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Biographical information was extracted from R. A. Oakes' 1905 Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York, Volume I by Marilyn Sapienza.

ALBERT THOMPSON of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., NY

Albert Thompson, a farmer in the town of Lorraine, was born there 14 July 1856, son of Duane and Elizabeth (Tillison) Thompson, residents of Lorraine. Upon reaching maturity, Albert bough the farm of over one hundred acres located southwest of the village of Lorraine, formerly the property of Deacon Lyman, where he has since conducted farming and dairying.

On August 1, 1875, he married Delia Wheeler, who was born in Adams, NY on 13 September 1857, daughter of Edward and Miranda (Farr) Wheeler, who were also farmers.

Albert and Delia were the parents of three children:

1. Lillie, b 28 July 1876
2. Eddie, b 10 March 1880
3. Daniel, b 26 May 1889.

Source: Gen. and Fam. of Jeff. Co. by Oakes, Vol. 1, p. 289

OTIS BROOKS of Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY

Otis Brooks, one of the most active men of his years, and a prominent business man of Jefferson County, is a native of the town of Antwerp, born March 29, 1833, son of pioneer settler of the county, Julius Brooks.

Julius Brooks was reared in Champion, attended the district school and cleared a farm. He married Sally Otis, a native of the town of Rutland, daughter of an early settler in that town. She died in 1836 and left five children. Julius located about 1830 in the northern part of Antwerp, in a neighborhood known as "New Connecticut" where he purchased a farm, which he sold and moved to the town of Theresa. He bought and sold, until he was living on his fourth farm at the time of his death in October, 1874 at the age of 74. For his second wife, he took Sally Davidson, daughter of John Davidson of Fowler, St. Lawrence Co. She was the mother of four children. The first of Mr. Brook's children, Franklin, was killed by a falling tree at eleven years. The second child, Almena, became the wife of John Randall of Antwerp and died in Philadelphia. The third child, Edwin left home at 18 and never heard from by his family. The fourth child, Sarah, married Nathaniel Hanson, and now resides in Sterlingville. The fifth child was Otis, mentioned above. Lucinda was the eldest and only surviving child of Mrs. Sally (Davidson) Brooks and the wife of Ely Hanson; she resides at Rensselaer Falls. Achsah died unmarried and Gurley died at age eleven. Mary died unmarried and Destin died at 21 years.

Otis Brooks spent his entire life in the vicinity of his birthplace except three years passed in the Union Army during the Civil War. On August 11, 1862 he enlisted as a member of Company F, Tenth NY Heavy Artillery, and was sent to the front. The unit did garrison duty about the defenses of Washington and then sent into the field about Petersburg and the Shenandoah Valley. They saw service at the battle of Petersburg and along the James River. He was discharged in June 1865, having acted as duty sergeant, quartermaster and orderly.

In the spring of 1866 he bought a sawmill at Wood's Settlement, adjoining the town of Antwerp in the town of Wilna, which he operated for six years. Selling out, he removed to Carthage and built a grist mill on the west side of the river, which he sold after two years. In 1874 he went to Philadelphia, and bought a grist mill which he ran for one year and then sold. Subsequently he purchased a site one mile below the village of Philadelphia, where he built a sawmill and box factory. This was sold to his son after about five or six years. Eventually he bought an interest with George Strough in a lumber yard and woodworking shop at Clayton. Otis bought out his partner's interest. He formed a stock company known as the Otis Brooks Lumber Co. In 1890 he bought a cheese box factory at Rensselaer Falls which he owned and operated for 12 years. In 1903 he purchased a mill at Sterlingburg, a mile above Antwerp Village and took possession on 1 January 1904. The mill produced 125,000 cheese boxes per year and had facilities for grinding feed, being driven by the waters of Indian River

On March 4, 1857, Otis married Celestia Ballard, who was born at Pamelia Four Corners, daughter of Hiram and Susan (Wylie) Ballard. Of their three children two are living: Grace, the second, died when about 28 and was the wife of Will Schofield. Frank, the eldest resides in Philadelphia and Alla B. resides with her parents in Philadelphhia.

Source: Gen. and Families of Jeff. Co., NY by Oakes, Vol. 1, pp 303-305.

