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Additional researched information is in italics

Anthony Sigourney was born 12 May 1751 and married by Rev. Ebenezer Chaplin on 23 June 1774 to Ruth Chase of Sutton, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Abel and Sarah Chase of Sutton, MA, born 9 April 1751 at Newburg, MA. Anthony was the son of Anthony Sigourney and his second wife, Elizabeth Breed. Anthony and Ruth emigrated to Stratton, VT in 1797 and it was there that his wife died on 17 January 1802. He married second on 17 September 1803 to Mrs. Polly (White) Phillips, widow of Asa Phillips, whom she married (int.) in Auburn, Worcester, MA on 5 April 1784. In her marriage to Asa Phillips she was Polly White and they were of Worcester. (VIR) She was born 17 March 1763 in Holliston, Middlesex, MA 17 March 1763 as the daughter of Stephen and Mary White. On page 92, of The History of Stratton, VT by D. K. Young, he mentioned a road from the Meetinghouse to Wardsboro. The road followed the path of the road between the Town Common and Anthony Sigourney's farm in 1804. On page 237, he names Anthony Sigourney as a Revolutionary War veteran who settled in Stratton. On page 338, he mentions a lot where Asa Phillips built a house and in 1804, Anthony Sigourney had married Asa Phillips' widow, who lived there. In 1786, Jonathan Phillips sold a lot to his son, Asa Phillips Jr. Asa Sr. died in 1802 and his estate was settled in 1808. Asa Sr.'s widow had married Anthony in 1803 and for a while they lived on the property. He continues the history of the lots in Stratton, and mentions that Aaron Lyon sold all of his lot to Polly Phillips Sigourney in 1812. In 1818, Polly's son, Asa Phillips, sold the lot to his brother Jonathan Phillips. As early as 1796, Anthony Sigourney had purchased a lot No. 11L2R, but apparently never lived there, but continued to pay taxes on it well after 1830. Records show that Anthony owned Lot 12L4R from 1796 to 1808 and apparently settled there in 1797. He probably moved from that lot in 1803. He died on 10 July 1825 in Watertown, NY and was buried in the Gotham Cemetery but was later moved to the Brookside Cemetery in Watertown. Anthony served in the Revolutionary War as a soldier from Massachusetts. He served in Captain John Town's Company, which marched to Roxbury on the alarm of April 19, 1775; his service was then ten days. He also enlisted with his brother, Andrew, and a cousin, Jonathan Holman, in 1776 and they were almost taken prisoners during the retreat from New York in 1776. They participated at the battle of White Plains, NY. Later, Anthony was a private in Captain Jeremiah Kingsbury's Company, Colonel Jonathan Holman's Regiment and served 15 days when this company marched on September 17, 1777, to reinforce the army of General Gates.

When Anthony and Andrew Sigourney settled in Jefferson Co., they were part of a group who participated in a major land purchase. After Andrew died in 1819, Anthony apparently appropriated Andrew's share of the one-fifth land purchase and awarded various amounts to his own children. In two instances, he charged Andrew's children for the purchase of portions of the land that Andrew had held when he was alive. Anthony recognized the fact that Andrew's widow, Hannah, should have been entitled to dower rights but apparently she did not seek them as she remarried to Davenport.

From the vital records of Oxford, Worcester Co., MA, the births of the children of Anthony and his first wife, Ruth, were obtained. Additional researched information is in italics:

