Part 6

Biographical information was extracted from R. A. Oakes' 1905 Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York, Volume II by Marilyn Sapienza!

Alexander was the son of William and Hannah (Hand) Copley. His birth occurred on 10 September 1805 in Denmark, Lewis Co., NY. At about age 13, his father died and he spent four years with his maternal grandfather in New Lebanon. His maternal grandfather was Joseph Hand and his maternal grandmother was Hannah Hollabird. Alexander attended Lowville Academy and clerked in William Butterfield's store at Felt's Mills and then in the store of Jason Francis. His interests were in the lumber business and his profits enabled him to buy about 2,500 acres of Vincent LeRay lands in Lyme. He then moved to Chaumont where he purchased a house, store, saw and grist mill, formerly owned by William Clark. Three years later he bought a tract of 16,900 acres from Gouverneur Morris. The lands were located in the towns of Clayton, Brownville and Lyme. Later he added another 10,000 acres in the town of Antwerp for a total of 35,000 acres. Business interstes were lumber, grain, stone from the quarries, the mercantile store, the building of vessels and he served as a director of the National Bank of Watertown. Alexander passed away on 5 February 1871 in his 66th year.

On October 30 1833 Alexander married Lucy Kelsey, a native of Champion. She was the daughter of Charles Kelsey, a pioneer of that town. Lucy was born 8 June 1815 and survived her husband for 25 years and passed away on 15 May 1896.

Alexander and Lucy were the parents of four sons and one daughter:

Hiram - became a resident of Chaumont; born May 1834 in Chaumont. Married Mary Enos, a native of Depauville, daughter of Gaylord and Caroline Minerva (Sperry) Enos of that village. Two daughters died in infancy. Son, Allen E. was in business in Chaumont where he died in 1903. Daughter, Caroline M., married Edwin C. Wemple and lived in Brooklyn, NY. George W. also lived in Brooklyn. Lucille married John V. Clarke at lived at White Plains, NY where her sister, Marjorie R. also resided. Marjorie married James O'Connor.

DeWitt - resident of Seneca Falls, NY

Alexander - entered into business with his brother, Eugene. Married on 26 August 1863 to Eva (Evaline) Shepard, daughter of Edwin James and Selina (Keene) Shepard of Lyme. Eva was born in Lyme on 26 August 1846 and died 1 April 1873. For his second wife, he married on 18 June 1874 to Lettie (Celestine), a sister of his first wife. Two of his four children died in early childhood. Those were grew to maturity were Harriet Eva and Irene Shepard; Harriet was the child of Eva.

Eugene - died in Antwerp on 20 Feb. 1889 at 42 years, born 25 January 1847.


Thomas was an early transplant from Massachusetts, a native of Marlborough. He moved to Lewis County between 1800 and 1807. His wife was Mary Baldwin. They settled in Denmark, at the village of Copenhagen. Their son, Amos and wife Phebe Heady, moved from Copenhagen to Lyme after the War of 1812, in which he served as a soldier. Amos and Phebe had a son, Edwin James who was born on 21 February 1813 in Denmark. Edwin J. married Selina Keene, who was born 16 August 1821 in Brownville. Selina's father was Captain William Keene, born 21 December 1798 in Chesterfield, MA and his wife was Lucinda Whiton, born 10 October 1796. Two of their daughters married Alexander Copley, above.

Patrick was a well-known farmer of Clayton and of the fourth generation of his family to occupy the land where he resided. His grandfather, Patrick J., was born in Ireland in 1760 and came to America at 15 years. The first one hundred dollars that he saved from his hired out farm labor, paid in on a farm which he later cleared of debt. That farm was passed down to the descendants. Patrick J. had a son, Patrick who was born in Clayton in 1790 and carried on the farm during his lifetime. His wife was Elizabeth Foley who was born in 1795 and they became the parents of five children, two sons and three daughters:

John O. born 1823; came into possession of the homestead. He married Ella Barney who was born in 1830 and they were the parents of two children, one of whom was Patrick B.; he was orphaned at age three and brought up in the care of his grandfather and his aunt, Mrs. Delaney of Clayton. Patrick B. Cantwell was born on the homestead in Clayton on 3 October 1865, and attended public schools there. Eventually, he was able to maintain the old homestead and on 27 February 1886, he married Florence McCann, daughter of Michael and Clarissa (McNeal) McCann. Florence's father died in 1895 and her mother went to live in Minnesota. Patrick B. and Florence were the parents of nine children:

John M. b 27 March 1887

William was the secretary and member of the board of directors of the Otis Brooks Lumber Company of Clayton, NY. He was born in Clayton on 16 March 1872. The Pioneer ancestor on the paternal side was a native of Yarmouth, England and moved to Vermont at the end of the 18th century.

Ephraim Patch, son of the emigrant, was born 12 February 1785 in Vermont. He was a farmer and pioneer being one of the first to settle in the northern part of the state. His home was near Hyde Park, where he owned a large tract of land. He married Sarah Cram, she born in Vermont on 8 August 1789. Ephraim and Sarah had the following children Thomas, Leland, Ephraim Jr., Joseph, Asa, Betsy, Huldah, Lydia, Hannah, Lucinda and William.

William Patch, the last-named child, was born 19 May 1811 in Johnson, Vermont but he received his education in Ware, New Hampshire. He moved his family to Depauville, to a farm later owned by Prescott Patch. This William married in 1832 to Elizabeth Giddings, born 1803 in New Boston, NH, daughter of Thomas Giddings. Thomas Giddings was a merchant and the father of a large family. William Patch died on 5 March 1888 at 77 years and Elizabeth passed away in her 71st year.

William and Elizabeth were the parents of:

Salomie, b 18 Dec. 1837; married George Haas; parents of two sons, one died in infancy. The other son, Charles Haas, married Eliza Houghton and lived in Alexandria Bay.

John, born 5 May 1840 in Ware, NH; came to Depauville with his parents at age six. Married Jane Somers, born 25 January 1843, daughter of John and Alice (Bichford) Somers.

Three children of John and Jane were mentioned:

Edna, born 14 Dec. 1870, married 1) Charles Dewey and they had one child - Harriette.

Edna Somers Dewey married second to Charles Norton of Depauville and their children were:
    Minnie b 19 Dec. 1881
    Adelaide b 9 February 1883

Allen Patch, who was the second son, was born in Ware, NH on 17 May 1842. Allen was heavily involved in farming. He married Saphronia Gloyd, who was born in Clayton, NY on 22 Dec. 1843, daughter of James D. and Lucinda (Rogers) Gloyd; they had three children: William J., Bertha and Salome. Allen Patch died on 30 September 1901 at 59 years and was survived by his wife who went to live with her daughter.

William J. Patch, son of Allen and Saphronia, attended schools in Clayton and also attended Rochester Business College. For several years he was a teacher in Clayton and Brownville. On 4 September 1902 he married Harriet Haywood. Harriet was born in Massena, NY on 14 February 1869, daughter of George Haywood and Lovina Patterson. George Haywood was born in Massena on 12 April 1836 and died 10 July 1893. Lovina, his wife, was born in Moscow, Province of Quebec, Canada, on 19 April 1830. George and Lovina Haywood were the parents of eight children, but only three were mentioned: Joseph, a resident of Massena; George a resident of Greene; and Harriet, who married William J. Patch.

James D. Gloyd, father of Saphronia, was a Vermont native and became a pioneer settler of New York state; he spent his life on a farm and died at age 75. His wife, Lucinda (Rogers) Gloyd, was born 22 September 1809 in MA and she also passed away at age 75. Their only child was Saphronia, who married Allen Patch, above.

Prescott Patch was born 12 March 1844 and married 7 March 1871 to Olive C. Bent of Depauville.

Ebenezer Brown was the son of Timothy Brown, and was born in 1752 and served in the Revolutionary War. Soon after independence was won, he headed for what was then the "far west". For a while he lived in Granville, Washington Co., NY where he had a son who was born in 1788. His second son bought land in Adams, Jefferson Co., in 1800 and all the sons subsequently settled in that town. The eldest settled in the part that became Lorraine but was then part of Mexico, Oswego Co. The father followed and lived in Lorraine where he died on 3 January 1833. His wife was Molly Redway and she was born 7 August 1750 in Rehoboth, MA and died in Lorraine on 28 December 1832. Ebenezer and Molly were the parents of five sons and two daughters:


Ebenezer, was born 1785 in Connecticut. The family moved to Washington Co., and some years later, Ebenezer, Walter, Parley and Joel moved to Jefferson County and their father followed.

Aaron, settled in Lorraine in 1803; was a farmer, a miller, and merchant during the War of 1812. In 1810, he married Betsey Burpee, daughter of Ebenezer and Elisabeth (Weston) Burpee, one of the earliest school teachers in the southern part of the county. Aaron died in May 1870.