JEREMIAH SIAS of Henderson & Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., NY

Additional Information on Tifft and Worden lineage

Jeremiah Sias, son of High Sheriff Sias, was born in 1796 in Vermont and emigrated at the age of eighteen to Jefferson Co., NY. He was accompanied by Jeremiah Parker, the two making the journey on foot in the winter, and crossing Lake Champlain on the ice. Jeremiah was a carpenter and was extensively engaged in the building business, erecting many houses and barns in Jefferson County, and spent most of his life residing in Henderson and Ellisburgh. He resided for several years in Farmington, Wisconsin where he filled the office of collector of his town, an office he also held in Henderson. In religion he was a Swedenborgian and wrote much for their papers and was a frequent theology lecturer. Married four times, he was the father of fourteen children.

One of his wives was Mary Chapman, born in England, and brought to the United States by her parents as an infant. By her marriage with Jeremiah she was the mother of a son, William H. Jeremiah died in the autumn of 1878 at the age of 82.

Their son, William H. H. Sias, was born 11 September 1840 in Henderson where he attended common schools and took a four year course at Belleville Union Academy. In addition to several years of teaching at the best schools in Henderson and Ellisburg, he served three years as school commissioner of Jefferson County. He studied medicine for three years with Dr. E. R. Maxon, one of the best physicians of northern New York, and took a two year course in Syracuse Medical University. Later he spent one year in the University Medical College of New York City from which he received the Doctor of Medicine degree in 1882. He then settled in Ellisburgh. He was appointed acting assistant surgeon in the United States Marine Hospital service on September 14, 1897. In addition, he served four terms as coroner and was also a notary public.

On 28 Aug. 1866, he married Melissa R. Tifft, born 10 May 1841 in Ellisburgh.
They were the parents of five children:

1. Henry H., b 11 July 1867, taught school several terms and now engaged in the clothing business with J. H. Gilbert of Adams; married in 1890 to Mary Hudson of Ellisburgh.
2. Florence R., b 11 February 1870, died 28 December 1881.
3. Hattie May, b 22 May 1873; educated at Hungerford Collegiate Institute; after teaching for several years, she took a three year course at St. Lawrence University, theological department, and after graduating was ordained as a Universalist minister. She married on 28 October 1897 to Dr. Stanley R. Hutchings of Springfield, Ohio where she resides.
4. George W., b 15 January 1875; after teaching for a time he entered the theological department of St. Lawrence University and upon graduation was ordained as a Universalist minister. He became the pastor of the First Universalist church in Springield, Ohio. On 19 August 1897 he married Christiana S. Brown of Watertown and became pastor of a church at Newport, Herkimer co., NY.
5. Walter E., b 23 December 1882; became a teacher.

All of the children were born in Henderson, except Walter, who was born in Ellisburgh.

The Tifft family was of Revolutionary fame. Caleb Tifft of Rhode Island served in the patriot army, and was an early resident of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., NY. His son, Thomas W., who born in the East, came early to Lorraine Township and was a farmer and carpenter. Thomas was a soldier in the War of 1812 and served at Sacketts Harbor with the rank of captain. During the remainder of his life he drew a pension. He married Luzina H., daughter of Thomas W. Worden, who with his wife, was a native of Colerain, Massachusetts. They came as pioneers to Jefferson County. Mr. Worden was also a Revolutionary soldier. He and his wife both lived to the age of 95 and are buried in the cemetery at Pierrpont Manor. Their daughter, Melissa R., was the wife of Dr. William H. H. Sias, above.

See Luzina Hartness Tifft, wife of Thomas as Real Daughter of Thomas Worden, this site. Luzina died 16 March 1897 and is buried in Pierrpont Manor Cemetery. See also, Fonda List for Thomas Worden this site.

Source: Gen. & Fam. Hist. Jeff. Co., NY by Oakes, p. 621

HORACE HAMLIN of Ox Bow, Jefferson County, NY

Horace Hamlin was the son of Daniel Hamlin and was born 10 November 1794 in Middletown, CT. He was a captain in the War of 1812. He settled in the Town of Antwerp, Jefferson County and died 9 September 1881 at Ox Bow. A blacksmith by trade, he operated a large shop in the village of Ox Bow. For many years he was a justice of the peace.

