1. JOHN BERTRAND was born 15 April 1791 in Kingston, Ontario,Canada to JEAN-BAPTISTE BERTRAND and MARIE-JOSETT DeLAGE. He immigrated to Jefferson County about 1840 and first settled in Cape Vincent with his wife Helen Marie DuFaux(DuFoe). They later moved to Clayton where the majority of their family was born and raised as well as their children's families. John Bertrand appeared in Clayton area around 1840 according to the book Historical Sketches of Clayton, Jefferson County, NY and Complete History of St.Mary's Parish. JOHN and his wife HELEN raised a family of 9 children in Jefferson County. Both JOHN and HELEN passed away on Grindstone Island. JOHN died at age 78 on 05 May 1869

He married
HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) who was born 07 Feb 1801 and died on Grindstone Island at age 79 on 22 Apr 1880

Children, BERTRAND:

     2    i    EDWARD BERTRAND b 20 Sep 1820

     3   ii    ANTHONY BERTRAND b 26 Jan 1827

     4  iii    HARRIET BERTRAND b 1829

     5   iv    HELENE BERTRAND b 4 Sep 1833

     6   v    ELIZABETH BERTRAND b 24 Sep 1835

     7   vi    OLIVER BERTRAND b Dec 1837

     8  vii    SOPHIA BERTRAND b 27 Mar 1840

     9   viii   PHILOMINA BERTRAND b 1843

    10   ix    GEORGE W. BERTRAND b 1844

2. EDWARD BERTRAND, son of JOHN & HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) BERTRAND was born 20 Sep 1820 at Kingston, Ontario and died 18 Sep 1890 at Clayton, Jefferson County, N.Y. EDWARD is known locally in Clayton as a Master Ship Builder

He married (1)
SOPHIA FERTILE, born about 1822 in Canada. Of this marriage they had the following nine children:

Children, BERTRAND:

    11   i    SEREPHONA BERTRAND b 18 Jan 1841 married FRANCIS XAVIER GEGOUX on 01 Feb 1864 on Wolfe Island. She died 01 July 1931 at Clayton, NY

    12   ii     EDWARD BERTRAND b 2 Aug 1842, d 11 Mar 1909 m DELIA PARSNOW

    13   iii    PETER BERTRAND b 22 Jun 1844

    14  iv     ANTHONY E. BERTRAND b 1846 m LIZZIE J CLARK 09 Aug 1875 in Portland, Maine

    15   v     JOSEPHINE BERTRAND b 1848

    16   vi     EUGENE BERTRAND b 1850

    17   vii     WILLIAM b 1853

    18  viii     HARRIET b 1854

    19  ix     HELEN b 1855

He married (2) 02 May 1857 in St.Mary's Church in Clayton, Jefferson County, NY
ANGELIC THIBAULT and of this marriage these children were born:

Children, BERTRAND:

    20  i     MARY BERTRAND b 1858

    21  ii     NAPOLEON B. BERTRAND b 05 Apr 1859

    22  iii     BERTHA BERTRAND b 12 Oct 1860

    23  iv     JOHN BERTRAND b 09 DEC 1861

    24  v     JOSEPH BERTRAND b 22 Jun 1863

    25  vi     ALPHONZO BERTRAND b 3 Sep 1865

    26  vii     ALFRED BERTRAND b 1866

    27  viii     SUSAN BERTRAND b 09 Jun 1867

3. ANTHONY BERTRAND, son of JOHN & HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) BERTRAND b 26 Jan 1827 d 11 Feb 19-1 Cape Vincent, Jefferson County, NY

4. HARRIET BERTRAND, of JOHN & HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) BERTRAND b/1829 Cape Vincent, d 17 Sep 1905 Clayton, Jefferson County, NY.
She married 03 Nov 1845 Clayton,Jefferson Cnty,NY

5. HELENE BERTRAND, daughter of JOHN & HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) BERTRAND was born 1833 Cape Vincent and died 10 Aug 1905 Watertown, Jefferson Co, NY
She married on 31 Dec 1850 in Clayton, Jefferson Co, NY

6. ELIZABETH BERTRAND, daughter of JOHN & HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) BERTRAND was born 24 Sep 1835 Cape Vincent and died 07 Jan 1911 Clayton, Jefferson Co, NY
She married 27 Jun 1853 Clayton, Jefferson Co, NY

7. OLIVER BERTRAND, son of JOHN & HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) BERTRAND was born Dec 1837 and died about 1913 at Clayton, Jefferson Co, NY
He married 27 Apr 1858 at Clayton,Jefferson Co, NY

8. SOPHIA BERTRAND, daughter of JOHN & HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) BERTRAND was born 27 Mar 1840 at Cape Vincent and died 07 Nov 1902 at Clayton, Jefferson Co, NY
She married 08 Jun 1855 at Clayton

9. PHILOMINA BERTRAND, daughter of JOHN & HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) BERTRAND was born 1843 and died 05 Feb 1905 at Clayton, Jefferson Co, NY
She married 14 Aug 1865 Clayton,Jefferson Co, NY

10. GEORGE W. BERTRAND, son of JOHN & HELEN MARIE DuFAUX (DuFOE) BERTRAND was born 1844 and died 1925
He married

13. PETER BERTRAND ( my gg grandfather) son of  EDWARD BERTRAND and SOPHIA FERTILE was born 22 Jun 1844 at Clayton. Peter died 29 Nov 1892, Clayton, NY
He married about 1867

Children, BERTRAND:

    28  i     EDWARD BERTRAND b 1868

    29  ii    CHARLES LOUIS BERTRAND b 29 Dec 1872

29. CHARLES LOUIS BERTRAND (my G grandfather) was born 29 Dec 1872 and died 14 Mar 1942 in Cleveland ,Ohio.
He married (1) on Jan 1898 in St.Mary's in Clayton
ISABELLA FITZGERALD, daughter of BARRINGTON FITZGERALD. She died one year later.

He married (2)
ALICE MARGARET JOHNSON, daughter of JOSEPH JOHNSON and MARGARET TIERNEY who was born 17 Aug 1871. Alice died 17 Feb 1971 in Watertown. Charles and Alice had one child,Glenrose.


    30  i GLENROSE BERTRAND b 06 Jun 1903

30. GLENROSE BERTRAND, daughter of CHARLES LOUIS BERTRAND and ALICE MARGARET JOHNSON was born 06 Jun 1903 at Clayton, NY. She died 07 Aug 1972,Catskill,Greene County,NY.
She married Jan 1924 Clayton, NY.
HOWARD LOUIS GUYNN (GOUIN). They had one daughter.

Child, GUYNN:


30. MARY FELICIA GUYNN, daughter of HOWARD LOUIS GUYNN (GOUIN) and GLENROSE BERTRAND was born 11 Dec 1924 at Clayton, died 05 DEC 1989 at Venice, Sarasota County, Florida
She married
WILLIAM JAMES CRAVEN who was born 14 Oct 1913 Kings County,NY died 23 May 2000 in Fort Wayne, Allen County,Indiana
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