Their children were:

- Levi H.

- Henry M.

- Allena, who married Mr. Bishop

- Moses, was born in Lorraine and became a merchant. He married Sabina Farwell, who was a native of Lewis Co., NY and they had eleven children, two of whom died as infants. Moses died in April 1853. Sabina died in July 1868.

Children of Moses and Sabina were:

    - Philo M, an attorney of Lorraine.
    - Emma F.; married Milo Gifford
    - Helen J.; married Dempster Chamberlain of Belleville
    - Charles B.; was a soldier in the Civil War
    - Adelaide A; married Dr. Joseph Knight of Ohio
    - Aaron was born 27 September 1844 in Lorraine as a farmer and teamster. He married on 2 August 1863 to Amanda M. Warn; she was the daughter of Rev. S. M. Warn, b 31 Jan. 1825 in Pittstown, Rensselaer Co, NY, a Methodist clergyman. S. M. Warn married Delia A. Hubcutt, born 10 Nov. 1848 in Lowville, Lewis Co. Delia died in March 1894 and S. M. Warn died 2 July 1904 at 79 years.

They were the parents of eleven children, nine of whom reached maturity. Their children were:
    - Emma, b 6 May 1866; married William Matteson and second, John Wescott and died 24 April 1900.
    - Charles, b 19 August 1868 and was a farmer in Lorraine. Married Ida B. Clark
    - Frederick, b 7 September 870; married Berdell Ryel married Carrie Runlaw
    - Dora, b 6 August 1877; married Frederick Brooks, a farmer of Ellisburgh.
    - Jennie, b 11 June 1880; married Frank Baker, a farmer of Watertown
    - Levi M., b 19 May 1884
    - Nellie b 26 September 1886
    - Leon b 13 July 1891
    - Nettie; married C. B. Hare, a banker of Upper Sandusky, Ohio
    - Dora; married William Crowell first and after his death married Rev. M. M. Goodwin, of Rochester
    - Moses; many years in the railroad business in Cleveland, Ohio

Parley; became a Baptist minister; born 4 December 1788 in Granville, Washington Co., NY and died 17 March 1870 in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co. at 82 years. In addition to his clerical duties he farmed and bought a farm which was located at what later became Brown's Corners in Alexandria. After 12 years, he sold the farm to his son, Parley Monroe Brown, and retired to the village of Philadelphia. Parley married in 1824 to Submit Farwell. She was the daughter of Solomon and Sabine (Burlingame) Farwell. (See Farwell below)

The eldest child of Parley and Submit was:

Elon Galusha Brown, was born 25 November 1826 in Lorraine and died 25 Jan. 1879 at the home of his mother in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co. His early years as a young man were spent in teaching and later became a store owner at Stone Mills. Later he was a dealer in butter and cheese at Watertown, where he had moved in 1868. He died at age 53. He married Lucretia Rouse, daughter of Daniel C. Rouse.

Their son was:
Elon Rouse Brown, born 7 Oct. 1857 at Stone Mills. Graduate of Brown University in 1878. Admitted to the bar on 7 October 1880. He served in several public offices and married on 25 November 1882 to Ettella B. Greene. She was born 3 July 1858 in Adams, daughter of Munroe Asa and Frances Melissa (Coon) Green of that town.

Children of Elon and Ettella were:
    - Ethel Marguerite b 13 December 1883
    - Rena Isabella born 25 November 1885
    - Philip Hayward born 25 March 1888.

Philinda Sabine, who married John S. Evans and lived in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Bennet Farwell Brown was the second son and third child of Parley and Submit (Farwell) Brown, and was born 14 August 1831 in Lorraine and raised in Orleans. At 19 years he set out to make his way and engaged in teaching, lumbering and farming at Wilna until 1865. He then moved to Philadelphia where he farmed for 27 years. In 1892 he sold his farm and moved to Watertown. At Clayton, he married on 3 June 1857 to Weltha Field Rouse, daughter of Collins and Dolly (Sexton) Rouse. Weltha was born on 3 November 1831 and was a teacher in her early life.

Children of Bennet and Weltha Brown:

    - Hattie Delphine, born November 1859 at Wilna, died in childhood.
    - Kendrick George, b. 21 Dec. 1862 in Wilna; moved to Snyder in the Oklahoma Territory where he was employed in the US Land Office.
    - Collins Monroe, b 21 January 1864 and attended Ives Seminary at Antwerp; married Betsey Walcott and lived in Hollister, California where he was a hardware merchant - two sons, Abner Walcott and Lester Bennett.
    - Abner Bennett Brown, the youngest child, was born 23 Feb. 1869 in Philadelphia, NY. He was a Cornell University graduate and became a principal of the public schools of Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY. He married in Watertown on 2 October 1902 to Frances Mathilde Rogers, who was the daughter of Rev. William G. and Emily (Poole) Rogers. Frances was born 1 January 1870 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. She studied music in New York and London, England. They were the parents of a daughter, Bernice Edith who was born 11 July 1903.

Loren Guitteau, who was born on 17 July 1833 in Orleans and was also a Baptist minister.

Parley Monroe, born 1835, a resident of Big Rapids.

Fidelia Submit, born 7 October 1839 in Orleans-she married Ira Gardner and lived in LeRay.

Kendrick Wade who was born 4 July 1843 in Orleans, became a merchant in Ames, Iowa and also served in the Civil War.

Orville Bradley Brown, who was the youngest child of Parley and Submit, was born 1846 and lived in LeRay, unmarried.


Elizabeth; married a Buell and lived in Lorraine


He was born 3 October 1845 in Enborne, Berkshire, England and was a graduate of Woodstock College, later a part of Toronto University. He was ordained as a Baptist clergyman on 8 October 1879 at Park Hill, Ontario and served as a pastor in Oneida, NY and Buffalo, NY and Watertown. He married on 9 December 1865 to Emily Poole, daughter of John and Matilda (Eggleston) Poole. She was a native of Abingdon, England. Their children were:

Edith Emily who married Edward Root and lived in Chicago.
Alfred William, the second, married Daisy Laing and was pastor of a Baptist church in Troy, NY
Frances M. who married Abner Bennett Brown, above.
George, who was a dentist and lived in Buffalo, NY

Solomon was the third son and child of Benjamin and Lucy (Collier) Farwell, and was born 23 March 1773 in Groton, MA and died in Lorraine on 17 June 1850 at 77 years. His wife, Sabine Burlingame, was born 29 December 1780 and died in Alexandria on 5 February 1856. Their daughter, Submit, was born 24 May 1800 in Poultney, VT and married Rev. Parley Brown.; she died 7 June 1884 in Philadelphia, NY.

Philip was born in 1810 in Hessen Darmstadt, Germany. He went to common schools in his native country and learned the tailor's trade. When he was 30 years of age, he emigrated to New York City, where he worked as a tailor until his death, fourteen years later. He married Mary A. Balliff, who was born in Germany in the same town as that of her husband. Her father was Valentine Balliff, a farmer who emigrated to America and became a pioneer of Jefferson County. He died on his farm at the age of 70. The Balliff family consisted of two sons and four daughters.

When Philip Sourwine died in New York City, his wife and children went to her family, who lived in Clayton. Of their five children, three are mentioned:

Eva; married John Mack of Rodman

George was born in New York City on 8 January 1836 and was about eight years of age when his father died and his mother moved to Clayton, NY. He attended the common schools and eventually bought his own farm at Stone Mills. In 1863, he married Mary C. Baltz, who was born 3 September 1835 in Orleans, NY.

Children of George Sourwine and Mary Baltz were:

- Anna; married Richard Remper, a fruit dealer in Chicago and they had two daughters, Virginia and Ruth.
- Stella L., married Harry Farris and lived in Duluth, MN
- Charles A., a farmer; married Celia Groomes and had one child, George
- Eva L., married Thomas Brady and they lived on one of her father's farms; two daughters: Myrtle and Marian.

Mary C. Baltz was the daughter of Andrew J. Boltz. Andrew J. Baltz, was born in Hesse Darmstad, Germany on 24 July 1810 and he married Clara Dorr. Clara was born in Germany on 30 Nov. 1812, daughter of Valentine Dorr, a farmer. George died at 79 years and Clara at 40 years.

The children of Andrew and Clara were:
    - Louise, b 13 September 1833; married Peter Pohl and had three sons
    - Fred married Cynthia Dunn of Black River
    - George - married
    - Edward - married
    - Mary; married G. Sourwine, above
    - Andrew J. b 12 January 1837 and married Jane Lowden of Indiana and they were of Lafargeville
    - Kate born in Orleans on 4 August 1843; married Singer Nash of Lafargeville
    - Charles who was in the cheese business in Chicago.

