Jefferson County, NY


with allied VanTassel, Jarard, Towsley and Warner families

Ebenezer Worden of Stonington CT was born 1719 an died in 1791. He married on 12 Jan. 1738 to Borridel Button, the ceremony performed by Rev. Joseph Fish in Stonington, and witnessed by Benjamin Worden and John Button.

Children born in Stonington, from the vital records:
Abial b 12 May 1740; served in the Rev. War from Stonington, CT as a private. (DAR)
Ebenezer b 27 Feb. 1745
Borrodel b 26 Aug. 1747
Sabra b 25 Oct. 1752
Elizabeth b 31 Aug. 1755
Darius b 26 October 1757; served in the Rev. War from Stonington, CT, as soldier (DAR)

Darius Worden, father of Darius, was born in Stonington, New London, CT. 26 Oct. 1757 and died in Jefferson Co., NY. He married Charlotte Thornton. Burials were not found for either Darius or Charlotte. In the records of the Bottskill Baptist Church of Greenwich, Washington Co., NY, there is notice of Benjamin Worden, Sabra Hall, Delight Worden, Elizabeth Thornton and others, with a date of April 1782. A principal minister of the church was Peter Worden, among others. Delight Worden was b 10-26-1757 and married Benjamin Worden and Sabra, daughter of Ebenezer and Borridel, married Ezekiel Hall, Jr. Darius married Charlotte Thornton, whose cousin was Elizabeth Thornton.

Darius Worden and Charlotte Thornton had a son, Darius, b 1794 in CT and he became a resident with his wife, Lucinda, in Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY, after a short 1814 residence in Trenton, Oneida Co., NY. Both the father, Darius, and his son, Darius, Jr. were at LeRay, per the census record, in 1820. By the 1830 census, both Darius Worden and David Tousley were included in the Alexandria Township record.

Darius Worden, per the 1865 census of Theresa, Jeff. Co., was age 71 (b 1794 CT) with a wife, Lucinda, age 39 (b 1826).

Children of Darius Worden b 1794 CT, and Lucinda:
Their children, from the 1865 census of Theresa:

Darius Worden Jr. age 18
Reuben Worden, age 16
Phebe Jane Worden age 14
Nancy Worden age 12
Mary Worden age 10
Corben Worden age 7
Alma A. Worden age 5
Elisabeth Worden age 3
John Worden age 0
Uncle William Towsley age 46

The 1850 census of Theresa for this family:

Darius Worden age 58 b NY
Lucinda Worden age 23 b NY
Darius Worden age 4 b NY
Reuben Worden age 1 b NY
Chauncey Foster age 12 b NY
William Towsley age 31 b NY
Ely Towsley age 25 b NY
James Warner age 10 b NY

In the 1860 census of Theresa, Lucinda Worden is age 33, born Canada West and included a male child, Francis, age 3, who is missing on the 1865 census.

The indenture made 15 August 1820 between Allen Cole and Hopy, his wife of LeRay, of the first part, and Darius Worden of the same place of the second part...for the sum of $200 ..., a piece of land in LeRay, part of Lot No. 208 and 227 of Great Lot 4, McComb's purchase...containing 50 acres...Allen Cole acknowledge the deed and Hopy was examined separately...Jeff. Co., NY Deeds, Vol. O, p. 532.

An indenture made 10 August 1840 between Ebenezer Worden of Brownville, Jeff. Co. of the first part and Lucy Worden of the same place of the second part...for the sum of $200 paid by the party of the second part...a piece of land situated in Brownville, being a part of 32 acres, conveyed to said Ebenezer Worden by Isaac H. Bronson and wife on 10 July 1837 and recorded in the Book L3 of deeds, page 123...said lot will include 10 acres of land...recorded 12 Aug. 1840, V N3, p. 15 Jeff. Co., NY Deeds.

