(Postoffice is Henderson, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis)

Index and Abbreviations

ABBOTT, GEORGE A., (Bishop Street) r 33, 28 grade Durham cows, breeder of road and trotting horses, seed grower, farmer 206.

Abbott, Lewis W., (Bishop Street) r 32, breeder of trotting horses, farmer 55.

Ales, Edmund, r 46, farmer 33.

ALEXANDER, EATON, r 54 cor. 65, 40 grade Ayrshire cows, 7 horses, farm 257.

Alexander, Eaton T., r 54, farmer with his father, Epenetus.

ALEXANDER, EPENETUS, r 54 cor. 65, farmer, leases on shares of his father, Eaton.

Algate, J. B., clerk of pensions at Washington, D. C., h merchant.

Allen, Frank, (Bishop Street) r 50, farm laborer, h and 2 acres.

Allen, William, r 44, 7 cows, farmer 100.

Alverson, Frank, r 41, farmer 59.

Ames, Maro, (Smithville) r 12, 20 cows, farmer, leases of E. Wheeler 200.

ASPINWALL, HARRIET N., r 35, widow of David M., florist, prop. greenhouse 1 mile west of village, farm 62.

ASPINWALL, TRUMAN M., r 35, breeder of road and trotting horses, farmer with his mother, Harriet N.

AULT, JAMES O., (Bishop Street) r 50, manuf. of ironing boards and soap.

Austed, Lester, r 34, 30 cows, 10 head other stock, farmer, leases on shares of George Mather.

Babbett, Herbert D., (Smithville) r 10, farmer on the George estate 211.

Babcock, Daniel, (Smithville) r 13, farmer 10.

BABCOCK, FRED R., (Smithville) blacksmith, horseshoer, and general repairer, prop, saw and cider-mills, Main, h do.

Ball, Rensselaer, blacksmith, Main.

Barnes, Joseph W., r 34, farmer 5.

Barney, Albert G., (Belleville) r 49, 20 cows, farmer 137.

Barney, Elva P., daughter of Dr. Lowrey, farm 33, h Main.

Barney, Eugene C., sailor, son of La Mort M., bds, Water.

BARNEY, HEMAN L., butcher, dealer in fresh and salt meats, fish, and oysters, Hotel Phelps block, h Water.

BARNEY, LA MORT M., retired farmer 90, h Water.

Barret, Henry, (Bishop Street) r 58, laborer and farmer 10.

Barrett, Arad, (Bishop Street) r 50, farmer 5.

Barrett, Arthur, r 39, farmer 40.

Barrett, Chauncy, r 63, farmer 162.

Barrett, George, farmer 97.

Barrett, Gustavus, r 56, 13 cows, farmer 64.

Barrett, Joseph, r 26, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Barrett, Lucinda, (Bishop Street) widow of Arad, h and lot.

Barrett, Perley, r 26, sailor and laborer, h and lot.

Barrett, Willis C., r 63, farmer, leases on shares of Chauncy 162.

Barthel, Michael, (Hungerford & Barthel) bds. Hotel Phelps.

Bassett, Augustus, r 7, farmer 120.

Bassett, La Mort, r 7, sailor, h and lot.

Bay View House, Captain E. Tyler, prop., at Henderson Harbor.

Beebee, Seymour, (Smithville) r 31, stone mason and farm 4.

Benjamin, Hattie, (Smithville) widow of Charles A., h and lot Main.

Bettinger, Wallace, r 42, laborer.

Bickford, Abel, (Belleville) r 59, retired farmer 28, aged 77.

Bickford, Chauncy H., (Belleville) r 59, student at Strassburg, Germany.

Bishop, Elizabeth, (Bishop Street) daughter of Calvin.

Bishop, Nathan P., r 6, 10 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Wallace, 180.

Bishop, Sally, (Bishop Street) widow of Calvin, h and lot, aged 93.

Bonnett, Isaac, r 52, 20 cows, farmer 136.

Boyce, Bindsell, r 24, farmer 10, and pasturage 40.

Boyce, Celinda, r 16, widow of Skinner, h and lot.

Boyce, David L., boat captain, h Main.

Boyce, Leslie E., captain steam barge, R. P. Fitzgerald, Buffalo and Chicago, 2 houses Park.

Boyce, Mack A., lake captain, h Main.

Boyce, Munroe D., r 23, 12 cows, farmer 165.

Boyce, Washington, r 19, sailor and farmer 100.

Boyce, Willis E., dealer in groceries, drugs, paints, oils, fancy goods, and stationery, Thompson block, h Main.

Briggs, Wilson, (Smithville) r 12, farmer 20.

BRODIE, ROBERT, (Smithville) r 5, cor. 6, 30 grade Ayrshire cows, 15 head other stock, 50 Shropshiredown sheep, farmer with his son Robert W. 296, aged 78.

BRODIE, ROBERT W., (Smithville) r 5 cor. 6, farmer with his father, Robert.

Brooklyn House, A Wilkinson, prop., Henderson Harbor.

Brown, Alfred D., farm laborer, h and lot Main.

BROWN, HENRY, r 16, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

BROWN, WILLIAM, r 17, laborer and farmer 2 1/2.

BUELL, OLIN F., (Buell and Kilby) physician and surgeon, h Park.

BUELL & KILBY, (Olin F. B. and Arthur M. K.) agents for pensions, increase, and back pay, Seaton block.

Bunnell, George, r 6, 200 apple trees. farmer 210.

Bunnell, Reuben A., r 6, farmer with his father, George.

Burdick, Charles R., (Belleville) r 59, farm laborer.

Burnham, Emory, laborer h Park.

