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Daniel Augsbury came from the Mohawk valley in 1812, and located in the town of Pamelia, on his father's farm. He received a good practical education in the public schools, and upon the death of his father became owner of the farm. When about 20 years old he married Mary, daughter of Conrad Shimmel, and they had three sons and four daughters, viz.: Angeline, John B. L., Susan, Mary Ann, Frances, Edmond K., and Irene E. O. In 1863 the latter married James K. Miller. They located in Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, and shortly afterwards removed to Kansas, where they remained seven years, when Mrs. Miller returned with her children to the town of Pamelia. She has two sons and four daughters, viz.: Addela, Alice, Mary, Almira, James, and Royal. Addela is married and lives with her mother at Pamelia Four Corners.

Richard Bellinger was born in Montgomery County in 1810. At the age of seven years he went to live with Christopher Bellinger, and here remained until he attained his majority. He was apprenticed to Lewis Averill to learn the trade of tanner and currier, and served five years. He was then employed by the year by Mr. Averill, but on account of continued ill health was obliged to abandon his chosen profession and engage in farming. At the age of 25 years he married Catherine, daughter of Joseph Fink, by whom he had four sons and six daughters, namely: Catherine, Orinda, Elizabeth, Joseph, William, Dempster, Nancy, Mary, Martha, and Frederick F. After the two eldest children were born, Mr. Bellinger removed to Pamelia. Frederick F., at the age of 16 years, left the paternal roof, and worked by the month until he attained his majority. He then married Fanny A., daughter of Caleb Arnold, of Watertown, and they have one daughter. In July, 1862, he enlisted in the 10th N. Y. H. A., and served till the close of the war.

Israel Brown came with his family from Vermont about 1819. Luther, the second son of Israel, received a good common school education, and soon after attaining his majority married Sophronia, daughter of Daniel Sortwell. He subsequently purchased a tract of land in the town of Clayton. This he sold, and soon after purchased a farm on Horse Creek, where he built a house and established a model home. He had two sons and three daughters, viz.: Amanda, Melinda, Luther S., Harriet, and Brayton. The latter remained at home until he attained his majority. He married Laura E., daughter of William Kimball of Pamelia, and soon after enlisted in Co. A, 14th N. Y. H. A., for three years, or during the war. He took active part in 18 general engagements without being wounded. Soon after his return from the war he purchased a farm in Clayton, and there remained eight years. He then bought the farm in this town which he now occupies, and where he as built a fine residence. His children are a son and a daughter, William B. and Meda S.

Walter Cole was born in the town of Minden, Herkimer County, and when 16 years old came to the Black River country, and taught the first school in the then village of Watertown. At the age of 19 he married Charlotte, daughter of John M. Gunn, of Brownville, and they had seven children, viz.: John N., Andrew J., Walter, Harrison, Zeruah, Abigail, and Harrison. The first Harrison died in infancy. Walter Cole served in the War of 1812, and participated in the battle of Sackets Harbor. He served as a member of the state legislature two terms. Harrison Cole, at the age of 22 years, married Mary, daughter of Hon. Fleury Keith, of Brownville, and first located on a farm near Perch River. In 1872 he removed to Wells Island, where he remained 14 years. He now resides with his son in Le Ray. Harrison R. Cole, of Le Ray, son of Harrison, married Emma Gould, in 1875, and they have one son, Aswell B.

David Cornwell was born in Vermont, and in 1806 settled in Le Ray. He married Betsey Farr, by whom he had 12 children, -- eight sons and four daughters, -- all of whom grew to adult age except two daughters, who died in infancy. Adolphus Cornwell married Sarah Ann Van Ness, and for a short time resided in Le Ray. He subsequently removed to Pamelia, and later to Watertown, where Mrs. Cornwell died. He married, second, Jane Jackson, of St. Lawrence County, by whom he had two daughters, Jennie B. and Gertie May. Upon the death of his second wife, he married, in 1877, Mrs. Oaks, widow of Simeon Oaks, and daughter of Jeremiah Crosby, of Martinsburg, Lewis County. He now resides in this town on road 52.

