Part 5

Biographical information was extracted from R. A. Oakes' 1905 Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York, Volume II by Marilyn Sapienza!

He was born in 1766 in the State of Connecticut and enlisted from Southington as a soldier in the Revolutionary War on 1 January 1781, to serve as a fifer in the Sixth Company, Fourth Connecticut Regiment, and later served as a private. In 1789, he migrated to Oneida Co., NY and about that time married Sally Ranney, who was also of Connecticut, daughter of Willet and Mary Butler Ranney. Willet Ranney was a descendant of Thomas Ranney, born in Scotland in 1616, who came to America in 1650. Willet married Mary Hubbard, daughter of Governor Hubbard in 1639 and who died in 1713. Four of Sally Ranney Andrus' ancesters were in the Colonial Wars: her grandfather, Benjamin Butler, William Goodrich, Thomas Starr and Captain Joseph Weld. The Andrus, Ranney, Butler, Gilbert and Wright families settled at or near Rome and were from Middletown or neighboring towns, in Connecticut. Mary Butler was a sister of the wife of Ebenezer Wright and a sister of the wife of Thomas Wright.

David Andrus leased a farm in the Wright Settlement near Rome and in 1804 carried on a meat shop in Rome Village. He came to the Black River country with Daniel Fox, the centenarian, who settled in the town of Adams about 1800. In 1805, David Andrus moved to Ellisburg and was an agent for Colonel Samuel Wardwell of Rhode Island. Improvements were made as early as 1811 in Little Sandy, which later became Mannsville. His accomplishments included the first sawmill there, the first dwelling erected by him, a house where the Shepard house later stood and at one time was the owner of several hundred acres of land south of Mannsville. David Andrus had extensive business interests: he built the Andrus hotel about 1812, which was destroyed by fire in 1890. The hotel became a popular spot for travelers and locals in a variety of activities. Andrus also built a sawmill, gristmill, distillery, ashery and blacksmith shop, all of which employed many men. His four hundred acre farm furnished a superior quality of clay for a brick yard.

With his son, George, he built a brick store and in 1812 built the army barracks at Sackets Harbor. In 1817 the Jefferson County Bank building in Adams was built with David serving as one of the directors of the bank.The public offices in which he served were: a member of the Assembly in 1809 and 1812; sheriff in 1812-13 and 1815-1818.

His wife, Sally, died on 22 July 1818 at 55 years.

Their children included four sons and four daughters:

George Andrus b 1789 at Rome, NY
Lydia Andres b 1791
Almira Andrus b 1795
Chauncey Andrus b 1796
Ira Andrus b 1799
Fanny Andrus b 1801
Sally Andrus b 1803
Samuel Andrus, who died at about age 14

Mary Jane b 1822, after David's marriage to Mrs. Esther Hinman. David Died on 21 august 1931 at the age of 65 years.

ANDRUS, GEORGE, son of David and Sally, was married on 16 August 1810 to Angelina Betts, who was the daughter of Captain Jesse Betts and Polly Jarvis Betts of Norwalk, CT. He served as paymaster of the militia regiment in Jefferson County in 1808 and again in 1812. He was also appointed clerk of Jefferson County in 1820 by Governor DeWitt Clinton, was a member of the Assembly in 1822 and postmaster of Adams in that same year. In addition to owning a large farm in North Adams, he was a merchant in Ellisburg with brothers, Chauncey and Ira, in 1824-25. He died on 8 June 1846 at age 56. His wife died 15 February 1845.

They were the parents of 12 children:

Mary Esther b 1812 married Sherman S. Barnard
George b 1813 was a magistrate
Almira b 1815 married Elihu Allen
Frances L. b 1817 married Sherman S. Barnard
David Ira b 1819 was a soldier in the Civil War, Twelfth Regiment of New York volunteers
Angeline b 1821 married David Gaylord
Louisa b 1824 married Corydon Allen
William H b 1825
Jesse B b 1828
Theodore b 1830
Thomas J. b 1832
Emily b 1835

Chauncey was a merchant for many years in Sandy Creek, Union Square and Pierrepont Manor. In 1854 he bought a farm near Mannsville but then moved in 1860 to Montclair, New Jersey where he died in 1871. He married Nancy Lord, who was born in Hartford, CT; she died in 1877. Their seven children were: John H.; Antoinette; Cornelia; Delia who married Horace Barnes; James, Jay and Frances who married John Lord. John H. was a wholesale dry goods merchant in New York in the 1860's and died in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Ira married Melinda Taft of Vermont. They were the parents of six children: Samuel J.; Sarah who married Andrew Webster; Charles; David; William; Reuben. Ira died in 1842 of smallpox where he was exposed to the disease in Kingston, Canada while on a cattle buying trip. Their youngest son, Reuben, died of the same disease. Melinda the wife of Ira, survived until 1888.

In about 1830 she married Josiah Cornwell and died in 1873 at 82 years. Mr. Cornwell carried on the brickyard at Andrus settlement for many years.

Almira married Joseph Giddings of Vermont; she died in 1828. They were the parents of four sons: Legrand; John; Jay who died young; and Henry and Benjamin.

