(Postoffice is Brownville, unless otherwise designated in parentheses)

Index and Abbreviations

Ackerman, Lyman, (Pillar Point) r 78, farmer 160.

Adams, Adelbert, (Dexter) r 67, farmer 113.

Adams, Brayton C., (Dexter) r 56, farmer with his father.

Adams, Edwin R., (Dexter), r 56, 16 cows, farmer 210.

ADAMS, FRED M., (Dexter) r 51, farmer 100.

ADAMS, GIDEON, (Dexter) r 51, farmer, leases of John 84, served in Co. I, 10th N.Y.H.A., 3 years.

Adams, Henry, (Dexter) r 56 retired farmer.

ADAMS, JAMES R., (Dexter) r 56 cor. 66, retired farmer, 124

Adams, John, (Dexter) r 56, retired farmer.

ADAMS, MILO J., r 56, farmer, leases of James R. 124.

Adams, Seth O., (Dexter) r 56, 6 cows, farmer 106.

Adams, William, (Pillar Point) r 66, farmer 25.

Allen, Addis E., (Perch River) purser steamer St. Lawrence.

Allen, Albert G., r 20, farmer 61.

Allen, Albert J., r 20, farmer, owns with his mother, Alza M., 120.

Allen, Alza M., r 20, widow of Willard, 11 cows, farmer 120.

Allen, Betsey, (Limerick) r 12, widow of Spencer.

Allen, Caleb, (Limerick) r 13, farmer 160.

ALLEN, CYRUS, (Perch River) r 8, farmer 134.

Allen, Cyrus, 3d, (Limerick) r 10, 8 cows, farmer 115.

Allen, Denton, (Limerick) r 10 cor. 12, farmer, leases of his father, Levi, 160.

Allen, Jay M., (Limerick) r 10, farmer with his father, Cyrus, 3d.

Allen, Levi, (Dexter) retired farmer 160.

Allen, Perry, (Limerick) r 23, farmer 75.

Allen, Watson, (Perch River) r 9, 10 cows, farmer, leases of Cyrus 134.

ALLISON, HARLOW, (Limerick) off r 22, farmer 65.

Allison, Wayne, (Perch River) r 14, 20 cows, farmer, leases of A. Hagen 150.

Amans, Edward G., (Pillar Point) r 78, farmer, leases of L. Ackerman 160.

Anderson, Edward, (Dexter) r 59, laborer.

Anderson, George, (Dexter) r 59, farmer 95.

Anderson, Warren, (Dexter), prop. billiard rooms, h Water.

Anthony, George W., (Chaumont) r 2, 9 cows, farmer, leases of Dr. Jewett 168.

Antis, Delia, (Pillar Point) r 78, widow of Deloss, resident.

Arnold, Francis, (Perch River) r 21, farmer 50, and leases of A. VanDewalker 112.

Austin, Joseph, mason, h Basin.

Austin, Joseph F., h Basin.

AVERY, CHARLES E., (Dexter) r 63, farmer, leases of W. M. Elmer.

Avery, John, (Perch River) r 21, farmer, leases of Barbery Oaks 100.

Avery, Sarah, (Perch River) r 7, widow of Sterling, 40 cows, farmer 240.

Babcock, John, (Dexter) laborer, h Grove.

BABCOCK, LEONORA, (Dexter) widow of George B., who served in 10th N.Y.H.A., owns 3 houses and lots.

Babcock, Sarah A., (Dexter) widow of Jesse, h and 10 acres.

Bailey, Eugene, (Dexter) carpenter, h William.

Bailey, John, (Pillar Point) blacksmith.

Baker, Andrew S., (Dexter) laborer, h Bradley cor. Sterling.

Baker, David, (Pillar Point) r 63, laborer.

Baker, Nathan, (Pillar Point) r 80, farmer with M. Williams 58.

Baldwin, Washington, (Pillar Point) r 84, farmer 52.

Baldwin, William, (Dexter), carpenter, h Brown.

Ball, Farlin, (Dexter) r 56, farmer, leases of the estate of Paul Amans 160.

Banister, Osmond R., papermaker, h Sand.

Banks, Carlton H., (Limerick) r 10, 8 cows, farmer, leases of Ira O. 140.

Banter, Fayette, papermaker, h off Basin.

BANTER, FRANK W., (Dexter) r 34, farmer for his mother, Harriet.

Banter, Harriet, (Dexter) r 34, widow of James, farmer 30.

Barney, Herman, teamster, h St. Lawrence st.

Barrett, Almira B., (Dexter) r 58, widow of Lucius.

Barrett, Riley E. (Dexter) r 58, farmer 90.

BASS, DEXTER, (Dexter) prop. meat market, Water.

Bass, Jacob L., (Dexter) dealer in groceries, Water.

Bates, Benjamin, shoemaker, Main, h do.

Bavis, Edward, r 45, carpenter and farmer 29.

Bayley, Winfield, (Dexter) carpenter, h Kirby.

Beattie, William, r 62, teamster.

Beckwith, Bradley, carpenter, h Washington.

Beckwith, Bradley, papermaker, h Church cor. Pike.

BELL, WILLIAM, (Dexter) r 12, farmer 127, owns 2 houses and 4 vacant lots, h Water.

BENNETT, GEORGE W., (Limerick) r 55, farmer 47.

BERRY, JAMES H., (Dexter) carpenter, h Kirby.

Bidwell, Garrett, r 34, laborer.

Bigwood, John, r 3, farmer 20.

Bigwood, John (Dexter) r 34, farmer 19.

Binninger, Henry Hon., (Dexter) (Binninger & Strainge) pres. St. Lawrence Paper Co., h William cor. Orchard.

Binninger & Strainge, (Dexter) (Henry B. and Thomas J. S.) manufs. of sash, doors, blinds, shingles, lumber, moldings, builders' hardware, undertaker's supplies, etc.

Bloom, Charles A., (Dexter) dealer in groceries and provisions, Water, h Brown cor. Bradley.

Bonker, James, (Limerick) r 55, farmer 100.

BONNEY, BETSEY, r 20, widow of George, farmer 100.

BONNEY, MADISON, r 20, 20 cows, 1 brood mare, 2 Hambletonian and Phil. Sheridan horses, farmer 260.

Booth, Charles O. F., (Limerick) r 42, prop. Limerick Hotel, owns 40 acres of land.

Border, Frank, r 34, farmer with his mother, Harriet.

Border, Harriet, r 34, widow of James, farmer 30.

Bowker, Philander, r 62, mason and farmer 19.

Bowles, Levi, (Pillar Point) r 83, farmer, leases of W. N. Reeves 130.

Bowman, John C., (Pillar Point) r 63, farmer 25.

Bowman, Peter, (Pillar Point) r 63, resides with his son John C.

Brawt, Henry, (Dexter) r 53, farmer 30.

Brennan, John, laborer, h Sand.

Brimmer, Sidney R., (Dexter) constable and collector, h. Factory.

Brinnen, Martin, (Limerick) r 42, farmer 125.

BROTHERS, JOHN J., (Dexter) r 59 farmer 48.

Brown, Henry T., farmer with his mother, Sarah, h St. Lawrence st.

Brown, Laelius D., (Dexter) weaver, h. Kirby.

Brown, Sarah, r 49, widow of Alexander, farmer 360, h St. Lawrence st.

Brownell, Mary, (Dexter) widow of Jesse D., resident, aged 72, h Orchard.

Brownville Hotel, Mrs. Sarah Johnson, prop., Main cor. Basin.

Brownville Box and Paper Co., William N. Cornell, manager, manufs. of wood pulp and fancy boxes, Sand. [Box factory burned].

Bruce, Jacob, (Dexter) carpenter, h Kirby.

Bruce, Robert, (Dexter) stage driver Underwood House.

Bruce, Robert, (Dexter) porter Underwood House.

Buchanan, William, laborer, h Franklin.

BUCKMINSTER, FLORENCE, r 16, widow of Frederick, who served in Co. I, 10th N.Y.H.Art. Vols., farmer 68.

Buckminster, Myron, (Perch River) r 15 cor. 21, 42 cows, farmer 250.

BUCKMINSTER, WOODRUFF, r 16, 30 cows, 1 brood mare, prop. cheese factory, farmer 270.

Bunker, Eleanor, (Pillar Point) r 74, widow of Marvin G., Farmer 49.

Bunker, James, (Pillar Point) r 74, farmer for his mother, Eleanor.

Burlingame, Albert A., r 80, (Burlingame Brothers).