Burnham, Manford L., clerk for W. E. Boyce.

Burnham, Oliver W., r 36, farmer 50.

Button, William, r 40 cor. 26, farm laborer.

Butts, Danford N., tinsmith, bds, Main.

Butts, Willie, sailor.

Carpenter, Frank, r 53, 10 cows, farmer, leases on shares of ------Clark 70.

Carpenter, Hiram E., r 17, supervisor, 12 cows, farmer 100.

Carpenter, John H., r 36, farmer 100.

Carpenter, John S., r 136, farmer, leases on shares of Hiram E., and owns 95.

Carter, Asa W., r 21, farmer 64.

Carter, Charles E., r 21, farmer with Asa W.

Carter, John, r 22, farm laborer.

CEDAR BRUSH STOCK FARM, r 27, established in 1870 by George Moody. Brood mare "Lady Clare," aged 4 years, time 2:28; first colt "Lady Charm," 4 years time 2:30, sold for $1,500; second colt "Rhoda S.," mile trial, time 2:20; third colt "Henry George," 2 years, time 3:00; fourth colt, "Gipsey Queen," record 2:26 1/2. Has won 40 races and is breeding in Iowa; fifth colt "Blanch," record 2:30, private trial 2:21, sold for $25,000; sixth colt "Collector,: roadster; seventh colt "Prince Alden," by "Maj. Benton," trial at 4 years of age, 2:28 1/4, kept for stock purposes; eighth colt "Prince Albert," trial one mile 2:29 1/2, sold $1,000; ninth colt, sold to J. D. Snell, of Adams, for $250; tenth colt "Little Governor," on farm; eleventh colt, by "Major Benton," I year old, trotter. Melvin Moody prop.

Chapman, Irving W., boat livery at Henderson Harbor, h and lot.

CHAPMAN, JOHN, r 37, prop. saw and shingle-mill, farmer 4.

Chick, Charles W., (Bishop Street) r 32, farmer 20.

Chick, Everett A., (Bishop Street) r 32, teacher.

CHURCH, CHARLES A., (Bishop Street) farmer with his father, Rollin C.

CHURCH, ROLLIN C., (Bishop Street) r 50, 15 Pole Angus cows, farmer 112.

Clark, Charles, r 45, farmer 47.

Clark, E. E., prop. Frontier House, at Henderson Harbor.

Clark, Emory W., r 44, farm laborer and runs express to Adams.

Clark, Foster, painter, bds, Burnham.

Clark, Mitchel, sailor, son of Emory W.

Cliff, John, r 19, farmer.

Clyde, John, (Smithville) r 9, 10 cows, 500 apple trees, farmer, leases on shares 133.

Collins, Charles, off r 18, farmer, leases on shares of E. Tyler 108.

Collins, Eugene, (Bishop Street) off r 31, farmer 30.

Collins, Franklin, (Bishop Street) r 58, carpenter and farmer.

Collins, G. W., (Belleville) farm laborer.

Collins, George R., constable, dealer in horses, h Main.

Collins, George R. Mrs., dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Main h do.

Collins, Stephen C., (Smithville) 10 cows, breeder of road horses, runs steam thresher, farmer 61.

Comstock, William H., wagonmaker, blacksmith, horseshoer, and general repairer, Main, h do.

Conley, John, sailor, h Main.

Cook, Alanson, formerly farmer, aged 77.

Cooley, Fred, (Smithville) resident.

Cooper, I. Sedgwick, 10 grade Holstein cows, 80 grade merino sheep, breeder of Hambletonian horses, farmer 250, h Park.

Cooper, Miles L., (Belleville) r 49, 20 cows farmer 130.

Corey, John W., (Smithville) Blacksmith, Main, h do.

Crittenton, Charlotte A., widow of Levi, farm 85.

Crittenton, Isaac I., r 45 cor.46, farmer, leases on shares of -------Rounds 33.

CRITTENTON, JAMES A., (Smithville) r 14, breeder of road and trotting horses, farmer 70.

CRITTENTON, MARTHA M., (Smithville) r 14, (Mrs. James A.) resident.

CRITTENTON, WILLIAM B., watchmaker and jeweler, dealer in clocks, watches, musical instruments, silverware, and optical goods. Thompson block h Main.

Crosby, Arvilla E., (Bishop Street) r 50, widow of Henry, h and lot.

Crosby, George S., (Bishop Street) laborer, son of Henry.

Crosby, Monroe W., (Bishop Street) r 50, laborer, son of Henry.

Cross, Charles H., blacksmith, Main.

Damon, Albert A., r 34, sailor h and lot.

Damon, Willard, r 38, farm laborer.

Danley, Simeon P., r 38, 15 cows, 12 head other stock, farmer 130.

Dano--------, r 38, farm laborer.

Dare, Abel, r 44, farmer 123.

David, James, r 56, laborer.

DAVIS, WILLIAM P., (Bishop Street) r 32, 400 sugar trees, 500 apple trees, 80 grade shorthorn Durham cows, 30 head other stock, 12 horses, prop. Henderson Harbor merchantile warehouse, dealer in coal, flour, feed, hay, grain, salt, water lime, shingles, and lumber, farmer 600.

De Mell, Peter, r 18, farmer 190.

De Witt, William, off r 25, farmer, leases on shares of McCumber.

Dexter, Bestow, (Belleville) r 58, prop. cider-mill, farmer 56.

Dickinson, S. H., prop. Park Hotel.

Dobson, John, r 38, 10 cows, farmer 77.

DOBSON, THOMAS, 150 apple trees, farmer 236.

