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Asa E. Hart was born in Tiverton, Rhode Island on 7 April 1784 and died 4 February 1859 in Jefferson County, NY. His parents were Constant Hart, born 1744 and died in 1824. Constant Hart married Deborah Sanford on 4 February 1760 at Little Compton, RI. She was born in 1740 and died on 30 November 1804. Both are buried in the Hart Lot in Tiverton, RI.

Asa E. Hart, their son was married to:

1)Mary Brownell unverified marriage; died 16 July 1807
2)Lydia Manchester on 15 November 1807 in Bristol, RI. She was born 3 March 1791, at Little Compton, Newport Co., RI, daughter of John and Rhoda Manchester. The Marriage was held in the Congregational Church in Bristol, RI.
3)Hannah Dana, born 1815-16 in New York and she died 6 January 1896 at Depauville; married 2)William Orvis.

In the 1855 census of Leray, NY, stated that he had been a resident there for 19 years, placing his arrival at about 1836. In an account of one of his sons, by Oakes in biographies of Jefferson County residents, the son stated that his father, Asa E. Hart, was the inventor of the first pegging machine. According to the census records of Leray, Asa E. was blind and by occupation, a rake maker.


Andrus Hart, b 1805

George B. Hart, b Rhode Island in 1807 and came to Leray in about 1829. He married 1)Phebe B. Child who was born 1811 and died 5 June 1863, daughter of Samuel and Rachel Child; and 2)Catharine Willard on 26 April 1865 in Jefferson Co. Both George B. and Phebe B. are buried in the Quaker cemetery, which is included in the Fort Drum Cemetery listings in Jefferson Co.
Hart Children:

Eunice R. Hart b 10 Nov.1831 m Hiram T. Howland of Leray, Jeff. Co., NY, he b 1834 and died 1917; she died 30 Nov. 1903, at Felt's Mills.

Howland children:
Phebe Howland b 1860
Amos Howland b 1864
Joseph Howland b 1867
Erwin Howland b 1870
Byron Howland b 1870

Mary Brownell Hart Willard b 19 June 1833 at Leray; d 2 June 1912; married Erwin Willard b 7 March 1843 in Champion, NY; married 30 April 1865 Watertown, NY. Erwin d 1917.

Willard children:
Ella Irvine Willard b 15 July 1873

Eliza P. Hart b 1836 and lived in Antwerp, Jeff. Co., NY; married Stephen Howland, b 1831.

Howland children:
Mary Howland b 1861
Amelia Howland b 1867

Lucy Ann Hart b 1839; married Ebeneser Fredenberg, b 1840.

Fredenberg children:
William Fredenberg b 1870
Thomas Fredenberg b 1871

Charles Henry Hart b 21 May 1838 and d 24 Jan. 1900; married Ella Angelica Willard, b 21 Aug. 1853 d 24 Jan. 1890.

Hart children:
Erwin W. Hart b 13 Nov.1874-75 d 27 Mar. 1921; married 21 Dec. 1898 in Antwerp, NY Laura May Dobbins, b 15 Aug. 1878 Alexandria Bay, NY; d 1943.
Ariel Hart b 1899

Thomas C. Hart b 17 Jan. 1842; lived Rosserie, St. Lawrence Co. NY; wife: Mary b 1861, b Canada. He died 27 Dec. 1933.

Hart children:
George B. Hart b 1865 d 1947
Charles Hart b 1867
Eliza Hart b 1873
Wilbur Hart b 1879
Harry Hart b 1877

Two children of Asa Hart died in Rhode Island; one in 1811 and another in 1812.

William Hart b 1819; he was a carpenter and married Prudence Snow, b 1834. She was a widow by 1870 and lived at New Hartford, Oneida Co., NY

Hart children:
Fred W. Hart of Batavia, Genesee Co., NY; married Elizabeth Lawrence
Charles M. Hart of Frankfort Hill, Herkimer Co., NY bc 1857; in 1915, mother Prudence A. Hart was in his household and he was in New Hartford, Oneida Co., NY, with wife Augusta L. age 56, and son Stanley E., age 15 and daughter, Elizabeth P., age 20.
Frank S. Hart of Chadwickes Mills, Oneida Co bc 1864
Edwin P. Hart of Oak Grove, Livingston Co., MI bc 1857
William P. Hart of Washington Mills, Oneida Co., NY b 20 May 1867 d 12 Nov. 1939 buried New Forest Cem. Utica, Oneida Co NY.

Mary A. Hart b 1814; married Levi Johnson b 1813.

Johnson children:
F. Byron Johnson of Sacketts Harbor, NY b 1838
Alba A. Johnson of Watertown, NY b 1840
Lydia E. Edwards of Belleville, NY b 1843

Hannah Hart b 1817

Phebe Hart b 1817

Asa Manchester Hart b 16 Dec. 1818 at New Hartford, Oneida Co., NY and died 6 April 1869 in Reading, Berkshire Co. PA. He married Susannah Burkhart Mayer (1821-1884).

