(Postoffice is Rodman, unless otherwise designated in parentheses)

Index and Abbreviations

Adams, Thomas, (Worthville) r 68, farmer 125.

Ansted, Almira, (Adams) r 61, widow of Chancey, farmer in Worth 80, and leases of D. Eastman 300.

Austin, Abel G., teamster and truckman, h Main.

Austin, Dempster C., r 43, farmer, leases of Mrs. D. Le Gross 125.

AUSTIN, SEYMOUR L., general teamster, h and lot Main.

Babbitt, Myron, (Tremaine's Corners) r 56, 16 cows, farmer 130.

Babcock, Charles A., r 39 cor. 40, farmer, leases of F. Green 175.

Barrows, Melissa E., (Tremaine's Corners) r 47, widow of A., farmer 2.

Bass, Edward, (Adams Center) r 1, mason and farmer.

Bibbins, George C., r 11, 27 cows, farmer 140.

Bibbins, Harriet, widow of Charles, h and lot.

Bibbins, Ward H., r 11 cor. 5, 26 cows, farmer 140.

Billings, John P., general merchant, Main, h and lot Allport.

Blair, Adam S., carpenter, h and lot.

BLAIR, MELVIN E., harnessmaker, dealer in saddlery, served in Co. A, 94th N. Y. Vols. [Removed to Union City, Mich.]

Blodgett, Lovina Mrs., (Tremaine's Corners) r 55, farmer 60, h and lot in Pierrepont Manor.

Booth, Gershaw W., com. traveler, h and lot and blacksmith shop Allport.

Brooks, Alfred, (E. Rodman) r 7, farmer 85.

Brown, Boomer J., (Tremaine's Corners) r 65, farmer 80.

Brown, Bruce, (Worthville) r 64, farmer, leases of E. Perkins 200.

Brown, Delos, r 44, farmer 65.

Brown, De Alton, r 44, farmer 90.

BROWN, F. B., formerly prop. Washburn House, Main. [Removed to Syracuse, N.Y.]

Brown, James C., r 14, farmer 64.

Brown, James M., r 38, 18 cows, farmer 100.

Brown, Joseph, r 11 cor. 12, 35 cows, farmer 187.

Brown, Lincoln E., clerk for W. J. Wyman, bds. Allport.

Brown, Othello Z., r 39, farmer 50.

BROWN, RUTH, r 14, widow of Samuel, resident, aged 91.

Brown, Thomas M., r 14, cabinetmaker, apiarist 8 swarms, h and lot.

Brown, Wilford, r 41, farmer, leases of G. R. Burton 100.

Brown, Zelotus M., r 39, retired farmer.

Buchal, Paul, (Thomas J. McMichael & Co.)

Buell, Filinda, widow of Zebe, farmer 138.

Buell, Zebe, off r 14, 20 cows, farmer 138, h and lot Main. [Died Sept. 23, 1889]

Bullock, Edward M., (Tremaine's Corners) cheesemaker, h and lot in Worthville.

Burnside, William, wagonmaker, h and lot Allport.

Burton, Elias D., r 38, 20 cows, 100 sheep, farmer 230.

Burton, Isaiah T., r 21, farmer 81.

Bushnell, Lester D., r 62, farmer 70.

BUTTERFIELD, GEORGE L., r 49, 15 cows, farmer 114 1/2.

Butterfield, George S., (E. Rodman) r 4, 22 cows, farmer 120.

Butts, Francis, r 29 cor. 14, blacksmith, h and lot.

Cagwin, William M., r 62, 28 cows, farmer, leases of Charles A. Green 209.

Carley, Darwin, off r 16, farmer 60.

Carley, Francis, r 16, farmer, leases of H. & O. M. Gordinier 200.

Carley, Titus M., r 1, farmer 100.

CARPENTER, WILLIAM E., school teacher, bds. at N. E. Spear's. [Removed.]

Carter, George J., (Worthville) r 57, 40 cows, farmer, leases of G. W. Kellogg 296.

Casey, Thomas, r 46, 45 cows, farmer, leases of F. Munson 300, [Removed to Champion].

Caulkins, William, (E. Rodman) r 9, farmer 35.

Chaffin, Amos S., r 62, 30 cows, farmer 270.

Chapin, Montrose D., (Barnes' Corners, Lewis Co.) r 45, farmer 30.

