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Charles Denny Moffett was born 27 April 1813 in New Woodstock, Madison County, NY, son of Joseph and Margaret (Bliss) Moffat. He was left fatherless at age seven. He wrote of his life, "The year 1826 I went to Homer to live, and worked at the harness business, and continued to work there and at Cortland village until the year 1828. I left Homer and went from there to Chittenango, and worked there for a Mr. Haight about six months and then hired out for a year, to a Mr. A. F. Randall and continued with him two years." About 1829 he was led to begin the Christian life which marked the rest of his days and in about 1832, he went to Paris Hill, Oneida County, and then removed to Rodman, Jefferson County, where he carried on the harness and saddlery business. He participated actively in local affairs, and held a number of offices, among them that of justice of the peace. In 1854, with his family, excepting the eldest son, he went to Cedar County, Iowa, and returned the same year, preferring their old home. The Moffetts were among the organizers and leading members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Rodman. In 1870 he retired from business and moved to Watertown and, after a year or two, he and his wife went to make their home with their son, John F. Moffett. Charles D. Moffett died 28 November 1880 and was survived by his wife until October 20, 1894. They married on 20 June 1830 at Chittenango, and her names was Emily Hayman Knollin. She was born 26 June 1809 near Dartmouth, Devonshire, England, daughter of Richard and granddaughter of Richard Knollin. She came to America with her father's family in 1827.
Charles D. Moffett and Emily were the parents of seven children:

1. Joseph Knollin, a resident of Watertown.
2. Charles Wesley
3. Emily Maria
4. William Henry (died young)
5. John Fletcher
6. Emma Missouri, wife of Harris Barnum of Rockford, Illinois - died 1903

John Fletcher Moffett, the four son and fifth child, was born 15 April 1841 at Paris Hill, Oneida Co., NY. He received his education in the common schools and at the Jefferson County Institute. In 1860 he was employed in the National Bank and Loan Company of Watertown, where he remained for about five years. In 1866, he helped with the organization of the Merchants Bank, in which he was a stockholder and director. From 1864 to 1869 he was president of the board of water commissioners and in 1875 acted as treasurer of the Watertown Manufacturer's Aid Association, which dissolved after two years. Upon the organization of the Watertown Board of Trade in 1889, he became one of the directors. In 1881 he was one of the incorporators of the Central Park Association of Alexandria, and for a time was city treasurer of Watertown. He was a member of the State Street Methodist Episcopal church and for many years served as steward.

In January 1862, he married Frances P. Todd, daughter of Enoch L. Todd, who was a son of one of the early settlers of the town of Rodman. Of their seven children, five were living:

1. Charles T. who lived in Chicago
2. Jeannette T. who was engaged in university settlement work in New York
3. Grace E., wife of Louis S. Lansing
4. Frances S. who married Frank H. Coyne of Chicago
5. Earl Mortimer, who was studying forestry at Biltmore, North Carolina

Mrs. Moffet was one of the directresses of the Jefferson County Orphan Asylum.

Aquilla Moffatt, son of Joseph and Mary Moffat, was born about 1740 in Sturbridge, MA and settled in North Adams, MA. He served in the French and Indian Wars and in old age, moved to Plainfield, NY, where he died. He had four sons and two daughters: Isaac, Alexander Conkey, Alanson, Melvin, Mary and Mehtable.

Alexander Conkey Moffatt was born in 1771 in North Adams, MA, and then moved to Otsego Co., NY. In 1818 he came to Brownville, Jefferson County, where he settled on a farm. Died 1841 in Brownville.
He married Olive Hinman and they were the parents of:

1. Aquilla
2. Persis
3. Jonathan
4. Hosea, who married Julia Prior, daughter of Benjamin and Julia (Taylor) Prior of Brownville and they had two children:

4a)James S. Moffatt; married Nancy Buckminster, daughter of Richard and Mary (Avery) Buckminster.

Children of James S. and Nancy:
Charles E.
Gertrude C.
Alexander C.
Reuben H.

4b)Bruce Moffatt

Aquilla Moffatt, 1 above, the eldest son of A. Conkey and Olive Moffatt, was born in 1796 in Plainfield, NY but early in life became a resident of Brownville where he remained until his death. He married Alice Pattie, born 1800. She died in 1869 and her husband died a few years before.
They were the parents of nine children:

1a)David Moffatt was born 3 Oct. 1820 in Brownville and educated there in the common schools. He was both farmer and operated a grist mill, and served two terms as assessor He married Rachael Knapp, daughter of Samuel and Effie (Carson) Knapp. Samuel was born in 1800 in Mayfield but spent the greater part of his life in Brownville. Rachael was born in 1801 and the Knapp children were: Solomon, John, Benjamin, David, Jacob, Hiram, Rachael (born 1825) wife of David Moffatt, Sarah and Hannah. David Moffatt died in 1872. Rachael then lived with her daughter in Dexter.
Children of David Moffatt and Rachael Knapp

1a1)Frances-married W. Timmerman of Dexter
1a3)Wells-resident of Watertown
1a7)Ella-married John Jackson
1a8)Willis - lived in Black River
1a9)Kate - married Charles Swartoutt
1a11)Edwin - born 13 November 1847 in Brownville; member of the Chaumont Grange. Served as assessor and supervisor. Member of the Presbyterian Church of Dexter. In 1871 he married Alice G. Collins and their children were:

1a11a)Horace - died at 18 months
1a11b)Harry died at one year
1a11c)Sarah-married Charles Adams -two children: Niles and Irene. Resided on one of Mr. Moffatt's farms.
1a11d)Daniel - also lived on farm owned by his father

When the father, Edwin, retired, he made his home in Limerick; Alice died 10 March 1904 at her home there, caused by typhoid pneumonia. She was the daughter of Thomas and Martha (Hamblin) Collins, and Thomas was a farmer of Orleans. Thomas and Martha Collins were the parents of: Alice G., born 1850, married Edwin Moffatt; Addie who married Rodolphus Hoover; Charles-resident of Clayton; Elizabeth lived with her mother at Stone Mills. Mr. Collins died in 1901 at Brownville. Thomas Collins was a son of John B. Collins, an early resident of what is now Orleans and was a town supervisor in 1838-9. John B. Collins, was the son of William Collins who settled in Orleans in 1820 or earlier.

Continued children of Acquilla and Alice:

Source: Gen. and family history of Jeff. Co., NY by Oakes, Vol. 1, pp. 139-144.

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