A fine singer, she married Homer Hunt and died in 1838. They were the parents of George and Edward.

She married Joseph Giddings and died in 1873. They lived for many years at the Andrus Hotel.

She died in 1884.

Orrey was the youngest son of Amos Merriman, and was born 20 May 1796 in Massachusetts. When he was a small boy, his parents moved to Russia, Herkimer Co., NY. Prior to his marriage, he settled in the town of Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County and purchased land there. After some time he sold the land and bought a farm in the Town of LeRay near Sterlingville. His stay was short and again he sold and purchased a farm in Gouverneur near the Oswegatchie River. In 1824 he married in St. Lawrence County to Amanda Van Namee, a native of Norway, Herkimer Co., NY. She was born 20 august 1807 and died 8 April 1880 in Gouverneur. Orrey died in 1876 in the same town as his wife.

They were the parents of five sons and two daughters:

Orlando Crosby, the eldest, was a resident of Minneapolis, MN
William Addison, the second son, died in Spragueville
Sally Ann married William Herring and both died in Gouverneur
Lucina Amanda married George Fredenburg and resided in Gouverneur
Stephen A.
Oscar Erastus of Richville
Lyman Giles who died in 1887 at Gouverneur

He was born 2 July 1837 in Gouverneur, NY and grew up there on a farm. When he was age twenty, he moved to Black River and bought land in LeRay. He farmed for 17 years and then sold it and bought another farm in the area of LeRay but later moved to the village of Black River. Stephen married on 12 October 1858 to Mandana Clarke; she was born 9 January 1839 in Rutland, daughter of Asa and Betsey (Poor) Clarke, who were early residents of the area. Mandana died on 22 February 1901 and Stpehen married on 26 February 1902 to Mrs. Elizabeth Lanphear. She was the widow of Perry Lanphear and daughter of Jacob Vrooman. Elizabeth died at Black River on 5 February 1905.

The Merriman children were:

Loretta Mandana, the eldest, who died at one year
Nettie Arvilla, wife of Myron Schofield of Black River
Clark Giles
Stella Belle who married Rev. Clarence V. Haven, past of the Methodist church at Great Bend
Ida May
Mrs. George Kimball Oakes who lived at Black River
Asa Dewitt, a merchant at Great Bend.

He was born on his father's farm in LeRay in 1863. In 1885, he married Minnie Edith Springsteen, daughter of Charles and Caroline (Corwin) Springsteen of Watertown. After his marriage, he took over his father's farm. Additionally, he had an interest in a cheese factory on the farm and also in the Black River Bending Company. The Merrimans were the parents of six children: Charles Stephen; Harvey Merle; Muriel Ruma, Carolyn Mandana, Hazel Eula, and George DeWitt.

Hicks was the youngest of 19 children of Jonathan and Priscilla (Hicks) Wheeler. He was born 8 April 1790 at Lanesboro, MA and as a young man went to West Gallway, Saratoga Co., NY. In about 1811 he moved to Jefferson County where he purchased a tract of land in Ellisburgh near the village of Mannsvile. He paid for the land by working at the trade of shoemaker. During the War of 1812 he served at Sackets Harbor. His wife was Sarah James, who was born 10 June 1794 in Gallway, New York, daughter of Edward James. Hicks Wheeler died 21 august 1865 at 75 years.

Their children were:

Lucinda M. b 17 September 1813 and married at the age of 62 years to Norman Thompson of Oswego Co., NY
Anna b 23 July 1816, married Edmund Remington of Lorraine, NY
Diana b 8 June 1819; married Nelson Adsit of Orwell, Oswego Co., NY
Jonathan E. J. b 19 August 1820 and died at Sandy Creek, NY
David H.
Luther N. and Mary M., both died young
George N. b 28 December 1834, a farmer in Ellisburgh
Melissa J. b 24 May 1837; married John Woodall and lived later with her son at Canastota, NY

Son of Hicks and Sarah, was born 18 December 1823 in Ellisburgh near Mannsville. Until his middle life he was a farmer but in 1875 became a traveling salesman. He married on 1 September 1847 to Hannah Janet Marsh. Sarah was the daughter of William Marsh, a farmer of Lorraine and pioneer of that township. His wife was Hannah Gardner and they had two sons and four daughters. Their daughter Hannah Janet was born 12 March 1830 and married David H. Wheeler.

The children of David Wheeler and Hannah Janet Marsh were:

Emma Jane b August 1849, married Rev. Silas W. Hatch, a Baptist clergyman of Ashland, Nebraska. He was for a time the pastor of a church at Smithville and later edited the Adams "Journal". He died in Colorado Springs.
Rosa May b 28 September 1855, died at 15 years.
Florence Addie b 14 January 1863; married Frank Dee Penney, a Baptist clergyman of Burlington, Vermont.

