(Postoffice is Watertown, unless otherwise designated in parentheses)

Index and Abbreviations

Adams, Artemus, (E. Rodman) r 69, farmer 132.

Adams, Reuben W., r 44 gardener 2.

Allison, Simeon, r 2. farmer 102

Amaden, Albert M., (E. Watertown) r 18, farmer, h and lot.

Andrews, Franklin B., (E. Watertown) r 21, butcher.

Andrews, James P., (E. Watertown) r 21, carpenter and joiner.

AYERS, EBENEZER A., (Rice's) r 25, postmaster, manuf. of cheese, farmer 10.

Ayers, Jesse W., (Rice's) r 25, cheese manuf. with his father, Ebenezer A.

Babcock, Clark, (E. Rodman) r 69, farmer, leases of O. D. Hill, of Rodman, 135.

Bailey, Dwight L., r 63, farmer with his mother, Susan.

Bailey, Marvil, r 37, farmer 74.

Bailey, Susan, r 63, 20 cows, farm 140

Baker E., Collins, r 51, farmer 34. (Died Nov. 26, 1889)

Baker, Hart V., (E. Watertown) r 21, farmer 150.

Baker, William C., r 67, 20 cows, farmer 168.

Baker, William C., Jr., r 67, farmer with his father, William C.

Ball, Burton B., r 24, farmer with his father, John B.

Ball, Byron E., r 51, farmer 63.

Ball, Eliza, r 23, widow of Edward, cheesemaker, 21 cows, farmer 163.

Ball, Henry C., r 23, cheesemaker and farmer with his mother, Eliza.

BALL, JOHN B., r 24, 25 cows, farmer 190.

Ball, John N., r 24 farmer 162.

Barber, Charles S., r 67, farmer, leases of William Tolman 180.

BARBOUR, GEORGE W., market gardener, 14 cows, farmer, leases of Henry S. 96.

BARTLETT, CHARLES W., (Adams Center) r 58, 26 cows, farmer, leases of Harrison Fuller, of Adams, 180.

Bass, Amasa H., r 59, laborer.

BASS, JOSEPH B., r 46, 16 cows, farmer 111.

Baxter, Nelson, r 10, farmer 30.

Beecher, Henry W., (E. Watertown) r 9, farmer with his father, Thomas E.

Beecher, Thomas E., (E. Watertown) r 9, 10 cows, farmer 60.

Bell, George R., (Burr's Mills) r 36, farmer, leases of the L. D. Hill estate 180.

Bibbins, Charles N., (Burr's Mills) r 35, telegraph operator. Bibbins, Schuyler H., (Burr's Mills) r 35, 20 cows, farmer 160.

Blair, Oliver, (Burr's Mills) r 50, farmer.

Brimmer, Benjamin S., r 6, 10 cows farmer, leases of De Esting Smith 100.

Brimmer, Charles S., r 6, 22 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. Sarah Winslow of Watertown, 190.

Brintnall, Anna, r 3, daughter of James, farm 70

Brintnall, Jennie, r 3 daughter of James.

Brintnall, Titus I., r 26, 35 cows, farmer 490.

Brown, Alexander, (Burr's Mills) r 50, manuf. of carriages and wagons.

Brown, Charles A., (Burr's Mills) r 50, manuf. of axe helves, whiffletrees, and neckyokes.

Brown, Lewis, (Rice's) r 56 farmer 11.

Bullis, Justis, r 18 laborer.

Burnam, Austin G., (Burr's Mills r 35, capitalist.

Burnam, Nathaniel N., (Burr's Mills) r 35, retired farmer.

Butterfield, Kasandana, (E. Watertown) r 18, widow of Hamilton, farmer 41.

Butterfield, Lewis D., (Burr's Mills) r 50, farmer 65.

CAMPBELL, PETER, r 6, resident.

Canfield, Sheldon S., (Rice's) r 40, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Nettie Snow, of Waterville, Oneida Co., 111.

Carley, Caroline, (Rice's) r 58 widow of Abel P.

Carley, Egbert A., (Rice's) r 58, laborer.

Carpenter, Alonzo, (Burr's Mills) r 61, 17 cows, farmer, leases of Byron Monroe, of Watertown, 105.

Carpenter, Emer, r 3, resident.

Carr, Adolphus, r 60, farmer, leases of H. W. Freeman 210.

Carter, Daniel, r 7, laborer, h and 1 acre.

