Business in Jefferson County 1867-1868

Business in Watertown 1867-1868


Lyttle, Hanford & Company. Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers. Price, $2.00

(Jefferson County.)

Watertown, the county seat of Jefferson County, is an important station on the R.W. & O.R.R. Incorporated April 5th, 1816. Distance from Rome 72 miles.

[n appears to be the abbreviation for near]

Acker C.W. carriage and sleigh manuf. 52 Factory.
Adams John, gardener, Coffeen n Fair grounds.
Adams Samuel, Jefferson County music store, also agent Florence sewing machine, Washington Hall.
Adelphi House, Wm. K. Butterfield proprietor, Court.
Agricultural Insurance Co. office Washington Hall.
Ainsworth L.H., U.S. commissioner and attorney, over 8 Washington.
Alexander David M. painter, 1 Academy.
Allingham Wm. boot and shoe maker, 17 Public Square.
AMERICAN EXPRESS, C.A. Clark agent, 9 Woodruff House.
AMERICAN HOTEL, Griffing & Crafts proprietors, Arsenal, cor Public Square.
Andrews E.A. boot and shoe manuf. and dealer, 2 Court.
Andrus Merritt, grocer and provision dealer, 7 Woodruff House.
Arcade Hotel, Warner & Clark proprietors, 12 Arcade.
Austin John H. livery stable, Arcade, n Arsenal.
Babcock H.H. manuf. Coates & Osborn's engine pumps, Factory square.
Babcock Rev. T. rector Trinity Church, (Espicopal.)
Bacon & May, Jackman House, Court and Arsenal.
Bagley & Sewall, iron founders and machinists, Sewell's Island.
Bagley & Wright, attorneys, over 6 Washington.
Baker Rev. George D. pastor Stone St. Presb. Church.
Baker John L. under sheriff.
Baker Thomas, justice of peace, over 4 Washington Place.
Baker & Chittenden, tobacconists, hunting & fishing tackle, insurance
agents, and general ticket agents, 5 Arcade.
Baldwin D.W. secretary portable steam engine and manufacturing Co.
Moulton, n Suspension Bridge.
Ball H.M. produce dealer, 4 Washington.
Ballard M. attorney and counselor at law, over 4 Court.
BALLARD S. W. undertaker, 19 Public sq. (see adv.)

Coffins, Metallic Burial Cases and Shrouds of all kinds,
Entrance to Coffin Room through Van Namee & Smith's
Residence No. 14 State St. Watertown, N.Y.

