Jefferson County, NY

Landmarks of Oswego Co. Part 1

Landmarks of Oswego Co., NY:
Churchill, John Charles, Smith, H. P., Child , W. Stanley
Published 1895 Syracuse NY, D. Mason:

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Edmund K. Eddy was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 8 June 1849 of New England ancestry. His father, Enoch, was born in Vermont, and died in Jefferson County in 1860. His father, also Enoch, was born in that county in 1820, and died in 1874 and his mother, Amanda, died in 1865. The children of Enoch and Amanda were Ansel M. born in 1845; Gracia A. born in 1847 and Edmund K. The father was a Mason and served in the 20th NY Vols. in the Civil War. Edmund K. was educated in the common schools in Jefferson Co., with a course at Watertown Business College. He was also a Mason and was in the Rebellion, serving in the 20th NY Vols. September 22, 1869 he married Abbie, daughter of John and Abbie Pennell of Jefferson County, who came from Vermont in an early day, the grandfather Pennell being one of the first settlers in Jefferson County. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Eddy have been as follows: a daughter born in 1884, who died in infancy, and Frank W., born 9 December 1886. Mr. Eddy moved from Jefferson County in March 1894, having purchased the Bown farm in Richland.

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George Schroeppel, who died in 1829 owned 365 lots in the central part of New York, 30,000 acres of the Scriba patent. He had three children: Henry W.; Mary H. who married Dr. Richard Pennell and Mary Hannah who married John H. Henman, who was mayor of Utica at one time.

p. 835
Pennellville, a postal village and station on the NYO & W (Midland) Railroad in the north part of the town, derives its name from Dr. Richard Pennell, of New York whose wife was a daughter of George Casper Schroeppel...In 1833, Dr. Pennell, through his agent, Lauren Seymour, built a saw mill on Fish Creek which he sold in the spring of 1836 to Hugh Gregg, who came from Onondaga County in 1833.

p. 827
About 1830, Mrs. Richard Pennell donated a site for a burial ground about half a mile from Pennellville, and a few years later a plat was laid out for the Pennell and Schroeppel families in the rear thereof and on the brow of the hill which slopes down to the little lake called by the Indians Ah-in-ah-ta-na-ga-nus, signifying "big fish water"...Dr. Richard Pennell, her husband, died in 1861 at 65 years and she in 1867 at sixty.

Pennellville Cemetery Records:
Dr. Richard Pennell, born 20 December 1798 in England; became a US citizen on 3 May 1826 and died 11 April 1861.

Mary Hannah Pennell, wife of Richard, born 4 October 1807 and died 18 October 1867.

Osieola H. S. Pennell, youngest son of Dr. Richard and Mary H., born 4 May 1844, died 23 Dec. 1866.

Richard A. Pennell, son of Dr. Richard and Mary H., born 8 April 1841, died 22 Nov. 1887, all of NYC.

Luke D. Smith was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co. on 3 April 1815 and settled in Mexico, Oswego Co., in 1820 with his parents...

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Hiram Davis, a partner with Moses Merrick, was a native of Jefferson County and died 20 April 1850.

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Warren Douglass Smith, who was long identified with the lumber, grain, and forwarding interests of Oswego, was born in Jefferson County; came to Oswego in 1854 and died 1 January 1892...

p. 390
Luther Wright was born in Nelson, N.H. on 13 September 1799; he moved with his father to Jefferson County, NY in 1806 and at age seventeen began teaching school. In 1832 he moved to Oswego and engaged in milling and forwarding, continuing until 1842, when he was burned out...He died 9 June 1885.

p. 618
Amos King, a ship carpenter, came from Jefferson County to this town in 1840. He was married three times and had seven children, of whom George R. born in 1824 also a ship carpenter by trade, resides in New Haven...

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The second birth in Sandy Creek was Polly, daughter of Elias Howe, on 7 May 1805; she married Pardon Earl and subsequently resided in Mannsville, Jefferson Co., NY. Her mother died in 1807.

p. 793
John V. Boomer, was born in Jefferson County in 1829, and came to Fulton with his parents about 1844. He died in November, 1884. He was a civil engineer and later became a merchant.

p. 834
Gilbert Taylor located at what was early known as "The Corners" (Williamstown), and kept one of the first stores in town. He sold out in 1805 to Isaac Alden and removed to Jefferson County.

p. 991
Merrick Stowell, a county of Oswego judge, was born in Scriba on 3 October 1838. His father was Shubael W. Stowell, a native of Jefferson County, NY.

p. 1024
Orrin R. Earl was born in Jefferson County on 2 November 1812. He was a grandson of Stephen Earl, who was born in Rhode Island and died in Saratoga County at 78 years, and a son of Pardon Earl. Pardon Earl was born in Rhode Island and died in Jefferson County at 62 years. He married Nancy Sherman, who died at age 50. Their children were: Andrew C., Ruth, Orrin R., Albert, Nancy, Jenette, and Ann V. Pardon Earl was a soldier in the War of 1812, a prominent farmer and served as a supervisor and in other local positions of trust.