He was born in Adams, Jefferson Co., on 26 April 1857, son of Alva and Helen (Stanbro) Penney, and grandson of Amial and Lucy (Crumb) Penney, natives of Unadilla Forks, Otsego Co., NY. Alva Penney married Helen Stanbro, born Unadilla Forks in 1829, daughter of Orville and Susan (Way) Stanbro. Frank married on 27 July 1887 to Florence Addie Wheeler, daughter of David and Hannah Wheeler. Their children were:

Sterling Wheeler b Auburn, NY 19 June 1892
Frank Dee Jr. b North Adams, MA 4 March 1896
Julian Lorimer b Burlington VT 11 June 1904

He was born 5 September 1773 at Stonington, CT, one of 13 children of Jared Crandall. Jared followed the sea as a ship captain for 18 years. He then moved to Herkimer Co., NY and with brother, Naboth Crandall, moved to Jefferson Co., by ox car in the autumn of 1800. He settled on a farm in Watertown and brought his family in April of the following year. He married in 1795 to Content Barstow, daughter of Alpheus Barstow of Leyden, MA. William died in 1843 at 70 years. Content died in 1867 at 92 years.

William and Content were the parents of seven sons and one daughter:

William; a farmer in Jefferson Co. and lived to 93 years
Orinda, who married Oliver Way
Jared, who died at five years
Barstow, who was three years old at his death
John, a farmer in Watertown
Isaac, died unmarried at 27 years
Reuben, a farmer on the homestead who died unmarried in 1888 at 72 years.

Jeremiah Crandall, son of William and Content, was born 9 January 1815 in Watertown. He was raised a farmer and inherited part of the family homestead. In 1868 he sold his portion of the property and became the owner of a farm in Ruland where he passed the remainder of his life. On 13 May 1836 he married Malvina Babcock, daughter of Bechus and Sally (Bettis) Babcock of Copenhagen, NY. She died 21 May 1877. Jeremiah died in 1902 at 80 years.

Children of Jeremiah and Malvina were:

Octavia b 6 March 1837, married Olney Staplin who was a farmer of Spirit Lake, Iowa
Eunice b 24 August 1838, married M. H. Allen of Clifton Springs, NY, and died 7 March 1901
Content b 5 September 1841; she married Chauncy Bull, a farmer of Lincoln, Nebraska
Imogen b 13 April 1843; married Samuel Wetmore and lived in Clifton Springs, NY
Jerry W.

Son of Jeremiah and Malvina, was born 29 July 1845. In March of 1881 he bought the old Beaver Meadow farm in Lorraine, south of Adams. Jerry married on 10 October 1878 to Ida Kellogg and they had a son, Ross, who was born 26 March1889. Ida was a lineal descendant of Lt. Joseph Kellogg.

He was born in Scotland about 1627 and in 1662 emigrated to America where he settled at Hadley, MA. His son, John Kellogg, was a resident there and fathered another John Kellogg, a Revolutionary War soldier. His name appeared as captain of Company Three, Third Regiment, Hampshire Co., MA. He married Lucy A. Terry and they were the parents of a son, Josiah, who married Lois Day.

Silas Kellogg, son of Josiah and Lois Day, married Julia Loomis,a descendant of Joseph Loomis who emigrated from England to America in 1634. Their son, Franklin Kellogg, was born in Westfield, MA and moved to Jefferson County where he farmed at Rutland. Franklin married Albina Staplin, a direct descendant of Isaac Staplin. Isaac Staplin came to America with the British army and later became an American citizen. Franklin and Albina Kellogg were the parents of Ida, who was born 18 January 1855 in the town of Turin, Lewis co., NY, and she became the wife of Jerry W. Crandall. Ida was a member of the Daughters of the Revolution.

Was born 22 May 1786 and married Elizabeth Jones, who was born 20 May 1791. Rowland died 14 December 1849 and Elizabeth died 12 June 1842. They were the parents of the following children:

Serena b 9 August 1812; married Cornelius Hallenbeck, a farmer, and died 2 November 1871
Margaret Ann b 22 November 181_; married Francis Hallenbeck, a farmer of Missouri; she died 7 June 1883
Eliza b 24 August 1816; married Thomas Kittle of Herkimer Co. and died 24 March 1881
Lydia Catherine b 4 December 1822; married John Williams of Herkimer Co., Ohio and died 8 August 1856.
John b 23 November 1824, a farmer who married Mary Ann Curtis of Poland, NY
Sally Maria b 28 October 1826; died in childhood
Gitty Maria b 26 March 1832; married William Irvine of Deerfield, Oneida Co, NY
William R.

Son of Rowland and Elizabeth, above, was born 4 May 1837 in Herkimer Co., NY. In 1867 he moved to Jefferson Co., and bought part of the farm in Lorraine where he conducted a thriving dairy business. He married on 23 February 1858 to Esther Ostrom. They had two children:

Roxina b 28 December 1859; married William H. Rudd, a farmer of Lorraine and they had two children: Maddie B., b 19 October 1880 and Emery J. b 18 October 1885.

Jessie M. b 9 July 1879; married George E. Bowman and had a daughter, Ruth E., born 8 August 1899.

Was born 14 March 1815 in Montgomery Co., NY and moved to Jefferson Co., where he became one of the pioneers. He married Maria Fuller, a native of Montgomery Co., born 27 March 1818.