Burlingame, Alonzo, (Pillar Point) r 80, retired farmer.

Burlingame, Brothers, (Albert A. and Frank M.) r 80, 7 head cattle, farmers 135.

Burlingame, Frank M., r 80, (Burlingame Brothers).

Butler, Lucy, (Watertown) r 47, widow of Thomas, farmer 100.

Cahill, Daniel, papermaker.

CALKINS, ERVIN, (Perch River) r 9, retired farmer 15. [Died 1888]

Calkins, Frank, (Perch River) r 13, 10 cows, farmer, leases of Nelson 130.

Calkins, George E., (Perch River) r 4, farmer and school teacher.

Calkins, Marcellus, (Perch River) r 14, farmer 70.

Calkins, Nelson, (Dexter) farmer 133, h William.

Calkins, Sarah S., (Perch River) r 9, widow of Rev. George W.

Calkins, Walter, (Perch River) r 4, 12 cows, farmer 240.

Calkins, William, (Perch River) r 10, farmer 111.

Campbell, Franklin J., (Limerick) r 10 cor. 22, farmer with his father, James.

Campbell, James, (Limerick) r 10, cor. 22, farmer 104.

Campbell, John, r 29, laborer, h and lot.

Carpenter, Daniel, (Pillar Point) r 65, retired farmer 13.

Carpenter, Edwin P., (Dexter) served in Co. B, 186th Regt. Inf.

Carpenter, James A., (Dexter) carpenter and joiner, h Bronson.

Carpenter, Jeremiah, (Pillar Point) r 65, farmer 27.

CARPENTER, LEVI, (Pillar Point) r 74, served in the War of 1812, farmer 25.

Carpenter, Philip, (Dexter) carpenter and sailor, h William.

Caepenter, Sylvester A., (Dexter) r 63, farmer 200.

Carr, Adolphus, (Dexter) r 56, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Caroline Ball 167.

Carroll, William, (Dexter) (Lindsley & Carroll) h Kirby.

Case, Campbell, (Dexter) laborer, h Factory.

CASE, CURTIS M., (Limerick) r 2 cor. 11, thresher and farmer 65.

Case, Hanley, (Dexter) teamster.

Case, Lyman S., (Limerick) r --, 12 cows, farmer, leases of William 154.

Case, Melzer, (Limerick) r --, farmer 63.

Case, William, (Limerick) r 11, farmer 152.

Case, William C., (Dexter) resident.

Casler, Betsey, (Limerick) r 36, widow of Nicholas, resident, aged 77.

Casler, G. S. & Co., (Dexter) (M. E. Casler), dealers in stoves, tinware, and raw furs, Water, cor. Canal.

Casler, Gay S., (Dexter) (G. S. Casler & Co.) postmaster, h. William cor. Kirby.

Casler, Melza, (Dexter) r 54, farmer 60.

Casler, Melza E., (Dexter) (G. S. Casler & Co.) h Grove.

Cawkins, William, (Limerick) r 10, farmer 120.

Chamberlain, Henry, (Dexter) r 63, farmer 30.

Cheeseman, Anson Rev., pastor M.E. Church, h St. Lawrence st.

Christie, Edwin, (Dexter) carpenter, h. Kirby.

Christie, Eugene, (Dexter) laborer, h Kirby.

Christie, Joseph, (Dexter) sailor, h Bradley.

CHRISTIE, MICHAEL, (Dexter) watchman in paper-mill, served in Co. B, 186th N.Y. Vols.

Christie, Peter, (Dexter) retired, h Kirby.

Christie, Peter, (Dexter) laborer, h Bradley.

Christie, Peter, Jr., (Dexter) mason, h Bronson cor. Brown.

Christy, Charles, (Dexter) r 53, farmer 100.

Clark, Braxton, (Dexter) with his father, Edwin S.

Clark, Edwin S., (Dexter) general merchant, dealer in country produce.

Clark, Herbert V., (Dexter) wtih his father, Edwin S.

Clark, Riley, laborer, h Main.

CLARKE, A. AUGUSTA, widow of George, owns 10 acres, h Main.

CLARKE, MARIA, widow of John, h Pike

Cleaveland, HArvey, farmer and carpenter, h Sand.

Clemens, Benjamin E., (Perch River) r 9, farmer leases of Eliza Webb 150.

Clement, Charles, (Pillar Point) r 69, retired sailor.

Clement, Daniel, (Pillar Point) r 69 cor. 70, farmer, leases of Ira 100.

Clement, Ira, (Pillar Point) r 69 cor. 70, farmer 100.

Clement, William, (Pillar Point) farmer 70.

Closson, Martha, r 44, widow of William C., 20 cows, farmer 135.

Codman, Augustus, retired, h Sand.

Codman, Charles, furniture manuf., h Sand.

Codman, Charles E., manuf. of hay presses and wood repairer, h Main cor. Washington.

Cole, Byron, 12 cows, farmer 90, h Sand.

Cole, Charles, r 19, laborer.

Cole, Earl B., farmer with his father, Byron, h Sand.

Cole, Walter, r 33, 8 cows, farmer 80.

Conklin, Frank L., (estate) (Limerick) r 55, farm 80.

CONKLIN, JOHN T., r 34 cor. 35, 12 cows, farmer 123, and in Hounsfield 194, h Main.

COOK, HENRY, (Limerick) off r 29, 27 cows, farmer 200.

Cooper, James, r 34, laborer.

Cornell, William N., manager Brownville Box & Paper Co., h Main.

Cory, Farnam, (Dexter) shoemaker, Fish Island.

Cory, Henry, (Dexter) jeweler, Fish Island.

Countryman, Eddie, r 49, hay presser.

Countryman, Jay w., (Limerick) r 28, wagonmaker

Countryman, John, (Limerick) r 28, wagonmaker and farmer 20.

COWAN, JOHN M., r 44, 15 cows, farmer 144.

Cox, William, emp. in pulp-mill, h off Basin.

Crapo, Ann, (Pillar Point) r 63, widow of Halsey, resident.

Crapo, Edgar, (Pillar Point) farmer 18.

Crapo, Edward, (Pillar Point) r 63, sailor, h and lot.

Croke, Lawrence, r 44, laborer.

Crosby, Charles, barber, Main.

Crosby, George, cabinetmaker, h Main.

Crysler, Edgar, (Limerick) r 27, farmer 200.

Crysler, Ellington, (Limerick) r 27, farmer 96.

Crysler, Gertrude E., (Limerick) school teacher.

Cummins, Myron, (Limerick) r 41, laborer.

Cummings, Ary E., (Limerick) teamster.

Cummings, Frank, (Limerick) r 13, farmer for his mother, Sophronia.

Cummings, Frank R., (Dexter) carpenter.

Cummings, Sophronia, (Limerick) off r 13, widow of Alanson B., farmer 50.

Cummngs, Sylvester, (Limerick) r 41, hay presser, h and lot.

Curran, James, (Dexter) r 51, butcher and farmer 25.

Danforth, Isaiah Rev., (Dexter) r 50, farmer 50.

Danforth, Stanley F., (Dexter) r 50, farmer with his father, Isaiah.

Daniels, Ellwin, (Wilson & Daniels) h Sand.

DAVIS, BETSEY, r 32, widow of Levi, farmer 71.

DAY, RUFUS, (Limerick) r 36, 7 cows, farmer 138.

Day, William, (Limerick) r 36, farmer for his father, Rufus, 100.

Day, William H., (Limerick) r 36, farmer, leases of his father, Rufus, 138.

Dennie, Arthur, (Limerick) r 36, farmer with his father, Henry B.

Dennie, Frank, (Limerick) r 36, farmer with his father, Henry B.

Dennie, Henry B., (limerick) r 36, farmer 124.

DEVENDORF, JOHN D., wagonmaker, owns 2 houses and lots and 8 acres Main, h St. Lawrence St.

Dexter, Sulphite Pulp and Paper Co., (Dexter), C.E. Campbell, pres.; E.F. Bermingham, sec'y and treas.; J.A. Outterson, supt., manufs. of pulp and paper.

Diefendorf, Jeremiah, (Perch River) r 9, farmer.

Diefendorf, Marcus R., dealer in groceries, Sand, h do.

Diefendorf, Nellis, (Perch River) r 5, farmer for his father, Kellar, of Chaumont, 216.

Diefendorf, Uriel, (Perch River) r 5, farmer for his father.

Dietrich, John, (Perch River) r 9, farmer, leases of Mary Lawyer 222.

Dillinbeck, William, (Dexter) carpenter.