Chapman, Erastus, r 15, lives with his daughter, Sarah Hungerford.

CHASE, CHANDLER C., r 62, 12 cows, farmer 60.

Chase, Christopher H., (Burr's Mills) r 50, merchant and dealer in pork, farm 13.

Chase, Clark C., (Burr's Mills) r 62, farmer, son of Chandler C.

Chidester, Wilber F., (E. Watertown) r 18, cheesemaker.

CHURCHILL, HIRAM B., (E. Watertown) r 20, served in Co. A, 35th N. Y. Vols., farmer 33, and in Rutland 115.

CLEVELAND, MILO S., r 3, general contractor, farmer 136.

Colary, Patrick, r 38, laborer.

Cole, Ruceilus, r 7, laborer.

Collins, Clark W., (Burr's Mills) r 60, 25 cows, farmer 170.

Collins, Gardner, (Burr's Mills) r 35, lives with G. A. Wilson.

COLLINS, SAMUEL, (Burr's Mills) r 50, retired farmer 171.

Colton, Enoch, r 9, farm laborer.

Colton, Ruel, r 9, resident.

Combs, Cady S., r 15, civil engineer and farmer 100.

Cook, George C., r 37, 27 cows, farmer 160.

Cook, Mulner W., r 18, farmer.

Cook, Orrin M., r 70, farmer.

Cooke, Horace W., r 37, farmer and gardener 6.

Cooper, John M., off r 46, 16 cows, farmer 71.

Corcoran, Timothy, r 16, farmer 26.

Crandall, John, r 70, 15 cows, farmer 92.

CRANDALL, REUBEN, (E. Rodman) r 61, brother of John, farmer 130. (Died Sept. 7, 1889)

Crowner, Harrison A., (Adams Center) r 57, mason and farmer 2.

Cummings, John, r 44, gardener and farmer 12.

Cummings, Peter, (Burr's Mills) r 50, blacksmith and farmer 11.

Cumpson, Robert, (Burr's Mills) r 35, farmer 42.

Dean, S. Mason, r 46, gardener and farmer 20.

Dean, Warren F., r 47, 17 cows, farmer for his mother, Helen M., 185.

Devendorf, Clark, r 7, carpenter.

DONAHUE, JOHN, r 24, supt. Brookside cemetery, farm 6.

Donahue, John, Jr., r 24, emp. at Brookside cemetery.

Donahue, Patrick, r 37, farmer 41.

Doolittle, Lester, (Burr's Mills) r 50, laborer, h and lot.

Dressor, Alanson S., r 8, farmer, son of Lydia.

Dressor, Lydia, r 8, widow of Chauncey, farm 82.

Duley, Eliza J., r 8, h and lot.

Du Shen, Joseph, laborer.

Eckert, John, (Rice's) r 39, 21 cows, farmer, leases of George W. Bent, of Clayton, 213.

Emerson, Erwin B., (E. Watertown) r 9, 9 cows, farmer, leases of Emily Woodworth 82.

Enos, Harvey J., (Burr's Mills) r 50, farmer.

Farmer, James, (Brownville) r 1, farmer 93.

Farrell, Patrick, (Burr's Mills) r 50, farmer 1 1/2

Felt, Elizabeth, r 14, widow of Jabez.

Felt, James M., r 14, 20 cows, farmer 130.

FISK, IRA, r 39, 25 cows, farmer 175.

FISK, JOHN H., r 46, 20 cows, farmer 137.

Flansbury, George, r 7, laborer.

Freeman, Eugene A., r 57, laborer.

FREEMAN, HORACE W., r 60, 32 cows, farm 210, summer residence Thousand Island Park.

Froome, John, r 52, laborer.

Galloway, Harriet, r 18, widow of Truman.

Galloway, Herbert, (E. Hounsfield) r 3, 12 cows, farmer, leases of V. W. Smiley 124.

Gardner, Giles S., r 45, farmer, leases of his mother, Susannah, 57.

Gardner, Seth W., r 52, farmer with his mother, Susannah.

Gardner, Susannah, r 52, widow of Isaac L., Jr., 15 cows, farmer 105.

Gardner, T. Jefferson, (E. Watertown) r 9, farmer, leases of Eliza Dressor 20.

Gegoux, Edward, r 67, laborer.

Gibbs, Benjamin F., (Rice's) r 57, farmer 25.