Children of Richard and Maria:

James b 31 October 1838; served in the Civil War and died 22 March 1862
Esther b 26 July 1841; married William R. Emery (above)
Jeannette, b 10 July 1845; died 7 September 1852
Caroline b 10 June 1848; married Alfred Ash of Herkimer co., NY
Mary Dette b 13 September 1851; married Theodore Ashley of Utica, NY
Alfred b 25 June 1855; resident of Michigan
Rozell b 11 November 1858 of Saginaw, Michigan

William Grenell was of Pierrepont Manor, where he was born on 26 January 1846. As a lineal descendant of Nathan Grenell, who was a native of England and made a freeman of Plymouth, MA in 1628, his lineage was as follows:

Daniel Grenell, son of Nathan, was born in 1636; he married Mary Wodell, born 1640.
Daniel Grenell born 1665, died 1740; married Lydia Peabody who was born in 1667 and died in 1748, a daughter of William and Elizabeth (Alden) Peabody. Elizabeth Alden was the daughter of John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden.
George Grenell b 1686, married Mary Bull, who was born 1708.
Daniel Grenell was born in 1729 and died in 1801. He was a Revolutionary War soldier from Saybrook, CT, and married Ann Chapman. She died in 1814.
Ezra Grenell was born 29 July 1766 and married on 1 January 1789 to Olive Parker. She was born 10 April 1768 and died 8 November 1837.
Benjamin Persons Grenell was born 5 January 1790 and died 8 July 1864. He married on 9 February 1813 to Freeman Grenell who was born 3 August 1786 and died 14 October 1872.
Ezra Orosco Grenell was born 2 July 1815 on Manor Farm which is in the vicinity of Pierrepont Manor.

Ezra was a farmer by occupation and lived on the homestead his entire lifetime, the property having been settled by his great-grandfather, Ezra Grenell. In October of 1839 he married Abby Monroe Wardwell who was born in Bristol, Rhode Island on 23 November 1814, a daughter of Samuel Wardwell, Jr., and Hannah (Monroe) Wardwell. Ezra died on the old homestead on 18 January 1898 having survived his wife by almost two years, as she died on 20 February 1896.

Hannah Monroe Wardwell was descended from William Wardwell, who came from England with the early Pilgrims in 1620. The family lived in Bristol, Rhode Island for many years, but her father moved to Mannsville, Jefferson Co.

William H. Grenell resided on the Manor Farm for several years and in 1873 was in the seed business. He also served in the New York State National Guard. It was at Pierrepont Manor on 19 March 1867, that William married Adelaide E. Allen. She was born 9 August 1847, a daughter of Jerome and Olive (Castor) Allen. Their children were:

Helen Allen, b at Manor Farm in 1868; died 1870
Anna Wardwell b 1873 at Manor Farm; she married Matthew J. Huggins of Mannsville and they had two children: Marjorie Mary who was born in 1900 and died in 1902; and a son, William Grenell who was born 9 May 1901.

John Goodenough was the son of Levi and Milicent (Keyes) Goodenough. He was born 15 August 1796 in Brattleboro, Vermont. At age 19 he moved to Jefferson Co, NY, arriving on foot in a company of a number of other settlers. Two older brothers - Caleb and Daniel - had preceded him and both settled in Watertown. Caleb died early and Daniel became a farmer. John settled in the wilderness which was two miles west of Mannsville where he cleared 50 acres of land and eventually owned 339 acres. In autumn of the year he moved to Jefferson, he returned to Vermont and married Betsey Cobleigh. She was born 13 March 1796 in Marlboro, Vermont.

They were the parents of eleven children, and six reached maturity:

Helen Ann married Daniel Strait of Ellisburg, a soldier in the Civil War
Willard A. who married Jane Hull of Morrison, Illinois
Roswell P. married Melissa Trink of Morrison, Illinois
Lurissa A. married Kneeland Ellsworth of Ellisburg
Robert D.
Lauriette married Arthur King of Morrison, Illinois

Betsey Cobleigh Goodenough, the mother of these children, died in 1855 and was survived by her husband, John, who passed away in 1878.

Robert Devereau Goodenough, son of John and Betsey Cobleigh Goodenough, above, was born 22 February 1836 in Ellisburg. He married on 22 September 1864 to Helen Wheelock. She was born 30 October 1839, daughter of Nathan and Maretta (Sawyer) Wheelock. Robert and Helen Goodenough had four children and three reached maturity:

Robert S. born 14 May 1866, a farmer in Ellisburg who married Clara James
Mary M. born 13 October 1869 and died at 20 years
John W. born 6 May 1872 and died at 30 years.