Orrin R. Earl was educated at Belleville, Jefferson County, and in 1846 began life as a farmer. He held a variety of public offices...In 1844 he married Jenette Salisbury, daughter of Nathan Salisbury and a granddaughter of a soldier of the War of 1812. She died on 8 March 1886.

p. 1049
Danforth E. Ainsworth was born in Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY on 29 November 1848 and educated at Pulaski Academy and Falley Seminary. He was admitted to the bar in 1873. In 1874 he married the daughter of Nelson B. Porter of Pulaski, NY. He held a variety of offices in Sandy Creek.

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Alvaro A. Beardsley was born in the town of Hastings in 1856, a son of Albert Beardsley, a native of Jefferson County, whose father was Charles Beardsley, a native of the same place, a carpenter by trade and later a Methodist preacher. He came to Hastings in 1854, where he and his wife spent their last days. Albert was a farmer who located in Hastings in 1854; his wife was Amelia Carter of Jefferson County and their children were: Mrs. Alice Daffler of Syracuse, and Albaro. Mrs. Beardsley now resides in Constantia...In 1886, Alvaro married Maud E., daughter of Robert D. Black of Constantia and they have two children: Ruth Elizabeth and Robert Douglas.

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F. A. Brown was born in Jefferson County on 23 February 1834 and came to New Haven Oswego Co., in 1843. In 1856 he married Ellen E., daughter of Mark Smith, of Mexico, NY. In 1865 he came to Scriba where he has since lived. His principal occupation has been farming. They have two children: Laure E., wife of Frank J. Switzer of Oswego Falls and Harriette E., wife of Thomas O. Turner of Scriba. Mr. Brown's father was Avery O. Brown and his mother was Eliza W. Whitney.

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Dr. Nelson W. Bates was born in Pamelia, Jefferson Co., in July 1828. He was a son of Dr. William S. Bates, who was born in Massachusetts in 1793, son of William Bates, also of Massachusetts. Dr. William S. graduated from Fairfield Medical College. His wife was Jerusha Wright and their children were: Darwin E., William D., Mrs. Harriet A. Cottrell, Nelson W. and Cullen D...In 1864 he enlisted as assistant surgeon in the 110th NY Vols. and served until after the close of the war and was stationed at Fort Jefferson. In 1851 he married Sarah M. Angel of Jefferson Co., and their children: Edgar D., D.D.S. in Central Square; Clayton A., merchant in Central Square and Nellie F., wife of Dr. F. L. Harter of Syracuse...

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Timothy Brockett was born in Jefferson County on 10 February 1842, son of Thomas and Abigail Brockett...he married in 1866 to Charlotte Lyon and they had five children: Ira, Benjamin, John, Willard and Harrison. Timothy served in the Civil War until the close. He was through the Shenandoah Valley with Sheridan and participated in numerous skirmishes.

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George D. Babcock was born in Jefferson County in 1834. His parents were Joshua A. and Laura (Holmes) Babcock, natives of Rhode Island and Vermont respectively, and died in Jefferson County. In 1861 George married Mrs. Mary E. Babcock, born O'Neill, a native of Seneca County, By trade, Mr. Babcock was a manufacturer and dealer in pumps and came to Mexico, Oswego Co., in 1863. During Cleveland's first term, George was a postmaster and since in the State Forestry Department in 1892 and the dairy branch of the Agricultural Department.

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Delos E. Brooks was born in October 1845 and conducted a grocery business...On 23 February 1870 in Richland, he married Eliza M. Moody, born in Orleans, Jeff. Co., on 15 January 1846, one of eleven children of H. C. N. Moody, who died in 1874...

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Daniel Could Clark of Palermo, was born 19 March 1849, so of A. G. Clark, born in 1821 and grandson of Harvey Clark, an old pioneer of Jefferson County. A. G. married in Palermo on 8 October 1824 to Elizabeth Keller; she was born in Palermo on 8 October 1824. Their children: Emma, Adell, Hollister and Daniel G. Daniel took up farming and married on 28 April 1869 to Delight Scudder and their children were Clarence and Cady. He was a member of the Grange.

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Willis H. Cole was born in Oswego Co., on 19 September 1839, of Vermont Ancestry. His grandfather was Obediah, who died at 76 years. His father, William, was born in Jefferson County and married Hannah Ward and died at 76 years. Their children: James W., Willis H., Harrison, Harriet, Lyman, Judson and Julius (twins), Eva L., Louis. The grandfather was a soldier in the War of 1812 ... Willis married in1870 to Bricea A., daughter of William and Pamelia (Reynolds)Flitcroft. Mrs. Cole died 31 March 1892. Their children: Frank, George, Lilly A., Stanley.