In an indenture made 1 March 1867 between Darius D. Worden, Reuben Worden and Phebe Jane Worden, infants over the age of 14 years, and Nancy Alice Worden, Maryette Worden, Corbin Francis Worden, Alma Augusta Worden, Sabra Eliza Worden and John Worden of Theresa, NY, infants under the age of 14 years, of the first part by their Special Guardian, Anson Harder, duly appointed, and David Bearup and Semen W. Tyler of the same place, of the second part...whereas a petition was heretofore presented to the Supreme Court on behalf of the above named infants, praying for a sale of the right, title and interest of the said infants in the premises in said petition mentioned and hereinafter described; upon which petition an order of the Supreme Court was made, bearing date the 7th day of August 1866, appointing Anson Harder above named Special Guardian of such infants...and by an order of the Supreme Court bearing date 24 October 1866, it was among other things in substance ordered that the above named Anson Harder be authorized to contract for the sale and conveyance of the right title and interest of the infants in such real estate for a sum not less than that specified in the Reference Report...a parcel of land situated in the town of Theresa, formerly Alexandria, as part of Lots No. 123 of Great Lot 4 of Macombs purchase...(followed by legal descriptions of several parcels of land)...executed on 14 March 1867...recorded March 16 1867.
Jeff. Co., NY Deeds Vol. 170 page 281.

In the matter of the estate of Darius Worden of Theresa, Jeff. Co., NY: (information in italics is added information found in research and not in the probate matter)
On the petition of Perceival D. Bullard of Theresa to open probate, dated 9 January 1867, he stated that Darius departed this life on 26 October 1865 of a natural death and left no will. His heirs were:

Lucinda Worden of Theresa, his widow
Darius D. Worden b 19 Oct. 1846 in Jefferson
Reuben Worden b 5 March 1849 in Theresa and d 24 Nov. 1927 in Clark Co., WI
Phebe Jane Warner b 5 May 1851 in Jeff. Co. and d April 1930 in Clark Co., WI
Nancy Worden b 12 April 1853 in Jeff. Co.; m George H. Sayles (1850-1908)
Mary Etta Worden b March 1855 in Jeff. Co. and d May 1927 in Stanley, WI; m Joseph Flora (1844-1908)
Corbin F.(rances) Worden b 14 June 1857 Jeff. Co. and d 1919 in Elroy, Juneau Co, WI; m Emily Jane Farra on 31 March 1878 in Elroy, dau. of Samuel and Mary Farra
Alma Wordon b August 1859 Jeff. Co. and d 1936 in Clark Co., WI; m 1882 William VanDeusen (1845-1928)
Sabra (Elizabeth) Worden b Dec. 1862 Jeff. Co. and d 1941 Hannibal, WI; m Lowell Cornwell (1857-1931)
John J. Worden b 30 Nov. 1864 Jeff. Co. of Theresa, All children of the deceased and all minors with no general guardian.

In the 1870 census of Theresa, Jeff. Co., John, Alma, Sabra and Darius are in the household of Jerome and Lucinda Foster.

John J. Warden was born 30 Nov. 1863-4 in Theresa, Jeff. Co., NY. His descendants name his parents as John Foster and Lucinda Jerard (Source: Message Board -Owens) Lucinda was the daughter of William Jerard and born in Canada; she died in 1908 in Clark County, Wisconsin. She married Jerome Foster who was born 9 Dec. 1828 in Brownville, Jeff. Co. and died 4 April 1919 in Jump River, Wisconsin.

son: Hubert Foster b 7 May 1868 in Theresa, WI and d 22 Jan. 1922 in Jump River, WI; married 24 April 1890 in Clark Co., WI to Amanda Buyatt, daughter of William Buyatt and Mary Jane Asher.


William Jerard was bc 1798 in Devonshire/Yorkshire England and dc 1865 in New York. His wife, Phoebe Jane Vincent was b 1800 in New York and died Nov. 1883 in Thorp, Wisconsin
The Jerard children were:

1. Sarah (Sally) Ann Jerard b 1 Nov. 1822 in Brownville, NY and d 29 March 1906 in Alexandria Bay, NY. She married Sylvester Van Tassel on 24 May 1840 in Jefferson Co., NY. He was born 23 March 1820 in NY and d 8 Sept. 1875 in NY. He was the son of Henderick H. Van Tassel 1780-1850, who married 6 Jan. 1802 in Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co., NY to Margaret McKensie 1781-1859.

