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Including Hosner and Petrie Allied Families

John G. Walrath of Oppenheim, Montgomery County, New York, was living in LeRay, Jefferson Co., NY by 1824, as documented by an indenture of land between James LeRay du Chaumont, and John G. for a parcel of land of 50 acres, situated in LeRay, Jeff. Co.; it was purchased as Lot No. 244, for $336. And, from an indenture in Fulton Co., NY Land Deeds Book 8, p. 180, an indenture was made on 8 December 1827 between the following parties:

John G. Walrath and Catharine, his wife, of LeRay, Jefferson Co., NY
Jacob Walrath and Betsey, his wife
Joseph G. Walrath and Nancy, his wife
Henry G. Walrath and Catharine, his wife
John Praim and Peggy, his wife
Abraham Walrath and Polly, his wife
Peter G. Walrath and Peggy, his wife
Betsey Walrath of Oppenheim, NY, all parties of the first part, and Daniel Walrath of the Town of Oppenheim Montgomery Co., NY of the second part, for the sum of $50 to them paid by the second party, quit claim the land in his actual possession, now being Lot No. 44 in the Patent of Lott & Lows Patent in the Town of Oppenheim.

Those who appeared to acknowledge the deed were:
Joseph G. Walrath, Nancy Walrath, Henry G. Walrath, Catharine Walrath, John Praim, Peggy Praim, Abraham Walrath, Polly Walrath, Peter G. Walrath, Peggy Walrath, Betsey Walrath...signed sealed and delivered in the presence of all except John G. Walrath and Catharine, his wife, and Jacob Walrath and Betsey, his wife...On 8 December 1827, personally appeared to acknowledge their signatures: Joseph G. Walrath and Nancy, his wife, Henry G. Walrath and Catharine, his wife, John Praim and Peggy, his wife, Abraham Walrath and Polly, his wife, Peter G. Walrath and Peggy, his wife, and Betsey Walrath...Recorded September 14, 1829, Fulton Co., NY Land Deeds.

From the will of John G. Walrath of LeRay, Jefferson Co., he named his son Daniel to whom he gave all of his real estate and personal estate with the following conditions: that he pays all debts owed by him at his decease and that he pays to his son, Peter Walrath a sum of money after his decease. He named his son, Jeremiah Walrath and went on to name his daughters: Nancy, Caty, Lena, Mary and Betsey. He then included his wife, Katherine, to be given a room in his dwelling house. His son, Daniel was appointed executor and the will was drawn on 6 February 1848 and signed John G. X Walrath, (his mark) The two witnesses were A. M. Harger of Pamelia and Peter Hoover of LeRay, and proved 12 April 1848. Jeff. Co., NY Wills, Vol. E, p. 580.{

Children of John G. Walrath and Catharine:
Catharine b 1807 d 1888; m Ely (Eli) Hoover
Nancy b 1808 d 1878; m James Petrie (see Petrie)
Lara b 1814 d 16 Aug. 1863 at 50 years; wife of Johan Jacob Bowman; he d 27 Dec. 1853
Daniel bc 1816 d 27 Oct. 1889 at 73 years
Mary b 1818 m Elias Bowman b 1813 (Johan J. Bowman and Elias, sons of Peter Bowman)
Betsey b 1824; m John Praim of Oppenheim, son of Jacob and Nancy
Peter b 1826; d 19 Dec. 1900 in Watertown; wife, Eliza b 1827
Jeremiah b 1828; wife Margaret b 1833

John G. was born probably in 1778, and he died 6 March 1848 at 68 years and is buried in the Old Evans Mills Cemetery in Jefferson County, NY. We know from various successive deeds that his wife's name was Katherine and she was born about 1792 and died 10 October 1886. A biography at her grave noted she was the second wife of John. It is tempting to assign a surname for John's wife, Katherine; however, there is no marriage record that has been posted to assure accuracy.

In 1838, John bought another 50 acre parcel of land in LeRay in 1838, which was part of Lot No. 243, and bordered by lands owned by James Petrie, Peter Blood, Richard and Henry Hoover and John U. Northrup. (Jeff. Co. Land Deeds, Vol. E3, p. 471.)

