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Family histories of the Hubbard family state that the name of Hubbard has been traced to Saxon kings. Bela descended from a direct line through George Hubbard of Glastonbury, England, who was born about 1600, which was the close of the reign of Queen Elizabeth or the beginning of the reign of King James The First. This particular George Hubbard settled in Glastonbury, CT on lands which were assigned to him there and was a member of the first general court in 1638.

BELA HUBBARD was born 22 Dec. 1767 in Middletown, CT, son of Jedediah Hubbard and wife, Hannah Roberts.

Jedediah Hubbard was born 12 July 1734 in Middleton and married on 30 March 1758 to Hannah Roberts, who was born 23 Feb. 1737 at New Haven, CT. Her parents were Ezra Roberts and Mary Adkins.

Jedediah Hubbard and Hannah Roberts were the parents of:

Esther b 25 April 1759 in Middletown CT
Robert b 30 Sept. 1761
Betse b 9 Aug.. 1765
Bela born 22 Dec. 1767
Ephraim b 11 Aug. 1769
Hannah Philips b 6 March 1773
Jedediah b 15 Aug. 1776

Bela married Naomi Stow on 15 March 1790 at Middletown. Naomi was born 31 March 1769, daughter of Elihu Stow and Jemima Pain(e). Naomi died in Jefferson Co. on 1 June 1836 at 67 years. A cemetery marker has not been located for Bela Hubbard.

Bela Hubbard's wife, Naomi, came from a large well-known family. Naomi's brother, Silas Stow, fell in with Stors and Noadiah Hubbard near the present site of Carthage as early as 1793, five years before initial settlement. In the histories of the Stow family it is said that this branch of the Stow family descended in a direct line from Sir Thomas More, prime minister of England during the reign of Henry the Eighth.

Elihu Stow and Jemima Pain(e) were the parents of:

Elihu b 4 Dec. 1760 at Middletown
Joshua b 22 April 1762
Jemima b 28 Dec. 1763
Lydia b 19 July 1765
Obediah b 29 March 1767
Naomi b 31 March 1769
Eunice b 19 April 1771
Silas b 21 Dec. 1773

Bela Hubbard and wife, Naomi Stow, settled in Jefferson County about 1797. They were the parents of:

Claudius Hubbard b 24 May 1791

Solon Hubbard b 22 Aug. 1793

William B. Hubbard b 26 Aug. 1795

Phebe More Hubbard b 7 Jan. 1798

Eunice Hubbard b 29 Oct. 1800, d 11 Mar. 1801

Eunice Hubbard b 6 Nov. 1802

Mary Hubbard b 10 Mar. 1806

Laura Hubbard b 18 Dec. 1807

Claudius Hubbard, the eldest child, was born in Middletown, CT. on 24 May 1791 and died in Jefferson Co. on 21 May 1873 at 81 years, as a veteran of the War of 1812. He married Zeruiah Grommon on 13 Dec. 1815. She was born 20 Oct. 1797 and died in Jefferson Co. on 4 Dec. 1873 at 76 years, daughter of Deacon David Grommon (1767-1840) and Zeruiah Grommon (1770- 11 Aug. 1834) of Adams, Jefferson Co., NY

Claudius Hubbard and Zeruiah Grommon were the parents of:

Almira Hubbard b 7 Jan. 1817 Volney Stow Hubbard b 15 Dec. 1818 Cornelia L. Hubbard b 2 Jan. 1822 William Claudius Hubbard b 29 May 1826 Silas M. Hubbard b 1839

Both William and Silas became ministers.

In the land deeds of Jefferson Co., NY, there are two deeds of interest. The first deed on page 563 of Vol. 194, shows a sale of property from Claudius Hubbard and wife, Zeruiah, to eldest son, Volney Stow Hubbard. The property was sold to Volney for $1,200. On the same day and subsequent page of deeds, the following deed is of interest:

Deeds V 194 pp 563-4
This is to certify that I have this day leased and to farm let to Claudius Hubbard and Zeruiah for and during their natural lives and the life of the survivor of them the premises situated in the town of Adams in the County of Jefferson, State of New York, being the same premises on which they now reside and have resided for many years containing about 19 acres of land and being the same premises conveyed by Cornelius Low and Nicholas Low to the above named Claudius Hubbard by deed, dated June 5, 1838 and recorded in Jefferson County Clerks Office Feb. 16, 1839 in Leiber F 3d of deeds at page annual rent of six cents.../s/ Volney S. Hubbard Dated: 15 Jan 1873

It is Volney Stow Hubbard of Watertown, the eldest son of Claudius and Zeruiah, who preserved the family history. Volney died in 1904 and is buried at Watertown; most of his family is buried in cemeteries in or near Adams. Volney was a teacher having attended the first Teachers' Institute held in the county. Never satisfied with the minimum requirements, he attend the Black River Institute in Watertown and the State Normal School at Albany, where he graduated with highest honors in its first graduating class in 1845. In the spring of 1850 he invested his savings in the mercantile business, where he was extremely successful. In 1868 he built a fine brick block on Public Square in Watertown, which was in the area where his store was located.



1816 Bela and Naomi Hubbard to Claudius Hubbard Vol. J p 2 (MISSING VOLUME)

1817 Bela Hubbard of Adams and wife Naomi to Solon Hubbard of same place for $500 land in Adams being parts of Lots No. 37 and 38 deed to Hubbard by Nicholas Lowe by date bearing the 15 day of Dec. 1809. Dated 14 October 1817. /s/ Bela Hubbard and Naomi Hubbard

1819 - Bela Hubbard of Adams sold to Haley Brown of Adams for $800 all parts of Lots No. 37 and 38 in the Township No. 7 in Adams. Said premises ..subject to a certain mortgage given by Bela to Benjamin Plant of Utica in the amount of $457 in October 1817. Dated 3 July 1819. /s/ Bela Hubbard (no wife)


Indenture made 10 November 1820 between Claudius Hubbard and Zeruiah Hubbard of Adams and Peter Doxtater of same, ..116 acres which was DEEDED TO NAOMI HUBBARD BY NICHOLAS LOWE on the 29 of June 1815, which 55 acres are to be taken off the said 116 acres../s/ Claudius Hubbard and Zeruiah Hubbard

Sources: Durant and Peirce 1878; VIR CT; cemetery records; census records; deeds of Jefferson Co.; Flower Library Records.

This information about the Pioneer Hubbard family was contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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