Gibbs, Orlin, (Rice's) r 39, 20 cows, farmer, leases of the Ives estate and Lewis G. Ives. 284.

Gifford, Burt W., r 28, supervisor and farmer 80.

Gillett, Asahel N., r 27, farmer 145.

Gillett, Jesse J., r 27, farmer with his father, Asahel N.

Gilroy, Patrick, (Burr's Mills) off r 50, 25 cows, farmer, leases of Samuel Collins 170.

Gojevtch, Jacob, r 56, laborer.

Goodenough, George O., r 36, farmer.

Gotham, Caroline Mrs., r 18, farmer 85.

Gotham, John H., r 18, manuf. of brick, farm 54.

Gould, Fred A., r 7, laborer.

Gould, George, r 7, laborer.

Gragg, Emma C., (Burr's Mills) r 50, widow of A. H.

GRAVES, BYRON W., r 6, 22 cows, farmer 162.

Graves, William, (Rice's) r 66, 20 cows, farmer 100, and in Worth 280.

Graves, William H., r 3, saddler, farmer, and gardener 10.

Gray, Chauncey W., r 8, dealer in ice, patent ice elevator, farmer 14.

Gray, Jane, r 7, h and lot.

Green, Charles, r 50, carpenter.

Green, Henry, (Rice's) r 54, blacksmith.

Green, Samuel, r 7, carpenter and farmer 13.

Griffith, William J., (E. Watertown) r 19, 12 cows, farmer 55.

Grothier, Edward, (E. Watertown) r 18, postmaster, blacksmith, and farmer 80.

Gurnee, Albert, r 14, 30 cows, farmer 200.

Gurnee, Herbert, r 14, 22 cows, farmer 165.

Hadcock, William D., (E. Watertown) r 18, mechanic and farmer 16.

Hall, Albert, (Burr's Mills) r 62, 15 cows, farmer 100.

Hall, Joel, r 6 cor. 25, farmer, leases of Hiram Dewey estate 16.

Hammond, Philo T., r 56, 20 cows, farmer 176.

HANLON, PHILIP F., r 38, 40 cows, owns part of the Mary A. Sherman farm of 350 acres.

Hardy, Alfred A., (Burr's Mills)r 50, postmaster and saddler, h and 2 acres.

Harrington, Harvey H., farmer, leases of his son Ernest E. 54.

Hart, Volney W., r 57, 14 cows, farmer 100.

Hart, Willie B., r 14, 30 cows, farmer, leases of Frank and Lewis Ives 312.

Hayes, Albert, r 60, 20 cows, farmer 140.

Hayes, Harvey J., r 7, brickmaker.

Hickok, Henry, (E. Watertown) r 22, clergyman and farmer 60.

Hickok, Nelson G., (E. Watertown) r 22, farmer with his father, Henry.

Hickox, William D., (Burr's Mills) r 62, 8 cows, farmer 93.

Higgins, Joseph A., r 7, laborer.

Hildreth, Curtis, (Rice's) r 55, shoemaker and farm 6.

Hill, Joel, r 6, farmer 80.

Hodge, Ella E., r 18, (Mrs. James H.).

Holden, Seward, r 44, gardener and farmer 14.

Horr, Albert, r 3, farmer 18.

Howard, John A., r 6, 15 cows, farmer 110.

Howard, Thomas, r 59, farmer, leases of Lester Boynton, of Pamelia, 200.

Howland, Eugene E., (E. Watertown) r 18, 40 cows, breeder of Percheron horses, farmer 280.

Howland, Herbert J., (E. Watertown) farmer with his father, Eugene E.

Howland, Jerome, (Burr's Mills) r 60, 32 cows, farmer 220.

Howland, Rufus F., r 7, supt. Calvary and Huntingtonville rural cemeteries, h and 1 acre.

Hughson, Seth, (Rice's) r 54, laborer.

Hungerford, Cornelia S., Miss, r 37, farmer 34.

Hungerford, Jane, r 36, widow of Truman, farm (estate) 220.

Hungerford, Orville, r 37, farmer 230.

Hungerford, Sarah, r 15, widow of William, farm 55.

Hunt, Martin D., r 46, farm laborer.

Hunt, Renssalaer K., r 39, breeder of Jersey cattle, farmer 95.

Hunt, Thomas, r 39, farmer with Renssalaer K.

Inglehardt, Rufus, r 6, retired farmer.

Isham, Frank, r 37, farmer, about 5.

