Business in Jefferson County 1867-1868

Business in Cape Vincent 1867-1868


Lyttle, Hanford & Company. Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers. Price, $2.00

(Jefferson County)

The terminus of the Cape Vincent branch of the R.W. & O.R.R., and situated on the St. Lawrence River. First settled in 1809, and incorporated in 1853. Distance from Watertown--25 miles.

Ainsworth G.A. dry goods, groceries, &c.
Ainsworth S.W. agent Merchants Union Express Co.
Anthony Levi, dry goods, groceries &c.
Beringer Jacob, watchmaker and jeweler.
Beringer J. & Co. millinery goods.
Betts H. Bett's hotel.
Bett's hotel, H. Betts proprietor.
Black S. dry goods and boots and shoes.
Briggs D. & Son, boots and shoes.
Brown Martin, physician.
BUCKLEY J. & SON, shingle and resawing and planing mills.
BUCKLEY W.B. agent American Express Co., and broker.
Burnham A.G. shingle manufacturer.
Burnham E.K. grain elevator.
Brushnell H.N. physician.
Cape house, L.Lodi proprietor.
Cline John M. physician.
Clobridge H. Ontario house.
Cornair M. grocer.
Crevolin H.J. dry goods, groceries, &c.
CROSS B.F. lumber, coal, wood and feed dealer.
Cross & Starkey, shingle factory.
Davis Roswell, boarding house.
Farren George, hotel.
FITCH FRANCIS N. lawyer and town clerk.
Forsythe John, ticket agent R.W. & O.R.R.
Forsythe J.W. founder, machinist and blacksmith.
Forsythe Samuel, grocer.
Fox H.L. St. Lawrence hotel.
Garlach Peter, shoe-maker.
Hadley S.G. carriage maker.
Hall F.J. & Co. woolen mill, Dexter.
HALL & BUCKLEY, agents for Northern transportation Co., and dealers in flour, grain and pork.
Hammond L.S. banker.
Hammond & Burnham, grain dealers.
Hanchett W.D. telegraph operator.
Hassler F.C. claim agent.
Heilbrun Jacob, physician.
Hurlbut & Burnham, dry goods, groceries &c.
Iselin Adolph, Union Hotel.
Jackson Prince, hairdresser.
Jennings James, merchant tailor.
Jerome George, saloon.
Johnson C.M. physician.
Johnson John, saloon.
Kelly George, blacksmith.
Laird S. Norton, physician.
Lee M.E. lawyer and surveyor.
Livingston & Scovell, maltsters and brewers.
Lodi L. Cape house.
MACANDIE & MARSDEN, dry goods, groceries, &c.
McCullough Rev. J.B. Methodist clergyman.
McHenry John, baker and confectioner.
Moore John H. post master.
Morrison Henry, meatmarket.
O'Connor John, blacksmith.
OLDS RICHARD, harness maker, upholsterer and carriage trimmer, (see advertisement).
Ontario House, H. Clobridge, proprietor.
Owen D.B. collector of customs.
Phillips Wm. grocer.
Pool C.R. cabinet maker.
Preston Rev. John B. Presbyterian clergyman.
Reed P.H. cooper.
Roseboon J.H. & Son, stoves, tin and hardware.
St. Lawrence Hotel, H.L. Fox, proprietor.
Seeley Charles, harness maker.
Smith A.F. banker and insurance agent.
Smith A.F. & Co. grain dealers.
Stone & Smith, druggists and grocers.
Turgeon Rev. C.F. Catholic clergyman.
Union Hotel, A. Iselin, proprietor.
Waffle Mrs. A. milliner.
Warren Wm. saloon.
Warren & Ainsworth, dry goods, groceries.
Webb W.H. druggist and grocer.
Welsh Patrick, tailor.
Whiting Rev. Nathan F. Episcopal clergyman.

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