1)Anthony b 29 October 1775. He married on 19 February 1809 at Lowville, NY to Betsy Gloyd, born 16 March 1779, She was the daughter of James and Molly Gloyd. Anthony's death occurred in Watertown, Jeff. Co., NY on 21 April 1847. Anthony served in the War of 1812 and participated in the battle at Sackets Harbor. He purchased land in Jefferson County in 1815. See his will: Jeff. Co., NY Wills, Vol D, pp 413-415. In the earliest deeds of Jefferson Co., NY, (VH-p.127), Anthony and Andrew Sigourney partnered with several others to buy a large tract of land in the Watertown area, with the proviso that the Sigourney brothers were to receive one-fifth of the approximate 2,000 acres in the purchase. In a deed (Vol. 91, p. 553) Anthony and Betsey sell to Amanda Sigourney for $200, a portion of a lot that was subject to dower claims by Hannah Sigourney, widow of Andrew. In deed Vol. K2, p. 505, on 27 Nov. 1821, Anthony Sigourney and wife Betsey, and Frederick Sigourney sold for $300, land in his possession, and quit claimed for $300, part of Lot. 23 in Watertown, which was sold by the grantors to Ansell Mills, the sale subject to whatever claims that Hannah Sigourney, widow of Andrew might have on account of dower. Recorded 3 December 1832.

1a)Alanson P. b 27 Dec. 1809. On 6 Nov. 1848 he married Wiley J., daughter of Harvey Finney of Ellisburgh and a niece of Charles G. Finney, the revivalist and former president of Oberlin College where she graduated. She died of cholera at Sackets Harbor 13 July 1854 when returning from a visit to Toledo, Ohio. After her death he married 27 Sept. 1855 to Julia C. Eastman of Adams, daughter of Dr. Eli Eastman. She b 1819, died 1896.
They had five children.

1a1)Alanson P., Jr. resided with his father on the original Sigourney farm. born 1857 died 1926; married Amelia C. Joy 1857-1911. She was born in Orleans, Jeff. Co., NY on 2 July 1857, daughter of Benjamin and Maria McIntosh Joy. She married Alanson on 2 Sept. 1891. (Jeff. Co. newspaper obituary) In a deed (Vol. 203-p. 451) on 6 Feb. 1875, Helen M. Hutchinson of Phoenix, Oswego Co., NY, wife of the late Edgar Westcott of Watertown as of 23 Nov. 1859, to Alanson P. Sigourney, the 2nd, for $10, a triangle of land conveyed to Edgar Westcott by Norton Douglas (Vol. 147-p. 391) her now husband E. G. Hutchinson, from Lucern Westcott and wife, Wealthy, Zilpha Morris, Harvey Westcott and wife, Hamilton Westcott and wife, Eli Westcott and wife and heirs of Philetus Westcott. Recorded 6 Feb. 1875.

1a2)Harrison lived in Rodman b 1866 d 4 June 1935; married 10 Jan. 1907 in Waushara Co., WI to Stella Kretser. She was his second wife. First wife Mary Rosina Plank 1866-1901. 5 children

1a3)Julia C. married Dr. F. M. Shepard, in Denver Colorado. She born 1860 and died 1928. Married in 1883. He born 1858 and d 1896. son: Fred Sigourney Shepard 1885-1886.

1a4)Lucy d 28 January 1870

1a5)Mary d 3 April 1861

1b)Mary Ann b 15 July 1811. She married Liberty Comins and had a daughter, Adelaide. Liberty was born 1802 and d 1844. Mary Ann died 1878; both are buried in Brookside Cemetery, Jeff. Co. She was his second wife. Mary Adelaide Comins named in grandfather Anthony's will as under 21.

1c)James Madison b 16 April 1813; died 7 March 1888 and married Elizabeth R. Tuell, (1816-16 August 1909), He is called Colonel. At his home on 1 April 1872, the death of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Olive Tuell, at 82 years, 11 months. In a deed of 1848 (Vol. 91, p. 506) sell to Alanson P. Sigourney, Jr. land that was deeded to Frederick B. Sigourney by Anthony Sigourney and he willed that land to Alanson P. and James M. Sigourney. Same Vol. of deeds, p. 508, land split between Alanson and James Madison, great Lot. 23, a portion of the estate willed to them.