Dingman, Christopher, (Dexter) farmer 45.

Dingman, John R., (Dexter) r 63, farmer 26.

Dingman, Nelson, (Dexter) off r 54, farmer, leases of the A. Dorchester estate 139.

Doan, Cyrus, (Dexter) r 59, farmer 100.

Dodge, Wallace, (Dexter) r 65, farmer 50.

Dodge, Wallace, (Pillar Point) r 65, retired farmer.

Doner, Joseph, (Limerick) r 10, laborer.

Doran, William, (Pillar Point) r 58, farmer 70.

Dorchester, Alfred T., (Dexter) farmer 140, h Factory.

Dorchester, Dillie D., (Dexter) school teacher, h Factory.

Dorchester, Henry C., (Limerick) farmer 100.

Dorr, Chester, (Perch River) r 14, laborer.

Dorr, John, r 49, farmer, leases of Mrs. Sarah Brown 360.

Douglas, Charles, M.D., (Dexter) allo. physician and surgeon, served in the Signal Corps, Water, h Kirby.

Douglass, Fred C., (Pillar Point) r 76, farmer with his father, James C.

Douglass, James C., (Pillar Point) r 76, 30 head cattle, farmer 245.

Douglass, James H., (Pillar Point) r 76, 16 head cattle, farmer 155.

Dowdell, Hiram L., (Dexter) carpenter, h Kirby.

Drury, James, (Pillar Point) r 79 cor. 70, farmer 50.

Dunback, William A., (Dexter) carpenter, h Bronson.

Dwelley, Frank, (Pillar Point), r 65, farmer 50.

Earl, Orrick H., r 33, farmer 80.

Edgar, William, papermaker, h Sand.

Edwards, Ardilla, widow of Allen, owns farm in Cape Vincent, h Main.

Edwards, Elsie E. Miss, school teacher, h Main.

Eggleston, George, laborer.

Eigabroadt, Amasa, (Dexter) r 50, laborer.

Eigabroadt, Arthur, (Dexter) r 50, laborer.

Eigabroadt, William, (Dexter) building mover and farmer 50.

ELLIOTT, ROBERT D., (Limerick) r 36, section foreman R., W. & O. R. R., farmer 17.

Ellison, Edward M., (Limerick) r 28, farmer with his father Harlow.

ELLISON, HARLOW, (Limerick) r 29, carpenter, 5 cows, farmer 84.

Ellison, William H., (Limerick) r 42, farmer 100.

Elmer, William, (Dexter) r 63, farm 230, h in Watertown.

Emerson, Albert, (Dexter) r 39, farmer 464.

Emerson, Charles C., (Dexter) general merchant, justice of the peace, farm in Hounsfield 164.

Emerson, Clark, (Perch River) r 4, farmer with his father John.

Emerson, Eliza, (Dexter) widow of Charles, resident.

Emerson, John, (Perch River) r 4, 11 cows, farmer 496.

Emerson, Margaret J., (Dexter) widow of Alfred, resident, h Orchard.

Emmerson, Avery, (Perch River) r 13, 6 cows, farmer 130.

Eveleigh, Dodd, (Dexter) laborer, h Brown.

Everett, Edwin, (Limerick) clerk for F.D. Pierce.

Everett, William H., (Dexter) school commissioner, farm 30, h Grove.

Fall, George W., (Perch River) r 15, 7 cows, farmer 75.

FARMER, FRANK, r 62, papermaker, owns 27 acres land in Hounsfield.

Farr William L., r 44, emp. B. Lord.

FAY SULLIVAN D., (Dexter) carpenter, served in Co. B., 186th N.Y. Vols., h and lot William.

Finucan William, mason, h Sand.

Fish George G., (Limerick) r 28, dealer in grain and hay.

FISH, GEORGE W. (Limerick) r 28, dealer in grain and hay, served in Co. E, 186th N.Y. Vols., h and 3 acres.

Fish, Sheridan H., (Oswego) telegraph operator at Oswego.

Fisk, Jane, (Limerick) r 27, widow of William, resident.

Fitzgerald, John, (Dexter) r 58, farmer 110.

Flannery, Theron, (Pillar Point) r 77, farmer 100.

Flath, John B., (Limerick) r 29, farmer 100.

Foster, Charles, (Dexter) (Reed & Foster) h Bradley cor. Sterling.

Foster, Charles G., (Dexter) mason, h Bradley cor. Sterling.

Foster, John R., (Dexter) off r 51, retired lake captain.

Foster, Luke E., (Adams) dealer in oysters, clams, fruits, etc.

Fowler, Albert, r 62, papermaker.

Fowler, Riley, r 45, farmer 60.

Frazier, Addison J., (Frazier & Schermerhorn) h Basin.

Frazier & Schermerhorn, (Addison J. F. and Frank S. S.) dealers in groceries, Basin.

Fradenburgh, Albern M., retired Methodist clergyman, h Main.

Fredenburg, Alexander, retired farmer, h Main.

FREDENBURG, JAMES C., (Limerick) r 42, blacksmith, served in Co. E, 186th N.Y. Vols.

Fredenburg, Polly A., (Limerick) r 41, widow of Henry, resident.

Fredenburg, Walter K., r 17, brickmaker.

Freeman, Peter D., (Dexter) r 51, farmer 50.

Frontenac Paper Co., (Dexter) C. E. Campbell, pres.; J. A. Outterson, vice-pres.; F. W. Spicer, sec'y and treas.; H. S. Rice, supt., manufs. of paper.

Frost, Abigail, (Dexter) r 51, widow of James, farmer 22.

Fry, James, laborer, h Sand.

FULLER, MARIA Miss, r 33, tailoress.

Gale, Caleb E., (Watertown) r 45, farmer with his mother, Lucretia A.

Gale, George, laborer.

Gale, Lucretia A., (Watertown) r 45, widow of Elijah S., farmer 128.

Gale, Robert L., (Watertown) r 45, farmer with his mother, Lucretia A.

Garlock, Truman, (Dexter) r 59, peddler and farmer, leases of D. Gould 67.

Garlock, Truman, (Dexter) r 54, farmer, leases of D. Gould 65.

Garvey, George W., papermaker.

GATES, ROBERT F., M.D., homeo. physician and surgeon, h Main.

Gayer, Edward H., r 44, farmer 49, and leases of John M. Cowan 144.

George, Frederick E., r 29, 13 cows, farmer 73.

Gibson, Joseph, (Perch River) r 9, cheesemaker and farmer 10.

Gifford, Charles, emp. in paper-mill, h Washington.

Giles, Cyrus W., teamster, h and lot Main.

GILES, EDWIN N., foreman in paper-mill, h Main.

Giles, William, cheesemaker, bds. Main.

Gillett, William B., (Perch River) r 9, postmaster, 15 cows, owns 1/3 interest in the real estate of Eli Gillett, in Clayton.

GILMORE, JAMES A., (Dexter) (Leonard, Gilmore & Co.) h Kirby.

Giltenan, Jeremiah, laborer, h Church.

Giltinan, Jeremiah, r 44, farmer 7.

Gladwyn, William, (Dexter) carpenter.

Gleason, Charles, (Dexter) painter and glazier, Fish Island.

Gleason, Ellen, (Dexter) widow of John, resident.

Glasettel, Fred, foreman in paper-mill, h Basin.

GOODRICH, ELIZA, widow of Major H., resident, aged 84. [Died 1889]

Goodwin, Cora H., (Clayton) school teacher.

Goodwin, Helen A., portrait painter.

GOODWIN, WILLIAM W., M.D., allo. physician and surgeon, bds. Brownville Hotel, Main cor. Sand. [Deceased]

Gotham, Darwin B., machinist and prop. foundry, h in Watertown.

Gould, Charles, (Dexter) r 67, 15 cows, farmer 166.

GOULD, CURTIS P., r 33, 10 cows, farmer 100.

Gould, Daniel W., (Pillar Point) r 69 cor. 79, 16 head cattle, farmer 111.

Gould, David, (Dexter) r 54, farmer 95.

Gould, Edson, (Pillar Point) r 70, farmer 100.

GOULD, JOHN, (Pillar Point) r 80, farmer 40.

Gould, Morris, (Pillar Point) r 81, farmer 100.

Gould, Orville H., (Pillar Point) r 79, farmer 50.

Graham, Joseph, (Dexter) r 54, farmer 82.

Grant, Alvah L., (Depauville) r 4, 7 cows, farmer 126.

Grant, Alvah L., Jr., (Depauville) r 4, farmer with his father, Alvah L.

