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Allen, _____. (Watertown) r 40, widow of John P., farm 100.

American Cheese Factory, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 13, William H. Miller, Madison Goulding, John Countryman, Aaron Forbes, and Charles G. Wagoner, props.

Andrews, Fred G., (Sandford's Corners) r 35, farmer 99.

Arnold, Daniel, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5, farm laborer, h and 1 acre.

Augsbury, Cyrus, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 8, capitalist and retired farmer 67.

Augsbury, John D. L., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 8, farmer 92.

Augsbury, John J., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 12, retired farmer 118.

Augsbury, Salem, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5, farmer 43.

Augsbury, Susan, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 8, widow of Daniel, executrix of her husband's estate.

Augsbury,Walter F., (Pamelia Four Corners) off r 11, 16 cows, farmer 116.

Augsbury, William B., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 12, 26 cows, farmer 180, and leases of John J. 118.

Austin, George H., (Watertown) r 55, farmer 91.

Avery, Brayton, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 21, farmer, leases of M. D. Makepeace 130.

Bacon, Mary A. Miss, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 14, h and lot.

Bacon, Willard, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 25, farmer 85.

Ball, Silas D., (Watertown) r 26, 24 cows, farmer 230.

Banister, Gouverneur, (Watertown) r 48, farmer 273.

Baronie, Dominic A., (Watertown) r 62, merchant tailor in Antwerp, farmer 27.

Bartlett, E. T., (Watertown) r 28, farmer 60.

Bass, David A., (Watertown) r 41, 7 cows, farmer 106.

Beattie, Samuel N., (Sanford's Corners) r 37, breeder of Hambletonian horses, farmer 140.

BELLENGER, FREDERICK F., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, teamster and farmer, served in Co. A, 10th H. A.

Bicks, John, (Watertown) r 47, farmer for his wife 91.

Bosworth, Martin Mrs., (Watertown) r 62, widow owns 11 acres.

Bowman, Nancy, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 11, widow of Abram, farm 90.

Boynton, Lester S., (Watertown) r 61, market gardener and farmer 18.

BRADWAY, SELAH S., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, etc, {Removed to Watertown.}

BROWN, BRAYTON, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 23, 17 cows, 200 sugar trees, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 250.

Brown, Cortland E., (Watertown) r 45, farmer 136.

Burgess, Nathaniel, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, breeder of graded stock, 19 cows, farmer, leases of David Hardy 190.

Burley, John, (Watertown) off r 52, laborer.

Busler, Clinton S., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 3, 8 cows, farmer 146.

Busler, Peter, (Pamelia Four Corners) off r 2, 14 cows, farmer 180.

Carl, John, (Watertown) r 38, machinist, h and 7 acres.

Chapman, Henry D., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 6, farmer, leases of Mary A. Keller 48, and of _____ Van Coughnet 47.

COLE, HARRISON, (Watertown) r 21, retired farmer, owns on Wells Island 300, {Removed to Le Ray.}

Cole, Seth P., (Watertown) r 38, 12 cows, farmer for his mother, Melvina, 109.

Commins, Hulbert F., (Watertown) r 40, farmer, leases of Mrs. John P. Allen 100.

Congdon, Ward, (Watertown) r 55, farmer 85.

CORNWALL, ADOLPHUS, (Watertown) r 52, 3 cows, farmer 69.

Corpt, Byron E., (Watertown) r 18, farmer, leases of John P. Pitcher, of Watertown.

Countryman, David, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 7, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 65.

Countryman, Fred D., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 22, 16 cows, farmer 90.

Countryman, Gershom. J., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 14, farmer, owns h and lot with William M.

Countryman, James, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 3, laborer.

Countryman, John H., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 7, 12 cows, farmer 110.

Countryman, William M., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 14, farmer, owns h and lot with Gershom J.

COUNTRYMAN, WILSON H., (Watertown) r 32, 20 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 175.

Cumings, Albert, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, farmer 39.

Cummings, William, (Watertown) r 48, 26 cows, farmer, leases of Gouverneur Banister 400.

