Part 3

Biographical information was extracted from R. A. Oakes' 1905 Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York, Volume II by Marilyn Sapienza!

William Dewey, fifth child and youngest son of William and Sally (Bush) Dewey, married in 1836 to Fanny Seymour, born 11 December 1813, daughter of Matthew A. and Cynthia (Betts) Seymour, of Green Co., NY. William was born 11 Dec. 1813 and died 11 Feb. 1890 at Lowville, Lewis Co., NY at 79 years. Fanny died 26 March 1880.

Dwight B. Dewey, son of William and Fanny, was born in 1837 in Lowville. He was in the clothing business in Springfield, Illinois and returned to New York in 1867, settling in Watertown. Dwight married Mary Carey, born 1840 in Ireland. Of her known siblings: Mrs. Alice Hines of Syracuse, NY and Thomas Carey of Watertown, NY.

Dwight and Fanny Dewey's children:

William H. in Birmingham, Alabama
Leslie D. who died in 1881
Frank S. born 4 June 1876 in Watertown, NY.

Mary Carey Dewey died at age forty-three and Dwight B. Dewey died in 1893.

William Walts moved from Otsego Co., NY to Jefferson Co, to a farm in the town of Pamelia.He married Louisa Allen, who was a native of Otsego County. William, a successful farmer, retired to Watertown, NY in his later years where he died on 31 December 1898. His widow, Louisa, survived only four days and passed away on 4 January 1899.

Their son, Charles H. Walts, was born on 7 December 1839 in Pamelia and became a lawyer and later in life, a judge. He married Rebecca L. Lawyer, daughter of Hon. Nicholas Lawyer, of Perch River, NY. Rebecca Walts died in January 1895 and on 27 June 1901, Judge Walts married Catherine L. Mitchell of Watertown. They had an adopted daughter, Jeannette.

Leonard Powers was born in Proctersville, Vermont and later moved to St. Lawrence Co., NY. He served as a soldier in the War of 1812 at Sackett's Harbor. Leonard married Diadence Caldwell.

Isaac Procter, their son, was born 6 September 1826 in St. Lawrence County. In January 1852 he moved to Watertown and became a merchant. He married in 1858 to Lorenda L. Lamon, daughter of Francis R. Lamon, one of the older families in Watertown, NY. One of their children, Alice, married Edward N. Smith, a prominent lawyer of Watertown.

Henry Devereux Sewall moved from New York City to Watertown, NY in May of 1829. He married Catherine Norton, from an old Connecticut family, traced to John Norton of Plymouth MA. Henry and Catherine had nine children. Catherine died in December 1840 and Henry in June 1846.

Their son, Edmund Quincy Sewall, was born 1 July 1828 in New York City and was three years old when his parents moved to Watertown, NY. He was a major manufacturer, a lawyer and involved in mercantile. Sewall's Island was named for this family. Edmund married on 28 June 1866 to Katherine Smith, daughter of Major Henry Smith, who was an officer in the United States Army and served during the Mexican War at Vera Cruz.

Children of Edmund and Katherine:

Grace Foster; married W. C. Stebbins of Watertown
Edith North; married Charles W. Valentine
Josephine Devereux; married Dr. Kendall Emerson of Worcester, MA
Elizabeth Quincy

Edmund Q. Sewall died 21 August 1892 in Watertown. His widow survived him.

Alanson Tubbs, father of Jared, was a son of Asa and Philette Tubbs who were early settlers in New York State. Alanson was born at Chatham, NY on 15 Feb. 1801. A hatter by trade, he conducted business in Champion and Evans Mills but then moved to Watertown in 1827. He married in September 1826 to Camilla Canfield of Champion, daughter of Jared Canfield.

Children of Alanson and Camilla:

Jared Canfield
Sanford Alanson, bank teller died 1854 at 22 years
Charles Hobart

Alanson Tubbs died in February 1874 and his wife died 12 August 1876.

Jared Canfield Tubbs married on 22 October 1855 to Maria Canfield, daughter of Stephen and Sally Canfield. She was born in Morristown, NY on 23 June 1830.

Children of Jared and Maria:

Sanford Ernest, b 1 Sept. 1856; died 30 Jan. 1863
Anna Gertrude, b 10 April 1860, died 1 December 1861

Stephen was born 1 November 1796 in Sandisfield, Massachusetts and died 3 May 1874 in Watertown, NY, son of John Canfield, who was born 18 January 1774, and died 14 February 1853 in Morristown, NY. John Canfield's wife, was Rebecca Smith, and she died 25 July 1825. John built a hotel in Morristown. Stephen Canfield, their son, was married on 1 February 1824 in Champion, NY to Sally Harmon, widow of Jared Kilbourn. She was born 7 March 1801 in New Marlborough, Massachusetts. He was a farmer in early life and later kept a store and hotel at Honest Corners near Morristown. He retired in 1862 and moved to Watertown, NY. Sally, his wife, died there on 21 March 1863.

Jacob Hadcock was the fourth child and third son of John Hadcock and was born 20 March 1785 in Herkimer Co., NY; he married Catherine Kisner, daughter of William Kisner, who was of Dutch ancestry. She was born 4 October 1786 and died 11 February 1868 in Harrisburg, Lewis Co., NY. Jacob died at Harrisburg on 4 March 1861.

Children of Jacob and Catherine:

Simeon, the second, born 1810 and died Copenhagen, Lewis Co. NY
Emanuel b 1811, a tailor, died in the town of Rutland,
Hiram born 1814; died Watertown
Philo born 1816, died near Brandon, Wisconsin
William born 1819, lived in Pamelia and died there
John born 1823, died Mechanicsville, Iowa
Jacob born 1824, died Copenhagen, NY
Joseph born 1827, a farmer and died Rutland, NY

Benjamin Hadcock, the eldest child of Jacob and Catherine, was born 10 March 1808 in Frankfort, Herkimer co., NY; he was twelve years old when his parents moved to Harrisburg. In 1863, upon retirement, he moved to Watertown, NY. He married on 30 December 1834 to Mary Pickert, born Mannheim, Herkimer Co. She was the daughter of Frederick Pickert and his wife, whose maiden name was Windecker. Mary Pickert Hadcock died 8 May 1858 in Lowville, after which, Benjamin married Almeda Tuttle of Rutland but had no issue.

Children of Benjamin and Mary:

Catherine A., married Stephen Howard and lived in Denmark, Lewis Co.

George Benjamin Hadcock, son of Benjamin, was born 18 June 1843 in Harrisburg, NY. In December 1892 he moved to Watertown. On 20 December 1870 he married Ida Eudora Fulton, who was born 7 September 1849 in Rutland, daughter of Jesse Fulton.