In tracing the ownership of the Lot No. 44 in Oppenheim to the original owner, there is an indenture made 31 Dec. 1807 between Walter S. Cochran of Palatine, NY of the first part and George Walradt of Manheim of the second part, Manheim then being part of Montgomery County at that time. The Lot was comprised of 288 acres and recorded on 17 April 1838. In the 1825 census of Oppenheim, there are four heads of families who seem to belong to this family and they are: Daniel, Henry G., Joseph G. and Peter G. Walrath. The middle initial of the father's first name was given to his male children, which was typical in Dutch families. And inasmuch as George Walrath was the first Walrath owner of the property named above, in Oppenheim, their father may very well have been George.

In another deed made on 9 February 1835 between John G. Walrath and Catharine, his wife, of LeRay, Jefferson Co., of the first part, and Daniel Walrath of Oppenheim, Montgomery Co., of the second part for the sum of $300, that lot known as No. 44 in the Lott and Low Patent in the town of Palatine, now Oppenheim, Montgomery Co., comprised of 288 acres. John and Catharine Walrath both signed the deed with an X and it was recorded on 17 April 1838. (Mont. Co. Deeds Vol. 43, p. 147.)

Daniel G. Walrath was a blacksmith and was born about 1799; his wife, Mary, was born about 1806 and both were born in Montgomery County. However, prior to 1858, Daniel passed away, and of necessity, indentures of land in Jefferson County were recorded on October 9, 1858 in Vol. 136, p. 452 of Jefferson County, NY land deeds. These deeds help to identify family members:

That Henry G. Walrath of the town of Stratford, Fulton Co., NY for the sum of $25 received of John Praim, sold his right and interest as one of the heirs at law in the real estate of Daniel G. Walrath, deceased; that Daniel was a brother to the grantor and died about three years since and was at the time the owner of a farm in Jefferson County, and it is now in the occupation of Abraham Walrath, another of the brothers and this deed is intended to convey Henry's share in the farm...dated 6 December 1856. /s/ Henry G. X Walrath. Dated 6 December 1856.

An indenture made 29 June 1857 between John Praim, of Oppenheim, Fulton Co., of the first part and George Klock of Orleans of the Second part, for $50 paid by the party of the first part...George Klock gives all his right and interest in the real estate of Daniel G. Walrath, deceased, as conveyed to him by the said party of the first part by Henry G. Walrath, one of the brothers and heirs at law of the said Daniel G. Walrath, deceased...being a farm of 63 acres in the town of Orleans, now occupied by Abraham Walrath, another of the brothers of the deceased Daniel G. Walrath. /s/ John X Praim

This indenture made 28 November 1857 between John Praim of Sponham, Fulton Co., NY, widower of the late Peggy Praim, deceased, sister and heir at law of Daniel G. Walrath deceased, Hiram Praim and Peggy Ann, his wife of the same place, and Mathew Cling and Catharine, his wife of Sharon in the state of NY of the first part, and George Clock of Orleans of the second part for the sum of $100 paid by the second party, give their interest in the estate of Daniel G. Walrath, deceased, being a farm of 63 acres in the town of Orleans, now occupied by Abraham Walrath, one of the brothers of the said deceased, Daniel. Conveyed by this deed is the interest that Peggy Praim had in the estate, and Hiram Praim and Catharine Cling being children and heirs of Peggy Praim.../s/ John X. Praim, Hiram Praim, Rebecca A. Praim, Mathew Kling, Catharine Kling all at Herkimer County on 26 June 1858.

The next indenture was made on 30 April 1858 between Jonas Frost and his wife, Martha, of Alexandria, Jefferson County, of the first part and Dolly Walrath of Orleans, of the second part for the sum of $1 paid by Dolly, they quit claim the land previously deeded by Florella Kenyon.../s/ Jonas Frost and Martha Frost. Abram Kinyon, of LeRay made his will on 7 January 1840 and named his wife, Florella, as well as certain parcels of land; his farm of 88 acres with $110 due on 21 Jan. 1840. He named daughters, Clymina Mary and Gustave Irene when they reached 21 years, who were to receive land on the east part of his farm. He also named his son, Abram Kinion who was to receive one-half of the 88 acres, being the westerly part of his farm when he reached age 21 and Florilla was to receive the other half. The will was dated 7 January 1840. (Jeff. Co. NY Wills, Vol. A p. 333)