Ballard & Hanchett, Jefferson mills, Mill, n Susp. Bridge.
Barber D.V. cabinet maker and picture frames, Fairbanks Block.
Baron Miss J.M. dress and cloak maker, over 24 Court.
Barr Henry, hair dressing and bath rooms, 9 Woodruff House.
Bartlett D.W. section agt. Phoenix Life Ins. Co. 25 Arcade.
Bartlett G.H. ticket agent R.W. & O.R.R.
Bassinger J.B. & J.M. props. Crowner House, 62 Court.
Bates Herbert E. hide and leather dealer, over 10 Washington.
Bates James K. physician and surgeon, 41 Franklin.
Baum A. & Bro. clothiers and merchant tailors, 14 Court.
Beattie & Loucks, milliners, 22 State.
Becker Mrs. Hiram, nursery, Massey.
Becker John, Prof. of music.
Becker & Morgan, iron founders and machinists, and manufacturers of
agricultural implements, Beebee's Island.
Beebee Myron, general ins. agent, 2 Washington Place.
Bennett D.M. surrogate and general insurance agent, office Court House.
Berry Charles, millwright and job shop, Beebee's Island.
Bickel & Wait, cottage meat maarket, 40 Court.
Bingham Rev. I.S. pastor first M.E. church.
Binsse John, physician and surgeon, Main n Edmonds.
Bissell Alanson, harness maker, Arsenal n Massey.
Board of Education, office over 3 Washington.
Bordwell S.T. auctioneer.
Bradley John, lumber dealer, Beebee's Island.
Bradt T.D. boot maker, Franklin, cor Public Square.
Briggs S.R. groceries, crockery, &c., 31 abd 32 Streeter's block, Public square.
Britton John, blacksmith, 22 Arsenal.
Britton T. blacksmigh, south side Public square.
Brown Lysander H. lawyer and justice of the peace, over 6 Washington Place.
Brown W.P. proprietor Watertown Commercial College, Safford Block, Court.
Brown & Beach, attorneys, over 4 Court.
Bull Samuel, file cutter, 30 Factory.
Burdick George P. house furnishing goods, 7 Mill.
Burnett D.C. proprietor Woodruff House, Public square.
Burns Thomas, groceries and provisions, 28 Court.
Bushnells & Davis, dry goods and clothing, 5 Iron Block.
Butler Ira, watchmaker and jeweler, 38 Court.
Butterfield O. Engineer's Hotel, Coffin, cor Cedar.
Butterfield Wm. K. proprietor Aldelphi House, Court.
Cadwell, H.V. baker and Confectioner, 25 Public square.
Camp T.H. & Co. druggists and apothecaries, 6 Washington Place.
Campbell & Lawyer, staple and fancy dry goods, carpets, &c., 4 Court.
Candee & Woley, clothins, cloths, &c., 8 Court.
Carpenter Bergevin, drygoods, groceries, &c., Factory square.
Case A.B. truss manufacturer, 38 Court.
Case C.C. general freight agent R.W. & O.R.R. office at depot, rear Woodruff House.
Cataract Mills, Lepper & Curtis proprietors, Moulton, end Suspension Bridge.
Chase J. confectionery and bazaar, Arsenal, cor Arcade.
CLARK C.A. agt American Express, 9 Woodruff House.
Clark C. Wm. clerk R.W. & O.R.R. treasurer's office.
Clark James M. general insurance agent, over 6 Washington Place.
CLARK MILTON & CO. tanners, also leather and wool dealers, 17 Public square, (see advt.)
Clark Smauel, Crescent Mills, Huntingtonville.
Clowbridge C. stage agent and saloon, 12 Arsenal.
Coburn Merrill, president National Union Bank.
Cook Gustavus, millwright, 54 State.
Cooke H.P. dry goods, 5 Paddock Buildings.
Cooper H.& E.F. hardware, stove, iron, steel, agricultural implements, &c., 2 Iron Block.
Copeland Mrs. George, music teacher.
Copely Alexander, lumber dealer, 12 Factory.

Milton Clark & Co.,
No. 17, North Side Public Square, Watertown, N. Y.
Cash Paid for Wool, Hides, Skins, and Pelts.

Crawe J. Mortimer, physician and surgeon, over 6 Washington.
CROSS & WILSON, groceries, and meat market, Factory, cor High, (see advt.)