Dodge, Franklin, (Bishop Street) 100 apple trees, 10 cows, farmer 56.

Dye, Milton C., r 34, sailor.

Edgar, James, r 28, farmer.

EDGEWATER COTTAGE, George H. Warner, prop., Henderson Harbor.

Eggleston, Charles Capt., r 7, sailor and farmer 11.

Eggleston, Charles D., r 7, carpenter, joiner and painter.

Eggleston, Dormy, formerly sailor, h and lot Main.

Eggleston, Isabelle, widow of Hector, farmer 9, h and lot at Henderson Harbor.

Ellis, James F., r 9, laborer.

Elmer, Elliott, r 15, farmer 34.

Elmer, George, (Smithville) laborer, h Main.

Elmer, Lucy, (Smithville) r 9, widow of Harvey, farm 15.

ESTES, ELIZABETH C., r 45, widow of Orson K., 15 cows, 10 head other stock, farmer 137 1/2, and in Lorraine 187.

ESTES, ORVIS K., r 45, farmer with his mother, Elizabeth C.

FALES, EMORY, r 45, 10 cows, 25 head young stock, prop. Henderson cheese factory, farmer 100, and pasturage 130.

Fales, Willis G., r 45, farmer with his father, Emory.

Farr, Valda, r 22, farmer 32.

Finney, George I., r 38, laborer, son of Edwin C.

Finney, Jennette L., r 38, widow of Edwin C., h and lot.

Finney, William, r 39, laborer.

Forward, Hudson S., r 34, 15 grade Jersey cows, 15 head other stock, farmer 228.

Franklin, Orrin, r 26, farmer 11.

Franklin, Ryal, r 40, laborer.

Franklin, William, r 26, laborer and farmer.

Frasier, Flora, (Smithville) r 12, widow of Fred, reside on the Overton farm 20.

Frasier, Nancy, r 17, widow of William, h and lot at Henderson harbor.

Freeman, John H., farmer in Ellisburgh 95, aged 90.

Frontier House, E. E. Clark, prop., Henderson Harbor.

Gardner, Berintha J., (Belleville) widow of Ezra G., who was killed at Bermuda Hundred, April 2, 1865.

GILBERT, GRANT A., sailor, lives with his father, William.

Gilbert ,Joseph, (Bishop Street) r 50, 14 cows, farmer, leases on shares of T. Overton 105.

GILBERT, WILLIAM, dealer in coal, flour, feed, salt, water lime, shingles, and lumber, owns steam barge William Gilbert, warehouse at Henderson Harbor, farmer 125.

Gill House, Hubert H. Gill, prop., at Henderson harbor.

Gill, Hubert H., r 17, prop. Gill House at Henderson Harbor, 250 apple trees, breeder of road horses, farmer 110.

Gill, Phebe M., r 17, widow of Daniel R., resides with her son Hubert H., farm 110.

Gillett, Sabrina, (Bishop Street) r 32, daughter of John D.

Gillman, Erastus H., r 8, 200 apple trees, 8 grade Jersey cows, farmer 80.

Glazier, Henry, (Belleville) farm laborer.

Gleason, Austin M., sailor, son of Nathaniel M.

Gleason, Nathaniel M., boat steward, h Main.

Gleason, W. Wallace, purser passenger steamer Fountain City, Western Transit Co., Buffalo to Portage, leader Ontario band, h Main.

Golden, Justus, farmer, h and 2 acres Main.

Golden, Margaret, widow of William, h and lot.

Goodwin, Henry, (Smithville) farmer and laborer.

Grainger, Charles, r 7, farmer, leases on shares of -------- Randolph.

Grant, Marcus V., r 28, farmer with his father, Martin E.

Grant, Martin E., r 28, 20 grade Holstein cows, 10 head other stock, farmer 190.

Green, Goodwin, r 15, farmer, son of Lyman.

Green, James, r 15, retired farmer, aged 80.

Green, Lyman, r 15, 15 cows, 10 horses, farmer, leases on shares of Griffin & Mullen 152.

Green, Polly, (Smithville) r 49, farmer 13.

Green, Sheldon, (Smithville) r 9, 10 cows 100 apple trees, farmer, leases on shares of J. Dodge 100.

GRIGGS, NEWELL N., (Smithville) r 14 cor. 30, 10 cows, breeder of fine road horses, farmer 203.

GRIGGS, WILLIAM S., (Bishop Street) r 14, 20 cows, farmer 213.

Grow, John B., (Smithville) r 30 cor. 31, 30 grade Durham cows, 30 head young stock, 415 Merino sheep, and owns Monitor mills in Ellisburgh, farmer 416.

Grummous, Robert, (Smithville) r10, laborer, h and lot.

Grummous, Willie, (Smithville) r 12, farmer 30.

Hadcock, Frank, prop. Henderson grist-mill, dealer in house furnishing goods, manuf. of sash, door and blinds, h Main.

HADLEY, WILLIAM W., M. D., (Smithville) physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Hall, Arthur, (Smithville) r 14, laborer.

Hall, Edgar, mail carrier from Henderson to Adams, h Park.

Hall, John L., (Smithville) r 31, farm 7.

Hallady, Charles, r 24, farm laborer.

Hallady, Eugene, r 24, farm laborer.

Hallady, Henry T., off r 22, farmer 62.

Hamm, John C., r 9, 11 cows, farmer, leases on shares of William H. Rice 160.

Hammond, George, carpenter and joiner, Main, Henderson Harbor.

Hammond, Hiram, r 28, carpenter and farmer 5.

Harrington, Erminie B., r 56, graduate Eastman Business College, class of '70, justice of the peace, and farmer with his father, J. Brooks.