Children (surname VanTassel)
a. George Washington Van Tassel b 7 Feb. 1841 NY and d 20 Aug. 1923 in Elroy, WI m 22 Feb. 1864 Mary Jane Warner, dau. of Stephen and Elizabeth Sweet Warner; she d 2 April 1878 and he married 2)6 July 1879 to Mary M. Vinals, dau. of Sidney and Elizabeth Lanham Vinals; she b 4 Dec. 1858.

Georgianna b 13 March 1865; m July 1882 Leander Bruno in Thorp, WI
Clarissa May b 7 June 1868 d 1887
Helen b 12 Aug. 1869 d 1878
Dorcas b 17 Dec. 1872; m 12 Aug. 1895 Frank Randolph in Gladstone, MI
Byron b 27 March 1880
Kittie b 5 June 1881
George W. b 22 Feb. 1883
Henry b 23 May 1885

b. Byron Van Tassel b 2 Feb. 1844 and d 6 Nov. 1862 in Emory Gen. Hospital, Washington, D.C.; served in the Civil War as Union soldier
c. William G. Van Tassel b 26 Mar. 1846 in Theresa, Jeff. Co. and d 19 Sept. 1917; married Isabelle McRobbie on 21 Feb. 1872 at Oxbow Presbyt. Church. She was the dau. of James and Ellen McRobbie and she was b July 1851. Removed to Hammond, St. Lawrence Co., NY

Thurston E. b 5 May 1873
Robert D. b 25 May 1874
Byron D. b 17 Jan. 1875
Wilhelmina b 17 Aug. 1878
James H. b 26 Jan. 1882 d young
Ernest L. b 23 Feb. 1887
Ellen b 22 Sept. 1890
William B. b 1 March 1892
Elmer b 19 Aug. 1895

d. Jerome Van Tassel b 31 Mar. 1848 and died June 1870; married Ellen or Helen J. George c 1872; she died June 1873.
e. Eugene Van Tassel b 14 Sept. 1850 and d 14 Sept. 1871 in Antwerp, Jeff. Co., NY
f. Charlotte A. Van Tassel b 4 April 1854 in NY and d 20 Nov. 1893; married Charles Harris in 1872, he b 31 Jan. 1852 and d 22 June 1919. He was the son of Timothy and Minerva Lacy Harris, who married 6 Oct. 1847 in Jeff. Co. Charles and his sister, Ella A. Harris, are listed in the 1860 census of Theresa, NY and he is still in the family household in the 1870 census. Probable marr. 2) Cora Davis who has a tombstone in Redwood but no final dates. Note: Aaron Benson's obituary listed Mrs. Cora Harris as a half sister. Charlotte and Charles resided on the old Towsley farm in Jeff. Co.

1. Cornelia Van Tassel b 1872 d 1897
2. Walter W. Harris b 20 Nov. 1873 d 1932; m Lid(y)a A. Dunn, b 1885 d 1952 m 25 Feb. 1903 in Theresa, NY. She was the dau. of Alanson Fairbanks Dunn 1846-1910 and Eliza Ann Golby 1852-1920.

a)Laura Myrtle Harris 1905-1982 m 26 Aug. 1925 at Redwood, Jeff. Co. to Robert William Malloy 1895-1973
b)Violet Lucille Harris 1914-1976 m 12 June 1934 in St. Lawrence Co., NY to Arthur F. Hitchman 1910-1987
c)Dorothy Madeline Harris 1919-2008 m 26 June 1939 to Roy Kenneth Stevenson 1913-1991

3. Ida Harris b 1877 d 1896
4. Willard H. Harris b 1878 d 1954; m at age 55 on 4 April 1933 in St. Lawrence Co., NY to Louisa N. Lihou, age 47, b 1866. H died 1954. dau. of Albert Lihou and Louisa Ozard. She d. 1985 at Redwood, Jeff. Co.
5. Nettie M. Harris b 1883 d 1940
6. Pearl Harris b 1890; m 20 Sept. 1911 to Willard E. Smith, b 1889, son of Dewitt Smith and Mary Nichols

g. Harriet Belle Van Tassel b 15 May 1857 in Theresa, NY and d 6 Mar. 1910 in Alexandria Bay, NY; married Joseph E. Morse b 29 June 1844. In 1900 they had been married for 20 years. Joseph had military service 2 June 1865. He d 14 Sept. 1923 in Alexandria.
Children: (Morse surname)

