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Morgan Stark was born 1775 in Groton, New London, CT, son of Nathan Stark Sr. (1743-1830) and Olive Morgan (1745-1781). On 10 August 1800, at Guilford, VT, Morgan married Rachel Aldrich. She was the daughter of Joseph Hale Aldrich (1732-1797) and Abigail Slate (1735-1817). Rachel Aldrich was born about 1784 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Morgan Stark and Rachel were the parents of the following children:

1. Morgan A. Stark 1801-1883
2. Rachael Stark 1803-1886 married Ezra Worden
3. Nathan M. Stark 1805 -
4. Benjamin Stark 1807-
5. Lucinda Stark 1808-1878
6. Nelson Horatio Stark 1810-1892
7. Nancy M. Stark b 1820 d 23 Feb. 1907
8. Olive?

Morgan and Rachel's daughter, Rachael, born 1803, married Ezra Worden of Rutland, Jefferson Co., VT.
Known children of Ezra Worden (1795-1879) and Rachel were:

Nathan Worden 1821-
Rachel Electa Worden 1828-1872
Spafford Horatio Gates Worden 1829-1909
Rebecca Jane Worden 1832-1900

Joseph Worden was born c 1753 in Westerly, Rhode Island and died probably about 1817 at over 80 years, in Rutland, Jeffferson Co., NY. He was a member of the Baptist Society in Halifax Vermont, as recorded in a town record of the deacon of the church, dated 15 September 1789. His wife was Amy/Anna Lamb.
Known children of Joseph Worden and Amy:

1. Thomas
2. Amos
3. John
4. Joseph Jr.
5. Hannah
6. Nathan
7. Ezra born 1795; married Rachel Stark, b 1803 and died 1886.
8. Jesse
9. Avery, died young
10. Electa

Leonard Aldrich, was the son of Joseph Hale Aldrich and Abigail Slate; born 3 March 1782 in Guilford, Windham Co., VT. He died 20 August 1831 at age 49 and was buried in Felts Mills Cemetery in Rutland, Jeff. Co., NY. He married on 25 January 1805 in Canton, St. Lawrence Co., NY to Achsah Tamblin who was born 3 March 1787 in Vermont, daughter of Capt. Timothy Tamblin and when about age 14, her family moved to Rutland where she married and settled with her husband on their farm. She died on 1 September 1860 at age 73years 6 months of heart disease. See also, September 1996 issue of the Informer for Tamblin/Aldrich Bible records.

Known children of Leonard and Achsah:

Jonathan Aldrich 1806 - 1886
Roxana Aldrich 1808-1884
David Aldrich 1810-1885
Lewis Aldrich 1812-1875
Louisa Aldrich 1817-1893
Susan Aldrich 1818-1864
Lucy Ann Aldrich 1810-1895
Mary Aldrich 1821-1904
Sophronia Aldrich 1824-1882

Benjamin Aldrich was born in 1786 in Vermont, son of Joseph Hale Aldrich and Abigail Slate, and died 25 Nov. 1860 in Jefferson Co., NY., buried Clark Cemetery. He married on 10 January 1809 to Mary (Polly) Clark. She died 6 Nov. 1878 at 89 years, 11 months and 3 days. In the 1865 census of Rutland, Polly Aldrich is age 76 and aunt of Mary C. Davis. Eunice Davis age 72 is listed as the mother of Mary C. Davis. Eunice was b 27 Feb. 1793 in Halifax, VT and d 18 Dec. 1872 in Jeff. Co., widow of James Davis. In his will, filed in Jefferson Co., NY, we find that he had no children but did leave a widow and brothers and sisters. At the time of his death, his sister, Anna Adams of Wayne, Erie Co., PA, widow of Elijah Adams, was still living. In the 1875 census of Rutland, Mary Aldrich, sister-in-law of Joseph Worden, is in that household at age 86.

Known brothers and sisters of Benjamin Aldrich of Rutland, Jeff. Co., NY from the opening of probate of Benjamin's will:

1. Anna Aldrich Adams, wife of Elijah Adams

2. Leonard Aldrich, brother died 20 Aug. 1831 at 49 years; married 25 Jan. 1805 Achsah Tamblin; b 3 March 1787 and d 1 Sept. 1860 at Felt's Mills, In Family Sketches of Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY, he was a native of Vermont and an early settler of Rutland. They were the parents of three sons and five daughters, most of whom settled in Jeff. Co.