Harrington, J. Brooks, r 56, 7 cows, farmer 62.

Harris, Henry, Jr., r 55, farmer, leases on shares of George Lane.

Hart, Wellington, r 29, farmer, leases on shares of George A. Thompson 100.

Haskin, Albert S., carpenter and joiner, h Main.

Hatch, Herbert D. sailor, h and lot.

Hatch, Mary, r 31, widow of Leonard, h and lot.

Hatrick, Emily, (Bishop Street) r 58, widow of John, farm 30.

Hicks, Samuel, r 24, farmer 40.

Hill, John A., (Smithville) owns one-half of grist-mill with Fred Hallet, 15 cows, 15 head other stock, farmer 153.

Hill, Leonard G., (Smithville) farmer, son of John A.

Holly, Frank, (Smithville) r 31, farmer 15.

HOTEL PHELPS, H. Bruce Phelps, prop., pool and billiard room and livery stable connected.

Hough, Carrie, dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Main.

Hovey, James, (Sacket's Harbor) r 2, farm laborer.

Hovey, Samuel, laborer, Main st., Henderson Harbor.

Howard, Charles W., captain of a barge, h and lot.

Howard, Clarence N., sailor.

Howard, George, carpenter and joiner, h and lot park.

Howard, John, r 18, marine engineer, farmer 50.

Howland, Edward H., r 30, 10 cows, farmer 127 1/2.

Howland, Rodney E., r 39, farmer, leases on shares of P. Wilkinson.

Hubbard, Dewitt C., r 57, farmer 36.

Hubbard, Frank, chair bottomer, h and lot.

Hungerford, Albert W., r 27, prop. steam cider-mill, 10 cows, breeder of road and trotting horses.

Hungerford, De Witt, r 27, sailor, h and lot.

HUNGERFORD, HARVEY C., r 27, 12 cows, 120 grade Southdown sheep, farmer 206.

Hungerford, Jane, r 39, widow of Benjamin.

Hungerford, Julia, r 24, widow of Washington, h and lot.

Hungerford, Leander, (Hungerford & Barthel) h Merchant.

HUNGERFORD, ORRIN, carpenter and builder, h Main.

Hungerford & Barthel, (Leander H. and Michael B.) general merchants, main.

Hunter, David J., blacksmith and general repairer, Merchant, h Main.

Hunter, Herbert, blacksmith with his father, David J.

Hunter, John r 57, laborer.

Hunter, John D., (Smithville) r 10, 20 cows, farmer, leases on -------Babbitt 220.

Hunter, Samuel, r 38, cor. 30, blacksmith.

Irwin, Charles D., harnessmaker, Main, h do.

Irwin, Halsey L., dealer in stoves, tin and hardware.

Irwin, William, sailor, son of Halsey L.

Ives, Frank, (C. H. Sprague & Co.) h Merchant.

Ives, Ira, (C. H. Sprague & Co.) h Merchant.

Ivory, Stratten, (Smithville) r 3, 150 apple trees, apiarist 80 swarms, farmer 45.

Ivory, Theodore H., (Smithville) r --, farmer, leases on M. McNeil 91.

Jackson, Charles, off r 20, laborer and farmer 5.

Jackson, James, off r 25, farmer 20.

Jackson, Lavillo, off r 20, farmer 143.

Johnson, F. E., prop. Snow Shoe Hotel at Henderson Harbor.

Joiner, Charlotte A., widow of Orville C., 10 cows, farmer 113, h Merchant.

Joiner, Ernest C., sailor.

Joiner, F. D., taxadermist and prop. boat livery at Henderson Harbor.

Joiner, Millard E., postmaster, son of Oscar B.

Joiner, Oscar B., formerly captain, followed the lakes 35 years, 12 grade Durham cows, breeder of horses, farmer 100.

JONES, HENRY W., (Smithville) r 14, 300 sugar trees, 25 grade Holstein cows, 15 head other stock. 40 grade Shropshire sheep, breeder of Percheron horses, prop. stock horses, "Lofty" farmer 160.

JONES, RUSSELL M., (Smithville) formerly farmer, aged 78.

Kennedy, Allen, r 45, 20 cows, farmer, leases on shares of E. O. Kilby 133.

Kenway, Henry, farmer, leases on shares of Azel Hovey, on Six Town Point 95.

Kilbourn, Charles, (Bishop Street) r 50, marble worker, shop and lot.

Kilby, Adelbert A., r 38, farmer 35.

KILBY, ARTHUR M., (Buell & Kilby) pension att'y, h Park.

Kilby, Carrie, dressmaker.

Kilby, Eben O., 20 cows, farmer 140, marsh land 30, h Merchant.

Kilby, Frank M., undertaker, dealer in drugs and medicines, h Merchant.

Kilby, Frederick A., shoemaker and farmer 18, h Main.

Kilby,, James G., r 38, breeder of and dealer in light Brahmas, Langshans, Wyandottes, black Leghorns, and other fancy fowls.

Kilby, Osgood M., sailor, son of Eben O., bds, Merchant.

Kilby, Sylvester D., shoemaker, aged 82, h and lot Main.

Kilby, Theda L., dressmaker and farm 25.

Kilby, W. H., sailor, son of Eben O.

Krake, Henry N., (Smithville) r 11, farmer 43.

Krake, William E., (Smithville) r 11, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Lakeside Hotel, Mrs. Randolph, prop., Henderson Harbor.

LANE, AMOS, r 64, 150 grade Southdown and Merino sheep, seed grower, breeder of trotting and road horses, 10 head, farmer 175, and leases on shares of --------Johnson 80.