Children of George Benjamin and Ida:

Jesse Benjamin b 8 August 1872
Lynn George b 31 March 1875
Jerome Fulton b 26 March 1880

John Clarke, son of Ezra and Betsey Whittlesey Clarke, was born 1 May 1799 in Saybrook, CT. In 1820 he moved to Watertown, NY where his elder brother, Charles E. Clarke, had established a law office. John studied law with his brother and became a lawyer. On 5 October 1830, he married Elizabeth Smith, born 1809 in Watertown, daughter of William and Ellice Nash Smith, of Great Barrington, Massachusetts. She died 25 April 1840,

Children of John Clarke and Elizabeth:

Elizabeth of Watertown
Mary Louise who married Levi A. Johnson
Juliet, who died at 14 years.

In 1841, John married Cornelia Catherine Ranney, who was born at Adams, NY, daughter of Butler and Orra Heath Ranney, natives of Connecticut. Cornelia died 14 October, 1892 at 80 years and John died 22 April 1865.

Children of John Clarke and Cornelia:

Helen Minerva, died at one year
Cornelia, married Frederick M. Seymour of Watertown.
Frances Grace, married George W. Knowlton and died 1868

John Victor Clarke was the son of Charles E. and Hannah Sanford Clark; he was born 14 November 1859 in Great Bend, NY and moved to Watertown with his mother, after his father died. He married in 1884 to Lucile Copley, daughter of Hiram Copley.

Children of John Victor and Lucile:

John Victor
Carree Rosalind

Hart Massey was the son of Jonathan Massey, and was born 5 December 1771 in Salem, New Hampshire. In 1792 the family moved to Windsor, VT. There, Hart married Lucy Swain, daughter of Deacon Nathaniel Swain in 1795. She was born 1771 in Reading, Massachusetts. Hart moved to Watertown in 1800 and his family followed the next year. He was a colonel and inspector of state troops, and an adjutant to Col. Gershom Tuttle. He served as a collector of customs at Sackets Harbor during the War of 1812 and among his other appointments to civil office were deputy collector, and common pleas judge. A Quaker, the first religious services of the town were held in his cabin. He died in Watertown, NY on 20 March 1853.

Edward Swain Massey, son of Hart and Lucy, was born in Watertown on 18 October 1806. He was a farmer and built a house in 1828 where his son, George B. Massey, later lived. He was active in business and public life. His first wife was Nancy Kilbourn of Champion whom he married on 28 May 1828 and she died 17 April 1832.

Children of Edward Swain and Nancy:

Fred K.
Emma S.

Edward married as his second wife, Esther Bragg, daughter of Jairus Bragg of Newport, Herkimer Co., NY.

Children of Edward Swain and Esther:

Maria E.
George B.; born 1 Jan. 1836; married in 1861 to Sarah H. Thompson who died the next year.
Mary E.; married George Munson
Jairus Edward
Albert P.
Annie M.

Albert P. Massey, son of Edward Swain Massey and Esther Bragg, was born 30 March 1842 in Watertown and died 5 June 1898. He attended Yale College and was a science graduate; his career took him to the Sandwich Islands and also led him into the invention of various pieces of valuable machinery. He died at sea. e married on 18 October 1870 to Phoebe Scott Griffith, daughter of Walter S. Griffith of Brooklyn, NY.

Children of Albert P. and Phoebe:

Frank L.
Elizabeth Griffith, who died in infancy
George B., a Yale graduate
Walter G., a graduate of Cornell University
Clara E.

Solon Massey was the second child and elder son of Hart Massey, born 29 July 1798. He was three years of age when his parents moved to Watertown. His wife was Mary Esther Boalt. Solon died on his farm homestead at 72 years.

William Penn Massey, son of Solon and Mary Esther Boalt Massey, was born 23 September 1824 in Watertown and at nine years went to live with his uncle by marriage, Dr. James K. Bates, a druggist in Brownville and postmaster. He became a doctor and succeeded in the practice of Dr. Bates and moved to Watertown shortly after. In August 1855 he was returning from Perch River when he was thrown from his carriage and found lying in the road unconscious; his shoulder was broken, his spine injured and his limbs paralyzed. He married 8 May 1848 to Adeline Smith, born 1822 in Cooperstown, Otsego Co., NY, daughter of Charles and Abigail Robinson (Macomber) Smith of Utica NY. Dr. Massey was a lifelong resident of Brownville and died there on 22 May 1885.

Children of William Penn Massey and Adeline:

Frederick in the dry goods business in Rochester, Minnesota
Francis W. H.

Francis W. H. Massey, son of William P. and Adeline, was born on 16 June 1853 in Brownville. He graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1876, in pharmacy. In 1884 he received his medical degree and upon his father's death took over the practice. He married on 25 September 1878 to Nellie Torrey, daughter of Silas H. Torrey, a lawyer of Saratoga Co., NY.

Children of Francis W. H. and Nellie:

Mary, an art student in Brooklyn, NY

Charles Smith, father of Adeline, was a cotton manufacturer and spent his last years in Cooperstown where he died at 72 years.

Alfred Granger was the eldest son and second child of Lewis and Melissa Hurlburt Granger; he was born 14 February 1859 in Glendale, Lewis Co., NY. In 1884 he purchased a farm in Champion. He married on 8 September 1885 to Abbie Loomis, adopted daughter of Harvey Loomis, born 2 March 1859, a daughter of Joseph and Angeline Geroy. The Geroy family was French and her father died when she was seven and for a time she was an inmate of the Jefferson County Orphan's Home. She left there on 10 June 1867 and was taken by a family in St. Lawrence County. Being ill treated she returned to the home and on 31 December 1868 entered the Loomis home. Her elder brother, John Geroy, left the home on 27 May 1867 and no record could be found of his whereabouts. Alfred and Abbie, had one son, Clarence.

Alpheus Root, son of Billa Root, was born 4 April 1785 in Coventry, CT. and married Electa Bardwell. She was born 20 August 1792 in Denmark, Lewis Co., NY. Alpheus was an early resident of Deer River in Lewis Co., and passed the last five years of his life at Carthage, where he died 16 April 1879. His wife died about four years before him, being nearly eighty years of age. Alpheus was a soldier in the War of 1812. A carpenter by occupation, he built many of the farm buildings in his neighborhood.

Children of Alpheus Root and Electa:

Alpheus Fortune; died Rockford, Illinois and left two children
Recellus, a resident of Ravenna, Ohio, where he died.
Joseph H.
John S. died in Quincy, Plumas Co., California
Wealthy, married a Mr. Morse and died in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Hiram H. who died in Carthage in 1901.
William, a leader of a cavalry regiment from Mobile, Alabama in the Confederate army during the Civil war and never communicated with his family thereafter
Nancy, wife of J. Wesley Horr, died in Carthage

Joseph H. Root, son of Alpheus Root and Electa, was born 26 September 1818 at Deer River. He was a carpenter by occupation and continued in that trade until five years before his death which occurred in Carthage on 20 February 1892 in his 74th year. He married Cynthia Willes, a sister of Jesse Willes. She died 3 June 1854.