All kinds of Fresh Meats constantly on hand at their Market, Factory

Crowner House, J.B. & J.M. Basinger, 62 Court.
Cundall J.W. ticket and freight agent R.W. & O.R.R. Watertown Junction.
Curtis & Shead, proprs. Union Mills, and grain dealers.
Davis House, Theodore Nott Propr., 9 Washington.
DAVIS J.A. patentee, proprietor and manufacturer of the Davis sewing machine.
Davis & Bartlett, staple and fancy dry goods, carpets, &c. 12 Court.
Day & Parker Misses, milliners, and millinery goods, 9 Washington.
Delano Edward, dealer in pumps and plows, Mill c R.R.
DeLong Stephen S. livery stable, Arcade St.
Dempster John, painter, Factory.
Densmore T.J. Densmore House, Watertown Junction.
Dewey Hiram, gen. agt. Agricultural Ins. Co. Washington Hall.
Dixon Henry, second hand goods, Main, n Evans.
Dodge Brothers, meat market, 10 Arsenal.
Doolittle L.D. presitdent Melotte Last Co., Suspension Bridge.
Drexel Charles, watchmaker and jeweler, 26 Court.
Dunlap John L. physician, over 3 Washington.
Ely Theodore D. grocer, Foster cor Cedar.
Emerson Fred, police justice, and attorney at law, Arcade.
Emerson & Morgan, insurance agents, Arcade.
Emery & Ball, carpenters and builders, Beebee's Island.
Emmerick Charles, meat marker, south side Public Sqr.
Emmes J.B. special county judge, Carthage.
Engineers' Hotel, O. Butterfield propr. Coffin, cor Cedar.
Fagan Mrs. R.A. milliner, 18 State.
Farwell & Baker, tanners and curriers, hides, leather and shoe findings, 6 Washington.
Ferrin Foster M. Jefferson Co. Marble Works, 44 Court.
Ferren H.F. Brookside Cemetery Marble Works, 37 and 39 Court.
First National Bank of Watertown, office 4 Paddock Buildings.
Flower R.P. and A.R. watchmakers and jewelers, and exchange brokers, 1 Court.
Forester Thomas, candle factory, south side Public Sqr.
Fowler Earl B. agent Agricultural Insurance Company, Washington Hall.
Frary H. T. general ticket agent R.W.& O.R.R. office at depot, rear Woodruff House.
Frink Daniel, lime manufacturer, Arch, n Court.
Fuller & Flynn, Globe Grist Mill, Newll n Howk.
Fulton J.C. notary public, over 8 Washington Place.
Gardner Charles, livery stable, Arsenal.
Garvin P. baggage master R.W.& O.R.R. depot.
Gennett Brothers, watches, jewelry, silver ware and fancy goods, 6 Woodruff House
Gillett & Clark, tannery and morocco factory, n Factory Square.
Gleason & Earl, match manufacturers, N. Watertown.
Goodale A.W. physician and surgeon, 24 Sterling,
Goodale Charles, physician and surgeon, 24 Sterling.
Goodale Reuben, physician and surgeon, 11 Sterling.
Goodnow & Holden, tin, sheet iron and copper ware, Arsenal cor Massey.
Groundrel William, carpenter, and sash, door and blind manufacturer,
Beebee's Island
Grafton John, physician and surgeon, 4 Iron Block
Graves Thomas S. carpenter, and sash, door and blind manufacturer, 50 Public Square.
Gregory George W. hardware, cutlery, iron, steel, tin and sheet iron ware, and ag. implements, 23 Court.
GRIFFING & CRAFTS, proprietors American Hotel, Arsenal, cor Public Square, (see advt.)
Grinnell G.J. book-keeper R.W. & O.R.R.
Haas G. & Son, boot and shoe manufacturers and dealers, 11 Court.
Haas P. brewer and maltster, 1 Newell.
Hadcock Solomon, axe and edge tool manufacturer, Beebee's Island.
Hagar & Beebee, watchmakers and jewelers, silver and alabata ware, 2 Washington Place.
Hale Thomas, shoe maker, Coffin, cor Engine.
HALL A.H. editor and proprietor Watertown Re-Union rear of Arcade.
Hammond, Winslow & Williams, attorneys and counselors at law, over 10 Washington.