Lane, Bert, r 55, farmer with his father, Thomas N.

Lane, Charles, r 56, farmer leases on shares of -------Barrett.

Lane, Fred, r 55, farmer with his father Thomas N.

LANE, GEORGE, r 55, 50 grade Merino sheep, seed grower, farmer 88, and pasturage 32.

Lane, Peter, r 55, farmer 30.

Lane, Thomas N., r 55, assessor, breeder of horses, farmer 168.

Lane, William, r 44, 10 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Capt. B. Penney.

Larkin, George, (Bishop Street) laborer, h and lot.

Larkin, Seth, (Belleville) laborer and farmer 6.

Larkins, Fred, (Bishop Street) r 30, laborer.

LAWRENCE, ALBERT G., carpenter and builder, served in Co. E, 10th N. Y. H. A., farm 4, h and lot Main.

Lawrence, Amasa F., r 9, farmer with S. H. Penney.

Lee, Oscar E., r 9, 10 cows, farmer 112 1/2.

Lee, Wesley R., (Smithville) carpenter and joiner, h Main.

Leffingwell, Alonzo M., surveyor and counselor at law, farm 8 1/2, Main, h do.

Lewis, Warren A., (Belleville) r 56, laborer, h and lot.

Lewis, William H., (Smithville) r 13, farmer 48.

Longton, Alphonso, r 46, farmer, leases on shares of W. P. Davis.

Longton, Joseph, r 55, farm laborer.

Longton, Lester, r 28, 20 cows, farmer, leases on shares of -------Pettingill.

LOVELEE, JOHN H., prop. Windsor House, breeder of Hambletonian horses, owns woodland farm 34.

Mainard, John A., farmer on Six Town Point 15.

Mather, Adelbert G., (Belleville) r 58, farmer with his father, Milo S.

Mather, Jean J., (Bishop Street) r 50, school teacher, son of Milo S.

MATHER, MILO S., (Bishop Street) r 50, 200 apple trees, 30 grade Durham cows, 15 head other stock, farmer 208, woodland 20.

Mather, Sedgwick S., (Bishop Street) teacher, son of Milo S.

Mather, Simcoe, (Belleville) r 58, 100 apple trees, 35 Shorthorn cows, 30 head other stock, farmer 280, and pasturage 66.

MATHER, WILLIAM, (Belleville) r 58, wholesale seed grower, 100 apple trees, 35 grade Durham and Holstein cows, 35 head other stock, 100 grade Southdown and Merino sheep, farmer 300, in Ellisburgh 203 and woodland 60.

McCumber, James L., boat builder and surveyor, 15 cows,15 head other stock, farmer 57, h Park.

McCumber, Jedediah, farmer with James L., aged 85, h Park.

McCumber, Melvin B., farmer with his father, James L.

McGrath, Emma, r 38, widow of Levi, farm 17.

McIntosh, Adelbert, (Smithville) r 4, farmer with his father, Samuel.

McINTOSH, SAMUEL, (Smithville) r 4, breeder of and dealer in fine road and trotting horses, hop grower 8 acres, 35 grade Holstein cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 248.

McLean, Eugene D., (Bishop Street) r 50, farm laborer, h and 2 acres.

McNeil, Mary, (Smithville) r 4, widow of Bertrand, owns farm.

McQuain, Irene, r 42, widow of Alonzo, h and 4 acres.

Montague, Adonijah, r 26, laborer and farmer 4.

Montague, Arthur, r 46, sailor, son of Cephas.

Montague, Eleanor, r 46, widow of Cephas, 10 grade Holstein cows, breeder of Percheron horses, farmer 157.

Montague, Henry K., farmer, leases on shares of -------Montague.

Montague Herbert E., (Smithville) r 9, carpenter, 15

Montague, Justus A., r 45, 15 cows, farmer 120.

Montague, Thomas, r 17, oarsman.

Moody, A. B., r 36, farmer.

Moody, A. H., (Bishop Street) farm laborer.

MOODY, MELVIN, r 27, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian and Clay trotting and road horses, prop. Cedar Brush stock farm, and carries on the Moody estate 200.

Moody, Seymour, (Bishop Street) r 50, laborer.

Moody, Sophia, r 27, widow of George.

Muzzy, Lester, farmer 3.

Myrick, Orrin S., r 52, farmer 33.

Nash, David H., (Bishop Street) r 32, laborer.

NUGENT, DANIEL B., physician and surgeon, farm 3, Park.

Nutting, Alfred L., r 41, boat steward.

NUTTING, ANGELINE J., r 41, (Mrs. Charles C.) resident.

NUTTING, CHARLES C., r 41, 10 cows, farmer 140.

Nutting, Edwin, r 41, farmer.

Nutting, Henry R., r 41, 16 cows, farmer 147.

Nutting, Jane, r 42, widow of John, h and lot.

Nutting, Lewis A., r 39, 10 cows, farmer 64.

Nutting, Manford, r 41, 12 cows, farmer 104.

Nutting, Milo, r 43, town collector and laborer.

Nutting, Samuel H., r 41, carpenter and joiner, farmer 65.

Nutting, Truman O., r 39, 12 cows, farmer 118.

Overton, Arthur L., (Belleville) f 59. Farmer with his father, William H.

Overton, Erastus F., (Belleville) r 59, shoemaker, lives with William H.

Overton, Floyd C., (Belleville) r 59, breeder of Percheron horses, 200 apple trees, 40 grade Holstein cows, 100 sheep, 25 head young stock, farmer 520.

OVERTON, FRANK W, (Bishop Street) r 33, farmer with Joshua W.