Charters, James, shoemaker and dealer in flour, h and lot Main.

Cleveland, Homer W., (Tremaine's Corners) r 55, cooper and farmer 30.

Cleveland, William M., (Tremaine's Corners) r 47, farmer 40.

COLE, ANDREW J., (Tremaine's Corners) r 55, 15 cows, farmer 112.

Cole, Barret A., r 49, 15 cows, farmer 20.

Cole, F. W. (Tremaine's Corners) r 48, com. traveler. [Removed to Brownville.]

Cole, Jesse, (Tremaine's Corners) r 56, 12 cows, farmer 133.

Coleman, Frank, (E. Rodman) r 10, (F. & J. Coleman).

Coleman, F. & J., (E. Rodman) r 10, 20 cows, farmers 130.

Coleman, James, (E. Rodman) r 10, (F. & J. Coleman).

Cook, MarIette Miss, r 54, 22 cows, farmer 200.

Cook, Stephen O., (Tremaine's Corners) r 55, carpenter and farmer 117.

Cooley, Brayton L., (L. G. Gifford & Co.) bds. Washburn House.

Cooley, C. Elmina, r 48, (Mrs. David) farmer 4.

Cooley, David, r 48, leases 40.

Cooley Deloss, r 49, farmer 80, and leases of S. H. Gates 200.

Cooley, Egbert, jeweler, h Allport.

COOLEY, ELAM D., prop. stage from Adams Center to Tremaine's Corners, h Mill.

Cooley, Eri, r 44 n 37, dealer in cattle, farmer 202.

COOLEY, EVERETT A., jeweler, dealer in drugs, sporting goods, musical instruments, and groceries, Main, bds. Allport.

Cooley, Julian V. P., r 37, apiarist 6 swarms, 17 cows, farmer 75.

Cooley, Juliette, wodow of Elam, h and lot Allport.

COOLEY, NELSON G., town clerk, dealer in butter, cheese, and eggs, farmer 25, h and lot Allport.

Cooley, Orra R., r 44 cor. 49, farmer, son of Oscar F.

Cooley, Oscar F., r 44 cor. 49, 13 cows, farmer 67.

Corey, William W., r 36, 15 cows, farmer 118.

Crandall, Albert M., (Adams) r 61, 15 cows, farmer 112.

Crandall, Merrell H., (Tremaine's Corners) r 55, farmer 52 1/2.

Crosby, Arvilla Mrs., (Worthville). [Removed to Mannsville.]

Curtis, Adelbert A., (E. Rodman) r 25, farmer.

Curtis, Chester, (E. Rodman) r 25, farmer 100.

Curtis, Fessengen, (Tremaine's Corners) r 65, farmer.

Curtis, Horatio O., (E. Rodman) carpenter and farmer 1.

Curtis, Silas S., (E. Rodman) r 25, 32 cows, farmer 165.

Davis, James R., (Adams) r 54, farmer 40. [Removed to Lorraine.]

Davoy, Lucy, r 29, widow of John, woodland 11, h and lot,.

Dean, Eri, r 21, farmer 4.

Dean, Fred, r 62, farmer, leases of Mrs. John Snell 130.

Dean, George E., (E. Rodman) r 9 cor. 7, 18 cows, farmer 123.

Dean, Harlo J., (E. Rodman) r 9 cor. 7, farmer, son of George E.

Dean, Harrison S., (E. Rodman) 25 cows, farmer 165.

Dean, Oliver, (Adams) r 51, farmer, leases of George Frasier, of Adams, 117.

Dean, Perry, Sr., r 31, farmer 45.

Dean, Perry, Jr., farmer with his father, Perry, Sr.

Dean, William R., (E. Rodman) r 23, assessor and farmer 75.

Dickinson, Byron A., (E. Rodman) (Dunaway & Dickinson).

Dillin, Edwin, r 16 cor. 1, (L. & E. Dillin).

Dillin, Lodowick, r 16 cor. 1, (L. & E. Dillin).

Dillin, L. & E., r 16 cor. 1, farmers 80.

Dobbins, Samuel J., (Adams) r 60 cor. 61, 14 cows, farmer 84.

Dodge, Ward S., (E. Rodman) r 23, farmer with his father, William S.

DODGE, WILLIAM S., (E. Rodman) r 23, 18 cows, farmer 150.