HANCHETT W.C. proprietor Kirby House 43 Court.
Hannahs Kilborn, physician and surgeon, 18 Stone.
Harbottle & Howard, stoves and tinware, 1 and 2 White Block, Public Square.
Hardy Gustavus, grocer, 29 Public Square.
Harger G.C. & Son, bankers, 5 Court.
Harris House, H.C. Normander proprietor, south side Public Square.
Hart Charles S. Photograph Gallery, 13 and 15 Arcade.
Hart & Pickett, harness, saddlery, and trunks, 50 Public Square.
HAZEN & WILSON, proprietors Northern New York Journal, south side Public Square, (see advt.)
Henderson Caleb, brick maker, Howk, n Arsenal.
Henderson John, pottery Arsenal, cor Howk.
Hermes J. & Co. meat market south side Public Square.
Herrick & Ayers, dry goods, carpets, oil cloths, &c. 7 Washington Place.
Hoffman & Weinberg, staple and fancy dry goods, notions &c. 18 Court.
Hogan Rev. James, pastor St. Patrick's Catholic church.
Holbrook Edwin A. dentist, 31 Arsenal.
Holcomb Elam, bee hive manuf. Mill cor R.R.
Horan Mrs. James, millinery and dress making, over 30 Court.
Horton & Hollister, carriage manufacturers, 7 Franklin.
Hose H.A. & Co. Washington Hall Phot. Gallery.
Hosford J.U. ladies' furnishing goods, hosiery, gloves, &c. 16 Court.
Hosmer Aaron, livery stable, Arsenal n Arcade.
Hotchkin Benjamin F. county treasurer.
Hotchkin B.F. & Co. harness, saddlery and trunks, south side Public Square.
Howard Henry, tinsmith, plumber and furnace builder, 6 Mill.
Hubbard Frederick W. attorney and counselor at law, over 8 Washington.
Hubbard V.S. groceries and provisions, 1 Washington.
Hudson Thomas, grocer, Main, cor Le Ray.
Huffstater House, S.P. Huffstater proprietor, Foster, cor Cedar.
Huffstater S.P. Huffstater House, Foster, cor Cedar.
Hughes Mrs. M.A. millinery and millinery goods and worsteds, 4 Arcade.
Hungerford R.E. treasurer R.W. & O.R.R. office at depot, rear Woodruff House.
Huntington John D. dentist, Washington Hall.
Hutchins & Williams, painters, Anthony, n depot.
INGALLS & BIGELOW, editors and proprietors of the New York Reformer (daily and weekly) office, Arcade, n post office.
Jackman House, Bacon & May, Court and Arsenal.
Jefferson County National Bank, 16 Washington.
Jefferson County Orphan Asylum, Mrs. J.K. Bates, Franklin.
Jefferson County Savings Bank, Robert L. Sherman, treasurer, Washington, cor Stone.
JEFFERSON MILLS, Ballard & Hanchett, Mill, n Iron Bridge.
Joern, August, lager beer saloon, 35 Court.
Johnson James, sheriff.
Johnson & Ely, clothing and gents furnishing goods, also agts. Singer's sewing machine, 12 Woodruff House.
Karr J.E. clerk R.W. & O.R.R. treasurer's office.
Kellogg & Conger, dealers in drugs, medicines, groceries, &c. 11 Woodruff House.
Kelly Thomas, clerk R.W. & O.R.R. office.
KEMP & CO. state proprietors, office adjoining American Hotel.
Kenyon S.J. foreman Reformer Job Office.
Kersburg & Primeau, staple and fancy dry goods, Yankee notions, &c., 20 Court.
Kimball V.P. Pearl Barley Mills, Factory Square.
KIRBY HOUSE, W.C.Hanchett propr, 43 Court.
Kline Frederick, dyer and scourer, 33 Factory.
Knickerbocker S.C. homeopathic physician, 24 Arcade.
Knowlton Brothers, paper manuf. Mill cor Factory.
Laird S. Norton, physician and surgeon, Main, n Leray.
Lamon J.J. groceries and provisions.
Lamon & Betts, clothing dealers, and agents Davis sewing machine, 1 Public Square.
Lamon & Kenyon, grocers, 16 Public Square.
Lance Anson, agent Merchants Union Express, 56 Washington Hall Block, Public Square.
Lansing Fred, atty and counselor at law, over 8 Wash.
