(Postoffice is Champion, unless otherwise designated in parentheses)

Index and Abbreviations

Ackerman, Nelson W., (Carthage) photographer, Main,

Akins, John (Carthage) carpenter, h Vincent.

Albertson, Alfred J. (Carthage) laborer, b Bridge.

Aldrich, Marenus C., (Great Bend) 11 cows, farmer in Rutland 75.

ALLEN, AMASA F., r 27, retired wagonmaker, served in Co H, 186th N. Y. Vols., h and 2 acres.

ALLEN, EPHRIAM J., r 27, carpenter.

Allen, Raymond H., r 27, farmer 43.

Allen, Sarah, (Carthage) resident, bds. Lathrop.

Amann, Catharine, (Carthage) widow of Hines, h Dugway.

Anderson, George F., (Carthage) carriagemaker h Bridge

Andrus, Cortez (Carthage) carpenter and farmer 150, h Madison cor, Vincent

Andrus, J., r 76, 11 cows, farmer 106.

Archer, Benjamin J., (Carthage) gardener and florist, Front cor. Vincent.

Arthur, Herbert M., (Carthage) r 24, 10 cows, farmer 125.

Arthur, Jane H., (Carthage) r 29, widow of J. W., aged 72.

Austin, Almira, (Carthage) resident h Vincent.

Austin, Arthur H., (Carthage) r 27 n 38, farmer 61.

AUSTIN, ELKANA F., (Carthage) constable, agent for the William N. Whitely Co's mowers, reapers, and self-binding harvesters, Perry spring tooth harrows, Gale Mfg. Co's plows, farmer 5, h Madison cor. Vincent.

Austin, Harriet, (Carthage) widow h Liberty.

Austin, Lorenzo D., (Carthage) r 29, retired farmer 12.

Austin, Will C., (Carthage) laborer, h Main.

Babcock, Ambrose S., r 44, retired cabinetmaker, aged 88.

Babcock, Elizur P. (Felt's Mills) r 18, prop. cheese factory, 14 cows, farmer 140.

BABCOCK, HORATIO D. (Felt's Mills) r 14, assessor, 16 cows, farmer 136.

BABCOCK, JULIA A. Mrs., (Great Bend) general merchant.

Babcock, Lida M. (Carthage) school teacher, bds. Bridge.

Babcock, Lizzie A. (Carthage) school teacher, bds. Bridge.

BABCOCK, LYSANDER W., (Carthage) dealer in produce, stock farm 242, h Bridge.

BABCOCK, RACKEY L. (Felt's Mills) r 18, widow of William P., aged 80, farmer 140.

Babcock, William A. (Carthage) r 27, 30 cows, farmer, leases of his father, Lysander W., 242

Babcock, William A., r 31, 8 cows, farmer 72.

Babcock, William R. (Great Bend) traveling salesman.

Bacon, Albert E. (Carthage) carpenter, emp. R. W. & O. R. R., h Madison cor. High.

Baker, John (Carthage) laborer, h Liberty.

Barber, Henry (Carthage) blacksmith, h Bridge.

Barber, Henry W., clerk for Dr. G. D. Hewitt, h Bridge.

Barber, Robert (Carthage) r 29, farm laborer

Barber, Stephen R. (Carthage) laborer, h Jefferson.

Barker, Frances E. (Carthage) dressmaker, h Main.

Barker, Frederick (Carthage) r 53, 21 cows, farmer 152.

Barker, George V. (Carthage) r 53, farmer with his father, Frederick.

Barker, Sally M. (Carthage) widow of John, h Main.

Barnes, James W. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 65 cor. 59, farm laborer

Barr, Almira (Carthage) widow of Horace, h Lathrop.

Barr, Dexter M. (Carthage) emp. M. P. Mason, h Champion st.

Barr, Eugene (Carthage) gardener, h Lathrop.

Barr, Frank L. (Great Bend) r 11, farmer, leases of his father, John, 43.

Barr, Uzar E. (Carthage) r 42, carpenter and builder.

BARR, WESLEY (Carthage) justice of the peace and ins. agent, h Bridge.

Barlett, Henry J. (Carthage) gardener, h Liberty.

Barlett, Jacob A. (Carthage) prop. 'buss from West Carthage to Carthage, h Bridge.

Barlett, Jerome Y. (Carthage) cartman, h Liberty.

Bassett, Frank (Carthage) harnessmaker, h Stone.

Baxter, Charles (Carthage) carpenter, h Stone.

Baxter, George W. (Carthage) carpenter, h Madison.

Baxter, Martin (Carthage) carpenter, h Stone.

Baxter, Squire (Carthage) carpenter, h Stone.

Beadle, William (Carthage) r 16, farmer, leases 190.

Becker, Martin (Great Bend) retired farmer, owns in Wilna 225.

Bedell, Sarah J. (Carthage) widow of J. W., bds. Vincent.

Beebe, C. E. Rev., pastor M. E. Church.

Beeman, James (Carthage) laborer, h Jefferson.

Beers, Henry (Carthage) r 17, farmer 50.

Belcher, Henry (Carthage) teamster, h Madison.

Bellinger, Elias, r 38, retired farmer.

Bellinger, Nelson J., r 28 n 32, 11 cows, farmer 102.

Bellinger, William E., prop. cheese factory, farmer 10.

Benedict, Oscar H. (Carthage) farmer, h Bridge.

Bennett, Frederick W. (Carthage) dealer in fresh fish, h Bridge.

Bentley, William J. (Carthage) retired farmer 137, and owns in Wilna 230, h Front cor. High.

Besaw, Joseph (Carthage) tanner, emp. M. P. Mason, h Mill.

Besaw, Levi (Carthage) laborer, bds. Mill.

Bevitt, C. Adelia, r 28, farmer 2 1/2.

Bevitt, Francis A., r 18, farmer.

Bevitt, Thomas W. (Carthage) r 53, apiarist 10 colonies, 14 cows, farmer 162.

BEYER, CHARLES A. (Carthage) town clerk, dealer in drugs, medicines, groceries, provisions, and fruits, Bridge cor. Main, h do.

Bigelow, David, r 89, farm laborer.

Birtrand, Eugene (Carthage) carpenter and bill poster, H Dugway.

Blackwell, John (Carthage) teamster, h Main.

Blake, Hannah E. (Carthage) widow of Myron, h Jefferson.

Blanchard, Luke (Carthage) laborer, h Main

Bohall, Isaac A. (Carthage) r 29, farmer 63.

Bohall, Winslow (Carthage) r 29, 22 cows, farmer 150.

Boles, George (Carthage) carpenter, h Liberty.

Boles, George O. (Carthage) carpenter, h High.

Booman, Lodema (Carthage) resident, h Vincent.

BOSSUOT, LEANDER E. (Carthage) general merchant, Bridge cor. Main, h do.

Bossuot, Mary (Carthage) widow of George, h Champion st.

Briggs, Darius K. (Great Bend) r 6, 15 cows, farmer 140.

Briggs, Enos E. (Great Bend) r 26, farmer, son of Darius K.

BRIGGS, WESLEY E. (Carthage) r 29, town supervisor, 20 cows, farmer 175.

BRITLAND, GEORGE J.(Carthage) served in Co. D, 10th N. Y. H. A., foreman for M. P. Mason, h Franklin

BROOKS, LUCY W., r 45, widow of Nelson, resident.

BROWN, ALBERT H., r 89, 9 cows, farmer 75.

Brown, Emeline, r 39, resident.

BROWN, HARRIET E. (Carthage) widow of Capt. John A., h Main.

Brown, Joseph (Great Bend) r 5, farmer 65. [Died Oct 9, 1889]

Brown, Orin (S. Champion) r 66, 17 cows, farmer 140.

Brown, Warren C., r 39, farmer.