On 4 November 1821 he married Nancy McAllaster. She was born 26 September 1802 in Springfield, Vermont, the daughter of Francis McAllaster, of a pioneer Antwerp family (see McAllaster). Nancy died on 4 October 1890 at Ox Bow at 88 years.
The children of Horace and Nancy were:

1. Harriet A. born 21 Dec. 1822 at Ox Bow and died there 11 Aug. 1897. She married on 26 October 1843 to George Hinsdale.
2. David, who lived and died in Antwerp
3. George, who lived and died in Antwerp
4. 5. Jane and Susan who married and died early. Jane left a daughter, Jane (Faichney) Lockie of Rossie
6. Henrietta, widow of William Green, resident of Ox Bow
7. Eugne, a Civil War soldier, who lives at Ox Bow
8. Lucretia, married Lowell Hill and died at Rensselaer Falls.

Source: Gen. & Fam. Jeff. Co., NY by Oakes, Vol. 1, p. 641.

John Kibling Biography of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY

The Kibling family is of New England origin. John Kibling, a native of Chester, Vermont, came to Ellisburgh among the pioneers. He married at Chester, Vermont to Hannah Field, who belonged to the family of which Cyrus W. Field was an honored member. John Kibling was a pensioner from service in the War of 1812. Their son, Stillman Kibling, was born 2 May 1802 in Chester, Vermont and was a boy at the time the family moved to Ellisburgh. Jerry Kibling was a second son, who came to Jefferson County with the parents. Daughter, Betsey, married John W. Phelps.

Stillman's life was spent in agricultural pursuits and he was the owner of a farm of two hundred acres situated near Ellisburgh Village. He married in 1834 to Eliza Boit, who was born 22 March 1811 in Springfield, MA daughter of Christian and Catharine (Weaser) Boit. Her family was among the first settlers in Ellisburgh. Mr. Kibling died 19 June 1891 at the advanced age of 89. He is remembered with gratitude among those who contributed largely to the upbuilding and prosperity of the town. Both he and his wife were personally much loved and esteemed. Eliza died 26 July 1880.

Children of Stillman and Eliza (Boit) Kibling:

1. Emily S. (Mrs. Dr. Anson S. Thompson) of Ellisburgh, Jeff. Co., NY' , married 10 Nov. 1858 at Ellisburgh.
2. Fisher N., also of Ellisburgh, married Catherine___; daughter, Nora B., died 9 April 1868 at 1 year, 11 months, 23 days.
3. Lodema E. (Mrs. Isaac W. Decker); Isaac was born 8 Jan. 1838, son of John Decker and Phebe Sturdevant. Isaac served in the Civil War and they married in 1865. Their son, Edward J., was born in 1870.
4. Helen M. who married Philip Millard of Ellisburg, son of Gardner and Lavina (Phillips) Millard. He was born 20 Apri 1835 in Ellisburgh. He married Helen on 2 July 1872. Helen was born 16 April 1842 in Ellisburgh.
5. Stewart L. of Richland

Children of John W. Phelps and Betsey (Kibling) Phelps surname:

1. Silas R. married Nancy, daughter of John & Jessie (Nichols) Patrick of Dexter; two children: John and Norris K. Silas and Nancy were married on 11 Feb. 1869 by Rev. J. H. Stewart.
2. Amelia A.
3. Fanny E.
4. Catharine J.
5. Henry B.
6. Fisher K.
7. Anna M.
8. Carrie E.
9. Austin A., born in Sandy Creek, Jeff. Co., NY; married Frances, daughter of James E. and Susan (Livermore) Gilmore, of Dexter Village. One son, Charles A.

Sources: Child's, BMD records on site, Vol. 1 of Oakes

Adelbert Bruce Dempster of Mannsville, Jefferson Co., NY

Among the energetic businessmen of Jefferson County must be numbered Adelbert Bruce Dempster of Mannsville. Through his father, he comes of Scotch ancestry, and on his mother's side is related to the family of ex-President Grover Cleveland.

Bruce Dempster was born in 1794 in Glasgow, Scotland, his father being a wealthy man. When the father was drafted for the British Army, then a mere youth, he took his father's place. After two years of service on board a man-of-war, he was sent to Canada where he took part in the War of 1812. At Kingston, Ontario, he left the army, after which he went to Sacketts Harbor and became a farmer and stonemason. He was for some years in business in New York City, and also in Rodman, Jefferson County. He worked as a stonemason in Watertown and Hounsfield, and in the latter town, in 1876 purchased a farm where he passed the remainder of his life. Mr. Dempster married in 1835 Betsy Cleveland, born in the Mohawk Valley, daughter of Harvey and Lefie (Cross) Cleveland. The former was a soldier in the War of 1812, and one of the pioneers of Jefferson County, whither he came in the early part of the last century. For a number of years he owned and worked a sawmill in Rutland, and later moved to Hounsfield, where he passed the remainder of his life as a farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Dempster were the parents of the following children:

1. Andrew J., who served in the Civil War and died young
2. Jane L. who died at the age of 28
3. Adelbert Bruce
4. Eugene Milton, unmarried, and lives on the Homestead in Hounsfield.
5. William Wallace, who is the proprietor of a hotel in Pamelia.

