SHULTZ,  JOHN,  farmer/cheese mfg,  Alexandria,  b Germany,  s 1857; po Plessis

SPIES,  WILLIAM,  farmer,  Alexandria,  b Germany,  s 1846,  po Redwood

THRASHER,  GEORGE,  farmer,  Alexandria,  b Jeff Co,  s 1837 po Redwood

TASSEY,  LEWIS,  carriage mfg/blacksmith,  Alexandria,  b Jeff Co,  s 1849,  po Redwood

TANNER,  JULIUS,  farmer,  Alexandria,  po Omar

TIMMERMAN,  JOEL,  farmer,  Alexandria,  b Herkimer Co s 1833; po Redwood

TASSEY,  W. R. bookkeeper/prof of penmanship,  Alexandria,  b Jeff Co,  s 1855; po Redwood

VISGER,  MARY J.,  teacher,  Alexandria,  b Jeff Co s 1857; po Alexandria Bay

WATSON,  DOC A.,  lawyer/school commiss.,  Alexandria,  b Jeff Co,  s 1835; po Redwood

WHITE,  H. S. prop. Mill/merchant/farmer,  b Jeff Co.,  s. 1831; po Redwood

WHITNEY,  JULIET (husb dec'd) ,  Alexandria; b Canada,  s 1874,  po Redwood

WALTON,  J. F.,  merchant/real estate dealer,  Alexandria,  b Jeff co,  s 1830; po Alexandria Bay

WESTCOTT,  CHAUNCEY,  retired farmer,  Alexandria,  b Oneida Co,  s 1805; po Alexandria Bay

WOODWORTH,  WILLIAM J.,  merchant,  Alexandria,  b Montgomery Co NY,  s 1838; po Alexandria Bay.

WEAVER,  ANTHONY,  farmer,  Alexandria,  b France s. 1832; po Redwood

ZIMMER,  GEORGE,  farmer/cheese mfg,  Alexandria,  b Germany s 1866; po Plessis

ZIMMER,  HENRY,  farmer/cheese mfg,  Alexandria,  b Germany s 1867; po Plessis

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