Lansing & Sherman, attorneys and counselors at law, over National Bank and Loan Co.
Lapic Rev. Lewis, pastor St. Mary's Catholic Church.
Lawrence G.W. & Co. meat market and provisions, Washington cor Stone.
Lazier F. hair dresser, Fairbanks Block.
Leduc Louis, boot and shoe maker, South side Public sq.
Lee D. confectionery, toys and fancy goods, 6 Arcade.
Lefevre Francois, shoemaker, 37 Factory.
LE PHARE DES LACS, (weekly) C. Petit editor and proprietor, office over 6 Washington.
Lepper & Curtis, Cataract Mills, Moulton, end Suspension Bridge.
Letord J.S. hairdressing and shaving saloon, 3 Arcade.
Lewis B.F.A. physician and surgeon, 4 Iron Block.
Long N. patent window spring manuf. Factory opp Polk.
Lord G. iron founder and machinist, plow and agricultural implement manufacturer, Beebee's Island.
Lovell Maj. C.S., U.S.A. recruiting officer, over 14 Court.
Lowell L.L. landscape painter, 18 Arcade.
Lowell & Notman, Mrs. dress and cloak makers, 16 Arcade.
Lucas e. billiard rooms, Crowner House, 60 Court.
Luddington J.S. hair dresser, Public Square, cor Court.
LYTTLE, HANFORD & CO. booksellers, stationers, job printers, binders and blank book manufacturers, 1 Washington, (see adv. opp title page.)
Mallory B.S. hotel, 8 Mill.
Mansfield Mrs. L.F. & Co. ornamental hair work, and dealers in ladies' furnishing good, fancy articles, &c. 10 Arcade.
Martell John, parsol and umbrella manufacturer, rear Baptist Church.
Martin James, Jr. eating saloon, 15 Public Square.
Massey & Boalt, coal & salt dealers, Stone n lower Depot.
McCartin John C. lawyer and notary public, 4 Iron Block.
McKnight & Jackson, Misses, dress and cloak makers, 20 Arcade.
Melotte Last Co. near Suspension Bridge.
Merchants Bank, Norris Winslow Banker, Public Square, cor Court.
Merchants Union Express, A. Lance agent, 56 Washington Hall Block, Public Square.
Merwin Milton H. attorney and counselot at lalw, over 6 Washington.
Miller F. hats, caps and furs, 3 Washington.
Millington & Burt, tanners and curriers, Sewells Island.
Miser J. & Co. tanners and curriers, River, Juhelville.
Moak J.W. road master R.W. & O.R.R. office at Depot, rear Woodruff House.
Moffett J.F. cashier Merchants Bank, Public Square, cor Court.
Monroe A. silver plating and jobbing, Franklin, cor Public Square.
Moore, Freeman & Co. dry goods, Yankee notions and jewelry, wholesale and retail, 1 and 2 American Buildings.
MOORE & McCARTIN, aytorneys and counselors at law, 4 Iron Block, Public Square.
Mosher H.B. (J.C.Sterling & Co) 10 Washington Place.
Mothersell Thomas, meat market, 25 Court.
Moulton & Co. Excelsior Mills, dealers in flour, feed, grain, &c. Mill, opp Passenger Depot.
Mullin Joseph, judge supreme court, ovvice over 6 Washington.
Munday Pierson, grocer and liquor dealer, 3 Iron Block.
Munn & Colnon, billiard room and restaurant, Public square, cor Court.
Munson Isaac, M.A. secretary Agricultural Insurance Co. Washington Hall.
Munson & Flower, atty. and claim agts. over 6 & 8 Court.
MURRAY, WEAVER & CO. crockery, china and glass ware, 13 Woodruff House,
(see advt.)
National Bank and Loan Co., Washington, cor Stone.
National Union Bank, 10 Washington.
New York Reformer, office Arcade, n Postoffice.
Nichols J.S. wool carding and cloth dressing, Newell, cor Howk.
Nill & Jess, bakers, confectioners, and segar manufs., 7 Court.
Nims Allen, atty. and justice of sessions, over 4 Washington Place.
Normander H.C. proprietor Harris House, south side Public Square.
North Edgar, atty. and claim agent, over 6 Washington.