Leonard's children:
David Aldrich b 12 Oct. 1810 d 5 Dec. 1885; m 1 Jan. 1838 Sarah S.___d 9 July 1854 at 42 years, 8 months
Lewis Aldrich b 8 Oct. 1812 d 3 Apr. 1875; m 28 April 1833 Mary Ellis, b 25 Dec. 1799 and d 14 April 1879, buried Felt's Mills. She was the daughter of John Ellis of MA, and they had five children:

Lewis D. died as an infant
Julia A. married John H. Overacker and died in Alexandria in 1888
Martin E. resided in Philadelphia and was a merchant there; b in Rutland 23 March 1837. On 29 Dec. 1863, he married Ann E., daughter of Erastus and Betsey (Chadwick) Whitney and they had six sons and four daughters: (his grandfather being Leonard Aldrich) Mrs. Betsey Whitney, relict of Erastus, d 3 Sept. 1872 at Martin's home.

Ivie Estelle b 1864
Llewellyn M. b 1867
Duane L. d as an infant in 1869
May Ella b 1872
Burton W. b 1874
Millie A. b 1875
Henry M. b 1877
DeWitt C. b 1878
Effie Anna b 1882
Arthur E. b 1874.

Eunice A. married Lewis E. Dunn, both age 25, on 14 Feb. 1865 in Rutland
Ellis A. of Rutland
Marcus D., who died in 1868 at 24 years.

Polly Aldrich
Sophronia Parsins, wife of Francis Parsins
Lucy Gipson, wife of Cyrus B. Gipson; he was the son of John C. Gipson, born in Concord, ME, on 8 June 1823. In 1843 he removed to Felt's Mills. In 1845 he married Lucy of Rutland and they had two children:

Josephine S. (Mrs. George Woods)
Henry S., a lawyer in Faribault, MN.

Cyrus B., was a carpenter and builder by occupation and a veteran of the Civil War. After his discharge on 25 March 1865, he returned to Felt's Mills and in 1872 was elected justice of the peace.

Susan Clark, wife of William Clark, all of Rutland, Jeff. Co.
Jonathan Aldrich b 3 Sept. 1806; m 29 Dec. 1829 (no stone) and not in will information, buried in Felt's Mills
Roxana b 1 Feb. 1808 d 16 Mar. 1884 bur. Felt's Mills

3. Rachel Worden wife of Ezra Worden of Rutland

4. Lucinda Lee, wife of Morris Lee of Macomb, St. Lawrence Co., NY Lucinda Stark(s) was born in 1808 and died in 1878 in St. Lawrence Co. Morris Lee was born in 1808 and died in 1881.
Lucinda's children:

Morris Lee, Jr. b 25 June 1832 d 9 Jan. 1894; served in Civil War
Deborah b 1835
Sophia b 1836
Nancy b 1840
Lucinda b 1842
Nelson b 1844
William b 1847
Emma b 1849
A. Pamelia b 1851

5. Rachel Aldrich Stark, a deceased sister and wife of Morgan Stark
Rachel's children:

Horatio Stark

6. Lucy Aldrich Stockwell, a deceased sister
Lucy's children:

Alexander Stockwell of Monroe Co.

7. Abigail Aldrich Smith, a deceased sister, bc 1797 MA; m Daniel Smith, b 1793 in NH; residents of Watertown, NY
Abigail's children

Ann E. b 1834
Curtis H. b 1837

8. Clark Aldrich b 1789 MA resident of Clayton, Jeff. Co. NY. Wife: Sarah bc 1799
Clark's children:

Polly Ann
Sarah Ann
Mila Jane

9. Gideon Aldrich

10.David Aldrich d 5 Dec. 1885 in Rutland at 73 years; married Lucina R. Calvin

In his will, Benjamin Aldrich named his wife, Mary; his nephew, Asa Clark; his sister-in-law, Eunice Davis; sister-in-law Leafy Worden. He named Mary C. Davis, Eliza R. Cross and Merinda Worden, also, but did not mention their exact relationship. However, in the Land Records for Jefferson Co., V 145 p. 531, Benjamin clarifies the relationship, stating that these three women were his nieces.

The Watertown Reunion newspaper lists a marriage of Miss Lefie Aldrich of LeRay to Mr. Orrin Jacobs of Rutland on 8 July 1863.