OVERTON, JOSHUA W., (Bishop Street) r 33, wool grower, breeder of and dealer in cattle, horses, and sheep, farmer 565.

Overton, William H., (Belleville) r 59, 15 cows, farmer 160.

Owen, Richard, (Smithville) r 31, 14 cows, farmer 60.

Park Hotel, S. H. Dickinson, prop., Paradise park.

Parker, David, r 38, retired farmer, aged 91.

Parker, Harriet L., r 51, widow of C. A.

PARSONS, EARSHINE D., (Belleville) r 48 farmer 8, and leases on shares of I L. Hunt 84.

Paul, Milo, (Belleville) 15 cows, farmer on Ezra Clark's farm 135.

Peacock, Eliza, h Main.

Penney, Alberto N., sailor, h and lot.

PENNEY, BURTON Capt., formerly sailor, 10 grade Jersey cows, farmer 80, h High.

Penney, Hattie A., school teacher, daughter of Alberto N.

Penney, Samantha, r 34, widow of Jervis, owns frm 38.

Penney, Seth H., r 9, 150 apple trees, 40 grade Southdown sheep, 9 horses, farmer 36.

Penny, Alphonso M., carpenter and joiner, Park.

Penny, Byron M., r 9, farmer, son of Seth.

Peters, Jerry, r 45, teamster and laborer.

Peters, John, r 37, laborer.

Peters, Samuel, formerly blacksmith.

Pettingill, Asa F., r 28, farmer with his son, Dennison.

Pettingill, Ashel, r 38, carpenter and farmer 14.

Pettingill, Dennison, r 28, farmer 18.

Pettingill, Louise, r 16, widow of James N., farm 187.

Pettingill, Pardon, cheesemaker, h Main.

Pettingill, Pardon Mrs., dressmaker, h Main.

PHELPS, H. BRUCE, prop. Hotel Phelps and livery stable, farmer 140.

Phelps, William, teamster h Merchant.

Pierce, James D., (Belleville) r 49, cor. 59, farmer with his mother, Lucinda.

Pierce, Lucinda, (Belleville) widow of John B., farm 8.

Pitcher, Cornelius D., (Belleville) r 59, farm laborer.

POPE, HIRAM S., (Smithville) com. Traveler, son of John C.

POPE, JOHN C., (Smithville) hop grower 10 acres, 20 cows, farmer 208.

Pope, M. William, (Smithville) r 10, laborer and farmer 10.

Pope, Silas W., (Smithville) farmer with his father, John C.

Potter, Edward, r 41, farm laborer.

Potter, Orrin, (Smithville) r 9, farmer 20.

Pressley, Hiram S., r 42, laborer.

Pressley, William, laborer, h and lot.

Putnam, Gilbert T., (Bishop Street) 10 cows, farm 70.

Putnam, Harrison, (Smithville) r 13, farmer with his father, W. H.

Putnam, Seymour, (Bishop Street) r 58, farmer.

Putnam, William, (Smithville) r 13, 20 cows, farmer 160.

Ramsdell, Francis J., prop. saloon and restaurant, Main, bds, Hotel Phelps.

Ramsey, Ephraim, (Smithville) off r 4, farm 90.

Randolph, B. H., r 7, prop. summer boardinghouse, 13 cows, farmer 157.

Randolph, B. H. Mrs., prop Lakeside Hotel, at Henderson Harbor.

Rankin, Frank, farmer with his father, Homer T.

Rankin, Homer T., r 27, 15 cows farmer, leases on shares of --------Seaton 140.

Ray, Ephraim C., (Belleville) r 59, carpenter and joiner.

Ray, Jayson, (Belleville) r 59, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Ray, Monroe, 2d, r 40, farmer 111.

Ray, Myron, (Belleville) r 59, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Read, Luther, ship builder, farmer in Tylerville 140.

Reed, Alonzo, laborer, h Water.

Reed, Archibald, teamster at Henderson Harbor, h and lot.

Reed, Frank, r 7, farm laborer.

Rice, Alberto, (Smithville) r 14, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Rice, Merrit, pastor M. E. church, parsonage Main.

RICE, SILAS N., (Bishop Street) r 32, 30 cows, 8 horses, farmer leases on shares of P. Davis 350, owns in Clayton farm 90.

RICE, WILLIAM H., (Smithville) r 9, general ins, agent, farmer 153, h Main.

RICE, WILLIAM S., (Smithville) manuf. of Rice's adjustable elastic truss and rupture cure ointment.

RICH, De ALTON, (Bishop Street) r 48, 40 cows, 30 head other stock, farmer 150, and in Adams 250.

RICH, FRANCES A., (Bishop Street) r 43, (Mrs. De Alton).

Richards, Adele Clare, school teacher, daughter of Edward J.

Richards, Albert, laborer, son of Edward J., bds, park.

Richards, Edward J., job printer, Seaton block, h Park.

ROBBINS, ALBERT A., (Smithville) r 11, 20 grade Durham cows, 50 Southdown sheep, 20 head young stock, farmer with his father, Appleton W., 160, and leases on shares of W. 250.

ROBBINS, APPLETON W., (Smithville) r 11, farmer with his son Albert A.

Robbins, S. W., (Smithville) farm laborer.

Roberts, Timothy, (Smithville) prop. Smithville Hotel.

Robinson, Jason, (Belleville) r 58, laborer, h and lot.

Robinson, William, (Smithville) farm laborer.

Rogers, Hiram A., (Bishop Street) r 50, laborer.

Rogers, O. N., teamster, h Main.