Dean, Charles P., (Watertown) r 38, butcher and farmer, leases of J. Johnson 61.

DEAN, DAVID G., (Watertown) r 38, served 3 years in Co. K, 10th N. Y. H. A., promoted to corporal.

Deep Rock Limburger Cheese Factory, (Watertown) r 10, Lambert Walters, Gideon Flanders, John Pitcher, and Harrison Mack, props.

DEMPSTER, WALLACE W., (Watertown) r 20, 15 cows, farmer, leases of Gilderoy Lord, of Watertown, 202.

Dixon, _____, (Watertown) off r 10, farmer, leases of George H. Sherman, of Watertown, 400.

Dony, Joseph J., (Watertown) r 50, laborer, h and 2 acres.

Dorr, John, (Watertown) r 21, 11 cows, farmer 107.

DOXTATER, ALEXANDER, lives with James A. Stephens.

Doxtater, Milton W., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, prop. steam threshing and wood sawing machines.

EDDY, DEWITT C., (Watertown) r 32, 25 cows, prop. Ethan Allen and Morgan stock horse, farmer 203.

ELLSWORTH, FRANK, (Watertown) r 28, farmer lives with his father, William.

ELLSWORTH, FRED, (Watertown) r 28, farmer, lives with his father, William.

ELLSWORTH, WILLIAM, (Watertown) r 28, 15 cows, farmer 120.

Fenner, George A., (Watertown) r 42, farmer 162 and leases of Isaac McGinnis 200.

Fields, James, (Sanford's Corners) r 47, 28 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer, leases of Mrs. G. W. Willard 236.

Fields, John, (Watertown) r 40, farmer, leases of Earl B. Hinds & Son 259.

Flansburgh, William M., (Watertown) r 61, farmer 120.

Flick, Frederick W., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 6, 21 cows, farmer, leases of Alexander F. Gould 212.

Folts, Jacob E., (Watertown) r 45, carpenter and farmer 70.

Fox, Charles, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 11, 12 cows, farmer 130.

FOX, CHRISTOPHER S., (Pamelia Four Corners) off r 12, 10 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, breeder of Membrino stock horses from "Scoville Benton," Jr., farmer, leases of W. C. Gould, of Watertown, 128. {Removed to Clayton.}

Fox, Ruth A. Mrs., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, h and 2 acres.

Fuller, Frances J., (Watertown) r 26, (Mrs. Reuben H.) farmer 227.

Fuller, Reuben H., (Watertown) r 26, justice of the peace.

Fulton, Luke, (Watertown) r 42, 10 cows, breeder of grade Durham cattle, farmer 116.

Ganter, Constantine, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 7, apiarist 9 swarms, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, 25 cows, farmer 180.

Gersteumlager, Peter, (Watertown) r 46.laborer and cheesemaker for A. P. Baltz.

Getman, Bruce, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 16, farmer, leases of William B. Augsbury 180.

Gibbs, Ellen Miss, (Watertown) r 58, attendant at asylum.

GILLETTE, STEPHEN L., (Watertown) r 26, 24 cows, farmer, leases of J. P. Powers, of Watertown, 210.

Gould, Alfred L., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 19, 11 cows, farmer 100.

Goulding, Madison, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, retired farmer, h and lot.

Gousetts, Christ, (Watertown) r 54, 11 cows, farmer, leases of Andrew Taylor, of Pillar Point, 122.

GOUTERMONT, ARCHIBALD, (Pamelia Four Corners) off r 3, 40 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer, leases of George H. Sherman, of Watertown, 330, served 3years in the 3d Ill, Cav. {Removed to Lewis Co.}

Gove, Alanson E., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 13, cheesemaker, h and lot.

Hall, Dexter W., (Sandford's Corners) r 37, 20 Cotswold sheep, farmer 115.

Hall, William E., (Watertown) off r 52, laborer.

Hammond, Philetus B., (Watertown) r 57, carpenter and joiner.

Hanlon, Patrick, (Watertown) r 46, 6 cows, farmer 157.

Hardy, Charles S., (Watertown) r 26, 27 cows, farmer, leases of I. E. Gibbs, of Watertown, 180.