Dryden, Frank, r 16, farm laborer.

Dunaway, Fred P., (E. Rodman) (Dunaway & Dickinson).

Dunaway & Dickinson, (E. Rodman) (Fred P. D. and Byron A. D.) props. cheese factory.

Durfey, Byron, r 46, 36 cows, farmer 200.

Durfey, Lorinda, r 45, widow of Asa L., farmer 30.

Dye, Harry R., r 32, farmer 75.

Dye, Oren E., r 32, farmer 77.

Eastman, Chancey, r 19, farmer 80.

Eastman, Daniel, r 49, 20 cows, farmer 150.

Eastman, Herbert H., r 19, farmer 57.

EASTMAN, HERMAN L., retired farmer 287, and in Lorraine 66, h and lot Allport.

Eastman, Oscar F., r 16, farmer with Chancey.

Eastman, Roscoe L., r 49, 15 cows, farmer 120.

Eaton, Fred D., (Adams) r 64, farmer 30.

Eaton, George D., (Adams) r 61, farmer 50.

Eaton, Ira, (Adams) r 64, farmer 33.

Eaton, Seymour S., (Adams) r 64, farmer 33.

Eddy, William C., r 14, farmer 2.

Edmonds, E., r 26, 16 cows, farmer 100.

Edmonds, Fred, r 35, farmer, leases of Lewis 130.

Edmonds, John S., (E. Rodman) r 6 cor. 8, 21 cows, farmer 175.

Edmonds, Ora A., r 46, 40 cows, farmer 200.

Edmonds, Orrin A., (E. Rodman) postmaster, merchant, and farmer 119.

EDWARDS, O. F., (E. Rodman) farmer.

Evens, David R., (Adams) r 63, farmer 70.

Farrell, Stateira, (Tremaine's Corners) widow of James, farmer 44.

Fassett, George, off r 16, 18 cows, farmer, leaes of Mrs. O. M. Gordinier 120.

FASSETT, MILAN A., r 27, prop. creamery, 18 cows, farmer 110.

Flanders, Gideon, r 3 cor. 14, 56 cows, farmer 320.

FLANDERS, JOSHUA E., r 3 cor. 13, 35 cows, farmer in Pamelia 235.

Flint, Charles L., r 63, farmer 180.

Flint, Cyrus C., (Tremaine's Corners) r 57, farmer 96.

FLINT, GEORGE W., (Tremaine's Corners) r 56, 22 cows, farmer 168.

Fox, Don D., (Tremaine's Corners) r 55, farmer 52 1/2.

FOX, DUANE W., (Tremaine's corners) r 65, 12 cows, farmer 96, served in Co. B, 10th N. Y. H. A.

Fox, George A., (Tremaine's Corners) r 47, farmer 50.

Gage, Charles S., r 30, 18 cows, farmer 105.

Garner, Almond P., (E. Rodman) r 7, 30 cows, farmer 210.

Gardner, Giles W., 22 cows, farmer 122 1/2.

Gates, Charles H., farmer, son of Simeon H.

Gates, Eliza, resident, h Main.

Gates, Martha, widow of George A., h and lot, farmer 40, woodland 40.

GATES, SIMEON H., r 39, pres. Rodman Milling Co., 35 cows, 100 sheep, farmer 300.

Gifford, L. G. & Co., (B. L. Cooley) dealers in drugs and medicines, Main.

GIFFORD, La DETTE G., M. D., physician and surgeon, graduate University Medical College, New York City. [Removed to Watertown.]

Glazier, George (Barnes' Corners, Lewis Co.) r 57, 17 cows, farmer 100.

Glazier, Oren H., r 31, farmer with his father, William C.

Glazier, Silas W., farmer, son of William C.

Glazier, William C., r 31, 15 cows, farmer 250.

Gordinier H., r 16, (H & O. M. Gordinier). [Removed to Adams Center.]

Gordinier H. & O.M., r 16, 25 cows, farmers 200.

Gordinier, Orville M., r 16, farmer, leases of N. A. Wright 180.

Grant, Adelfred, r 44, farmer 75.

Grant, Frank B., r 37, farmer, leases of N.A. Wright 180.

Grant, Irvin D., farm laborer.

Grant, Rodolphus M., r 54, farmer 25, and leases of Irvin D. 25.