Guy Sylvester Morse b 29 June 1886; d 1958; m Etta Belle Snyder (5 children) she b 1890 d 1924 and 2)Ina___b 1906. Guy and Ina appear on the 1830 census of Watertown with daughter, Merle, age 9. Children with Etta Belle:

1. Hazel b 1908
2. Ruth b 1910 m 12 Jan. 1924 to Ray Robinson b 1903, son of Frank Robinson and Mary Dodge
3. Lawrence b 1913; m 23 March 1935 to Lula Maud Loomis, daughter of Fred C. Loomis and Maud Hagerman
4. Daisy b 1916

Childen with Ina:
5. Merle b 6 April 1921 d 7 March 2006; married Wm. E. Lawler 1909-1987

Winsor Bretch Morse b 22 Sept. 1895; m 28 Dec. 1922 in Jeff. Co. to Lila Fairbanks she b 1898 and was of Black River, dau. of Stephen Fairbanks and Martha Taylor. Winsor d 19 March 1949 at Black River, Jeff. Co., NY He served as a private in Bat. 7 336 Field Artillery in World War I and was discharged March 20, 1919.

Children: Elaine M. b 1924 In the 1940 census of LeRay dau. Elaine is 16 and widow Martha Fairbanks is in the household at age 79.

h. Alice Viola Van Tassel b 7 Jan. 1860 in NY and d 9 April 1945 in NY; married George Cliffe Children: (Cliffe surname) She may have married: 2)James Stacy
Georgianna, Margaret, Leamore H. and Fuller K.
i. Henry Van Tassel b 21 Dec. 1861 in NY and d 20 April 1928 in Natural Bridge, Jeff. Co., NY. m Zora E. Crimps, dau. of Duane F. and Imogene Petty Crimps. She b 29 Dec. 1867. He was a carpenter and worked in the local mills.
Children: (Van Tassel surname)

Lillias b 5 July 1884
Eddie D. b 25 Aug. 1885
Earl W. b 10 July 1891 d 1893
Alice Ruby b 23 Oct. 1895
Jessie I. b 1906; m 15 March 1926 Theodore W. Donaghy, b 1905. He was the son of Clarence Donaghy and Rebecca Simpson. Theodore was a lineman, b Brighton, Ontario Canada. Jessie was a school teacher.

2. Lucinda Jerard was b 1826 in Canada and d 1908 in Eidsvold, Clark Co., WI. She married 1) Darius Worden and 2)Jerome Foster. He was born 9 Dec. 1828 in Brownville and d 4 April 1919 in Jump River, WI.
3. Charlotte Jerard was bc 1830 in S. Hammond, St. Lawrence Co., NY and d 1873 in Wisconsin. She married Jonathan B. Warner, who was born 16 Nov. 1831 in Mayfield, Montgomery Co., NY and died 2 March 1905 in Thorpe, WI. See Warner lineage below for the full family.

Son, John Warner m 16 Sept. 1893 at Boyd, Chippewa Co, WI to Lena Nelson; he b 1871
Dau. Adelade b 1866
Dau. Nory m 4 July 1879 in Clark Co. WI to Lewis Bruno

4. William J. Jerard was b 22 March 1833 in St. Lawrence Co., NY, and d 6 Jan. 1912 in Eidsvold, Clark Co., WI. He married Dorcas Warner who was born in 1836.
In the 1850 census of Theresa, Jeff. Co., NY:

Stephen Warner age 48, b NY
Elizabeth Warner age 45, b NY
Seneca Warner age 23 b NY
Dorcus Warner age 15, b NY
Anna Warner age 8, b NY
Mary T. Warner age 6, b NY
Sylvanus Warner, age 5, b NY

5. Henry Vincent Jerard was b 30 July 1836 in Orleans, Jeff. Co., NY and d 1 Jan. 1897 in Eidsvold. He married Hester Ann Wright in August of 1863 in Alexandria Bay. She was born 18 Jan. 1845 in Hammond, St. Lawrence Co. and died 12 Oct. 1933 in Stanley, Chippewa Co., WI
In the 1880 census of Thorp, Clark Co., WI:

