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Samuel Allen, a native of Rhode Island, married Lucinda Crandall, and reared a large family of children, one of whom, Ezra, was a clergyman. Another son, James, was born in 1784, and died in 1835. He married Sally, daughter of Augustus Sheldon, and they had two sons and four daughters. In 1809 he removed to Lorraine and located in a log house on the farm now occupied by Aaron B. Allen. Of his children, Sarah died in this town; Alzina married Asa Bailey, and died in Mannsville; Aaron B. resides in this town; Sardius, died at the age of 14 years; Eliza (Mrs. William L. Marsh) resides in Mannsville; and Jennette died in childhood. Aaron B. Allen was born May 19, 1820, and was reared upon a farm. He married Caroline R., daughter of Benjamin and Keisha (Freeman) Gennell, in 1846, by whom he had five daughters, viz.: Nettie E., who married Franklin Hulslander; Carrie R., who married Byron F. Watertman, and died in Ellisbugh; Emma J., who married S. H. Brimmer, of Adams Center; Anna S., who married Floyd Overton, of Henderson; and Mary Lottie, who married Orin H. Lowery, in 1886, and has one daughter, Lottie Carrie, born in 1887. Mr. Allen has held many of the offices in the gifts of his townsmen, including that of justice of the peace, assessor, and collector. He is a prosperous farmer, and owns and occupies the homestead where he was born.

Chauncey L. Bartlett was born in 1806, and in 1831 married Martha T. Pierce, who bore him children as follows: Henry DeWitt, of Ohio; Homer A., of Watertown; Martha J., who married Rev. M. T. Hill; Julia Ann, who married A. A. Johnson, and resides in Watertown; and Charles S. and Willis P., who reside in this town. Charles S. Bartlett was born November 16, 1848, and was educated a farmer. He married Sophia A., daughter of George A. and Amelia (Webb) Fox, in 1872, and they had two sons and one daughter, viz.: Myron H., who died in infancy; Homer F., born in 1877; and Mabel Molly, born in 1882. Willis P. Bartlett was born in 1850. He married Nettie M., daughter of George H. and Fannie (Miles) Hall, October 20, 1875, by whom he has had two sons and one daughter, viz.: Mattie Ethel, born in 1878; Glennie, who died in childhood; and George C., born in 1885.

Luther L. Bateman, son of George and Mary (Cypher) Bateman, was born in the town of LeRay in 1837, and was reared upon a farm. At the age of 16 years he learned the trade of carpenter and joiner, and in 1855 came to Lorraine and worked at his trade. In 1868 he bought the Boyden saw-mill at the village, where he does planing, matching, and molding, and manufactures cheese boxes. He married Olive, daughter of Elihu and Sophia (Allen) Gillette, in 1858, and they have a daughter, Jennie Lutheria, born in 1869. Mr. Bateman was a soldier in the late war and served until its close.

John F. Bishop, son of Luther and Anna (Carther) Bishop, was born in Watertown in 1809, and in 1830 located in Lorraine. He studied for the ministry, and was ordained by the Baptist Church in 1831. He afterwards labored in Evans Mills; Newport, Herkimer County; New Woodstock, Madison County; Fredonia, Chautauqua County; Belleville, Lorraine, and Henderson, in this county; Kingston, Canada, and Adams State Road, and for some time was engaged in evangelical work. He died in Lorraine in 1859. He married Allena B., daughter of Aaron and Betsey (Burpee) Brown, of this town, in 1830,and they had five sons and five daughters, viz., Judson W., now president of the St. Paul (Minn) Trust Co.; Luther H., a farmer in Sheldon County, Iowa: Anna E. (Mrs. Dr. A. W. Chamblis), of Montgomery City, Mo.; Aaron B., a farmer in Lorraine; Allena B. (Mrs. Ovid D. Rolfe), of Temescal, Cal.; John F., a farmer in Sheldon, Iowa; Cynthia (Mrs. George H. Gardner), of Sheldon, Iowa; Frances V., who married Judge Thomas Bidwell, of Arizona, by whom she had two children, Allena N. and Rolfe E. and died November 18, 1876; Mary L., who married A. L. Cummings, editor of the Galena (Ill) Press; and Levi P. The latter was born in 1854, and was brought up as a farmer. He married Louisa, daughter of Luman and Esther (Fee) Nichols, in 1873, by whom he has a son and a daughter, namely: Myrtie Viola, born in 1873, and Olin S., born in 1879.