Grant, Roselle L., r 54 n Ross Corners, farmer 25.

Gray, William J., (E. Rodman) hoopmaker, h and lot.

Green, Dyer, r 59 n 54, farmer 30.

Green, Willis, r 49 n 54, farmer with his father, Dyer.

Green, Winter, (Tremaine's Corners) carpenter, owns h and lot.

Greenley, Adelbert D., (Worthville) r 66, 20 cows, farmer 150.

Gregg, Diantha, widow of Daniel, h. Allport.

Gregg, John, r 45, apiary 15 swarms, 18 cows, farmer 147. [Deceased.]

Gregg, Myron D., r 21 cor. 11, 27 cows, farmer 140.

Gregg, Zelotus, r 2, 22 cows, farmer, leases of G. Flanders 140.

Grummons, Daniel, r 34, farmer 110.

Grummons, Homer D., r 34, farmer, son of Daniel.

Hall, V. A., (Worthville) r 66, farmer, leases of J. Richardson 150.

Halstead, Bradley S., r 16, 20 cows, farmer, leases of M. R. Klock 118, and owns in Adams 20.

Hammond, Myron, (Adams) r 51, farmer 100, [Removed to Adams.]


Harrington, Benjamin F., r 16, 26 cows, farmer 260.

Harrington, D. Alvaro, r 16, farmer 40.

Harrington, Harry, r 16, 15 cows, farmer 103.

Hazel, Samuel, (Adams) r 51, 35 cows, farmer 275.

Heath, Albert H., r 40, prop. cheese factory, farmer 1.

Heath, Albert R., r 40, 21 cows, farmer 176.

Heath, Amos, r 31, farmer 40.

Heath, Fred A., r 31, farmer.

Heath, Gilbert M. S., r 31, farmer with his father.

Heath, Homer J., r 40, civil engineer, son of Albert R.

Heath, Lyman, r 31, 15 cows, farmer 90 1/2.

Heath, Vernon W., r 40, surveyor, justice of the peace, and farmer with his father, Albert R.

HILL, DAYAN A., (Tremaine's Corners) r 56, 15 cows, farmer 100.

Hill, Deloss M., r 32, 25 cows, farmer, leases of S. H. Gates 160.

Hill, George E., r 20 cor. 14, owns h and lot.

Hill, Herman E., (Tremaine's Corners) r 56, 20 cows, farmer 130.

HILL, ORRIN D., (E. Rodman) r 5, 50 cows, farmer 215, and in Watertown 135.

HILL, RUBY M., (Tremaine's Corners) r 56, widow of J. A.

Hitchcock, William, r 32, 20 cows, farmer 111.

Hoke, Horace M., (Barnes' Corners, Lewis Co.) r 45, 24 cows, farmer 206.

Horning, Jacob, (Worthville) r 67, farmer 150.

Hovey, Frank, r 31, farmer 50.

Heustis, David, r 29, resident, aged 75.

Hughes, Edward, blacksmith, Main.

Hughes, Jacob H., blacksmith.

HUGHS, ARNOLD C., dealer in hardware, farm implements, stoves, and wagons, Main, h Allport.

Hughs, Frank K. tinsmith and clerk for Arnold C., h Allport.

Hunt, Abram, r 41, apiarist 100 swarms, 10 cows, farmer 72.

Hunt, George R., r 63, farmer 52.

Hurd, William S., blacksmith, h and lot.

Isham, George F., r 29, 34 cows, farmer 250.

Jacobs, Bert G., (E. Rodman) blacksmith.

Jenks, Livingston L., (Tremaine's Corners) r 65, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Daniel Eastman, h and lot.

Jennnings, Eltis M., (Tremaine's Corners) r 48, farmer 13.

Jewett, Frank, r 10, farmer, leases of O. D. Hill 210.

Jones, Silas M., (Tremaine's Corners) r 48, farmer 44..

Jones, Willard A., (Tremaine's Corners) r 48, farmer 44.

Joy, Benjamin Mrs., (E. Rodman) r 10 cor. 22, 18 cows, farmer 100.

Kellogg, George W., (Worthville) r 57, 40 cows, farmer 296.

Kellogg, Harvey Adelbert, (Worthville) r 67, 65 cows, farmer 350.

Kellogg, Samuel B., (Worthville) r 67, 29 cows, farmer 160.