Haven, Charles W., (Watertown) r 52, 50 Cotswold sheep, farmer 150.

HAVEN, DEXTER W., (Watertown) r 57, 20 cows, farmer 100.

Haven, George M., (Watertown) r 52, farmer with his father, Charles W.

Haven, Lansing W., (Watertown) r 52, farmer, leases on shares of Hiram M. Patterson 50.

Hawn, Cyrus J., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 8, 16 cows, farmer, leases of Cyrus Augsbury 65, of Ansel Mills 100, and the Daniel Augsbury farm 371.

Hengge, John B., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 10, cheesemaker, h and 4 acres.

Hinds, Earl B., (Watertown) r 46, farmer 175, and with his son Oscar 259.

Hinds, Oscar, (Watertown) r 46, farmer, owns with his father, Earl B., 259.

Hoover, Frank, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 13, carpenter and cheesemaker, h and lot.

House, Absolom L., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, farm laborer.

House, Carrie G. Miss, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, school teacher.

Howland, Arthur, (Sandford's Corner) r 47. farmer with Charles on the estate of Hiram 262.

Howland, Charles, (Sandford's Corner) r 47, farmer with Arthur on the estate of Hiram 262.

Howland, Hiram (estate), (Sandford's Corner) r 47, 27 cows, farm 262.

Ingerson, William M., (Watertown) r 41, farmer, leases of Daniel Minthorn 107.

Jeffers, Frederick, (Watertown) r 31, 6 cows, farmer, leases of Charles Mayow 36.

JOHNSON, JAMES H., (Watertown) r 57, laborer.

Jones, Alford, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5, laborer.

Jones, Lucy, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5, widow.

Kellar, William A., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 7, apiarist 120 swarms, h and lot.

Keller, Mary A. Mrs., (Brownville) r 18, farmer 110.

Kimball, George, (Watertown) r 29, farmer, leases of his father, William, 200.

Kimball, William, (Watertown) r 29, 20 cows, farmer 200.

Lamb, John G., (Watertown) r 38, farmer, leases of James Snell 109.

Lane, George H., (Watertown) r 46, laborer.

Lane, Isaac B., (Watertown) r 31, farmer 35.

Laverty, Edward, (Watertown) r 32, h and lot.

Lefave, Fred C., (Watertown) r 55, 18 cows, farmer, leases of George H. Austin 62.

Link, Matthias J., (Watertown) r 32, 10 cows, farmer 157.

Limburger Cheese Factory, (Watertown) r 21, Charles E. Makepeace, Ward M. Nichols, and William Mills, props.

Limburger Cheese Factory, (Watertown) r 30, Seldon L. Scovill, prop.

Loughlin, James, (Watertown) r 38, 26 cows, farmer 241.

Loughlin, James Jr., (Watertown) r 38, farmer with James.

Loughlin, William, (Watertown) r 38, farmer.

Mack, Edward H., (Watertown) r 10, 10 cows, farmer 91.

MAKEPEACE, CHARLES E., (Watertown) r 21, 15 cows, farmer 221.

Marshall, Clinton A., (Watertown) r 52, farmer 80.

Mayhue, A. V., (Watertown) r 55, farmer 355.

Mayow, Charles, (Watertown) r 31, farm 82.

McDonald, Daniel, (Watertown) r 27, 8 cows, farmer 60.

McGINNIS, ISAAC, (Watertown) r 45, farmer 200.

Miller, Elijah, (Pamelia Four Corners) h and lot.

MILLER, IRENE E. O. Mrs., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 13, h and lot.

Miller, William H., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 14, postmaster, justice of the peace, farmer 120.

Mills, Dexter, (Watertown) r 27, 17 cows, farmer 171.

MILLS, MILTON P., (Watertown) r 21, town clerk, 18 cows, farmer, leases of Hiram 123.

MILLS, WALTER B., (Watertown) r 21, 11 cows, farmer, leases of William 58.

Mills, William, (Watertown) r 21, farmer 160.

Minthorn, Daniel, (Watertown) r 41, farm 107.

Mitchell, Franklin, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 16, farmer and laborer, h and 4 acres.