Grant, Judson, (Dexter) r 55, farmer 100.

Green, Adna, r 44, farmer, leases of J. Morseman 100.

Greenwood, Charles, r 44, 7 cows, farmer 62.

GREIGG, CHARLES, r 43, 4 cows, farmer 85.

Greigg, David, r 43, farmer with his father, Charles.

Greigg, Demott, r 43, farmer with his father, Charles.

Groat, Harrison, r 20, 10 cows, farmer 117, resides in Philadelphia.

Grooms, Thomas, (Pillar Point) r 69, laborer.

Gunn, James G., lake engineer, h Church.

Gunn, Ora, widow of John N., aged 93, oldest person in town, h Washington.

Hagen, Adam, (Perch River) r 7, carpenter, mason, and farmer 150.

Hahn, Dora, (Watertown) r 47, school teacher.

Hahn ,Jacob, (Watertown) r 47, farmer 18.

Halladay John N., farmer 75, owns in Clayton, with Reuben, 213, and 150 on r 16, h Main.

Halladay, Willie H., student, h Main.

Haller, George, (Perch River) r 14, farmer, leases of J.S.B. Peck 245.

Hammond, Lovina, (Dexter) r 33, widow of Matthew, farmer 64.

Hanchett, Dealton B., r 32, 29 cows, farmer 212.

Hancock, Ebenezer, (Pillar Point) r 84, farmer 69.

Harrington, Philo, (Limerick) r 23, tin peddler.

Harris, Franklin, (Pillar Point) r 80, farmer 40.

Harris, Henry I., dealer in groceries, Sand cor. Main, h Basin.

Harris, Winfield E., clerk for Henry I., h Main.

Hart, Frank, emp. in paper-mill.

Hayes, John H., (Limerick) r 28, 6 cows, farmer 108.

Haynes, William, (Limerick) r 29, laborer.

Hazelwood, George, (Dexter) teamster, h William.

Hazelwood, Matthew, (Dexter) retired farmer, h William.

Hearsley, Merrill, (Dexter) r 63, farmer 125.

Helbock, Charles, r 33, farmer with his father, Peter A.

Helbock, Peter A., r 33, 18 cows, farmer 127.

Henderson, Horace I., (Dexter) r 56, farmer 70.

Herzig, Albert, (Pillar Point) r 69, farm laborer.

Higgins, William N., dentist, h Warren.

Hilliker, William, r 52, com. traveler, farm 100.

Hilliker, William E., (Dexter) r 52, farmer, leases of William 100.

Hoag, Clement E., (Pillar Point) r 63 cor. 76, pastor M.E. Church.

Holcomb, Elon, laborer, h Washington.

Hoover, Hiram, (Dexter) r 55, 11 cows, farmer 127.

Hoover, Rodolpho, (Dexter) r 55, farmer, leases of Hiram 127.

Hovey, Charles, (Pillar Point) r 84, fisherman.

Howe, Mason, laborer, h Main.

Howell, Mason, retired farmer, h Church.

HOYT, SAMUEL, r 50, 20 cows, 2 brood mares, farmer 230.

Hubbel, Aaron, (Dexter) small fruit grower 16 acres, h Grove.

Hubbs, Bradley S., r 33, carpenter.

Hubbs, George W., Sr., (Dexter) r 34, farmer with his mother Priscilla S.

HUBBS, PRISCILLA S., (Dexter) r 34, widow of William S., farmer 87.

Hubbs, Zephania, (Dexter) r 34, farmer and hay presser.

Hunter, _____, (Dexter) widow of Thomas, h Factory.

Huntington, Eliza, (Dexter) widow of Joseph, resident, aged 83.

Ingalls, Frank E., well driller, h and lot Pike.

JACKSON, CHARLES A., (Limerick) r 29, 8 cows, farmer 90.

Jackson, Thomas, (Limerick) r 27, 10 cows, farmer 178.

Jackson, William, r 62, foreman Woods Falls paper and pulp-mills.

James, Calista, (Limerick) r 27, widow of Edward.

James, Evelyn C., (Limerick) r 25, farmer, leases of Raymond 160.

James, Frank C., (Chaumont) r 25, farmer, has life lease of 75 acres.

James, Frederick, (Limerick) r 27, 50 cows, farmer 100.

James, Jane, (Dexter) r 39, widow of Nelson, farm 274.

James, Raymond, (Limerick) r 25, 13 cows, farmer 160.

James, Varnum A., (Dexter) r 54, farmer on the Nelson estate 200.

Jaquay, Sarah, (Dexter) widow of Frederick A., resident, h Orchard.

Jarvis, Edgar, laborer, h Sand.

Jeffreys, Delbert, (Dexter) mason, h Grove.

Johnson, John, resides Brownville Hotel.

Johnson, Sarah, (Mrs. John) prop. Brownville Hotel, Main cor. Basin.

Jones, Edwin M., r 62, papermaker.

Jones, Elliott, laborer, h Sand.

JONES, JAMES M., (Dexter) r 51, farmer 65.

Jones, Margaret, widow of Leander, prop. boarding-house, off Sand.

Keith, Rufus W., (Watertown) r 18, apiarist 20 colonies, 12 cows, farmer 102.

Kellogg, George, (Pillar Point) r 65, farmer 60.


Kentfield, Gaius, r 47, farmer 15.

Kentfield, Warren, teamster, h St. Lawrence st.

Kerr, James, (Limerick) r 55, farmer 75.

KILBORN, ALTHEUS J., (Limerick) r 12, 9 cows, served in Co. G., 10th N.Y. Art., farmer 140.

Kilborn, May C., (Limerick) r 12, dressmaker.

Kilborn, James A., (Limerick) r 12, farmer.

Kimball, George H., (Watertown) r 47, farmer for Mrs. Lucy Butler.

Kimball, Joseph, (Dexter) r 54, canvasser.

Kimball, Lewis, (Dexter) carpenter.

KIMBALL, LOUISA M., (Dexter) widow of John B., resident, aged 13 [sic], h and lot.

Kinna, James, r 44, farmer, leases of C. P. Plumb 164.

Kissel, Adam, r 43, farmer 150.

KISSEL, GEORGE, r 17, 50 cows, farmer, leases of Halladay Brothers 296.

Kissel, George D., r 17, farmer with his father, George.

Kissel, Henry A., r 17, farmer with his father, George.

Knapp, Almira, widow of John C., h St. Lawrence st.

Knapp, Hiram, (Limerick) r 27, farmer 96.

Knapp, Jerod, (Dexter) carpenter, h Kirby.

KNAPP, JOHN L., (Limerick) r 27, 5 cows, farmer 120.

Knapp, John W., r 51, 14 cows, farmer 130.

Knapp, Lucinda, (Dexter) widow of Err [sic], h Kirby.

Knapp, Mariah, (Dexter) widow of Alfred.

KNOWLTON, HARRY A., (Pillar Point) r 76, general merchant prop. cider-mill, and carpenter, h and mill and 8 acres.

Knowlton, John P., (Knowlton & McMullen).

Knowlton & McMullen, (John P. K. and George H. McM.) dealers in stoves and tinware.

Knox, Addison T., (Dexter) r 53, farmer 100.

Knox, William A., (Perch River) r 21, farmer, leases the William Knox estate 100.

Krisler, John W., (Dexter) retired farmer.

Lance, Lewis, r 50, pasture land 224.

Lance, Windsor, (Depauville) r 2, farmer.

Lane, James, (Pillar Point) r 63, farmer, leases of Wilcox 111.

Lane, Rodney, r 61, papermaker.

La Pattrie, Jerry, (Dexter) wagon repairer, h Factory.

Lasher, David, r 47, cor. 48, farmer 74.

Lawton, George, (Dexter) r 59, farmer with his mother, Jane.

Lawton, Jane, (Dexter) r 59, widow of James, farm, estate of her husband 50.

Lawyer, Edwin, butcher, h Church.

Lawyer, Fred, butcher, h Main cor. Warren.

Lawyer, John, prop. billiard room, Sand, h Warren.

Lawyer, John W., mason and butcher, h Franklin.

Lawyer, Nicholas, butcher, h Main.

Lee, Albert E., (Pillar Point) r 65, farmer 100.

Lee, John, (Depauville) r 3, farmer 70.

Lee, John D., (Pillar Point) r 73, farmer 110.

Lee, Robert, (Depauville) r 3, farmer with his father, John.

Lehr, John, (Dexter) r 51, farmer 105.

