Business in Jefferson County 1867-1868

Business in Clayton 1867-1868


Lyttle, Hanford & Company. Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers. Price, $2.00

(Jefferson County)

Clayton, sometimes known as French Creek, is situated on the St. Lawrence River, at the mouth of French Creek.

Alden Rev. Byron, Methodist clergyman.
Angel Wm. W. dry goods, groceries, hardware, &c.
Bailey J.N. groceries and provisions, also post master.
Barker A.F. groceries, dry goods, &c., also ship builder.
Brush A.M. organ manufacturer.
Burchill E.J. stoves and tinware.
Burchill Edward, insurance agent and hardware dealer.
Buswell George, painter.
Buswell Mrs. George, dress maker.
Caswell A.B. lime burner.
Caswell Perry, boots and shoes.
Gook John, axe helve manufacturer.
Davidson L.D. merchant tailor.
Eddy & Green, lumber dealers, saw and planing mill and sash, blinds and doors.
Elliott Henry, tanner and currier.
Ellis Amos, grocer and druggist.
Esselstyne R.M. collector of customs.
Fowler & Esselstyne, shipping merchants.
Goodwin W.W. physician.
Hale S. & Co. dry goods, groceries and hardware.
Hawes B.K. attorney and counselor at law.
Hawes Wm. & B.K. merchant tailors.
Hawes & Wilson, meat market.
Hubbard George H. livery stable.
Hubbard J.D. & F.T. Hubbard House.
Hubbard J.T. collector of taxes.
Hubbard House, J.B. & J.T. Hubbard, proprietors.
Ingalls J.C. billiard room.
Islein Adolph, saloon.
Johnston N.B. groceries, dry goods and druggist.
Johnston S.D. Walton House.
Johnston S.G. ship builder.
Larkins D.C. marble worker.
Leaman E.R. boat builder.
Locklin Mrs. A. millinery and fancy goods.
Morse Horace E. lawyer and claim agent.
O'Toole Patrick, shoe maker.
Phillips L. physician and surgeon.
Phillips Mrs. L. dress maker.
Phillips L.E. photographer and news depot.
Pierce H.L. telegraph operator.
Porter D.C. groceries and provisions, also cabinet maker.
Rees Thomas, forwarder and ship chandler, also agent American Express line of steamers and Grand Trunk Railroad.
Sherry Rev. J.J. Catholic clergyman.
Swart & Duncan, meat market.
Thibeaux Benjamin, blacksmith.
Thibeaux Joseph, blacksmith.
Thompson & Wright, harness, saddlery and trunks.
Vincent Mrs. E. milliner.
Vodra Wm.H. blacksmith and carriage maker.
Walton House, S.D.Johnston, proprietor.
Wheeler Charles, hair dresser.

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