Worden Black River Cemetery records:

Worden, Alanson d 20 Oct. 1852 at 23 years, 8 days
Worden, Floyd D. d 15 Sept. 1865 at 23 years, 1 month, 24 days
Worden, Ezra d 5 November 1879 at 84 years, 8 months
Worden, Grace E., wife of Stanley E. Worden 1920 -
Worden Joseph d 15 June 1877 at 88 years, 3 months, 3 days
Worden, Leafy, wife of Joseph d 7 Dec. 1881 at 86 years, 24 days
Worden, Marinda d 7 May 1897 at 81 years, 5 months, 15 days
Worden, Rachel (Starks) wife of Ezra d 20 May 1886 at 92 years, 5 months
Worden, Stanley E. b 1912 d 29 Sept. 1992

According to the book, Some Records of Persons by the Name of Worden, by Oliver Norton Worden, he had the following to say about Joseph Worden:

"According to the traditions received through his son, Ezra Worden, Joseph left Groton, CT on the day the Fort was attacked, 6 Sept. 1781 and moved to Halifax, VT. In 1803 he moved to Jefferson Co., NY where he died in 1819 at 66 or 67 years. He married before 1780 Amy or Anna Lamb, b 1756. She, according to the records in Hopkinton, was a sister and sole heir of Thomas Lamb, whose name is inscribed on the Groton Monument among the slain at the Massacre under Arnold. Thomas Lamb was 19 years old when he entered into the War. Amy died in 1836 at over 80 years and she and Joseph Worden were the parents of ten children."

1. Amos Worden b 1776 d in Lorain Co., Ohio about 1842 at 65 years.

2. Thomas Worden bc 1778 and died 1817 at 40 but left no children.

3. John Worden bc 1782 and in 1866 was living near Cold Water, Michigan; his children: Joseph, John, Amasa, Wesley, Resolved and 'Senath

4. Joseph Worden bc 1787, living at Black River, Jeff. Co., NY; he had two daughters - Eunice and Marinda and four grandchildren
Note: Descendants claim he was born 12 March 1789 in Halifax, Windham Co., VT and married 15 Nov. 1811 in Rutland, Jeff. Co., NY to Relief Clark; died 15 June 1877

Children: Marinda Worden and Alanson Worden; he was a veteran of the War of 1812.
Marinda b 23 Dec. 1815 and died 7 May 1897 in Rutland, Jeff. Co., NY

5. Hannah Worden bc 1789 and d Halifax in 1800 at age 11

6. Nathan Worden bc 1794 d in Troy in 1814 at 19 years

7. EZRA WORDEN b 1796, had four children and four grandchildren living near him at Felt's Mills Descendants give him a birthdate of 1795 and death date of 5 Nov. 1879; buried Black River Cemetery in Jefferson Co., NY. A veteran of the War of 1812 and a pensioner. He married Rachel Starks, b 1803 and died 20 May 1886. The marriage date from a revised manuscript in 1982, states a marriage date of 1816.

Children: Rebecca Jane b 24 July 1832
Spafford H. G.
Daughter - unknown

8. Jesse Worden bc 1798 and d by falling from his barn in St. Lawrence Co., in 1833 at 35 years; left three children, two living. The revised manuscript cited above, states that Jesse was born in Rutland, Jeff. Co., and married Judith Gotham. In 1830 they were in Depeau, St. Lawrence Co.

Mary married Hartson Thomas 2 July 1843 both of Russell, St. Lawrence Co.

9. Avery Worden bc 1799; was frozen to death in 1811 at the age of 12 in Jefferson Co., NY (Hough's record of Jeff. Co., NY)

10. Electa Worden b 1801 d 1843? age 42, leaving eight children who scattered to different locations

NOTES on Thomas Lamb:
He died in defense of Fort Griswold on 6 September 1781. He was unmarried and a son of Thomas Lamb of Groton. His resting place is unknown, probably in the ancient ground on Whitman Meeting House Hill in Groton.
Source: The Battle of Groton Heights: A Collection of Narratives, Official Reports, by William Wallace Harris, p. 225.

His parents were Amy and Thomas Lamb and he had an only sister, Amy Lamb, wife of Joseph Worden. He also had a brother, Ebenezer Lamb, mentioned on several websites.

NOTES on Morgan Stark:
Nathan Stark was born 1743 in Groton, New London Co., CT and died in 1830 at Guilford, Windham Co., VT, burial in the Stark Cemetery and marked by a field stone. He was a Revolutionary War soldier. and married as his first wife, Olive Morgan. They were parents of eight children: Nathan, Deborah, Abijah, Sarah, Olive, Jedidiah, MORGAN and Eunice.