Bruce Dempster, the father of this family, died in 1876 at his home in Hounsfeld.

Adelbert Bruce Dempster, son of Bruce and Betsy (Cleveland) Dempster, was born 14 July 1849, and adopted as his calling the trade of a carpenter, which he subsequently abandoned, feeling a preference for commercial life. At different times he was employed as a clerk at Adams and Mannsville, and for three years was in mercantile business for himself at Watertown. A large portion of his life has been spent as a farmer, and he has purchased and sold two farms, one in Rodman and the other at Mannsville.

In 1875, Adelbert married Nellie V. Moulton of Sandy Creek and they were the parents of a son and daughter:

1. Clarence Bruce, born 1 October 1876, educated at Belleville Academy, and was for a time a teacher, after which he became a student at the University of Syracuse. He will devote the remainder of his life to teaching. He has won distinction in athletic sports and was a member of the crew who won the boat race on the Hudson River in 1904.

2. Annie Laurie, the daughter, was born 25 March 1884 and educated in the graded schools of Adams Township and at Hungerford Collegiate Institute.

Nellie, the mother of these children died 27 May 1889 and Adelbert married on 22 July 1891 to Mary A. born 6 August 1867, daughter of George and Anna (Bush) Williams, natives of England and farmers at Belleville.

Source: Gen. & Fam. of Jeff. Co., NY by Oakes, Volume 1, pp. 637-38.

John Collins of Carthage, Jefferson, NY

Thomas was a native of the town of Wilna, and lived all his life in and near Carthage, where he passed quietly in the evening of his days. His parents, John and Catherine (McCormick) Collins, were born in County Meath, Ireland, where they grew up and married, and had two children before coming to America. John Collins was a brewer by trade, and decided to seek his fortune across the ocean, where so many of his compatriots have found homes and independent life. In 1808 he sailed from his native land, and soon found employment in Wallingford, Vermont. He continued four years in that state, in the same occupation, and then settled in this county. He bought 80 acres of land three-fourths of a mile from the present village of Carthage, on Alexandria Road, and proceeded to clear and till it. His boys soon came to be his able assistants, and all were known as good choppers. A fine farm was developed, and on it Mr. Collins continued to reside until his death, which occurred in 1875, at the age of 92 years. His wife died in 1876, one year later, at 89 years. They were among the first members of St. James's Roman Catholic Church, with which they remained faithful members through life. Mr. Collins did not take much part in political affairs, but never failed to express his choice by voting the Democratic ticket.

Their children are briefly mentioned as follows:

1. Mary, the eldest, married Patrick Fitzsimmons and lived in Wilna, where she died at the age of 84 years.
2. Patrick died July 10, 1903 at age 89.
3. John died in Wilna at 71 years.
4 Catherine died, unmarried, at the age of 32.
5 . Thomas
6. Andrew died of typhoid fever many years ago.
7. Ann died when a young lady, unmarried.

Thomas Collins, the fifth child above, was born November 16, 1825, on the farm on Alexandria Road, where he grew up. Beside attending the district school, he attended the Carthage Academy two terms, and left school when sixteen years old. His has been an industrious life, and he took a man's place in farm labor on leaving school when 16 years old. His has been an industrious life, and he took a man's place in farm labor on leaving school, and at intervals before that. He remained with his parents, for whom he cared in their old days, and became possessor of the farm, doubling its acreage. He continued to manage the farm, though living in Carthage for the last 25 years, until 1891, and soon after sold it. He purchased a home at the corner of Church and Furnace Streets, where he now resides.

Mr. Collins was associated with A. E. Kilby, M. P. Mason and George B. Phelps in the formation of the Empire Steam Pump Company, which did a large business for several years at Carthage, establishing the plant now occupied by the Adirondack Machine Works. Mr. Collins acted chiefly in the capacity of salesman, and was very successful in keeping the plant busy for five years. He is an independent thinker, and takes an intelligent interest in current events and the National history. He has a pride in his native country, and is an enthusiastic American. For a short time he acted with the Republican Party, but is now an earnest advocate of Democratic principles. He served some years on the village excise board and as collector, but does not seek office for himself, though every ready to assist his friends.