Arthur Chester Root, son of Joseph H. and Cynthia, grew up in Carthage. He married on 8 December 1880 to Luella D. Hutchinson, a native of Deer River and daughter of William and Almira Ball Hutchinson.

Children of Arthur Chester and Luella:

Grace Almira, born 18 Sept. 1882; married Francis M. Jeffers, a reporter of the Watertown Times; had a son, George Arthur, born 8 August 1903.

Alanson Dressor was the son of John and Sarah Dressor, born 11 June 1768 in Pomfret, CT. He married on 7 February 1793 Elvira Lothrop. Elvira was born 13 June 1768. The couple settled in Turnbridge VT where he farmed until 1804 and then moved to the Black River country. He bought land in Watertown where he remained for three years and then moved in 1807 to Huntingtonville, near his former location, where he died on 6 October 1808 at forty years. Elvira, his widow, then married William Huntington and had a daughter, Lucia, who died at age twenty. Elvira died 5 December 1836.

Children of Alanson and Elvira Dressor:

John Gray
Chauncey Rowland

Alanson and Elvira's son, Leonard, was born on 30 November 1794 in Tunbridge, VT and married on 28 September 1824 to Melora Doty; she died 1 May 1877 and he died 23 January 1878.

Children of Leonard and Melora Dressor:

Charlotte Jane, who died at one year of age Lucia Jane, b 14 September 1828; died 13 Sept. 1895 George Morton, b 7 Oct. 1831; married on 22 April 1857 to Martha Jane Chellis - their daughter was Hattie Melora. George Morton died on 16 Dec. 1871.

Elvira Dressor, daughter of Alanson and Elvira, was born 30 Dec. 1796 and married on 25 Dec. 1823 to George Pike. She died 13 April 1881.

Children of Elvira Dressor and George Pike:

Henry Alanson
William Harrison
Chauncey Jackson
Charles George

John Gray Dressor, third child of Alanson and Elvira, was born 28 Jan. 1799 and married on 4 Dec. 1824 Charlotte Sawyer who died soon after. On 17 Oct. 1827 he married her sister, Sylvia Sawyer. John died on 4 Feb. 1883 and Charlotte passed away on 5 July 1888 at 77 years.

Rowland L. Dressor was born on 29 November 1802 in Tunbridge, VT and died in October, 1862. He married on 5 June 1828 to Emily Harris and they had ten children, two of their children were:

Laura A, wife of Michael Way Llewellyn of Sterling, Illinois
Mrs. Mary J., wife of S. C. Robinson of Tama, Iowa

Laura Dressor was born 27 January 1805 in Watertown, NY and married in December, 1832 to William Murray. They had four children:

Murray children:

Minerva Sylvia

Laura married 2)on 3 May 1859 to Lester Forward; he died 6 March 1889 and Laura died 3 March 1889.

William Dressor was born 6 March 1807 and died at four years of age.

Alanson Dressor, JR. was born 17 March 1809, five months after the death of his father, died 8 June 1846. He married on 15 Jan. 1834 to Phebe Roxcelia Sawyer, born 17 May 1809.

Children of Alanson Dressor Jr. and Phebe:

Lucia Roxcelia; married 10 Sept. 1871 to David D. Curtis
Adelia S. married a Mr. Stoneman.

Stoneman children:


Alanson Sawyer Dressor married 16 Sept. 1867 Almeda Dye.

Children of Alanson and Almeda:

Guy Alanson, b 31 Dec. 1868
Dallas Reuben b 16 Feb. 1873; died 25 Sept. 1884
Lucia Roxcelia b 1 Aug. 1874
Frank Thomas b 27 Dec. 1876
Herbert Wort, b 16 Aug. 1878
Sylvia May b 29 Jan. 1880
Hattie A., b 8 April 1882
Edith Gladys b 16 April 1884, died before three months
Rena Barbara b 1 July 1886
Bayard b 27 Feb. 1888 and died at eight days.

Chauncey Dressor, the third son and fourth child of Alanson and Elvira Dressor, was born 9 Nov. in Tunbridge, VT and was four years old when he came with his parents to Watertown, NY. His father died when he was eight years old. He married on 6 Dec. 1838 to Lydia Spencer Stiles, born 10 June 1817 in Watertown, daughter of Farrington and Emily Kelsey Stiles. She died on 24 January 1904.

Children of Chauncey Dressor and Lydia:

Alanson Lothrop
George Farrington
Albert Marian
John Wesley - died at three months
William Henry
Caroline Elizabeth
Josephine Ella
Emmogene Allen
Jenette Elvira

Alanson Lothrop Dressor, son of Chauncey and Lydia, was born 11 Jan. 1840 in Hounsfield and died 10 Jan. 1903. He married on 21 July 1865 to Eliza Hastings, who was born 7 Sept. 1841.

Children of Alanson Lothrop and Eliza:

William Lemuel, b 24 Jan. 1867; married 1897 to Helen Dressor.

Children of William Lemuel Dressor and Helen:

    Helen Lucy
    Margarette Irene
    Nellie Eliza

Albert Marian Dressor was born 19 March 1843 in Hounsfield; he married Mary Wolsencraft Adams. Their children were:

Joseph A.
Matie L.

William Henry Dressor was born 12 September 1847 in Hounsfield; he married Mary Ely.

Children of William Henry Dressor and Mary:

Chauncey Ely
John of South Bethlehem, PA

Caroline Elizabeth Dressor was born 16 June 1851 in Huntingtonville and married on 28 August 1872 to Melvin Chapman; they resided in Pendleton, Indiana

Josephine Ella and Emmogene Ellen Dressor were twins and born 26 May 1852 in Huntingtonville.

Josephine married on 20 October 1875 to Ithai Thomson and lived in Watertown.

Thomson children:

Ithai Ira; married Sena Gonyea
Irene Josephine; married Jean Shaffrey
William Chauncey

Emmogene Ellen Dressor married on 27 July 1874 to David M. Holbrook of New York City.

Holbrook children:

Frederick Montgomery; married Jessie Johnson and lived in Chicago
Arthur Chauncey
Edwin Almus
Anna Stiles

Jenette Elvira Dressor was born 11 Sept. 1860 and married Wilbur F. Woodworth of East Watertown.

Woodworth children:

Henry Dressor b 26 July 1885
Clarence Wilbur b 12 March 1887
Helen Lydia b 28 Nov. 1889
Laura May b 2 April 1893
Amy Lovina b 24 April 1894

George Farrington Dressor, the second son and child of Chauncey and Lydia Stiles Dressor, was born 11 August 1841 in Hounsfield. He served in the Civil War and lost his left leg at Fredericksburg, having been shot by a canon ball. The soldiers on either side of him lost both of their legs simultaneously by the same canon ball and died immediately. He married on 26 July 1866 to Helen Lucy Wilson, daughter of Samuel and Lucy Woodward Wilson. Helen was born in Rutland. Walter William Dressor, the only child of Geore F. and Helen, was born on 25 May 1867 in Poughkeepsie, NY and became a civil engineer. He married on 20 Nov. 1888 to Jessie Maria Paige.