BROWN, WILLIAM, r 39, served in Co. M, 5th N. Y. H. A., farmer.

Bruce, John (Great Bend) r 4, emp. in papermill.

Buck, Duane (Carthage) clerk for J. W. Garvin, h Bridge.

Buck, Edwin (Carthage) housepainter, h Bridge.

Buck, Erwin, (Carthage) r 42, teamster.

Buck, Eugene T. (Carthage) dealer in hay and brick, h Bridge cor. Clinton.

Buck, Truman (Carthage) r 42, prop. stone quarry, farmer 20.

BURHANS, JAMES H. (Carthage) drug clerk, emp. E. M. Merrill, h Champion st.

Burr, Edwin, r 44 n 39, farm laborer.

Burr, Harvey, r 44, 10 cows, farmer 54.

Burrough, George (Carthage) r 16, farm laborer.

Burt, Peter (Carthage) cabinetmaker, h Jefferson.

Burt, William (Carthage) cabinetmaker, bds. Jefferson.

Bush, George (S. Champion) r 73, cor. 70, 30 cows, breeder of grade Durham and Ayrshire cattle, farmer 250.

Bush, Moses M. (Carthage) teamster, emp M. P. Mason, h Madison.

Bushnell, Edward W. (Carthage) carpenter and joiner, h Champion st.

Bushnell, Frank W. (Carthage) carpenter, h Jefferson.

BUSHNELL, LEWIS E. (Great Bend) carpenter, emp. in paper-mill.

Butts, Silas W. (S. Champion) r 78, 17 cows, farmer with his father, F. N.

Campbell, Norton (S. Champion) r 79, 14 cows, farmer 80.

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM A. (Carthage) r 52, cor. 51, farmer 87.

Canlin, James (Carthage) carpenter, h Jefferson.

Card, Almanzo M., r 36, farmer 4.

Card, Joshua, r 36, farmer.

CARTER, ASA T. (Great Bend) r 3, 6 cows, 50 sheep, farmer 110.

Carter, Cordelia E. Mrs., (Carthage) r 53, farm 148.

CARTER, FREDERICK C., r 31, served in Co. D, 10th N. Y. H. A., 19 cows, farmer 140.

Carter, Lester (Carthage) r 53, farmer.

Carter, ______, widow of Barnes.

Case, Henry J. (Carthage) r 42, farmer.

Case, Joseph M. (Carthage) gardener, h Champion st.

Case, Will J. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 59, farmer, son of William.

Case, William (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 59, 22 cows. farmer 237.

CASSELMAN, PETER N. (Felt's Mills) r 22, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Peter Howard, of Watertown, 127.

Caswell, Austin S. (Carthage) r 29, carpenter and farmer 10.

Caswell, Fred A., (Carthage) r 29, carpenter, son of Austin S.

CASWELL, OSMYN H., (Carthage) carpenter and contractor, h Main.

Caswell, William, (Carthage) r 29, carpenter and farmer 7.

Caverly, Amos (Carthage) farmer 10, h Bridge.

CHAMPION HOTEL, Royal R. Crook, prop.

CHAPIN, SYLVESTER G. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 71, 20 cows, farmer 150.

Child, Duty M. (Great Bend) r 11, 12 cows, farmer, leases of Seymour Locklin 112.

Child, Oliver A., (Carthage) laborer, h Front.

Christman, George (Carthage) well driller and blaster, h Lathrop.

Christman, Levi C., r 39 farmer.

Claffey, Mariette (Carthage) bds. Park House.

Clark, Anna (Carthage) widow of Benjamin, h Liberty.

CLARK, CHAUNCEY H. (Great Bend) r 6, farmer 254, and leases of his father, J. Hayden, 75.

Clark, Hiram D. (Carthage) r 29, farmer.

CLARK, J. HAYDEN (Great Bend) r 6, 11 cows, farmer 75.

Clark, Tabor W. (Great Bend) r 6, 7 cows, farmer 142.

Clark, Thomas N. (Great Bend) r 5, farmer 50.

CLEMONS, CALVIN M., r 18, 18 cows, farmer 152.

CLICKNER, WILLIAM (Great Bend) emp. in paper-mill, farmer 5.

Cline, Peter (Carthage) polisher, emp. M. P. Mason, h Jefferson.

Closs, Jerome (Felt's Mills) r 20, farmer, leases of Jennie Ford 80.

Clow, Peter P., (Great Bend) r 4, emp. in paper mill, farmer 10

Coburn, Fred W. (Carthage) (J. Rogers & Co.) h Bridge

Coffeen, Benjamin F. (Great Bend) r 11, apiarist 10 swarms, 9 cows, farmer 160.

COFFEEN, GEORGE W. (Felt's Mills) r 14, farmer 42.

Colburn, Chester J., r 45, 41 cows, farmer 271.

Colburn, Louisa, (Carthage) widow of Andrew, h Jefferson.

Cole, Edwin C. (Carthage) carpenter, h Vincent.

Coleman, Sidney (Carthage) r 53, farm laborer.

Colvin, Amos J., farmer 25.

Colvin, James G., r 26, 11 cows, farmer 100.

Cone, Louisa (Carthage) tailoress, h Main.

Conley, Jacob (Carthage) photographer, h Main cor. Liberty.

Coon, Henry S. (Great Bend) r 2 cor. 1, farmer 83.

Cooper, Elizabeth (Great Bend) widow of Edward, h and lot in Black River, farmer 2.

Cory, James W. (Carthage) blacksmith, h Champion st.

Costlow, Thomas (Carthage) laborer, h Franklin.

Coughlan, Maria A., r 44, widow of M. G.

COVEY, ALFRED (Carthage) laborer, h Liberty.

Cox, John, farmer, leases of Peter Hall 100.

Cox, William, farmer with his father, John.

Crain, Philip P., r 18, blacksmith and farmer 1.

Cratsenbery, Adam N. (Carthage) r 42, farmer 5.

Crook, Almena (Carthage) r 51, n 53, widow of Orin, farm 40.

Crook, Austin J., r 44, 25 cows, farmer, leases of Royal R. 200.

Crook, Duane P., r 44 cor. 38, clerk, emp. Royal R.

Crook, Hiram K. (Carthage) r 51 n 53, 9 cows, farmer 32, and leases of his mother, Almena, 40.

Crook, Horace R., r 38, farmer 8.

CROOK, ROYAL R., r 44 cor 38, prop. Champion Hotel, dealer in stock, and farmer 200.

Crowner, Henry A. (Carthage) carpenter and mechanic, h Vincent cor. Madison.

Crowner, John, (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63, farmer 2.

Crowner, Linnie U. (Carthage) school teacher, bds. Vincent.

Crowner, Varner J. (Carthage) clerk for F. A. Southwick, bds. Vincent.

Cudworth, Roxana (Carthage) widow of Job, resident, bds. Franklin.

Cutler Brothers (Carthage) r 43, (Frank A. and Erwin D.) 30 cows, breeders of horses, farmers 252.

Cutler, Frank A. (Carthage) r 43, (Cutler Brothers).

Cutler, Erwin D. (Carthage) r 43, (Cutler Brothers).

Cutler, Jennie I. (Carthage) school teacher, bds. Main cor. Franklin.

CUTLER, ORVILLE L. (Carthage) undertaker, hop grower 7 acres, farmer 9, served as 2nd lieut in Co. H, 186th N. Y. Vols., h Main cor. Franklin.

Cutler, Sally (Carthage) r 15, widow of Isaac, aged 78.

Cutler, Sally M., r 43, widow of William.

Davis, Charles (Carthage) r 42, laborer.

Davis, Henry (Felt's Mills) r 13, farmer 50.

Davis, Mary A. (Carthage) widow of Lewis, h Main.