Mix, Andrew W., (Watertown) r 10, farm laborer.

Morrison, John, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 12, retired, served in 10th Regt. N. Y. H. A. Vols.

Morrison, John A., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 12, blacksmith, farmer, leases of William C. Gould 129, h and lot.

Morrow, James A., (Watertown) r 41, 7 cows, farmer 102.

MOYER, DOUGLAS F., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 12, carriagemaker and painter.

MOYER, PETER S., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 11, h and lot.

Nellis, Henry D., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 33, 10 cows, farmer 141.

Nellis, Willard, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 3, 23 cows, farmer 140, and leases of his father, Peter, 200.

Nicholas, Edward B., (Watertown) r 20, supervisor, 15 cows, farmer 127.

Nicholas, Ward M., (Watertown) r 21, 16 cows, owns 1 tenement, farmer 181.

Niles, Charles G., (Watertown) r 29, 12 cows, farmer for his mother, Hannah, 83.

O'Connor, Jeremiah, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 25, 8 cows, farmer 67, breeder of grade Holstein and Jersey cattle.

Ostrander, Eugene L., (Watertown) r 61, 14 cows, farmer, leases of William Flansburgh 118.

Ostrander, John J., (Watertown) r 62, farmer 135.

Otis, George W., (Watertown) r 54, stone cutter, 20 cows, farmer 200.

Pamelia Four Corners Cheese Factory, (Pamelia Four Corners) manufs. of Yankee cheese, S. D. Ball, salesman.

Pamelia Grange, No 68, (Pamelia Four Corners) owns building (formerly hotel) and 1 acre.

Parish, John L., (Watertown) r 10, justice of the peace, dealer in stock, prop. Limburger cheese factory, 8 cows, farmer 182.

Patterson, George, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 7, 19 cows, farmer, leases of William Miller 180.

Patterson, Hiram M., (Watertown) r 52, com. traveler for T. W. Craig & Co., of Clayton.

Pearsons, Henry P., (Standford's Corner) r 38, farm laborer.

Petrie, Daniel, (Pamelia Four Corners) stone mason.

Petrie, Moses M., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 6, 10 cows, farmer 108.

PETRIE, WILLIAM D., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 13, stone mason, h and 2 acres, served in 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols., wounded in the thigh in front of Petersburg, Aug. 13, 1864.

Pickard, Amos, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5, lives with his mother, Phoebe.

Pickard, Lyman, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, farmer leases of Mrs. G. Fuller 112.

Pickard, Phoebe, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5, widow of Solomon, h and 3 acres.

Plank, Frank B., (Watertown) off r 10, 34 cows, farmer, leases of Joshua Flanders 230.

Pohl, Frederick W., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 23, 20 cows, farmer 155.

Rebsher, Peter, (Watertown) r 38, 11 cows, farmer 126.

Reed, Martin, (Watertown) r 44, 26 cows, farmer, leases of the Mrs. Jane Ramsey estate 215.

REESE, EVLYN P., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, 12 cows, farmer 87.

RELYEA, JOHN C., (Watertown) r 51, 5 cows, farmer 95.

Richards, George B., (Watertown) r 61, market gardener, farmer 36.

Robertson, Andrew, (Watertown) r 30, laborer.

Robertson, Charles R., (Watertown) r 41, farmer, leases of George A. Fenner 162.

ROGERS, ALLEN L., (Watertown) r 39, 8 cows, farmer 108.

Rogers, Orlo, (Watertown), r 49, farmer 160.

Rogers, Lereno F., (Watertown) r 57, 8 cows, farmer 97.

Rogers, Lerenus T., (Watertown) r 57, farmer 104.

Rogers, Will E., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, farmer 15.

Roseboom, George D., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 14, blacksmith and woodworker h and lot.

Rosebrook, Charles M., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 24, 16 cows, farmer for his wife 163.

Salisbury, Elizabeth Mrs., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, h and 10 acres.

Salisbury, Peter, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, retired farmer 9.

Salisbury, Stephen N., (Watertown) r 26, farmer, leases of I. E. Gibbs, of Watertown, 180.