George Bovee was born in Montgomery County, N. Y., in 1806. He was a blacksmith, and about 1858 located in Tylerville, in the town of Rutland. He married Maria Yeardon, by whom he had five sons and one daughter, viz.: Eliza, Franklin, Daniel, Erwin, Melvin, who was killed at the battle of Gettysburgh, and Abraham. The latter was born in 1843, learned the carpenters trade, married Addie E., daughter of Joel and Olive (Bailey) Brooks, of Rodman, in 1870, and they have one son and one daughter; viz.: Joel B., born March 11, 1871, and Edith Maria, born April 14, 1873. Mr. Bovee came to Lorraine in 1880, and has been engaged in farming.

Aaron Brown, son of Ebenezer and Molly (Readway) Brown, was born in Connecticut in 1785. In 1806 he removed to the town of Adams, and soon after came to this town and bought the land now occupied y the village of Lorraine. Here with his brother Ebenezer he built a grist and saw-mill and distillery, and kept a store. He also built a house where Elijah Bellinger now lives. He married Betsy, daughter of Ebenezer (Weston) Burpee, in 1810, by whom he had four sons and two daughters, of whom Allena B. married Rev. John F. Bishop, of Lorraine; Moses died in 1853; Pamelia and Aaron, Jr., died in infancy; Levi H., a prominent lawyer in Watertown; and H. Martin in Lorraine. H. Martin Brown was born in 1836, and was reared upon a farm. He married Ella F., daughter of Edwin and Fanny (Stillman) Caulkins, of this town., in 1883, by whom he had two sons and two daughters. viz.: Bessie May, born in 1884; Henry N,. born in 1885; Clarence A. and Clara F. (twins), born n 1886. Clara F. died in 1888. Mr. Brown is a farmer and resides on Main street, in Lorraine village. He owns about 2,000 acres of land.

Daniel Caulkins, son of Joel and Bethia (Barrass) Caulkins, was born in 1792, and came with his parents to Lorraine in 1805. He served in the war of 1812 and participated in the battle of Sackets harbor. His children were William, of Rodman; La Fayette, of Lorraine; Jessie, of Syracuse; Nancy V., who died young; and Irene, who married Dr. Martin Overton, of Lorraine. La Fayette Caulkins was born in 1832. He married Julia M., daughter of Norman and Laura (Pierce) Wilkinson, of Lorraine, in 1856, and they had children as follows: Everett M., born in 1869, married Martha A. Moore in 1883, and has one son, Ross W., born in 1886; Francis, born in 1866, died young; and Hattie Irene, born in 1868. Mr. Caulkins remained with his father a few years, and then located in the town of Worth on the Caulkins homestead farm of 320 acres. Here he remained for several years, when he returned to Lorraine and engaged in the business of pickling and dealing in eggs with William R. Grow. Mr. Caulkins is an influential member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Joel Caulkins was born in Litchfield, Conn. He married Bethia Barrass, in 1805 removed to this town, and the children of this union was as follows, viz., Polly, Joel, Isaac, John, Daniel, Catherine, Nancy, Sally, Rebecca, Abram, Lydia, and Amos. Abram was born February 5, 1803, and at the age of two years came with his parents to this town, then known as Malta. He married Mary A., daughter of Mark and Mercy (Brown) Adams, in 1828, and they had three sons, viz., Edwin R. and Bradley A., who reside in this town, and Henry who died in infancy. Abram's wife died in 1863, and for his second wife he married Sarah A. Adams, a sister of his first wife, by whom he had a daughter, Minnie A., who married Fred V. Lanfear, in 1884, and they have one son, Edwin D., born August 26, 1887. Bradley A. Caulkins was born in 1832, and was reared upon a farm. He married Mary, daughter of Nelson and Eliza (Hull) Cox, in 1853, by whom he had two sons and two daughters, viz., Eva L., George A., Olin B., and Ina May. Eva L. married Stephan Lowery, and has a son, Byron B., born in 1880, and a daughter, Jessie Julia, born in 1882. Mr. Lowery died in 1888. George A., born in 1860, married, first, Ida Bellinger, by whom he had two children, Gracie L. and Bradley E. His wife died in 1885, and he married, second Clara, daughter of Charles and Lorena (Helmer) Wilcox, and they have a daughter, Mabel Eva, born in 1888. Olin B. died in 1880 at the age of 15 years. Ina May resides at home with her father. Bradley A. Caulkins has been a supervisor, assessor, and commissioner of highways.