Henry Countryman was born in the town of Danube, Herkimer County, and was the third child and first son of George and Rohana Countryman. Henry remained at home, contributing largely to the support of the family, until 1823, when he removed to Pamelia, where he succeeded in accumulating a large fortune, being the owner at the time of his death of 600 acres of land. He died June 16, 1875. He married a Miss Walrath, of Danube, Herkimer County, by whom he had nine children, five sons and four daughters. Alexander, the oldest, was born in Herkimer County, but from boyhood always resided at Pamelia Four Corners. Wilson H. Countryman was born in 1840. In 1862 he married Betsey Ann, daughter of Enoch Eddy, by whom he has had three children, viz.: Belle D., Charles O., and Ora E. Belle D. died in 1880, aged 15 years. The sons survive and reside on the farm with their parents.

Bruce Dempster was born in Scotland in 1794, and in 1812 immigrated to Sackets Harbor. He married Mrs. Betsey Cleveland, widow of James Greene, who bore him five children, -- four sons and one daughter, -- viz.: Andrew J., Adelbert B., Eugene M., Jane, and Wallace W. Mr. Dempster died in 1870. Wallace W., soon after he attained his majority, married Ida, daughter of Martin V. Shaw, by whom he has three children, -- two daughters and a son, -- namely: Cora J., Lulu L., and Earl A. He resides on a farm.

Enoch Eddy came from Rutland, Vt., in 1802, and located on a farm on Rutland Hill, in the town of Rutland, in this county. In 1831 he removed to the town of Pamelia, where he died in 1840, aged 80 years. He reared a family of 10 children, all of whom grew to maturity, viz.: Enoch and James (twins), Hannah, Rhoda, Phebe, Betsey, Renew, Louisa, Horatio N., and Willard. Enoch D., at the age of 23 years, married Hulda, daughter of Jonathan Aldrich, and they had three sons and four daughters, namely: Enoch, Gratia, Cynthia, Hannah, Seth, Betsey A., and De Witt Clinton. The latter was born on the farm he now owns. When 26 years of age he married Caroline, daughter of Joel A. Otis, of Rutland, by whom he has one daughter, Cora M., who married Edward Colligan, September 21, 1887, and now resides in Rutland.

Wesley Ellsworth was born in Orleans County, and at the age of nine years came with his brother to the Black River country. He married Susan, daughter of Coonrod Waltz, of Pamelia, by whom he had three sons and three daughters, namely: Cortland, Nelson, Margaret, Isabel, Lucinda, and William. The latter, at the age of 22 years, married Clarissa, daughter of Thomas Liscomb, of Brownville. In 1873 he purchased the farm upon which he now resides. He has two sons and one daughter, viz.: Frank, Fred, and Susan.

Christopher Fox came with his family from St. Johnsville, N. Y., in 1826, and purchased a farm near Three Mile Bay, in the town of Lyme. He married Nancy Snell, and they had four sons and three daughters, namely: Christopher, Jacob, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Laura, John, and Simeon. When the latter attained his majority he married Ruth, daughter of James Cole, and located near Three Mile Bay. They had one son and two daughters, viz.: Isabel, Emmelia, and Christopher S. When the latter was nine years old he moved to Perch River village, in Brownville, and there remained until he was 21, attending the public schools. Soon after attaining his majority he married Belle, daughter of Franklin Mitchell, now of Pamelia, by whom he has one daughter, Rutha.

Amos Gillette came with his five brothers from Vermont about 1800, his brothers locating in the town of Lorraine and Amos in Clayton, where he purchased a farm of 300 acres, upon which he built a residence. He served in the War of 1812, in the battle of Sackets Harbor, and was commissioned captain. He married a Miss Arnold, by whom he had three sons and three daughters, namely: Sophronia, Alonzo P., Eli, Deliah, Phoeba, and Solon. The latter was for many years a commercial traveler for Stephen Kelburn, of Adams, and sold wooden chairs in the United States and Canada. In 1839 he married Rebecca, daughter of Stephen Kelburn, and afterwards located in Clayton. His father gave him a farm of 40 acres, upon which he erected a fine residence. He had three children, namely: Mary E., Levi K., and Stephen L. The latter was educated in the schools of his native town, and in the High School at New London, Ohio. He returned home and engaged in farming, and subsequently became a sailor on the lakes, serving three years and attaining the position of second mate. At the age of 26 years, he married Libbie M., daughter of Henry Brant, of Brownville, and they have two sons, Ernest S. and Solon H.