Andrew J. Baltz was the son of Andrew J., born 14 March 1758 in Hesse. He and his wife, Polly, had 14 children and Andrew came to America at the age of 70 to spend his last years with his children. Of their children, the following were mentioned:
    Elizabeth Baltz; married Peter Wendall of Indiana
    Catherine Baltz who married Fred Poff
    Christine Baltz who married Valentine Dorr
    George Baltz, married three times: ___Haws, Anna Kiefer and Barbara Haff of Evans Mills.

Philip, lived in Alexandria near Redwood

William Rouse was the son of Reuben Rouse, and born in October 1768, probably in Stonington, CT. He moved to Jefferson County with his sons and died in 1821. He married Hannah Collins, born 7 July 1765 in Stonington CT, daughter of Daniel and Alice (Pell) Collins.

Their sons were:

- Daniel Rouse was born 8 November 1796 and was a single man when he came to the county; he married at Stone Mills to Elizabeth Smith, who was born in 1800 and died 18 May 1854. Daniel clear a farm at Rouse's Corners, near Clayton, and was active in local affairs; he served in public offices and was a member of the militia and was referred to by the title of General. He died on his farm at age 60 on 6 August 1856. Of their two sons and nine daughters, one son and two daughters died of an epidemic of fever that raged in the Stone Mills district.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth mentioned were:

- Eliza, the eldest daughter; married Converse Wilson and lived in Rutland but died in Watertown.
- Mary married Miles Spencer and lived in Missouri.
- Lenora married Jerome Nicholls and died in Joliet, Illinois
- Lucretia married Elon Galusha Brown
- Lemira married John Norton and died in Salina, Kansas
- Tacy married ___ Waters and lived in Kasas City, Missouri
- Adelaide, unmarried lived in Ogdensburg, NY

- William Rouse was born 5 April 1793 and died in January 1885. He was a very successful farmer and served in the State Assembly. His wife was Sophia Collins, daughter of William Collins, a pioneer of Jefferson. Sophia was also his cousin.

Children of William and Sophia Rouse:

- Alonzo, their first child, settled at Coal Camp, Missouri where he died in 1903.
- William, the 2nd, died at Stone Mills
- Polly married Major Luther Keifer, a soldier of the Florida and Civil Wars. Luther was killed in the Civil War, with one of his sons and another died at Stone Mills as a result of his military injuries.
- Gilbert fell victim to the fever epidemic
- Sarah married Peter Swaim and lived at Stone Mills; she died at Coal Camp.

- Collins Rouse was born 18 November 1800. He was a thrifty farmer and died 4 September 1875 at the age of 75 years, in Philadelphia, NY. His wife was Dolly Sexton whom he married on 2 October 1823. They had a family of nine children:

- Charles, the eldest was a portrait painter and died in San Francisco, California
- John moved to California in 1852, became wealthy and lived in Oakland, CA
- Caroline married David Satchwell and died in Watertown.
- Weltha became the wife of Bennett F. Brown and lived in Watertown.
- George settled in Joliet, Illinois where he enlisted in the Civil War, became an inspector general, and died from a cannon ball wound.
- David was a mining prospector and lived in California
- Harriet married Parley Monroe Brown and lived at Big Rapids, Michigan.
- Gaylor was a Civil War soldier and later conducted a large mercantile business in Riverside, California
- Abner enlisted at 16 years as a soldier in the Civil War and starved to death in Libby Prison, at Richmond, Virginia

Betsy Smith, wife of Daniel C. Rouse, above, was born in 1800 in Schenectady, NY, daughter of Nicholas and Annetjie (Hagedorn) Smith, the latter was a descendant from the first settlers of Albany and Schenectady. Nicholas Smith was a Revolutionary War soldier, son of Robert Smith of Schenectady, but formerly of New Jersey, and was also a Revolutionary soldier.

Levi Calvin, son of John, was a first lieutenant in Col. Varnum's Rhode Island regiment in the Revolutionary army. His son, Jonathan Calvin, was born at Little Rest, Rhode Island and also served in that war. Levi Calvin settled in Clarendon, Vermont after the war and died there at 89 years. His wife was Lydia Jencks, a descendant of Joseph Jencks, of Lynn, Massachusetts. Joseph Jencks was born at Hammersmith, England in 1632 and died in 1717 at Lynn. Joseph's wife was Esther Ballard.

Sanford Calvin, son of Levi, was a native of Clarendon and is buried in Pittsford, Monroe County, NY. In early life he lived at Clayton in Jefferson County. His first wife, Abigail Chipman was a descendant of Elder John Chipman of Barnstable, MA, who came to America in 1631. She eas born 16 September 1767 and died 1 Februry 1838 in Clayton, Jefferson Co.

Children of Sanford Calvin and Abigail Chipman were:

Alpheus Reed Calvin, born 1793 in Vergennes, VT; he died at Clayton on 16 June 1872. By occupation, he was master of a sloop that sailed on Lake Champlain and he was employed in carrying the American wounded to Vergennes after the battle of Lake Champlain in the War of 1812. In about 1820, he located in Rodman, Jefferson Co., and moved to Pennet Square where he farmed. He married Minerva Webb of Charlotte, who died in Clayton in 1888 at 87 years. They married in Vermont. Minerva was the daughter of Isaac Webb and Louisa Butterfield.

Delano Chipman Calvin was born 3 November 1824 in Clayton, son of Alpheus R. and Minerva Webb. He attended common schools and farmed until he was about twenty. Eventually he became a law student in the office of John Clarke, a leading attorney of Watertown. His legal career was very successful and he became a prominent judge in Jefferson County. In June, 1852, he married Mary Elizabeth Merrill of Watertown. She died suddenly in April, 1877 and in April 1879, Delano married Eliza Ann, widow of Michael Weaver. She was the daughter of Hon. William Wall of New York City, a wealthy retired manufacturer and ex-member of Congress and ex-mayor of Brooklyn, NY. Eliza Ann died in London, England in September, 1886, while returning from Carlsbad, Germany, where she had gone for for treatment. There were no children born of either marriage.

Isaac Webb, father of Minerva, was a merchant in Charlotte, and probable son of Derrick Webb, the first settler of Charlotte, VT. His daughter, Matilda Webb married Oren Smith, and their son, Orrin W. Smith, served in the Patriot War. Orrin was transported to Van Dieman's Land; returned to New York and served as postmaster at Clayton.

Delano D. Calvin, son of Sanford, was a lumberman in NY and Canada. He resided in Lafargeville and Clayton and his brother, Alpheus Reed Calvin was associated with him. They rafted lumber down the St. Lawrence River to Montreal and Quebec. Later in life he moved to Kingston, Canada and died there about 1890.

Peter Brabant, Joseph's grandfather, was a farmer, who died in Canada at an advanced age. His son, Leander migrated into the states; he was born in 1830 and educated in Canada. His first location was on Garden Island where he lived until 1850 and he moved to Clayton where he spent the rest of his life and died in 1896. Lucy Daust was his wife and she was born in Canada. Lucy died at 40 years and Leander married second to a Miss Malone; they had one child, Addie, who married Stephen Pelow of Clayton.

Leander and Lucy were the parents of seven children:

- Salina
- Anna, born in Canada and married Louis Ammon
- Peter born in Chicago
- Lucy married D. Loveland of Clayton
- August
- Joseph H. born in Clayton; son of Leander by the first married, was born in Clayton on 21 January 1856. After attending common schools he clerked in the store of B. Heldt. And also for Dr. Amos Ellis and F. L. Hall. In 1880 Joseph married Josephine, daughter of Dr. Joseph Charron and his wife, Agatha Pelon, both of whom lived to 80 years.:

The children of Joseph H. Brabant and Josephine Charron were:

- Amos; married Lorett Thibault; one child, Mildred
- Helen; married Joseph Bazinett and had one child, Kenneth
- Eva
- Gertrude
- Florence
- John
- George

- Sophia; married Anthony Tieboldt

He was of Redwood, Jefferson Co, and a native of Antwerp, NY, born 3 November 1825, son of Francis and Polly (McAllaster) Butterfield and grandson of Levi Butterfield.

The grandfather, Levi, was born in New Hampshire in 1770 where he was a resident but then moved to Rutland in Jefferson Co., where he acquired land and farmed. Later, he moved to LeRay and lived for a time at Sanford's Corners and eventually to Black River, where he died. He and his wife, born 1772, were the parents of ten children - seven sons and three daughters.

Francis Butterfield, son of Levi and one of the seven sons, was born in New Hampshire in 1794. Following his father he moved to Black River in 1831 where he opened a hotel; the hotel was his business for 25 years. He moved to Chippewa Bay until 1854 and then located in Redwood, NY, where he operated another hotel until 1856. He died there in retirement at 84. In 1817 he and Polly McAllaster were married. She was born in 1796 and became the mother of 14 children and died at 83 years after 60 years of marriage.