Gleaned from The Worden surname from Peter Worden of Yarmouth to 1850,
the revised version of the 1982 manuscript, Oliver Norton Worden's family.
Notes in italics below are added information from research.

Ichabod Worden was born 24 Jan. 1761, son of Sylvester Worden and Rebecca Eccleston; they moved from Stonington, CT to Groton and in May of 1780 they moved to Halifax, Windham Co., VT. Of their children:

1. Ichabod Worden b 1761, married 11 Feb. 1781 to Margaret Brown of Stonington Point and moved to Halifax, then to the Black River Country of Northern New York. Ichabod died 1 Nov. 1844 at 83 years, 4 months, 7 days. Wife Margaret d 6 Aug. 1845 at 83 years; both are buried in Sec. 1 of the Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY. Their ten children:

Rebecca b 21 May 1785 Halifax, Windham Co., VT; d 5 April 1846 Niagara Co., NY
Humphrey b 2 June 1787 in Halifax and d 1800
Ichabod b 12 Nov. 1788 in Halifax
Roxey b 4 Mar. 1794 in Shaftsbury, VT; m Gideon Cobb
Lyman of Rochester, NY b 1 Nov. 1790 in Halifax; d 12 Dec. 1874 Rochester, Monroe Co NY
Loreene b 30 Mar. 1796 in Halifax
Russell b 7 Aug. 1799 in Halifax and d 22 Jan. 1854 in St. Joseph Co., MI; married Polly Fairbanks
Truman b 7 Oct. 1800 in Halifax; d 29 Nov. 1838 Brighton, MI
Asenath bc 1802 New York
Salmon (Solomon) of Moscow, Hillsdale Co., Michigan, a Methodist preacher; was born 28 April 1805 in Champion, Jeff. Co. and married on 14 March, 1824 to Mehitabel Veber, she born in Rutland, NY on 15 Nov. 1809.

Their children:
Adaline b Rutland 10 Dec. 1826; m William Fowler 26 July 1844
Jane b Rutland 6 Aug. 1828 m Elisha Brockway 9 April 1848
Sarah Worden b Champion 20 Jan. 1830; m William Wade 15 Feb. 1853
Freeman Penfield Worden b Rutland 30 Sept. 1831; m Margaret Ovenshire 30 Sept. 1852; she d Feb., 1859 and left a son and daughter.
Rodman Milon Worden b Brighton Monroe Co., NY 16 Aug. 1833
John Wesley Worden b Brighton, 20 March 1835
Selina Cordelia Worden b Brighton 25 Nov. 1836
Alfonzo Wallace Worden b Brighton 11 Aug. 1838 d 27 May 1863 at 27
Helen b Brighton
Harriet Marian Worden b 22 Apr. 1844
Herman Brooks Worden b Bright 7 May 1842
Salmon Truman Worden b Madison, Lenawee Co., MI 24 Feb. 1844
Vilora Eliza Worden b Mattison, Branch Co., MI 18 March 1846 m George Carris
Flora Luella Worden b Ogden, Lenawee Co., MI 25 Dec. 1849
David Ichabod Worden b Ogden, 18 June 1852 d 1856 age 4.

Darius Worden, son of Ebenezer Worden:
Darius is found at Sharon CT near his brother, Ebenezer Jr. in 1800. In 1820 Darius is at LeRay in Jefferson Co., NY along with Darius Jr. Darius Sr. married Charlotte Thornton, who was born about 1760. He was a Rev. War soldier and his burial location is unknown. Darius died in Jefferson Co. in about 1846-7.

Ebenezer b 1782/3
Mary bc 1785
Sarah bc 1787
Elizabeth bc 1790
Barzilla bc 1791
Darius Jr. bc 1791/2 in Stonington, CT; married Lucinda Charlotte Jerard (1826-1909)
Darius Worden Jr. is in the 1820 census of Le Ray and at Alexandria, Jefferson Co., in 1830 and 1840 and at Theresa in 1850. Probable widower in 1830 and 1840 by census indicators and only in the 1850 census are names listed. At that point, Darius Jr. is age 58 with a wife, Lucinda, age 23 and two boys, Darius 4 and Reuben 1. In the deeds of Jeff. Co., on 9 May 1842, Norris M. Woodruff of Watertown and Roxana T., his wife, and Samuel Stocking of Utica and Phebe, his wife, of the first part, and Darius Worden of the second part sell for $129 a parcel of land in Alexandria, which was part of Lots 123/4, consisting of 25 acres. The deed was recorded 7 July 1843.