Isham, Henry B., r 36, 10 cows, farmer 92.

IVES, ELIZA (Rice's) r 25, widow of Garrett, 25 cows, farm 450.

Ives, Francis, (Rice's) r 25, 30 cows, farmer 410.

IVES, FRANKLIN E., r 3, 45 cows, farmer 186, and in Hounsfield 210.

Ives, Fred S., (Rice's) r 25, son of Garrett, stock trader and farmer 431.

Ives, James J., r 6, farmer.

Ives, Lewis G., (Rice's) r 25, farmer 347.

Ives, Mary, r 6, farm 60.

IVES, SARAH, r 6, widow of Joel, breeder of Shorthorn cattle, 18 cows, farm 100.

JONES, CALVIN H., r 44, gardener with his father, Hugh E.

Jones, Hugh E., r 44, gardener and farmer 14.

Kelley, Andrew, r 2, farmer.

Kelley, James, (Adams Center) 26 cows, farmer, leases of J.D.Snell or Adams Center, 180.

Knight, Mary E., r 52, 15 cows, farmer 60.

Lalond, John, r 59, farmer 12.

Lalond, Mary, r 59, (Mrs. John) farm 13.

Larock, Alexander, (Burr's Mills) r 50, laborer.

Lashuay, Edward, r 15, farm laborer.

LAWTON, ALBERT J., r 63, 23 cows, farmer 125.

Lawyer, Jefferson D., (Brownville) r 1, farmer, leases of George Hatch 165.

Loadwick, Fred C., r 6, laborer, owns 3/4 acre.

Losee, Cornelius V., r 52, 20 cows, farmer 200. (Died in Sept., 1889.).

Losee, J. Franklin, r 52, farmer 75.

Losee, Thomas L., r 24, farmer 3.

Lovett, James, (Rice's) r 42, farmer 8.

Lucas, Isaac B., r 6, butcher, owns 1 acre.

Luther, Milton W., (E. Watertown) r 18, dealer in gravel and farmer 8.

Luther, William W., (E. Watertown) dealer in gravel and farmer.

Mantle, William H., r 58 breeder of Jersey cattle, 20 cows, farmer 160.

Martin, George, laborer.

Martin, William, (Burr's Mills) r 35, farmer.

McBride, Henry, (Rice's) r 57, farmer, leases of Joseph Blodgett 82.

McBride, William, r 44, gardener and farmer 19.

McKeown, John, (E. Watertown) r 18, blacksmith, owns 1/2 acre.

Merand, Sarah J., (Rice's) r 54, widow of Lewis, farm 9.

Moore, Arthur C., (E. Watertown) r 32, farmer.

Moore, Edwin, r 11, farmer 6.

Moore, William, r 3, farmer, leases of Winfield S. Mather 80.

Morse, Charles D., r 52, 40 cows, farmer 280.

Morse, George W., (Rice's) r 54, 20 cows, farmer 180.

Morse, Samuel D., r 51, farmer.

Morse, Sherwood J., r 52, farmer with his father, Charles D.

Mott, Albert W., (Burr's Mills) r 61, assessor, 30 cows, farmer 213.

Mott, Fred T., (Burr's Mills) r 61, farmer with his father, Albert W.

Mullen, Joseph, (Brownville) r 1, farmer, leases of C. Gillingham 125.

Myers, John G., r 14, farm laborer.

North, Edwin A., r 30, prop. saw-mill and 300 acres in Rodman, farmer, leases of George A. Sherman and Jason Fairbanks 300.

O'Brien, William, r 37, farm laborer.

O'Brien, James, Laborer.

Odell, George A., (Burr's Mills) r 32, 23 cows, farmer, leases of Emma Gragg 176.

Olmsted, William P., off r 6, dealer in fat calves and lambs, farmer 88.

Osmer, Leman D., (Burr's Mills) r 50, dealer in cattle, farm 140.

Parker, Ackley H., (Rodman) r 60, 16 cows, farmer 92.

Parker, Charles K. (Brownville) r 2, farmer 125.

Parker, Edward E., (Brownville) r 2, farmer 144.

Parker, Eugene W., (Brownville) r 2, 15 cows, farmer, leases of Henry of Watertown 127.

Parker, Franklin M., r 65, treas. Jefferson County Agricultural Society, farmer 275, and leases 61.

Parker, James A., r 2, farmer 108.

Parker, John G., (E. Watertown) cheesemaker and farmer.