John Goutermont immigrated from Germany to this country in 1792, and located in Lowville, Lewis County, where he bought a farm. He married a Miss Frederick, of Montgomery County, and they had nine children, namely: Jacob, Peggy, Catherine, John, William, Caroline, Martin, Lawrence, and Nicholas. The latter was educated in the common schools, and at the age of 21 years married, first, Sally Wemple, who bore him three sons and one daughter, viz.: Dolly, Archibald, John, and William. He married, second, Sally Clock, by whom he had 15 children. Archibald Goutermont, at the age of 21 years, removed to Illinois, and they remained 10 years. He then, for two years, traveled in several states and territories in the West, finally returning to Illinois, where he enlisted in the 3rd Ill. Cav., serving more than three years under Gen. Carr and others in the Department of the Gulf. After his discharge he returned to Lowville, where he married Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham Bradt, by whom he has four sons and two daughers, viz.: Jennie L., Carl W., Legget H., Dollie A., George H., and Charles A. After his marriage he bought a farm in Martinsburg, and there remained 10 years, when he removed to a farm on Perch Lake, in this town. He subsequently removed to Lewis County, where he now resides.

Richard Haven immigrated from England to Massachusetts in 1617, and located in Lynn. He had a son, Nathaniel, and since then every generation has furnished a son bearing his name. Nathaniel Haven, grandfather of Dexter W., of this town, was born in 1779, and in 1800 married Mary Coolidge, by whom he had five sons and four daughters, namely: Dexter, Hepsibah, Mahala, Newel, Isaac E., Mary, Asenath, Charles W., and Nathaniel. The latter resided with his parents until he was 21 years old. In 1831 he bought 45 acres adjoining his father's farm, and in 1832 married Elizabeth, daughter of Nathan Wightman, of Rodman, by whom he had two children, Charles G. and Dexter W. The latter remained at home until he attained his majority, and in 1854 married, first Jane Wait, of Rodman, who bore him two children, Lansing W. and Coolidge D. His wife died in 1860, aged 28 years. In 1862 he married Harriet A. Wait, a sister of his first wife, and they have had three children, namely: Clifton E., Libbie O., and John N. T. Clifton E. died in 1877, at the age of 13 years, and Libbie July 16, 1886. For many years Dexter W. Haven has held various positions of trust in the town. He was assessor three years, and supervisor seven years. He now resides on the homestead farm, to which he has added other lands by purchase.

John Johnson came from Middlesex, N. Y., with his family of 10 sons and nine daughters, all of whom attained mature years and were married. One son, John, married Eveline Herring, of Mohawk, and located in the town of Clayton. He had born to him 10 children, seven of whom attained mature years, viz.: Catherine, Francis, Jacob, John, Elijah, Silas, and James. The latter, at the age of 15 years, left home and went to work by the month, for several years engaged in the lumber business in St. Lawrence County. In 1871 he married Lydia, daughter of Lyman Bowker, of Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, by whom he has three sons and two daughters, viz.: James H., Silas L., Berton L., Dora B., and Vina A., all of whom reside on road 57.

Thomas Makepeace was born in Massachusetts in 1779. At the age of 24 years he removed with his father's family to Bridgewater, Oneida County, remaining there one year, when he located in Pamelia. He married Anna Plumb, a native of Connecticut, and they had nine children, viz.: Emily, Maria, Anna, Amy, Betsey, Lucy, Thomas, Julia, and Ellicott. In 1848 Ellicott married Angeline Plumb, by whom he had two children, viz.: Merville D. and Charles E. Ellicott Makepeace was a popular school teacher for many years, and also served his townsmen in positions of trust and honor, among which was that of supervisor. His son, Merville D., is a civil engineer and surveyor. Charles E. was supervisor of Pamelia in 1889, and resides with his aged mother on the homestead on road 21. Ellicott Makepeace died June 30, 1882.