1c1)Frank M. (1853-1854)
1c3)Olive B.; married Frank B. Andrews; d 2 Nov. 1887 at 40 years, 9 months, 18 days
1c4)Josephine born and died 1843
1c5)James Andrew b 1844 and died 1844
1c6)Addie E. m 1 Sept. 1868 to Wm. G. Galle of Cayuga Co., NY
1c7)Charles; married Olive A. Cummins

1d)William Harrison b 2 March 1815 died 1895. Wife, Julia H. b 1819 d 1896. His daughter, Nellie Alexander married George T. Raymond, of Boston. son, Julius P. d 1911. See * below at end of narrative.

1e)Polly P. b 10 May 1817; died 31 July 1840. Polly married on 10 May 1838 to Alonzo R. Turner; she is not named in her father's will but on her marriage to Alonzo, she gave the names of her parents.

Jay Eugene Turner 1839-1840

1f)Betsey M. b 19 April 1819. She died in 1890 and married Alonzo B. Turner (1813-1877) on 22 August 1841. Daughter, Eva J. b 1852 d 21 Sept. 1906 and buried in Watertown, NY. In a deed, Vol. C3, p. 183, between Pitt Morse and Sarah, his wife, to William H. Sigourney and Alonzo B. Turner, land for $1,000 which had been conveyed to Pitt by Micah Sterling. Recorded 21 February 1838.

Louis Sigourney Turner 1845-1885
Frances S. Turner 1848-1928
Eva J. Turner 1851-1906

2)Ruth born 7 December 1777. She married and died on 27 March 1832. She married 10 September 1801 to Major Samuel Lacey, b 22 January 1779 and died 9 May 1863 in Marshall, Michigan. He was the son of Ebenezer and Mary (Hurd) Lacey. Ebenezer Lacey was an orderly sergeant under LaFayette. Samuel was Major of the 1st Regiment of Vermont Militia, called into service in 1814 and remained until the close of war. Ruth died leaving eight children. Samuel's second marriage to Mrs. Dain Thorp Akin of Auburn, NY was in March of 1832.

son, Samuel Sigourney Lacey; Ruth married Lacey; daughter Mary Akin Lacey. Ruth married c 1801 to Samuel Lacey (1779-1864)After her death, he married Mary Ann Throop Akin (1790-1867)

dau: Lamira Sigourney Lacey Culver 1802-1889; married Henry Porter Culver 1793- 1869. Buried in Janesville, WI.
son: Edward DeWitt Lacey 1809-1864; d 1 Sept. 1864 at Eaton, MI. Married in 1831 Martha Cornelia Pixley (1814-1878)
son: Samuel b 28 May 1815 d 2 Feb. 1892. He married Mary Akin Lacey in 1844. She was born 1820 and died in 1899.
dau: Mrs. H. P. Culm of Janesville, WI
dau: Mrs. M. Worthington
dau: Mrs. T. L. Acker of Kalamazoo, MI
son: Eben B.
son: Herman A.
son: John M.
source: American Biograph. Hist. of Eminent Men, Michigan, pub. Cincinnati, Ohio 1878.

3)Andrew b 16 December 1779. He married Hannah Stevens of Sheffield, MA on 3 February 1810. He died in Watertown, NY on 25 January 1819. Hannah married 2)Alexander Davenport on 8 December 1824. She died 1862. Andrew died without a will. Inventory taken 25 May 1819 of his personal property, and filed 29 March 1820. Listed in the inventory: one military frock and panteloom, and one military cap. He owned five shares of Black River Cotton and Woolen Mfg. Co. at $20 per share; See: Jeff. Co., NY Estate papers, Box S-22 No. 246. In a deed (Vol V, p. 296) Andrew bought Lot No. 23 in Watertown.