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George L. Castor was born in Jefferson Co. on 10 May 1850, a grandson of Ira, who died in that county at 80 years. His father was Sherman G., who died in Oswego Co. at 52 years and his mother was Esther Washburn, a native of Jefferson Co., who died in Oswego Co at age 49. Their children were: Laverney, George L., Henry, Martha, Edgar and Laura. The father was a lumber dealer by occupation. George started the Castor Cheese Factory in 1884; the annual output is about 180,000 pounds of cheese and about 30,000 pounds of butter. He was also one of the leading manufacturers of what is known as the cheddar cheese. On 1 November 1871 he married Lizzie Salisbury of Orwell, NY, daughter of Truman and Elizabeth Salisbury. They had three children: Maud C., Jay S. and Lois E.

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Dayton Robert Fritts was born in Parish on 21 June 1856, son of Elijah Gilbert and Harriet M. (Sly) Fritts, also of Parish...he has been twice married: first to Jennie L. Burton of Sackett's Harbor in Jefferson County who died in the spring of 1890. They had one child, who died as an infant. His second wife of Allie C. Palmer of Albion, Oswego Co....

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Adam J. Farr was born in Jefferson County on 15 November 1841. He was a sailor on Lake Ontario and in February 1862 enlisted in Co. A., 81st NY Vols...In 1869 he married Anna King and they had three children: Norman who married Mrs. Mattie Simmons; Augusta and May (Mrs. Charles Padden) Mr. Farr's father was Charles and his mother died when he was an infant.

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L. B. Cobb was a native of Jefferson County, born in 1847. He came to Mexico, Oswego Co., at age ten with his parents, Ira B. and Margaret Cobb, natives of Oneida Co., who died in Mexico in 1880 and 1886 respectively...In 1872 he married Nettie S. Mains and they had one son, George L...

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Cyrus N. Wood was born in Jefferson County on 25 May 1840, a son of Morgan L. and Orilla L. (Lamon) Wood, natives of Jefferson County who came to Sandy Creek in 1852. They settled on the farm owned by Cyrus N. where Mr. Wood died 6 March 1888 and his wife on 5 February 1879. The father of Morgan was Barney Wood who spent his last days in Jefferson County...Cyrus married in 1868 to Carrie Washburn, a native of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, and daughter of Henry Washburn, one of the early settlers of the place. Cyrus and Carrie's children: Frank H., Fred L. and Floyd E.

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Morris S. Wilson, of Scotch ancestry, was born in Jefferson County on 21 October 1836, a grandson of Abner of Vermont and a son of Almarin, who died in Jefferson County at 78 years. He married Caroline Peck, who died at 82 and their children were: Frances, Morris S., Harriet, Henry. The grandfather served in the War of 1812...On 4 September 1867 he married Helen, daughter of Ashbel and Lydia (Goff) Wheeler. She died 17 July 1876 and left these children: Bruce, Carrie and Henry. On 7 February 1878, Abner married second, Lucy, a sister of his first wife and they had one child, Laura. Mrs. Wilson's great grandfather was a captain in the Revolutionary War. Her grandfather Wheeler was one of the first settlers of Onondaga County. The grandmother, Mrs. Wheeler, lives in the household of Morris Wilson.

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John S. Trumbull was born in Oswego Co on 16 July 1863. He married Martha, daughter of Frank and Lucy Montando on 20 June 1883; she was born at Evan's Mills in Jefferson Co. on 12 April 1886. Their children were: John A., and Carl R. The grandfather was a soldier in the War of 1812 and was one of the pioneers of Oswego Co...

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J. C. F. Sheldon was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., on 15 May 1857, son of William and Sarah M. (Cornwell) Sheldon, both natives of Ellisburg. The grandparents were Amada and Jane (Ellis) Sheldon, pioneers of Ellisburgh, and the grandfather was a soldier in the War of 1812. As a young man, William followed sailing on the ocean but later became a farmer. He was also a soldier in the Mexican War and died on 17 July 1870. His wife died on 18 March 1864...On 26 December 1883, he married Effie H., daughter of Harry and Lestine (Lindsey) Dailey of Ellisburg. She was born 16 February 1866. They had two sons, Claude Kenneth and Earl Heston...

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Henry C. Twitchell was born in Oswego Co. 28 August 1845. His grandfather, Stephen was born in Mass. and died in Pulaski. James, father of Henry C., was born in Jefferson Co., and died in Pulaski at 68 years, and his wife, Polly, born in Richland also died in Pulaski at 65 years. Their children were: Maria, Antoinette, Stephen, Jane, Henry C., Candace, Martha and Anna. Henry was a carpenter by trade and followed sailing until 1861. He enlisted in the Civil War and was honorably discharged. In 1870 he married Carrie Moody, daughter of Harry and Caroline Moody of Richland. He was a Royal Arch Mason.