William McGinnis was born in Marbletown, Ulster County, N. Y. He married Rachel Harper, who bore him six sons and five daughters, namely: Alexander, Henry, James, Robert, Catherine, Maria, William, Jr., Eliza, Ann Phebe, Sarah Jane, and Isaac. The latter, when 18 years of age, began to teach school and continued in this profession for 20 years. At the age of 25 he married Lasiza B., daughter of Lyman White, of Pamelia, and engaged in farming. They have two children, Ida M. and Ella M. The latter married George A. Fenner, and Ida M. married George M. Haven. In 1850 Mr. McGinnis was elected superintendent of public schools. From 1852 to 1857 he served as supervisor, and was general traveling agent of the Agricultural Insurance Company, of Watertown, and appointed agents in 16 states and also Canada. He resigned the position in 1882, and since then has been elected as justice of the peace.

Ansel Mills, a native of Connecticut, came to Watertown in 1806, and subsequently, about 1824, purchased a tract of land in this town, on road 21. In 1816 he married Betsey Ripley, by whom he had six children, viz.: Amanda, Hiram, Mary Ann, Louisa, David, and William. His son, Hiram, now owns the greater part of the homestead farm. Hiram married Malinda Seeber, of Brownville, by whom he had 13 children -- eight sons and five daughters. One son, Milton P., married Jennie Fikes, of Le Ray, and they have one son, Roy E. William Mills married Catharine Nellis, and they have three children -- Ansel, Dexter, and Water [sic] B. The latter works the farm which his father has occupied for so many years. He married Ella Gray, and by her has had seven children, one of whom died in infancy, and four sons and two daughters survive, viz.: Ethel, William, Frank, Clark, Daisy, and Roy.

Richard Phillips was born in England, June 1, 1775, and served an apprenticeship of seven years at the carpenters' trade. He served as captain in the War of 1812, having become a citizen of the United States before that war. In 1817 he married Mercy, daughter of Captain William Harris, and settled in Watertown. Mr. Phillips built and owned the first house that stood where the Crowner House now is. He had 13 children, 10 of whom survive. He died January 28, 1859, and his wife, April 27, 1868.

Martin Reese came from Herkimer County in 1839 and located in the town of Le Ray. He married Amy Paul, of Herkimer, by whom he had 13 children, three of whom died in infancy, and six sons and three daughters survive, viz.: Wellington W., William H., Emogene, Lucius E., Martha E., Martin H., John A., Elva E., and Evlyn P. James E. served in the late war, was wounded in front of Petersburg, and died on the battlefield at the age of 22 years. Evlyn P. Reese, at the age of 20 years, was thrown upon his own resources. After three years' service in the Union army he returned home, and two years later married Jane A., daughter of L. L. Timerman, now of Le Ray. He subsequently bought the Timerman farm where he now resides. He has four sons and two daughters, namely: Milton P., William E., Herman L., Edna M., Ina M., and Arthur D.

John C. Relyea enlisted in the 10th N. Y. H. A., and was first assigned to garrison duty at New York city. He was then transferred to Washington, and subsequently went to the front, where he was promoted to third sergeant for brave and meritorious conduct. He participated in numerous battles, and was mustered out at the close of war, June 23, 1865. His brother, Levi T., enlisted in Co. A, 94th N. Y. Vol. Inf., October 25, 1861, was wounded in a charge in front of Petersburg, June 18, 1864, dying July 2, of the same year, and was buried in the National Cemetery at Arlington, Va.

Leroy S. Rogers, at the age of 12 years, came with his father from Vermont, in 1831, and settled in the town of Antwerp. He purchased a small farm, and by industry and economy added to it until he accumulated 300 acres. He married Pamelia, daughter of Darius Burtch, who was one of the first settlers of Antwerp. They had three sons and two daughters, viz.: Jennie, William, George P., Marriett, and Allen L. The latter, at the age of 20 years, married Mattie L., daughter of Giles Bannister, and they have one daughter, Bertha. In 1883 Mr. Rogers purchased a farm in this town, a few miles distant from the city of Watertown, where he now resides.