Their children were mentioned as follows:

- Phenanda Butterfield; married Margaret Daniels and had five children: Clinton, Henry, Rolly, Frank and Adelade

- Mary Ann; married Dr. A. Parsons of Vermont

- Emeline Butterfield; married W. H. Springstein and they had two children: Frank A. and Lillie, who married D. Trowbridge

- W. W. Butterfield; married L. T. Butterfield. They had one child, Lottie B., who married C. W. Simon of Watertown, NY Served in the assembly and operated the Redwood Glass Works, which employed 150 workmen

- Nancy Butterfield; married a. C. Middleton of Black River; one son, Dewitt C. of Watertown

- Levi A. Butterfield was educated in the common schools of Black River which was called Lockport at that time. In 1850 he went to California, through the Panama Canal. The journey to the Isthmus took 33 days and from the Isthmus to San Francisco, another 66 days. He worked in the gold fields for about four years and returned to Chippewa Bay, NY, where he purchased interest in a store. Two years later he moved to Nebraska, near Omaha, where he acquired 124 acres, and, after a few years, moved to Redwood, NY. On 11 September 1862, he enlisted in the Civil War where he served in distinction and was commissioned a lieutenant until 2 June 1863. In 1865 he returned to his property in Omaha; later the US Government built Fort Cook on that property. Levi was unmarried.

- Charles F. Butterfield; married Bell Stebbins; children of Charles and Bell:

    Francis C.; married Jacob Moninger
    Charles A.
    Albert P.
    George E.
    Carrie J.; married W. Wood
    Polly A.; married Henry Croft
    Mary H.
    Orilla M.

- Carrie Butterfield; married Henry Hoffman and had three daughters: Fannie M. married J. A. Bicklehaupt; Laura B. married George H. Bates and Hattie E. who married a Mr. Butler

- Isabel; married Benjamin Franklyn of Clayton, NY

- Edwin R., an Illinois resident who had three sons: Clinton, Henry and George

- five other children died in infancy.

Michael was born in Clayton, NY on 7 August 1866. His father was also named Michael and was born in County Carlow, Ireland, son of Edward and Margaret (Brennan) Maher. Edward and Margaret had three children but as parents never left Ireland and died there. Of their three children, Michael came to the United States and settled in Syracuse, NY until 1853 when he moved to Clayton. He and his brother purchased land and farmed. This Michael married Johanna Mullen, who was born in Limerick County, Ireland, daughter of Michael Mullen, a native of that place. Michael died in 1872 at 60 years and his wife in 1902 at 76 years.

Children of Michael Maher and Johanna Mullen:

    Michael C.
    Mary, wife of Owen Gellick of Lafargeville

Michael Mullen emigrated to Clayton in 1855 and then to Three Mile Bay where he farmed and died at 71 years. When Mrs. Mullen died at 33 years, Michael married Mary Ryan and they had seven children. His wife, Catherine (Picket) Mullen was the mother of their two children:

Johanna Mullen; married Michael Maher
Mrs. Fitzgerald

Children of Michael Mullen and Mary Ryan:

Michael, a resident of Syracuse
Thomas, a resident of Detroit
Ellen, wife of Dr. Wright of Lyndonville
Honora, wife of William Garland of Orleans County, NY

The military records of Connecticut show that Joseph Peck of New Haven, was a member of the Governor's Foot Guards and served at the Lexington Alarm. He had enlisted in the Revolutionary War on 23 February 1778 for three years. The discharge papers of Joseph became the possession of his grandson in Champion, NY and show that he served for four years until 9 June 1783 in the artillery artificers. Joseph was born on 4 February 1758 in New Haven, CT and died in Champion in 1835. His wife was Elizabeth Prichard, born 7 September 1762, in Waterbury, CT. Elizabeth Prichard was the daughter of George Prichard and Elizabeth Hotchkiss of New Haven, CT.

Joseph Peck, whose occupation was blacksmith, moved to Champion, NY in 1803 and settled on Lot. 22, where his grandson, Emerson Peck, later resided.

Their children included four sons and three daughters, all born in Middlebury, CT.

Jeremiah, the eldest born 24 September 1787; settled near Saranac, Michigan where he died.

Deborah, born 23 April 1791, died at Ionia, Michigan at 92 years, widow of Benjamin Sharp

Henry A. born 22 September 1792 died in Jefferson Co., as a young man.

Joseph, born 12 March 1794, a successful farmer near Great Bend; died 1846.

Elizabeth, born 22 December 1795, died Rutland, NY, wife of Sylvester Gouldthrite.

John was born 16 October 1797 in Middlebury, CT. and was six years old when his parents moved to Champion. He married Polly Jones on 27 January 1828, she was born 8 November 1808 in Halifax, VT and was nine years old when her parents moved to Smithfield, PA. The couple lived on the paternal farm, which John inherited. Polly died 16 July 1847 and John married for his second wife to Polly (Brown) Joyce, a widow. She died 7 August 1866 and John died 24 July 1883 at 86 years.

Their children were:

- John Stacy, born 24 January 1829, died 2 September 1865 at Philadelphia, NY

- Polly Maria, born 16 January 1832; died 13 August 1873 at Big Bend Rapids, Michigan, wife of Ensign Merrick.

- Susan E., born 16 December 1833, wife of Charles Austin; they lived on Academy Street in Watertown, NY

- Martha Cordelia, born 10 July 1836; married Rev. Algernon Sidney Hale and lived on Ten Eyck Street in Watertown. Married 8 Dec. 1858. Algernon was born 19 September 1833 in E. Smithfield, PA, son of Allen and Miriam (Wood) Hale.

- Allen Hale, father of Algernon, was born 5 October 1808 in Warren, RI and Miriam born 18 May 1812 in E. Smithfield, RI. Allen was the son of Benjamin Hale, born 15 January 1771 in Bristol, RI and his wife, Keziah Rounds, born 23 June 1771 in Rehoboth, MA.

- Phebe L, born 10 June 1837; lived at Felt's Mills; married Albert Slack

- Lydia L., born 20 August 1839; died in infancy

- Caroline born 15 April 1841; died 14 February 1902; married Alvin Cooper of Philadelphia, NY

- Emerson and Emily (twins) born 20 April 1843. Emily married David N. Locklin, a farmer of Champion.

Emerson married 6 September 1866 to Mary Howard, born 8 July 1843 in Champion. She was the daughter of Turner E. and Amanda (Cleveland) Howard who were early residents. Turner Howard was born 2 February 1803 and died 16 May 1807. Amanda was born 26 October 1806 and died 24 October 1901 at 95 years. Turner Howard and Amanda were married on 24 May 1832. Their children were:

- John Turner Peck, born 5 August 1868, a grocer in Watertown; married on 9 May 1894 to Minnie Bannister, a native of Watertown and daughter of Giles and Marinda (Gillette) Bannister, who were natives of Pamelia and Watertown. John and Minnie were the parents of a daughter:
        Zilpha, born 23 February 1899
        Emerson and Giles, born 15 October 1903

- Florence May, born 8 June 1879

- Joseph Seldon, born 18 July 1845, was a soldier in the Civil War and later went to sea

- Louisa D, born 6 July 1847 and died the following November

Lydia, born 22 September 1802; married Alexander Stevens and died in Saranac, Michigan at 90 years.

He was the son of Amasa and Rowana (Allen) Dexter, and was born 25 October 1836 in Orange, MA. He grew up in that location and came to Black River in Jefferson County where his uncles, David and Simeon, were among the pioneer manufacturers of that location. Their industry produced chairs. In 1856, Benjamin joined them in their company and continued in that employment until 1880. Benjamin also was an undertaker in Black River where it is said he buried over 700 persons.

Benjamin married on 4 April 1860 to Laura O. Webb, who was born on 28 March 1842 in Ellisburgh. She was the daughter of Levi and Linda (Randall) Webb of Ellisburgh. Laura died on 7 January 1897 and Benjamin married second on 25 January 1899 to Melissa Roberts. She was the widow of Moses Roberts and daughter of Duty G. Mosher of LeRay. Her father, Duty G. Mosher was the son of Jonathan Mosher, a native of Green County, NY, who came with his father to the town of Philadelphia in Jefferson County at a very early date. Benjamin and Laura were the parents of Freddy B., Frank A. and Herbert A. Freddy died at six weeks.