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Andrew G. Place was born in New Haven in 1819. His father was Andrew Place and was a captain in the War of 1812. He married Viotte Anderson of Paris, Oneida County, and died in this town in 1852, at age 65 and his wife in 1870 at 83. Andrew G. lived a few years in Oneida County, then spent ten or twelve years in Sandy Creek. He then spent three years in Jefferson County, one year at Port Ontario and in 1837 returned to his native town. In 1841 he married Cornelia, daughter of Hirm Taylor of Ellisburg, Jefferson County and their children were: Immogene; Ada Josephine, who died in 1864 at age 18 and Gertrude, who died in 1851 at two years.

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Henry Snyder, grandfather of R. H. Snyder, was of German descent, born June 3, 1790. He lived in Sandy Creek and Boylston, dying in the latter place April 3, 1789. His wife was Rachel Dunlap, who was of Scotch descent, born April 1, 1789, and died April 8, 1859. The maternal grandfather of our subject was Daniel Calkins, born July 4, 1794, who served in the War of 1812. He was a Methodist minister and died December 21, 1856. His wife was Hannah S. Shaver, who was born July 13, 1794 and died September 18, 1878. Ransom Snyder, son of Henry and father of Henry, was born February 23, 1829, in Boylston and died January 31, 1874 in Orwell. He served in the Civil War in Co. E. 189th NY Vols. He married Abigail Calkins, a native of Boylston, born May 26, 1829. Afterward she married Simon Pruyn, and now lives in Sandy Creek. The children of Ransom and Abigail Snyder were: James G. born in Boylston June 23, 1849; Rev. B. DeForest, born in Boylston August 13, 1850; Ivanette, born in Loraine, Jefferson County March 30, 1855; Ransom H. born in Orwell February 13, 1865; Carol D. was born in Orwell October 7, 1873 and died February 7, 1875...

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Erastus S. Suits was born in Onondaga County in 1828 and resided in Jefferson County until he was twelve years old and has since lived in the towns of Mexico and New Haven. In 1851 he married Susan, daughter of John Turk of Mexico...His parents Elisha and Lana (Smith) Suits were natives of Herkimer County; the father died in 1865 at 58 years and the mother in 1833 at 24 years.

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Orson H. Brown was born in Jefferson County on September 23, 1816, son of Roswell Brown of Connecticut, who died in this county at age 76. Roswell married Electa Herrick, also a native of Connecticut, who died in Oswego County at age 84. In 1852 Orson entered the insurance business. He married in 1838 Jane Weed, of Richland, a native of Vermont, whose father was a cousin of Thurlow Weed...

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Ira Noyes was born in Vermont in 1817 and came to New York early in life, first settling in Jefferson County. He soon after came to Sandy Creek where he remained until his death in 1887. On November 2, 1886, he married Ella Sage, who was born in Sandy Creek May 25, 1853, daughter of John and Mary E. Sage of Vermont, who came to Sandy Creek in early life. Ira Noyes had the following brothers and sisters: Rhoda; Phila; Sallie; Bernice; Nathan; Betsey and Ira. Mrs. Noyes was one of the following children: Oren; Ella; Jessie A; Augusta and Lettie. Mr. and Mrs. Noyes had one child, Irene, born January 9, 1888 who was living with her mother and grandmother in Pulaski.

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Thomas J. Towsley was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson County, NY on August 19, 1826, son of Thomas and Clarissa (Bemis) Towsley, both natives of Bennington, VT. The father of Thomas was Hezekiah Towsley, a native of Vermont, his being one of three families that first settled in Ellisburg, where he died at the age of 88 years. Thomas J.'s maternal grandfather, Samuel Bemis came from Bennington, VT and was also an early settler of Ellisburg, where he died. Hezekiah was a farmer and a captain in the War of 1812 and participated in the Battle of Sackett's Harbor; both his grandfathers were in the Revolutionary War. Mr. Towsley was an aid to General Washington and also was with Col. Ethan Allen at the taking of Ticonderoga. Thomas, the father of Thomas J. died in Ellisburg in 1858 at 78 years and his wife, Clarissa, died in 1854 at 52 years. Thomas J. was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools and in Belleville Union Academy. He worked in a glass factory for six years. In 1856 he came to Sandy Creek and in 1857 bought a farm of 165 acres. In 1893 his barns and farming tools were burned and he rebuilt a barn. Thomas J. has been twice married: first to Phoebe M. Brown by whom he had two children--William D. a leading physician of Camden Village, Oneida County, and Alice C., wife of George D. Thomas of Orwell. Mrs. Towsley died October 8, 1887 at 52 years. Thomas married second on March 14, 1889 to Hattie R. Sprague, a native of Sandy Creek and daughter of Alonzo and Matilda Sprague.