Parris, James A., r 8, book agent, h and 1 acre.

Petrie, Franklin J., r 7, laborer, owns 1/2 acre.

Phippin, Chauncy, r 3, farm 92, resides in Watertown.

Pickett, Charles, (Burr's Mills)r 50, farmer, leases of Mrs. Caroline Delano, of Pulaski, Oswego Co., 210.

Pitcher, Gabriel, r 45, 20 cows, farmer 115.

Poole, Austin, r 32, farm laborer.

Pooler, Perry E., (Rice's) r 54, 15 cows, farmer, leases of the James Berry estate and George Hart 235.

Potter, Frederick E., r 3, 16 cows, gardener and farmer, leases of Chauncy Phippin, of Watertown, 92.

Priest, Lee Q., off r 59, 15 cows, farmer 97.

Priest, Lester H., r 46, laborer.

Priest, Loraine E., r 57, widow of Hiram E., gardener 6.

Priest, Oliver, off r 59, farmer 49.

Prior, Dorson A. r 58, gardener and grower of small fruits, farmer 60.

Quinn, Patrick, (Rice's) r 57, farmer 25.

Reed, Angeline, r 18, widow of Lewis.

Reed, Marcus, r 18, h and 12 acres.

Reed, William O., off r 59, farmer.

Rexford, Charles G., r 36, 20 cows farmer 75.

Rexford, Orville M., r 36, breeder of thoroughbred Norman horses, imported mares, farmer 65.

Rice, Devillo M., (Rice's) r 42, butcher and dealer in live stock.

RICE, HARVEY C., (Rice's) r 54, breeder of thoroughbred trotting horses, farmer 118, and leases of G. Lord, of Watertown, 40.

RICHARDSON, CHARLES, r 15, town clerk and farmer 20.

Richardson, Edmond, (E. Hounsfield) r 1, farmer with George.

Richardson, George, (E. Hounsfield) r 1, farmer, leases of J. Farmer 93.

Richardson, George W., farmer with his father, William H.

Richardson, William H., r 43, farmer 27.

Risley, Edgar, r 60, farmer, leases of Albert Hayes 140.

Roberts, John M., r 65, 25 cows, farmer, leases of O. P. Pitcher, of Adams, 200.

Rogers, Albert V., r 47, 20 cows, teacher and farmer, leases of A. D. Van Allen, of Rodman, 176.

ROGERS, FREMONT J., (Burr's Mills) r 62, 25 cows, farmer 173.

Rogers, Jeremy W., r 16, farmer 18.

Ryel, Edmond Gaines, (E. Watertown) r 18, apiarist and breeder of poultry, h and 3 acres.

Sanford, Andrew, r 14, 26 cows, farmer, leases of the Charles N. Ely estate 205.

Sawyer, Aaron O., r 36, 25 cows, farmer 129. (Deceased)

SAWYER, CORNELIA A., r 36, widow of Laurentius T., 20 cows, farm 120.

Lawyer [Sawyer?], Jefferson, (Brownville) r 1, farmer, leases of George Hatch 165.

Schofield, Willard S., r 32, farmer.

Schwalin, John Mrs., r 8, h and lot.

Scidmore, John, (E. Watertown) r 20, gardener.

Scott, Herman E., (Rice's) r 40, farmer with his brother, Reuben H.

Scott, Nettie, r 40, (Mrs. Abel) resident.

Scott, Reuben H., (Rice's) r 40, 13 cows, farmer 96.

Shaw, Frederic, (Adams Center), laborer.

Shaw, George W., r 44, farmer 40.

SIGOURNEY, ALANSON P., r 32, 20 cows, farmer 147.

SIGOURNEY, ALANSON P., JR., r 32, farmer 6, and with his father, Alanson P.

Sigourney, Elijah, r 21, widow of James, farm 10.

Simmons, Annice, r 46, widow of Charles.

Simmons, Fred, r 51, farmer, son of Orlo D.

Simmons, George B., (E. Watertown) r 18, farmer, leases of Elizabeth Woodworth 30.

Simmons, Orlo D., r 46, 35 cows, farmer 201.

Smiley, Velora W., r 3, farmer 50.

Smith, George S., r 45, laborer.

Smith, James, (E. Rodman) r 69, farmer.

Snell, David, r 39, farmer for Jennie V. 26.

SNELL, SYLVESTER, manuf. of Snells improved barley forks and snow shovels, 12 cows, breeder of swine, market gardener and farmer 59, and leases of Harrison Fuller 100.

