Business in Jefferson County 1867-1868

Business in Belleville 1867-1868


Lyttle, Hanford & Company. Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers. Price, $2.00

BELLEVILLE (Jefferson county)

Situated on North Sandy Creek, is the seat of the Union Academy, an old and flourishing school.

Alden Rev. Byron, pastor Methodist Church.
Allen Frank, photographer.
Belleville Hotel, Alex D. Williams, proprietor.
Bigelow Miss Ella, assistant musical department Union Academy.
Boomer Matthew, constable and deputy sheriff.
Brown & Son, cloth dressers.
Buel N. Wotkyns, physician.
Bullard Geo. C. livery stable.
Carpenter John H. furniture dealer.
Case Newell, jeweler.
Chapman & Reed, dry goods, groceries, &c.
Cook Malcom G. grist mill.
Divol Rev. Geo. W. pastor Baptist Church.
Durfee A.M. blacksmith.
Edwards, Johnson & Kilby, dry goods, groceries, &c.
Foulkes E.S. teacher calisthenics and gymnastics Union Academy.
Freeman Mrs. Charles H. livery stable.
Gleason George, groceries and provisions.
Green James E. dry goods, groceries, &c.
Hackley Mills A. lawyer.
Hackley Miss Nettie, instructress ornamental department Union Academy.
Hall Orson, stage proprietor.
Harris Horace H. music teacher.
Hawes C.C. telegraph operator.
Hawes Edward B. lawyer and justice.
Hawes Harry, meat market.
Hawes Larue A. music teacher and piano tuner.
Hiller E.H. principal Union Academy.
Houghton Nahum C. dry goods, groceries, &c., also post master.
Hubbard & Overton, boots and shoes.
Hunting James L. justice of the peace.
Jenkins Wm. associate principal Union Academy.
Jennings Charles F. insurance agent.
Johnson George, cooper.
Johnson Levi, butter and produce.
Johnson Parley, physician and surgeon.
Kilby Alanson, tailor.
Lamb Ephraim S. carriage maker.
LITTLEFIELD ELISHA T. carriage and sleigh manufacturer (see advertisement next page).
Littlefield G. groceries and provisions.
Littlefield Jesse, carpenter.
Mott William, grist mill.
Olin Miss S.A. teacher of vocal and instrumental music Union Academy.
Potter Miss Flora A. teacher of modern languages Union Academy.
Rega J.A. physician.
Richards Edward J. dentist.
Richards Russell B. insurance agent.
Salisbury Willard, harness and saddlery.
Searles Miss Fannie, teacher of mathematics and higher english Union Academy.
Stacy Harvey C. saw mill.
Wait John L. telegraph operator.
Walrath Hiram G. druggist.
Walrath Mrs. Hiram G. milliner.
Wheeler Charles, hair dresser.
Wheeler James W. protrait and landscape artist.
Wilder George, cooper.
Williams Alexander D. proprietor of the Belleville Hotel and livery stable.
Wordhams R. teacher of penmanship Union Academy
Wright Chester, tailor.

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