Henry V. Jerard age 45, b NY
Hester A. Jerard age 33, b NY
Alice B. Jerard age 15, b Michigan
Mary E. Jerard age 12 b Canada
PHEBEE JERARD, mother age 80 b NY

6. Jane Jerard was bc 1839 in NY and died in Redwood, NY. She married James Towsley, who died 11 May 1865 in Grant General Hospital, Willet's Point, New York Harbor from Civil War service.
7. John W. Jerard was bc 1839 in NY and d 30 Oct. 1863 in Fort Meigs Post Hospital, Washington, D.C. He married Anna Warner, born 3 Feb. 1842 in Theresa, Jeff. Co., NY and d 27 Oct. 1913 in Redwood, Jeff. Co.
(Jerard shared family record from Owen of Clark Co, WI) (Van Tassel record Additional: Family Record by Daniel Van Tassel of Tarrytown, NY compiled prior to 1920)

It is interesting to note that in the 1890 special schedule census in Wisconsin, of surviving soldiers from the Civil War, the following men were listed:

Jerome Foster
Sylvanus S. Warner
William Jerard
Henry Jerard

Next door in the 1860 Jefferson Co. census is Barnard Worden, age 45, who was born in Pennsylvania (1815) His wife is Sally, age 39, born NY and
Eli Worden, age 23
Ebenezer Worden 4/12
William Towsley, age 41

In the Jeff. Co. census of 1850:
Bernard Worden age 35
Sally Worden age 28
Ely Worden age 13
Orphah Worden age 11

An indenture made on 22 April 1829, between Luther Winch of Brownville, Jef. Co. and his wife, Laura, of the first part, and Barnard Worden of the same place of the second consideration of the sum of $350 ...a plot of land in the town of Brownville of 24 acres...
Recorded April 23, 1829 at 5 p.m.

In the 1875 census of Hixton, Jackson Co., WI, Barny Worden is listed with 3 males and 1 female.

In the 1880 census of Hixton, Jackson Co., WI:
Barnard Warden age 65 b PA
Sally, wife age 59 b NY (Towsley, see below)
Eli, son, age 43 b NY
Charles, son age 20 b NY

Charles Warden age 22, b NY, son of Barnard and Sarah Warden, died at Wrightville Jackson Co., WI on 4 May 1884. He is buried in the Sechlerville Cemetery at Hixton, Jackson Co., WI.

In 1900 in Hixton, Jackson Co., Wisconsin:
Jasper H. Preston age 64 b Canada
Orpha Preston, wife, age 61, b NY; marriage 3 Jan. 1858 in Jackson Co., WI
Sally Warden, mother-in-law, age 79 b NY
Sally's birthday was listed as April 1821, she was a widow and the mother of 3 children, and only 1 now living. Her father was born in Germany and her mother born in NY.

Barnard Worden, whose daughter, Orpha Preston died on 20 Feb. 1920 in Afton, Washington Co., Minnesota at 80 years, with a birth date of 1839 in New York. Her mother's surname on the death certificate is Towsley.

Ebenezer Worden was living next door to Bernard Worden in the 1850 Jeff. Co. census at Theresa;
Ebenezer Worden, age 39, b 1811 PA
Welthy age 35 (Welthy Verona Conklin b 1815 d 1854 in Sheboygan Co., WI)
Martin V. B. age 15 (b 18 July 1836)
Phebe J. age 13 b Canada (b 14 July 1836) d 1903 with surname of Piper and died in Sheboygan Co., WI
Milo age 10
Clarrissa age 7
Elisabeth 4
George 1


In the 1810 census of Ellisburg:
Herman Towsley and Thomas Towsley

Thomas Tousley:
was born 9 November 1779 in Rupert, Bennington, VT and died 1867. He married Clarissa Bemis c 1822. In an indenture made 6 March 1816 between Thomas Tousley of Ellisburg and Betsey, his wife of the first part, and Ichabod S. Tousley of Ellisburg of the second part...Both Thomas and Betsey acknowledged the deed. V I p. 26. On page 28 of the same volume, an indenture made 24 February 1816 between Ichabod S. Tousley of Ellisburg and Nancy, his wife, of the first part, and Elias Wilder of the second part...