Davis, Richard (Carthage) r 42, farmer 10.

Dealing, George A. (Carthage) son of William G., bds. Bridge.

Dealing, William E. (Carthage) market gardener, bds. Bridge.

DEALING, WILLIAM G. (Carthage) served in Co. M, 5th N. Y. H. A., carpenter, h Bridge.

De Peyster, Pierre (Carthage) carpenter, bds. Bridge.

DeTamble, Martin (Carthage) turner, emp. M. P. Mason, h. Lathrop.

DeZotelle, Charles (Carthage) dealer in fresh and salt meats, Main.

DeZotelle, Mariette (Carthage) widow of Francis, bds. Madison.

DeZotelle, William M. (Carthage) laborer, h Champion st.

Defendorf, Marcus R. (Carthage) prop. pulpmill, Mill.

Dodge, Joseph F. (Great Bend) emp. in papermill, farmer 2.

DODGE, OLIVER F. (Great Bend) papermaker, dealer in white Wyandotte, white Leghorn, light Brahma, and Plymouth Rock fowls, farm 1/2.

Douglass, Amuletta (Carthage) school teacher, h Lathrop.

Douglass, Emma (Carthage) resident, h Lathrop.

Douglass, Mary E. (Carthage) resident, h Lathrop.

Doyle, Michael (Carthage) laborer, h off Main.

Draper, Bert C. (Carthage) laborer, bds. Jefferson.

DRAPER, CHARLES (Carthage) served in Co. I, 94th N. Y. Vols., and in Co. A, 20th N. Y. Cav., laborer, h Jefferson.

Draper, Charles (Carthage) h Jefferson.

Draper, Samuel (Cathage) teamster, h Main.

Dukelo, William (Carthage) r 41, laborer.

Dunham, Uretta (Carthage) widow of Daniel, bds. Vincent.

Dunlavy, Mary J. (Carthage) widow of Edward, h Dugway.

Dyer, Orman (Carthage) laborer, bds. Vincent.

Earl, Frank (Carthage) retired blacksmith, bds. Vincent.

Earl, George W. (Carthage) clerk for J. W. Garvin, h Vincent.

Earl, Guy C. (Carthage) carpenter, h Main.

Earl, Lewis (Carthage) r 42, prop. saw-mill and cheese factory.

EATON, CHARLES E. (P. L. & C. E. Eaton) h Champion st.

Eaton, George L., sash and blind maker, bds. Champion st.

EATON, PROSPER L., (P. L. & C. E. Eaton) h Champion st.

Edwards, William (Carthage) section hand R. W. & O. R. R.

Ely, Dorman B. (S. Champion) r 71, 10 cows, farmer 100.

Ernest, Henry Rev., pastor M. E. Church.

FAILING, FRANK A. (Carthage) dealer in boots, shoes, and gents' furnishing goods in Carthage, h Main cor. Vincent.

FAILING, ISAIAH (Carthage) retired farmer, h Jefferson cor. Vincent.

FARRAR, HARVEY D. (Carthage) manuf. of pails, wash tubs, butter tubs, etc., farmer 200, Mill, h Bridge.

Farrar, William S. (Carthage) emp. Harvey D., h Champion st.

Fellon, Thomas (Carthage) tanner, h Dugway.

FERGUSON, ORLANDO C. (Great Bend) dealer in fresh fish, farmer 2.

Fitz Patrick, Celestial (Carthage) carpenter bds. Main.

FLANDER, REUBEN W. , r 39, served in Co. I, 186th N. Y. Vols., lost an arm at Petersburg, farmer 50.

FLETCHER, FRANK E. (Great Bend) pres. and treas. Great Bend Paper Co.

FLETCHER, LOREN A., r 45, butcher, justice of the peace, and dealer in stock.

Fletcher, Orin, Sr., r 50, 15 cows, farmer 110.

Fletcher, Orin, Jr., r 50, butcher, farmer with his father, Orin., Sr.

Flint, Egbert S (Great Bend) traveling agent, farmer 140, h and lot.

Flint, Sidney, (Carthage) r 16, farmer 8.

Forbes, Emma A. (Carthage) widow of W. M., h Front.

Forbes, James H. (Carthage) local editor Carthage Republican, bds. Front.

Forbes, Minnie B (Carthage) prop. five and ten cents store in Carthage, bds. Front.

FORBES, PETER L. (Felt's Mills) r 13, 13 cows, farmer, leases of G. T. Schull, of Antwerp 165.

FOUNTAINE, OLIVER (Carthage) served in Co. M, 5th N. Y. H. A., wood worker, h Lathrop.

Fountaine, Ollie A. (Carthage) wood worker, emp. M. P. Mason, bds. Lathrop.

Francis, Gurdon P. (Great Bend) r 12, 8 cows, hop grower 8 acres, farmer 117.

Francis, Nathan (Felt's Mills) r 13, 10 cows, farmer 35.

FRASIER, CHARLES W. (Carthage) traveling agent Carthage Tribune, h Madison.

Frazier, Alexander (Carthage) emp. R. H. Potter, h Bridge.

Freeman, Silas A., r 37 cor. 33, 28 cows, farmer 200.

Freeman, William P. (Carthage) r 39, 50 cows, farmer 340.

Frink, Holland V. (Carthage) prop. tin shop, Bridge , h Madison.

Frisbee, Samuel H., r 24, farmer, leases of Joseph Goldthrite 2.

Fulton, Elijah L. (Carthage) r 29, farmer 12.

Fulton, Frederick J. (Carthage) r 6, farmer 140.

Fulton, Haskel (Great Bend) r 6, 6 cows, farmer 58.

Fulton, Lydia L. (Carthage) r 29, widow of George, aged 87.

Gardinier, Eugene (Carthage) miller, emp. Hutchinson & Clark, h Main.

Gardner, David N. (Carthage) prop. fancy turning-mill.

Gates, Alfred (Carthage) carpenter, h Stone.

Gates, Lovisa P. (Carthage) milliner and dressmaker, h Jefferson.

Gay, Jessie (Carthage) clerk, h Liberty.

Gibbs, Richard (Carthage) r 41, farmer 30.

Gibbs, Scott M. (Carthage) dealer in and manuf. of doors, sash, blinds, windows frames, etc., Mill, h Front.

Gillett, John (Carthage) emp. J. Rogers & Co., h Liberty.

Glazier, C. Edgar (Carthage) r 40, agent for Champion Reaper Co.

Glazier, Francis (Carthage) engineer.

GLAZIER, JAMES, Jr., (Carthage) resident, h Main.

GLAZIER, JAMES K. (Carthage) served 3 years in Co. M, 5th N. Y. H. A., h Main.

Glazier, Lucinda (Carthage) r 41, widow of James, Sr.

Goldthrite, Benoni (Great Bend) r 11, farmer 1.

GOLDTHRITE, GEORGE A. (Great Bend) r 4, emp. in paper-mill, h and lot.

Goldthrite, Joseph, r 11, 35 cows, farmer, leases of N. J. Fuller 300.

GOLDTHRITE, WILLIAM W. (great Bend) r 3, emp. in paper-mill, served in Co. B, 94th N. Y. Vols.

Goodrich, D. A. (S. Champion) r 74, cheese-maker, postmaster, farmer 15.

Gordon, Wilber C. (Great Bend) r 5, farmer, leases of Walter Wagner 2.

Gould, Levi (Carthage) r 41, cooper.

Goutermont, Garrett N. (Carthage) farmer.

Granger, Alfred (S. Champion) r 70, farmer 143.

GRANT, SARAH S. (Felt's Mills) r 14, widow of Hiram, farmer.

Graves, Eugene (Carthage) r 29, 8 cows, farmer 83.

Graves, W. Vincent, market gardener and small fruit farmer.