Edward was born on 26 May 1846 in Rathsvilla, Kings County, Ireland, and came to America with his parents at approximately one year of age. His grandfather, Edward B. Shortt was a hatter in Rathsvilla and died there in 1825 at 25 years. The widow, Bridget Doran Shortt came to America and died in the town of Worth at 71 years. She had two sons and a daughter: John B., Thomas and Bridget. Bridget married Michael Conroy and lived at Worthville, Jefferson Co. Thomas died in Watertown in 1899.

John P. Shortt was born 15 Aug. 1823 in Rathsvilla where he married Esther Goonan, born there to James and Ann Goonan. In 1847 John sailed to the US and located in Philadelphia, NY in 1850. It was there that he learned the craft of carriage maker. Esther died on 28 Oct. 1879.

Children of John P. Shortt and Esther:

Edward G. Shortt
James Shortt of Fine, St. Lawrence Co., NY
Bridget, who died at 39 years unmarried
William Shortt, resided in Carthage, NY
Mary; married Joseph Miner, an innkeeper of Carthage
Theresa, who lived with her sister in Carthage

Edward G. Shortt became involved in various mechanical inventions in Jefferson County, among them air-brakes. His other achievements included the perfection of a gas engine; all of his inventions involved multiple patents and he became quite well off. He married on 5 July 1868 to Catherine McGowan, born 18 July 1849 in Boonville, NY, daughter of Michael and Maria Hyland McGowan. Michael was a native of Ireland and Maria was of Canada.

Children of Edward G. Shortt and Catherine:

Frederick; a moulder, who married Annie O'Keefe
      Their Shortt children: Beronica and Francis
Howard, a draughtsman; he married Rose Leach
      Their Shortt children: Alice and Catherine
Frank, in the insurance business

William came from Canada and purchased land on Point Salubrious. There he married on 6 May 1820 to Caroline Smith, daughter, of Eben and Martha Smith. The Smiths were early settlers who came from New York City. Caroline died in 1842.

Children of William and Caroline Johnson:

Lorenzo, b 29 Feb. 1824; lived Point Salubrious
Herbert b 19 Jan. 1829
Levi A. b 2 Oct. 1831; lived in Watertown
Eli b 29 Jan. 1834
William N. b 14 Oct. 1839; lived Denver, Colorado
Irena b 7 Aug. 1821
Anna Maria b 2 March 1837; married Farrington; lived Watertown
Caroline E. b 16 Dec. 1841

Levi Arthur Johnson, son of William and Caroline, was born at Point Salubrious on 2 October 1831. On 12 May 1852 he married Mary Dawes Strong, youngest daughter of Arba and Amy P. Strong of that village. They had a daughter, Mary Strong Johnson but Mary, the mother, died a few days later. In 1856 Levi was in Chicago in the employ of Hunt, Wiggins & Co, wholesale clothiers, formerly of Watertown. In 1857, Levi returned to Watertown and on 12 January 1860, he married Mary Louise Clarke, daughter of John Clarke, a prominent lawyer of Watertown.

Children of Levi A. Johnson and Mary Clarke:

William Clarke Johnson
Edward Arthur Johnson
Helen Louise Johnson
Frances Grace Johnson

Lewis was a doctor of Alexandria Bay, NY and born 14 June 1836 in Watertown, son of Alonzo M. Watson who was the son of Samuel Watson.

Samuel Watson, the grandfather, was born in Connecticut in 1780 and moved to Herkimer Co., NY with his two brothers - Eli who went to Nebraska and John, who studied medicine and moved to Pulaski, NY. Samuel Watson was a hotel proprietor for many years; the hotel was on the Pamelia side of the Black River and from there, Samuel moved to Cape Vincent. He served in the War of 1812 and was an expert horseman. He died of an epileptic fit. His first wife was a Miss Acker and they had one son, Alonzo M. Watson. His second wife was Miss Shield and they had three children:

Sarah; married Judith Ainsworth of Cape Vincent

Alonzo M. Watson, son of Samuel and Miss Acker, was born near Herkimer County in 1810. He removed to Watertown and in 1837 was admitted to the bar. He died on 31 Dec. 1847 of pneumonia, at less than forty years, probably in Rochester, NY. His wife, Malona M. Martin Watson was born in Washington Co., NY, one of ten children. She died at 87 years.

Three of the ten children of Alonzo and Malona:

Don Alonzo, D.M.
Albert M. of Detroit, MI
Emma, wife of George Snell of Batavia, NY

Lewis Cass Watson attended school in Theresa, NY; studied medicine and enter the Civil War and was a hospital steward of the Twentieth NY Cavalry; he served in that capacity until the close of the war. He entered the Medical College at Geneva NY and received his medical degree. In 1867 he opened an office in Alexandria Bay, the only doctor there for many years. His practice extended to many of the islands that were adjacent to Alexandria Bay. In 1868 Lewis married Elizabeth Campbell, born in New Jersey, but early in life moved with her parents to Jefferson County. Prior to her marriage she taught school in Alexandria Bay, a resident there beginning in 1859. Lewis Cass Watson died on 30 August 1893, survived by his wife and three children, two of whom are mentioned.

Children of Lewis Cass Watson and Elizabeth:

Margie; married John M. Cutler of Trenton, NY; son Louis Morrell Cutler
Lovine; married Norris A. Houghton, furniture dealer and undertaker of Alexandria; one child, Elizabeth Candice

Henry Campbell, who was the father of Elizabeth, moved from New Orleans to Redwood, Jefferson County in 1846, and was a glassblower. He moved to Alexandria Bay and served as a lighthouse keeper. He died in 1897 at 82 years. His wife, Susan Hartman Campbell was born in Holland but of German descent. Susan died in 1893 at age 57. Of their ten children, the following are mentioned:

Children of Henry Campbell and Susan Hartman:

John Campbell of Oneida Co.
Mrs. Elisha Cole of St. Thomas, Canada
Mrs. Lewis C. Watson, wife of Dr. Watson
Mrs. Mary Ellen
Dr. Campbell of Alexandria Bay

Henry Scott was the third child of Elihu and Hannah Scott, born 2 October 1796 in Bernardston, MA. In 1812 he served in the War of 1812 for his brother, Zorah. After the war, at age 18, he went to Newport, Herkimer County, NY and learned the carpenter's trade. About 1820 he moved to Rutland, Jefferson Co. and was a builder for about ten years. He bought a farm near Black River where he lived until 1859. At that time he moved to Watertown where he lived until his death on 7 April 1862. Henry married on 2 January 1823 to Margaret Pierce, daughter of Nathaniel Pierce, also a War of 1812 veteran, whose wife was Renewed Weeks.