Smith Scovill removed to this town from Connecticut when he was 20 years old. He married Hannah Foltz, by whom he had 11 children, namely: Wells, Ezra, Smith, Jr., George, Franklin, Albert, Margaret, Mary, Hannah, Fanny, and John. The latter married Harriet Gale, of Brownville, who bore him two children, Seldon L. and Sarah Jane. The latter married George Briggs, of Canada. Mr. Scovill died in 1879, aged 68 years. Seldon L. resides on the homestead with his aged mother.

Elijah Timerman came to this town with his father in 1832, from Herkimer County, at this time being 14 years of age. He remained at home and attended school winters, working upon the farm summers, until he attained his majority. He then married Anna, daughter of Hiram Ballard, and after working farms on shares for several years finally purchased a farm at the head of Perch Lake, on road 1, and there resided until his death, in 1870. He had born to him three sons and one daughter, viz.: Hiram, John E., Celestia J., and Wilson. The latter, at the age of 21 years, enlisted in Co. M, 10th N. Y. H. A., and served three years, until the close of the war, when he returned home and married Arabella, daughter of Elijah Gove, of Le Ray. Soon after this he purchased the John C. Timerman farm, where he now resides with his aged mother.

John C. Timerman came from Herkimer County to this town in 1832 and married Gertrude Timerman. They reared a family of six sons and three daughters, viz.: David, Elijah, Margaret, Jane, Joel, John, Jessie, Mary M., and Reuben. Mr. Timerman located at the head of Perch Lake, where he purchased a farm. He served in the War of 1812, and participated in the battle of Sackets Harbor. He died October 15, 1846. His son, Reuben, in 1857, married Anna E., daughter of Warner Nellis, of Pamelia, by whom he had four children, viz.: Simeon E., George W., Frank B., and Willie J. Their first born died at the age of one year and eight months. Mrs. Timerman died in 1874. For his second wife he married Mrs. Philena Babcock, widow of Anson. George W. Timerman, second son of Reuben, married Jessie M., daughter of Joseph Tallman, of Orleans, and they have one son, Raymond, and reside in this town, on the Shimmel farm, on road 1.

John Tingue came from Gilderland, Albany County, N. Y., where he married a daughter of George S. Scrafford. In early life he followed the occupation of a hatter, and subsequently engaged in farming. He reared a family of three sons and three daughters, viz.: Eliza, Margaret, Rasy, James, Alexander, and George. The latter was born in the town of Palatine Church, Montgomery County, in 1812. Soon after his birth his parents removed to Stark, Herkimer County. George remained at home until 21 years of age. He then married Margaret, daughter of Michael Waltz, who bore him two children, Alexander and Margaret Anna. After the death of his first wife Mr. Tingue married the widow of H. N. Goss, a daughter of Jacob Acker, by whom he had two children, Henry N. and Henrietta. Mr. Tingue died November 25, 1889. His widow is a direct descendant of General Herkimer.

Capt. Ebenezer Williams was a descendant of those of that name who immigrated to this country from Wales in 1607. He married Sarah Stedman, and they had five children, viz.: Jonathan, Susan, Merrill, Ebenezer, and Oloff H. Captain Williams distinguished himself in the Indian border wars. On one occasion he was selected as one of the 11 prisoners to be killed in retaliation of the death of a like number of Indians killed in regular warfare. The Captain gave the Masonic sign to Brant, the Indian chief, who saved his life and gave him the talismanic belt of wampum to protect him from other tribes. Ebenezer was born in Manlius, Onondaga County. At the age of 32 years he purchased the present homestead. In 1817 he married Jane Osterhout, by whom he had two sons and two daughters, namely: Sarah A., Peter O., Jane A., and Ebenezer. The latter married Fabius Lawton, of Watertown, by whom he had four children, viz.: Eben F., who died at the age of six years; Stedman E., George O., and Hattie C., who survive.

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