This indenture made 31 July 1858 between George Klock and Mary, his wife, of Orleans, Jefferson Co., of the first part and Dolly Walrath, of the same of the second part, in consideration of $100 paid by Dolly, they sold their right and interest in the real estate of Daniel G. Walrath, deceased, being a farm of 63 acres in Orleans, now occupied by Abram Walrath, one of the brothers of Daniel G. Walrath, deceased, being the same premises conveyed by quit claim from John Praim, Rebecca A. Praim, Mathew Kling and Catharine Kling, to George Klock deed bearing 20 November 1857.../s/ George X. Klock, Mary X. Klock.

What is known of Dolly Walrath is offered by descendants, that being she was the daughter of Henry Walradt Jr., b 3 November 1768 and died 28 June 1829, and his wife Anna (Nancy) Bowman, daughter of Jacob Bowman and Anna Foltz. Dolly married Abram Walrath, date not known. However, another indenture made 30 April 1858 between Abraham Walrath of Orleans, and Dolly, his wife, of the first part and Jonas Frost of Alexandria of the second part, for the sum of $1 paid by the second parties, they quit claim their interest in the parcel of land heretofore deeded to Florella Kenyon, containing 63 acres.../s/ Abraham X Walrath and Dolly X Walrath. Rec. Oct. 9, 1858, Jeff Co. NY Deeds V. 135 p. 450.

Of the same volume, p. 451: an indenture made 22 July 1857 between Lany Bowman of Alexandria, Nancy Petre of Theresa, Daniel Walrath, Mary Bowman, Jeremiah Walrath of Leray of the first part and Dolly Walrath of Orleans, of the second part for the consideration of $1, quit claim land heretofore deeded to Florella Kenyon, containing 63 acres. /s/ Lany Bowman, Nancy Petre, Daniel Walrath, Mary Bowman, Jeremiah Walrath. On 18 September 1858, personally appeared: Lany Bowman and on 21 Sept. 1858 personally appeared Nancy Petrie, Daniel Walrath, Mary Bowman and Jeremiah Walrath to acknowledge their signatures on the deed. Recorded 9 Oct. 1858.

In the 1850 census of Orleans:
Abraham Walrath b 1796 NY
wife, Dolly b 1811, NY
Almira age 16
Martha 15, b 1837

The 1855 census of Orleans reveals that Abram, born Montgomery Co., and wife, Dolly, born Montgomery Co., had been residents of Orleans for eight years.

The relationship between Florilla Kenyon and the Walraths is not clear. Florilla Kenyon was born 31 Aug. 1798 and died 16 June 1886 at Evans Mills. Her husband was Abraham Kenyon 1803-1840, and two of their known children were Gustava Kenyon Van de Walker 1836-1913 and Abram (1839-1840).


Sometime after Abram Walrath died, Dolly remarried, date not known, to Nicholas Hosner whose first wife was Abigail Wiltse who deceased before the 1865 census. Abigail Wilsey (sic) was born 12 January 1802 and christened 4 March 1802 at the Lutheran St. Pauls Church, in Minden, Montgomery Co., NY. Her parents were listed as John and Rahel, which probably should have been Rachael.

In the 1850 census of Alexandria Bay in the household of Nicholas Hosner:

Abigail 48
Nicholas 49
Archibald 30
Charles 29
Arnold 27
Fanny 25
Maria 23
Semantha 19
James 17
Lorenzo 14
Pamela 11
Nelson 8

In the 1865 census of Alexandria in the household of Nicholas Hosner:

Dolly b 1811 in Herkimer County
Nicholas 65 b Otsego County
Fanny, dau. b 1823
S. Nelson age 22
Nicholas stated on the census that he was in his second marriage and was the father of 11 children. Dolly stated she was in her second marriage and was the mother of 7 children.

Nicholas Hosner died in Jefferson County, NY on 15 February 1879, and in the 1810 census of Alexandria:

Dolly Hosner b 1810
dau: Martha E. Frost, b 1837, whose husband was Jonas Frost b 1837, son of John G. Frost and wife Sally.