Children of Henry Scott and Margaret Pierce:

Emerancy Climena; married Sidney Sternburg of Oswego Co.
Martha Ann; married three times: first husband was John Scott, second was Henry Sternberg and the third Henry A. Scott; lived Colerain, MA
Sherman Wooster; resident of Estervan, Assiniboia, Canadian Northwest Territory
Charlotte Pierce; married Warren W. Johnson; lived Watertown

Ross Clark Scott, fifth and youngest child of Henry and Margaret Scott, was born 19 October 1838 in Rutland. He served in several public offices in Watertown. He married Fannie A., daughter of Judah and Almira Smith Lord. Ross died in Watertown on 20 Sept. 1898. Fannie died 1 September 1903 in Watertown.

Children of Ross Clark Scott and Fannie:

Evarts Lord, b 1866; died at ten years
Allyn Ross, b 23 Nov. 1874
Charles Henry, b 15 Aug. 1882

NOTE: Nathaniel Pierce, father of Margaret, was the seventh child and sixth son of Benjamin Pearce, who came from England but had French ancestry. They settled in Halifax, VT, he had married previously to Margaret Allen in Boston but lived for some time in Exeter, New Hampshire. A soldier of the Revolution, Nathaniel served in Samuel Fletcher's Regiment of Vermont Militia.

Judah Lord was the fourth son and eighth child of Elisha and Lydia Lord, born 2 July 1802 in Woodstock, VT. He learned at an early age how to make plows and in 1820 moved to Brownville in Jefferson County where he joined an older brother, Colonel William Lord, a prominent citizen of that town. It was there that Judah wooded the first plow constructed in northern New York at his brother's establishment. In 1823 he moved to Watertown and bought land on Sewall's Island. Judah lived at various locations in Jefferson County and was in Brownville in 1837. He married on 22 September 1825 to Almira, daughter of Benjamin and Polly Morris Smith, who came from Chester, Vermont and settled in Hounsfield.

Chidren of Judah Lord and Almira:

Mary Jane, b 6 Sept. 1826; lived in Watertown, wife of James DeLong
Cornelia Juhel, b 14 April 1829; first child born in Juhelville, named for Madam Juhel. Cornelia died at 25, unmarried.
Frances Louisa, b 10 Aug. 1831; died at one year of age
Lydia Caroline, b 23 June 1834, of Watertown, companion of her younger sister, Mrs. Ross C. Scott (Frances Amelia) who was born 25 Dec. 1841.

Gilbert Brandford, of Watertown, was born 8 September 1814 in Hartwick, NY and died 4 April 1885.He was the seventh son of Peres Bradford and the fifth child of the second wife, Polly Nickerson. He first located at Clayton and then moved to Watertown in the spring of 1838. The Hamilton woolen mills attracted him to that location. Gilbert was the constructor of the suspension bridge across Black River in Watertown. He married first in 1841 to Adeline Thornton who passed away on 14 March 1874 and then he married Myra (Woodward), widow of Ely S. Adams. She married after Gilbert's death to Dr. F. C. Peterson. She passed away in Watertown on 7 June 1894 at 61 years.

Peres, father of Gilbert, was born as the third son and fourth child of George and Sarah Bradford, born 25 July 1764 in Woodstock, CT. He served a few months in the Revolutionary army, in place of his oldest brother, before he was eighteen years old. After the war he was employed at Providence, RI in the manufacture of cards used in carding wool. There he married on 9 December 1793 to Sally Newton and then moved to Hartwick, Otsego Co., NY where Sally died on 25 March 1807 at forty years. He married second on 6 September 1807 to Polly Nickerson. He had six children with Sally and nine with Polly. During the War of 1812 he manufactured cards and wire. He died on 2 August 1847 in Cazenovia NY at 83 years and was survived six years by Polly, who passed away at Watertown, NY.

REMINGTON, ALFRED D. of Watertown and Sewall's Island was born at Manlius, Onondaga Co., NY on 13 April 1827, son of Illustrious Remington and Eunice Denison.

REMINGTON, CHARLES ROLIN, was the youngest child of Illustrious and Eunice and was born 18 October 1835 in Manlius. He married on 16 September 1858 to Helen M. Warren, daughter of Gorham Warren of Manlius, NY. Of their four children, two were mentioned: Charles H. and Marion R. Marion was the wife of George B. Kemp of Watertown.

Both sons were engaged in the paper mill which was operated by their father in Watertown.

Illustrious Remington, father of Alfred, was the son of Samuel and Almy Remington, and was born 27 October 1791 in Warwick, MA. In about 1820 he became a resident of Manlius, NY where he died on 12 May 1883 in his ninety-second year. He moved from Cherry Valley to Manlius where he conducted a cotton mill for a number of years. Although he was a ship carpenter by occupation, he was engaged in a paper manufacturing position at Fayetteville, near Syracuse. At about 21 years Illustrious married Eunice, daughter of Beebe and Prudence (Holmes) Denison. She was born 21 July 1791 in Stonington, CT and died 24 June 1870 in Manlius, NY, mother of five children. Nancy, the eldest, married Hiram Wood and died in 1897 in Watertown, NY.

DENISON, BEEBE was the third son of William and Prudence Denison and was born 1 January 1744. He married on 13 October 1774 to Prudence Holmes, who was born 2 November 1755, daughter of Joshua and Prudence (Wheeler) Holmes. NOTE: see Eunice Denison, above, wife of Illustrious Remington.

John Denison was the son of David Denison and born in Colerain, MA; he married Mary Ann Searles of that town. She was born 18 March 1795 in Smithfield, RI, daughter of James and Abigail (Thurston) Searles. They resided in Colerain. Mary Ann (Searles) Denison died 28 June 1833.

Children of John Denison and Mary Ann Searles: (NOTE: See Pioneer Searles Family this site)

Eunice; married George Haynes and lived in Montezuma, NY
Henry David went on a whaling voyage and nothing was learned of him after he left the vessel in New Zealand.
Charles Edward
John M.; died Auburn, NY
Mary Lucretia married Henry Hines and lived in Auburn.

DENISON, CHARLES EDWARD, was the second son and third child of John and Mary Ann (Searles) Denison. He was born 28 February 1826 in Colerain, MA and came to Ellisburgh at age 13 where he lived with an uncle, William T. Searles, a merchant of Ellisburgh. He began his career as a peddler and when 21 he became a partner with his uncle in the operation of the store at Ellisburgh. He died 9 September 1863 at 37 years. His wife, Hannah Persons, was a daughter of Hosea Ballou and Hannah (Martin) Persons. Hannah died 31 December 1874 at 70 years. Hosea B. Persons, a native of Vermont, was the son of Rev. Cornelius Persons, one of the first Universalist clergymen in the area. Cornelius died in 1849 at 78 years.

Charles E. and Hannah Denison had two sons and three daughters:

Emma and Delia died in infancy
Mary died at the age of 12
William Alton
Austin Person, lived Adams Center and managed a branch establishment for his brother.