Helen Wheelock Goodenough's lineage was as follows:

Gershom Wheelock, eldest son of Ralph and Rebecca Wheelock of Medfield, MA.
Samuel Wheelock, son of Gershom, resided in Marlboro, MA, a church deacon
Samuel Wheelock of Marlboro, MA
Timothy Wheelock son of Samuel, of Shrewsbury, MA, a soldier in the Revolutionary War
Joseph Wheelock, son of Timothy, married Judith Foster and moved to Jefferson Co., NY in 1819 and settled in Ellisburg, near Mannsville where he died

Nathan Wheelock, son of Joseph and Judith Wheelock, was the father of Helen who married Robert D. Goodenough. Nathan Wheelock was born 25 January 1812 in Worcester, MA and when he was 12 years of age came with his parents from Brattleboro, Vermont to Jefferson County. He married Maretta Sawyer, daughter of Joseph Sawyer, a soldier in the War of 1812. Maretta was born on 23 January 1816 in Keene, New Hampshire.

Maretta Sawyer Wheelock's maternal grandfather was John Harper, who was a patriot soldier in the Revolutionary War. Maretta died in 1897.

Children of Nathan Wheelock and Maretta:

Mrs. Robert D. Goodenough
Mrs. Herbert Brown of Pulaski, daughters of Nathan Sherman Wheelock
Marion Wheelock

Frederick Monroe was the son of Louis and Elizabeth (San Jule) Monroe. He was born 7 January 1871 in Ellisburgh. He married Ida Short, daughter of Thomas H. Short of New York City, on 4 September 1891. Frederick and Ida had two children: Clarence and Maurice.

Frederick Monroe had a sister who married Dr. C. J. Hull, an esteemed physician of Carthage.

Dr. Chapman was of Belleville and a grandson of Levi Chapman, born in Lyme, New Hampshire. Levi Chapman moved to St. Lawrence County in 1817 and had a son, John, who was born in 1814. John Chapman was a blacksmith by trade and settled at Roberts Corners in Henderson, Jefferson Co. in 1835. John married Miranda N. Congdon and they were the parents of five children:
Julian B.
Eugene A.
Engelia A.
Florence I.
Washington I.

Eugene A. Chapman, son of John and Miranda, was born in 1839 in Belleville. He entered the medical department of the University of Michigan in 1862 and received his medical degree from the University of Buffalo. His practice began in Clayton and in June 1862 he enlisted in Company G. Tenth NY Heavy Artillery. After one year as adjutant he was promoted to the rank of Captain in June 1863. In November 1864 he became assistant Surgeon of the United States Army and was assigned to Point of Rocks (Virginia) Hospital where he remained in 1864-65. During the summer of 1865 he served as quarantine officer and post surgeon at Brazos Santiago, Texas and in November of that year his term of office expired.

On his return to civil life, Dr. Chapman practiced in Henderson until 1873 when failing health forced him to relinquish practice for a time; he then accepted a position in the railroad office at Salamanca, NY. After one year there he settled in Belleville where he resided and practiced medicine. In addition to his medical duties he also served in various public offices, and eventually became County Clerk and moved to Watertown, NY.

In 1865, Dr. Chapman married Philinda M. Hungerford, who was the daughter of Philo and Caroline (Davis) Hungerford. They were the parents of three children:

Clara M. a graduate of Cook Academy; died Grand Junction, Colorado on 13 September 1897.
Florence L., a graduate of Union Academy
Walter E.

Philinda Hungerford Chapman died in 1874 and in 1877, Dr. Chapman married Agnes G. McClure. Their children were:

Ross McC., born 1881
John H. born 1884; died in Watertown, NY on 20 April 1901
Margery C. born 1888
Sandford T., born 1893
Donald C. born 1895

Ira was a pioneer of Jefferson Co., NY. He was born 23 March 1798 in Guilford, Vermont, son of Liberty and Susannah (Barney) Goodenough. Ira's father was a member of the patriot army in the Revolutionary War and died of pleurisy while in service. Susannah Barney was the daughter of Deacon Edward Barney and the widow of Elijah Gore.

Ira spent his early boyhood in Vermont but before age 19 he walked from his native town of Guilford, to Ellisburgh, NY, driving cattle all the way. In 1824 he purchased a farm of 100 acres near Belleville. On 20 March 1823, Ira married Polina Scott. She was born in Middleton, Rutland Co., Vermont on 1 January 1803, daughter of Oliver and Dorcas (Prior) Scott. Oliver Scott was born in Rupert, Vermont on 2 July 1792 and Dorcas Prior was born in Norwich, CT on 21 September 1777. (NOTE: Oakes may have been mistaken on the dates of birth.) In 1804 Polina's parents moved to Jefferson Co. and settled near Woodville. Ira died at Belleville on 10 November 1882 at 84 years. Polina died on 25 May 1881.

Ira and Polina were the parents of eight children:

-- Malvina M. born 13 January 1825; died of consumption on 22 January 1850 at 25 years.
- Myron M. born 13 February 1828. He married Mary G. Brigham. He died 6 June 1901.

        Myron and Mary had two children:
        Mary B. who died at age 2 in 1869 in Hamilton, NY
        Louis Agassiz who was born in Saratoga NY on 25 November 1864 and married on 11 May 1901 to Mary Burgess. One child: Louis Burgess Goodenough. Louis died of heart problems on 2 August 1904 in his 40th year, at the old Goodenough home. His wife, Mary, died of heart failure on 24 January 1903.