3a)Frederick B., b 22 Nov. 1810. At age 37, he married Henrietta Brower, age 22, on 11 July 1847 in Jefferson County.
3b)Amanda M. b 4 April 1815; she died 12 January 1845 in Watertown, NY. married James H. Davenport 1812-1885. Buried Gotham St. Cem. in Watertown, NY. Per Hannah's will, she named her grandchildren: Anne, George, Jerome, Rebecca and Andrew, children of Amanda. See will of Hannah Davenport; Jeff. Co., Wills Vol. 8 p. 494.
Andrew, Hannah, and Frederick and Amanda were all baptized in the First Presbyterian Church in Watertown (church records this site).

4)Elizabeth b 22 Dec. 1781. She married c 1814 to James Carnegie (1782-1857) and died in Alexandria, Jeff. Co. on 14 March 1826. Buried in Plessis, NY, Brookside Cemetery. She was his second wife. They married on 28 May 1814. It is stated that James Carnegie had four other wives, in addition to Elizabeth.

Maryett Carnegie Evans 1816-1874 (twin to Jennet) b 14 Jan. 1816 d 6 Feb. 1874 Jasper, Jasper Co., MO; married Albert Evans (1820-1898)
Jennet Carnegie Bogert 1816-1885; married c 1835 Henry Bogert (1817-1877) buried Brookside Cem., Plessis, Jeff. Co., NY. His parents listed as David Gutridge Bogart and Esther Benedict.
Hiram Carnegie 8 Feb.1818- 18 Aug. 1863; married Lucinda Barrett on 19 July 1839 at Alexandria Bay, NY. 7 children
Abigail Hosley Carnegie Leonard 1820-1868; d 9 Aug. 1868 in Rossie, NY; married Wm. W. Leonard, born 13 May 1807 and d 15 July 1884.

5)Charles b 29 February 1784. He married on 1 March 1806 in Stratton, VT, to Sally French, daughter of Jacob and Sarah French of Stratton, VT. Charles died on 9 May 1852 at Hammond, N.Y.

5a)Alanson, b 8 March 1808; died 22 April 1813.
5b)Samanthy b 3 May 1809 d 18 June 1838
5c)Jason b 9 May 1811 d 5 July 1813
5d)Diantha b 15 Dec. 1817
5e)Charles M. b 2 October 1819; died 21 September 1854
5f)Andrew L. b 21 Sept. 1821; may have married Eliza J. Colwell b 10 Nov. 1822, d 3 Sept. 1852 at 29 years, 9 months, 24 days, wife of Andrew Sigourney; buried in Arsenal St. Cemetery in Watertown. See lineage following narrative.
5g)John H. b 24 August 1823
5h)George E. b 23 Dec. 1824; died 1 September 1825
5i)Joseph W. b 22 July 1827
5j)Anthony W. b 21 Dec. 1829
5k)Chester D. b 23 December 1832; died 13 October 1834

6)Peter, born 14 May 1786; he died 9 May 1832 at Fowler, NY; he married on 18 August 1812 to Wealthy Bates. He was buried in Brookside Cemetery, Jeff. Co.

6a)Louisa b 28 February 1814
6b)William b 19 August 1815
6c)Caroline b 19 June 1818; married 8 Dec. 1842 John E. Kemp of Watertown. Death notice for her: on 7 March 1867, Caroline Sigourney, wife of John E. Kemp. Funeral at No 38 Stone St., her late residence. John E. Kemp married 2) Mary C. Coffeen of Watertown on 6 Oct. 1868, newspaper announcement. Wedding at Trinity Church. Daughter: Wealthy Imogene Kemp b 7 Sept. 1845 in Watertown and d 20 Oct. 1896 at 52 years in South Dakota; buried in Illinois. She married Col. Otis E. Dewey, b 6 May 1843, served in Civil War; married 25 June 1872 in Watertown. (Dewey Fam. Gen.)
6d)Andrew b 25 March 1820; married Henrietta Kinney, b 6 October 1826, daughter of David and Ruth (Gloyd) Bowhall. She died 16 April 1908. Among her favorite possessions was a pair of eyeglasses fashioned by Harrison Sigourney, an "old time jeweler" of Watertown. Death notice for Andrew Sigourney on 30 April 1865 that he died at the home of his brother-in-law, John E. Kemp. Their son, Frank died 20 July 1864 at age 18 of wounds suffered in the Civil War.
6e)Peter b 4 May 1822
6f)Anthony D. b 28 June 1824
6g)Orrin b 5 May 1827
6h)Sarah A. b 24 September 1829
6i)Addison b 1 October 1831

7)Sarah, born 14 June 1789 and died in Watertown, NY on 5 March 1834.