Frank Albert Dexter, the second son of Benjamin and Laura, was born on 26 November 1863 in Black River. At 18 years he moved to Chicago where he worked for undertakers. After a time he returned to work with his father in the undertaking business and subsequently opened his own funeral establishment. In addition, he conducted a furniture store with Edmond H. Montondo, until the property was destroyed by fire in 1896. On 13 November 1884, Frank married Virginia Hartwell. Born on 26 February 1863 in Denmark, Lewis Co., NY, she was the daughter of Benjamin and Anna (Bent) Hartwell, both old families of Denmark. Anna Bent Hartwell was the daughter of Abraham Bent, a pioneer of Lewis County. Frank and Virginia Dexter were the parents of three daughters: Vera, Frances and Loma.

He was the fourth son and sixth child of Benjamin and Betsey (Legg) Dexter, and was born on 10 April 1813 in Orange, MA. Betsey Legg was a daughter of David and Hannah (Dewing) Legg; David Legg was a Revolutionary War soldier and served as a corporal in Captain Gershom Nelson's Company of Mendon, MA. It is said that four of his brothers also served as privates in that War. Their parents were William and Hannah (Nelson) Legg, and Captain Nelson was their cousin. Betsey Legg was born 21 May 1780 and was the third wife of Benjamin Dexter. Poor health caused their son, David, to travel in 1838 to the Black River where he decided to locate. It was then that they entered into a contract with Nelson Scott to build a chair factory. David returned to Massachusetts to collect his family which then included a wife and one child in the fall of 1839. The David Dexter family resided in Black River until he died on 9 August 1880. David's marriage to Maria Hubbard of Royalston, MA occurred at Orange or Athol, MA. Maria was born 28 July 1812 and died 10 July 1895 in Black River. Her parents were Daniel and Susan (Eddy) Hubbard of Royalston. Maria died on 11 July 1895 at 82 years, eleven months and eleven days.

The eldest child of David and Maria Hubbard was born on 3 August 1836 in Orange, MA. He came to Jefferson County as a small child and attended schools in Black River. In 1864 he became the sole owner of the business and admitted his brother, Erwin D. Dexter, into partnership and called David Dexter's Sons. Everett suffered failing health and went to Colorado and California in 1889 where he lived for three years but returned to Black River where he passed away on 12 March 1893.

Everett Dexter married on 8 October 1864 to Martha Oakes, born 18 May 1840 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co. She was the daughter of George and Martha Green (Choate) Oakes. Martha Green Oakes was the daughter of Isaac and Martha (Craig) Choate and a descendant of Robert and Sarah Choate. The only child of Everett A. and Martha Dexter was Carolyn Martha, born 20 July 1877 in Black River. She became a successful teacher in the public schools of Jamaica, NY, where she resided with her mother.

Simeon was the seventh son and ninth child of Benjamin Dexter and the eldest child of Benjamin's fourth wife, Frances Tuttle. Simeon was born on 30 August 1822 in Orange and grew up on his father's farm. A fractured wrist suffered in Boston, forced his employment into a wholesale grocery operation owned by an uncle. A second injury to his wrist, while recovering the use of his arm caused him to visit his half brothers, David and Aaron, at Black River in 1844. After seeing the chair company in operation, Simeon decided to work in their company and Simeon sold his interest in December of 1857. In January 1858, Simeon moved to the Town of LeRay and began making wire-tooth hay rakes. In 1870 he went to Watertown, NY and bought a half interest in the Excelsior Mills which were owned by Moulton and Herrick. After five years, ill health forced him into retirement. In 1876 he returned to Black River where he lived until 13 August 1898, dying short of his seventy-sixth year. Simeon married on 10 December 1851 to Maria Hardy, who was the third child and eldest daughter of Phineas and Sarah (Howland) Hardy. Two of their five children died in infancy. Daughter, Frances Sarah, was born 4 October 1862 and died on 12 February 1885, unmarried.

The eldest son of Simeon and Maria was born 4 May 1858 in Black River where he attended school and engaged in the chair manufacturing company. Over a period of time, his brothers joined him in the business. He married on 21 January 1885 to Clara L. Tisdale. Clara was the daughter of Rev. William L. and Eunice Louise (Morehouse) Tisdale. Rev. Tisdale was of an old Canadian family, a brother having served in the Dominion parliament and the Governor-General's cabinet. Eunice Louise was the daughter of Somers Morehouse of Mexico, Oswego Co., NY. Henry Dexter and Clara L. were the parents of:
Fanny Eunice born 10 June 1887
William Charles born 20 March 1891
Marion born 24 March 1902, died in infancy
The second son of Simeon and Maria was born 2 September 1860 in Black River where he grew up and participated in the chair manufacture. He was an active owner until his death on 3 May 1886.

Arthur Bibbins was the son of Samuel Bibbins, born at Hampton, Washington Co., NY, and an early resident of Saratoga County, NY. Later he moved to Jefferson County, where his son, Charles W. was born.

Arthur Bibbins was an early resident of Rodman and born November, 1779. While in Saratoga County, he married Pamelia Hunt, born September, 1784. After the marriage they moved to Rodman where they purchased land and cleared and tilled until Arthur died on 14 March 1862. Pamelia died on 8 March 1880. The eldest child, Caroline, married Harry O. Moody and lived in Pulaski, Oswego Co., where she died. Harrison, the third child, married Ruth Smith and died in Rodman.

Charles Woodworth Bibbins, the elder son and second child of Arthur Bibbins, was born 22 September 1808 in Saratoga County and was a small child when his parents moved to Rodman. He was a farmer in Rodman and died there on 3 March 1885. During the Patriot War he was stationed at French Creek (Clayton) to preserve order. Charles married on 30 January 1833 to Harriet Fawcett. She was born on 3 November 1808 and died on 18 February 1899, daughter of John and Sally (Nichols) Fawset. The surname later became Fassett.

The children of Charles Woodworth and Harriet Fawcett Bibbins were:

Rose Ann, the second, b 16 February 1836; married Edward Calkins and became the mother of one son, born 16 April 1871, Dr. Frederick Calkins of Watertown. She died 16 April 1871

Martha Adelia, the third, was born 18 January 1838 and married Chamberlain Phelps; she died 12 April 1868 and left one daughter, Harriet Adelaide

Schuyler Hose Bibbins, eldest child and only son, was born 4 November 1833 on the farm in Rodman. He served in the Civil War in several major battles and mustered out as a sergeant. After the War he returned to a farm near Burrville in 1865 and farmed. On 26 September 1865 he married Louisa Mary Bunrham; she was born on 20 September 1840, daughter of Nathaniel Nichols and Mary Florella (Leonard) Burnham, and granddaughter of Nathaniel Bunrham.

Schuyler and Louisa Bibbins had three children:

- Dr. Charles Nathaniel Bibbins born 7 April 1867 at Burr's Mills where he attended schools and Ives Seminary. After a trip to Utah he took up medical studies in Bellevue Hospital and received his medical degree in 1894. He married on 12 June 1895 to Lucy H. Smith; she was the daughter of George and Caroline (Simmons) Smith of Camden, NY. Their children were: Louise Caroline and George Schuyler.

- Mary Adelia Bibbins born 15 November 1869 and married on 7 February 1887 to Fred Thurston Mott; their Mott children:
        Earl Charles b 24 July 1888
        Evelyn Anna b 25 May 1890 d 6 July 1890
        Hubert Leslie b 23 November 1897
        Harriet Ethel b 16 June 1876; m 3 July 1891 to Franklin Pierce Baltz-lived New York City, daughter Eleanor May Baltz, b 22 July 1902

- John Fasset was born 31 May 1867 and died 19 April 1814. His wife, Sally Nichols, was born 1 January 1775 and died 18 June 1856. They were the parents of Harriet who married Charles Bibbins above.

He was the third child and second son of Nathaniel and Mary Burnham and was born in April 1778, probably in Lyndeboro, New Hampshire. He lived for a time in Vermont and settled in the eastern part of Watertown, NY at Burr's Mills in 1802. In 1803-04 he built a house there and lived in it for the rest of his life. In 1806 he married Susan Noble. Nathaniel died in August 1868. Susan was born in 1790 and died in 1880 at Burr's Mills. Children of Nathaniel and Susan Burnham were:

- Delia
- Nathaniel Noble Burnham was born 29 July 1809 on the homestead. He attended public schools and learned the carpenter skills. He married on 9 June 1836 to Mary Florilla Leonard. Mary was born 5 April 1813 in Middlefield, CT and died at Burr's Mills on 2 November 1880. Nathaniel died on 22 April 1891. Three of their children were noticed:

Felder Archer, b 22 October 1837; married Christeen Purdy and lived at Medina, Orleans Co., NY
Louisa Mary b 20 September 1840 and married Scuyler Hose Bibbins; three children: Charles Nathaniel, Mary Adelia and Harriet Ethel
Jerome Melvin Burnam b 9 May 1843 married Harriet Dodge and lived in Watertown

- Caroline
- Louisa
- Mehetable
- Orlin
- Austin

Nathaniel dropped the letter "h" in the spelling of his name and his descendants followed the custom.