- Marilla M. born at Belleville.
- Gilbert C. born at Belleville, a Baptist clergyman lived in Farmington, Iowa. Married Victoria I. Brayman of Ohio
- Mila P. born Belleville, married Frank Deisz and lived in Pierce City, MO.
- Mary D. born at Belleville; an artist and painter.
- Matilda P. born 21 December 1841. Married D. L. Angle at Belleville in 1867. Later moved to Syracuse, NY
- Miranda A. born 12 August 1846, died at three years on 15 August 1849.

Solomon was born in Plessis, NY on 17 May 1837. His lineage follows:

Solomon Makepeace, father of Solomon, was born in Worcester, MA, son of Elliot Makepeace. He came with his parents to Jefferson Co. and settled at Perch Lake and later at Brownville. He and his father made potash in connection with farming Solomon died in Alexandria, NY on 24 January 1869 at 87 years. Solomon married Jane Cronkhite and they were the parents of several children, the following were noticed:

Lucy, married Alanson Cole
Ursula was a resident of Illinois
Lydia lived in Alexandria Bay
Solomon Jr.
John a resident of Clayton

Solomon Makepeace, Jr., attended common schools and was on the Great Lakes for four years. In 1862 he enlisted in Company F, Tenth Regiment of NY Heavy Artillery and after two years was discharged in 1864 with a rank of corporal. He returned to Plessis, NY and engaged in mercantile pursuits and with Mr. Ogsbury of Plessis they formed a firm with both names. In 1884 he bought out his partner's interest and continued in general merchandising on his own. In 1858, Solomon Jr. married Lucinda Forbes who was born 30 March 1840 She was the daughter of Francis and Betsy Forbes, whose ancestors came to America from England and lived in Jefferson County until their deaths.

Solomon Makepeace and Lucinda Forbes were the parents of six children:

Elbert E. b 9 January 1860; married Ethel Ballentine of Smith's Falls, Canada-one child: Gerald T. Makepeace
Frank S. born 1 January 1865
Frederick born 27 March 1867 died 27 August 1869
Fanny Adele born 3 August 1871; married Lewis Pickert and son Harry M. Pickert was of Alexandria Bay
Lydia J. born 23 February 1874
Claude J. born 1 May 1878 and was a resident of Plessis where he was born

Charles was born in Clayton, Jefferson Co. on 10 January 1847. His father was John Lingenfelter, who was born in Montgomery Co., NY in 1815. He served as the first captain of the first canal boat on the Erie Canal, where he served for ten years after which he moved to Clayton. John Lingenfelter married Magdeline Consaul; she was born in Montgomery Co., NY, daughter of Matthew and Hannah (Lewis) Consaul, both residents of Amsterdam, NY. Magdeline's parents both died in Amsterdam, her mother at 90 years. Mageline died at 93 years.

Children of John and Magdeline Lingenfelter:

Elida; married Mr. Henry of Lafargeville
Louis of Clayton Center
Susan married Albert Putnam
Sarah J. married Wendell Heyle

Charles Lingenfelter, above, lived in Clayton until he was 15. Nine years after completing his schooling he was employed on the Great Lakes; he then returned to Clayton and a farm. In 1888 he opened a quarry on his property which supplied a superior quality stone. Much of the stone of Boldt Castle on Hart Island came from his quarry. In 1870 he married Elizabeth Harter, a native of Clayton. She was the daughter of Peter Harter. They had one child: Howard A. who was born 4 December 1872 and became a physician in New York City. Elizabeth Harter Lingenfelter died at 42 years and Charles married for his second wife to Thankful Halliday, who was also a native of Clayton and daughter of Shuman Halliday. Charles and Thankful had three children: Shuman Adelbert, Hazel Bernice and Charles Don.

A supervisor of Henderson, he was born in Jefferson Co. on 12 December 1847. His lineage follows:

Enos Scott, the great-grandfather, was born in Connecticut in 1745 and was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. A cooper by trade, he became the founder of the family in New York, a resident of Lewis County where his son, William Scott, was born in 1785.

William Scott moved to St. Lawrence Co. when he was 18 and bought 300 acres of land. After ten years he sold the property and moved to Brownville, Jefferson Co. He lived in Henderson where he died at 78 years. He married Mabel Buck who was born in Lewis County in 1790 and died at 92 years. They had five children and one of them, William Scott, was a resident of Watertown.

Alonzo B. Scott, father of Adelbert, was born in Hammond, St. Lawrence Co. in 1817 and spent his first ten years with his parents in Brownville. Alonzo was an extensive farmer. He married Lovina Templeton. She as born in Orleans, Jefferson Co., in 1820, daughter of James Templeton. James was a native of New Hampshire and emigrated to Jefferson Co., becoming one of its pioneer settlers. James died in Orleans at 80 years. Lovina died at 78 years.