Mr. Collins was married January 1, 1857 to Miss Rosanna Kenna, a native of Wilna, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth Kenna, whose farm was near his father's. Michael Kenna was born in Kings County, Ireland, as was his wife, Elizabeth Bowen. They came to America in 1849, and settled on Alexandria Road in 1852 and died there. Mrs. Collins died March 17, 1888 at 56 years. Both she and her husband were among the active members of St. James's Church, in which he remains a faithful communicant.

Following is an account of their children:

1. Joseph P. is a resident of Seattle, Washington.
2. Mary A. is the wife of Charles G. Keenan, residing in Watertown, this county.
3. Ambrose A. was 13 years head bookkeeper of the First National Bank of Carthage, and is now in Seattle.
4. Elizabeth C. married Edward Sherry, with whom she resides in Boston.
5. Lucy Maria is Mrs. John Whaling, of Carthage.
6. Andrew T. was a citizen of San Francisco, California, now of Seattle, Washington.
7. Helen resides with her father.
8. Fanny Alice is a teacher of music in a conservatory at Seattle.
9. Antoinette is the wife of Edward McGovern, a merchant of Carthage.

Source: Oakes, Vol. 1, p. 536.

Philip Millard Biography of Ellisburgh, Jefferson County, NY

In a list of those citizens of Ellisburgh, who are respected alike for sound ability and strict adherence to principle at whatever cost, the name of Philip Millard would stand very high. On the paternal side he traces his descent from Huguenots, while through his mother, he is of English ancestry and belongs to the family from which sprang Wendell Phillips, the renowned champion of freedom for the slave.

Gardner Millard was born 10 November 1797 in Rehoboth, MA, and about 1818 moved to Genesee County, NY and the following year came to Ellisburgh. His trade was that of a general mason. He was unswerving in his devotion to what he deemed right, giving proof of this by identifying himself with the anti-slavery cause at a time when to do so required no small degree of moral courage. He married on 24 July 1817, Lavina, born 21 January 1798, daughter of Abizer and Chloe (Chase) Phillips, natives of Rehoboth, MA, where their children were born. Mr. Phillips was a farmer and shoemaker and during the War of the Revolution, served in the patriot army. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips moved to Ellisburgh about the same time that Mr. and Mrs. Millard made their home there. They settled at Mannsville, where they passed the remainder of their lives. The death of Mrs. Phillips occurred 6 April 1844, when she was 88 years old, and Mr. Phillips expired in 1845, having attained the remarkable age of 96. Transcriber's note: Chloe is buried in the Mannsville Cemetery.

Gardner and Lavina Millard were the parents of the following children:

1. Nathan T., b 24 July 1819; was a physician in Princeton, Wisconsin and died 4 April 1897
2. Alpheus A. b 7 December 1821; was a farmer near Mannsville and d 27 April 1883
3. Gardner J. b 18 Feb. 1823; was a butcher and hotel keeper at Mannsville; d 13 Sept. 1874
4. Abizer P. b 15 Oct. 1825; farmer in Ellisburgh
5. Merrill M. b 26 April 1827; was a mercantile clerk in Watertown, where he was also employed in the county clerk's office and d 22 Dec. 1850
6. Alphonso b 18 Jan. 1831 and d 3 April 1850
7. Henry A. b 21 Aug. 1833 and d 3 April 1850
8. Philip b 20 April 1835 in Ellisburgh
9. Alfred L. b 20 June 1837; was a merchant in Ellisburgh and d 16 Nov. 1899
10. Ellen E. b 27 April 1841 and d 12 Sept. 1860.

Gardner and Lavina Millard, parents of the above children, died in Ellisburgh.

Philip Millard, the eighth child, was born in Ellisburgh where he was educated in the common schools. He learned the tinsmith's trade in Mannsville and then spent four years in the west. In 1859 he returned to Ellisburgh and formed a partnership with his brother, Alfred L. Mr. Millard is entitled to the honorable distinction of having worked side by side with his father in the anti-slavery cause. He was affiliated with the I.O.O.F. and a member of the Lincoln League of Watertown.