LEONARD, EDGAR, (Dexter) (Leonard, Gilmore & Co.) manuf., contractor, and builder, owns sash and blind factory, 23 vacant houses and 13 houses and lots, h Bradley cor. Brown.

Leonard, George E., (Dexter) (Leonard, Gilmore & Co.) h Brown.

Leonard, Gilmore & Co., (Dexter) (George E. L., James A. G., and William E., Edgar, and George E. Leonard) props. planing mill, manufs. of sash, doors and blinds, contractors and builders, dealers in lumber, Lock.

Leonard, William E., (Dexter) (Leonard, Gilmore & Co.) h Factory.

Lewis, George B., (Pillar Point) r 84, farmer 133.

Lidsey, William, (Pillar Point) r 84, blacksmith.

Limerick, Hotel, (Limerick) r 42, C. O. F. Booth, prop.

Lindley, Ernest D., (Limerick) r 36 cor. 28, farmer with his father, Joseph H.

LINDLEY, JOSEPH H., (Limerick) r 36 cor. 28, farmer 40.

Lindsley, William, (Dexter) (Lindsley & Carroll) h Kirby.

Lindsley, & Carroll, (Dexter) (William L. and William C.) blacksmiths, Water.

Linnell, J. M., r 50, prop. cheese factory.

Liscom, John, (Limerick) off r 22, laborer and blacksmith.

Liscomb, John, (Limerick) r 28, laborer.

Locy, Jennie, (Dexter) widow of William, h Kirby.

Lonsdale, Fred, (Pillar Point) r 83 farmer with his father.

Lonsdale, William, (Pillar Point) r 83, 20 head cattle, farmer 160.

Loomis, Dell F. Miss, (Dexter) r 51, school teacher.

Loomis, Frank, (Dexter) r 51, farmer with Warren 53.

Loomis, Mary A., (Limerick) r 55, widow of Hiram, resident.

Loomis, Stephen B., (Dexter) r 51, manuf. of fanning-mills, farmer 60.

Loomis, Warren, (Dexter) r 51, farmer with Frank 53.

Lord, Albert E., general merchant, Main, h Basin.

Loungway, George, barber and prop. billiard rooms, Main.

Lowe, Betsey A., (Pillar Point) r 78, widow of William, 12 cows, farmer 133.

Lowe, George, (Pillar Point) r 73, farmer 50.

Loyd, George, (Dexter) r 63, laborer.

Loyd, Richard, (Pillar Point) r 73, laborer.

Luther, Aldridge S., (Limerick) r 55, 20 cows, farmer 200.

Luther, Elmer E., (Pillar Point) r 73, farmer 65.

Luther, Lodica, (Dexter) widow of Isaac, aged 93.

Lutz, George F., carpenter, h Main cor. Pike.

Lutz, Sebastian, shoemaker, h Main cor. Pike.

LYNCH, HARRIET L., r 62, widow of Matthew, prop. boarding-house, leased of R. Remington.

LYNCH, THOMAS, prop. Brownville Hotel, Main cor. Sand.

MACKEY, WILLIAM, shoemaker, h Pike.

Madley, Edward, r 20, farmer, leases of M. Bonney 100.

Maldoon, Thomas M., (Dexter) farmer in Hounsfield 50, h Water.

MALLETT, GEORGE, R 17, 30 cows, farmer, leases of Kate Young 260.

Mandigold, Lura A., r 16, farmer 200.

Marcell, Nelson, (Dexter) stonecutter, h Kirby.

Markel, John A., (Limerick) r 28, 7 cows, farmer, leases of Henry Reeves 214.

MASSEY, ADELINE A., widow of Dr. William P.

Massey, Francis W. H., allo. physician, h Washington.

Mayhew, Bruce, (Pillar Point) r 66, farmer 100.

Maynard, Lathrop U., (Limerick) r 53, 7 cows, farmer 166.

Maynard, Lewis, retired carpenter and farmer 37.

McAfee, Chester A., (Pillar Point) r 76, farmer with his father, Henry R.

McAfee, Henry R., (Pillar Point) r 76, 20 head of cattle, farmer 134.

McAfee, John D., (Limerick) r 42, farmer 178.

McAfee, Margaret, (Dexter) widow of Archibald, resident, aged 89, h Orchard.

McCormick, Jeremiah, r 19, farmer 12.

McCormick, Elizabeth, (Limerick) r 23, widow of William, farmer 111.

McCormick, Harrison W., (Limerick) r 23, farmer, leases of his mother, Elizabeth 111.

McCormick, William H., (Limerick) r 27, 6 cows, farmer 75. [Farm recently sold]

McGill Mary, (Pilar Point) r 84, widow of Francis, farmer 55.

McGIRVEN, ROBERT H., (Dexter) harnessmaker, served in Co. D, 1st Ill. Cav., h Brown.

McGraw, Harry, (Dexter) house painter, h Kirby.

McKenzie, John, r 20, farm laborer.

McMullen, George H., (Knowlton & McMullen).

McNett, Bayard, r 34, farmer, leases of J. Conklin 125.

McNett, Beard, (Dexter) r 34, farmer, leases of J. Conklin 200.

McNett, Wellington T., r 32, laborer, owns h and lot.

McTAGGART, ELGIN, (Dexter) r 55, cheesemaker.

Mead, Eliza, r 48, farmer 40.

Mead, Patrick, laborer, h Sand.

Meldoon, Matilda Mrs., (Dexter) dressmaker, Water.

Middlebrook, Lydia, widow of William C., resident, h and 7 acres Warren.

Miller, Leonard, (Limerick) r 55, farmer 80.

Moffatt, Brice, (Limerick) r 36, farmer 173.

Moffatt, Charles E., (Perch River) r 7, farmer, leaes of James S. 240.

MOFFATT, EDWIN, (Limerick) r 37, 41 head of cattle, 18 sheep, farmer 256.

Moffatt, Hosea H., (Dexter) retired, h William.

MOFFATT, JAMES S., (Limerick) r 27, 6 cows, farmer 150.

Moffitt, Gertrude C., (Limerick) r 27, school teacher.

Moffitt, Hinman, (Limerick) r 42, laborer.

Monroe, George, r 62, papermaker, h Sand.

Morehouse, Edwin, (Pillar Point) r 84, laborer.

Morehouse, Eliza, (Pillar Point) r 84, widow of George, resident.

Morey, James, (Dexter) r 51, 10 cows, farmer 60.

Morgan, Albert L., M.D., (Dexter) physician and surgeon, h Water.

Morgan, Geeley, r 20, farmer for F. D. Seeber.

Morgan, Horace G., r 20, laborer.

Morseman, M. J., r 45, farmer 129.

Mould & Sparks, (Watertown) (William H. M. and James W. C. S.) branch store, dealers in groceries, Main.

Moyer, Charles S., (Dexter) carpenter, h Brown.

Moyer, Samuel, (Dexter) r 51, farmer 90.

Mullen, Edward, (Dexter) r 63, farmer 90.

Munson, Linus, (Limerick) r 42, section boss R.W. & O.R.R., h and 15 acres.

Nelson, Kate, (Dexter) dressmaker, Fish Island.

Nelson, Nettie, (Dexter) school teacher, Fish Island.

Nelson, Sophia, (Dexter) widow of David, resident, aged 87, h on Fish Island.

Nening, Thomas, r 50, butcher.

Northrup, Albert, (Limerick) r 29, farmer 100.

Northrup, George, (Perch River) r 9, cheesemaker.

Nutting, John, (Dexter) prop. woolen-mill.

Nutting, Joseph, (Dexter) clerk for E. S. Clark.

Oakes, William, (Limerick) r 10, farmer, leases of William Calkins 120.

Oaks, Barberry, (Perch River) r 21, widow of John, 7 cows, farm 100.

Olley, Ellery A., (Webb & Co.) h Dexter.

Osborn, Dewitt, (Limerick) off r 29, laborer.

Osborn, P.A. & Co., (Dexter) (N.R. Cook) props. flouring and plaster-mills, South.

OSBORN, PHINEAS A., (Dexter) h Brown cor. Factory.

Osborn, William H., (Dexter) miller, emp. P.A. Osborn & Co., Brown.

Ostrander, Ashel, teamster, h Sand.

Otis, Amos, (Pillar Point) r 83, 20 head cattle, farmer 137.

OUTTERSON, CHARLES E., first vice-pres. Outterson Paper Co., h Basin.

OUTTERSON, JAMES A., (Brownville and Dexter) 2d vice-pres. Outterson Paper Co.; vice-pres. Frontenac Paper Co., and supt. Dexter Sulphite Pulp and Paper Co., h Main.