Frost children:
Ida J. b 1858
Lucien b 1866
Burton b 1871

James Hosner, son of Nicholas Hosner, was born in 1833, He married on 25 November to Lucy C. Comstock, daughter of Levi Comstock, Jr. and Jane Forrester.

Lucy Comstock Hosner's brother, Daniel Forrester Comstock was b 18 Dec. 1831 and died in Feb. 1903. He married on 9 May 1855 to Dolly Ann Petrie.


Among the early settlers of Herkimer County, NY by the Palatines, was Johan Joost Petrie, he being one of the original patentees of Burnetsheld with 93 others. Lands were allotted to him, his wife, Gertruyde, and his son Mark. The 86 acre lot, then and afterwards called the Stone Ridge, was allotted to his wife. The present village of Herkimer occupies a portion of this lot. Adjacent flats were liable to inundation, and this ridge was the only land upon which they could safely build. That circumstance caused so much dissatisfaction among the settlers that he divided this lot into smaller portions and gave them to the owners of the low lands adjacent. He was one of the principal men of the colony and had accumlated considerable wealth. He was referred to as the "Mayor of the village of the Palatinates," in the French account of the attack made on the colony in 1757. (source: History of Herkimer County, NY) Within the patent records of Burnetsheld, Johan Joost Petri is listed with Lot. No. 8, 30 acres, (north of the river) and Lot. No. 8, 70 acres, north. Wife, Gurtruydt was awarded Lot No. 17, of 86 acres, north of the river; known later as Stone Ridge, in Herkimer Village. He born 1689 and died 1770.

Their son, Marcus Mark Petrie, was born 1719 and died in 1776. His wife was Anna Eva Kessler b 1719 and d 1808. Their son was:
Johann Jost M. Petrie, b 1736 and d 1789. His wife was Catherine Kessler, b 1746. Their son was:
Johann Jost Petrie, b 1777 and d 1854. His wife was Dorothea Ann Staring, b 1777 and d 1856. Their children were:

James Petrie, born 24 November 1804 in Herkimer Co., NY and died 25 June 1878 in Oswego Co., NY. He was the son of Joseph Petrie b 1777 and d 30 October 1854 and his wife Dorothy (Dolly Ann) b 1777 d 7 Dec. 1856. James married Nancy Walrath, who was born 23 May 1808 and died 24 June 1878 in Richland, Oswego Co., NY. She is named in the will of John G. Walrath, as his daughter and of Theresa, NY. Nancy and James lived in Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY before moving to Richland, Oswego.
Children of James Petrie and Nancy Walrath:

Joseph b 1827 married Mary Petrie of Alexandria on 3 April 1850; she b 1832
Petrie children of Joseph and Mary:

1. Melvin b 17 Jan. 1857
2. John b 1852
3. Daniel b 1854; married ___Corbin of Sterlingville, NY

Sylvester b 5 Dec. 1829 d 9 March 1906; wife Caroline Young, b 1830 d 1913.
Petrie children of Sylvester and Caroline:

1. Cora b 1861; m 1)Jeremiah Drake b 1861, son Milton A. b 1886 she married 2) B. Franklin Mumma, b 1849 of Belmont Co., Ohio on 6 Oct. 1927
2. Emory b 12 May 1878; m Nina A. Branche

Solomon b 1830 d 15 June 1886 at 56 years; Lucinda,Howard, his wife, d 6 Sept. 1912 at 85 years.
Petrie children of Solomon and Lucinda:

1. Fremont Petrie b 16 Dec. 1858; d 10 Dec. 1910; married Stella Haskins, b 27 June 1859 and d 17 Oct. 1925
2. Della Petrie b 7 October 1864 and d 7 July 1908; married ___Lane and moved to Canada
3. Delton b 7 Oct. 1864, twin of Della

James b 1832; married on 6 March 1859 in Pamelia, Jeff. Co. Mary Densmore of Brownville. She was born in 1845 and died 24 May 1922. James b 1832 and d 5 Mar. 1902 in Pulaski, Oswego, NY