On 2 July 1872 Philip married Helen M. Kibling, b 16 April 1842 in Ellisburg. Mrs.. Millard was a member of the Protestant Episcopal Chruch.

Sources: Oakes Vol. 1, pp. 619-621, Child's

John Q. Adams of Chaumont, Jefferson Co., NY

John Q. Adams was the eldest son of Hector and Laura (Merriam) Adams and was born in S. Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont on 26 August 1824 and died in Chaumont, Jefferson Co., NY on 17 July 1896. He moved in 1867 to Chaumont and purchased a tract of land comprising 300 acres or more. By occupation he conducted a lumbering business in addition to managing a farm. Essentially he was a self-made man and was held in high respect for his broad intelligence and integrity of character.

On 3 September 1846 in Milton Vermont, he married Emily Lincoln Ayers. She was born in Milton, VT on 24 January 1828 and died in Chaumont on 18 February 1903.
Their children were:

1. Agnes C. b Milton VT 6 April 1847; d 1 Sept. 1897 at Rices, Jeff. Co., NY, as wife of H. Frank Comins.
2. Ashton Warren, b Milton VT 26 Feb. 1851; a resident of Chaumont; d 1922; wife Ella Jane_ b 1853 d 1942
3. Hector b Colchester, VT 5 March 1858
4. Harry b in Colchester 5 March 1860; d 23 Oct. 1862
5. Jennie, b Colchester 5 Aug. 1862; married Dr. W. C. Borden and resided in Washington, D.C.
6. William Horner, b Colchester 28 Aug. 1864; d August 1879
7. May Elizabeth b Chaumont, Jeff. Co on 1 May 1868; married George R. Warren and resident of Chaumont

Hector, the third child of John and Emily, received his education in the common schools of Chaumont. His active years were given to the stone and lime business, from which he recently retired. In addition to his attendance at the Presbyterian Church, he was a member of Chaumont Lodge. No. 172 F. and A.M. and of Chaumont Grange, No. 855, Patrons of Husbandry.

Hector married on 2 April 1890 to Miss Sarah E. Haas, daughter of Henry and Cecilia (Blodgett) Haas of Chaumont. Their son, Alton Haas Adams was born there on 4 December 1895.

Transcriber's note: Hector Adams died 25 Feb. 1933; Sarah E. was born in 1866 and d. 1948.

Children of Hector and Sarah:
1. Alton H. b 4 Dec. 1895 d 20 June 1970 in Army, WWI
2. twin girls d 1894

Source: Oakes Vol. 1, p. 594 and cemetery records

Charles Albert Gazin of Deferiet

Charles Gazin was a storekeeper of the St. Regis Paper Company at Deferiet, who rose to his position by the exercise of energy, industry and integrity. He was born April 16, 1870 near Indian River, in the town of Croghan, Lewis County, NY, a son of Bartholomew and Charlotte E. (Van House) Gazin.

Bartholomew Gazin was born in 1823 at LeGarde, in the Province of Brittany, France and came to this country when three years old, with his mother, who was then a widow. He was the youngest of eleven children, all of whom came at the same time. They came because of the continued hostility of the then-government to all of the old supporters of the Emperor, then fallen, Napoleon I, and purchased land on arrival in New York, at the office of LeRay. This land lies near Belfort Post Office in Lewis County, and on it they settled, and at once proceeded to clear it up. When 29 years old, Bartholomew Gazin settled on his present farm, where the subject of this sketch was born. This is a stony tract, but he set vigorously to work to clear and improve it, and now has a good farm of 120 acres, on which he conducts a successful dairy. Having been reared here, he is a patriotic American and adheres to the principles of the Republican Party. Though 80 years old, he is till a hale and vigorous man. He was married in 1853 to Charlotte, daughter of Jacob and Harriet (Franklin) House, early residents of Croghan, who removed thither from St. Lawrence County about 1830. Jacob House's mother was a Barnhart of the family which owned Barnhart Island, in the St. Lawrence River. The family has abandoned the Dutch prefix "Van" for the name of House.

Five children were born to Bartholomew and Charlotte E. Gazin, who are accounted for as follows:

1. LaFayette H. is a resident of Ilion, New York.
2. Hattie died in Carthage, leaving a daughter, Charlotte Brooks.
3. Elizabeth is the wife of F. J. Puffer of Carthage.
4. Jacob F. cultivates the home farm at Indian River.
5. Charles A., the youngest, grew up from the age of five years at Beaver Falls, where he attended the public school.