OUTTERSON PAPER CO., J.T. Outterson, pres., C.E. Outterson, 1st vice-pres.; J.A. Outterson, 2d vice-pres.; T.T. Waller, sec'y and treas., manufs. of wood pulp and props. paper-mill.

Palmer, Orville M., r 49, farmer with his father, Eli.

Parker, Albert, (Dexter) retired farmer, h Factory.

Parker, George, (Depauville) r 3, laborer.

Parker, Mary, (Dexter) widow of Elisha, resident, owns h and lot on Fish Island.

Patrick, Asher D., (Dexter) blacksmith, Water, h Kirby.

Patrick, Elbridge, (Limerick) r 52, farmer 49.

Patrick, Frank, dealer in patent rights, h Franklin.

Patrick, Herbert, (Dexter) r 54, farmer, leases of Mariah 6.

Patrick, Hiram, (Limerick) r 52, farmer 147.

Patrick, Hiram, (Dexter) r 52, farmer 200.

Patrick, Wallace, (Limerick) r 52, farmer with his father, Hiram.

Pearce, William, laborer, h Washington.

Pearse, Franklin, (Dexter) carpenter.

Peck, David, (Limerick) r 25, farmer with Wilbur 159.

Peck, Horace, carpenter, h Main.

Peck, Horace S., (Dexter) carpenter, h Factory.

PECK, SPENCER S.B., (Perch River) r 14, 25 cows, served in Co. B., 177th N.Y. Vols., from Albany, farmer 250.

Peck, Wilbur, (Limerick) r 25, farmer with David 159.

Penney, Greenleaf, (Dexter) painter, h Sterling.

Perry, Joseph H., (Dexter) r 51, farmer 35.

Perry, Levi S., (Limerick) r 27, cheesemaker and farmer 100.

Perry, Oscar D., (Dexter) r 51, market gardener and custom miller, h and lot.

PETTIT, ADELBERT, (Chaumont) r 23, farmer, leases of S. Watters 110, served in Co. D, 186th N.Y. Vols.

Phelps, Benjamin, (Limerick) r 27, farmer 80.

Phelps, David, (Limerick) r 13, laborer.

Phelps, Ellen J., (Dexter) r 37, widow of Philo, resident.

Phelps, Harriet, r 20, widow of Eli H., resident, aged 74.

Phelps, Joseph W., (Dexter) r 41, farmer 48.

Phillips, Frank, (Dexter) carpenter, h Kirby.

Phillips, Hiram, (Limerick) r 39 cor. 40, farmer, leases of George B. Kimball 150.

Pierce, Deforest, (Dexter) laborer, h Bradley.

Pierce, Frank D., (Limerick) r 36, postmaster, general merchant, h and 4 acres.

Pierce, William C., laborer, h Church.

Pinney, Dan, (Pillar Point) r 63, retired papermaker, aged 95.

Plant, Joseph, r 32, farmer 37.

PLUMB, CHARLES P., r 43, 13 cows, farmer 164.

PLUMB, GEORGE C., retired farmer.

Plumb, James W., (Dexter) carpenter, h and 2 acres Grove.

Poole, William, (Pillar Point) r 68, 17 head cattle, farmer 200.

PORTER, AMANDA M., (Dexter) widow of Alvaro, resident, h Factory.

POTTER, ANSON A., retired farmer, owns farm 220 in Hounsfield off r 10, Main.

Potter, Foster, boxmaker, h off Sand.

Potter, Harry A. L., (Dexter) school teacher, h William.

Potter, Robert, retired farmer, h Basin.

Pratt, William H., (Perch River) r 7, 13 cows, farmer, leases of T.A. Sargent 124.

PRIOR, FRANCES, (Perch River) r 9, widow of John, farmer 30.

Prior, Maria, (Limerick) r 12, widow of Oscar F., resident.

PRIOR, MARTHA J., (Limerick) r 12, widow of Noah L., farmer 103.

Quencer, Michael, (Perch River), general merchant.

QUENCER, MARTIN, (Perch River) r 15, cheesemaker, 25 cows, farmer 175.

Ramsey, Charles, (Dexter) laborer.

Ranney, William, teamster, h and lot Church.

Ranney, William, laborer, h Washington.

Ranney, William, teamster, h St. Lawrence st.

Ranson, Charles, (Dexter) r 51, laborer.

Ranson, Edward, (Limerick) r 22, farmer with his father, George.

RANSON, GEORGE, Jr., (Limerick) r 22, farmer 125, served in Co. E, 14th N.Y.H.A.

Rattler, Charles, r 49, laborer.

Redmond, James, laborer, h Main.

Reed, Henry, (Pillar Point) r 79, farmer 50.

Reed, James, (Pillar Point) r 78, farmer, leases of Betsey A. Lowe 133.

Reed, Stephen B., (Pillar Point) r 81, retired cooper.

Reed, Willis, (Dexter) (Reed & Foster) h Grove.

Reed, & Foster, (Dexter) (Willis R. and Charles F.) masons and contractors.

Reeves, Eugene, (Pillar Point) r 72, farmer 100.

REEVES, FERNAND H., r 62, 24 cows, 2 Jackson brood mares, farmer 204, h on r 43 cor. 50.

Reeves, Fred, (Pillar Point) r 84, farmer, leases of James A. 50.

Reeves, George E., (Dexter) r 58, farmer 120.

Reeves, Henry T., (Pillar Point) r 84, farmer 75.

Reeves, James A., (Pillar Point) r 84, farmer 185, h in Sacket's Harbor.

Reeves, John, (Pillar Point) r 58, 15 cows, apiarist 19 colonies, farmer 175.

Reeves, William U., (Pillar Point) r 83, 20 head cattle, farmer 167.

Relyea, Frank, r 48, laborer.

Reynolds, Milton, (Depauville) r 1, farmer 500.

Rhines, Alfred, (Dexter) carpenter, h Grove.

Rice, Albert, (Dexter) teamster, h Bronson.

Rice, George E., resident.

Rice, Horace W., hop grower and farmer 20, h Basin.

Rice, James W., (Dexter) spinner, h Bronson.

Rice, Miranda, (Dexter) widow of Milo, resident, aged 70, h Bronson.

Rider, W. Brice, (Limerick) r 25, farmer 50.

Riggs, Edward, (Dexter) r 51, farmer 10.

Riggs, Edwin S., (Dexter) r 59, farmer 25, h Grove.

Roach, Sarah, (Dexter) r 63, widow of Richard, resident.

Roat, Elliott E., (Pillar Point) r 63, sailor, h and lot.

Roat, George M., (Pillar Point) r 84, fisherman, owns 13 acres.

Roberts, Charles, foreman in box factory, h off Sand.

Robertson, Seth A., (Perch River) r 7, farmer with his father William J.

Robertson, William, (Perch River) r 9, laborer.

Robertson, William J., (Perch River) r 7, 40 cows, prop. cheese factory, farmer 245.

Rockwood, Clark, (Limerick) r 55, laborer, owns 2 acres.

Rockwood, Elam, (Dexter) r 53 cor. 54, farmer 9.

Rockwood, James, (Pillar Point) r 63, farm laborer.

Rockwood, James, (Dexter) r 53 cor. 54, farm laborer.

Rockwood, Levi, blacksmith, Main, h St. Lawrence st.

Rockwood, Perry, (Dexter) r 53, farmer 71.

Rodlam, Roderick, papermaker, h Sand.

Rodrick, Joseph, (Dexter) laborer, h William.

Rogers, Isaac, farmer 15.

ROGERS, JOHN W., (Dexter) r 56, prop. stock horse "Jommy B," 1 Messenger brood mare, farmer 50.

ROSS, WILLIAM, (Dexter) wagonmaker, h Lock. [Removed to Syracuse].

Rounds, Sarah, (Dexter) r 59, widow of George H., resident, farmer 110, h Grove.

Rounds, Tenie, (Dexter) music teacher, h Grove.

Rounds, Wellington, (Dexter) r 59, farmer, leases of Sarah 110.

Rowe, Ferdinand, (Dexter) farmer 31.

Rowe, William, (Pillar Point) r 72, farmer 30.

Rundell, Frank E., (Limerick) r 42, telegraph operator, station and express agent R., W. & O. R. R.

RYDER, ANN C., (Limerick) r 25, widow of Benjamin, farmer 90.

Sanford, Albert, (Dexter) r 39, laborer.

Sanford, Cary, (Limerick) r 29, laborer.

