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Captain Paul King was born 4 April 1762 in Southold, Long Island, NY. He died August 31, 1842 in Jefferson County, NY at 80 years. On 17 January 1791 he married Eunice Morgan of Hartford, CT. She was born November 30, 1769 and died 3 July 1842 in Jefferson Co., at the age of 73 years. Their home was near Holley, in Orleans Co., NY and they were on a visit with their son, Sylvester, at his farm home near Watertown, NY at the time of their demise. They were buried in a a county cemetery near the farm of their son. (Rice's Cemetery or Talcott Stand)

Captain Paul King, in 1809 at the age of 47 years, gave up the life of a mariner and became a tiller of the soil. With his wife Eunice and eleven children, the oldest seventeen and the youngest a babe in arms, he left Hartford and migrated to the Mohawk Valley in northern New York, settling in Johnstown, Fulton Co. It was there that their youngest son, Russell, was born on 28 August 1811.

1. The oldest son, Henry, went to Seneca County and enlisted as a private in the War of 1812; he was born 6 March 1792 in Hartford, CT and died in 1873 in California. He married 1) Esther Goodrich on 6 Nov. 1817 and 2) Eunice Williams on 24 June 1830.

2. Betsey King was born 6 April 1793 in Hartford CT; she married Reubin Ellis of Chautauqua Co., NY.

3. The second son, Sylvester Paul King, was born 17 Nov. 1794 in Hartford, CT and died 18 July 1869 in Holley, NY. He married on 5 July 1817 to Lydia Steward of Saratoga, NY; (the couple moved to Jefferson County where they bought a farm near Watertown.) Lydia was born 31 October 1799 in Saratoga and died July 1890 in Holley, NY.

4. Enock King was born 26 March 1797 in Hartford, CT and died 10 September 1848 in San Antonio, Texas.

5. Sally King was born 26 December 1798 in Hartford, CT. She married Abram Fiske and lived in Monroe Co., NY; she was a twin sister to:

6. Susan King, born 26 Dec. 1798 in Hartford; married Riley Fiske and lived in Jefferson Co., NY.

7. The fourth son, William Schuyler King, was born 23 Dec. 1801 in Hartford, CT and died 19 March 1852 in Charleston, SC. He married about 1825 to Letitia Laidler (1804-1884), a daughter of Captain William Laidler, a sea captain trading between Charleston and England. William S. King learned the printer's trade in Johnstown and at the age of 20 went to Charleston, S.C. where he became the editor and manager of the Charleston Courier.

8. Elijah Morgan King was born 27 June 1803 in Hartford, CT and died 3 April 1865 in Adams Co., Illinois. He married on 2 Jan. 1832 to Elizabeth L. Wright , who was born 4 Sept. 1810 in NY and died 7 March 1841 in Burton, Adams Co., Illinois.

9. Lucy M. King was born 14 June 1805 in Hartford, CT and died 24 Feb. 1864 at 59 years.

10. Leonard King was born 22 April 1807 in Hartford; he lived and died in Farmington, Iowa.

11. Ede King was born 19 March 1809 in Hartford and died 23 Jan. 1862 in Somonauk, Lasalle Co., Illinois. She married on 5 May 1821 to Ephraim L. Beardsley of Somonauk, Ill.

12. Russel Prentice King was born 28 August 1811 in Johnstown, Fuller Co., NY and died 1889 in Barton Co., MO. He married 25 June 1837 to Elizabeth Amanda DeLamater.

Source: Genealogical and Biographical History of the King Family, researched and compiled by Major Hugh E. King of Niantic, CT; pub. 1955 in the public domain.
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