Since the age of 12 years, Charles has maintained himself, having left school at the age of 13. After working a few months in a lath mill he went into the lumber woods as chore-boy about the camps. He continued as woodsman and farm hand until after attaining his majority. January 1, 1892 he enlisted as a private in the United States regular army, and served until March 31, 1895. His service consisted wholly in garrison duty at Sacketts Harbor and Oswego, and during the last two and one-third years, he held the rank of corporal. After his discharge he accept any employment that offered, and was engaged in various occupations. For a time he was clerk in a variety and grocery store at Carthage, which he subsequently bought, and, after conducting it five months, sold. On the 20th of August he began service as assistant storekeeper of the St. Regis Paper Company at Deferiet, and was promoted to storekeeper in January, 1901. By steady and careful attention to his duties he has won the confidence and respect of his employers, and now enjoys the good will of a large circle of acquaintances and friends. He is a member of Carthage Lodge No. 158, Free and Accepted Masons, Carthage Lodge No. 365, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and Oriental Encampment, of the latter order. He is now chief patriarch and past high priest of the encampment, and is among its most popular members. He supports the Republican principles of government.

Source: Oakes, Volume 1, p 543.

Silas L. Kelsey of Cape Vincent

Silas L. Kelsey, was the ninth child of Eber and Lucy (Leet) Kelsey, and was born in Lewis County, NY on December 20, 1798. He obtained a common school education, and at the age of thirteen years came to Cape Vincent, where he resided for the remainder of his life, devoting his entire time and attention to agricultural pursuits. He was united in marriage to Sally Powers, born in St. Albans, Vermont, a daughter of David and Anna (Day) Powers.
Their children were:

1. Harriet Adeline, wife of Charles Smith, b October 11, 1824, died July 24, 1880; she was the mother of one son, Silas Avery.
2. Helen Maria, wife of Henry Ainsworth, born May 21, 1826, died May 6, 1847; she was the mother of two children: Hattie and Silas Henry Ainsworth
3. Lorenzo Thurber, b December 28, 1828.
4. Hannah Sophia, Mrs. James T. Borland, born July 7, 1833, died October 17, 1867 at Cape Vincent; she was the mother of three children: Nellie E., Dwight Mather and Wilbur Porter Borland
5. Leander Gideon, born April 26, 1841, resides at Cape Vincent

Silas L. Kelsey, father of these children, died August 5, 1865 at 67 years and his wife, Sally (Powers) Kelsey passed away March 10, 1868 in the sixty-fourth year of her age.

Lorenzo T. Kelsey, Number 3 above, attended the common schools of his native town, and thereby acquired a practical education which prepared him for the activities of life. His business career was devoted to the occupation of farming, and by intelligent and careful management he obtained satisfactory results, and was able to accumulate a competency which enabled him to retire from active business pursuits in the year 1870, and since that time, a period of 34 years, he has enjoyed a well-earned rest. For 18 consecutive years, beginning shortly before leaving the farm, he was the incumbent of the office of assessor of the town of Cape Vincent, having been elected on the Democratic ticket. He adheres to the tenets of the Presbyterian Church, in which he holds membership, and is affiliated with Cape Vincent Lodge No. 293, Free and Accepted Masons.

On October 15, 1851, Mr. Kelsey married Margaret Baird, born November 18, 1830 at Johnstown, Fulton County, NY, daughter of Azariah, born January 18, 1803, at Johnstown, NY, died September 28, 1864, and Katherine (McGregor) Baird, born May 3, 1809, at Johnstown, NY, died May 14, 1894. One child was born to Mr. and Mrs. Kelsey, Hattie Evelyn, born October 6, 1860, died September 25, 1882.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1, p. 590 and cemetery records

George H. Cobb of Watertown

George H. Cobb, district attorney of Jefferson County, is a widely known and popular official. Genial by nature, affable and courteous of manner, he is of the sort that gains and retains friendships. English, Scotch and Dutch strains united in the ancestry of Mr. Cobb, but he himself is only American, and knows no distinctions on account of blood or nativity.