GREAT BEND PAPER CO., (Great Bend) F. A. Fletcher, pres and treas.; F. X. Zaph, sec'y.

Green, George (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 59, cor. 60, farmer, leases of S. A. Woolworth 198.

Green, Loren (Carthage) r 16, farmer 65.

GREENFIELD, ELISHA B. (Felt's Mills) r 18, farmer.

GREENFIELD, ESTHER M. (Felt's Mills) r 18, (Mrs. E. B.) cheesemaker.

Griffin, N. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 59, widow of Nicholas, 26 cows, farmer 170.

Griswold, Amarilla E. (Carthage) r 15, widow of H. S.

Griswold, Augustus D. (Carthage) r 15, farmer 90.

GUSTIN, EDWIN H. (Carthage) dealer in all kinds of pine, spruce, and hemlock lumber, cedar posts and wood, h Vincent.

Haas, George P. (Carthage) r 29, farmer, leases of J. T. Atwood 74.

Hadsall, Thomas M. r 32, 8 cows, farmer 166.

Hall, Charles B. (Carthage) r 40, farmer, son of Lansing A.

Hall, Jane E., r 44, widow of Ferdinand, farmer 140.

HALL, LANSING A. (Carthage) r 40, 65 sheep, 14 cows, farmer 227.

Hall, Porter, farmer 6 1/2.

Hall, Silas B. (Great Bend) teamster, emp. Great Bend Paper Co.

Ham, Merritt, peddler for Alonzo Shedd.

Hamblin, Abner (Carthage) r 40, farm laborer.

Hammand, Amy J. (Carthage) (Mrs. W. S. Hammand & Co.) h Liberty.

Hammand, George A. (Carthage) (Mrs. W. S. Hammand & Co.) bds. Liberty.

Hammand, W. S. Mrs & Co. (Carthage) (Mrs. Amy J. and George A. Hammand) props.Hillside greenhouses, dealers in florists supplies.

Hammand, William S. (Carthage) carriage and sign painter, h Liberty.

Hammand, Joseph (Carthage) r 17, farmer, leases of Alanson Hall 60.

Happ, Agnes (Carthage) widow of William F.

Happ, Rose M. (Carthage) widow of John G., h Champion st. cor. Lathrop.

Happ, William A. (Carthage) brakeman C. & A. R'y.

HARRIS, CHESTER, r 45, cor. 49, apiarist 20 swarms, 20 cows, farmer 144.

Harris, Erastus, r 55, 19 cows, farmer 146.

Harris, Guilford, r 49, 20 cows, farmer 150.

Harris, Leonard E., r 56, farmer 25.

Hart, William R. (Felt's Mills) r 20, farmer 8.

Hartman, George P. (Great Bend) emp. in pulp-mill.

Hartson, William (Carthage) house painter, h 2 Main.

Hasting, Emmanuel (Carthage) r 29, 11 cows, farmer 106.

HASTING, SETH (Carthage) r 15, 26 cows, farmer 160.

Hatch, James A. (Carthage) laborer, h Main,

Heckman, John David (Carthage) cabinet-maker, h Madison.

Henning, Joseph, r 46 cor. 48, 12 cows, farmer, leases of Philip Zeiter 105.

Henry, Francis J., r 48 cor. 49, 12 cows, farmer 85.

Herrick, George C. (Carthage) r 51, 8 cows, farmer 80.

Herrick, James (Carthage) r 51, laborer.

HEWITT, GEORGE D. (Carthage) physician and surgeon, pres. board of pension examining surgeons, farmer in Denmark, Lewis Co., 400, Bridge, h do.

Hewitt, George N. (Great Bend) r 6, emp. in paper-mill, farmer 9 1/2.

Hill, Elwin A. (Felt's Mills) r 26, 18 cows, farmer 100.

Hogan, John (Carthage) laborer, h Vincent.

Holcomb, James, r 45, 25 cows, farmer 200.

Hollister, Warren W. (Carthage) laborer, h Champion st.

Hollister, William A. (Carthage) retired stage driver, h Champion st.

HOPKINS, JOEL R. (Carthage) r 29, 8 cows, farmer 74.

HORR, WALTER A. (Great Bend) postmaster, h and lot.

Horr & Thayer (Great Bend) (Walter A. H. and Truman A. T.) general merchants.

Howard, Ellis T.(Felt's Mills) r 22, 12 cows, farmer 116.

Howard, Porter A. (Felt's Mills) r 24, 15 cows, farmer 127.

Hubbard, Alfred O., r 37, 30 cows, farmer 100, and leases of Palmer Green 100.

Hubbard. Armand (Carthage) com. traveler, h Bridge cor. Main.

Hubbard, Charille M., widow of Hiram, aged 86.

Hubbard, Edward, r 45, retired farmer.

Hubbard, Edwin C., r 32, 22 cows, farmer 150.

Hubbard, George W. (Carthage) farmer in Wilna 187, h Lathrop.

HUBBARD, J. AUSTIN (Felt's Mills) r 24, farmer 70.

Hubbard, Joel A. (Felt's Mills) r 24, retired farmer, aged 81.

Hubbard, Joel C., r 39 cor. 44, 16 cows, farmer 151.

Hubbard, Lorinda (Carthage) widow of Herman, resident. h Bridge.

Hubbard, Moses (Great Bend) r 7, farmer.

Hubbard, Reuben (Great Bend) r 4, farmer

Hubbard, Stephen, farmer 12.

Huckins, Harriet F. (Carthage) widow of Josiah, H Campion st.

HULL, CHARLES J. (Carthage) physician and surgeon, Main, h do .

HULL, PHILIP (Carthage) assessor, farmer 73, h Main cor. High.

HULL, WILLIAM P. (Carthage) farmer, h Main cor. High.

Humphrey, Ruth (Carthage) widow of Jeremiah, h Main.

Humphrey, Wayne A., r 61, 18 cows, farmer 140.

Humphries, John (Great Bend) blacksmith.

Hungerford, Arthur E. (Carthage) tinner, emp. J. Rogers & Co., h Main.

Hunt, DeWitt C. (Great Bend) emp. in paper-mill.

Huse, Frederick (Carthage) r 29, farmer 80.

Huse, Joseph (Carthage) r 40, farmer 90.

Huse, Marvin (Carthage) r 17, farm laborer.

Hutchinson, William (Carthage) (Hutchinson & Clark) h Main.

Hutchinson & Clark (Carthage) (William H. and C. J. C.) props. flour and feed-mill.

Hynes, John (Carthage) prop. Park House, Bridge cor. Main.

Ingraham, Henry W., r 44 n 39, 25 cows, farmer 189. Ingraham, Marie, r 40, widow of Simeon.

JACKSON, AARON (Felt's Mills) cheesemaker.

Jackson, Ambrose L. (Carthage) r 16, farmer 111.

JACKSON, BYRON S. (Carthage) r 29, market gardener, farmer 75.

Jackson, Lucinda (Carthage) r 29, widow of Daniel J.

Jackson, Philo A. (Felt's Mills) r 34, cheesemaker.

Jacobs, Albert G. (S. Champion) r 69, blacksmith.

Jefferson House (Great Bend) Mrs.Cornelia E. Woolworth, prop.

Johnson, Cornelia Miss., summer resident, winter residence in Watertown.

JOHNSON, EDWARD F., M. D., r 23, physician and surgeon, farmer 45.

Johnson, Gilbert (Carthage) pres. Carthage National Bank, bds. Bridge.

Johnson, J. Prentice (Felt's Mills) r 23, son of Dr. Edward F.

Johnson, Jason (S. Champion) r 77, 25 cows, farmer 175.

Johnson, Oren A. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 71, farmer with his father, Oren O.

Johnson, Oren O. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 71, 15 cows, farmer 100.