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Austin Chrisman was born in Ellisburg, November 16, 1835, son of Peter and Olive (Allen)Chrisman, natives of Herkimer County and Vermont respectively, who early came to Ellisburg. The grandfather of Austin was Frederick Chrisman...In 1850 Mr. Chrisman married Caroline, daughter of Thomas Exford, a native of St. Lawrence County and they were the parents of: Horace, who married Eva Nellis of Sandy Creek; Sophia, wife of Burton Herriman of this town. Abram Chrisman, the only brother of Austin, spent his life in Jefferson County as a farmer where he died July 26, 1892. His wife was Frances Woodruff, by whom he had twelve children. The three sisters of Mr. Chrisman are Emily, wife of Horace Wood; Sophia, wife of John Boomer and Celestia, wife of James Ely.

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De Grasse Salisbury was born in Jefferson County on August 24, 1846, son of Lodowick and Eliza (Cook) Salisbury, the former dying in Jefferson County at 80 years. Their children were: Hiram P., Mary; Elizabeth; Cordelia, Alexander, De Grasse and Jerome D. De Grasse was educated in Jefferson County and clerked in a store for two years. At age 17 he partnered with his brother, Hiram, in the grocery business and at age 20 he opened a boot and shoe store in Theresa under the firm name of Lehr & Salisbury. On January 25, 1882 he married Carrie Ellen, daughter of Henry Corse of Sandy Creek and Lyde Howe, his wife. Mr. Corse was a first lieutenant in the late war and killed at the Battle of Bull Run...

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Don A. King traces his ancestry to the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when John King, father of the original settler in this county was secretary to that Queen. A son named Edward was a classmate of John Milton...Don A., son of Henry and Betsey (Allen) King, was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson County on March 27, 1820. His mother was a daughter of Joseph Allen, Esq., the first settler at Bear Creek (now Pierrepont Manor). His father, Henry King, came from Southampton, MA in 1806...In 1848, Don A. King married Mary, daughter of Thomas C. Baker of Pulaski and they had four children: Ella M., widow of the late Rev. J. H. Wright; Katherine D., wife of J. L. Hutchens; Charles B. and Sarah F.

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William Kehoe was born in the city of Oswego on June 23, 1839...In 1876 Mr. Kehoe married Ellen Lewis of Jefferson County and they had three children: Norman D., Lena and Hattie. Mr. Kehoe's father was William Kehoe, a native of Ireland who came to America in 1829. His mother was Elizabeth Burns.

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L. M. Ingerson was born in Evans Mills, Jefferson County, NY in 1843, son of Alexander Ingerson. Mr. Ingerson enlisted at Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson County, in 1861 in Co. A. 94th NY Vols, and served until 1863, when he was discharged. In August 1863 he re-enlisted...He married Martha, daughter of A. Orton, of said town.

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Seymour N. Hibbard was born in Jefferson County on June 17, 1845, a grandson of Nathaniel Hibbard of Vermont, who died in this county age 86, and a son of Elisha A. who was then living at age 80. The latter married Cynthia B. Harris of Jefferson County who was then living at age 75, daughter of Colonel C. Harris, who was in the War of 1812. Their children: Warren, Martha, Seymour N., Charles, Lucy and one who died in Infancy. The grandfather Hibbard was a second lieutenant in the War of 1812...On March 1, 1866 Seymour married Olive C. Meyers, whose father was Adam Meyers of Ontario County. She died in 1868; they had one child, Frederick L., born 1867, who died in 1868.

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Charles B. Woodard was born in Boylston in 1837, his father's family having moved there the year before from Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY. His father, John Woodard, originally came from Vermont. He married Phebe Brown also of Vermont. They had one daughter, who died in infancy and seven sons, three of whom served in the Civil War...Charles B. served in the Civil War. He married Harriet J., daughter of Barnum Ostrum in 1859. Their children: Edgar J.; Fred B.; and Naomi. Edgar married Jennie, daughter of J. A. Oderkirk and they resided in Ellisburgh with one son, Merton. Fred B. died in 1878. Naomi married Orla, son of James Tilton, October 3, 1894, and lives at her father's home in Boylston.

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Frank W. Fitzgerald, son of Joseph, who came from New York and settled on a farm in Lorraine, Jefferson County, in 1837. He served in the Mexican War, and held several public offices and was active within church matters. Frank was born in Lorraine in 1852 and raised on the farm. He married Drucilla, daughter of James Fisher, of Orwell. He moved to Orwell in 1883...Their children: Arthur born 4 Nov. 1879 and Ada born 14 July 1882.

