1. WILLIS J. BLAIR was born abt. 1829, died about 1900. He was a Civil War Veteran listed on Sanderson's Master File Regiment 013thNYVC. Enlisted in 1863, discharged 5/31/1866. This has been confirmed on various genealogy sites and a relative saw the letters DAV on his gravestone which means he was a Disabled War Veteran.

October 8, 1886, under "Adams" it says "The Watertown Herald will be sold hereafter by Willis Blair. His headquarters will be at the 'Lake & Ocean' grocery store of L.E. Foster."

He was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Adams, NY.

He married
NANCY A. C. COOKE, who was born 11 Nov 1831 in Scotland, and died 27 Feb 1895. She was the daughter of WILLIAM COOK and MARY CORWALL or CORNWELL, Scotland. She was living on Clay Street when she died.

Children, BLAIR:

2    i    HENDERSON DAVID BLAIR, b. abt. 1867, Rodman; d. 4/24/1939 m. Harriet (Hattie) Moore (2/17/1867 in Worthville; d. 5/1/1926); both buried in Union Cemetery.

3   ii    ISABELL BLAIR b. about 1851 (need record of marriage and children)

4  iii    ANDREW BLAIR b. about 1854 (need record of marriage and children)

5   iv   MARY BLAIRr b. about 1860 (need record of marriage and children)

6    v    MISELLA BLAIR (b. 1/19/1864) m. Frank Lambie (b. abt. 1861, married Missella in 1884 in Adams. Child: Guy W. Lambie may be buried in Adams.

7   vi    WILLIS J. BLAIR, Jr. (b. abt 1869, d. ?), m. OLGA RUTSCHIED

2. HENDERSON DAVID BLAIR, son of WILLIS J. BLAIR & NANCY A. C. COOKE was born abt. 1867 in Rodman. He died 24 Apr 1939.

He married
HARRIET (HATTIE) MOORE who was born 17 Feb 1867 in Worthville and died 1 May 1926. They were both buried in Union Cemetery.

8  i     ROBERT A. BLAIR b. 8/9/1886 d. 7/24/1961 m. Huldah Jane Oatman b. 8/26/1890 d. 5/1/1985

9   ii    JUNE BLAIR

10  iii    KENT HAVEN BLAIR (b. 7/16/1914 d. 1/30/2007---I think he is buried around Adams

11  iv    WAYNE HENDERSON BLAIR (b. 26 Jul 1888 d. Jan 1979) m. MABELLE FULLER (b. about 1890, d. about 1968);

12  v    RICHARD F. BLAIR (b. about 1920, d. 1928

13   vi    BERNICE BLAIR (?)

Both Wayne and Robert were born in the Adams area. They owned farmland according the the Jefferson County Farm Directory. Wayne's was listed as the Maple View Farm, Lot H27, RFD 1, Adams Center. Robert was WOS (whatever that means) as Lot H76. It lists them as dairy farmers. According to family recollections, Wayne was the only owner of a farm. It is possible that the farm listed as Roberts was actually Hulda Oatman's farm. We don't know.
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