Johnson, Thomas (Carthage) polisher, emp. M. P. Mason, h Main.

Johnson, Warren (S. Champion) r 77, 10 cows, farmer 55.

Jonas, John C. (Great Bend) shoemaker, h and lot.

Jonas, Milton, (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 59, farm laborer.

Jones, Charles (Carthage) laborer, h Liberty.

Jones, James E. (Carthage) mason, h Liberty.

Judson, Matilda (Carthage) widow of Silas, h Liberty.

Kaffer, George (Carthage) (Meyer, Ross & Co.)

Keenan, Charles G. (Carthage) (Keenan & Co.) h Bridge.

Kellar, Harvey M. (Felt's Mills) r 21, farmer, leases of H. F. Brown 60.

Kelley, Martha A., Mrs. (Great Bend) h and lot.

Kelley, Richard (Great Bend) carpenter.

Kelsey, Catherine (Great Bend) r 6, widow of Abel.

Kennedy, Rebecca (Carthage) widow, bds. Madison.

Kilborn, Fred N. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63 n 61, prop. stock horse "Deceiver," breeder and dealer in Hambletonian horses and Holstein cattle, farmer with his father, Hiram W.

Kilborn, Hiram W. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63 n 61, 57 cows, farmer 300, and in Lewis Co. 150.

King, Maggie A. (Carthage) widow of F. E., dressmaker, bds. Jefferson.

KING, WILLIAM O. (Great Bend) r 18 cor. 14, 25 cows, stock grower, farmer 153.

Knapp, Franklin A. (Great Bend) r 6, 10 cows, farmer 47.

Knowles, Charles L. (Carthage) laborer, h Jefferson.

Knowles, Samuel M., r 44, farmer, leases of Jane E. Hall 40.

Knowles, Wealthy, (Carthage) widow of Russel K., bds. Jefferson.

KRING, ALONZO, r 44, farmer 10.

Lacross, Charles (Carthage) laborer, h Main.

Lacross, Clifford (Carthage) butcher, h Liberty.

Lacross, Joseph (Carthage) laborer, h Liberty.

Lacy, Orville (Felt's Mills) r 34, 10 cows, farmer, leases of Orville Bailey 100.

Lalond, Louis (Carthage) laborer, h Jefferson.

Lamont, Louisa L. (Carthage) r 4, resident.

Lanctot, Joseph N. (Felt's Mills) r 13, farmer, leases of Mrs. Sarah White 104.

Lane, Hamilton J. (Carthage) cartman, emp. Thompson & Manning, h Madison.

Lanphear, Samuel A. (Carthage) carpenter and builder, h Franklin.

Laravey, Orlando, r 54, farm laborer.

Larock, Peter (Carthage) spinner, h Main.

Lasher, Henry B. (Carthage) canvasser, h Main.

Lathan, Charlie N. (Carthage) blacksmith, h Jefferson.

Layo, John C. (Carthage) laborer.

Lee, David (S. Champion) r 71, farmer 100.

Lefever, Amedia (Carthage) shoemaker, h Madison.

Lessell, John B. (Carthage) r 41, farmer, leases of William Bentley 137.

Lester, Gilbert H., r 9 cor. 18, farm laborer.

Lester, Loren (Carthage) r 16, farmer, aged 95.

LEWIS, C. ELLA (Carthage) resident.

LEWIS, DEMARQUIS L. (Carthage) dealer in horses, farmer, h Jefferson.

Lewis, George O., laborer, h and lot.

Lewis, Hiram (Carthage) r 41, farmer.

Lewis, William, r 45, laborer.

Linstruth, John (Carthage) laborer, h Champion st.

Linstruth, May S. (Carthage) book-keeper, emp. L. E. Bossuot, bds. Bridge.

Locklin, David N. (Felt's Mills) r 14, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Emerson Peck 114.

Locklin, Jerome I. (Carthage) prop. meat market on Carthage, h Jefferson.

Loomis, Charles (Carthage) r 29, farmer.

Loomis, Charles H. (Carthage) hop grower and dealer, farmer 50, h Bridge.

Loomis, Chauncey A. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 59, opp. 65, 30 cows, breeder of Holstein cattle, 1,300 sugar trees, farmer 250.

Loomis, Clark, r 51, 15 cows, farmer 100.

LOOMIS, FOSCOTT H. (Carthage) farmer 30, h Lathrop.

Loomis, Laura N. (S. Champion) r 66, widow of Harvey, resident.

Loomis, Lucinda, r 61, widow of Alphonso, farmer with W. A. Humphrey.

Loomis, Rachel, r 51, widow of Otis, aged 95.

Loomis, Rufus, r 54 cor. 50, 28 cows, farmer 225.

Loomis, Samuel A., r 50, 24 cows, farmer 211.

LOOMIS, STOWELL W. (Carthage) carriage-maker, h Liberty.

Loomis, Sylvester, r 51, 15 cows, farmer 115.

Loomis, Wilber H. (S. Champion) r 66, 17 cows, apiarist 7 swarms, farmer 200.

Loomis, William A., (Carthage) r 29, 15 cows, farmer 116.

Lovejoy, E. C. & J. G. (Carthage) manufs. of carriages, wagons, cutters, and sleighs, agents for Buckeye mower and Chieftain wheel rake, Main.

Lovejoy, Ebb C. (Carthage) (E. C. & J. G. Lovejoy) h Main.

Lovejoy, John G. (Carthage) (E. C. & J. G. Lovejoy) h Main.

LOVEJOY, RUSSELL P. (Carthage) served in Co. I, 5th N. Y. H. A., blacksmith, patentee and inventor of Lovejoy's rope fire escape and potato and fertilizer sprinkler, Main, h Bridge.

Lowe, Wheeler (Carthage) r 52 cor. 43, 14 cows, farmer 120.

Lowe, Wheeler L. (Carthage) r 42, 16 cows, farmer 127.

Lucas, Clark (S. Champion) r 70, blacksmith.

Lulan, William (Carthage) pulpmaker, bds. Park House.

Manchester, Joel (Carthage) r 40, farmer 110.

Manzer, Samuel (Great Bend) emp. in paper-mill.

Market-----, (Carthage) resident, bds. Jefferson.

Market, William (Carthage) teamster, emp. Hutchinson & Clark, h Jefferson

Marsile, Warren J. (Carthage) r 41, mechanic.

MASON, MARCUS P. (Carthage) manuf. of map rolls, moldings, feather-duster and cornice handles, and wooden hydrants, job turning, Lathrop, h Bridge.

Mayhew, Jason W. (Carthage) carpenter, h Franklin.

McCaine, Randall (Great Bend) laborer.

McCrea, John (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 62, 20 cows, farmer, leases of George Bostwick 160.

McDonald, James (Carthage) laborer, h Jefferson.

McIntyre, Martin (Carthage) r 41, gardener.

McMichael, Daniel (S. Champion) 6 cows, farmer 50.

McMillen, John (Carthage) molder, emp. Ryther & Prindle, bds. Park House.

McNeil, Alvah W. (Great Bend) r 6, general ins. agent and station agent R., W. & O. R. R.

McNeil, Augustus (Great Bend) farm laborer.

McNeil, Daniel (Great Bend) r 6, retired merchant.

McNeil, Harriet (Great Bend) dressmaker.

McNeil, Susan (Great Bend) resident.

McNITT BROTHERS (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63 n 61, (Egbert H. and Frederick H.) props. cheese factory, breeders of full blood Durham cattle, fine blooded horses, and full blood Berkshire swine, props. stock horse "Rockford", 50 cows, farmers 311, and in Lewis Co. 65.

McNitt, Egbert H. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63 n 61, (McNitt Brothers).

McNitt, Frederick H. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63 n 61, (McNitt Brothers).