Rose, Artemissa C., (Belleville) r 49, widow of Lyman D.,35 grade Durham and Ayrshire cows, 30 head other stock, farmer 225.

Rose, Herbert, (Belleville) r 49, farmer with his mother, A. C., and owns with his brother Silas W. 130.

Rose, Silas W., (Belleville) r 49, farmer with his mother, A. C., and owns with his brother Herbert 130.

Rumsey, Joseph, r 38, 8 cows, farmer 85.

Sanby, William, r 19, farmer 106.

SAWYER, CHARLES F., architect, contractor, and builder, Park.

Sawyer, Eben C., salesman for P. F. Thompson 8 years.

Sawyer, Sarah B., r 38, widow of Charles, h and 3 acres.

Scott, Adelbert A., (Belleville) 12 cows, farmer 118.

SCOTT, HARLEY M., student, son of Murray B.

Scott, Lovina, (Belleville) widow of Alonzo, h and lot.

SCOTT, MURRAY B., 4 horses, farmer 50.

Searles, John., (Smithville) r 9, laborer and farmer 6.

Searles, Sabin, (Smithville), r 10, farmer 15.

Seaton, Boynton C., served in Co. E, 10th. N. Y. H. A.

SEATON, LEONARD, 35 cows 500 apple trees, farmer 275, h Main.

Shaffer, V. G., (Smithville) pastor Baptist Church, h Main.

Shears, Henry, r 22, farmer, h and lot.

Shears, James, r 25, farmer 6.

Shears, Mary Jane, r 25, widow of Samuel, farm 62.

Silsby, Frank, r 8, laborer.

SIMMONS, CHARLES L., sailor and farmer, owns with his father, Lorin B., farm 20, h and lot.

SIMMONS, LORIN B., formerly merchant, 20 cows, owns with his son Charles L. farm 229, h Park cor. Main.

Simmons, Schuyler, (Belleville) farm laborer.

Sixbury, Benjamin, r 40, farmer 72.

SMITH, ALBERT O., (Bishop Street) r 50, postmaster, dealer in groceries, 10 cows, farmer 100.

Smith, Aruna, r 25, farmer 160, h Water.

Smith, Asa, r 44, carpenter and joiner, farmer 22.

Smith, Charles, (Bishop Street) farmer 50.

SMITH, CHARLOTTE, r 17, widow of Lyman, resident.

Smith, Durant, (Smithville) r 10, sexton and laborer.

Smith, Edwin D., laborer.

Smith, Elias C., r 37, sawyer, emp. John Chapman, h and 2 acres.

Smith, George, laborer h Main.

Smith, George W., barber and hair-dresser, h Park.

Smith, Harvey C., (Belleville) farmer 45.

Smith, J. Demster, laborer.

Smith, Newton, light-house keeper at Stony Point 13 years, h and 2 acres.

Smithville Hotel, (Smithville) Timothy Roberts, prop.

Snow, Artemus, r 43, farmer with his father, Daniel.

Snow, Daniel, r 43, 12 cows, farmer.

Snow, Goodwin, r 43, traveling agent.

Snow Shoe, F. E. Johnson, prop., Henderson Harbor.

Spencer, Albert, r 24, farmer 70.

Spencer, Alfred, (Smithville) r 12, butcher and farmer 10.

Spencer, Harry A., r 9, 10 cows, farmer 80.

Spencer, James, (Smithville) r 3, laborer.

Spencer, Richard, r 24, farmer with his father, Albert.

Sperry, David C., r 6, 14 cows, farmer 107.

Sprague, Almont I., r 23, sailor and farmer 9.

SPRAGUE, C. H. & CO., (Frank and Ira Ives) general merchants, Main.

SPRAGUE, CHARLES H., (C. H. Sprague & Co.) served in Co K, 94th N. Y. Vols., h Merchant.

Sprague, De Laureston, fisherman, h Main.

Sprague, Fardon A., formerly merchant and sailor, h and 5 acres.

Sprague, George, barber and hair-dresser, Windsor House.

Sprague, Laura L., r 7, widow of Charles W.

Sprague, Lewis, r 16, canvasser.

Sprague, Orrin D., (Bishop Street) r 50, M. E. clergyman, farmer 40.

Stanley, Myron D., farmer with his father, William B., 146.

Stanley, William B., hop grower 4 acres, 8 horses, farmer with his son Myron D., 146.

Steele, La Fayette, (Smithville) r 11, 8 cows, farmer 50.

Stevens, Albert G., sailor, h at Henderson Harbor.

Stevens, Clark, laborer h Park.

Stevens, Eldon, r 38, farmer, leases on shares of John Dobson 77.

Stevens, Eldon C., r 17, boatman and sailor, son of Prince.

Stevens, George, r 41, sailor.

Stevens, Matilda, r 7, widow of Shubael H., farm 40.

Stevens, Merton, sailor, h and 2 acres.

Stevens, Orville, r 20, laborer.

Stevens, Prince, r 17, sailor and farm 5.

Stevens, Washington, r 41, formerly lake captain, farmer 100.

Stevens, Willet H., r 10, boatman and sailor, son of Prince.

Terry, W. G., physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Thomas, Alphonso L., (Bishop Street) r 58, farmer 60.

THOMPSON, FRANCES A., (Mrs. P. F.) on r 36, farm 137.

THOMPSON, PAYSON F., dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, crockery, and hardware, prop. Thompson block, breeder of horses, 20 grade Jersey cows, farm 287.

Thompson, George A., dealer in ready-made clothing, farmer 216, h Main. [Died Oct. 23, 1889.]

Thomson, Lydia M., widow of David, dressmaker, h Main.