Sargent, Albert M., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, 23 cows, farmer, leases of Madison Goulding 235.

Sawdy, Benjamin C., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 24, 18 cows, farmer 276.

SCOVILL HOTEL, (Watertown) r 30, Seldon L. Scovill, prop.

SCOVILL, SELDON L., (Watertown) r 30, prop. Scovill Hotel, 40 cows, 1 full blood Hambletonian stock horse, 1 full blood Membrino brood mare, farmer 450.

Shannon, David, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, farm laborer.

Sheffner, Anthony F., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, farmer 25.

Shepard, Clytus, (Watertown) r 46, farmer 101.

Shimmel, John, (Pamelia Four Corners) n Perch Lake, laborer.

Sixbury, Benjamin B., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 15, general agent for agricultural implements, wind-mills, etc.

Slack, Marshall B., (Watertown) r 61, farmer 50.

Snyder, George A., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 4, leases h and lot of C. G. Wagoner.

Snyder, Jeremiah, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 3, h and 1 acres.

Stephens, James A., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 12, 15 cows, farmer 120.

Stephens, Samuel A., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5, 10 cows, farmer 125.

Taskett, Charles, (Watertown) r 38, 6 cows, market gardener and farmer 112.

Taylor, John, (Watertown) r 20, farmer 200.

Thomas, Jabez, (Watertown) r 52, farmer 50.

TIMERMAN, GEORGE W., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 1, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, 12 cows, farmer, leases of Reuben 100.

TIMERMAN, WILSON, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 1, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, 10 cows, farmer 90, served in Co. M, 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols.

Timmerman, Hiram, (Pamelia Four Corners) off r 1, apiarist 5 colonies, 12 cows, farmer 107.

TIMMERMAN, REUBEN, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 1, prop. Limburger cheese factory, No. 47, 12 cows, farmer 100.

TINGUE, GEORGE, (Watertown) r 52, retired farmer, h and lot. {Died Nov. 25, 1889, aged 77.}

Townsend, George K., (Watertown) r 56, justice of the peace, 7 cows, farmer 102 and works the estate of his father 95.

Tucker, Leonard N., (Watertown) r 52, farmer 40, and leases of George 80.

Vandewalker, Alonzo, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5,40 cows, farmer 555.

Vandewalker, Clarence A., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5, photographer and farmer.

Wagoner, Abram, (Watertown) r 39, 10 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Jeremiah Border 150.

Wagoner, Charles G., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 5, 35 head young cattle, farmer 344.

Walt, Ebenezer L., (Watertown) r 58, overseer in asylum.

Wait, J. B., (Watertown) r 58, foreman Jefferson County poor farm 160.

Wait, Jeremiah, (Watertown) r 52, hay grower and dealer, farmer 130.

Walrath, Ira, (Pamelia Four Corners) laborer, h and lot.

Walters, Lambert, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 10, 36 cows, farmer 200.

Walts, Cornelius, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 2, farmer 17.

Walts, David, (Watertown) r 45, farmer 56.

Walts, Lorin, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 1, laborer.

WARD, EMERY E., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 14, allo. physician, graduate College of Physicians and Surgeons, of Baltimore, Md., class of 1881.

Washburn, John R., (Watertown) r 58, supt. and keeper of county house.

Waters, Charles, (Watertown) r 56, 10 cows, farmer 62, and leases of Ward Congdon 85.

White, George, (Watertown) r 41, 15 cows, farmer, leases of Lyman 200.

White, George H., (Watertown) r 51, milk dealer, 30 cows, farmer 200.

White, Lyman, (Watertown) farm 200.

Willard, Sterling A., (Watertown) r 46, farmer 140, h in Watertown.

WILLIAMS, EBENEZER, (Watertown) r 46, 15 cows, farmer 175.

Zimmer, George, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 6, 7 cows, farmer 99.

Zimmerman, Eli, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 21, manuf. of washing machines and wind-mills.

Zimmerman, James, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 8, farmer 205.

Zuller, Franklin, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, 15 cows, farmer 139, and leases of the Alson Bowman estate 90.

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