1.Thomas J. Towsley was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co on 19 August 1826, a son of Thomas and Clarissa (Bemis) Towsley, both natives of Bennington, VT. The father of Thomas "Sr." was Hezekiah Towsley, a native of Vermont, his being one of three families that first settled in Ellisburg, where he died at the age of 88 years. Maternal grandfather of Thomas (1826), was Samuel Bemis who came from Bennington, VT and was also an early settler of Ellisburg, where he died. Thomas (1826) was a captain in the War of 1812 and participated in the battle at Sackett's Harbor; both his grandfathers were in the Revolutionary War, and Hezekiah Towsley was at the taking of Ticonderoga. Thomas, the father died in Ellisburg in 1858 at 78 years and wife, Clarissa, died in 1854 in her fifty-second year. Thomas J. was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools in Jefferson Co. He worked in a glass factory for six years but his main occupation was farming. He moved to Sandy Creek, NY in 1856. Thomas was married twice: first to Phoebe M. Brown and they had two children - William D., a physician of Camden, Oneida Co., and Alice C., who married George D. Thomas of Orwell. Phoebe died on 8 October 1887 at 52 years and Thomas married 2) on 14 March 1889 to Hattie R. Sprague, a native of Sandy Creek and daughter of Alonzo and Matilda Sprague (1895 Landmarks of Oswego Co., NY)

2. Oliver Tousley

3. Reuben Tousley was bc 1773 in Vergennes Twp, Addison Co., VT. He married Mary Jennings.
Children of Reuben and Mary:

Harriet bc 1801
Orr b 27 Oct. 1803 in Waltham, Addison Co. and d 10 Feb. 1892 in LeSueur, LeSueur Co. MN Orr Towsley was in Lorraine NY in 1830; he m 1)Tirzah Randall on 23 Feb. 1826 in Ellisburg, Jeff. Co. and 2)Mrs. Eliza Earl William on 14 April 1867.

Clarissa b 20 Dec. 1826 in Jeff. Co., NY d 15 Oct. 1893 in MN; m William Holmes Woods
Mary Lurancy b 22 Sept. 1828 in Jeff. Co., NY d 10 Mar. 1909 LeSueur, MN m John Seldon Parker
George Mortimer b 19 Oct. 1830 in Jeff. Co.

Reuben R. Tousley b 18 Nov. 1804 in Jefferson Co.
Land indenture made 19 September 1851 between Chauncey A. Bemis and Roena M. Bemis, his wife of Lyndon, Sheboygan Co., WI, of the first part and Reuben P. Tousley of Ellisburg of the second part...V 103 p 271
Clarisa Tousley b 1806

4. Harriet Tousley
5. Reuse Tousley
6. Maitland Tousley bc 1846 m Mary L. Corey bc 1851
7. Elizabeth Jane Tousley b 12 Feb. 1824 d 1 Feb. 1897; m Eber Delos Eaton
8. Mary Tousley bc 1829; m 1) Reuben__ and 2)George Bassett

The 1820 census of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY shows the following heads of families:
David Towsley, Jr.
Hezekiah Towsley
Eli Towsley - m Melinda Hurlbut, dau. of Joab and Submit; she b Cornwall, CT 20 March 1781; they removed to Smithville in Chenango Co., NY and in 1863 both died leaving a large family.
Jacob Towsley
David Towsley

By the 1830 census,
David Towsley was in Orleans, Jeff. Co., NY
Hezekiah and Jacob were still in Ellisburg and so was Thomas Towsley, and Susan Towsley
Eli had moved on to Hounsfield

James R. Towsley was bc 1819-20 and in 1850 was living in Lyme, Jeff. Co.
Sarah Towsley age 30 bc 1819-20
Emma Fisher age 7

In 1860, still in Ellisburgh:
James age 39
Sarah age 39
Flora Eaton age 30
Eliphaz Eaton age 28

In 1870 at Ellisburg:
James Towsley age 49
Emma Towsley age 27
May Towsley age 9

James R. Tousley was born 14 Feb. 1821 and d 26 Dec. 1882; buried in the Giddingsville Cemetery in Jeff. Co. His wives: Sarah G. Tousley d 5 Sept. 1864 and Emma Tousley b 1843 d 1916