Kelly, William, r 15, 28 cows, farmer 127.

Kenfield, Frank M., r 34, 21 cows, farmer 155.

Kenfield, Rufus D., r 34, retired farmer.

Kenfield, Sterling, (E. Rodman) r 36, farmer 60.

Kenfield, Willis D., r 10, farmer 75 1/2.

Kirkland, Chester L., r 21, farmer 3, and leases of H. R. Dye 100.

Lawton, Arthur, r 14, 20 cows, farmer with Charles 150.

Lawton, Charles, r 14, farmer with Arthur 150.

Lawton, Chauncy B., h Allport.

Le Gross, Mariva S., widow of Diralva F., farmer 114.

Lhuilher, Isaac N., r 29 n 14, farm laborer, h and lot.

Loveland, Adelbert D., farmer with his father Linus. [Removed to Adams.]

Loveland, A. Lester, r 41, 10 cows, farmer 72. [Deceased.]

Loveland, Linus, r 39 n 41, 30 cows, farmer 180. [Removed to Adams.]

LOVELAND, OSCAR, r 41, apiarist, 12 cows, farmer 110.

Lowe, Chester, r 45, farmer 80.

Lowe, Eugene F., r 45, farmer with his father, Chester.

Lucas, Clark H., (S. Champion) blacksmith, h and lot. [Removed to Champion.]

Lyon, Adelia, widow of J. B., h and lot Main.

Lyon, Norman, h and lot Main.

Mack, John, shoemaker.

Mack, Mary E. R. Mrs., h and lot Main.

Maltby, Monroe E., r 2, 12 cows, farmer 70.

Maxon, S. W., r 40 cor. 39, farmer, owns an undivided half of 100 acres. [Removed to Adams Center.]

McKinley, Ernest, (Tremaine's Corners) r 47, school teacher, son of George L.

McKinley, George L., (Tremaine"s Corners) r 47 postmaster, farmer 53.

McMICHAEL, THOMAS J., (Thomas J. McMichael & Co.) dealer in farm produce, residence in Copenhagen, Lewis Co.

McMICHAEL, THOMAS J. & CO., (Paul Buchal) general merchants, Main.

Miller, Alonzo, r 49, farm laborer.

MILLER, ANSON, r 54, prop. cheese factory, 20 cows, farmer 118.

MILLER, JOHN F., r 49, manuf. of butter tubs, apiarist 23 swarms, farmer 46, served in Co. B, 94th N. Y. Vols.

MOODY, MARY M., widow of Orrin E., h and lot.

Munson, Douglass, r 31, farmer, leases of Mrs. John Snell 110.

Murry, John, (Tremaine's Corners) r 47, farmer 7.

Newton, Albert, r 48, 16 cows, farmer 120.

Newton, Charles, (Tremaine's Corners) r 48, farmer 1 1/2.

Newton, Clara Miss, (Tremaine's Corners) r 47, farmer 27.

Newton, Emily M., Tremaine's Corners) r 47, widow of Melvin, farmer 27.

Newton, Fred O., r 48, 15 cows, farmer 90.

Newton, Lyman O., (Tremaine's Corners) r 47, farmer, leases of Clara 78.

Newton, Orrin P., r 48, 11 cows, farmer 116.

Newton, Walter F., school teacher and carpenter. h Allport. [Removed to Alexandria.]

Nichols, Albert D., r 2, 27 cows, farmer 160.

Nurwin, Cordelia, resident, h Mill.

Nurwin, Harriet R., resident, h Mill.

Oatman, Charles, farmer, leases of G. W. Gardner 122.

Oatman, Edward, r 42 n 41, prop. saw-mill, farmer 22.

Pankhurst, Elias P., (Adams) r 64, farmer 30.

Parker, Monroe G., (E. Rodman) r 23, farmer.

Parker, Samuel F., r 16, farmer, leases of M. Woodward 85.

Parmenter, Josephine, r 15, widow of G. V., 25 cows, farmer 165.

Patrick, William M., r 51, 40 cows, farmer 190, and in Adams 25.

Perry, Joseph, r 14, farmer 1/2.

Pettingill, Eastman, (Tremaine's Corners) r 54, farmer 50.

Pettingill, Manford A., (Tremaine's Corners) r 54, farmer with his father, Eastman.