They had five children and three were named:

Mrs. Eliza Graves of Watertown

Aaron B., a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana

Adelbert A. Scott, son of Alonzo B. and Lovina, served in a variety of public offices and was involved in politics and various lodges. He married in 1873 to Clara E. Green. Clara was born in Ellisburgh in 1850, daughter of Daniel Green, a farmer of that town. Adelbert and Clara had three children:

James Green of Watertown
Mrs. Scott - two children: Daniel G. who married Ida Wild and Bessie.
Willis E. of Ellisburgh

Seth was a contractor and builder who lived at Orleans. He was born in Frankfort, Herkimer Co., NY on 28 October 1838. His paternal great-grandfather, Asa Mather, was a hotel proprietor in Schuyler, NY. Asa's children were: Joshua, Samuel, John and Reuben Mather.

Joshua Mather, the grandfather of Seth, was born in Vermont and a farmer by occupation, He moved from Vermont to Schuyler, NY where he spent his last years at died there at 77 years.

Seeley B. Mather, the father, became a carpenter and moved to Utica, NY in 1844 and continued in contracting and building until his death which occurred at 66 years. Seeley married Maria Salisbury, born Jefferson Co., in 1815. She was the daughter of George Salisbury who was born in Rhode Island and came to Watertown, NY in 1804, one of the early settlers there. Later George moved to Sterlingville where he died at 70 years. Seeley and Maria had three children, two of whom were mentioned: Seth and Orvilla who was a resident of Philadelphia, NY.

Seth Mather spent his early years in Utica, NY and was a carpenter from 1872 until 1882. In his later years he moved to Orleans and bough a farm of 187 acres. In addition to his farming pursuits he served in various public offices and was in the Civil War. He married in 1865 to Lucy Duncan. Lucy was born in Canada, daughter of Dr. Alexander Duncan. Dr. Duncan moved to Mather's Mills near Adams, NY where he manufactured furniture. He died at 90 years and his wife at 91. The Duncans had three children:

Mrs. Mather, above
Reuben lived in Adams, NY
Grace of Belleville, NY

Seth Mather and Lucy Duncan were the parents of four children:

Bert lived in Lafargeville, NY
Newell, a resident of Utica
Frank who lived on the home farm and married Jessie Ford
Lee of Utica, NY

He was a successful broker of New York City. Born on 30 July 1865 in Auburn, NY, he was the son of William H. Hotchkin, and reared in Watertown where his father was born. The Hotchkin lineage:

Eli Hotchkin born 6 July 1772 and died 26 November 1858 at Waterville, Oneida Co., NY Married Betsey Drury, who was born 8 January 1786 of Dedham, MA. She died 30 June 1869 at Waterville.

Their son, Josiah B. Hotchkin, was born circa 1808 at Waterville and died there at about 50 years. He was twice married, the second wife being Keziah Austin of Norway, Herkimer County; she survived him by some 30 years. There were four daughters by the first marriage and two sons and three daughters by the second marriage:

Helen, the eldest, married Isaac P. Odell and died in Watertown in 1865.
William H.
Julia, died at 15 years
Emily died in Watertown
Herbert B.

William Henry Hotchkin, the eldest son and sixth child of Josiah B., (second child of the second wife), was born 12 September 1840 in Watertown. He was a lawyer, reporter and and served in the Civil War. In November of 1883, he bought a ticket at Watertown for New York City to join his family, who had already located there but no trace of him was ever found. It was presumed that he met with foul play. He married on 22 April 1861 to Julia Pratt Cook. She was born in Rochester, NY and survived her husband, a resident of New York City. She was the daughter of Phineas Baldwin and Mary Burr (Pratt) Cook. They had three children:

William Herbert, the first, died Watertown on 3 June 1883 at 21 years
Walter Bryant
Caro Sherman who died at 15 years in NY

Julia Hotchkin, widow of William H., was a regent of Colonial Chapter, of the DAR.

Walter Bryant Hotchkin was largely self-educated and identified with Wall Street beginning in 1883 He attended Watertown schools until he was 17 and then was involved in the Watertown steam engine works. He went to NY in 1883 and entered a brokerage as a clerk. His involvement in various stock exchanges and brokerage houses was well known. His military involvement took him to Cuba as a first lieutenant and mustered out as a captain in April 1899. He married on 15 April 1903 to Mabel L. Hall. She was born in New York, daughter of Henry B., Jr. and Emma (Lord) Hall. Henry was a native of England and Emma was of New York City. Mabel's father was a skilled steel engraver.

The lineage of Julia Pratt Cook Hotchkin is long and extensive. Descendants should review Oakes, Vol. 2, pp. 1052-1059.

Virgil was born in Kinston, Canada on 10 May 1846, son of John Demarse. John was born in Toronto, Canada on 10 August 1810 and in 1844 moved to the US, locating in Norfolk, CT. He later returned to Canada until 1849 when he moved to Watertown, NY. He spent his last years in Watertown, where he passed away at 83 years. His wife, Mrs. Mary Demarse, was born in Canada in 1809 and lived beyond 94 years. She was the daughter of John and Mary Stewart. John Stewart was born in 1779. Mary Stewart lived to 107 years, dying in 1885. Of the 12 Demarse children, three were noticed:

Mrs. R. L. Harris of Forty Leyden, NY
Virgil J. Demarse
Mrs. W. J. McCutchney of Watertown

Virgil J. Demarse attended schools in Watertown and learned the carriage painter trade under the direction of Harmon Scoville, for whom he worked as a journeyman for 11 years. He married twice: in 1868 he married Addie Smith, born in Watertown in 1848, daughter of Stewart Smith. Stewart Smith was born in 1819 and served as deputy sheriff of Jefferson and he died in Brownville.

