Business in Jefferson County 1867-1868

Business in Carthage 1867-1868


Lyttle, Hanford & Company. Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers. Price, $2.00

(Jefferson County)

Situated on Black River. Steamers run regularly diring navigation, connecting at High Falls with the Utica and Black Riover Railroad. Stages also leave here for Watertown, Lowville, and Antwerp. Distance from Watertown 16 miles.

Ackerman H.H. photographer.
Babcock and Clark, clothing, and gents furnishing goods.
Ball Horace T. restaurant.
Barry Rev. M. Roman Catholic clergyman.
Barry & McCormick, grocers.
Bassett Frank, harness maker.
Bishop J.C. express agent.
Bones & Frederick, druggists and grocers.
Bowman L.S. wood turner.
Brewer Rev. L.R. rector Episcopal Church.
Brown Mrs. J.A. millinery and dry goods.
BROWN & BLISS, iron founders and machinists.
Brown's Hotel, Could Bros. proprietors.
Brownell, Miss M.E. milliner.
Budd B.C. grocer.
Budd J.C. agent Carthage Iron Works.
Bush Rev. B.F. Disciples clergyman.
Caldwell L.S. saw and shingle mills.
Carpenter Wm. general insurance agent.
Carter N.M. dry goods, groceries, clothing &c.
Carthage House, George Gardner, proprietor.
Carthage Iron Works, Cole & Allen, proprietors, J.C. Budd, agent.
CARTHAGE, LOWVILLE & NEW YORK LINE, forwarding and transportation, N. Wagoner agt.
CARTHAGE REPUBLICAN, (weekly) Wilbur & Co. proprietors.
Carthage Savings Bank, N. Whiting, Secretary and Treasurer.
Case Joseph M. saloon.
Coburn M. & Son, grist mill.
Coburn Wm. M. & Co. saw mill.
Cole & Allen, proprietors Carthage Iron Works.
Connell F.G. drygoods, groceries, crockery and hardware.
Cory J.W. blacksmith.
Coughlan & Loomis, dry goods and groceries.
Crowner & Rich, wood turners.
Cummins R. & T. blacksmiths.
Dann H.L. & Son, stave and heading manufacturers.
Davis Wm. H. hair dresser.
Dickerman & Hoyt, Carthage tannery.
Earl G.C. Union Hotel.
Emmes J.B. lawyer.
ERVIN H.J. billiard room.
Evans John, hardware, stoves and tinware.
FARRAR H.D. pail and tub manufacturer.
H.D.FARRAR, CARTHAGE, JEFF. CO., N.Y., MANUFACTURERS OF PAILS, WASH TUBS, SAP BUCKETS, BUTTER TUBS, CHURNS, &c, &c. Orders solicitied and promptly attended to.
Fish Charles C. blacksmith.
Freeman M.S. carriage maker and blacksmith.
Frank H.H. stoves and tinware.
Gallegher Richard, cabinet maker.
Gardner Charles, livery stable.
Gardner George, Carthage House.
Gardner M.M. & Co. iron and nail manufacturers.
Gates L.M. saw mill.
Gates & Minck, saw mills.
Gilbert & Forbes, lawyers.
Gould Bro's, Brown's Hotel.
Graham & Davis, boots and shoes.
Guyot Frederick, planing and matching mills.
Guyot M. brewer.
Haberer Henry, coffin ware room.
Hammond F.J. telegraph operator.
Hartson William, painter.
Holbrook S.A. milliner.
Hooker H. clothing, gents furnishing goods, books and stationery, also sewing machines.
Hooker R. dry goods, groceries &c.
Horr & Francis, dry goods, groceries, &c.
Horr & Holcomb, bankers.
Hovey & Case, meat market.
Hubbard A. saloon.
Hubbard F.D. stoves and tinware.
Hubbard L.C. baker and confectioner.
Hutchinson Wm. grist and flour mill.
Jacobson Esidor, clothing and gents furnishing goods.
Keene R.W. lawyer.
Kellogg Rev. E.E. pastor M.E. Church.
Kimball Charles H. Jr. brick manufacturer.
La Fleur Joseph, carriage maker.
Lee Miss, hair dresser and ornamental hair worker.
Levis O.S. boot and shoe store.
Levis & Oberly, watch makers and jewelers.
Loomis I.H. grocer.
Loomis M. blacksmith and carriage maker.
Loomis & Morrow, tanners.
Loomis & Sprague, grocers.
Macomber & Hodgkins, hardware and groceries.
Marsell Joseph, cooper.
Mason M.P. manufacturer of map rolls, mouldings, broom handles and fork stales.
Merrill Bros. druggists.
Monroe E.A. dentist.
Montgomery John, grocer.
Morgan & Roberts, harness makers.
Morrow & Stewart, Black River Tannery.
Neary R.F. post master.
Norton Bros. dry goods, carpets, &c.
Nutting & Bassett, boots and shoes.
O'Leary George, justice of the peace.
O'Niell Robert H. Bob's hotel and restaurant.
Payne C. livery stable.
Peck Leonard G. carriage maker and blacksmith.
Rice Samuel E. saw mill, pail and wash tub manufacturer.
Richards & Noyes, photographers.
Rockwood Rev. G.A. Congregational clergyman.
Rugg Martin, grocer.
Rulison C.M. druggist.
Schuyler John, carding and cloth dressing mills.
Scott E. news depot.
Shafer H. grocer.
Shull G.T. grocer and druggist.
Smith & Cutler, undertakers.
Spencer P.A. saw mill.
Sterling & Kellogg, marble workers.
Tooker J.S. gunsmith.
Tuttle N. tanner.
Union Hotel, A. Vinaca, proprietor.
Van Duzee & Morrison, spoke and hub manufacturers.
Vinaca A. Union Hotel.
WAGONER N. agent Carthage, Lowville and N.Y. transportation Co., also flour and commission merchant.
WAITE CHARLES H. insurance agent.
Waite Rev. H.H. Congregational clergyman.
Waite & Rulison, dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, &c.
Warren T.D. dry goods and millinery.
Warren Volney, livery stable.
Weaver M.A. saloon.
Weed Rev. E.P. pastor Baptist Church.
WEIR & KENYON, flax and oil manufacturers.
Welch H.J. lawyer.
Welch Anthony, shoe maker.
Whiting N. banker and attorney at law.
Whittaker D.D. watch maker and jeweler.
WILBUR & Co. proprietors of the Carthage Republican.
Wooley Geo. C. watch maker and jeweler.
Woolson Julia A. dress maker.
Woolson R.O. cabinet maker.

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