His great-grandfather, John Cobb, was a native of England, and came to America when a mere boy, settling in New England. In the busy life of the original manufacturing center of the United States, he made for himself a place and a competence. Joseph Cobb, son of John, was born June 8, 1800 In Onondaga Co., NY and was a pioneer settler of Jefferson County, locating in the town of Alexandria before 1837. In the Patriot War of 1837-40 he took a conspicuous part. He became a large landholder of the town and at one time owned nearly all of Wells Island, whose value for summer resort purposes was not then foreseen and he subsequently disposed of his holdings and removed to the town of Hounsfield about 1842-43. There he engaged successfully in farming, and died December 25, 1887. He was a Presbyterian in religious belief and among the original supporters of the Republican Party. He was married June 5, 1821, to Margaret Soule, and had a family of ten children, namely: Mary, Eli, Perry, John, Elijah, Philena, Caresendana, Julia, Elsie and Orlando. The mother of these survived the father over nine years and passed away January 17, 1897.

Elijah, fourth child and fifth son of Joseph and Margaret (Soule) Cobb, was born July 22, 1833, in the town of Alexandria, and was ten years old when he went with his parents to Hounsfield. He was trained in the rudiments of knowledge at the district schools of the time, and his active life has been devoted to agriculture. Successful as a farmer, he is now living in retirement from hard labor upon his land near Sackets Harbor. He has always been an earnest supporter of Republican principles and exercises some influence in the local councils of his party. He is one of those who volunteered to support the Union when its integrity was assailed by those who held to state rights and secession. In 1864 he was enrolled as a member of Company B, One Hundred and Eighty-sixth Regiment New York Volunteers, with which he served until discharged, June 2, 1865, after the end of the war. He received a wound before Petersburg, April 2, 1865, when his regiment led the assault on the Confederate works. Returning to Hounsfield, he took up civil life where he left it, and is among the respected citizens of the town. He affiliates with Joseph K. Barnes Post No. 360, GAR at Sackets Harbor.

He was married November 13, 1858 to Emily M. Frink, daughter of William C. and Maria (Moore) Crandall of Hounsfield, and widow of Perrin H. Frink. Mr. and Mrs. Cobb are the parents of four sons. The eldest, Herbert C., married Olia Putnam of Adams, and now resides in Doland, South Dakota. She is the mother of one son, Ray Putnam. George H. is the subject of following paragraphs. Eugene F. married Sadie Walsworth of Adams Center, and has a daughter, Florence E.; he resides in Doland, South Dakota. Edward E. is a farmer and resides upon the old homestead near Sackets Habor. Emily M. (Crandall) Cobb's parents were natives of Brookfield, Madison County, NY, and were the parents of three children, namely: Delos M., Henry C. and Emily M. The last-named has a son by her first marriage, namely: Franklin P. Frink. He married Minnie E. Waterbury and has two children, Perrin H. and Clara Emily. The latter is now the wife of Sherman Grant, of Hammond, NY.

George Henry Cobb, son of Elijah and Emily (Crandall) Cobb, was born October 10, 1864, on his father's farm in Hounsfield and received his elementary education in the public schools of the county. He was graduated from the state normal school at Potsdam in 1886, and engaged in teaching for a short time. With the practice of the legal profession as his objective goal, he early began to read law, and entered the office of Lansing & Rogers, of Watertown, to perfect himself in theory and practical application. He was admitted to the bar in 1891, and very soon came into favorable public notice through his energy, thorough preparation and pleasant personality. His ability and knowledge of the law were soon demonstrated, and his popularity has increased with the lapse of time. With an instinct for leadership, he quickly took prominent position in the social and political life of the city, and was soon appointed deputy county clerk. He left this position to assume the duties of city recorder, to which he was elected in 1894, serving four years, and retiring from the position when it was merged in the office of city judge. In 1898 he was elected to his present position and is now serving his second term by re-election, the term expiring January 1, 1905. During this time several important criminal cases have been directed and tried by him, developing his great strength as an attorney. In 1900 he was elected state senator by a large majority. Outside of his official duties, he enjoys a handsome private practice, and is likely to be heard from further, in both legal and political circles. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church of Watertown, and a charter member and one of the organizers of the Lincoln League, a strong Republican organization with membership throughout northern New York. He hols high place in Free Masonry, having attained the thirty-second degree, and being efficiently active in the various subordinate bodies of the order.

He was married April 19, 1893 to Louisa Wenzel, a daughter of Fred and Kunigunda Wenzel of Watertown, and of German extraction. Mrs. Cobb was born January 26, 1865 in Watertown, and is the mother of a son, George Donald Cobb, born March 18, 1899.

Source: Genealogical & Family History of Jefferson Co., NY by Oakes, Volume 1, p. 550

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