Eugene Cornwell, son of Egbert and Theda J. (Cole) Cornwell, was born in Redfield, Oswego County, August 18, 1846, and was reared upon a farm. He married Flora M., daughter of Christopher and Hannah (Boss) Harris, in 1879, and they have had five sons, viz.: George E., born in 1879; Willis, born in 1881; Ora C., born in 1882; Floyd Grover, born in 1885; and Jesse W., born in 1887. Mr. Cornwell is a farmer on road 52.

Orvis B. Cornwell, son of John and Louisa (Bentley) Cornwell, was born in Lyme in 1855. He remained with his father until he was 18 years old, after which time he worked for George Penfield one year. He then engaged in business in New Haven, Oswego County, remaining there about one year, when he removed to Rodman, remaining there a few years. He married Ada M., daughter of Cyrenus and Riza (Stanford) Flint, of Rodman, in 1876, and they have a son, Earl F., born in 1879, and a daughter, Zilpha R., born in 1882. Mr. Cornwell is now engaged in the manufacture of furniture and sleighs.

Jeremiah Crandall, son of William, was born in Watertown, and was reared upon a farm. He married Malvina, daughter of Backus Babcock, by whom he had children as follows; Octavia M. (Mrs. Olney Staplin), of Iowa; Eunice L. (Mrs. Milton Allen), of Seneca Falls; Content S. (Mrs. Chauncey Bull), of Iowa; Emogene (Mrs. Samuel Wetmore); and Jeremiah W. The latter was born in Watertown in 1845. He married Ida Jane, daughter of Franklin and Albina (Staplin) Kellogg, in 1875. Mr. Crandall owns and occupies the Beaver Meadow dairy farm one mile south of Adams village.

Elijah Fox was born in Vermont in 1758. In 1778 he married Sabra Ettleton, by whom he had 10 children. His son Elijah Jr., born in 1780, came to Lorraine with James McKee (who married his sister Sabra) in November 1802, and they were the first permanent settlers in the town. Mr. Fox built a log house on the farm now owned and occupied by his son, George A. The following winter he married Sally Burnham, of Whitestown, Oneida County and soon after moved his bride to their pioneer home, with an ox-team and sled, and they were several days on their journey through the trackless forest. Their union was blessed with 10 children, viz., Sally, Elijah R., Sophia, George, who died young, William, George A., Marenus G., Louisa, Juliette, and Adeline, who was accidentally killed in 1828 at the age of five years. George A. Fox was born in 1814, and was reared upon his father's farm. He married Amelia, daughter of Alfred and Nancy (Gillman) Webb, in 1838, and they had seven children. Viz., Celestine S., who died in 1861, aged 22 years; Jerome, who died in 1843, aged two years, Lovisa A., who died in 1843, aged one year; Helen J., who died in 1847, aged one year and six months; Nancy, who died in 1866, aged 22 years; Sophia A., born November 21, 1848, married Charles S. Bartlett, of this town; and Myron H., who resides with his father on the homestead two miles south of the village.