MERRIAM, VICTOR Z (Carthage) machinist, bds. Main.

MERRIAM, ZELOTIS D. (Carthage) retired carriage and wagonmaker, h Main.

Merrihew, Charles B.(Carthage) carpenter and builder, h Lathrop.

Merrill, Anna Verah, (Carthage) widow of Samuel, h Bridge.

Merrill, H. O. (Felt's Mills) r 26, (H. O. & S. W. Merrill).

Merrill, H. O. & S. W., (Felt's Mills) r 26, farmers 71.

Merrill, Huldah A. (Felt's Mills) r 13, widow of Allen.

Merrill, Orson (Felt's Mills) r 26, 21 cows, farmer 89 1/2.

Merrill, S. W. (Felt's Mills) r 26, (H. O. & S. W. Merrill).

Meyer, Charles J. (Carthage) (Meyer, Ross & Co.) h 19 Bridge.

Meyer, Ross & Co. (Carthage) (Charles J. M., Dennis F. R., and George Kaffer) manufs.of furniture, Mill.

MILLER, EMOGENE M. (Cathage) widow of Morris.

Miller, Milton D. (Carthage) r 29, 10 cows, farmer, leases of Philip Hull.

Miller, Silas (Carthage) laborer, h Bridge.

MILLS, LEWIS H. (Carthage) postmaster, prop. grist-mill at Great Bend, manuf. of lumber, lath, and shingles, h Bridge.

Mitchell, Mary J. Miss, (Great Bend) retired.

Mix, Catherine (Carthage) r 29, widow of Nahon.

MIX, JOEL (Carthage) r 29, commissioner of highways, 8 cows, farmer.

Moran, James (Carthage) farmer, h Jefferson.

Morris, David (Copenhagem, Lewis Co.) r 63, farm laborer.

Mould, Frank (Carthage) r 42, farmer.

Murdock, James, r 37, farm laborer.

Murdock, Philip, r 37, laborer.

Murphy, Mary (Felt's Mills) r 19 cor. 20, widow of Ephriam.

MUZZY, LEANDER R. (Great Bend) retired farmer.

Nelson, James S. (Carthage) meat cutter, emp. Charles DeZotelle, h Main.

Normander, Isaac S. (Carthage) real estate dealer, retired physician and surgeon, prop. saw-mill and farmer in Denmark, Lewis Co., 450 , h Front cor. High.

Nunn, John William (Great Bend) r 6, 17 cows, farmer, leases of his father, Charles Thomas, 171.

Odell, Joel (Great Bend) collector for Carthage Republican, 12 cows, farmer, leases of James Sterling 124.

O'Horo, Patrick, r 37, farm laborer.

Olds, William Wallace (Great Bend) r 6, farmer for E. S. Flint.

Olley, Robert H. (Great Bend) r 4, market gardener, farmer 6 1/2.

OLMSTED, EDWIN H. (Great Bend) r 5, road commissioner, cattle dealer, 20 cows, farmer 160.

O'Neill, Cornelia (Carthage) widow of R. H., dressmaker, h Bridge.

ORVIS, FRANK C. (Felt's Mills) r 34 cor. 23, 30 cows, farmer, leases of A. W. Hadsall 235.

Paddock, Ira F. (Great Bend) farmer 9.

Palmer, Raymond S. (Great Bend) stationary engineer, h and lot.

Parish, Addison (Carthage) agent, h Main.

Park House (Carthage) John Hynes, prop. Bridge cor. Main.

Parks, Arthur L., r 48, farmer, son of Sylvester.

Parks, Fred W. (Carthage) house painter, h Liberty.

Parks, Sylvester, r 48 n 56, 16 cows, farmer 153.

Patterson, Jonas C. (Carthage) carpenter, h Vincent.

Payne, Edward (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 71, justice of the peace, farmer 104.

PECK, EMERSON (Felt's Mills) r 19, 18 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 239.

Peck, Ernest F. (Great Bend) r 11, farmer.

Peck, George (Carthage) emp. John Hynes.

Peck, J. Floyd (Great Bend) r 11, farmer with his father, John F.

Peck, John F. (Great Bend) r 11, 24 cows, farmer 240.

Peck, Nathaniel, r 30 cor. 44, farmer 1.

Peck, Nathaniel, Jr., r 44 n 39, farm laborer.

Peebles, Duane A., r 31, 8 cows, farmer 77.

Peeler, David (Great Bend) carriagemaker, h and lot.

Peltier, John (Carthage) farmer, h off Main.

PENNOCK, EMORY J. (Great Bend) r 11, 12 cows, farmer 114.

Pennock, John D. (Great Bend) r 12, farmer 100.

Pennock, William E. (Great Bend) r 11, farmer, son of Emory J.

Perry, Etta H. (Carthage) dressmaker, bds. Jefferson.

Perry William J. (Carthage) clerk for C. A. Beyer, h Jefferson.

Petrie, Charles (Carthage) gardener, h Lathrop.

Petrie, Eugene J. (Carthage) turner, emp. M. P. Mason, bds. Lathrop.

Phelps, James H. (Carthage) r 42, 40 cows, farmer 250.

Phelps, Lucius B. (Great Bend) r 12, 6 cows, farmer, leases of Dewitt Copley 87.

Phillips, Amos B. (Carthage) teamster, h Main.

PHILLIPS, EMORY E. (Great Bend) r 13, gardener and farmer 9.

Phillips, F. E., r 38, farmer 50.

Phillips, Frank P. (Carthage) clerk, emp. M. P. Mason, bds. Bridge.

Phillips, John L. r 39, 10 cows, farmer 107.

Phillips, Joseph (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 59 n 58, farm laborer.

Phillips, Orin (Carthage) r 40, farmer with Joel Manchester.

Phillips, Willliam E., r 39, farmer with John L.

Pierce, Elias, laborer.

PIERCE, LINA (Carthage) r 42, widow of Preserved, farm 13, aged 84.

Pierce, Margaret (Copenhagen, Lewis Co. ) r 59, farmer 50.

Pierce, Melvin O. (Carthage) polisher, emp. M. P. Mason, h Jefferson.

Pierce, Obed W., r 44, farmer.

Pittock, George B. (Carthage) foreman for Ryther & Prindell, h Jefferson.

Pittock, John (Carthage) prop. meat market, h Jefferson.

Planck, Jay A. (Carthage) r 15, farmer, leases of Mrs. LeRoy Wood 110.

Plumbtree, Joseph A. (Great Bend) emp. in paper-mill, h and lot in Carthage.

Pool, Austin (S. Champion) r 77, 17 cows, farmer, leases of W. W. Searl 125.

Potter, Duane (Carthage) r 24, farmer 45.

Potter, James G. (Carthage) wagonmaker and carpenter, h Jefferson.

POTTER, REUBEN H. (Carthage) farmer in LeRay 300, h Bridge.

Potter, William J. G. (Carthage) clerk for A. & G. W. Kesler, bds. Jefferson.

PRENTICE, LAWRENCE G. (Great Bend) r 1, thresher, 20 cows, farmer 196.

Preivo, Andrew O. (Carthage) emp. M. P. Mason, bds. Madison.

Preivo, Frank J. (Carthage) molder, bds. Jefferson

Previo, James (Carthage) laborer, h Franklin.

Previo, Joseph (Carthage) cooper, h Franklin.

Previo, Joseph Jr. (Carthage) laborer, h Jefferson.

Previo, Layod (Carthage) laborer, bds. Franklin.

Predell, Dorcas E. (Carthage) widow of Stephen, h Champion st.

Putney, Joseph I. (Carthage) barber, h Main cor. Vincent.

Quinn, Edward (Carthage) r 15, farmer, leases of Joel Mix 112.

Randall, A. M. (Great Bend) r 6, farm laborer.