Emma Fisher Tousley Mayo d 11 May 1916 at 73 years James R. Tousley left a will which was dated 14 April 1881. (NY Land Records, Jeff. Co., NY, V 233 p. 236) He left to his wife, Emma A. Tousley, all of his personal property and use of his real estate. He named his daughter, Marcia May Tousley. Gideon Tousley of Belleville, Jeff. Co., and Edward F. Tousley of Ellisburg, witnessed the will. Proved: 16 April 1883.
See also: Land indenture made 16 March 1853 between Gideon T. Tousley of Lyme of the first part and James R. Tousley of the second part, ..V 111-p.601

Gideon Tousley:
In the wills of Jefferson Co., NY is that of Gideon Tousley v 28 p. 125. Within the petition to open probate by Charles C. Tousley of Adams, Jeff. Co., the following relationships are identified:
Roena Bemis (a sister) of Plymouth, Sheboygan Co., WI
Reuben Barns Tousley, a brother, of San Francisco, California
Fletcher Tousley, a brother, whose last known address was Dubuque, Dubuque Co., Iowa
Edwin F. Tousley, a nephew of Smithville, Jeff. Co.
Charles C. Tousley, nephew of Smithville
Mary E. Grant, niece, of Rodman, Jeff. Co.
The last three are the children of a brother, Ira G. Tousley, now deceased.
Emma S. Mayo, brother's widow of E. Palermo, Oswego Co., NY
Mary Tousley, niece, whose place of residence is unknown and cannot be ascertained.
The last two named are the widow and daughter of a brother, James R. Tousley, now deceased. All are more than 21 years of age except the said Mary E. Grant who was 14 years of age on the 25th day of April 1888. That Charles C. Tousley of Adams is of full age and a nephew of the deceased, Gideon T. Tousley.
Dated 11 June 1889.

In the will, Gideon names the following:
To my nephews and nieces, viz.: Augustus D. Bemis and Mary A. Graves (son and daughter of my sister Roena Bemis)both of Plymouth, Wisconsin
Charles C. Tousley of Adams
Mary E. Tousley of Rodman, NY, son and daughter of my brother, Ira Tousley
Claricy Ida Tousley of Ellisburgh, daughter of my nephew, Edwin F. Tousley
Charles C. Tousley named Executor. Will dated 7 Feb. 1889 /s/Gideon T. Tousley
Proved 11 June 1889

Hiram Tousley:
An indenture made on 4 February 1863 between Nathan T. Holley, Esq., as the special Guardian of Edward E. Giddings of Ellisburg, NY, and under age 21, of the first part and J. Foster Tousley, Fanna . Taylor, Amanda M. Matteston, Frances C. Tousley, Betsey B. Van Auken, Hiram F. Tousley, Ophelia Tousley and Imogene Tousley as the heirs at law of Hiram Tousley, deceased of the second part... petitioned to sell land from the estate of Hiram Tousley. Another indenture on page 22 of Deeds v 156, between Charles M. Giddings, one of the children and heir at law of Lyman M. Giddings of Ellisburg, deceased, and Electa M. Holley of the same place of the first part and J. F. Tousley, Fanny A. Taylor, Amanda M. Matteson, wife of William Matteson, Cornelia Tousley, Betsey B. Van Auken, wife of Lyman Van Aukin, Hiram Fay Tousley, Ophelia Tousley, Imogene Tousley, heirs at law of Hiram Tousley of Ellisburg, deceased of the second part...

On page 26 of the same volume, an indenture was made on 7 November 1863 between Electa M. Holley, wife of Nathan T. Holley and late widow of Lyman M. Giddings, late of Ellisburg of the first part and Samuel Matteson and William Matteson of the second part.

In the 1860 census of Theresa, Jeff. Co., NY:
Eli Tousley age 35 (b 1825)
Julia A. Tousley age 27
John F. Tousley age 7
Amanda Tousley age 5
Mary J. Tousley age 1


Stephen Arnold Warner was born 10 August 1803 in Montgomery Co., NY; married 10 June 1825 to Elizabeth Sweet. He died 10 January 1880 in Clark Co., Wisconsin. Elizabeth was born 29 March 1805 in New York and died 8 April 1890 in Clark Co., Wisconsin, daughter of William and Mary Sweet. Stephen left Jefferson Co., in 1865 and with his son, Jonathan B., moved to Juneau Co., WI where they settled on an 80 acre farm, being joined there in 1868 by the wife, and their son, William. Later in that same year, Sylvanus and his wife and one child, Bill, arrived and bought an adjoining farm. (Note: the county history states he came in 1874. Five of the sons served in the Civil War which accounts for the difference in settlement dates.)