Elijah R. Fox was born in this town in 1806, and died here in 1870. He was a farmer and he married Eliza, daughter of Solomon and Saloma (Burlingame) Farewell, of Denmark, Lewis County, in 1831, who bore him children as follows: William D., who died in Michigan in 1875, Leroy R. and James M., of Ellisburgh; Leander P., of Lorraine; Sabina J. (Mrs. Hyme Sherman), of Sandy Creek; Lamont P., who died in 1849; Ward B., who died in 1850; and Winfield M., who resides in Taberg, Oneida County. Mrs. E. R. Fox resides in this town.

Charles D. Grimshaw, son of Joseph and Mary A. (Adzit) Grimshaw, was born in Lorraine April 8, 1850. He was educated in Union and Cazenovia academies and Hungerford Collegiate Institute. In 1871 he engaged as a salesman with Carleton C. Moore, of Lorraine, and the following year bought a half interest in the store, in which business he remained several years. He then taught school several terms. In the spring of 1877 he engaged in mercantile business and in 1885 was appointed postmaster at Lorraine. In 1872 he married Fanny K., daughter of Elijah and Harriet (Moore) Oatman, and they have had one son and two daughters, viz.: Hattie May, born 1877; Edna Fannie, born in 1882, died in 1883; and Allen, born in 1884.

Joseph Grimshaw was born in Yorkshire, Eng., in 1764, and in 1807 immigrated to America and located in Poughkeepsie, where he was employed in a woolen mill for a few years, and later removed to Steuben, Oneida County, where he engaged in farming. He was accidentally killed on the canal in 1841. He reared a large family of children, of whom Joseph was born in Poughkeepsie in 1809, and was reared upon a farm. He located in Lorraine about 1835 and engaged in farming. He married Mary A., daughter of Stephen and Abigail (Wasburn) Adzit, of Steuben, who bore him eight sons, viz.: George W., of Minnesota; Henry L., of Lorraine; Benjamin L., of St. Paul, Minn.; Stephen A., Joseph, and Clinton M., of Lorraine, Adelbert, who died young; and Charles D., also of Lorraine. Henry M. Grimshaw was born in Lorraine in 1834, and was reared upon a farm. He married Emily L., daughter of Leonard and Martha (Gillett) Bullock, of Worth, in 1858, and bought the farm now occupied by Stephan Grimshaw, to whom he sold the farm. He then removed to the town of Worth, where he purchased 170 acres, and there remained about 15 years, returning to Lorraine in 1884. He has had two sons and two daughters, viz.: Sevilla M., who married Eugene Greenly, and died in 1888; Libbie J., who married Eben M. Ramsey, of Lorraine; Levi H., born in 1866, now a resident of this town; and George B., born in 1868, a student of Adams Collegiate Institute. Mr. Grimshaw has held various town offices, including those of assessor and commissioner of highways.

Augustus W. Hart, son of David, who came to Lorraine from Connecticut at an early day, was born in 1806. He married Joanna Horr, and they had nine children, of whom Vincent L. is a merchant in Watertown; Volney W. is a farmer in Watertown; Virgil C. is a Methodist minister, and has been missionary in China since 1865; Harriet (Mrs. Smith) lives in Cleveland, Minn.; all the other children are dead. In 1846 Augustus W. removed to Lewis County, and there resided eight years. He then settled in Watertown, dying in 1883. His wife died in 1881.

Byron D. Hitchcock, son of Truman B. and Ann E. (Remington) Hitchcock, was born in 1853, and was reared upon his father's farm. He married Carrie E., daughter of William B. and Sarah (Whittie) Williams, in 1876, and they have two daughters, viz.: Nina E., born in 1878, and Gladys S., born in 1880. Mr. Hitchcock is a breeder and dealer in Percheron horses, and resides in this town on road 59. Clark R. Hitchcock, born in 1850, married Mary A., daughter of Edwin and Fanny (Stillman) Caulkins, in 1870, and resides on road 53, in this town.