Was the son of Nathaniel and Mary Burnham and born 21 March 1785, probably in Lyndeboro, NH. He was an early settler in Rutland, Jefferson Co., with his brothers, Nathaniel and Caleb, and located at Burr's Mills in 1802. Stephen located west of the center of Rutland and cleared a farm. His first wife was Mehetable Noble and they were the parents of three children:

Mary, the eldest, married Franklin Weaver
Julia married Jeremiah Weaver, brother of Franklin-two daughters Charille and Laura

Stephen married second to Maria Weaver, daughter of George and Pamelia Weaver of Watertown and they had a son and daughter:

Dexter Marcellus b 31 January 1824; married Chloe Andrus, daughter of Otis Andrus, on 16 April 1851. Dexter died on 7 March 1857. They were the parents of two sons:

- Charles Dexter
- Frank Otis- married Etta Hadcock, daughter of Joseph Hadcock; son Dexter Burnham
Dexter Burnham had two sons. Frank O. died and his widow married Charles
Dexter Burnham, daughter named Margery.

Emily Adeline Burnham, the second child of Stephen and Maria, was born 17 April 1827. She married on 1 February 1846 to Wileston A. Mallory of Rutland. He died on 7 July 1903 and she died 28 April 1904. Their only child, a son, died at 18 years.

Hial was of Clayton and spent his entire life in Jefferson County where he was born in 1815 at Rodman, and where his father first located on moving to Jefferson County. Later the family moved to Lafargeville, where the father died at age 70. Hial became a builder and farmer. He married Susan Hurd, born Bennington Vermont in 1809. Her father was Isaac Hurd, who was born in Bennington and went to Jefferson County in 1812, first at Champion and later at Larfargeville. He moved on to Antwerp and spent his last years with his children in Watertown. Isaac Hurd was married to Mary Cuthill who was born on Long Island during Revolutionary War times. Susan Hurd was the only survivor of a family of ten children and lived to at least 95 years.

Born 29 September 1764 in Richmond, New Hampshire, he moved with his parents to Ackworth, NY where he was living in 1787. He married about 1786 to Martha Houston, born 26 April 1769 and died 14 April 1841. It is stated that she was a cousin of Sam Houston, the Texas general and US senator. James Parker died on 26 January 1828 in Watertown, NY, where he settled in 1801. He was a soldier of the Revolutionary War and three of his sons were in the Battle of Sackets Harbor in 1813. Noted as one of the first officers of the Jefferson County Agricultural Society, he is credited with making the first barrel of cider in the county and received the first prize offered for cultivated fruit and orchard. The Parker farm embraced 310 acres on the Brownville Road in Watertown, and a grandson later lived on that farm. James is also credited with being one of the pioneers in stone quarrying and in 1806 opened the Parker Ledge on the state road between Lee's Tavern and Ox Bow. Seven of his nine children were born in New Hampshire:

Alexander, b 3 September 1787 in Ackworth, NH. Came to Watertown, NY in March 1801 with his father, both on foot with backpacks. He was a farmer and helped in the production of millstones. On 15 January 1808 he married Betsey Bartholomew, daughter of Deacon Bartholomew. Alexander died in June 1871 at 84 years.

Children of Alexander and Betsey Parker were:

- James Alexander b 10 October 1827 on the homestead; partnered with brother Franklin in the drug business. Moved back to the old homestead where he died on 14 January 1890. Married in 1856 to Cornelia Asenath Burnett and they had five children:

- Clinton B. b 25 October 1857 on the homestead; also became a dentist and married on 11 June 1884 to Louise H. Douglas of Brooklyn, NY, daughter of Daniel and Eleanor (Farrington) Douglas. Their children were:

- Marion L.
- Douglas B.
- Roswell C.
- Helen F.

- Julia F.
- Edwin G., a dentist in Goshen, NY
- Virgil Franklin, also a dentist, born in Theresa, NY on 22 April 1863. Married on 9 October 1889 at Goshen, NY to Eleanore Scheidler, of NYC, daughter of Andrew A. and Katherine Sawyer (Post) Scheidler. Her father was a native of Germany; served as a lieutenant in a NY regiment during the Civil War.
- Dewitt L. was also a dentist born on the homestead on 15 July 1869. He married on 31 October 1893 to Lucy E. Walker, daughter of George S. and Ellen E. (Williamson) Walker of Watertown, NY. One child: Evelyn

- Horace
- Emeline
- Lewis
- Daniel
- Franklin
- Cynthia
- Charles
- Eliza A.
- George
- James A.

John Wallace b 24 September 1789; died in Watertown

Nancy Houston b 4 April 1791; married Henry Swayze and died in Brownville

Cyrus b 28 September 1793; died March 1855 in West Theresa

Betsey b 9 March 1795; died at 18 years

Lucinda b 15 November 1797; married Abraham Morrow and lived in Theresa; died at the home of a daughter in Chicago.

Amanda b 24 July 1799; married Willard Shurtlef and d 13 August 1846 at Plessis

Almeda b 9 December 1804 and married Jason Clark; died at the home of their son George, in Great Bend

James b 7 December 1806 in Watertown where he died on 23 June 1885. He married first about 1832 to Mary E. Swayze, born 24 March 1807 and she died 8 June 1853. They were the parents of the following children:

- Martha E. b 1 January 1834; d 26 December 1851
- Jason C. b 28 August 1835; died 17 Nov. 1854
- Captain John Henry Parker, b 23 July 1837 on the homestead; was a teacher in his early career and when the Civil War erupted, he enlisted. After serving as a recruiting officer, a first lieutenant, he served with valor during the War and discharged in July 1865. He married on 23 April 1862 to Helen M. Esselstyn. She was born in Cape Vincent in December 1837, daughter of William and Maria (Hollenbeck) Esselstyn of that village. Helen died in 1883 and left a daughter, Mattie C. In February 1887, Captain Parker married Mary Holmes, b July 1850 in Jo Davies Co., Illinois, daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Rogers) Holmes. They had two children: Mary Elizabeth and Arthur Holmes.
- Jacob S. b 11 August 1839; lieutenant in the Union Army during the Civil War and resided in Jacksonville, Florida
- Sarah A. b 8 June 1841 d 29 May 1852
- James R. b 1 April 1844; died 28 February 1852
- Winfield Scott was born 4 October 1847 in Watertown where he grew up and attended school. In 1869 he went to California and spent two years in mining. In 1873 he returned to Jefferson County and joined his elder brother in operating a general store in Cape Vincent. He married on 2 Mrach 1871 to Josephine M. Griswold, born Lafargeville, daughter of James and Adeline (Sperry) Griswold. They had three children: James Griswold, Marion Adeline and Grace Swayze

James Parker married for his second wife to Orinda Amelia Knapp. They had three sons and two daughters:

- Mary died at six years in 1864
- Charles K. a resident of Hounsfield
- Edward E. on the paternal homestead in Watertown
- Frederick W.; employed by his half-brothers in Cape Vincent and died there
- Kate Lucinda died in Brownville, unmarried

Father of Betsey who married Alexander Parker, above, he was born in Connecticut on 20 October 1757 and served in the Revolutionary War. He settled in Oneida County, NY in 1794 and in March 1800 moved to Watertown, NY and settled near Brownville. During the following winter there were three families in the town: the Coffeens, Bartholomews and Butterfields. In 1803 he assisted in forming the first Baptist Church in Jefferson County. He is credited with building the first bridge across Black River at Brownville.

A native of Stonington, CT, he was born in 1770. Emigrating westward he located in Rutland when it was a wilderness and cleared a tract of land which became the farm. He died at 84 years. His wife, Betsey Clark, was also born in Stonington in 1775 and became the mother of eight children. She died at 80 years.

One of their sons, Asa Frink, was born in Rutland in 1800. He attended public schools in that village and became a progressive and successful farmer. He died at the age of 65. Asa married Elizabeth Hubbard, a Connecticut native, daughter of William Hubbard. She died at age 40.

William Hubbard was a native of Berlin, CT and became one of the pioneer settlers of Jefferson County. His journey to Jefferson County was by way of Rome, where he utilized the canal until he reached Rome and then to Jefferson by ox-team. By occupation he was a cabinet maker, carpenter and joiner in both Champion and Great Bend. His death was at 65 years. Willliam's wife lived to 102 years and never cooked a meal except in the fireplace of their home.