Addie died at 29 years and was the mother of four children, but three died in childhood. Amelia, a daughter, married George Drew, an inspector in the shop where Mr. Demarse was the head. After Addie's death, Virgil married second in 1879 to California De Long. She was born in Watertown in 1855, one of two children.

Jonathan Baker was of Topsfield, MA and soon after his marriage he moved to Keene, New Hampshire. He moved to old Gilsum, which later became Sullivan, NY. Jonathan was born 15 June 1749 at Cape Ann, MA and died in Sullivan on 13 October 1833. He married on 4 May 1775 to Sarah Holt, she born 3 February 1758.

Their children:

- Betsey
- Sally b 25 April 1778; married Thomas Powell
- Jonathan born 15 August 1779 died 24 November 1863 in Watertown, NY
- Polly born 1781; died 1869
- Phebe born 1784; married Joseph Smith and died at Hopkinton, NY in 1880
- Aaron born 10 July 1789
- Thomas born 30 April 1788 in Sullivan and married 27 April 1817 to Betsey Tolman; she died 10 February 1841 in Watertown, NY
- Rebecca and Abigail, twins born Sullivan 1790; Rebecca married Solomon Smith and Abigail to __Nye
- Mahala born 1792; married a Johnson
- George born 1794 married Eunice Whittemore
- David born 1796
- William born 1797
- Emerson born 1798-9
- Elijah born 1800 married Laura Mason

Jonathan, eldest son and third child of Jonathan and Sarah Holt Baker, was born in 1779 in Keene, NH. At 19 years Jonathan set out to make his way and went to the province of Quebec. Early in 1800 he headed for the Black River Country and on the 13th of February 1800 arrived in Watertown. He served as a volunteer soldier in the War of 1812 and was in the battle at Sackets Harbor. His death occurred on 24 November 1863. Jonathan married on 26 February 1807 to Dorcas Fellows. She as born 2 September 1787 in Deerfield, Shelburne, MA and died 24 August 1877.

Jonathan and Dorcas had six children:

George W. born 5 November 1809 and died 28 February 1838
Daphne born 31 May 1812 and married Elisha Wakefield; daughter Lucia
Franklin born 5 July 1816 and died 1879. Married Sophia Weber of Boston; son Frank of Benton Harbor, Michigan
Hart Volney Baker
John Leonard
Caroline Amelia born 19 December 1829; married Jackson Woodruff; children: Caroline and George

Dorcas Fellows was the daughter of Willis Fellows and Sarah Hart. Willis Fellows was born 5 October 1758, son of Samuel and Eunice Fellows.

Hart Volney Baker, third son and fourth child of Jonathan and Dorcas, was born 28 September 1821 on Watertown. He married on 1 March 1858 to Adelia S. Burnham, daughter of Stephen and Maria (Webber) Burnahm. Their daughter, Carrie Dorcas was born 15 December 1870. She married on 4 August 1888 to Herbert Stanley Miller and died 17 December 1892.

John Leonard Baker, fourth son and fifth child of Jonathan and Dorcas (Fellows) Baker, was born 26 November 1824 on the homestead in Watertown. Because of failing health he set out on 20 March 1845 for the seacoast to enter on a sea voyage. He reached Marblehead where he was employed on a fishing boat of one hundred tons, and sailed on 11 August. He continued on a voyage of 120 days, fishing for cod and then returned home where he clerked in the dry goods store of Truman Keeler. Slowly he began to become more involved in the grocery and merchandising business. His service in public office and in various business was extensive. He married on 4 October 1848 to Cornelia Lydia Hewitt, daughter of David and Elsie (Goodah) Hewitt. She was born 12 October 1825 in Denmark, Lewis Co., NY and died 22 June 1875 in Watertown. They were the parents of a son and two daughters:

Anna Emelia, born 15 March 1851 of Watertown
Franklin L. b 13 January 1853
Alice Martha born 26 November 1862; lived with her sister in Watertown

Franklin Leonard, above, was the only son and second child of John L. and Cornelia Hewitt Baker. He died on 28 October 1895. He married on 26 June 1878 to Jennie E. Buck of Port Byron, NY and they had one son, Daniel Howland, who was born 17 April 1879 and died 7 August 1887.

He was the third son and seventh child of Jonathan and Sarah (Holt) Baker and was born in 1788 in Sullivan, NH. He married on 27 April 1817 to Betsey Tolman of Marlboro, NH. She was the daughter of Ebenezer Tolman. With two of his wife's brothers and a sister, Thomas moved to Watertown, NY in 1817 and located in the Sandy Creek Valley. He farmed until 1841 when he died. Their children were:

William Clark
Orson M.-moved to Clark Co., North Dakota
Ely Collins

Biographical information was extracted from R. A. Oakes' 1905 Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York, Volume II by Marilyn Sapienza!

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