George Hitchcock, a native of Connecticut, located in this town early in the present century, on 100 acres of land on the state road, about two miles south of the present village of Lorraine. He married Betsey Risley, who bore him four sons and two daughters, namely; George, Allen, William R., Mariette, Eliza, and Thomas B. Allen, who resides in this town, was born in 1815. He married Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Baker) Mumery, in 1833, by whom he had three sons, viz.: William B., born in 1835; George A., born in 1838; and Montrose, born in 1845, died in 1874. George A. married Julia A., daughter of N.R. and Eliza (Hall) Cox, in 1859, and is now engaged in farming with his father on road 54.

James Lowrey, a native of Rhode Island, located in Galway, N.Y. about 1800, and there engaged in farming. He married Lucy Harris, and of their seven children, Daniel was born in Galway in 1788, and died in Lorraine in 1835. He married Anna Grinnell, and in 1810 located in Lorraine, on the farm now occupied by Lorenzo Lowrey. He had children as follows: Eliza, Silas, Philo, and Orange, deceased, and Lorenzo, Daniel H., Louisa (Mrs. J. Wells), Hannah, and Lucy (Mrs. William Beebe), who are living. Daniel H. Lowrey was born in the town in 1819, and was reared upon a farm. He married first Elsie Wells, in 1846, and she died in 1848. For his second wife he married Phebe, daughter of Andrew and Sally (Powell) Coulter, in 1851, and they had two sons, Brayton D. and Orin H. His second wife died in 1865, and in 1866 he married Betsey E., daughter of George T. and Sarah (Breed) Harding, of Sandy Creek. Brayton D. Lowrey was born in 1854. He married Carrie Estelle, daughter of Allen and Julia (Wittington) Brown, in 1878, and they have a daughter, Anna Sally, born in 1866. Mr. Lowrey is a farmer on road 47, where he located in 1851.

Lorenzo Lowrey, son of Daniel, was born in Lorraine in 1815, and was reared upon a farm. He married Jane M., daughter of Jonathan and Harriet (Hall) Fish, in 1841, who bore him one son and three daughters, viz.: Harriet, who married John Casler, in 1865, and has had a son, Berney, born in 1877, and a daughter, Nellie I., who died in 1874; Ellen M. (Mrs. George Gardner), a school teacher; Silas, who died in early manhood; and Jennie L., who resides at home. Mr. Lowrey occupies the farm upon which he was born.

John Lyman was born in England in 1693, and about 1716 immigrated to America, and located in Connecticut. He married Abigail Strong and reared a family of 12 children. His son Caleb, born in 1740, married, and reared three children, Isaac, Martha, and Caleb, Jr. The latter born in 1775, married Azubah Cooley, and of their children, Elam, who was born in 1803, married Susan Wiswell, who bore him children as follows: John M. (deceased); Adelia, who married James Lloyd, of Lorraine; Martha M., who married M. Jewell, of Sandy Creek; Samuel (deceased); Lois, who married Thomas Bateman, and is now deceased; Mary, who married Gilbert Purdy; Elam S., who resides in this town; Alsimenia; William (deceased); and Joseph M. (deceased). Elam S. Lyman was born on the homestead August 5, 1838, and was reared upon the farm. He married Mary Caroline, daughter of Cyrus and Harriet (Thayer) Weatherbee, in 1859, who bore him two sons, and three daughters, viz.: Hattie B., who married George Olney, in 1880, and has one daughter, Mary S.; Freddie and Lois, who died in infancy; Frank C., born in 1869, and Eva Belle, born in 1872. Mr. Lyman enlisted in Co. M, 14th N. Y. H. A., was engaged in the battles of the Wilderness and Spottsylvania, and was slightly wounded in the left hand in the battle of Cold Harbor, and was severely wounded by a shell near Petersburg, Va., and for several months was confined to the hospital, receiving his discharge on account of disability in the spring of 1865. Mr. Lyman has for many years been engaged in breeding fine road and trotting horses of the Hambletonian stock. He owns and occupies the homestead on road 15, known as Maple Lane stock farm, where he was born.