children: Darius b 19 Oct. 1846 Reuben 1849-1927 m Mary E. Smart (1852-1920) Phebe Jane b 1851 d 1930; m Sylvanus Sweet Warner on 20 Oct. 1866 at Theresa Nancy Adaline b 1853; m George H. Sayles
Mary Etta (1855-1927) m Joseph Flora (1843-1916)
Corbin Francis (1857-1919) m Emma Jane Farra (1860-1944)Upon his marriage to
  Emma on 31 March 1878 in Elroy, Juneau Co., WI, he named his father,
  Darius and his mother as Lucinda Clementine Worden Foster who married
  about 1839. Emma's parents were Samuel and Mary Farra.
Alma Augusta (1860-1936) m William Vandeusen (1845-1928) married 1882
Sabrey Elizabeth (1861-1941) m Lowell Cornwell (1857-1931)
John J. (1865-1952)

Lucinda Jerard was the daughter of William Jerard and she was born in Canada. She died in 1908 in Clark Co., Wisconsin. Darius died probable 1866 in Jefferson Co. She married second to Jerome Foster, born 9 Dec. 1828 in Brownville, Jeff. Co., NY and d 4 Apil 1919 in Wisconsin.
  Lucinda and Jerome were the parents of:
  Hubert Foster b 7 May 1868 in Theresa, NY and d 22 Jan. 1922 in Wisconsin.

Bernard b 26 Sept. 1793; in 1860 he was of Theresa with a wife, Sally, age 39 b NY
  ch: Eli age 23, Ebenezer 0 b NY and Wm. Tousley age 4. Sally was probably a daughter of William Tousley.
  dau: Orpha Preston d 20 Feb. 1920 in Afton, MN at 80 years, b 1839 NY

Thomas Thornton b 25 April 1794

Orphean bc 1787

Jeremiah bc 1809

Ebenezer Worden, son of Darius, above, is in the 1830, 1840 and 1850 census at Brownville, Jefferson Co., NY with a wife named Lucy. In the 1850 census, the household listed three Wordens - Ebenezer 67, Lucy 61 and Wm. H. Harrison at age 10. Eight other persons in the household are not identified. Only one child, William B., bc 1808, appears in the 1840 census at Clayton, as a widower with three daughters under 10, one of whom was named Helen. By 1850, William had married the widow, Lucinda L. Olney, and their children were:

Henry bc 1841
John Stedman b 1 Jan. 1844
Sarah bc 1846
William bc 1848

Ebenezer Worden was in Alexandria, Jeff. Co. in 1840 and at Theresa in 1850, probably Ebenezer Jr. He married Wealthy Conklin and in the 1850 census the following members were listed:

Ebenezer 39
Wealthy 35
Martin Van Buren 15 (b 21 May 1834)
Phebe J. 13 (b 18 July 1836)
Milo 10
Clarissa 7
Elizabeth 4
George W. 1 (b 6 May 1849)

Bernard Worden, son of Darius, is in the 1820, (Lyme), 1830 (Brownville), and 1850 census (Theresa).

Bernard Jr. b 1814/15 - by 1840 he was apparently a widower with two children. In 1850 he is at Theresa, age 35, with wife Sally, 28, and children: Eli 13 and Orphah, 11.
Alpheus b 1818/9 - he is at Holland in Sheboygan Co., WI in 1850, age 28 and wife Mary Call, age 20.
Mary A. b 30 July 1827
John Fehlon b 26 Dec. 1832
Gardner B. b 1839/40

Dorothea died after 1840 and Bernard remarried to widow, Mary Ann Smith. The 1850 household:

Bernard 56
Mary Ann 47
John F. 17
Gardner B. 10
Mary Jane Smith 18
Adam Smith 13.

Barzilla Worden was at Brownville, Jeff. Co. in 1830, his only census appearance as a head of household.

Thomas Thornton Worden, son of Darius, was of Trenton in Oneida Co., NY.

Jeremiah Worden, son of Darius, settled at South Bristol in Ontario Co.

Sources: Census records (state and federal), Child's Directory, county histories (Hough and others), cemetery records, Worden Memorial, VIR CT, Jeff. Co., RI, Historic Newspapers, probate records in Jeff. Co., Jeff. Co., NY Genweb, land records of Jeff. Co.

Researched by Marilyn Sapienza

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