Asa and Elizabeth Frink were the parents of:

- Heman H., was a tinsmith, plumber and painter of Carthage; born in Rutland NY on 10 October 1834. At age 15 he went to Carthage to learn the tinsmith trade and served a three and one-half year apprenticeship in 1851. He served his journeyman time in Connecticut and later returned to Carthage. There he worked for his uncle for six years. Eventually, he opened his own hardware store. In 1861 he married Sophia Gilbert, born in Cattaraugus County, a daughter of Harris Gilbert, drover and cattle buyer. Sophia died at 75 years. Heman and Sophia had a son, Harris Asa, who followed in his father's profession. Sophia passed away in 1882 at 38 years and their only daughter, Carrie, died young

Heman married second to Lois B. Weaver, born on Franklin Street in Watertown.

Sophia was one of five children: one sister, Olive, married H. Pearson and then William Cady.

- W. H.
- H. of Houndsfield
- Holland B. of West Carthage

A hardware dealer of Natural Bridge, born in LeRay on 2 August 1863. On his paternal lineage the family was French. His great-grandfather, David Montondo, was born in France in 1770 and came to the United States in 1795, and settled in Jefferson County. Nelson Montondo, his grandfather, was born in Canada in 1800 and was a farmer. Later he moved to Oswego, NY and then to Evans Mills. His last years were spent in Theresa where he died at 63 years. Nelson's first wife was Margaret Coyer, born in Canada, and she passed away at 40 years.

Nelson and Margaret were the parents of ten children:

- David of Black River
- Nelson Jr. was born in LeRay on 10 March 1830. He became a farmer His wife was Louisa Reamer, born in Canada in 1835. Of their four children:

- Jerry N.
- Edward; proprietor of a general store in Oswegatchie, NY; married Mable Burns, daughter of J. W. Burns
- Demster; operated a general store in Benson Mines, NY
- Jerry N. born 2 August 1863; operated a hardware store in Black River and Natural Bridge; married in 1893 to Della Hunt, native of Jefferson County and daughter of Olney and Harriet (Payne) Hunt. Della died at 25 years. Children of Jerry N. and Della:
After Della's death Jerry married for his second wife to Ella Berry, born St. Lawrence Co., NY, daughter of Christopher Berry of Brasher Falls, NY

- Julia; married Henry Biggins
- Ellen
- Ezra
- Octave
- William
- Frank, all of Carthage
- Maggie; married Alexander Grignon of Watertown
- Louise married Loey Murdock of Watertown

Thomas Burns was the son of Patrick Burns, a native of Ireland. Thomas was born in Ireland in 1829 and emigrated to the United States and settled in Wilna, Jefferson Co. In about 1831 he moved to Lewis County but returned to Wilna two years later where he spent the rest of his life. He was one of the successful farmers in the area. His wife was Catharine Gormely, also a native of Ireland and they were the parents of twelve children, and those who reached maturity were:

- John; in the mining business in Colorado
- Catherine; married John Bemis
- James W., the second son, was born 19 November 1837 in Wilna. He was engaged in the lumber business and employed a large number of workers. His service in the Civil War included Hatcher's Run and Petersburg. In April of 1865 he was hit in the head by a large piece of shell which confined him to the hospital for a long period. Of his company, the One Hundred and Eighty-sixth Regiment, out of nine hundred recruits, 140 were killed and wounded, 120 by disease and discharge and returned with 730 men.

When James returned to his civil life, he resumed his lumber business in Wilna and in 1866 purchased large tracts of land for harvesting of the lumber and also built mills. In 1866 he married Patience Blanchard, the only child of Isaac and (Allen) sic Blanchard. Patience died in February 1903. Children of James and Patience:

- John; opened a store at age 30; married May Anderson and they had one son, Harold
- Mabel; married Edward Montondo of Oswegatchie and they had one son, Ralph
- Guy; engaged in the farming pursuits at Natural Bridge; married Theresa Downely and they had a son, Blanchard Burns.

- Ellen; married John Shoemaker
- Henry, a resident of Natural Bridge
- Matthew, a resident of Wisconsin
- Margaret who married William Hall of Natural Bridge and died in Delavan, Wisconsin
- Mary J.; married a Mr. Muzzy
- Elizabeth; married J. P. Barker and lived in Texas
- Edwin

Thomas died in 1880 at 84 years and Catharine at age 60.

Son of Joseph H. and Hattie (Eells) Anderson, he was born 5 September 1872 in Brooklyn, NY, attended schools in Bridgeport and later the Holbrook Military Academy at Ossining on the Hudson. In 1889 he moved to Brownville and became connected with the paper industry. He spent three years in Felt's Mills, and then two years in Maine. Back in Watertown, he worked for the Taggart Brothers but in 1898 at the outbreak of the Spanish War, he enlisted as an electrician in the US Navy and served in various ports around the world. After the War he embarked from Japan on a Pacific Mail steamship and the engineer was taken ill so his place was filled by Frederick until the ship reached San Francisco. In 1900 he accepted a position as electrical engineer with the St. Regis Paper Company of Detroit. On 29 November 1900 he married Mabel Phelps and they had a child, Julia Annette, born 3 June 1902. Mabel Phelps was a descendant of William Phelps, a Connecticut native, who moved to Jefferson County in 1816 and was also in the lumber and milling business. William married Eliza Brown, daughter of Cyrus Brown, brother of General Brown, the pioneer. Eliza lived to 92 years.

William S. Phelps, son of William and Eliza (Brown) Phelps was born in Jefferson County. He served in the Civil War in the 194th Regiment and later practiced law. His wife, Julia, was born in France, daughter of Julius Renie and Annetta Payen, both French natives. Julius Renie was a civil engineer and a Knight of Honor; he came to the United States and bought the LeRay mansion with the intention of manufacturing gunpowder but had to abandon the project. He died on 27 July 1862 and Annetta died on 24 July 1875. William Phelps died on 31 December 1899 at 78 years.

Frederick J. Phelps, son of William S. and Julia, was born in 1850 in LeRay and married Candice Mosier, who was born there to A. P. Mosier. Frederick and Candice were the parents of Mabel A., born in LeRaysville, who married Frederick C. Anderson, above.

Was born 9 January 1810 in Brownville and attended common schools there. He graduated from Fairfield Medical College after studying with Dr. Walter Webb of Adams. In 1822 he moved to Clayton where he practiced. He died in 1879 in Clayton. His wife was Lucy Herrick, born in the east, daughter of Martin Herrick. Martin settled on Washington Island when Lucy was four years old; he was a lumberman and died at 56 years. Martin married Lucy (Hoyt) Herrick and they had seven children but only two were mentioned:

        Martha E. Moore of California
        Mrs. Willard Ainsworth of Cape Vincent

Dr. Amos and Lucy (Herick) Ellis had nine children but only three were mentioned:

Marie L.


Charles A.; born 1 November 1854 in Clayton. After he completed his education, he assisted his father, who had opened a drug business. After the doctor had passed, the drug company was continued by his widow with her son, Charles A. Lucy, the mother, died on 22 August 1886 and Charles conducted the business alone. On 2 December 1880, Charles married Mary C. Rees and they had two children: Lucy A. and Leonard R., both Cornell University graduates.

Mary C. Rees, wife of Charles, was of a Welsh family. Eben Reees was born in Caermarthenshire, S. Wales where he died. His son, Thomas, emigrated to the United States and settled in Philadelphia, then to New York City and in 1832 to Clayton, where he farmed. His wife was Mary Saunders, daughter of William and Mary Saunders of Caermarthenshire. Thomas died in 1840 at Clayton at 68 years.

The children of Thomas Rees and Mary Saunders were:

        - Mary Ann

        - David S.

        -Thomas; born March 1819 in South Wales and in Clayton with his parents in 1832. Was a lumberman and shipbuilder. Married Alzada Hudson daughter of William and Catharine Hudson and after her death, Thomas married Mrs. Alicia S. Radcliff, daughter of Hugh Rothwell of Birkenhead, England. Alzada and Thomas had six children:

Thomas G.
William H.
Charles E.
Mary C.; married Charles A. Ellis, above
Adaline D.
Alzada B.

        - William

        - Evan J.

        - Henry C.

Born on Onondaga Hill, NY on 17 December 1821, son of John P. Durham and Mary Ann Kendall. James attended school in northern Ohio and graduated from Oberlin College in 1840. He attended West Point and remained for three years and then enlisted in the Second Dragoons, United States Army for 12 years. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he enlisted in the Indiana Volunteers and served Gen. George B. McClellan as a scout. After fifteen months of service he was promoted to major of cavalry and assigned to duty with Gen. George W. Morgan of Ohio, and finally as assistant chief of artillery. In 1873, Major Durham married Louise Adams of Brownville, born in 1835, daughter of John Keeler and Helen (Keith) Adams.