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Rufus E. Remington was born in Ellisburg on November 16, 1850, the oldest of three children of Allen and Susan (Shoecraft) Remington, natives of Ellisburg and Boylston, respectively. The paternal grandfather was Jonathan Remington, a native of Massachusetts, and one of the first settlers of Ellisburg. The maternal grandfather was Matthew Shoecraft, one of the first settlers of Boylston, who was also in the War of 1812. The father of Rufus was a prominent man in town affairs in both public offices and church activities. Rufus was educated in Ellisburg and then in Oswego County. In 1874 he married Ruth C., daughter of Walter Pierce and their children were: Virgil E., Dora J. and Kate R.

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John B. Millot was born in Leraysville, Jefferson County, on September 11, 1838, son of Louis, who was born in France, and Martilla (Bader) Millot, born on the Atlantic Ocean. The father was a physician of forty years' practice and died in Jefferson County at 68 years. The grandfather, John, who was born in Paris and died at the age of 104; he was a surgeon in the French Army. John B. was educated in Jefferson County, and worked on the canal for thirteen years. He also started the Oswego City Brewery in 1874. In 1865 he married Henrietta, daughter of David and Sally (Penfield) Doolittle of Oswego: Their children: Norman F. born May 28, 1855; Maud E. born July 21, 1869 who married Owen K. Kline of Lyons on June 6, 1893; Mabel C., born May 24, 1879; Genevieve born January 27, 1882; Henrietta born October 30, 1884. Mrs. Milot has one brother, George R., who enlisted in the 35th NY Vols. at Watertown, served two years and receives a pension; he was born in Leraysville in 1840.

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Samuel Emmons was born in Pillar Point, Jefferson County on July 27, 1840, a son of Ebenezer and Chloe Emmons. The father came from the Eastern States and was a blacksmith. About 1869 he settled in this town and bought a farm, which business he followed until his death at the age of 84. His wife was a daughter of Samuel McNett, a captain in the War of 1812 and for whom Samuel was named. Samuel was the fourth of their seven children and for sixteen years was a sailor. He enlisted and served until the close of the Civil War. He was in 27 regular engagements and was slightly wounded three times. Samuel married Luella, daughter of Lyman Wright of Albion and they had three children: Eva J.; Viola L. and Claude M.

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Harrison H. Cole, a native of Sandy Creek was born October 8, 1840, a son of Joseph and Fannie (Nobles) Cole, natives of Hebron, Washington County, who came to Adams, Jefferson County in 1818, bringing his parents, Benjamin and Mary Cole with him. Joseph purchased a farm and his parents resided with him until a few years before his death, when they went back to their old home in Washington County, where they died. In 1846 Mr. Cole came to Sandy Creek and bought land. The mother of Harrison died in 1842 and he married Mandy Noble, sister of his first wife. Mr. Cole died in 1870 and his second wife in 1889. H. H. Cole was reared on the farm and mainly followed farming. He purchased his farm of 90 acres when he resided in Sandy Creek in 1869...In 1868 he married Arabella, daughter of James and Mariah Wilds of Sandy Creek. Mr. Cole enlisted in September 1862 and served until the close of the Civil War. He was leader of the 3d Brigade Band, 3d Division, Sixth Corps. They were at Gettysburg, where several of his band were killed, at Fredericksburg, all through the Wilderness, and many others. A brother, L. J. was also engaged in the war for 3 1/2 years and was captain of Co. G, 24th NY Cavalry. H. H. Cole was the town collector for sixteen years in succession, and both he and his wife attended the Congregational Church.

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John V. Boomer, late of Fulton, was born at Belleville, Jefferson County on May 22, 1829. He came to Fulton when a boy...In 1854 he married Ellen J., daughter of Alfred Sabin of Fulton, by whom he had four children: Walter J. b 1857; Maude b 1868; Blanche b 1870 and Hattie b 1878. Walter Boomer, the son, took over the business, which was wholesale liquor. His wife was Nellie, daughter of John Harrison of Fulton...

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Frank Harrington was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson County on March 27, 1844 of New England ancestry. His grandfather, Calvin, was drowned in Big Sandy Creek. His father, Delos H. was born in Ellisburg on June 27, 1813. He married Roxanna Howard and their children were: Jerome b 1837; Cordelia b 1840; Henry b 1842 and Frank. Frank was educated at Ellisburg and enlisted in the 10th NY Heavy Artillery, where he served three years in the Army of the Potomac. He was wounded in front of Petersburg and was honorably discharged in 1865 when he returned home. On June 28, 1866 he married Mary McDowell, daughter of John and Elmira McDowell of Sacketts Harbor and their children were: Frederick J. b May 17, 1867 and lived at Port Ontario. He married on December 25, 1890 to Nellie Hemans. Frank Harrington moved from Jefferson County in 1887 to Richland where he settled on the Twitchell farm.