8)John was born 9 May 1792 and married Clarissa Colwell on 29 September 1819. She was born 1795 and died in 1856. John died 1872 and is buried in Brookside Cem. He married 2) at age 70 to Mrs. Cornelia Burr, age 51, a widow, on 19 June 1864, in Watertown at the home of Col. J. M. Sigourney. In a deed of 30 October 1824 (Vol. Z, p. 308)the Jefferson County Sheriff by order of the court, sold on 14 April 1826 the land of William M. Lord to Martinus W. Gilbert and John Sigourney, who were the creditors of Lord. Recorded 8 August 1827.

8a)Louisa b 12 July 1820 d 30 May 1821
8b)John Morton b 3 April 1822 d 1883; married Emma Cornelia Scott, daughter of Abel S. Scott and Hannah Fall. They married 4 March 1857 in the Presbyterian Church in Watertown. His estate papers: widow Emma C. and daughter, Carrie Smith. Emma stated that John died 13 June 1883 in Watertown. Date of petition: 20 July 1883. Estate papers: Box S-40, No. 524. His will Vol. 23, p. 527, leaves his estate to wife, Emma.

Carrie Sigourney; married Ralph T. Smith; she was a DAR member and claimed on Anthony Sigourney and Henry H. Fall. Ralph T. Smith married Carrie on 29 August 1878. (newspaper notice)

8c)Vilmina C. b 25 Jan 1826; d 10 May 1848; buried in Brookside Cemetery, Jeff. Co.
8d)Sarah E. b 19 May 1827 d 10 Nov. 1846
8e)Emma S. b 1826 d 1915.

9)Daniel P(hillips) born 9 June 1804. He married Ethelinda Jane Cary on 8 October 1825 in Schenectady, NY and was living near Albany in 1855. Ethelinda was born 1808 and died in 1883. Daniel was a child of Anthony Sigourney and his second wife, Mary (Polly) Phillips.

9a)Thaddeus W. b 27 August 1826
9b)Francis B. b 19 Nov. 1827 and d 8 July 1829
9c)William A. b 19 March 1829
9d)Mary J. b 16 July 1831; she died 1915; married in 1857 to John C. Young, b 1824 and died 1898. Daughter, Mary J. Young married in 1883 to Frederick Easton b 1859. He died 1920.
9e)Daniel P. b 27 July 1833
9f)Charles S. b 7 May 1835 d 9 Aug. 1837
9g)Elizabeth S. b 10 Feb. 1837
9h)Charles F. b 28 Feb. 1839
9i)Abram C. b 5 Oct. 1841
9j)Jacob L. b 19 Aug. 1844
9k)Hannah A. b 3 Nov. 1846 d 2 Sept. 1847
9l)Hannah M. b 19 March 1849
9m)Winfield S. b 15 June 1852

Colwell Line:

Deed of Otis Colwell of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY:
I, Otis Colwell of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY sell to John Usher, by power of attorney given me by Levi Cummings and wife Sarah; Nehemiah Thornton and wife Susanna; Chillingworth Colwell and wife Lucinda; Job Seamans; John Sigourney and wife Clarissa; Anna Colwell widow of Truman, all of Jefferson Co., and also for myself as an heir together with the said grantors, heirs of Hannah Colwell, deceased...and is what she inherited from her father, James Cowan of Glocester, and is where Usher now lives. Oct. 10, 182. In deed Vol. H3, p. 368, on 7 August 1839, Otis Colwell and Anna G., his wife deed to Alanson P. Sigourney for $800, land on Factory Street in Watertown, NY, the NW part of a lot deeded to Otis Colwell, George C. Sherman and his wife Mary. Acknowledged on 20 June 1839 and recorded 15 September 1839.
Source: Robert Colwell of Providence RI by Ruth S. Devereaux Eddy, pub. 1936.