DENISON, WILLIAM ALTON, elder son of Charles Edward and Hannah (Persons) Denison, was born 28 March 1853 in Ellisburgh and attended Union Academy at Belleville. He worked on the farm of his uncle, Austin Persons, and at the end of five years began farming on the estate of Aaron B. Wodell, his father-in-law. In 1884 he moved to Ellisburgh village and became a wholesale grower of peas and beans of high class seeds. He married on 10 September 1873 to Ada I., daughter of Aaron B. Wodell of Ellisburgh. She was born 17 March 1855 near Ellisburgh. Aaron Wodell was born in Elisburgh, son of William and Sally Wodell, who came from Hoosick Falls to Ellisburgh in 1798. William Wodell built the first mill of Caleb Ellis, which was a mile below Ellis village. Aaron B. Wodell married Aurora Curtis, a native of Ellisburgh. They had two children who died in infancy.

Jacob Esselstyn was the son of Cornelius and in 1710 settled on a farm near the center of the town of Claverack, Columbia Co. He married Magdalena Broadhead and had seven children: two sons and five daughters. Of the sons, Richard was a major in the Continental Army and his commission bore the signature of George Washington. Richard was married on 27 June 1755 to Majeke Bloom who died in 1767. From that marriage three daughters and a son were born. On 23 December 1767 he married for his second wife to Mary Van Alstyne by whom he had nine children. The fourth of these was:

ESSELSTYN, RICHARD MORRIS, born 12 May 1778 in Claverack and then on to Albany County. At twelve he moved to Massachusetts where he lived for six years and returned to Albany. In 1801 he traveled with Smith and Delameter to Chaumont as a surveyor. The next year he moved to Claverack and in 1806 moved to Cape Vincent where he settled with his brother, John B., on a farm below Fort Putnam.

ESSELSTYN, JOHN B., was one of the pioneer settlers of Jefferson County. He settled in the Cape Vincent territory about 1803. Six years later he formed a partnership with his brother, Richard M.; they built a store and began trading at the foot of James Street. Richard was a postmaster in 1822 and the brothers were agents for Count Leray de Chaumont. John died at Utica, NY on 2 October 1822 of yellow fever that he contracted while making a buying trip.

Note: Terry Culver has pointed out that another page on this site states that is was R.M. Esselstyn who died on a buying thip in 1822. She believes that page is correct and the above to be in error.

Richard Morris Esselstyn married first to Charity Van Hoesen, who died at Cape Vincent, and had five sons and four daughters:
John N.
Richard Morris the second

Richard Morris Esselstyn the second was born 9 December 1822 and at about 21 became connected with the firm of Merrick, Fowler and Esselstyn, who were lumber dealers and ship builders at Clayton and later in Detroit, MI. Richard 2nd was the only family member to remain in Clayton. He did become deputy collector of customs and served in other public offices. He married Margaret Reade, who was a native of Belfast, Ireland; she came to America at about sixteen years. Her father, Thomas Reade, after his wife died in Ireland, came to America and settled in Clayton where he was joined by his daughter. He was also a merchant in Clayton for many years and died at an advanced age. Richard M. Esselstyn 2nd died 1 May 1903 and Margaret died on 4 April 1898.

The children of Richard M. Esselstyn 2nd and Margaret Reade:

Thomas M.
Charles H.

Sherman Esselstyn, son of Richard M. and Margaret, was born in Clayton on 8 Janaury 1860. He later attended Columbia College but left at the end of his sophomore year due to illness. He later became a manager of the Brooklyn NY branch of the Hartford Insurance Company. In 1888 he married Jessie McCombs, daughter of Herkimer S. and Sarah (Savage) McCombs, of New York. Her father was formerly a woolen merchant of Manhattan and his wife was a native of Geneva, NY. Sherman and Jessie Esselstyn had one son, Richard Herkimer.

Joseph Cory of LeRay was born in 1789 in Keene, New Hampshire and in 1809 settled in LeRay. He was a successful farmer but was engaged in buying and selling those lands. His chief occupation for about forty years was in the manufacture of lime. He built the first patent lime kiln in the county. During the War of 1812 he served in the army and participated in the battle of Ogdensburg. Joseph died at age 59. He married about 1816 to Jane McMullen of Rodman, by whom he had seven sons and two daughters:

George C.
Sarah W.
Curtis W.
Charles B.
Josiah C.
Henry S.
Albert P.
Daniel M.

CORY, CURTIS W., son of Joseph and Jane Cory, was born 15 February 1820 in LeRay where he attended school. He made the decision to make agriculture the business of his life and became extremely successful in that pursuit. In 1873 he bought the estate which was his home for his remaining life. Curtis married on 20 January 1845 to Charlotte Waters and they had six children, two of whom died as infants; four reached maturity.

Carole E., daughter, married George Fisk and died on 4 May 1904 and left two children, Georgen and Charlotte.
Oscar E. married Della, daughter of Henry Sharp of Antwerp and they had three children:
      Edith C., Frank and Maud E.
George F. married Jennie Ide and had one child, Bertha

Curtis died on 16 July 1883 at 63 years.

CORY, GEORGE FRANCIS, was born 4 August 1853 on his father's farm. He married 7 May 1879 to Jennie Ide, daughter of Harvey and Lucinda (Swan) Ide, of Fowler, St. Lawrence Co., NY. Bertha, daughter of George and Jennie, was born 5 July 1884.

Cornelius Waters, a native of Russia, NY, moved to Jefferson Co. when it was a wilderness and had a farm of 250 acres. He married Sarah Fletcher, who died at age 29, a native of Antwerp and they had six children:

Charlotte, born 1822 in town of Russia, married Curtis W. Cory and died 18 May 1904.
Emeline, married Lucius Treadway and lived near Sac City, Iowa
David, a resident of Black River

Charles Edward Besha was a successful businessman of West Carthage and a descendant of Jefferson County pioneers. The grandparents of Charles was found in their passport, Francis and Mary Jane Bichet who left Mozer Maine, de la Commune de Rouchamp, France in 1828, with a date of 15 March. The couple was induced by LeRay de Chaumont to come to America and settle on his lands in LeRay. Mary Jane died there on 15 January 1859 and Francis married a second time to a woman named Susan.

Joseph Victor Bichet, son of Francis and Mary Jane and using a different last name spelling, was born 8 June 1815 in France and came with his parents to LeRay. They first settled in the Dutch Settlement. Joseph was involved in farming, renting land and had just purchased the farm where his widow and son and daughter were living, barely two weeks before his death on 24 November 1883. That farm was located northeast of the village of Evans Mills, north of the old village of Slocumville. Joseph married on 4 February 1841 to Almira, daughter of Robert Sixbury. She as born 16 December 1817 in LeRay.