Children of Stephen A. Warner and Elizabeth:

1. Benjamin Warner b 1825
2. Seneca Warner b 4 June 1827 in Mayfield, NY; d 1881 in Theresa, Jeff. Co., NY married 1859 Elizabeth Collins
3. Samuel Woodruff Warner b 14 Jan. 1829 d 1877 in Hixton, WI married 1851 Nancy B. Smart Cradle (1835-1902) bur. Portage Co., WI
4. Jonathan B. Warner b 16 Nov. 1831 in Mayfield, NY d 2 March 1905 in Waupaca Co., WI married 1851 in Theresa, NY to Charlotte Jerard. Moved to WI in 1865.

Sylvanus m Abbie Larson
Timothy b 4 June 1853 in Jefferson Co., NY d 11 July 1924 in Clark Co., WI m Matilda "Melissa" Wright b 26 Nov. 1852 d 8 March 1942
Emma C. Warner b Dec. 1854 d 14 Oct. 1912; m 1874 in Elroy, WI to James Jordan (parents of 14 children)
Elnora D. Warner bc 1864 in NY d Aug. 1913 in Jump River, WI m William T. Buyatt (1862-1935)
Adalaide Warner b 4 March 1866 in Juneau Co., WI d 1948 in Jump River, WI m Mathew M. Story (1866-1942)
John M. Warner b 2 Dec. 1872 in WI d 30 Jan. 1930; m 1894 Lena Nelson

5. William Sweet Warner b 30 May 1833 in Mayfield, NY d 8 July 1897 in Clark Co., WI married 1855 Nancy Augusta Brintnall b 27 Feb 1839 d 1892, dau. of James M. Brintnall (1812-1890) and Sarah Dibble Fenn (1818-1872). Moved to WI in 1865.
6. Dorcus Warner b 14 Sept. 1835 d 1890 in Wisconsin married 1856 William J. Jerard
7. Jerusa B. Warner b 1839 NY NFI
8. James A. Warner b 14 Jan. 1837 in NY d 1897 in Plessis, Jeff. Co., NY married 1860 Nancy Ann Manning (1829-1889) Jeff. Co.
9. Anna Warner b 2 Feb. 1842 in NY d 27 Oct. 1913 in Redwood, NY married 25 Oct. 1860 in Redwood to John W. Jerard and 2)21 April 1867 in Redwood to John Bailey
10. Mary Jane Warner b 15 Jan. 1844 in NY d 2 Feb. 1879 in Redwood, NY buried in WI married 1 Feb. 1864 to George VanTassel
11. Sylvanus Sweet Warner b 1 April 1846 in Jefferson Co., NY d 5 Jan. 1939 in Clark Co., WI married 20 Oct. 1866 in Lafargeville, NY to Phoebe Jane Worden (1851-1930) Sylvanus came from Jefferson Co., NY in 1874. He and his family started overland by ox team for Clark Co., WI and arrived May 14, making the trip in 10 days. In 1913 he sold his farm and moved to Thorp, WI and on 20 October 1866 he married Phebe Jane Worden, who was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 5 May 1851, daughter of Darius and Lucinda C. (Jerard) Worden, her father being a farmer who died in 1865 at the age of 77 years. Her mother died in 1908 at the age of 82.

Five of the sons above, fought for the Union in the Civil War: Jonathan B NYHA; James A. NY Light Artillery and participant in 27 battles; Sylvanus S. NY Cavalry; Samuel W. Wis. Vol. Infantry and William S. in the Wisconsin Vol. Infantry.
Source: History of Clark Co. WI pp 487-489.

Additional sources: Census records, cemetery records, land deeds, county histories, Civil War records, family records, DAR records, church records, vital records, Jefferson Co., NY Genweb records, State of Wisconsin records and biographical information.

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