Line of James Colwell of Glocester and wife, Hannah Cowan, daughter of James Cowan:
1. Otis Colwell; lived in Watertown, NY m. Anna___, died after 1846.
2. Sarah Colwell, b Nov. 29, 1784; m. 1)Edward Cowan and 2)Levi Cummings. Edward Cowan died after 1815 in Watertown, Jeff. Co., NY.
3. Susanna Colwell married Nehemiah Thornton

4. Chillingworth Colwell, bc 1790
5. Truman Colwell died before 1821; m Anna___
6. Clarissa Colwell married John Sigourney
7. ____Colwell married Job Seamans and died before 1821.

Chillingworth Colwell was bc 1791 and died April 1870 at 79 years; buried in the Arsenal Street Cemetery in Watertown, NY; m. Lucinda W.___, who died 23 August 1862 at 66 years, 10 months, 13 days. She was born 8 October 1795. He married at age 77 to Mahitable Allen, age 49, in Watertown on 14 October 1869. Witnesses were Nathan Whiney and Marcia McKee.
Children - incomplete list: See probate information below.

4a)James H. Colwell b 1820 and d 14 Dec. 1861 in Jeff. Co; married Nancy M.Gaines at Sackets Harbor on 31 December 1845. He died intestate. JCEstPapers Box C-9; James was a carriage maker in Watertown; Nancy was bc 1811 in New Hampshire. Henry L. Gaines was employed in the Colwell carriage shop, and perhaps was related to Nancy.

Harriet L. Colwell.

4b)Lafayette Colwell b 26 Aug. 1823 and d 19 Sept. 1854 at 30 years, 3 months, 24 days
4c)Emily M. Colwell b 21 April 1828 and died 23 April 1853 at 25 years 2 days
4d)Truman Colwell d 20 August 1832 at 13 months
4e)Eliza J. Colwell, b 10 November 1822, daughter of Chillingworth Colwell and Lucinda; died 3 September 1852 at 29 years, 9 months, 24 days, wife of Andrew Sigourney. Andrew and Eliza married on 19 March 1846 at Watertown, Jeff. Co., NY.
4f)Caroline W. Colwell married on May 29, 1855 to Davis Grange of Malone, NY. (newspaper account)

Newspaper obituary for Otis Colwell:
He died on 10 September 1861 in Kenosha, Wisconsin at 68 years. He was originally of Adams, Berkshire Co., MA, born there in 1793. In the fall of 1815 he came with his brother Chillingworth and they opened a shop for the purpose of making carriages.


Additional Colwell notes:

In the matter of the estate of Chillingworth Colwell of Watertown, Jeff. Co., NY:
Upon the petition of Davis Grange of Watertown, the general guardian of Emma S. Grange, who is a granddaughter of Chillingsworth Colwell, late of Watertown. He stated that Chillingsworth died on 18 April 1870 in Watertown by a fit of apoplexy and left no will.