Thomson, R. Alonzo, (Smithville) r 2, laborer.

Tifft, Milo, r 41, farm laborer.

Tillotson, Charles, (Smithville) r 10, farm laborer.

Tresher, Marvin, (Bishop Street) r 48, laborer farm 7.

Trowbridge, Charles J., (Belleville) r 58, cheesemaker for --------Mathers.

Trowbridge, Frank, r 27, farmer, leases on shares of --------Simmons.

Truesdale, Lewis M., r 36, farmer, leases on shares of M. J. Whitney 475.

Tyler, D. Birt, 1,500 fruit trees, 10 high grade Jersey cows, 20 grade Southdown sheep, breeder of trotting horses, farmer 86.

Tyler, Elmore, r 17, 15 grade Jersey cows, breeder of trotting horses, prop. Bay View House and 12 boats, farmer 116.

Van Volkenburgh, Wesley, (Smithville) farmer 76.

VAN WINCKEL, JACOB H., (Bishop Street) t 51, blacksmith, wagonmaker, and general repairer, prop. saw-mill built by David Hamm about 70 years ago, farmer 4.

VAN WINCKEL, WILLIS J., (Bishop Street) t 51, mechanic with his father, Jacob H.

Vorce, Byron J., r 27, carpenter, lives with N. Smith.

Vorce, Egbert S., laborer h Main.

Vorce, Harmon, laborer H Merchant.

Wagner, Alexander, dealer in groceries at Henderson Harbor.

Wallace, Gilbert, r 6, farmer with James.

Wallace, James, r 6, 10 cows, farmer 100.

Walton, George, sash and blind manuf., h Mill.

WARNER, GEORGE H., prop. Edgewater Summer Cottage, accommodating 50 boarders, 10 cows, breeder of road and trotting horses, farmer 240.

Warner, Reuben D., r 17, boat captain, farm 34.

Weaver, Milvern J., agent Lake Superior Transit Co., office Sault de St. Marie, h Park.

Weeks, Holland D., sailor, with Captain Boyce.

WESCOTT, B. & N. Mrs., (Sacket's Harbor) r 2, (Hattie M. and Sarah E.) 14 cows, 1,000 chestnut trees, 100 apple trees, fruit growers, 3 acres strawberries, farmers 187.

WESTCOTT, HATTIE M., (Sacket's Harbor) r 2, (Mrs. B. & N. Wescott.)

WESCOTT, SARAH E., (Sacket's Harbor) r 2, (Mrs. B. & N. Westcott).

Wheeler, Frank, (Smithville) r 13, laborer and farmer 8,

Whipple, Alonzo C., r 9, peddler and laborer, owns 2 acres.

Whitaker, Eli, (Smithville) r 9, farmer 45.

White, Albert E., captain boat Kasota, Wilson Transit Line, h Main.

White, Edward, sailor and farmer 19.

WHITE, EVERETT E., r 24, assessor, farmer with James M.

White, George, painter, h Mill.

WHITE, JAMES M., r 24, justice of the peace, 300 apple trees, 12 grade Durham cows, 30 head young stock, 50 sheep, farmer 222.

Whitford, Barton A., teamster and laborer, h Park.

Whitney, Florence, (Mrs. Myron J.) postmaster, h Main.

WHITNEY, FRED, r 65, farmer with his father, George G.

WHITNEY, GEORGE C., r 65, 400 sugar trees, 30 grade Holstein and Ayrshire cows, breeder of Percheron and Hambletonian horses, farmer 240.

Whitney, Harley O., r 65, farmer with his father George G.

Whitney, Martha, r 36, widow of Truman O.

Whitney, Myron J., r 36, farmer 475.

Whitney, Truman J., r 36, farmer.

Whitney, Worthy, farmer and laborer.

Wilde, P. Shirley, farmer, leases on shares of I. S. Cooper 250, h Park

Wilder, Edwin H., r 39, cor. 26, 10 grade Jersey cows, farmer 180.

WILDER, EMELINE L., (Smithville) r 5, widow of C. C., 15 cows, farmer 137.

WILDER, HERBERT A., (Smithville) r 5, breeder of and dealer in horses, farmer, leases on shares of his mother, Emeline I., 137.

Wilder, Oscar M., r 39, cor. 26, farmer with his brother Edwin H.

Wilkinson, Albert, r 19, prop. Brooklyn House, at White's Bay, farmer 40.

Wilkinson, Elgin, r 23, farm laborer.

Wilkinson, Marcus, r 39, farm laborer.

Wilkinson, Philinda, r 39, widow of Silas, 10 cows, farmer 150.

Williams, Thomas, (Belleville) laborer.

Wilson, Elizabeth, widow of Abram, h and lot Park.

WINDSOR HOUSE, J. H. Lovelee, prop. billiard and pool room and livery stable connected, Main.

Woodard, Milton J., (Smithville) r 6, emp. R. W. Brodie.

Woodworth, Francis W., r 9 8 cows, 7 horses, farmer leases on shares of ----Penney 79.

Worden, George C., (Bishop Street) emp. George A. Abbott.

Worden, Margaret, (Bishop Street) r 51, widow of John.

Worthingham, Benjamin, r 45, part owner of Rock Bottom creamery.

Worthingham, Leslie P., farmer with Peter.

Worthingham, Peter, shoemaker and farmer 54, h Park.

YORK, D. B., (Smithville) See ADAMS.

Young, Demas W., (Belleville) r 49, prop. Young's Hotel and livery stable, farmer 17.

Young's Hotel, (Belleville) Demas W. Young, prop., livery stable connected, Robert's Corners.

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