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William S. Wilson was born in 1856 in Rutland, Jefferson County. His father, John Wilson, of Scotch descent came from Ireland when a young man, stopping in Canada and working on the St. Lawrence River and the lakes. In 1855 he located in Watertown, NY and married Ellen M. Sloan, also a native of Ireland. They had three sons: William, John and James, who live in Redfield. The family came to this place in 1858 and settled. Six years later they moved to the village where the parents live. William attended the village school and later learned the wagonmaker's trade of F. L. Butterfield, whom he later bought out in the spring of 1876. John was born in Redfield and has always lived there. He married Alice E., daughter of James Petrie and they had two sons: Ward b 1885 and Edward b 1889...

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James W. Edwards was born in Jefferson County in 1844 and settled in Oswego County in 1873 and on his farm in 1884. He was the son of O. A. and Mary (Wilson) Edwards, she a daughter of James Wilson and he a son of Hiram Edwards. The family is of Scotch origin but great-grandfather, James Wilson, was one of the first settlers of Jefferson County. James W. Edwards married Alwilda, a daughter of Horatio and Rosanna Fox of Clayton, Jefferson County, and they have one son, James Bert, born in 1878...

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Delano G. Moody, of New England ancestry, was born in Jefferson County on August 31, 1841, a grandson of Anson, who died in Oswego County at 86 years. The father of Delano, Harry O., was born in Jefferson County, and died at age 74. He married Caroline Biffins of Saratoga County, and was age 90 at the time the biography was written. Their children were: Anson, Arthur, Henry, Seymour, Ellen, Carrie, Pamelia, Arolasman, Candice, Delano G. and Eliza M. The father was a Royal Arch Mason. Delano was educated in Oswego County and in 1864 enlisted in the 184rh NY Vols. serving in the army of the Potomac. His brothers: Anson, Henry and Seymour also served in the war and Anson was killed at the battle of Fair Oaks. The grandfather, Anson Moody, was a soldier in the War of 1812. Delano G. married Annie Burk on May 17, 1882 and their children were: May, Delano and Lena.

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Charles H. Cobb was born in Orleans, Jefferson County on July 16, 1838. His grandfather, William, was born in Oneida County where he died at age 85; he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Charles' father, Stevenson, was born in Lee, Oneida County on June 18, 1800 and died in Richland, Oswego Co. on June 6, 1881. He married Zoa Pennyman of Barre, VT who was an excellent weaver of linen in her day. She died in Richland on January 17, 1884 at 78 years. Their children were: Charles H., William B. and Mary M. Charles was educated in Jefferson County, and in 1862 enlisted in the 147th NY Vols., serving in the Army of the Potomoc. He participated in the following battles: Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna, Petersburg, South Side Railroad and was wounded in three battles. He returned in 1865 and began farming. On July 4, 1866 he married Mary C., the only daughter of William and Elizabeth (Steele) Easton of Sandy Creek and they had one child, Lovina C., who married William D. Bootle and they had two children: Julia C. and Dayton C. William B. in 1864 enlisted in the 184th NY Vols. He returned in 1865 and began farming. In October 1869, he married Emma R., daughter of Spencer and Jane (Weed) Bentley of Richland and they have two children: Anna D. and John W. The maiden sister lived with William. He and Charles were both members of the GAR.

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George R. King was born in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County on September 24, 1824. He was the oldest of a family of four. His father, Amos King, was a ship carpenter and builder, and his mother was Mahalah (Edmunds) King, a native of Jefferson County. During his early life he worked with his father, from whom he learned his trade of ship carpenter and builder. He came to New Haven with his parents in 1840 and settled on the Lake Road about one mile and a half west of Texas; the county at that time was nearly a vast wilderness. At age nineteen he went to Oswego City where he worked at his trade and on June 27, 1844 he was united in marriage with Diantha S. Parks of New Hartford, Oneida County, and returned to Oswego where he followed his trade of ship carpenter and builder for about thirty years...On June 17, 1864 he enlisted as a member of the National Guards, where he served seven years and received an honorable discharge. On April 23, 1869 he located on his present farm in the town of New Haven. Mr. and Mrs. King had three children: Mary E, Emma M., and George R. Mary E. was the widow of Norman Manwarren; George R. died in infancy and Emma M. was the widow of Wilbert Smith; they had two children--Ida E. and George F.