Carleton C. Moore, son of Richard and Keziah (Phelps) Moore, was born in 1826, and when a young man located in the town of Worth, where he engaged in farming. In 1868 he engaged in mercantile pursuits in Lorraine. Mr. Moore served as supervisor of the town of Worth for 11 years, and of Lorraine six years. He was justice of the Court of Sessions three years and loan commissioner three years. He married Triphenia A., daughter of A. W. and Triphenia (Lyon) Adzit, in 1850, by whom he has had 12 children, viz.: Martha A., born in 1854; Frank A., born in 1860; Minnie A., born in 1863; Eddie H., born in 1866; Stephen, born in 1868; and De Alton E., Richard E., Ormsby D., Carleton C., James M., and Clara M., who died in childhood. Mr. Moore and son Frank A. are merchants.

Robert Piddock, son of Thomas, was born in Canterbury, Kent, England, in 1799, and died in Lorraine in 1885. He married Alice Mumery, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Baker) Mumery, in 1820, and about 1828 immigrated to America. His children were Sarah C. (Mrs. Jedediah McConnel) and Charles, of Lorraine; Thomas, who died in infancy; Robert; Elizabeth (Mrs. W. Stewart), deceased; Charlotte (Mrs. A. D. Waters), who died in 1888; James, and William. The latter was born in 1837. He married Catherine, daughter of Patrick and Mary (McAuley) Groves, in 1867, by whom he had one son and five daughters, viz.: William W., born in 1869, now resides at home; Ina Eudia, born in 1872; Ellen Eva, born in 1874; Dora Mary, born in 1875; Frances Fidelia, born in 1877; and Mabel Maude, born in 1879. Mr. Piddock served in Co. D, 10th N. Y. H. A. He now occupies the homestead farm where he was born.

Allen Pitkin, son of Jonathan, was born in East Hartford, Conn., in 1778, and died in Lorraine in 1847. He was a young man of limited means and great perseverance when he located in this town in 1803, on the farm now occupied by Fred Lanfear, on the state road, about two miles south of Lorraine village. Here he at one time kept an hotel. He served in the war of 1812. He married Persis Stedman, by whom he had five sons and four daughters, as follows: Selah was born, and died, in this town; Persis married Jude Lamson, and died in 1836; Julia died at the age of nine years; Timothy died in Oswego; Erwin and Allen Jr., reside in this town; Lucy Ann married D. H. Frink, of Mannsville; Emily (Mrs. Haskell Atwood) died in Wisconsin; and Levi resides in California. Erwin Pitkin was born in 1814, and was reared upon a farm. He married Maria, daughter of Joseph and Betsy (Jewett) White, by whom he had three sons and two daughters, viz., Charles H., born in 1841; Amorah, born in 1843, resides with her parents; Newell D., who died in 1847; Luther S., born in 1849; and Emma A., born in 1857, died in 1866. Charles H. married Abbie, daughter of Samuel and Clarinda (Kenfield) Corey, in 1868 and they had two children-- Bertie, who died in infancy, and Lulu Marcia, born in 1875. Luther S. Pitkin married Belle Sophia, daughter of Elisha and Eunice (Barret) Steel in 1871, and they have two sons and one daughter, born as follows; Frank R., in 1875, Edgar S., in 1878; and Edna Nina, in 1884. In 1842 Erwin Pitkin located on the farm he now occupies. He has served his town as supervisor and assessor, and has been justice of the peace 28 years. He is a farmer on the state road two and one-half miles south of Lorraine village.