Joseph and Almira had ten children:

Mary Victorine married Nicholas Court and died in Groghan, Lewis County
Sarah Jane married Theodore Favret and died in Evans Mills
Milinda marred John Fraley and lived in LeRay near the Philadelphia line
Joseph Louis went west and died in Detroit, Michigan
Ferdinand, a resident of Copenhagen, Lewis Co.
Julia Annette, unmarried
Peter Joseph, died in Detroit
George, went west and last heard of in Blackhawk County, Iowa
William, occupied the homestead farm and unmarried

Charles E. Besha was born on 17 July 1850 near Evans Mills in the town of LeRay, where he grew up. During his time the English spelling of the last name had been adopted by the family. After finishing school he worked with his father on the farm. He learned cheesemaking in DeKalb Junction in St. Lawrence Co. and became a master at it. For eighteen years he made cheese at the Deer River factory in Lewis County. In 1895 he bought the factory at West Carthage which produced over 125,000 pounds of cheese a year. On 19 April 1898 he married Alice Hathaway Miller, who was born 4 February 1862 in West Turin, Lewis County, daughter of John Almer and Mary Eliza (Hathaway) Miller, both of whom were natives of West Turin.

Robert Sixbury was the father of Almira, who married Joseph V. Besha. Robert lived to almost 110 years of age. In 1778 at the age of 14, Robert came to Jefferson from Amsterdam, Montgomery County, where he was born on 6 March 1763. His favorite hunting and fishing was in what became LeRay. After years in the wilderness, he went to Herkimer County where he married Betsey Hoover and they returned to Jefferson County. Robert became the companion of Foster, an Indian hunter. Sixbury built a log house about two miles north of Evans Mills and supported his family by hunting and fishing. There he lived for over sixty years and after the two log houses rotted down he moved into his shop. He was the father of eight children - four boys and four girls. Of his children, these were noted:

John who was at least 75 years old
Jacob who was 72
Isaac, about 56
Betsey, who married A. J. Shattuck and lived in St. Lawrence County
Mary who married Isaac Cushman of Cape Vincent
Annie, a twin of Alexander, a son who died at 37; she married Isaac Walradt and lived near Evans Mills
Almira who married Joseph Bichet and lived near Lafargeville

Robert had at his death, 65 grandchildren; 30 great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren.

He suffered a fall in his fireplace and burned his foot so severely that his leg was amputated above the knee and after healing he traveled on a wooden leg. His sight and hearing was still excellent until his death. He disliked civilization and longed for the wilderness days of early Jefferson County, in the way he had found it 95 years previously.

John Almer Miller was born 1 April 1831 and died 12 July 1902 at Leyden Hill. His father, Jeremiah Miller, died in 1857 in West Turin and was probably a native of Dutchess County, NY. His wife, Sarah Rea, was born 13 December 1804 in Dutchess Co., daughter of Peter Rea, who was born 25 December 1776 in Dutchess. Peter Rea married on 11 February 1798 to Elizabeth Hoysradt, of Dutch lineage, and lived in Hillsdale, Columbia County, prior to 1822. He moved to Turin, Lewis Co., in that year and died there on 22 July 1862. Elizabeth Rea died there on 14 April 1843 and both were buried on his farm. Of their fourteen children, Sarah, wife of Jeremiah Miller, was the third.

Peter Rea, son of Hugh Rea, was born 17 November 1741 in northern Ireland and came to America in 1764. He married on 22 March 1767 to Margaret Knickerbocker. He was a farmer but also kept a store near Jackson Corners and had a huge trade with the armies during the Revolution. It was during the war when the British ransacked the store and carted off most of the goods.

John Almer Miller was married in 1849 to Mary E. Hathaway, born 8 July 1831. He was for many years a cheesemaker and farmer. A lover of fine horses, he became known as a good judge of horseflesh. His last days were spent in Deer River and Lowville where he lived, and retired, until he was over 71 years.

John Wesley Hathaway, father of Mary E. Miller, was born 9 March 1800 in Herkimer County. He married on 17 November 1818 to Sally Mitchell Lyman who was born 13 June 1802, daughter of Ezekiel and Mabel (Mitchell) Lyman of Connecticut. The Lymans were pioneers of LeRay, Jefferson Co. John W. Hathaway died 21 March 1862. Sally died 6 December 1848. They had six children and Mary was the fifth child.

Maitland Bascom Sloat was the treasurer of the NY and Pennsylvania Company of NY and a son of Jefferson County. Born on 29 December 1846 in Watertown, he was the only child of Harrison Sloat of Watertown. Maitland attended public schools in Jefferson County and graduated in 1865. It was then that he began work with the Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg Railraod as a clerk and rose through time until he was cashier. In 1893 he became treasurer of the International Pulp Company and was involved with other enterprises. He married on 4 September 1877 to Lunette Greenleaf; she was born 22 December 1846 in LaFargeville, daughter of John Dickinson Greenleaf. Maitland and Lunette and they had two sons: Harrison Greenleaf Sloat and Halbert Maitland Sloat.

SLOAT, HARRISON was born 17 April 1814 in Orleans, Jefferson Co., son of Henry Sloat an early county resident. His early work included working with machinery and the manufacture of lumber until he retired in 1886. His nephew, Charles W. Sloat, continued the machinery business. Harrison passed away in Watertown on 9 August 1891. He was married on 11 March 1846 to Elizabeth M. Bascom, daughter of John and Abigail (Dickinson) Bascom; John was a native of Massachusetts and Abigail was of Vermont.

James Pringle was born 8 June 1833 in Napanee, Ontario, Canada, son of Daniel Pringle, a native of Canada as was his father, the family having emigrated from Scotland and were early settlers in the province. Daniel Pringle was a hotel keeper in Belleville, Canada and later in Napanee where he died soon after the American Civil War, at age 65. His wife, Sarah Bell, was a native of Canada, daughter of Colonel Bell, an officer of the British army, who settled in Canada after the close of his military service. Sarah died at Napanee in 1865 at about 60 years. They were the parents of nine children.

In 1856, James Pringle came to the United States and conducted a livery business in Watertown. Also in 1856 James married Mary Harris, daughter of Asa and Electa Harrison of Champion, where Mary was born.

Asa Harris was a farmer in Champion and had a small farm near Watertown where he died at 84 years in 1888. Electa Harris died in October of 1857 and Asa married twice after her death.

Children of Asa Harris:

A. M. Harris, a resident of Watertown
Zebediah of Rochester, NY
George, a farmer in the town of Russell, Jefferson Co.
Amelia, married George Freeman and lived in Wilna
Eugene, an invalid son.