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R. N., A.B., Colley, M.D. was born in Jefferson County in 1835, and studied law with Prof. Amasa J. Trowbridge of Watertown; he graduated at Albany Medical College and also Castleton Medical College in Vermont. He moved to Oswego in 1860 where he commenced the practice of medicine. He was several times drafted and in 1864 was examined and placed on the roll of surgeons for the hospital department as major, and was after that several times called into the field in the capacity of hospital surgeon. His father was John, a son of John Cooley, formerly of Massachusetts, who was also a son of Reuben Cooley of Revolutionary fame, a colonel in that war. R. N. Cooley is a brother of Judge Cooley of Northern New York. His wife, H. I. Colley is a native of Cayuga County, by whom he has two sons: Emir D., M.D. of San Francisco, surgeon in the hospital at that city, and Frank L., M.D., now of Oswego...

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Wilbert Williams, a native of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, was born in 1849, the son of Daniel and Eliza Williams. He was reared on the farm and has followed farming and is also a stock dealer. He, in partnership with his brother, Ezra, bought a 127 acre farm in Sandy Creek in 1880. On February 12, 1880 he married Eliza F. Gilbert. Mrs. Williams is a member of the M.E. church of Sandy Creek.

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Hudson Lane of German ancestry, was born in Pulaski on February 6, 1861, son of John D., born in Canajoharie, Montgomery County on January 10, 1801 and died in Pulaski on February 6, 1877. His wife was Harriet Draper, born in Rodman, Jefferson County, May 30, 1823 and died in Pulaski on November 16, 1890. They had several children...

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Henry H. Tuttle, a native of Sandy Creek, was born January 25, 1856, and a son of Joseph and Catherine M. (Snyder) Tuttle, he born in Ellisburg August 30, 1818 and she in 1829. Joseph was a son of John Tuttle who died in 1876. The father of John was Eli Tuttle....Mrs. Tuttle died on December 5, 1883 and in 1884 Mr. Tuttle married Deborah W. Curtis of Ellisburg...Henry H. married in 1882 Millie, daughter of Justus B. Fox of Richland. His sister, Betsey, was born January 12, 1853 and married on October 25, 1871 to Mervin Salisbury and his brother, Joseph J. Married Izora Casler on June 22, 1880.

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Edwin R. Redhead was born in Brownville, Jefferson County on January 6, 1851, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Barker) Redhead. The father was a clergyman of the ME Church and celebrated fifty years of ministerial life. Both parents were of English birth and came to the United States after their marriage...Edwin married on May 23, 1877 at Port Byron to Sarah A., daughter of Israel Petty.

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Edgar Austin was born in Lewis County on November 14, 1847. His father was King Austin, born in Lewis County and who died in Jefferson County at age 75. He married Jane Hodge, a native of Lewis County...Edgar was educated in the common schools of Jefferson County and married on July 4, 1867 to Mary E. Wells of Jefferson County, a daughter of Luke and Delia (Case) Wells. Her grandfather Wells served in the Revolutionary War...

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Fen L. Bishop was born in Jefferson County on April 6, 1866, son of Edwin and Harriet (Lovelace) Bishop. The father was born in Vermont and was still living at age 52; the mother was born in Ontario and still living at the age of 56 when the biography was written. Their children were: Fen., Maud, Everett, Mage and Stephen. The father was a farmer, shoemaker and a clerk. Fen. was educated in Jefferson County; he learned blacksmithing which he conducted in Smithville, Mannsville and Sandy Creek...In 1893 his store was burned out and later he rebuilt. On May 11, 1884, he married Mary, daughter of William A. and Sarah S. (McKee) Davis of Jefferson County. Their children: Leah P. b January 16, 1888 and William E. born January 17, 1891.

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James H. Beebe was born in Constantia on December 21, 1842, son of Galusha Beebe, born in 1816, one of 14 children of Nathan Beebe, a native of Vermont; he was a lumberman and miller. He came to Constantia about 1795 and cleared a farm. Mr. Beebe died in 1834. Galusha/Glutia, the father died in 1884. His wife was Christiana Philipps...In June 1865 James H. Beebe married Cornelia, daughter of Henry Van Tassel of Redwood, formerly of Jefferson County. Their children: Henry, William and Archie...

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David Bothwell, retired, was born in Jefferson County in 1834 and settled in Oswego County in 1848. He was with Gardner Wilson about four years and then went sailing on the lakes and Ocean until 1864. He participated in the Civil War and served until it closed...Mrs. Maria Bothwell was the daughter of B. R. Sykes who was born in West Rupert, VT on May 25, 1806 and settled in Oswego Co. about 1812.... He was a constable for many years and married Augusta Elvira Wilson. Their children: Alfred S.; Mrs. Clarissa Cogswell; Helen; Mrs. Cordelia Roche; Mrs. Maria Bothwell, wife of David; and Mrs. Minerva Paddock. B. R. Sykes was the son of Isaac Sykes, one of the first settlers of Hannibal...

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