Snider, Sarah J., (Burr's Mills) r 62, widow of Norton.

Soddard, Fred, (Burr's Mills) r 35, 19 cows, farmer, leases of S. H. Bibbins.

Spencer, Alvin, (E. Rodman) r 69, farmer.

STAPLES, NATHAN, r 18, farmer 200.

Stears, Bethia Mrs., r 51, h and lot.

STEARS, JACOB, Jr., r 51, prop. creamery, 30 cows, farmer 190.

St. John, Alexander, (Burr's Mills) r 50, manuf. of ace helves, whiffletrees, and neckyokes, owns 1/2 acre.

Stokes, Albert, r 59, farmer 94.

Stuart, Edward, r 32, gardener and farmer 15.

Sutton, John, r 36, farm laborer.

Taylor, Duane D., r 23, 20 cows, farmer 140.

Taylor, Eugene R., r 23, farmer with his father, George A.

Taylor, Fred E., r 23, farmer with his father, Duane D.

Taylor, George A., r 23, owns lots on Point Vivian, 25 cows farm 175.

Terry, Harvey, r 2, hop grower and farmer 93.

Thomas, Vivalda O., r 9, farmer 48.

Thurston, Pierson K., (Burr's Mills) r 33, farmer 18, and wood lot 13.

Tisdale, Martha, r 52, farmer 60.

Todd, Edward M., (Burr's Mills) r 50, prop. grist and cider-mills, carpenter, owns 3 acres.

Tolman, Charles A., r 51, 20 cows, breeder of Norman horses, farmer 150.

Tolman, S. Louisa, r 51, widow of Augustus.

Tolman, Solon B., r 51, 10 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle, gardener and farmer 67.

Tolman, William, r 59, farmer 316.

Tolman, William Orville, r 59, 16 cows, farmer 138.

Tucker, George W., (Burr's Mills) r 50, merchant and farmer 12.

Vary, Willett H., (E. Watertown) r 19, cheesemaker, farmer 31.

Wadley, Clinton J., r 39, farmer 81.

Wadley, James, Farmer 136.

Wagoner, Abram r 17, farmer, leases of Augustus Gifford, of Watertown, 208.

Waldo, Eliza A., r 18, widow of Mortimer, gardener 2.

Warren, Samuel, r 10, gardener 2.

Weaver, Hiram, (E. Watertown) r 22, horticulturist, fruit grower, and farmer 13.

Weaver, Mary, widow of Franklin, farm 50.

Welch, Lyman M., (Burr's Mills) r. 61, farmer.

Whaley, Alonzo, r 6, farmer 1.

Whitaker, Mary E., (E. Watertown) r 19, widow of Winfield.

White, Rachel, r 6, widow of Barton.

White, Silas E., r 6, farmer 60.

Whitney, Anna A., r 11, farm 40.

Whitney, Franklin C., r 11, brickmaker.

Wilber, George, r 58, farmer 3.

Wilcox, Amos R., (Brownville) r 2, farmer 100.

Wilder, George J., r 59, 25 cows, farmer 143.

WILEY, ALDEN D., r 45, 25 cows, farmer, leases of Elbert H. Martin, New York, 118.

Wilson, Converse J., (Burr's Mills) r 60, 25 cows, farmer 166.

Wilson, George A., (Burr's Mills) r 35, prop. Wilson Hotel, 10 cows, farmer 75.

Wilson, Henry S., r 2, farmer 100.

Wilson Hotel, (Burr's Mills) r 35, G. A. Wilson, prop.

Wilson, Mariah, (Burr's Mills) r 50, widow of John P., farm 15.

Wilson, John R., (Burr's Mills) r 62, 35 cows, farmer 200.

Wilson, Morris E., (Burr's Mills) r 60, farmer with his father, Converse J.

Wood, Alfred S., r 3, laborer.

WOODRUFF, BENJAMIN B., r 62, 15 cows, farmer 100.

Woodruff, Julia D., r 32 widow of Clark S., 20 cows, farm 138.

Woolley, Charles, r 11, laborer.

Woolsey, Robert, (Burr's Mills) r 50, laborer, owns 1 acre.

Wright, James M., (E. Rodman) r 69, mason and farmer 10.

Yandes, George, (Burr's Mills) r 35, farmer 214.

Young, Charles W., r 44, gardener 2.

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