Hart children:
George L. Hart
Lydia M. Hart; b 7 Jan. 1845; married Thomas C. Steele
Susan M. Hart

Samuel T. Hart bc 1823 and d 11 April 1885 at Dexter, in Jefferson County, NY. Former resident of Brownville, NY. (See notes below)

Charles B. Hart bc 1833, NY; married Julia Scott bc 1836; Residents of New Hartford, Oneida Co., NY. Charles was a carpenter by profession. In the 1875 census of New Hartford, Charles gave Jefferson County as his place of birth. Julia gave her place of birth as Oneida County. All of the children were born in Oneida County except Asa, who was born in Illinois

Hart children:
Sarah Hart b 1855
Asa Hart b 1859
Charles Hart b 1861
Julia Hart b 1864
Mary Hart b 1866
Ella Hart b 1868
May Hart b 1869
Jenny Hart b 1870
George Hart b 1872

Andrew Hart b 1837 - in household of Asa and Hannah Hart in 1850.

Sgt. Henry H. Hart 1839-1864 - died in the Civil War; married Ellen A. Plant, b 1839 and died 1915. She is buried in the Old Depauville Cemetery. Henry died at the Portsmouth Hospital, Virginia, on 12 April 1864 of typhoid fever at 24 years, 10 months. He left a widow and two children to mourn his death. He was of Leray, Jeff. Co., NY.

Corporal Lewis W. Hart b 1841 and died in 1933; served in the Civil War. He was age 21 when he enlisted and was of Leray. His wife was Mary J. b 1844 and d 1912. He was enr. 6 Sept. 1862.

William Hart b 1842

Rhoda Hart b 1846

Abram Eugene Hart b 20 Sept. 1851; married Carrie E. Lasher, b 1853. Mentioned in obituary of Sarah Lasher Cook in the Rome Sentinel newspaper of August 31, 1908. Carrie was her sister and was of Syracuse, NY at that time. He died 22 April 1926 in Utica, Oneida Co., NY. In the 1870 census of Clayton, NY he was in the household of George Greenleaf. Eugene's occupation was tinsmith. In the 1892 census of Syracuse, Abraham E. Hart, age 41, occupation tinsmith; wife Carrie E. Hart, age 43 and Lasher Hart age 15 and Harold Hart, age 4. Per the 1900 census of Syracuse, she gave a marriage year of 1876. In the 1910 census of Syracuse, Abram was on his second marriage of 32 years. Carrie had three children born to her and two now living.

Hart children:
Robert H. Hart b 1888

Byron W. Hart b 1859 d 3 July 1930. He married on 18 Feb. 1896 to Ella Faire, who died in 1910 and on 12 September 1911, he married Beatrice M. Reese. In the Oakes interview he mentioned that he was born at LeRay and came to Clayton with his parents, Asa E. Hart and Hannah Hart, when he was age 4.

Notes: From the will of Samuel T. Hart, who made his will on 28 February 1885, and proved 1 June 1886 (Jeff. Co., NY Wills):

He left his estate to May A. Knox of the Town of Brownville and mentioned his mortgage on the Hart Place in the Village of New Hartford, Oneida Co., NY. He appointed Andrew Taylor of Jefferson Co. as his executor. D. B. Hale of Pillar Point, NY and Chas. C. Emerson of Dexter witnessed the will.

However, in the petition to open probate, additional facts were provided by Andrew Taylor, of Brownville, as the petitioner. He named the heirs and next of kin as follows:

Charles B. Hart, brother of the deceased, at Asheville, Buncombe Co., N.C.
Abram E. Hart, half brother of Taburg, N.Y.
Byron W. Hart of Depauville, NY, half brother
Lydia B. Steele of Pottstown, Montgomery Co., PA
Susan M. Casill? of Highland Mills, Norfolk Co. MA, children of Asa Hart, a deceased brother.
Byron Johnson of Sacketts Harbor
Alba A. Johnson of Watertown
Lydia E. Edwards of Belleville, all of Jefferson Co., and children of Mary A. Johnson, a deceased sister.
Eunice R. Howland
Mary B. Howland
Charles H. Hart
Lucy A. Fredenburgh of LeRay
Eliza P. Howland of Antwerp, all of Jeff. Co.
Thomas C. Hart of Rossie, St. Lawrence Co., NY, children of George B. Hart, a deceased brother.
Fred W. Hart of Batavia, NY
Charles M. Hart of Frankfort Hill, NY
Frank S. Hart of Chadwicks Mills, NY
Elvira P. Hart of Oak Grove, Livingston Co., MI
William P. Hart of Washington Mills, NY, children of Wm. Hart, a deceased brother

The probate court allowed the following heirs:
Charles B. Hart
Abram E. Hart
F. Byron Johnson
Alba A. Johnson
Lydia E. Edwards
Eunice R. Howland
Mary B. Willard
Charles H. Hart
Eliza P. Howland
Thomas C. Hart
Lucy A. Fredenburgh
Fred W. Hart
Charles M. Hart
Frank S. Hart
Edwin P. Hart
William P. Hart

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