Phelps, Rachel, widow of John Huestis, resident, aged 92.

Plank, Andrew, (E. Rodman) r 35, 25 cows, farmer 177.

Plank, Everett A., (E. Rodman) r 35, farmer, leases of Andrew 177.

Plank, George W. Rev., r 36, member Northern N. Y. Conference, farmer 40.

Plank, James A., r 13, 20 cows, farmer 130.

Plank, R., r 36, widow of Seymour S., 32 cows, farmer 173.

PORTER, HORATIO S., r 44 n 49, justice of the peace, 10 cows, farmer 48.

Porter, Oliver R., miller, owns h and lot.

Porter, Sarah, widow of Richardson, bds. Allport.

Post, Cynthia E., h and lot.

Priest, Hiram P., farmer 100, and in Adams 9, h and lot.

Priest, Job A., r 2, 13 cows, farmer 80.

RALPH, FRED, r 33, son of Marcus D., farmer 160.

RALPH, MARCUS D., r 33, 70 cows, farmer 210.

Ray, Robert, mason and farmer 7, h Allport.

Redgrave, Charles A., pastor Cong. Church. h Main.

Reed, William, r 51, farmer. [Removed to Alexandria Bay.]

Richardson, John J., (Worthville) r 66, 20 cows, farmer 150.

Richmond, Lewis F., carpenter, h and lot.

Reider, Ellis J., r 19, farmer 55.

Rodman Milling Co., S. H. Gates, pres., props. grist-mill.

Ross, Lorinda, (Adams) r 51, widow of Eli, 10 cows, farmer 105.

Russell, Amos, farm laborer.

SCIDMORE, ANTHONY, (E. Rodman) farmer 180.

Scidmore, Hiram, (E. Rodman) farmer 3.

Scidmore, Solomon, (E. Rodman) mechanic, h and lot. [Removed to Watertown.]

Scryber, William, (E. Rodman) r 9, 25 cows, farmer, leases of B. A. Wilson 175.

Shanahan, Matthew, (E. Rodman) r 35, 26 cows, farmer 186.

SHEARER, JOHN, r 41 n 42, farmer 63.

Sheldon, William, r 63, farmer 115, and leases of Sophia and Elmina Washburn 52.

Sheley, George H., r 62, farmer 106.

Sill, J. Sterling, r 16, son of John S., 25 cows, farmer 160.

SILL, JOHN S., r 16, 36 cows, farmer 225.

Sill, William E., r 16, farmer with John S.

Simmons, Edson L., r 14, 30 cows, farmer 210.

Simmons, Perley W., r 14, apiarist 56 colonies.

Slaughter, Moses, r 40, prop. grist-mill.

Smith, David, r 14, 20 cows, farmer 120.

Smith, Dewitt C., painter.

Smith, Fannie, r 28 cor. 29, widow of George W., 21 cows, farmer 115.

Smith, George W., 40 cows, farmer, leases of Frank Munson 300.

SMITH, HERBERT L., physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Smith, James S., r 21, farmer 75.

Smith, Mary S., r 28 cor. 29, widow of Ora T.

Smith, Nelson S., r 3, 16 cows, farmer 91.

SMITH, REUBEN Z., r 20 cor. 30, assessor, 42 cows, farmer 145, and leases of Mrs. Fannie 100.

Smith, Stephen R., r 3, 26 cows, farmer 171.

Snow, Chester W., tanner, h Allport.

Snow, Helen A., (Mrs. Chester W.) h and lot Allport.

Spear, John P., carpenter, farmer 40, 2 houses and lots.

Spear, Nathaniel E., carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

SPENCER, HENRY C., (Tremaine's Corners) r 56, prop. creamery, 20 cows, farmer 147, served in Co. F, 94th N. Y. Vols.

Spencer, Lewis, (E .Rodman) r 10, farmer 19.

Spink, Albert L., r 13, farmer, son of Laban F.

SPINK, LABAN F., r 13, 45 cows, farmer 132, and leases of J. S. Smith 75.

SPINK, LABAN F. Mrs., r 13, farm 75.

Spink, Samuel S. S., r 24, farmer 50.

Stevenson, James, (Tremaine's Corners) r 65, farmer.

STRONG, GEORGE B., r 18, 20 cows, farmer 106.