Lorenzo D. Reed, son of John and Esther Reed, born in 1817, came to Lorraine about 1850. He married Eliza, daughter of Stephen and Abigail (Washburn) Adzit, by whom he had four sons and two daughters, viz., Erastus, of Lorraine; Esther (Mrs. L. M. Tabor), of Worth; Albert C. of Lorraine; George W., of Worth; Herbert D., of Lorraine; and Ella, who married B. D. Swan, and died in 1881. Albert C. Reed was born in Rodman in 1848. He was reared upon a farm, and for several terms attended Hungerford Collegiate Institute at Adams. In 1866 he married Hannah A., daughter of L. C. and Adeline (Davison) Tabor, and their children are Addie E., born in 1872; Fred B., born in 1877; and Olin B., born in 1880. Mr. Reed's wife died in 1877. For his second wife he married Abigail, daughter of Abeel and Triphenia (Lyon) Adzit, and widow of Luman Heath. He resides on School Street, in Lorraine village.

Jonathan Remington, a native of Rhode Island, married Diana Hall, and about 1804 located in Lorraine, on the farm now occupied by Lucius Beeman, on road 50, where he took up a large tract of land and built a log house. He had born to him five sons and two daughters, viz., Clark H., (deceased), Edmund (deceased), Rachel (Mrs. William Waterman) (deceased), Diadama (Mrs. Hial Hall) (deceased), Orsamus (deceased), and Allen and Thomas who reside in Ellisburgh. Clark H. Remington was born in this town in 1805, and was reared upon his father's farm. He married Huldah, daughter of Daniel Hall and they had two sons and four daughters. viz., Ann E. (Mrs. T. B. Hitchcock), of Mannsville,; Helen E. (Mrs. Philip Brigham), of Chicago, Ill.; Daniel J. of this town; A. J. Dyonisius, of Big Spring, Neb.; Phebe L. (Mrs. William B. Hitchcock), of this town; and Caroline (Mrs. Willard Petrie), also of his town. Daniel J. Remington was born in Lorraine in 1832, and was educated in the common schools of this town. He married Mary M., daughter of David and Catherine (Rice) Young, January 3, 1857, and they have one son and two daughters, viz., Cecil H., Clarence A., and Minnie K. Cecil H. married Edward L. Manigold, in 1875, and they have two children, M. Ernest and May Pearl. Clarence A. was born in 1859, is an engineer, and is extensively engaged in the lumber business at Waconia, Minn. He married Lena Kohler. Minnie K., youngest daughter of Daniel J., married S. Dean, a mechanic in Michigan. In 1857 Mr. Remington located on the place he now occupies. He studied law and has a large practice in Justice Court. He makes a specialty of collecting and conveyancing, and is extensively engaged in farming on road 59.

Benjamin Shelmidine, a native of Schoharie County, married Polly Judd, by whom he had children as follows: William, who died in Lorraine in 1860; Sally, who married W. Goodrich; Ethiel; Huldah, who married John Cunningham; Almira, who married George Burton; Rosina who died in Pennsylvania; Datus, who resides in Iowa; and Olive, who died young. William Shelmidine was born in 1806 and was reared upon a farm. He married Anna, daughter of Ara and Rosanna (Lown) Lanfear, in 1830, and they had five sons and six daughters, viz.: Rosina, who died at the age of 23 years; Nancy, who married Samuel McCumber; Jerome, who died at the age of three years; John, who died in the army in 1862; Huldah, who died in infancy; Lester, who died at the age of six years; Huldah, who married A. Wagener; Benjamin B., of Lorraine; Alvira, who resides with her mother; Mary R., who married Eli Caulkins and has one son, Willie, born April 30, 1885; and Jerome L., born May 9, 1838. The latter was reared upon a farm, and was educated at the common schools. He married Betsey R., daughter of Andrew and Roxiana (Scott) Middleton, in 1861, by whom he has two sons--Ora L. and John D. Ora L. Shelmidine was born in 1863, graduated from the Adams Collegiate Institute, class of 1884, is a school teacher, and is in business with his father. John D. was born in 1869, and resides at home with his father. Mr. Shelmidine is a prosperous farmer, and is extensively engaged in buying sheep, wool, shingles, and wood.