On the maternal side, Mrs. Durham traced her ancestry to Rev. James Keith of Scotland, born in 1643, youngest son of William, Lord Keith, of Scotland. In February 1664 he married Susannah Edson, daughter of Deacon Samuel Edson and they had nine children. He died on 28 July 1719. One of his granddaughters married a son of Miles Standish. The line of descent from the Rev. James Keith: Job, Henry, Job, Phineas, Henry, Fleury, grandfather of Mrs. Durham who was elected three times to the NY Legislature; Helen, mother of Mrs. Durham and Louise, wife of Major Durham.

Born 16 August 1843 in Croghan, Lewis County, NY, where his parents lived for many years. The grandfather was a farmer in County Meath, Ireland and the father, Peter Murtha was born in June 1798 in Slane, Ireland. Peter grew up there and married Ann Finley, a local native. Her father, John Finley, was a shepherd and son of Edward Finley, once a prosperous miller in the west of Ireland.

In 1827, Peter Murtha and wife, Ann, set out for America but landed in Quebec. Not satisfied with conditions in Canada, they moved to Utica, NY where they worked for nearly ten years. In 1836 they bought 25 acres of land in Croghan and built a log house and set up housekeeping in 1836. Over time they increased their land holdings and eventually the farm became a dairy with 30 cows. Of seven children, only four reached maturity:

        -John died in 1855 at 20 years
        -Patrick died in 1893 in Croghan at 57 years
        -Ann died in 1878 as the wife of Patrick Murphy of Copenhagen, Lewis Co.
        - Thomas, the youngest, attended schools until age 15 and worked at making charcoal. He was extremely successful in agricultural pursuits, having bought additional properties. He married on 7 April 1874 to Mary A. McCartin who was born in Redwood, Jefferson Co, daughter of John and Catherine (Connelly) McCartin of County Sligo, Ireland. Thomas and Mary were the parents of:


He was born on 14 June 1789 in Tolland, CT and his wife, Ovanda Fowler, was a native of the same town. In 1818 they settled in Champion, on the farm where their great-grandson eventually lived.

Children of William and Ovanda:

Susan; married J. H. Whelpley and lived and died in Thompson, Michigan

Alfred W. was born 3 September 1822 in Champion where he lived his entire life and died there in 1890. He was a well-respected and successful farmer. He married twice: in 1846 he married Jeanette Fargo, daughter of Perry and Huldah Fargo and she died leaving two children: Nelson P. and Emogene C. On 12 September 1859, Alfred married Miranda Gibbs, daughter of Sherebiah and Olive Gibbs of Wilna. She survived him and moved to Copenhagen. Alfred and Miranda were the parents of George E. and Ada E., she being the wife of Henry Chickering of Copenhagen.

George E(llsworth) was born 24 December 1860 on the family farm in S. Champion. He conducted a meat market in Carthage but most of his time was spent in farming. He died 5 March 1902 in Watertown; married in 1884 to Charlotte Cramer, born 14 June 1859 in S. Rutland, daughter of Charles Oliver and Jane (Bailey) Cramer. Their son was Glenn Ellsworth Wining born 23 Oct. 1886.

Sherebiah Gibbs was the son of Jonathan Gibbs and was born in Sturbridge, MA on 3 January 1782; he died in Wilna on 17 January 1855. His wife, Olive, was the daughter of William Heaton, who left MA for Vermont when she was two and died at almost 90 years. Miranda, who married Alfred Twining, was their fourth and youngest child.

Lucinda; married 1) J. Miller and 2) S. Smith and 3) John Mills and 4)G. W. Adams and died in Wisconsin

Milo; lived at Brodhead, WI

William; married Martha Taylor and 2)Nellie Rook and lived in Morrison, Illinois

Mariette married 1)J. W. Smith and 2)Silas Weller; she died in Rutland in 1901

John married Eveline R. Smith and lived near Copenhagen in Lewis Co., where he died in 1876.

Leonard served as a captain in the regiment that went to Sackets Harbor in 1812 and was born in 1788-89 in Brattleboro, Vermont. It is said that he was about fourteen when he located in Champion, Jefferson Co., with his parents. In addition to the farm of his parents, which he inherited, he added to the holdings until the farm was 346 acres. Leonard died in 1872 and his wife, Lucinda (Thompson) Harris, a native of Champion, died in 1830. Lucinda was the daughter of James Thompson. Eight of the nine children of Leonard and Lucinda reached maturity:

Alfred died 1861

Rowena; married John Wood and died at Natural Bridge

Rachel; married Wheaton Burrington and lived in Copenhagen, Lewis Co., NY

Clarissa; married Frederick Dorwin of Pulaski, Oswego County, NY

Guilford; a farmer in Champion; owned land there but lived in Lowville, NY

Louisa; married Ira T. Curtis and died in Aurora, Illinois

Erastus; grew up on the family farm which was later owned by his brother, Guilford. Hampered by illness for three years, he went in 1855 to Montgomery County where he was employed by an uncle as a stage driver. A short time in farming in Lewis County ended when he sold his property and returned to Champion to work on his father's farm. He married on 1 January 1857 to Helen Barr, born in Champion, daughter of Horace and Almira (Cleghorn) Barr, both being old families of Champion. Helen was a teacher early in life. She and Erastus had a son, Leonard Erastus Harris, who was born 19 September 1861. Leonard Erasuts married Helen M. Parks, who died 14 April 1893, and was the mother of their four children:

- Daisy Belle
- Rachel May
- Arthur Shirley
- Vera Amrette

Chester; died on the state road in Champion; his widow survived him.

He was the fifth son and sixth child of Jeptha and Anna (Markham) Brainard, born 29 December 1782. His education in Oneida County enabled him to practice medicine. About 1805 he moved to Watertown, and was the second physician to practice there. Daniel died at 27 years in January 1810. In 1806 he married Lorrain Hungerford, daughter of Timothy and Hannah (Heicox) Hungerford. She was born in 1784 in Bristol, CT and died 10 May 1835 in Watertown, NY, where she was married to Daniel.

Their children were:

Orville V.; born 4 January 1807 in Watertown and died there on 16 January 1876. He was a business man and engaged in banking and railroad direction. Mary Seymour Hooker, daughter of Joseph H. Hooker, of Hadley MA, was his wife. The biography states that she was the sister of General Joseph Hooker of Civil War fame. Orville and Mary were the parents of two children, but only one survived:
Mary Seymour married John Henry Treadwell and lived in Watertown, NY

Daniel E., was born 16 February 1809 and settled in Iowa where he later became a judge.

Colonel Henry Green was born 28 January 1785 in Halifax, Windham Co., VT and married on 24 November 1808 to Hannah Packer. The couple left Vermont and moved to Ellisburg in Jefferson County. Hannah's father, James Packer, was born 17 August 1760 in Groton, CT, and her mother, Mary, was born in 1763 in Leyden, MA. Mary died 10 January 1830 in Ellisburg.

Colonel Green cleared 160 acres of land for farming purposes and in winter months made shoes and boots. He commanded a regiment in the War of 1812 and was in the battles at Sandy Creek and Sackets Harbor.

Children of Willis Henry Green and Hannah Packer:

Eliza; married Walter Warner of Belleville, where she died

Mary, born 22 April 1813 and died at 14 years

Henry, born 28 April 1815; lived and died in Adams, NY

Harriet N. born 18 February 1817; died in Ellisburg as the wife of Chrispin Bull.

Daniel Packer - born 31 January 1825 on the family farm in Ellisburg. For nine years after his marriage he tilled his father's farm and then bought the Taggart farm of 120 acres. His death occurred on 17 December 1890. On 7 January 1846, he married Moselle Taggart who was also born on her family's farm. Her father was Thomas Taggart, born 25 September 1777 in Halifax, VT and moved to Ellisburg, NY about 1811. There he cleared a farm and died there on 22 October 1854 at 77 years. Thomas married Phebe Fish, daughter of Samuel Fish. Phebe was born in Halifax on 13 December 1779 and married Thomas Taggart on 21 September 1802. She lived to September 1867, and died at 88 years. Daniel P. Green and Moselle Taggart were the parents of:

        - James E., resident of Watertown
        - Clara E.; lived in Henderson; married Adelbert Scott
        - Willis H.; born 27 June 1862 on the family farm. He farmed in Ellisburg and served in various public and community affairs. He married on 24 December 1882 to Nettie Littlefield, a native of Ellisburg. She was the daughter of Henry D. and Aurora (Tousley) Littlefield of that town. They had two children: Gladys Mosell and Daniel Henry.

Mary E.; born 18 November 1827; married Simeon Mathers and died in Ellisburg.

NOTE: for the proposed lineage of James Packer, see Oakes Volume 2.

Biographical information was extracted from R. A. Oakes' 1905 Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York, Volume II by Marilyn Sapienza!

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