Knives and Forks, Tea Trays, Kerosene Chandeliers, &c. &c. &c.,
CHINA HALL, No. 13 Woodruff House,
W A T E R T O W N , N. Y.

NORTHERN NEW YORK JOURNAL, Hazen & Wilson, editors and proprietors, S. side Pub. Sqr.
Nott Theodore, Davis House, 9 Washington.
Oakland House, H.D. Rich proprietor, Court.
Ockford George M. & Co. book and job printers, Re-Union Office.
O'Dougherty, Patrick, sawmill, Juhelville, and grist mill, Factory Square.
Paddock E.L. president 2d Nat. Bank of Watertown.
Paddock G.F. cashier 2d Nat. Bank of Watertown.
Paddock L. president 1st Nat. Bank of Watertown.
Paddock O. cashier 1st Nat. Bank of Watertown.
Partello Chas. saw repairer and umbrella manufacturer, South side Public Square.
PAYNE & HARLOW, planing mill and lumber yard, north end Suspension Bridge.
Peck J.W. agent, groceries and provisions, 30 Streeter's Block, Public Square.
Peck Theodore A. apothecary and druggist, 9 Court and 9 Arsenal.
Peddie Rev. John, pastor Baptist Church.
PENNIMAN W.M. & CO. boots, shoes and rubbers, 58 Washington Hall.
Perry T.W. & CO. Arcade Music Store, music, musical instruments and sewing machines, 8 Arcade.
Peterson Alonzo M. brick manuf. Huntingtonville.
Peterson E.W. grocer and provision dealer, 57 Washington Hall Block.
PETIT CLAUDE, editor and propr. Le Phare Des Lacs, office over 6 Washington.
Pflum H. boot and shoe maker, 34 Court.
Phelps G.E. dealer in fruit, 8 Washington Place.
Phoenix Mill, P.O'Dougherty propr. Factory Square.
Phillips Jno.H. manager Black River Trotting Park Asso.
Portable Stam Engine and Manufacturing Co., D.W. Baldwin secy., Moulton, n Suspension Bridge.
Porter Rev. J.J. Pastor 1st Presbyterian Church.
Porter Wilbur F. attorney, over 6 Washington Place.
Post Office, Arcade, Levi Smith Postmaster.
Powell S.F. piano forte tuner, and agent Bagg's Patent Cheese Apparatus, 8 Arcade.
Pratt & Briggs, tanners, n Factory Square.
Pratt L.S. & Son, Watertown Cotton Mills, Fact. Sqr.
Prouty & Marshall, boots and shoes, 4 Iron Block.
Quencer J. & L. bakers, confectioners, tobacconists and segar manuf. 13 Washington.
RACE BROTHERS, importers and dealers in crockery, china, glass and plated ware, wholesale and retail, 22 Court.
Rand W.F. periodical book store and news depot, 9 Arcade.
Rappole Henry, blacksmith, Court.
Remington A.D. president Remington Paper Company, Sewell's Island.
REMINGTON C.R. president Watertown Paper Co. Sewell's Island.
Remington Paper Company, printing paper manufacturers, Sewell's Island.
Reynolds Wm.M. dentist, 65 Factory.
Reynolds & O'Brien, attorneys and claim agents, over 6 Washinton Place.
Rice D.M.& O.L. groceries and provisions, 6 Court.
Rich H.D. proprietor Oakland House, Court.
Richey Rev. Thomas, pastor State street M.E. church.
Rickerson D.W. grocer and provision dealer, under Baptist church, Public Square.
ROBBINS D.S. soap and candle manuf. 86 Factory.
Robbins Hiram, grocer, Court, cor River.
Robinson S.M. surgeon dentist, 21 Arcade.
Rogers Ralph, physician and surgeon, 53 Court.
Rogers & Perkins, manuf. of cheese boxes and cheese turners, Factory Square.
Romang John, lager beer saloon, 42 Court.
Rose H.C. saloon, Arsenal cor Arcade.
Ross John T. agent H.M.Rowe & Son, 1 basement American buildings.

Manufacturer and dealer in
No. 86 Factory Street, Watertown, N.Y.
Orders Solicited and Promptly Filled.
N.B.---Cash paid for Tallow.