Allen Eugene Kilby was a leading attorney of Carthage and native of Jefferson Co, a grandson of one of its pioneers. Allen Kilby, born near Boston, MA, lived in Farmington, CT, and then moved to Henderson, Jefferson Co. in 1810. His wife, Theda Darin, lived to 84 years and they were the parents of ten children, several of whom settled in the west. Those who remained in Jefferson were:

Sylvester - a shoemaker
Theda married Captain Henry Warner of Henderson Harbor
Allen - an invalid for many years
Austin was a captain on the lakes
Eben was a tanner and did some farming and died in Henderson
Lucy - married and died in the west

George Kilby was born 1798 in Farmington, CT and was twelve when his parents moved to Henderson. His occupation was farming but his chief occupation was building vessels for the lake trade. He was associated with Elihu Joiner and they built a number of crafts for the lake. He served in several public offices. He married Ann Hitchcock, a native of Jefferson Co., and they had eight children:

Lydia married David Thompson and lived in Henderson
Adelbert died in Henderson
Mahlon drowned on Lake Ontario in the wreck of a vessel in which he was part owner.
Theda was a resident of Henderson
Lorin lived in Sheridan, Waupaca Co., Wisconsin but died in Henderson
Arthur lived on the paternal homestead with his sisters
Caroline died in Henderson in 1891

Allen Eugene Kilby was born 16 August 1843 in Henderson and graduated at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY in 1869. He took up the study of law and graduated from the same institution in 1871. He married on 6 December 1871 to Alice A. Johnson, born 17 April 1850 in Henderson, daughter of Fales and (Harris) Johnson of Henderson.

Children of Allen Eugene and Alice Kilby:

Ralph L.
Bertha A.

John B. Dillenbeck, the eldest in the family of Baltus Dillenbeck, married Susanna Moak. He became a resident of Herkimer County, near Little Falls.

His children:

Peter married Delilah Shull (see Pensioners War of 1812 this site) settled in Alexandria
John b 15 Dec. 1796; married Catherine Snyder
Fanny married David Hammond
Jacob born 1803 married Catherine Ostrander; settled in Pamelia
Solomon born 1 March 1805 married Amy McMullen; settled in Orleans
William b 24 Dec. 1807 married Margaret Ann Jenkins; settled in Orleans near Stone Mills
Hannah married William Jenkins
Amy born 7 May 1809 married Jacob Bort
Susan married Jacob Klock and 2nd Edward Freeman
Mary married Nicholas Lawyer

John B. Dillenbeck and his entire family became residents of Jefferson County about 1830, except John, who remained on the old homestead in Herkimer County.

DILLENBECK, SOLOMON, son of John B., grew up in Herkimer County and married in Canajoharie to Amy McMullen. He purchased one hundred acres near Stone Mills which he cultivated for 20 years and then sold that farm and bought another of Alexander Coplay in Chaumont. He bought another farm at Omar, where he died on 27 December 1863. His wife, Amy, died on 12 February 1860.

Children of Solomon and Amy Dillenbeck:

Adelia b 11 Nov. 1830; married Erwin S. Collins; lived Omar
Alvah born 27 February 1833; d 24 Dec. 1864; married Ellen Hoxie
Mary Martha, b 22 Feb. 1838; d 1 April 1896; married Milton Keech
John b 17 April 1840; d 27 April 1841
John Wesley b 9 May 1842; married Pauline Herring; lived in Watertown; was a volunteer in the Tenth NY Artillery during the Civil War. Became a captain and later a major; he was chief of artillery during the Santiago campaign of the Spanish War and retired in 1900 after serving for 37 years. Wife, Pauline, was a daughter of William Herring.
Lewis Spencer b 3 December 1844; married 1876 to Harriet C. Close; lived New York City; took up the study of medicine. He joined the military as a hospital steward and on the night of the surrender of the Confederate army at Appomattox, he issued supplies to it.
Harriet C. Close was born in Fremont, OH, daughter of Perry and Sarah L. (Britton) Close. Lewis and Harriet had a son, George Perry, b 19 February 1881.
Emily Celestia, b 16 November 1847; married William Frost; lived in Dexter
George; lived at Chaumont; was in live stock commission business in Albany; moved to NY but returned to Jefferson Co.

Jaram Waldo, the fourth son and fifth child of Shubael and Priscilla Waldo, was born May, 1772 in Herkimer Co., NY and died in 1841 at Great Bend, Jefferson County. His occupations were farming and shoemaking. He married at Rossie, St. Lawrence County, NY to Lois Kinne; she was born in 1775 and died in 1855 in Rutland, NY.

Children of Jaram and Lois Waldo:


WALDO, JONATHAN was the son of Jonathan and Lucy Waldo and was born 19 January 1787 in Shaftsbury, VT; he died 29 April 1841 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY. He began farming in Western, NY and later in Rutland. His wife, Mary Olney, was the daughter of William Olney of Stillwater, NY. She was born 30 June 1790 in Stillwater and died 16 April 1867 in South Champion where the couple was buried. In 1844, as the widow of Jonathan, Mary married Isaac Myers of Stillwater where she resided until old age.

Children of Jonathan and Mary Waldo:

William Olney
Mary Olney
Mortimer (twin of Theodore)

William Olney Waldo, the first son of Jonathan and Mary was born 10 March 1813 in Western and died 30 April 1850 in Rutland, where he held part of the paternal homestead which he divided with his brother, Allen. Allen died there on 29 July 1878 at 64 years, nine months, four days. Mary Olney Waldo married Elon Brown and died in Champion on 25 January 1859 at 39 years. Theodore lived in Rutland and Mortimer died 12 March 1888 in Watertown, a farmer, at 67 years, 2 months, 4 days.

William Olney Waldo continued farming on the homestead in Rutland until his death, 30 April 1850 at the early age of 37 years. He married on 8 March 1843 at Martinsburgh, NY to Jane Searl, daughter of Luke Searl of Martinsburg. Jane was born 20 April 1821 and died 6 March 1864. William and Jane Waldo had two children: Jay William Waldo and Rebecca Waldo, born Rutland and died 28 April 1873 at 23 years, wife of her cousin, Charles Waldo. Charles was the son of Allen Waldo, of Rutland. Rebecca left a son, Allen Waldo.

Luke Searl, father of Jane, was born 3 March 1797 and died 9 November 1866; he married Alma Cook, who was born 5 June 1801 and died 14 December 1890.

WALDO, JAY WILLIAM, the eldest child of William Waldo and Jane, was born 25 October 1846 in Rutland. He attended school and then took over the paternal homestead. He acquired additional lands and began the manufacture of cheese. He married on 26 February 1867 to Margaret Matilda Bush, born 22 January 1846 in Turin, Lewis Co. She was the daughter of George and Martha C. (Speed) Bush.

Children of Jay William Waldo and Margaret:

Martha J. - she died 27 April 1885 at 17 years, two months, eight days
George William was born 16 February 1874 and married Elizabeth Plank

BUSH, GEORGE, father of Margaret, was the son of Jonathan and Matilda (Pelton) Bush. He was born 26 November 1817 in Turin, NY and died 14 January 1892 in Champion. His first wife was Martha C. Speed; she was born 17 January 1815 and died 2 March 1864 at 49 years. He married second to Mary L. Ely. She died 28 February 1902 at 61 years, six months, 25 days.

Biographical information was extracted from R. A. Oakes' 1905 Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York, Volume II by Marilyn Sapienza!

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