Remington, Sylvia C. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 71, widow of Harry.

Revell, Thomas (Carthage) prop. tannery, h Campion st.

Revell, William W. (Carthage) tanner, bds. Champion st.

Reynolds, Bernard ( Carthage) farmer in Lewis Co. 160, h Jefferson cor. Franklin.

Reynolds, James (Carthage) laborer, h Stone.

Reynolds, Sidney (Carthage) laborer, bds. Stone.

RICE, ALFRED W. (Carthage) r 29, 10 cows, farmer 83.

Rice, Augustus L. Rev. (Carthage) r 15, 10 cows, farmer 82.

Rice, Edmund D. (Carthage) com. traveler, h Main.

RICE, MELVIN C. (Carthage) com. traveler, h Madison cor. Vincent.

Rice, Samuel E. (Carthage) manuf. of pails, wash tubs, sap buckets, butter tubs, etc., Mill. h Main.

Rice, Sanford C. (Carthage) emp.Samuel E., bds. Main.

Richardson, F. H. Rev. (Great Bend) pastor Baptist Church.

Robb, William (Carthage) carpenter, h Liberty.

Roberts, Fred P. (Carthage) laborer, h Champion st.

Roberts, Joseph (Carthage) r 41, laborer.

Robie, John, r 45, farm laborer.

Robie, Paul, r 45, emp. C. J. Colburn.

ROCKWOOD, CHARLES G. (Carthage) r 27, 12 cows, farmer 164.

ROCKWOOD, DEMPSTER (Carthage) r 27, farmer with his father, Charles G..

Rodgers, Seneca (Felt's Mills) farmer, leases of Mrs. Sarah White, of Philadelphia 104.

Rogers, John (Carthage) (J. Rogers & Co.) h S, Main.

Root, Grorge T., r 28, farmer, emp. Eugene Philips.

Rose, Frank (Carthage) mason.

Rose, Solomon (Carthage) sawyer, h Madison.

Ross, Dennis F. (Carthage) (Meyer, Ross & Co.) h Spring st., Carthage.

Rowley, George B. (Carthage) pastor Congregational Church, h Main.

Roxby, Isaac (Great Bend) r 1, 30 cows, farmer, leases of John Pfister 312.

Rulison, Hiram A. (Carthage) laborer, h Madison.

Rulison, Jennie (Carthage) resident, h Bridge.

Russell, Allen, r 50, blacksmith, farmer 4.

Russell, Charles E., r 50 farm laborer.

Sage, Edwin (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63, farmer with his mother, Nancy.

Sage, Emily O. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63, widow of Col. Elias, farmer with Martha J. Woolworth.

Sage, Nancy (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63, widow of Abel, farm 100.

SANDERS, ORIN F. (Carthage) retired farmer 8, h Bridge.

SANDERS, ROSELLE (Carthage) served in co. D, 10th N. Y. H. A., resident, bds. Jefferson.

Sanderson, Fred F. (Carthage) emp. in tannery, h Bridge.

Sanderson, Sidney A. (Carthage) machinist, H Champion st.

SAYRE, ELEON A. (Carthage) r 27, farmer with George R.

SAYRE, GEORGE R. (Carthage) r 27, prop. lime kiln, manuf. and dealer in quicklime, mason, farmer, with his sister Eleon A. 130.

Sayre, George R. Jr., (Carthage) r 18 opp 27, h and lot.

Scanlin, David (Carthage) carpenter, h Jefferson.

Scanlin, Edward (Carthage) carpenter, h Jefferson.

Searl, C. H. (S. Champion) r 78, 25 cows, farmer 212.

Seckner, Frank H. (Carthage) barber in Carthage, h Bridge.

Seckner, John (Carthage) laborer, h Bridge.

Shafty, Eliza (Carthage) r 15, widow of Nicholas, farmer 133.

Shafty, George N. (Great Bend) r 9, 25 cows, farmer 300, residence in Boylston, Oswego Co.

Shedd, Alonzo, postmaster and general merchant.

Shedd, Charles S., deputy postmaster, clerk for his father, Alonzo.

Sheldon, Allen (Carthage) r 40, 12 cows, farmer 99.

Sheldon, Wilton E. (Carthage) r 29, farmer.

Shepard, Frank (S. Champion) r 76, 10 cows, farmer 37.

Sheppard, Nelson (S. Champion) r 77, 20 cows, farmer 100.

Sherman, Charles R. (Great Bend) market gardener and farmer 9.

Sherwood, Charles B. (Carthage) butcher, h Bridge cor. Stone.

SHERWOOD, WILLIAM C. (Carthage) clerk, h Jefferson.

SHEW, ALBION J. (Great Bend) r 6, 8 cows, farmer 57.

Shew, Eugene A. (Great Bend) r 5, 14 cows, farmer 124.

Silver, Stephen (Carthage) laborer, h Jefferson.

Silver, Wiman H. (Carthage) laborer, h Main.

Simmons, William (Carthage) quarryman, h Jefferson.

Sisson, Almeron (Great Bend) (Sisson Brothers).

Sisson Brothers (Great Bend) (Almeron and Orman) contractors and builders.

Sisson, Esther Ann (Great Bend) h and lot.

Sisson, Orman (Great Bend) (Sisson Brothers).

Slack, Edward (Carthage) teamster, h Bridge.

Smith, Erwin H., r 48, 26 cows, farmer, leases of his father, Merritt, 215.

Smith, Merritt, r 45, farmer 259, and woodland in Wilna 8.

Smith, Sarah J. (Carthage) widow of Thomas, h Jefferson.

Smith, William (Carthage) emp. S. Bronough, of Carthage.

Smith, William (Carthage) r 53, 10 cows, apiary 13 swarms, farmer 72.

Snell, Norton J. (Carthage) millwright, h Vincent.

Soper, Sylvester (Carthage) cabinetmaker, h Front.

Soults, Albert (Great Bend) r 11, farmer.

Soults, Franklin (Great Bend) r 11, farmer, son of John M.

Soults, George J. (Great Bend) emp. in paper-mill.

SOULTS, JOHN M. (Great Bend) r 11, 12 cows, farmer 75, served in Co. C, 10th N. Y. H. A.

Spalsbury, Margaret (Great Bend) widow of Richard M.

Speidell, Christian (Great Bend) r 6, farmer 6.

Speidell, George (Great Bend) r 6, farmer.

Sprague, Olivia V. (Carthage) widow of Frederick, h Jefferson.

Starkweather, Amelia (Carthage) dressmaker, h Champion st.

Starkweather, Charles M. (Carthage) carpenter and builder, h Vincent cor. Stone.

Starkweather, Jane A. (Carthage) widow of Ira, bds. Vincent.

Stay, Joseph (Carthage) laborer, h Jefferson.

Stay, Lewis, (Carthage) laborer, h Franklin.

Stay, William (Carthage) tub and pailmaker.

Sternberg, A. Irving (Carthage) physician and surgeon, office in Carthage, h Bridge.

Stevens, Fidelia M. (Carthage) widow of G. C., h Ruelson.

Stevens, Jerome (Carthage) r 40, farmer 50.

Stewart, Fred E. (Carthage) book-keeper, emp. J. E. Strickland & Co., bds. Bridge.

Stewart, Helen A. (Carthage) r 42, resident, aged 84.

Stewart, Orson (Great Bend) r 3, farm 80, aged 80.

Stewart, Sarah (Carthage) r 42, widow of John T., aged 82.

Stewart, Thomas N. (Great bend) r 3, farmer 50, and leases of his father, Orson, 75.

Stockwell, A. Marcellus (S. Champion) r 69, 40 cows, dealer in Holstein cattle, farmer 236.

Stoddard, Cephas R., r 48, 16 cows, farmer 256.