Emma S. Grange, daughter of Caroline W. Grange, a daughter of the deceased who died before the intestate. That Emma S. is under the age of 14 years and resided with the petition who is her father and general guardian, of the city of Watertown. Petition dated 27 April 1870.
Harriet Clifford, of full age, wife of Walter Clifford, a captain in the United Sates Army, now in Missouri. Harriet Clifford is a daughter of James H. Colwell, a son of the deceased, who died prior to the deceased. Petitioner believes that the deceased married on 14 October 1869 Mehitable Allen of Watertown and that a commission was duly issued out of the Supreme Court of the state of New York in October 1869, to inquire of the lunacy or unsoundness of Chillingsworth and proceedings were had on 22 Nov. 1869.
In the final disbursements, Harriet Clifford received $119.93 and Emma L. Grange $119.93. From the papers in the file, and with outstanding debts, it does not seem that Mehitable received anything.
Jeff. Co., NY Estate Papers, Vol. C-7 No. 19.


*In the matter of the estate of Julia H. Sigourney:
In an affidavit in the probate file of Robert Hitchcock, he stated that his wife, Eveline A. Hitchcock is the sister of Julia H. Sigourney, deceased. That Nellie Raymond, mentioned in the last will of Julia H., was taken into the family of Julia H. and her husband, William H. Sigourney, at the age of seven years, about the year 1856, when the Sigourneys lived on Arsenal St. That her name was then Nellie Alexander but the Sigourneys called her Nellie Sigourney.

In the petition to open probate, Brayton A. Field, as executor of Julia's will, listed the heirs and next of kin and her mother, Prudence Huntington was listed, but not included in the actual will of Julia.

Eveline A. Hitchcock of Watertown, NY, sister of the deceased.
Pearly Huntington of Lake Charles, LA, a brother
Nellie Raymond of 78th St., Bay Ridge, 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY, an adopted daughter
Anna H. Hitchcock of Watertown
dated: 7 June 1897

In a sworn statement by Eveline A. Hitchcock, sister of the deceased, she stated her age was 63 years on 7 July 1896. That her sister, Julia H. died on 27 December 1896. Dated 8 Dec. 1897.


Stratton, VT Land Records pp. 283, 284, 285:

On 13 March 1804, lands that were opened to bid and named:
Seventh through Eight Lot bid to Anthony Sigorney 4:58
Seventh range fourth Lot 50 acres bid to Anthony Sigorney 1:19
No. 43 lot of 40 acres to Anthony Segourney

Sigourney's who served in the War of 1812:

Andrew Sigourney, private in 76 Regt. Tucker's, New York Militia
Charles Sigourney as a drummer in 101 Regt. Carter's New York Militia; filed under "Sigony"
Peter Sigourney, private in 108 Regt. Britain's New York Militia
Anthony "Sigony", private in 76 Regt. Tuttle's New York Militia

*In the matter of the estate of Julia H. Sigourney: In an affidavit in the probate file of Robert Hitchcock, he stated that his wife, Eveline A. Hitchcock is the sister of Julia H. Sigourney, deceased. That Nellie Raymond, mentioned in the last will of Julia H., was taken into the family of Julia H. and her husband, William H. Sigourney, at the age of seven years, about the year 1856, when the Sigourneys lived on Arsenal St. That her name was then Nellie Alexander but the Sigourneys called her Nellie Sigourney.

In the petition to open probate, Brayton A. Field, as executor of Julia's will, listed the heirs and next of kin and her mother, Prudence Huntington was listed, but not included in the actual will of Julia.

Eveline A. Hitchcock of Watertown, NY, sister of the deceased.
Pearly Huntington of Lake Charles, LA, a brother
Nellie Raymond of 78th St., Bay Ridge, 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY, an adopted daughter
Anna H. Hitchcock of Watertown
dated: 7 June 1897

In a sworn statement by Eveline A. Hitchcock, sister of the deceased, she stated her age was 63 years on 7 July 1896. That her sister, Julia H. died on 27 December 1896. Dated 8 Dec. 1897.

Other Sources:

Wills and deeds of Jefferson County, NY
Cemetery records of Jefferson County and Findagrave
Historic newspapers of Jefferson County
Church records
Vital records of Colrain, MA and Oxford, MA, and other Massachusetts towns, and Jefferson County
Robert Colwell of Providence, RI, records of
DAR records
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