Sanford, Delbert, papermaker, h Gould.

Sanford, Edwin, (Limerick) r 14, laborer.

Sanford, George, (Limerick) r 22, laborer.

Sanford, Loyal, (Limerick) off r 22, farmer 50.

SANFORD, ORRIN S., papermaker, served in Co. M, 10th N.Y. Art., h and lot Gould.

Sanford, Orville, (Pillar Point) r 77, farmer 150.

Satchwell, Reuben, (Dexter) r 51, farmer and fish dealer.

Sattemore, Benjamin, papermaker, h Gould.

Sattemore, Peter, papermaker, h Sand.

Sattemore, Seth, papermaker, h Sand.

Sartwell, George, r 19, farmer 32.

Sartwell, Lorenzo, r 19, laborer.

Savage, George, (Dexter) painter.

Schermerhorn, Frank S., (Frazier & Schermerhorn) h over store.

Schrodt, John, 15 cows, farmer 126.

Schrodt, Martin, r 33, 2 brood mares, farmer 62, and works the Ben Helmer farm.

Schwartz, Adolphus P., (Pillar Point) r 84, carpenter, owns 2 houses and lots.

Schwartz, Aldie B., Miss, (Pillar Point) r 84, school teacher.

Schwartz, Will H., (Pillar Point) r 84, carpenter.

Scott, Clark G., (Limerick) r 27, 6 cows, farmer 62.

Scott, Robert, laborer and farmer 15, h Sand.

See, Joseph D., (Pillar Point) r 73, farmer 115.

SEEBER, CHESTER A., farmer, owns on r 33 farm 28, h Franklin.

SEEBER, EDWARD, r 20, 7 cows, farmer 125.

Seeber, Frank, dealer in pressed hay, h Main.

SEEBER, FRANK D., r 20, served in Co. I, 10th N.Y.H.A., farmer 94, h Main.

Seeber, Sylvester, r 20, farmer, leases of Harrison Groat 117.

SEEBER, WILLIAM, r 20, 3 cows, farmer 52.

Sharlan, John, blacksmith with his father, William.

Sharlan, William, blacksmith, Sand, h and lot Franklin.

Shattock, Reuben J., boxmaker, h off Sand.

Shaver, Hiram, (Perch River) r 5, 9 cows, farmer 96.

Shaver, Hudson, (Perch River) hay presser.

Shaver, Jerome, (Dexter) teamster, Fish Island.

Shaver, Rosella Miss, (Perch River) r 5, school teacher.

Shaw, Timothy, laborer, h Sand.

Shaw, Timothy M., laborer and cartman.

SHIMMEL, ISAIAH, (Dexter) laborer, served in Co. G., 10th N.Y.H.A.

Silbison, David, (Dexter) r 55, retired sailor.

Sills, Anson, (Pillar Point) r 75, farmer 70.

Simpson, George, papermaker, h Sand.

SKINNER, FREDERICK W., civil engineer, h Basin.

Skinner, Horace, retired foundryman, h Basin.

Skinner, Lucy, widow of Lucius, resident, h Basin.

Skinner, Lucy A., widow of William, resident, h and 10 acres.

SLATER, SARAH, widow of Joseph, farmer 30.

Smith, Aaron, (Depauville) r 1, farmer 50.

Smith, Adaline C., widow of Levi, h Washington.

Smith, Almond, (Limerick) r 23, farmer 100.

Smith, Bothers, r 29, (Timothy and Farmer) farmers 73.

Smith, Chancy, (Perch River) r 9, house painter.

Smith, Charles W., postmaster, h Main.

Smith, Charlotte, (Perch River) r 5 cor. 9, widow of Hugh.

Smith, Farmer, r 29, (Smith Brothers).

SMITH, HELEN S. Mrs., resident, h Main.

Smith, Henry, (Limerick) r 23, 15 cows, farmer 100.

Smith, Olin H., (Pillar Point) r 66, farmer 80.

Smith, Peter, (Depauville) r 1, farmer 75.

Smith, Timothy, r 29, (Smith Brothers).

SMITH, WILLIAM P., (Perch River) r 9, farmer in Clayton 144, served in Co. A, 35th and in Co. G., 6th N.Y. Art.

Snell, Jeremiah, (Limerick) r 29, farmer 80.

Snook, John, (Dexter) r 54, 8 cows, farmer 84.

Snyder, Edward S., (Dexter) r 51, farmer 43.

Soule, David, (Dexter) r 63, farmer 30.

SOULE, LEANDER H., (Pillar Point), r 84, fisherman, owns h and lot.

SPAFFORD, SHELDON, harnessmaker and prop. livery stable, owns 3 houses and lots, and 2 houses and 8 acres in Hounsfield, h Main.

Spicer, Edward, (Perch River) r 9, 7 cows, farmer 53.

Spicer, Fremont W., (Dexter) coal dealer, h William.

SPICER, HENRY, (Perch River) r 9, (Union Pulp Co. of Carthage) 15 cows, hay presser, prop. cheese factory, manuf. 50 tons cheese yearly, retired merchant, and farmer 180.

Sprague, Elden, (Pillar Point) r 84, fisherman, h and lot.

Sprague, Eugene, (Pillar Point) r 69, laborer.

Sprague, Lansing, (Pillar Point) r 63, laborer, h and 5 acres.

Sprague, Lizzie, (Pillar Point) r 69, widow of Loren, farmer 56.

Staley, George H., (Dexter) emp. in paper-mill, h Kirby.

Stanley, George, (Limerick) r 29, emp. on railroad.

Steblen, Frank, r 16, laborer.

Steele, Charles C., retired merchant, 25 acres on r 6, h Sand.

Steele, Georgia, widow of Edson A., owns h and 5 1/4 acres St. Lawrence st.

Steele, Hannah C., r 32, widow of George H., 6 cows, farmer 40.

Steele, Herbert G., r 32, farmer 50.

Steles, George, (Limerick) r 29, laborer.

Sternberg, Luther, (Depauville) r 2, farmer 50.

Stevens, Amanda, (Pillar Point) r 84, widow of John A., resident.

St. Lawrence Paper Co., (Dexter) Hon. Henry Binninger, pres.; Charles M. Otis, of Watertown, vice-pres.; Joseph Green, of Watertown, sec'y and treas., manufs. of paper, Fish Island.

Stokes, Carrie Miss, (Dexter) r 51, school teacher.

Stokes, John H., (Dexter) shoemaker, h Factory.

Stone, Dillie E., (Pillar Point) r 84, widow of Newton N., farmer 115.

Stone, Jennie Miss, (Pillar Point) r 84, dressmaker.

Stone, Luella Miss, (Pillar Point) r 84, postmistress.

Strainge, Thomas J., (Dexter) (Binninger & Strainge) h Factory.

Sullivan, John, carpenter, h Franklin.

Sullivan, John C., carpenter, h Warren.

Sullivan, John R., retired, h Warren.

Swartwout, Edgar, (Limerick) r 37, 24 cows, farmer, leases of H. Copley, of Chaumont, 246.

Sydmon, George, (Dexter) off r 51, laborer, farm 6.

Taylor, Alfred G., r 33, owns two farms of 270 acres, h Basin.

Taylor, Andrew, (Pillar Point) r 63, owns half interest in cheese factory, 15 cows, farmer 140.

Taylor, Frank, (Pillar Point) r 84, farmer 50.

Taylor, Frank D., r 33, cows, farmer, leases of Alfred G. 276.

Taylor, Fred J., (Pillar Point) r 63, farmer with his father, Andrew.

Thompson, George, r 48, 6 cows, farmer 93.

Thompson, Robert, (Dexter) shoemaker, h Factory.

Thopmson, Sumner, (Dexter) r 42, farmer 17.

Timerman, Milton, (Limerick) r 28, farmer 143.

Timerman, Wells, (Limerick) r 28, farmer with his father, Milton.

Timmerman, Rollin, (Dexter) r 58, farmer with his father, Theron.

Timmerman, Theron, (Dexter) r 58, 15 head cattle, farmer 120.

Timmon, Milton, (Limerick) off r 22, farmer 100.

Treadway, Jane, (Limerick) r 39, widow of Sumner, farmer 50.

Trickey, Peter, r 43, farm laborer.

Tuttle, Nancy, widow of Henderson, h off Sand.

Underwood, Charles, (Limerick) r 42, 1 Duroc brood mare, farmer 92.

UNDERWOOD HOUSE, (Dexter) W. H. Underwood, prop.

Underwood, Jospeh, (Dexter) retired farmer, h Brown cor. Bronson.