Stoddard, Lorinda (Great Bend) h and lot.

Stoddard, Romain A. (Great Bend) r 11, 16 cows, farmer 107.

Stoddard, Wesley, r 49, 10 cows, farmer 80.

Stott, James (Carthage) r 41, farmer.

Streeter, Christina (Carthage) widow of Samuel, h Jefferson.

Streeter, John P. (Carthage) carpenter, bds. Jefferson.

Streeter, Minnie E. (Carthage) school teacher, bds. Jefferson.

Strickland, Evan, r 31, farmer 33.

Tallman, Jennie (Carthage) tailoress, bds. Liberty.

TAMBLIN, GRANVILLE W. (Great Bend) r 3, justice of the peace, 10 cows, farmer 110.

Taskett, H. A. (Carthage) r 40, farmer 56.

Taylor, James A. (Carthage) mail carrier and prop. 'buss, h Vincent n Madison.

Terry, Wayne A. (Carhage) tinner, emp. J. E. Strickland & Co,, h Main.

THAYER, TRUMAN A. (Great Bend) (Horr & Thayer) breeder of white and barred Plymouth Rock, light Brahmah, Wyandotte, and brown Leghorn fowls, and bronze turkeys.

Thomas, Cyrus L. (S. Champion) r 78, mail carrier, farmer, leases of George Searl 14.

Thomas, Wallace (Felt's Mills) r 13, farmer, leases of Mrs. Huldah Merrill 184.

Thomas, William (Carthage) emp. M. R. Diefendorf.

Thompson, George A. (Carthage) r 52, farmer 50.

Thompson, Horace C. (Carthage) dealer in blooded horses, farmer 16, h Jefferson.

Thompson, William I. (Carthage) r 52, son of George A.

Tillotson, James (Rutland) r 47, farm laborer.

Trembly, Fayette (Carthage) h Main.

Tripp, Isaac (S. Champion) r 81, 25 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs.-------Hall 222.

Tucker, Caroline (Carthage) widow of Hiram, h Dugway.

Tuell, Oliver (Carthage) laborer, h Lathrop.

TWINING, ALFRED W. (S. Champion) r 71, cor. 64, farm 275.

TWINING, GEORGE E. (S. Champion) r 71, cor. 64, 35 cows, farmer, leases of Alfred W. 275.

Twining, Orlando (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 71, 10 cows, farmer 75.

Van Allen, Adelbert D,., prin. West Carthage graded school, farmer in Watertown 176, h Bridge.

VAN ALLEN, WILLARD B. (Carthage) att'y and counselor at law, office in Carthage, h Front.

Van Allen, William, r 31 cor. 26, farm laborer.

Van Brocklin, Alexander (Carthage) retired farmer, h Vincent.

Van Brocklin, Eunice E. (Carthage) widow of H. E., h Jefferson cor. Vincent.

Van Brocklin, Lysander (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 62, farmer 90.

Van Dressen, Ela (Carthage) carriage and sign painter, Main, h do.

Van Patten, Byron ( Carthage) prop. Carthage laundry, h Main.

Van Pelt, Samuel G. (Carthage) foreman for M. P. Mason, h Champion st.

Varley, Frank (Carthage) laborer, h Bridge.

Veairno, Lewis (Carthage) carriagemaker, h Bridge.

VEBBER, FRANK W. (Carthage) physician and surgeon, county coroner, h Bridge.

VEBBER, HIRAM H. ( Felt's Mills) r 13, served in Co. D, 10th N. Y. H. A., 15 cows, farmer 137.

Vincent, William M. (Carthage) foreman in Tribune office, bds. Bridge.

Vrooman, Abram (Carthage) r 42, 18 cows, prop. milk route, farmer 200.

Vrooman, Abram M. (Carthage) r 41, retired farmer.

Vrooman, Byron S. (Carthage) r 42, farmer 9.

Wadby, William (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 62, farmer 25.

Wadsworth, Abner J. (Great Bend) r 4, carpenter, farmer 59.

Wadsworth, Amos F. (Great Bend) emp. in paper-mill, h and lot.

Waite, Estella (Carthage) resident, bds. Madison cor. High.

Waite, Guevera M., r 48, 10 cows, farm 85.

Waite, James M. (Carthage) butcher and farmer 20, h Madison cor. High.

Waite, Norman G. (S. Champion) r 70, farmer, leases of Marcellus Monroe 143.

Waite, Sarah D. (Carthage) widow of William L., h Madison cor. High.

Wakefield, Harriet A. Mrs. (Great bend) r 7, farm 60.

Wakefield, Zera A. (Great Bend) r 7, farmer.

Waldo, George (S. Champion) r 82, 12 cows, farmer 97.

Ware, George R. (Great Bend) r 6, farmer 84.

WARNER, CHARLOTTE, r 32, widow of M. C.

WARNER, ELIZUR C., r 32, 18 cows, 700 sugar trees, farmer 125.

Warner, Mary J. (Carthage) widow of Thomas, bds. Jefferson.

Weaver, George F. (Carthage) blacksmith, h Vincent.

Webb, Daniel S. (Carthage) milk dealer, h Jefferson.

Webb, Fred E. (Carthage) laborer, bds, Jefferson.

Wells, Joseph (Carthage) laborer, h Lathrop.

Wells, Joseph H. (Carthage) laborer, bds. Lathrop.

Wheeler, Samuel (Carthage) shoemaker, h Main.

Wilcox, Charles H. (Carthage) artistic painter, h Bridge.

WILCOX, J. FOSTER (Carthage) salesman, bds. Bridge.

Wilcox, Orra A. (Carthage) milliner, bds. Bridge.

Willard, Warren W., mail carrier, 15 cows, farmer 84.

Wilmot, Jerusha (Carthage) widow of Asher, h Jefferson.

Wilson, G. Frank (Carthage) r 42, farmer 100.

Wilson, Martha (Carthage) widow of John, h Jefferson cor. High.

Wiltse, William (Carthage) tanner, h Front.

WISER, ARTHUR D. (Carthage) polisher, emp. M. P. Mason, h Champion st.

WISER, DEXTER B. (Carthage) emp. M. P. Mason, bds. Champion st.

Wiser, Olivia (Carthage) widow of Hiram, h Champion st.

Wood, Eliza (Carthage) widow of Rev. Jacob A., bds. Jefferson.

Wood, George W. (Carthage) farmer in Wilna 200, h Jefferson.

Wood, LeRoy (Carthage) r 6, 30 cows, farmer 500.

Wood, William E. (Carthage) r 15, farmer, son of LeRoy.

Woodard, Alvaro P. (Carthage) carpenter, h Jefferson.

Woolworth, Cornelia E. (Great Bend) widow of George G., prop. Jefferson House.

Woolworth, Elijah M., r 37, 36 cows, farmer 195.

Woolworth, Helen S., r 26, widow of John I., 20 cows, farm 175.

WOOLWORTH, JOHN H. (Great Bend) r 5, farmer 103.

Woolworth, Martha J. (Copenhage, Lewis Co.) r 63, (Mrs. Seymour A.) farmer with Mrs. Emily O. Sage.

WOOLWORTH, SEYMOUR A. (Copenhagen, Lewis Co.) r 63, 80 cows, breeder of fine horses and Holstein cattle, farmer 186, and leases of his wife and Emily O. Sage.

Worden, Edward (Carthage) emp. M. P. Mason, h Lathrop.

Wright, Edmund R., r 27 n 18, farmer 6.

Yeo, Saloma (Carthage) widow of William, h Bridge.

Youngs, Harriett (Carthage) resident, bds. Jefferson.

Zapf, Agnes (Great Bend) widow of Casper.

ZAPF, FRANK X. (Great Bend) book-keeper, sec'y Great Bend Paper Co., h and lot.

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