Rounds & Amidon, cabinet makers and furniture dealers, 16 Public Square.
Rowe H.M. & Son, fruit and oyster dealers, 1 basement American buildings.
Russell C.N. wines and liquors, 21 Public Square.
SANFORD D.B.& CO. wholesale and retail dealers in millinery and fancy goods and ladies furnishing goods, also agt. Grover & Baker sewing machines, 5 Washington Hall Block, (see advt. p. 13.)
Sargent E.L. dentist, 5 Iron block, Public Square
Sargent & Spratt, stoves, tin ware, plumbing and general jobbing, 11 Washington.
Sawens W. & Co. druggists and apothecaries, 3 Washington Place.
Schram Fred B. livery stable, Public Sqr. cor Franklin.
Scott R.C. attorney, over T.H.Camps.
Scovil Harlow, carriage manuf. Franklin, cor Pub.Sqr.
Searles W.A. & Co. Apollo Hall billiard room, 12, 14, and 16 Court.
Second National Bank of Watertown, 4 Paddock blds.
Seibert Peter, lager beer brewer and saloon, 36 Court.
Service, Georges & McGillis, furniture ware rooms, 18 Public Square.
Shead H.W. & Co. flour, feed and grain dealers, 6 Arsenal.
Shean James, blacksmith, 7 Franklin.
Sheffield Miss Mary, dress maker, over 20 Court.
Sheldon John, assistant assessor U.S.Internal Revenue, over 6 Washington.
Shelley A.J. deputy county clerk.
Sherman C.A. cashier National Bank and Loan Co.
Sherman G.H. president National Bank and Loan Co.
Sherman Jno. A. Washington Hall, Public Square.
Sherman R.W. land and loan office, over 6 Washington Place.
Sherman Robert L. treasurer Jefferson Co. Savings Bank.
Sherman W.W. secy. Remington paper Co. Sewells Island.
Shipman F.B. wholesale sugar manufacturer, 4 Iron Block, Public Square.
Sigman H. hats, caps, and furs, 10 Court.
Simmons & Gates, groceries, provisions, wines, liquors, &c. 22 Court.
Simpson John H. blacksmith, Arsenal.
Sisson H. dry goods, boots, shoes and trunks, 8 Washington Place.
Sloat Charles W. planing mill, Beebee's Island.
Sloat M.B. Clerk R.W. & O.R.R. treasurers office.
Smith H.H. clerk Board of Education, office over 3 Washington.
Smith James, lager beer saloon, Apollo Hall, Court.
Smith Levi, post master, office Arcade.
Smith N.M. druggist and apothecary, 3 Court.
Smith Simeon, saloon, Main, cor Evans.
Smith Wm. W. eating saloon, 6 Iron Block.
Smith & Lamb, Watertown knitting mill, Juhelville.
SMITH & STREETER, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 14 Woodruff House, (see adv.)

C L O T H I N G ,
Special Attention Paid to Custom Work!