Underwood, Warren, (Dexter) retired farmer, h Brown.

UNDERWOOD, WILLIAM H., (Dexter) prop. Underwood House, village president, served in Co. I, N. Y. H. A. , h and lot.

Utter, A. J., off r 62, papermaker.

Van Allen, Augustus, (Dexter) r 39, butcher and farmer, leases the estate of Marion Wait 97.

VAN ALLEN, EMILY, (Dexter) dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Water.

Vance, Mame E. Miss, (Dexter) milliner, Water, h do.

Van Der Bogart, Charles, (Perch River), r 9, farmer for his father, Walter.

Van Der Bogart, Walter, (Perch River) r 8, 20 cows, farmer 175.

Vanderwalker, Austin, r 44, 10 cows, farmer 130.

Vandewalker, Daniel, r 34, 6 cows, farmer 84.

VAN DEWALKER, JEROME, (Perch River) r 21, 5 cows, butcher and farmer 62.

VAN SCHOICK, JULIA M., widow of Michael.

VOGT, JACOB, (Perch River) r 21, 30 cows, manuf. of Limburger cheese, farmer 256.

Vogt, Martin, (Perch River) r 21, manuf. of Limburger cheese, farmer, leases of Jacob 256.

Voodra, Alonzo, (Dexter) laborer.

Waffull, Parley, (Limerick) r 28, emp. on railroad.

WALRATH, DAVID H., r 62, emp. in papermill.

Waters, George, (Dexter) retired, h Factory

Walters George W., (Dexter) house painter, h Kirby.

Waltz, Horatio, (Dexter) well driller and dealer in wind-mills, pipe, pumps, etc., h and lot William.

Waltz, William, carpenter, h Sand.

Walworth, Andrew, (Perch River) r 9, blacksmith and farmer 40.

Walworth, Byron, boat engineer, h Basin.

Walworth, Elijah, (Perch River) r 9, blacksmith, h and lot.

Walworth, Hamilton, r 44, farmer, leases of B. Shedd 87.

Walworth, Nathan, (Perch River) r 2, farmer.

Warren, Samuel, off r 62, farmer 75.

Waterman, George L., (Dexter) r 55, farmer with his father, Thomas R.

Waterman, Thomas R., (Dexter) r 55, farmer 65.

Weaver, Arthur, (Limerick) r 2, 12 cows, farmer on the estate of Philip 133.

Weaver, Benjamin F., (Watertown) off r 45, 20 cows, farmer on the estate of Benjamin 180.

Weaver, Electa, (Limerick) r 2, widow of Philip, owns the estate of Philip 133.

Weaver, Leslie, (Limerick) r 2, farmer and carpenter.

Webb, Eliza A., (Perch River) r 4, widow of Lewis M., 15 cows, farmer 150.

Webb, J. Nelson, (Webb & Co.) h Main.

Webb, & Co., (J. Nelson and Ellery A. Olley) furniture manuf., Sand.

Webber, James, r 62, papermaker.

Webber, William, r 16, laborer.

Welch, Charles, retired farmer, h Warren.

WELCH, JOHN H., farm laborer, served in Co. I, 10th N. Y. H. A. , 3 years, h and lot Basin.

Welch, Nathan, ins. agent, h Basin.

Welch, Philander T., (Dexter) retired farmer, h Kirby.

West, Frederick, (Dexter) will driller with Horatio Waltz, h Silo.

West, Lydia, (Dexter) widow of Charles A., owns 30 acres of land.

Westcott, Elizabeth, (Dexter) r 67, widow of James, resident, owns 4 acres of land.

Weston, John, (Dexter) blacksmith, h Kirby.

Wheeler, Dempster C., (Limerick) r 24, 22 cows, farmer 365.

White, Edwin, (Pillar Point) r 73, farmer 108.

White, G. Newton, (Dexter) school teacher, bds. Grove.

White, Gardner T., (Pillar Point) r 73, school teacher and farmer for his mother, Mary E.

White, George W., papermaker, h Sand.

White, Hazel C., (Pillar Point) r 73, farmer with his mother, Mary E.

White, Mary E., (Pillar Point) r 73, widow of Elbridge, 20 head cattle, farmer 180.

White, Roy, (Dexter) student, h Brown.

White, William A., (Pillar Point) r 73, farmer, leases of the estate of H. S. 36.

Whitman, Delevan, (Dexter) laborer, h Kirby.

Whitman, Martin, (Dexter) laborer, h Kirby.

Whitney, ---- Mrs., (Dexter) widow of Daniel, farm 53, h Factory.

WHITTEMORE, GEORGE C., ticket, express, and station agent, and telegraph operator, R.W. & O.R.R. h St. Lawrence st.

Whittier, George, teamster.

Whittier, Helen M., widow of George, farmer 225, h St. Lawrence st.

Wiedman, Burton, (Perch River) r 9, farm laborer.

Wilcox, A. R. & Son, (Mark) general merchants, Main.

Wilcox, Amos R., (A. R. Wilcox & Son) h in Watertown.

Wilcox, Mark, (A. R. Wilcox & Son) h Main.

Wilder, Alfred, (Dexter) r 53, laborer.

WILLIAMS, EDGAR D., (Pillar Point) r 80, farmer 44.

Williams, Eugene, farmer 60.

Williams, George, (Dexter) r 56, laborer.

Williams, Germaine, (Pillar Point) r 80, farmer, leases of his father 50.

Williams, Leonard D., (Pillar Point) r 78, farmer 100.

WILLIAMS, MORGAN, (Pillar Point) r 80 cor. 81, farmer 107.

Willis, John, (Dexter) retired.

Willis, Willard, (Dexter) r 53, laborer.

Wilson, Delbert J., (Wilson & Daniels) h Sand.

Wilson, Emma L, Mrs., r 20, 6 cows, farm 180.

Wilson, Eugene, r 62, papermaker.

Wilson, Henry, (Dexter) off r 54, farmer 23.

Wilson, Jean, laborer, h Sand.

Wilson, Joel, laborer, h Sand.

WILSON, JOSIAH F., boxmaker, served in Co. I 18th N.Y. Cav., h Sand.

Wilson, Oscar, r 20, farmer 125.

Wilson, Oscar C., r 20, 7 cows, farmer for Emma L. 180.

Wilson, & Daniels, (Delbert J. W. and Ellwin D.) butchers and props. meat market, Main.

Winaker, Edward, (Dexter) laborer, h Kirby.

Winaker, George, (Dexter) carpenter, h Bronson.

Winaker, William, (Dexter) retired farmer, h Kirby.

Winn, Francis W., (Dexter) emp. in woolen-mill, h and lot Kirby.

WINN, WILLIAM H., (Dexter) photographer, served in Co. I 10th N.Y.H.A., h Kirby.

WISNER, IDA M. Mrs., (Dexter) r 34, sewing machine agent.

Witt, Byron J., carpenter, h Main.

Witt, Charles, well-driller, h St. Lawrence st.

Witt, Edwin, (Limerick) r 2, farmer with his father, Eli.

Witt, Eli, (Limerick) r 2, farmer 96.

Witt, Frank, (Limerick) r 2, well driller.

Witt, Henry, (Depauville) r 1, farmer 50.

Wolf, Peter, (Dexter) laborer.

Wood, Fred, (Dexter) clerk, h William.

Wood, George W., (Dexter) (O.M. & G.W. Wood) h William.

Wood, John G., (Pillar Point) r 84, farmer 50, and leases of Dillie E. Stone 115.

Wood, John T., (Dexter) retired merchant, h Kirby.

Wood, Milo, (Pillar Point) r 84, farmer 50.

Wood, O.M. & G.W., (Dexter) dealers in dry goods, Water.

Wood, Oscar M., (Dexter) (O.M. & G.W. Wood), h William.

Woodhead, George, (Pillar Point) r 74, farmer 65.

Yerrington, Eugene, teamster, h Basin.

Yerrington, Ferdinand, (Dexter) butcher.

Young, Kate, r 17, farm 260.

Zimmerman, Addison, (Perch River) r 9, laborer.

Zimmerman, Charles A., r 29, farmer, leases of F.D. Seeber 94.

Zimmerman, David, r 20, farmer 14.

Zimmerman, Joel, (Perch River) r 7, laborer.

Zimmerman, Luther, (Limerick) r 36 cor. 23, laborer.

Zimmerman, Rufus, farmer, h Franklin.

Zimmerman, Walter, r 44, supervisor, 30 cows, farmer 245.

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