Petrie children of James and Mary:
1. Florence b 1860
2. Mary b 1861
3. Margaret m ___Carnes of Watertown, NY

Dolly (Ann) b 4 October 1833 - married Daniel Forrester Comstock; m 9 May 1855. Daniel was naturalized on 5 Jan. 1861 and his witnesses were James Petrie and Benjamin Sirts. Dolly died 24 May 1901 and she and Daniel are buried in Highland View Cemetery, Big Rapids, Michigan.
Comstock children of Dolly Ann and Daniel F. Comstock:

1. Chester b 30 October 1856
2. Eva Zunida b 30 October 1858
3. Jennie b 18 October 1861

Sally b 1835 married in 1855 to Richard Winner, b Jeff. Co. 15 October 1835, grandson of Charles Winner who d Buffalo NY at 80 years. Richard's father was Thomas Winner, born in New Jersey and died at 77 years. Thomas Winner married Annie Anthony of Vermont who died at 81 years. Thomas was a Quaker. Sarah died in 1886.
Children of Sally Petrie and Richard Winner:

1. Adolphus b 1853
2. Frederick b 1856
3. Matilda b 1858
4. Martha b 1859

Mary bc 1840

Emma bc 1847; m. 1) Bentley and 2) Turpening - in 1870 she was living with her parents as possibly a widow.

Joseph Petrie, brother of James, was born 16 December 1811 and at age five, moved with his parents to LeRay.
He was married three times:

1. Pamela (Permelia) Staring. She was born 5 March 1819, granddaughter of Henry I. Klock and Margaret Waggoner. Pamela died in 1855 at 40 years, daughter of Benjamin Staring of Evans Mills and Barbara Klock.
2. Elizabeth R. McMullen, born about 1830 and died in 1864 at 34 years. She was also born in Jefferson County.
3. Olive Parsons of Rodman, NY, born 14 April 1833, daughter of Cyrus and Miranda Eaton Parsons. She married Joseph on 7 February 1865 and died 21 April 1915.

Children by Pamela Staring:

1. Martin Petrie
2. Betsy Petrie b 24 April 1835 at LeRay, NY.
3. Maria Petrie; married Denatius Snell; she b 17 Oct. 1840; d 1925 in Plessis. He was born 1840 and died 1895.

a)Elmer F. 1865-1943 of Tanner's Corners
b)Gordon A. 1869-1958 of Plessis
c)Clarence Romaine 1874-1957 missionary
d)Gertrude Snell Brown 1875-1960 of Baton Rouge, LA

4. Benjamin Petrie, b 24 April 1845 in LeRay; married Elnora F. Sargeant of Orleans on 26 Nov. 1867; she was the daughter of Edmund Sargeant of Orleans; this couple resided in Plessis.

5. Amelia Petrie, b 7 April 1851; married ____Bentley of Plessis, NY.

6. Joseph Franklin Petrie of Plessis; b 1858 d 1951; married Del Service on 14 March 1886; she was a school teacher in Michigan. Dau: Vivian Petrie of New York City.

Children by Elizabeth McMullen:

7. Emma V.

No children by Olive Parsons.

In Joseph Petrie's petition to open probate, brought by Denacious Snell, the following heirs were listed: (Joseph died on 11 June 1885)

Betsey Turpening, of Dagmar, Oswego Co., NY
Maria Snell of Plessis, Jeff. Co.
Amelia Bentley of Spring Lake, Cayuga Co
Viola Griswold of Redwood, Jeff. Co.
Martin Petrie of Redwood
Benjamin Petrie of Alexandria
Joseph F. Petrie of Alexandria
Olive Petrie added later

Within the estate file is the following petition dated 4 June 1915, by J. Frank Petrie:

Joseph Frank Petrie, son and legatee of Plessis, NY
Maria Snell, daughter, of Plessis
Amelia Bentley daughter, of Syracuse, NY
Viola Griswold, daughter, of Nampa, Idaho
Wallace Holmes, executor of Benjamin Petrie, a deceased son who died leaving no children, of Redwood, NY
Elnora Petrie, widow of Benjamin Petrie, dec.
Martin Petrie, a son who died leaving a widow, Almira Petrie a resident of Redwood, NY
and the following children:
Frank Petrie of Redwood NY
Eva Sprague of Lafargeville, NY
Esther West of Redwood, NY
Carrie Houghtalling of Altmar, NY

A daughter, Minnie Vrooman, who has not been heard of for more than 7 years Addie Walker of Pulaski, NY, who was brought up by and resided with Betsey Turpening, a deceased sister of Benjamin Petrie, who was no legally adopted but who is supposed to be the sole legatee under an unprobated will of the said Betsey Turpening.