Stuart, John, wagon manuf. and repairer, Main.

Taylor, Charles B., resident, h Main.

Taylor, Edward N., resident, h Main.

Thomas, John R., r 54, farmer, leases 12 1/2.

Thomas, Wesley, (Adams) r 54, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Mary A. Cook 200.

Thompson, Polly, h and lot.

Todd, Alonzo E., (E. Rodman) r 23, farmer with his father, Daniel.

TODD, ARTHUR C., (E. Rodman) r 23, farner.

Todd, Daniel, (E. Rodman) r 23, farmer 104.

TODD, DAVID M., (E. Rodman) 20 cows, farmer 90.

TODD, HERMON S., (E. Rodman) r 23, farmer.

Todd, Lewis E., (E. Rodman) r 21, 20 cows, farmer 12.

Tuel, Amos C., r 56, blacksmith, 20 cows, farmer 153.

Utley, Charles A., r 42, farmer 102 1/2.

Van Dervoort, Frank O., r 44, 13 cows, apiarist 6 swarms, farmer 100.

VROOMAN, CHARLES C., manuf. of creamery butter, 20 cows, farmer 110.

Vrooman, Clark H., r 1, prop. creamery.

Wait, Abram H., (E. Rodman) prop. hotel, h and lot in Watertown.

Wait, Betsey L., r 29, widow of John G., farmer 10 1/2.

WAIT, MARTIN P., r 42, 14 cows, farmer 160.

WAIT, NETTIE O., (E. Rodman) r 23, widow of Harlow B., 20 cows, farmer 128.

Wait, Perley W., (E. Rodman) wagonmaker.

Wit, Wilford D., (E. Rodman) mechanic, prop. grist and saw-mills, h and lot.

Washburn, Delbert J., r 62, farmer, son of Moses C.

Washburn, Elmina, r 62, (Sophia & Elmina Washburn).

WASHBURN HOUSE, Orn R. Youngs, prop., Main cor. Allport.

WASHBURN, LEVI, postmaster, prop. tannery, served in Co. F, 94th N. Y. Vols., farmer 57.

Washburn, Moses C., r 62, 21 cows, farmer 180.

Washburn, Sophia, r 62, (Sophia & Elmina Washburn).

Washburn, Sophia & Elmina, r 62, farmers 52.

Waterman, Charles S., (Barnes' Corners, Lewis Co.) r 36, farmer 120.

Weaver, William, (Tremaine's Corners) farm laborer.

Whaley, Gordinier, (Adams Center) r 1, 25 cows, farmer, leases of Royal Fuller 180.

WHITFORD, ALBERT O. H., (Adams Center) r 18 cor. 16, son of Nathan G., breeder of grade Holstein cattle, 14 cows, farmer 80.

Whitford, Jesse S., r 17 cor 18, son of Nathan G.

Whitford, Nathan G., r 17 cor 18, 19 cows, breeder of Holstein cattle, farmer 114.

Wilder, George D., emp. in grist-mill.

Winslow, Orville E., carpenter, Allport.

Wolcott, Elijah H., tanner, h and lot Allport.

Wood, Eli A., (Tremaine's Corners) r 65, 16 cows, farmer 50.

Wood, George O., (Tremaine's Corners) r 65, 16 cows, farmer 107.

Wood, George W., r 16, farmer 60.

WOOD, ISAAC S., dealer in cattle, farmer 17, h Main.

Woodward, Benjamin F., r 16, farmer 38.

WOODWARD, OREN M., r 30, 18 cows, farmer, leases of Charles S. Gage 107.

Worden, Calvin D., r 44, farmer, leases of Charles G. Greenley, of Lewis Co., 200.

Wright, Albert G., r 14, carpenter and farmer, leases of Daniel Smith 125.

WRIGHT, NATHAN A., r 37, director Rodman Milling Co., 27 cows, farmer 170.

Wyman, George W., farmer with his father, Oliver C.

WYMAN, MANFORD C., r 44, 40 cows, 19 sheep, farmer 207.

Wyman, Oliver C., r 32, 20 cows, farmer 150.

WYMAN, WILLIAM J., supervisor, justice of the peace, notary public, general merchant, farmer 15.

Youngs, Isaac, mason, h Allport.

YOUNGS, OREN R., painter and prop. Washburn House, Main cor. Allport.

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