Sylvester Smith, son of Samuel, was the father of the following children: Susan, Samuel, Sylvester, Jr., Nancy, John, Phebe, Mary, (Mrs. L. B. Timmons), Daniel, who died in infancy, and Daniel 2d. The latter was born in 1829, and was reared upon a farm. He married Celestine, daughter of Daniel and Harriet (Wescott) Parker, of Henderson, in July 1855, and they have one son and two daughters, viz., May Eliza, who married John Fitzgerald in 1887; Orson S., born in 1862; and Lillian S., who resides with her parents. Mr. Smith is a farmer, and resides on the State road.

Martin P. Thomas, son of Isaac, was born in Schoharie County, and about 1833 located in Orwell, Oswego County, where he kept an hotel. He married Ann Ostram, and their children were Caroline (Mrs. A. D. Peake); Martin H., of Sandy Creek; Jane A. (Mrs. La Fayette Tifft) also of Sandy Creek; James, who died in Orwell; Maryette, who married G. S. Thompson, now of Washington, D. C.; Charles E., of this town; Hannah M. (Mrs. D. C. Walch), deceased and George D., who resides in Orwell. Charles E. Thomas was born in 1837. He learned the carpenters trade, and when 20 years of age located at Sandy Creek. He married Phebe A., daughter of Hon. Amaziah and Almira (Ormsby) Wort, in 1859, by whom he had two sons, viz.: Charles A., born in 1861, resides at Sandy Creek, and George M., of Western, N. Y. In 1861 Mr. Thomas enlisted in Co. G, 24th N. Y Vols., and served until the close of the war. He is proprietor of the hotel at Lorraine village.

James Wiles, a native of New England, served as a musician in the Revolutionary War and died in hospital. He married Catherine Mills, by whom he had two sons and one daughter, namely: John, who died in Massachusetts; Terza (deceased), who married a Mr. Martin, and James. The latter was born in 1773, and was reared upon a farm. He married Mary, daughter of Alexander Thompson, in 1794, and in 1808 located in Lorraine. They had four sons and six daughters, viz.: Catherine, who married James Gifford, and died in Lorraine in 1833, aged 33 years; John who died in Lorraine in 1852; Ann, who married David Smith, and died in Smithville in 1887; James. Jr., who died in Sandy Creek in 1859; Samuel, who was accidentally killed in 1813, aged three years; Paulina, who married Sardis Abbey, and died in Michigan; Wilkes, who died in Smithville in 1887; Sarah, of Smithville; Mary M., widow of R. J. Green, of Smithville; and Almira, widow of Captain W. A. Collings, also of Smithville; James Wiles died in Lorraine in 1846, and his wife, Mary, September 6, 1853.

Benjamin Wise, a native of Vermont, located in this town about 1815, on a farm on road 54. He had a family of 10 children, of whom Daniel was born in 1798, and in 1822 married Clarissa Waugh, who bore him two sons and one daughter, viz.: D. Bishop, Sidney A., and Gertrude Irene (Mrs. Henry Fassett). D. Bishop was born in 1836, and was reared upon a farm. He married Ellen M., daughter of John F. and Rhoda M. (Bailey) Robinson, in 1862, and their children were Emogene, who died in infancy; Flora L., who died in 1874, aged nine years: Lottie Roxiana, born in 1865; Edward J., born in 1871; and Daniel E., born in 1879. Mr. Wise is a farmer in this town. Sidney A. Wise was born October 14, 1838, was reared upon a farm, and was educated at Adams and Pulaski academies. He married Almira Priscilla, daughter of Chester and Priscilla (Fletcher) Gillam, January 1, 1861, by whom he had three sons and two daughters, namely: Carrie Clarissa, born in 1862, married Frank A. Moore, of Lorraine; Gertrude Adaline, born in 1866, married Charles D. Moore, and has three children--Harry A., Mabel W., and Grover C.: Charles D., now of Worth; Lewis E., born in 1873; and Benjamin F., born in 1875. Mrs. Wise died April 27, 1888. Mr. Wise has held the office of town clerk, was enrolling officer during the war, and is now a farmer.

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