In a court case that followed J. Frank Petrie of Alexandria, as Administrator on 22 June 1915 stated there was no property to be administered except some real estate of about 48 acres, which under the will of Joseph Petrie, the executors were authorized to sell after the death of Olive Petrie, the widow of Joseph Petrie. Further, Olive Petrie, his widow, is now dead. He stated that Eunice Briggs was the only heir of Olive.

Nancy Petrie, sister of James and Joseph, married Jacobi Keller; daughter Anna bapt. 28 July 1822 in LeRay. Nancy Keller died 13 Sept. 1854 at 56 years, 7 months, 26 days. She is buried in Hoover Cemetery. Husband, Jacob, died 25 Sept. 1873 at 80 years, 11 months.

Children Keller surname:
1. Reuben married Catherine Helmer
2. John
3. Moses
4. Anna m. Absolom Baum
5. Simon m. Caroline Hoover
6. Aaron m. Louisa Helmer
7. Rosina m. Jonas Petrie, Jr.
8. William m Lydia Sixbury
9. Joseph married 1)Emily Waltz and 2)Susan Vebber
10. Charles, unmarried

Polly Petrie, another sister, married Jacob I. Hoover
She was born 18 Feb. 1802 and married Jacob I. Hoover. (Hubert) He was a son of Johannis Hubert 1739-1840, and Gertrude Crim, who was a daughter of Paul Crim. J. Hubert came from Switzerland and was in the Revolutionary War at Oriskany. He died in Little Falls, NY. Polly and Jacob were married on 22 July 1821. Jacob died in 1852 and Polly died in 1864.
Their children:

1. Lany Hoover b 15 Jan. 1822.
2. Mandy Hoover b 7 Nov. 1825
3. Katherine Hoover b 7 Nov. 1825
4. Mary Hoover b 10 Feb. 1836; married William Zoller from S. Columbia;
1)dau. Helena A. Zoller, b Manheim, NY. DAR No. 19594
5. Nancy Hoover b 15 Sept. 1832; married John P. Schaffer;
1)dau. Cora B. Shaffer, b Mannsville, NY, DAR No. 34795

Jonas Petrie, a brother, married Elizabeth (Betsy) Hoover b 3 May 1802 and d 1 Sept. 1887. He was born 7 Dec. 1799 and died 19 Dec. 1888, son of Johan Jost Petrie and Dorte (Dorothy) Staring.

a)Ann Petrie, born 10 October 1824; married 1)Peter Walrath and 2)George Gleason b)Sally Petrie, born 27 Dec. 1823; married Jeremiah March. Children:

1. Jane March
2. Henry March
3. Betsy March
4. Mary March
5. Charles March

c)George Petrie, b 11 July 1827; married Mary Hoover.
d)Jonas Petrie b 13 Jan. 1833; died 1898; married Lucinda Keller
e) William Petrie, b 13 Jan. 1833; d 1898; married Martha Sixberry 11 May 1856.

1)dau: Eva Petrie of Evans Mills; d 1944-45

f)Charles Petrie b 8 Oct. 1841; d 9 Sept. 1912; married Emogene Helmer and 2) Rose Happ. Lived in Evans Mills.

Johan Jost Petrie, born 15 February 1789 and christened 20 March 1789 at St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co., NY at the Dutch Reformed Church. Parents listed as Johannes Petri and Dorothea Petri.

Petrie sources: Genealogy; A Journal of American Ancestry Vo. 3-5, May 1914, p. 45: Early Settlers of Joachim; The Petries in America by Mrs. Frederick Staehla; census records, cemetery records, estate files of Jefferson County.

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