Sontag Ferdinand, merchant tailor and gents' furnishings, 7 Arcade.
Spencer H. Gordon P. physician and surgeon, 11 Stone.
Spies George, cooper, Newell, n Howk and River, n Court.
Stage Ofice, C. Clowbridge agent, 12 Arsenal.
Stanton Wm. bill poster.
Staples O.G. patent medicine, perfumery, extracts, chewing gum, &c. 15 Arsenal.
Starbuck & Sawyer, attys. and counselors at law over 8 Washington Place.
Sterling J.C. & Co. booksellers and stationers, 10 Washington Place.
Stevens Henry, gunsmith, Whites Block, Public Square.
Stocker A. merchant tailor, South side Public square.
Stockwell E.W. Spaulsbury's Hotel, Main at Le Ray.
Stoddard H.V. merchant tailor, 30 Court.
Stowell L.M. book and job printer, over 3 Washington.
Sweeney J.R. secy. Hoards Spinner manufacturing Co.
Sykes W.J. physician and surgeon 23 Franklin.
Symonds C.F. agent Eagle grist mill, Newell, cor Howk.
Symonds M.W. billiard room, Arcade, cor Arsenal.
Taggart W.W. special surrogate.
Tamblin J.W. physician and surgeon, Arcade.
Ten Eyck Robert, hardward, iron, steel and agricultural impliments, 8 Washington.
The Davis Sewing Machine, J.A. Davis patentee and proprietor.
Thompson E.H. grocer, 59 Washington Hall.
Thompson M. act. cashier Jeff. county National Bank.
Thompson & Sternberg, attorneys, over 6 Court.
Towner R.B. grocer, 24 Court.
Trowbridge W.R. physician, Stone, cor Washington.
Tubbs A.& Co. hats, caps and furs, 8 Woodruff House.
Tubbs J.C. clerk R.W.& O.R.R. treasurer's office.
Tucker Winslow, carpenter, Beebee's Island.
Turck R.I. ornamental painter, 21 Public Square.
Tuttle Theodore F. ice dealer.
Upham S.B. cashier National Union Bank.
Utley A.M. groceries and provisions, 20 Public Square.
Vanamee & Smith, furniture ware rooms, 19 Public Sqr.
Vanduzee A.J. undertaker, 19 Court.
VANDUZEE S.B. & CO. furniture, coffins and upholstrry goods, 19 and 21 Court.
Van Ostrand D.H. manager W.U.& Montreal Telegraph Co. over 1 Court.
Wagner H. hair dresser, 8 Arsenal.
Wait Isaac & Sons, carpenters, n Moulton.
Walsh Edmond, dining saloon, 28 Public Square.
Walts Charles, attorney, over 8 Washington.
Ward & Brother, painters, Fairbanks block.
Warner & Clark, Arcade Hotel, 12 Arcade.
Washburn S.M. foreman Reformer office.
Washington Hall, J. A. Sherman proprietor.
Watertown Commercial College, W.P.Brown proprietor, Safford block.
Watertown cornet band, Thomas Forester, leader.
Watertown Knitting Mill, Smith & Lamb, Juhelville.
WATERTOWN PAPER CO. printing paper manuf. C.R.Remington president, Sewell's Island.
Watertown Re-Union, (weekly) A.H. Hall editor and proprietor, office rear of Arcade.
Webb S.W. house furniture, 3 White's blk. Public Sqr.
Weber Charles, carding and cloth dressing, n Factory Square.
Weidner C. tobacconist and segar manuf. 1 Arcade.
Wenzel Fred, hair dresser, over 1 Court.
WEST L. electric physician, 15 Public Square.
West, Palmer & Taggarts, paper and flour sack manufacturers, Main.
Western Union & Montreal Telegraph Co. over 1 Court.
Wetherby Clark, saw mill, Newell n Howk.
White John physician and surgeon, 7 Benedict.
White Mrs. W.A. millinery, over 32 Court.
White & Garvin, blacksmiths, S. side Public Square.
Wilder Dexter, County clerk, office at Court House.
Wiley Nathaniel, iron founder and machinist, Fac. Sqr.
Wilson Andrew, saloon, Mill, cor Factory.
Wilson Brothers, meat maarket, Mill, cor Factory.
Wilson Clark, dry goods, groceries, &c. 15 Public Sqr.
Wilson John, rope and twine manuf. Massey, n Corp. limits.
Wilson Wm. D. blacksmith, Arsenal.
Wilson & Co. carriage manuf., Juhelville.
Wilson & Bauder, photographers, Public Square.
Wingle John C. wholesale tobacconist, 32 Arsenal.
Winslow Bradley, dist. attorney, office over 10 Washn.
Winslow Norris, Merchants' Bank, Pub. Wqr. cor Court.
wood James H. Carriage maker, Arsenal.
Wood W.W. & Co. tool and job shop, N. Watertown, n Suspension Bridge.
Woodruff House, D.C. Burnett propr., Public Square.
Wright Charles D. county judge, over 6 Washington.
Wynn Edmund B. attorney at law, over 2 Washington.
YATTAU GEORGE, Billiard rooms, American Hotel.
York A.E. sect. Melotte last Co., Susp. Bridge.
York M.C. tailor, 27 Court.
Young & Sloat, gunsmiths, over 11 Court.

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